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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - agnivayu - 04-18-2009

Euro Terrorists lecturing Hindus. Under the age old European caste system, the Roma (Gypsies) are the untouchable caste, where they face horrendous discrimination.
India should bring up European untouchability and discrimination against the Roma.

After that they should demand European countries apologize and compensate all their colonies for the brutal and horrific crimes and murders that were committed by their race during Imperial rule. Brits think we have forgotten the 4 million murders in the 1943 staged famine.
King Leopold of Belgium's murders against the congo people is not forgotten. They should be compensated.
Don't worry too much about these loser Scandinavian countries. They are getting flooded with Somali's/Paki's etc who are stealing their precious blond women. In 50 years, they will become dark skinned Muslim countries. Loser's take care of your own backyard first.

Even the far left Times of India sees the propaganda behind this move.

Caste bias can't be equated with racism: India
18 Apr 2009, 0428 hrs IST, Indrani Bagchi, TNN
Print Email Discuss Share Save Comment Text:
NEW DELHI: India is fighting back a renewed onslaught from European countries who want to nail India on the charge that the caste system is a
form of racism.

In the run-up to the review of the Durban racism conference to be held in Geneva from Monday, South Block was surprised when Scandinavian countries resurrected their stand on the caste system. India has contended that while the caste system is certainly a form of discrimination, it could not be equated with racism. The Indian delegation will be led by Vivek Katju, special secretary in the MEA.

The review of the World Conference on Racism (WCAR), which addressed the issues of "racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance" in 2001, came out with a resolution that did not mention caste, though India had to fight back a similar charge even then.

The review process in Geneva is intended to follow-up on the implementation. But Europpean countries, taking advantage of a line in the Durban text that "recognise(d) the importance of the problem of racism and xenophobia based on descent" restarted the debate. India fought back, and thus far, has been successful. The draft text of the document, as approved by UN human rights chief Navi Pillay, is far bereft of any reference to caste, but sources said the pressure would be renewed during the actual conference itself.

India is also fighting a related battle, of giving tribals the status of "indigenous people". For India, this is unacceptable, because this could open a can of worms that would be uncontrollable.

Given the huge presence and profile of NGOs in global human rights discourse, India can expect a battering from organisations like Human Rights Watch, international dalit organisations etc. Analysts of the UN process said these little inclusions in official documents make a big difference in the field -- in terms of funding to social activist organisations. This could be channeled to organisations with a strong caste bias.

The danger this poses can be seen from the fact that this weekend, the US government is hosting a conference of South Asian countries (including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh) to help counter terrorist financing among charities. India is deeply sceptical of organisations that attempt to meddle in the Indian social fabric.

Officials said India was fighting the caste problem, particularly in the fight against poverty and inclusion. But this could not be equated with racism which has a physical component. By that token, every caste in India would be a different race.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - Guest - 04-19-2009

<b>Trans World Radio-India compelling its employees to convert</b>

http://conversionag enda.blogspot. com/2009/ 04/trans- world-radio- india-compelling -its.html

Innocent and gullible Hindus are exploited by the Christian missionaries not only in remote areas but also in metro cities like the national capital, New Delhi. The racket of converting innocent Hindus to Christianity has been flourishing in Delhi and the surrounding areas for decades. So much so that the evangelists have become so brash and impudent that a Christian institution—Trans World Radio, India (TWR, India)—started compelling its Hindu employees to Christianity. When the employees outrightly rejected the proposal of their employer they were tortured in very inhuman ways and some of them were even sacked from their jobs. Those who are still in the service are being subjected to ruthless, inhuman torture every day and are denied even the weekly off or holidays on festivals.

These employees have been served three months of ultimatum on March 23, to either embrace Christianity or quit the job. “We are working in very inhuman conditions. Though the management has five days a week office, we are denied even the weekly off on Sundays and other festivals like Holi, Deepavali, Republic Day, Independence Day or even Christmas. Everyday we are tortured through different methods. Life has become hell for us and nobody is ready to listen to our woes. We were warned on March 23 to embrace Christianity within three months or resign from the job,” alleges Lal Singh Yadav, a cleaner in TWR-India. He said the TWR-India adopted all means—allurement of money, promotion, etc. as well as threat to remove from the jobs, if the non-Christian employees do not embrace Christianity.

Now the employees are denied even their salary and they have been told to collect donations if they wish to draw salary at the end of the month. “We are told that the institution has stopped getting aid for the Hindu employees and if you wish to draw your salary as a Hindu employee collect donations. We have been given receipt books to collect donations. We are constantly being told that if we become Christian we shall get higher salary and other facilities,” alleged Lal Singh.

Meanwhile, the victims approached the Court of Metropolitan Magistrate, New Delhi, requesting to save them from the forced conversion. The court summoned the culprits and granted bail on March 28. According to the petition filed by the five employees of TWR-India (Ram Babu, Ghanshyam, Munna, Lal Singh and Hari Prasad) the officers of the TWR-India particularly Smt. Christine Swaroop Raj (Director HR), Smt Vinita Sahai (CEO), Smt. Dezy Sem, Supervisor, Shri Shakti Verma (Technical Director), have been pressuring and torturing them for the last few years to convert to Christianity.

Passing adverse comments upon Hinduism that Hinduism has many castes and the upper castes do not accept the lower caste i.e. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes is a daily routine there. In the month of June 2007, Smt. Vinita Sahai told Ram Babu, “Tum chamar chuhde aise hi kutte ki tarah rahoge aur tumeh sab kuchh jhelna parega agar tum isse bachna chahte ho to apna dharma badal kar Christian ban jao. When Ram Babu requested her not to comment like this she got furious and repeated the comment.

In the month of August 2007, Smt. Dezy Sen told Ghanshyam to convey to all the Hindu employees that hereafter they would have to take their meals only by sitting near the toilet. When Ghanshyam wanted to know the reason, she got infuriated and said, “Tum log bhangi ho aur tumeh toilet ke paas hi baith kar khana parega aur agar tum aisa nahin karoge to tumeh naukri se nikal diya jayega.” Thereafter the victims were forced to sit near the toilet in foul smell and were compelled to take their meals there only. The victims tolerated it, as they do not have any other source of income.

In October 2007, Ram Babu approached Shri Shakti Verma and apprised him of the maltreatment and harassment meted out to them and very humbly requested him to request the management not to harass them. But to the utmost shock and surprise, Shri Verma started abusing him in filthy language saying, “…tum sab chure chamaron ko jute maar kar bahar nikalenge.” The management of TWR-India levelled false allegations against Ram Babu for misbehaving with the seniors and also not performing the duties properly. A false and frivolous inquiry was ordered against him and finally he was removed from the job. All the five victims were frequently called bhangi ka kutta. Not only this, the victims were called in the office by the accused persons and were made to sit for hours and were harassed and pressurised to convert their religion against their wish.

The victims were boycotted socially and were treated discriminately as neither they are allowed to sit along with other employees specially the Christian employees of the management nor they are allowed to interact with them. They adversely commented that until and unless they change their religion they would be treated in the same fashion and even may be worse than that. The aggrieved victims also lodged complaint with the Police Station in Hauz Khas with copies to DCP South, Lt. Governor of Delhi and Human Right Commission on January 10, 2008, but in vain.

On January 15, 2008, Smt. Christine Swaroop Raj called Lal Singh in her office and straight-way started abusing on the pretext that why they lodged complaint against them. Lal Singh humbly apprised her of the harassment they were being subjected. But instead of paying any heed to the complaint of Lal Singh, she burst into anger and said, “Ya to tum sabhi bhangi-chamaron ko Christian banna parega nahin to main tumeh naukri se nikaal dungi.” The victims also approached the Labour Commissioner, SHO and National Commission for SC/ST but of no avail so far.

The victims are harassed every day. Ram Babu had been appointed as Attender in 1993 and instead of promoting to further higher rank, he was down graded to cleaner without any cause, reason or fault on his part. “One day I inadvertently touched the meals prepared for the persons attending a meeting. I was not only abused by the incharge but also was pushed away using very filthy language,” alleges Ghanshyam. When the Hindu employees went to the court, the management transferred them to Chennai, where they are allegedly being tortured not only by them but also by the local police.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - HareKrishna - 04-19-2009

is easter today so for the next 3 days people will salute each other whit "Christ is resurected" and answered whit "Its true that is resurected"
But many have doubt about Christ resurection or even his existence so wonder what to do.
You could answer whit
"no,is not true that hes resurected"
'i dont know '
'is true that hes death'
you have evidence about this?'

this answers will make people to think that you go mad;being against the tradition

you could baricadate in your home for the next 3 days and pretend to be sick.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - Husky - 04-26-2009

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Thursday, April 23, 2009
<b>stealth-christism rampant: The Crusaders' Cross is Back on Rs. 10 coin</b>
apr 23rd, 2009

the christists can't resist.

what this needs is the following:
a. as shahyrar said, a hindu antidefamation league
b. use RTI to find out who is doing this
c. sue them under the section 529A (?) serious offense causing hurt to religious sentiments

interestingly, arjun singh (wife is a christist) did all this in the HRD, but now is moaning because his offspring didn't get tickets. same thing happened to another old soldier for the nehru dynasty, natwar singh. when the iraq oil scam came up, he was made the scapegoat and put out to pasture. i am predicting the same fate will befall today's flunkeys-in-chief, manmohan singh and p. chidambaram. couldn't happen to two more deserving candidates.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <info@

The Crusaders' Cross is Back on Rs. 10 coin
The new coins carry the same cross as was seen last year on Rs 2 coins. The RBI alleges that the cross shows "unity in diversity." However, it is unable to give an explanation as to from what angle does the cross project this message.

The central government has issued a new 10 Rs coin with a with 'Christian Crusader's Cross' on one side.

Two years back, the UPA government had issued two Rs coin with ditto same Christian crusader cross on one side. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had taken up this issue to the people in his December 2007 Gujarat assembly election rallies(Watch video).After much protest this coin was withdrawn.

Now again, the central government has come with Rs 10 coin depicting ditto same 'Jerusalam cross.' It is same story again as was the case couple of years ago with 2 rupee coin.

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 4/23/2009 07:59:00 PM 0 comments<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The last link (deshgujarat) has a comment pointing out how the 10 Rs coin also is marked "2006" not 2009. So was this 10 Rs minted for circulation in 2006? Are they trying to reissue a discontinued batch? Is that legal?
Or is the image a reconstruction of the coins to be issued this year?

About this statement by Nizhal:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>stealth-christism rampant: The Crusaders' Cross is Back on Rs. 10 coin</b>
apr 23rd, 2009

the christists can't resist.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Nothing to do with an inability to resist. The case of the 2 Rs coin (and this one, if applicable) is done very consciously.

From the insane christian POV, it serves both as a war (crusade) declaration AND as a means to 'break the spiritual strength' of a pagan nation. They believe it is one of the steps that will facilitate the conversion of a pagan country. The notion goes back to the supposed Labarum vision (cross sign) - accompanied by the words "in this sign you will conquer" - which christians alleged Constantine had on the eve of an important war. Ignoring the non-event which historians have disproved, Consty *did* mint Roman coins with the cross sign on them. And of course, after Constantine, every christian nation going to war used some type of cross on their bloody standards in the belief this would ensure christianism's victory.

Hindus should study christianism and christian history so that they don't continue taking such matters lightly. The Romans aren't laughing, for one thing.

Repeat: christoterrorism did the same in Korea too:
The swastika - for centuries a symbol of good fortune throughout Asia, and also a Buddhist symbol of the same - is replaced on many flagpoles in Seoul with crucifixes.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Two years later, the christian terrorists in Korea would not allow traditional Korean symbols back, like the sacred Dragon:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->1998. The government revokes its intention to engrave a dragon image on the handle of National Seal due to a strong protest by Korean Christians. Christians assert the ¡°animal symbolizes Satan¡± and should not be used in an image representing our nation.¡¯<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->(A question about the crucifix on Seoul's flagpoles. Isn't it that crucifixes are generally not protestant but catholic? I could be wrong, but IIRC, a crucifix is a cross with a jeebus nailed to it. I read that in protestant Tudor England, papists=catholics were identified by the idolatry of a crucifix. During Henry the 8's son Edward's time, catholics had to hide their crucifixes, and if any were caught in public with a crucifix attached to a chain around their necks - as opposed to a plain cross - they would end up in Trouble or in The Tower.)

More links leading from the above:
<b>The rascally central government, remote-controlled by a European Christian has dared to issue new 10 Rupee coins with the cross.</b>
<b>The Crusaders’ Cross is Back!</b>

If the current 10 Rs is indeed marred with another cross, then what Dhu said, when christoterrorism did it last time with the 2 Rs coin, still holds:
<!--QuoteBegin-dhu+Mar 19 2007, 11:58 PM-->QUOTE(dhu @ Mar 19 2007, 11:58 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->This coin is a clear declaration of war.[right][snapback]65852[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

2. Was this already brought up?
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Wednesday, April 01, 2009
<b>Brits Ban Ad With Pope as 'Offensive'</b>
While kowtowing to the Londonistan lobby, the Brits are also simultaneously learning to bend over again and again, as required.

Welcome to the Brave New World of 'sekoolarism', where a govt ban is just a phonecall away.
Posted by san at 4/01/2009 06:00:00 PM
Labels: europe, media, pseudo-secular, uk

<b>2 comments:</b>
Chris said...

    Not fair! The ad is in pretty poor taste and deserves to be taken off. It would have caused a riot in some parts of the world.
    4/02/2009 12:27 AM
blogger said...

    Are we sure that picture is not really from an actual underground nightclub in Vatican? Hypocrite Brits...
    4/02/2009 8:14 AM<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
I disagree with "Chris" (1st comment). The image is just of the deceased pope dancing with a woman, whereby the deceased is leaning in suggestively as for a kiss. The catholics (and no one else) consider the pope the 'vicar of christ', not jeebus itself.
Meanwhile, all the pseculars are up in arms to preserve the 'freedom to screech and scrawl' of MF Hussain and some Indian christian who would have that their drawings of jeebusjehovallah, mohammed and mary actually depict Hindu Gods doing repugnant christoislamic things (bestiality and stuff).

Another thing is that it was never Hindus who denigrated christoislamism's non-existent scare-monsters, but christos and islamis who attempted their pathetic best to do so to Hindu Gods. Likewise it was not Hindus who made the 'offensive' British advert of the pope. Besides, considering how many earlier popes were into orgies of sex, and some were FACTUALLY paedophiles and rapists <- compared to depicting such facts, the British ad is rather tame in showing John Paul merely dancing with a woman showing a bit of leg.

Hmmm, the Telegraph UK seems to has taken the image off. Possibly catholics clocked overtime to get the image removed from the Telegraph; maybe it was the same kind of catholic fascist brigade that in America pulled the BBC's documentary on Mary (catholics go nutters if they hear from theologians that the belief in Mary's immaculate conception has no historical basis, or hear from protestants that Mary is supposed to be 'just a human').

A copy of the image, can judge for oneself:
<img src='' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - HareKrishna - 04-26-2009

who is in that picture?Pope and Sonia?

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - Husky - 04-26-2009

<!--QuoteBegin-HareKrishna+Apr 26 2009, 03:35 PM-->QUOTE(HareKrishna @ Apr 26 2009, 03:35 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->who is in that picture?Pope and Sonia?
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->It's some British advert for an event at a nightclub:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Dancing Pope advert banned
A nightclub leaflet showing the late Pope John Paul II holding a bottle of beer and dancing with a blonde woman has been banned.

It was distributed to promote a night called Berserk at Club Fire nightclub in Ipswich.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - Husky - 04-26-2009

This garbage is never-ending. Just check this one link and all its comments.

There are also some comments with Tamizh news items at the link, if you know Tamizh head over to the above link. (The parts where they give summaries/translations in English are copied over below.)

Items are from 2008 (and some from before).
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->  <b>Bishops rape, defraud and fight with each other in Tamilnadu! [Good Bishops excluded].</b>
Published on February 6th, 2008 In Blogging, Careers-Life, Philosophy, Politics |  Views 3736
Earlier, we used to read a lot about the Kerala Bishops involved in sex scandals etc., but now, it appears our Tamilnadu Bishops / Christian Head-priests, Fathers and other categories follow their suit faithfully. In today alone, I find three such Fathers / Priests involved in different cases:

The Christian Father refused bail

Chennai February 6, 2008:  The Madras High Court has refused to grant bail to the Christian Father involved in the rape of a girl.

Sumatra hails from Chavadiyur, Elangalappatti, Palakkodu, Dharmauri District. She is studying in 9th standard. She attended Bible coaching class last May 2007 during summer vocation. The Bible coaching organizers had taken the girls to a dam near Palakkodu on a picnic.

At that time, Amalanathan, a Christian Father / priest from Elattagiri, Krishnagiri was moving with Sumathra very closely. Thus, Sumathra became pregnant and cgave complaint to Dharmapuri police. Amalanatan was arrested by the police last month – January. So he filed a petition for bail in the Madras High Court, but the Judge Suthandhiram rejected.

<b>Complaint against Bishop for defrauding Rs. 10 lakhs – One Million INR!</b>

Chennai February 6, 2008:  The Church employees of Tanjavur, Thiruvarur and Nagapattinam have complained to the Police Commissioner, Chennai about a Bishop, a Christian Head-Priest for swindling of Rs. 10 lakhs – One Million INR assuring that he would help them through a NGO.

The details of the complaint are as follows: " Bishop Victor runs a NGO of name and style, “The World Revival of Mission" at Nesapakkam, Jayabalaji Nagar, Annammal Nagar, Chennai. He and his wife approached our Churches in 2006 and promised that they would prvide Rs. 500/- every month to those who are poor, deserted old-people, physically handicapped. Mentally retarded and inflicted with dreadful diseases. But one should register with them by paying Rs. 200/- as registration fees and Rs.200/- as traveling expenses to avail of the grant to be provided.

Believing this, we collected Rs. 10 lakhs – One Million INR from our members and gave it it to them. But the Bishop Victor has not granted any amount as promised or rendered any help. When asked, he threatens us with rowdies and even warns that we would be killed. He invited us to come to Madras on January 30 assuring that he would give money, but when we went there, the rowdies threatened us, “If anybody comes to the Bishop asking for money hereafter, he would be killed". Therefore, we request that the amount paid to him may be recovered and paid back to us".

The Police Commissioner, Nanjil Kumaran has ordered the Police of Crime Branch to take action on the basis of the complaint filed.

Interestingly, a research on R. Victor of “The World Revival Mission" yields the following sites, but one of them works, as the site in particular expired reportedly by January.1,  2008!

<b>The Bishop of Thirunelveli was thrashed and beaten up!</b>

Thirunelveli February 6, 2008: The Bishop who came to the C. S. I. Church, Thirunelveli was beaten up and his car damaged.

A case has been registered against Jayapaul David, for threatening with a revolver the Bishop during the fight erupted at the time elections for CSI.

For the consultative meeting in the yesterday morning, Bishops came to discuss there in the Church at Palayangottai on the eve of their starting penance. Jayapaul David also came there to participate. A group hidden came out and attacked him at that time. Punches were given on his face and jaws; his Bishop-dress was torn; the chairs and tables of the Church were broken; Thus, there was pell-mell there. The Police was engaged for security. However, the driver of the Bishop Pakhiyanathan and four other Bishops were injured in the attack.

The Police Commisioner, Manjunatha said, “The clashes have been taking place for the last few months. R. D. O enquiry is also going on. <b>A case has also been registered against the Bishop who threatened other with a revolver</b>. Now we have arrested four persons in connection with the attack of the Bishop and searching for others".

<b>Bishop attacked in Nellai church</b>
Wednesday February 6 2008 02:49 IST


TIRUNELVELI: A long standing factional rivalry in the Tirunelveli diocese of Church of South India came to a head on Tuesday when Bishop Rev S Jayapaul David was attacked by a group at Cathedral Church in Palayamkottai.The bishop had come to the church in the morning for a meeting of priests when a group stormed in, smashed chairs and microphones, and raised slogans against him. Some of the intruders then assaulted the bishop. The priests" attempts to rescue him failed and the bishop"s driver Backyanathan, who tried to intervene, was also beaten up. The mob also smashed the windscreen of the bishop"s car.A police team led by Palayamkottai Inspector rescued the bishop and picked up Selvaraj (47) of Melaseval, Gunapaul Jayasingh (59) of Yemankulam, Kingsley (31) of Pattamadai and Paul Balasingam (65) of Mukkoodal for interrogation.

The attack is reportedly a fallout of the recent elections in the diocese, which was fiercely contested by two factions — one headed by the bishop and the other by the diocesean Secretary A D J C Dhinakar. The bishop plans to initiate action against the attackers as per the diocesean laws

<b>This is the old report on Kerala Bishops:  </b>
<b>Church in Kerala is rocked by sex scandals</b>

George Iype in Kochi

** In 1995, Father Cyriac Karthikapally, a parish priest of Kurumbanadam church in the Changanacherry archdiocese, lured a 15-year old school-going girl to his bedroom. For the next two years, the priest entered into a sexual relationship with the minor girl that she gave birth to a female child on September 15, 1998.

The Changacherry police on Tuesday registered a case against Father Karthikapally for raping, abducting and compelling the victim for abortion. The police has submitted before the local judicial court a first information report against the priest under sections 315, 316 and 336 of the Indian Penal Code that deal with provisions on rape and abduction.

** In 1993, the dead body of 21-year old Sister Abhaya was flushed out from the well of St Pious X Convent, Kottayam. Six years of police investigations reached nowhere and in July this year the Central Bureau of Investigation closed the sensitive case as it failed to fix the liability of the young nun"s murder. Church critics circulate two theories for Sr Abhaya"s death. One, she was murdered when she refused the sexual advances of a priest or a bishop. Second, she was killed because she knew that some of her colleague nuns had sexual relationships with two Catholic priests — Fr Jose Putrukayal and Fr Thomas Kattoor.

While the Sister Abhaya case is closed forever, a popular Malayalam movie was released three weeks back on the incident. Titled Crime File and starring superstar Suresh Gopi, the film depicts the Church in bad light by portraying what many say “the real story" behind Sister Abhaya"s murder.

** In 1998, Sr Jyothis of Sacred Heart Convent at Mukkom in Kozhikode district was found murdered in the convent"s well. Investigations so far have made no headway, but the police suspect that sexual motive could have been the cause behind the murder.

Recently, Sister Jyothis"s father, K M Jose filed a case in the Kerala high court pleading for a CBI investigation into his daughter"s murder in the convent.

** Last month, a gang of students belonging to the Student Federation of India attacked Father Geo Pulickal, principal of the Catholic-run Nirmalagiri College at Koothuparamba in north Kerala. SFI students allege that the principal is a sodomite and subjected a college student to sodomy and two priests were involved in a ragging case in the college hostel. Posters depicting the priests and nuns in bad light appeared on the college campus.

The tug of war between the SFI activists and the Catholic church over the attack on Father Pulickal reached a flashpoint when Nirmalagiri College was closed last month and later re-opened after mediations between the Church officials and the ruling Communist Party of India-Marxist.

Is the vow of celibacy that priests and nuns adopt to serve the Catholic church in Kerala becoming suspect? Why are increasing numbers of sex scandals involving the clergy coming up in the state?

Church leaders, especially those belonging to the Syro-Malabar Church in Kerala are upset as social groups are mounting protests for trying to protect priests like Father Karthikapally from the clutches of civil law.

But Catholic activists who have launched a movement against the church claim that cases of priests caught in sex crimes are increasing in the state. “It seems priests in Kerala are losing their faith and virginity. We know the names of many priests who deliberately fail to keep their sacred pledge of a celibate lifestyle," says Sebastian Vattamattam, secretary of Kottayam-based Vikas Institute that has raked up the sex scandal involving Father Cyriac Karthikapally.

“Priests are sinning against their church and the community. But their crimes have thrown up legal, ethical and moral issues for debate within the church and the catholic community," he said.

Vattamattom, a college professor in the Changanacherry archdiocese-run Saint Berchman"s College, is one of the many active Catholics who have launched a movement against what they call “erring and immoral priests and nuns."

Critics like him cite many reasons why priests and nuns are stepping out of their pastoral and missionary duties to the forbidden paths. “All the modern priests are very educated and rich. They are exposed to the world and lured by the luxuries of the modern world. They are spiritually corrupt and indulge in all sorts of immoral activities," accuses Vattamattam.

Kurian Verghese, a Catholic activist in Kochi, who himself left priestly studies mid-way and became an engineer later, says the fault lies with the seminaries. “Seminaries where students are trained and moulded to become priests are old-fashioned. They are taught philosophy and theology of the old order without any freedom of thought or action," he points out.

“I left the seminary after five years because I felt suffocated. So I think once they are out of seminaries, the present generation of young priests are attracted by the outside world which they have never seen or experienced," Verghese says.

“I know many priests who drink and womanise regularly. But they still remain within the dioceses and pastoral ministry and serve the local people. Our social set-up is such that a priest giving up the cassock for marriage is a butt of ridicule," he said.

Therefore, he says, the best thing that the church should aim for is to encourage those “immoral priests" to get out of the church services and help them get married.

But Church officials point out that some of the sex scandals rocking the Catholic community in Kerala are “stray instances" and have been blown out of proportion by “some misguided catholic activists."

According to Bishop Thomas Chakiath of Ernakulam archdiocese, it is sad that “some vested interests have launched a smear campaign against the church basing their arguments on some stray incidents."

“Of course, there have been incidents in which priests were accused of disobeying the sacred order of celibacy. But it is improper to accuse that the church is plagued by sex scandals," he said.

Bishop Chakiath said often priests who indulge in immoral activities leave their pastoral job and embrace matrimony. “But these all are very rare instances and they do not mean that the church has lost its mission, unity and integrity," he asserted.

However, according to Professor M J George, a member of the action council that is now pursuing the Father Karthikapally case the gravest mistake within the church is that “it itself is the protector of criminal clergy."

George said when the Father Karthikapally sex scandal rocked the Changanacherry archdiocese, what the Archbishop did was to get him tried in the diocese"s own tribunal, which “punished" him by removing him from the pastoral ministry and offering remuneration to the girl.

“The accused priest is still with the diocese. His residence is provided by the diocese and he is protected by the church while his daughter is growing up in an orphanage," George said.

Catholic activists claim in many dioceses across Kerala, many “clerical gangsters" have come up. “Our information is that Father Karthikapally used to take the minor girl to his priest friends in other parishes. They had actually formed a sex racket involving many girls," says Vattamattam.

But Changanacherry Archdiocese Chancellor Father Gregory Naduviledam refutes the charges levelled by the church pressure groups. “They are misguided activists who are acting with some vested interests against the church," he said.

As for Father Karthikapally sex case, he said, the diocesan tribunal decided to try the priest after the victim"s parents approached Archbishop Joseph Powathil for a settlement on the case from the church side.

“In the tribunal the priest confessed to his crime. We found him guilty and punished him by relieving him of all pastoral duties. He is now living in a remote village without serving any parish or other diocesan institutes," Father Naduviledam said.

As to the accusation that the diocese did not take the case to the police, he said “it was not the duty of the church." “It was the duty of the offended party to approach the police. But the girl"s parents instead wanted that the priest should be tried by the church tribunal only," Father Naduviledam added.

According to Father Paul Thelakkat, editor of Sathyadeepam, a popular Catholic weekly, “It is an unfair argument that the church has lost its image because one among thousands of its priests is involved in a sex scandal."

“In every religious society and community in the world, there are erring members. The Catholic church considers the rare instances of sex scandals in Kerala as insignificant," he asserted.

One of the first sex scandals that rocked the Kerala church was in the 1970s, that too in the Changanacherry diocese. A diocesan priest, Father Benedict entered into a sexual relationship with Mariakutty, a regular church-goer. But when their relationship began doing the rounds, Father Benedict allegedly killed Mariakutty.

Father Benedict was arrested and fought the case in many courts for years, but was later set free for want of sufficient evidence of murder.

Old timers recall when Father Benedict was acquitted and released, he was given a warm reception by the Changanacherry archdiocese.

“I think this is the fault with the church. It does not punish those priests who break their celibacy and seek immoral means of life. But the church is always eager to protect the clergy who are found guilty," says Joseph Punnen, a devout catholic who had launched a movement against Father Benedict in 1970s.

Note: This is posted, as all keep quite without any reaction or response, unlike in other cases.

In fact, within few days, the news die diown and perhaps, the cases also would be closed down silently.

No historian, social scientist, psychologist, or politician, makes any comments.

TV channels do not trace them and give sensational news daily.

Media persons do not run after and report day to day basis!

Let us see what happens!


06-02-2008 <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

And the comments contain more news stories:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>1.  Vedaprakash  Says:</b>
Posted on February 6th, 2008

I just post some reterieval material on the topic:

Freedom to oppressed
Wed, 06 Feb 2008 09:21:08 +0000
Comment on Misappropriation of Tsunami Fund!!! by tuticorin diocese
tuticorin diocese
Wed, 31 Oct 2007 09:52:31 +0000
The bishops of Tamil Nadu are the worst bishops in the whole world. Now the Tsunami has made them still worse. Starting from “Archbishop” Peter Fernando, Sivagangai man Susai Manickam and drunkard bishops Yvon and Remigius, all have swollen the Tsunami funds. Now these bishops are saying Tsunami came to make them richer. The coastal people of Sivagangai went to complain that no tsunami funds has come to their hands. Bishop Susai Manckiam told them,”Go to the Procurator!” How they pass the buck. Bishop Peter Fernando has swallowd crores of Tsunami funds just like Bishops Yvon and Remigius. God, O God, will you not render justice to these unholy bishops! Come and save our church!
- The bishops of Tamil Nadu are the worst bishops in the whole world. Now the Tsunami has made them still worse. Starting from “Archbishop” Peter Fernando, Sivagangai man Susai Manickam and drunkard bishops Yvon and Remigius, all have swollen the Tsunami funds. Now these bishops are saying Tsunami came to make them richer. The coastal people of Sivagangai went to complain that no tsunami funds has come to their hands. Bishop Susai Manckiam told them,”Go to the Procurator!” How they pass the buck. Bishop Peter Fernando has swallowd crores of Tsunami funds just like Bishops Yvon and Remigius. God, O God, will you not render justice to these unholy bishops! Come and save our church!


Comment on News about Bishop Yvon Ambrosie!!!! by tuticorin diocese
tuticorin diocese
Wed, 31 Oct 2007 09:46:49 +0000
Dear friends, We are praying that your crusade for truth and justice triumphs! The injustice and lies being perpetrated by “Bishop” Yvon Ambroise is too much. Mr.Gayas of Manapad did a heroic job in lambasting the hypocrite bishop Yvon Ambroise on 11 September 2007. But this man Yvon is not bothered about that. Bishop Yvon proved himself as “anti-christ” on 13th and 14th sept. in Manapad. He insulted not only the parish priest, Fr.Xavier George of Manapad but also the whole people who had gathered there on the Manapad hill on that day. He refused to shake hands with the parish priest on suspicision that Fr.Xavier George was one of the supporters of Gayas. The people stood shocked that the bishop refused to shake hands with the parish priest and refused to accept the reception accorded by the people down the centuries. Worse happened the next day. Bishop Yvon came again to Manapad to celebrate Mass on 14 Sept. He spent overnight in the “Tajmahal” of “Imsai Arasan” William Sandanam. William Sandanam provided Bishop Yvon with wine and women, a feat William Sandanam enjoys everyday in his Tajmahal. The concubine of William Sandanam by name, “Litti” entertained Sandanam and Bishop Yvon. Sandanam told the drunken Bishop Yvon that Gayas was financially supported by Fr.Xavier George, the close relative of Fr.William Sandanam. Bishop Yvon was burning with anger. So when he came for Mass, he looked angrily at Fr.Xavier George. He did not speak a word. After Mass , he left again with angry look, without breakfast, heading for Tajmahal. Bishop Yvon has proved himself unchristian. Jesus says, “If you are even angry with your brother, leave the offering on the altar, reconcile with your brother and then come to give your offering.” Bishop Yvon celebrated Mass without reconciliation with Fr.Xavier George. Fr.Xavier has not yet recovered from the shock. Can a bishop behave like this!” What a shame! Bishop Yvon has proved himself that he is not worthy of the dignity of bishop. We appeal to the Pope that this man be immediately sacked.
- Dear friends,
We are praying that your crusade for truth and justice triumphs! The injustice and lies being perpetrated by “Bishop” Yvon Ambroise is too much. Mr.Gayas of Manapad did a heroic job in lambasting the hypocrite bishop Yvon Ambroise on 11 September 2007. But this man Yvon is not bothered about that. Bishop Yvon proved himself as “anti-christ” on 13th and 14th sept. in Manapad. He insulted not only the parish priest, Fr.Xavier George of Manapad but also the whole people who had gathered there on the Manapad hill on that day. He refused to shake hands with the parish priest on suspicision that Fr.Xavier George was one of the supporters of Gayas. The people stood shocked that the bishop refused to shake hands with the parish priest and refused to accept the reception accorded by the people down the centuries.
Worse happened the next day. Bishop Yvon came again to Manapad to celebrate Mass on 14 Sept. He spent overnight in the “Tajmahal” of “Imsai Arasan” William Sandanam. William Sandanam provided Bishop Yvon with wine and women, a feat William Sandanam enjoys everyday in his Tajmahal. The concubine of William Sandanam by name, “Litti” entertained Sandanam and Bishop Yvon. Sandanam told the drunken Bishop Yvon that Gayas was financially supported by Fr.Xavier George, the close relative of Fr.William Sandanam. Bishop Yvon was burning with anger. So when he came for Mass, he looked angrily at Fr.Xavier George. He did not speak a word. After Mass , he left again with angry look, without breakfast, heading for Tajmahal. Bishop Yvon has proved himself unchristian. Jesus says, “If you are even angry with your brother, leave the offering on the altar, reconcile with your brother and then come to give your offering.” Bishop Yvon celebrated Mass without reconciliation with Fr.Xavier George. Fr.Xavier has not yet recovered from the shock. Can a bishop behave like this!” What a shame! Bishop Yvon has proved himself that he is not worthy of the dignity of bishop. We appeal to the Pope that this man be immediately sacked.


Comment on News about Bp Yvon Ambroise by Tuticorin Diocese
Tuticorin Diocese
Fri, 26 Oct 2007 08:13:30 +0000
Tsunami funds have been stolen by many bishops, Yvon Ambroise, Susai Manickam, and Peter Fernando. Tsunami funds have not been given to the poor fishermen. These bishops are eating the money. These bishops are scandal.
- Tsunami funds have been stolen by many bishops, Yvon Ambroise, Susai Manickam, and Peter Fernando. Tsunami funds have not been given to the poor fishermen. These bishops are eating the money. These bishops are scandal.


Comment on Trouble makers by John Bosco
John Bosco
Sun, 30 Sep 2007 18:35:01 +0000
It is surprising to hear all that are said about the custodians of catholic faith and leaders of the people. I take all of them to God in prayer.
- It is surprising to hear all that are said about the custodians of catholic faith and leaders of the people. I take all of them to God in prayer.


Comment on News about Bp Yvon Ambroise by John Bosco
John Bosco
Sun, 30 Sep 2007 18:24:36 +0000
Your statement “We do not know when our Lord takes his cane to chase these people!!!!” tells me all about your concern for the Diocese of Tuticorin. I do understand that unlike many, you can not tolerate the injustice done by our shepherds. Don’t you think God is using you for the benefit of the people of Tamilnadu Church? May the Good Lord guide you and strenthen you in every step you take forward! You are playing a profetic role. Therefore be stedy and cling to God and God alone.
- Your statement “We do not know when our Lord takes his cane to chase these people!!!!” tells me all about your concern for the Diocese of Tuticorin. I do understand that unlike many, you can not tolerate the injustice done by our shepherds. Don’t you think God is using you for the benefit of the people of Tamilnadu Church? May the Good Lord guide you and strenthen you in every step you take forward! You are playing a profetic role. Therefore be stedy and cling to God and God alone.


Comment on Bishop Ivan Ambroise’s Letter by Paravan
Fri, 21 Sep 2007 09:02:27 +0000
then why Bishop doing the signature movement in the parish after this letter issued?
- then why Bishop doing the signature movement in the parish after this letter issued?


<b>2.  Ezhavendan  Says:</b>
Posted on February 7th, 2008

When Sankaracharya was arrested, there was a report that a Christian Father involved in raping, killing of inmates of Ashram in Kanyakumari district appeared in Dinamalar and other vernacular papers.

But while the sensation of Sankaracharya continued and continues, the case of Christian Father disappeared, forgotten and none is known now.

How they could manage like this?

<b>3. Ezhavendan Says:</b>
Posted on February 7th, 2008

There has been an old news in the context:

—————————————R 12;————————
Bishop held for siphoning off money
5 Aug 2006, 1243 hrs IST,PTI

SMS NEWS to 58888 for latest updates
KANCHIPURAM: A self-styled bishop has been arrested on charges of siphoning off around Rs 10 crore from three contractors on the pretext of constructing houses for poor people, police said on Saturday.

‘Bishop’ Daiva Anandaraj of Molin Vision Church, Mahabalipuram, was arrested following a complaint by building contractors Sinha, Sivakumar and Ganesan belonging to Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu respectively, they said.

Anandaraj, claiming himself to be a bishop, had been widely publicising since last five years that he would be constructing low-cost houses for the poor in the area.

The contractors complained that the accused had not returned the huge amounts collected from them as earnest deposit for the project, which failed to take off.

Cases have been registered against 12 others, including the family members of Anandaraj, following the complaint, police said.

After the police began search of the ‘bishop’, his church on the East Coast Road was shut down.

He was arrested on Thursday night, police added.
—————————————& #8212;———————-

Here also, we do not know what happened?
<b>4. MNachiappan Says:</b>
Posted on February 9th, 2008

Bishop arrested on charges of cheating contractors

Saturday, August 05 2006:

Chennai, Aug 5 (UNI) Police have arrested a Bishop on charges of cheating contractors in Southern States to the tune of several crore of rupees.

Acting on information that Bishop Anandaraj (45), who had gone underground for the last one year, would be passing through the East Coast Road, a special police team headed by Mamallapuram Inspector Sakthivel, intercepted his vehicle and arrested him on the night of August three.

He was later remanded in judicial custody yesterday.

‘’As per my records he had cheated builders to the tune of Rs two crore. We have registered two cases against him here.

There were complaints from various builders from different states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala'’, Mr Sakthivel told UNI.

The amount he had cheated might run into several crore, police sources said.

The Bishop, who was running a church at Perur village on the ECR road, advertised in a newspaper that he would construct about 10,000 houses for poor people. The response was quite tremendous, as the builders made a beeline to him and made deposits to him.

He had also told them that he would get funds from abroad for constructing the houses. As the construction in various places neared completion, the Bishop gave ‘fake’ cheques to the builders and went underground.

Investigations revealed that the Bishop had amassed wealth in his name and in the name of his family members by using the funds given by the contractors.

A group of contractors headed by one Sivakumar from Kerala, who had given Rs 50 lakh to the Bishop for the housing project, monitored his movement and got definite information that he was passing through the ECR, leading to his arrest.

Police are also on the look out for more than ten people, including his family members and his personal assistant, for their alleged involvement in the fraud.

3 ewhat happened to bishop Anandraj?

<b>5. MNachiappan Says:</b>
Posted on February 9th, 2008

Two evangelists arrested in tsunami-shelter scam
Wednesday June 27 2007 10:15 IST le=Southern+News+-+Tamil+Nadu&Topic=0

THOOTHUKUDI: Two evangelists were arrested on charges of cheating a fishermen’s community of about Rs 8 lakh near Tiruchendur here on Tuesday.

The two accused, Claret (43) and John Britto (42) were allegedly connected to the self-styled ‘bishop’ Yobu Saravanan, whose arrest led to the discovery of a scam.

According to a complaint lodged by Robinson, Shelton and Thommai Anthony, fishermen from Singidurai, with the Arumuganeri police on Monday, the residents of Singidurai and Keela Vaipar donated Rs 8,13,000 in three installments to the ‘clergy’ for the construction of tsunami-shelters for the affected fishermen.

However, the money was not utilized for the said purpose even after a year. Interrogation following Claret’s arrest on Tuesday revealed that Britto, another preacher, was also involved.

Following his arrest, Britto informed police that the entire sum collected from the fishermen had been handed over to Yobu Saravanan.

<b>6. MNachiappan Says:</b>
Posted on February 9th, 2008

UN accused of ignoring tsunami fraud and corruption
A former UN deputy director of investigations has claimed that tsunami reconstruction funds worth 500 million dollars are being lost to fraud and corruption, as the organisation has failed to implement its own anti-fraud measures.

Melbourne, Oct 6 : A former UN deputy director of investigations has claimed that tsunami reconstruction funds worth 500 million dollars are being lost to fraud and corruption, as the organisation has failed to implement its own anti-fraud measures.

Frank Montil, a former ASIO officer, who for a decade was the deputy director of the UN’s internal watchdog unit, set up to investigate fraud and corruption within the UN and its agencies, said the oil-for-food scandal “taught them nothing.”

According to Montil, the fraud and corruption that had been occurring during the tsunami reconstruction period would come back to haunt the UN, for it had wilfully ignored all the warnings.

“When you have a disaster zone, you have all sorts of drifters and conmen walking in. It is the equivalent to the old gold rushes,” said Montil, who was sent to the devastated areas of Indonesia after the tsunami as a senior UN investigator.

His task was to assess the risks of fraud, waste and mismanagement to the public funding that the tsunami public appeal generated, and which the UN was responsible for allocating, The Age reported.

Montil’s inquiries showed that every project would automatically attract a 10 per cent premium to cater for bribes “to a variety of parties who may have an influence on whether or not a project will go ahead.”

The daily said that in large infrastructure and building procurement, his team learnt there was almost always collusion between the winning company and public officials. And, if there was no government involvement, there was collusion between large contractors who operated an invisible roster.

The company that won the contract through a “fake” lowest bid inevitably overpriced it as it had already been determined it would win. It would then offer subcontracting jobs on the project to the unsuccessful bidders, Montil claimed in his report.

“These government bodies are duplicating, tripling and even quadrupling their approaches to the various foreign aid and UN agencies for the very same equipment,” Montil warned the UN General Assembly in his report.

ANI 22.asp

<b>7. MNachiappan Says:</b>
Posted on February 9th, 2008

Kerala christioan controversies

If you think ‘COMA’ type stories are possible only in the Western world, think again. In Kerala, the church is involved in murders of the christian faithful, who come to their faith healing centre. Recently in Tamilnadu, four bishops stole Rs. 40 crore meant for the Tsunami victims and some of them are arrested under goondas act. Kidney sale is a fact in Tamilnadu and some 500 poor persons were forced to sell their kidneys to the christian hospitals operating there.

On 10 March 2006, the Kerala High Court issued an order with an ultimatum to the government to make a thorough investigation on the public allegation against the Christian Divine Retreat Centre in Muringoor in Kerala state, India. Justice Padmananbhan Nair has ordered the government to make a thorough investigation about sexual abuse, homicide, foreign exchange violation, forceful conversion, abduction, intimidation and imprisonment of unwilling residents at the center. The court decided to conduct the inquiry after receiving a complaint from a former christian employee of the centre. Some of the inmates had made two video CDs and sent a letter to the court for necessary action against the christian faith racket that was going on in Kerala with political and police protection. Divine Retreat Centre, started in the eighties, is a christian mafia faith healing centre. For several years, the general public and civic leaders have complained against Muringoor Christian center about the foreign currency violation, sex abuse, misdemeanor, felony, forceful conversion, murder, rape and abduction and medical malpractice committed at the center. The Kerala christian Churches are organized on the lines of Italian mafia and have undue influence on the government and government officials have turned a deaf year to the public plea against the anti social activities at the Center. Reluctantly, government has appointed IG Winson M Paul to investigate the Muringoor Divine center. The Marxist communist government of Kerala ordered only a partial investigation for fear of Christian backlash.

One of the Muringoor Divine Center Director George Panackal filed a law suit demanding one crore rupees for the police investigation and the High Court had dismissed the frivolous law suit. Pinaroy Vijayan, General Secretary of the Marxist communist Party, who was recently caught with live cartridges at Chennai airport, paid a visit to the Center and praised and admired their activities in public thus endorsing their illegal activities.

Many inmates were murdered for their wealth and the centre used to secretly cremate murdered bodies at the corporation graveyard in Kalamassery. Divine Retreat Centre is involved in illegal foreign funding to criminal and other activities. Many inmates were gone missing from this christian mafia centre over the years. It has been stated that almost twenty bodies have been burnt in the last four years alone. Dasan, the watchman of the corporation graveyard in Kalamassery said that he used to get Rs 750 for burning each body and that it was the same person who used to bring the bodies from the divine centre always. A christian doctor, Dr Thankamma Francis of the divine centre was the doctor who always used to issue death certificate to all those bodies cremated secretly. It should be noted that christians are not cremated in Kerala and are buried. The police investigation was carried out in Divine Retreat Centre on 30 September and 1 October 2006.

Sonia Gandhi had put christians in many states as the Inspector General of Police and Kerala is also a christian by name Winson M. Paul. The Kerala government had put Winson M. Paul for enquiring the illegal activities in the Divine faith healing centre and constituted a police team under him based on the court directive. Several public servants such as Inspectors General of Police and the wife of a State Minister are closely associated with the functioning of the Divine Centre. They are also members of the Advisory Body of the centre. A group of senior IAS, IPS and other government officials of Kerala are working behind this ‘underworld’ operations of the faith healing centre. This centre receives huge funds from the Social Welfare Department of Kerala government. Some 9000 people are on the voters list of the christian faith healing centre.

The congress party in India is christian controlled. The Italian catholic christian, Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi is the president of the congress party of India. The congress party of Kerala state is headed by a christian who is a front man of a Dubai based audio video piracy firm that operates on a much bigger scale worldwide than that of Dawood Ibrahim’s set up in Dubai. Christian politicians of Kerala like Umman Chandi and K.M.Mani were funded by this centre. Congress party members boycotted the Kerala assembly proceedings when police raided the christian faith healing centre in Muringoor, Kerala. The christian leaders like K M Mani tried to paint that police misbehaved towards christian patients including women at the centre to divert the public attention from the main issue of dozens of murders in the christian faith healing centre. The christian K.M. Mani was a former law minister and claimed that police violated norms in the Criminal Procedure Code and harassed HIV/AIDS patients who were being cured at the Divine faith healing centre. K. M. Mani, on 3 October 2006 at the Divine Retreat Centre stated that the faith healing centre has become an oasis for the poor, sick people abandoned by medical science and a home of refuge for the mentally challenged people. He said that he always visited the centre as he also felt mentally challenged at times.

After cornering the private education field in Kerala with the political clout, the Kerala christians are now concentrating on medical field to raise funds for the christian conversion work going on in India manned by the Kerala christians. With the advent of AIDS the christian church concentrated on faith healing to make money. The faith healing centers are a method to extract the last drop of blood from AIDS patients, drug addicts and the like. The christian priests and nuns, who form the slave labor force of the church runs educational institutions and medical centers. The christian priest Fr.Augustine Vallooran, a Director of Divine Retreat Centre was arrested by the police.

A Christian fanatic has issued a death threat to Justice Padmanabhan Nair for ordering the state government to probe the unlawful and anti social activities of the Muringoor Christian Divine Center. The Marxist endorsement reinforced the Center to continue illegal activities and motivated the Christian extremist to issue death threat against Justice Padmananbhan Nair. The death threat was sent to Justice Padmanabhan Nair from an Ernakulum Telephone Booth. The death threat was specifically made to Justice Padmanabhan Nair warning him that he will be murdered for ordering investigation against the illegal activities and forceful homicide at the Christian Divine Center. The death threat against Justice Padmanabhan Nair shows the danger to India from the radical Christianity of India and its unholy nexus between the Marxist Party.
<b>8. MNachiappan Says:</b>
Posted on February 9th, 2008

Date:10/05/2005 URL:
—————————————& #8212;————————————̵ 1;
Tamil Nadu

CPI (M) alleges fraud in tsunami relief

Special Correspondent

VILLUPURAM: Activists of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), led by C. Muthukumaran, staged a demonstration at Kottakuppam near here on Monday, alleging malpractice in tsunami relief.

The activists said that the official machinery had “swindled nearly Rs. 1.50 crores” in the name of tsunami relief for the villages of Kottakuppam and Bommaiyarpalayam in Vanur block.

The villagers had sent several representations, seeking remedy from the Governor and the Chief Minister, but in vain, Mr. Muthukumaran alleged. He urged authorities to order a CBI enquiry into the issue.

The Perambur Constituency MLA, S.K. Mahendran, participated in the agitation.

Allegation denied

The Special Officer of the Moongilthuraipattu Co-operative Sugarmill S. Mohan, who is the officiating Collector, denied the allegations. He said that 9,500 people (5,854 in Tindivanam and 3,646 in Villupuram taluks) had been identified as tsunami victims, and the entire government package had been handed over to them.

Official sources said Village Relief Monitoring Committee had been set up in the affected villages and relief measures were distributed with the knowledge of these panels.

The district-level committee, in which the Member of Parliament too was a member, was monitoring the relief and rehabilitation measures. The allegations were unfounded, the sources said.

© Copyright 2000 - 2008 The Hindu

<b>9. MNachiappan Says:</b>
Posted on February 9th, 2008

Date:03/03/2005 URL:
—————————————& #8212;————————————̵ 1;
Tamil Nadu

Rs. 1,000 crores for tsunami relief

By Our Special Correspondent

cHENNAI, MARCH 2. As expected, the impact of the December 26, 2004 tsunami was felt in the State budget for 2005-2006.

Explaining the relief and rescue operations undertaken by the State Government in phases, the Finance Minister, C. Ponnaiyan, said Rs. 895.18 crores was sanctioned for temporary and permanent rehabilitation in the affected areas. The budget estimates included a provision of Rs. 1,000 crores for relief and permanent rehabilitation measures there.

Except an advance of Rs. 250 crores, no Central fund was released, though the Centre had sanctioned Rs. 1,726.72 crores against the State’s demand for Rs. 4,800 crores to undertake relief and rehabilitation and Rs. 5,000 crores for putting up sea walls, creating shelter belts and regenerating mangroves as part of the coastal zone protection plan.

The budget called for immediate release of the sanctioned funds from the National Calamity Contingency Fund, besides reiterating the demand for one hundred per cent subsidy for permanent rehabilitation measures for fishermen. It urged the Centre to sanction additional funds for reconstruction of assets lost in the disaster.

The demand for waiver of all loans due from fishermen to commercial banks and cooperative credit institutions was also highlighted.

Fisheries development

the budget dwelt at length on the Government’s move to draw up a comprehensive plan for development of fisheries as the tsunami had destroyed the livelihood of fishermen in the coastal districts. A task force would be constituted with experts to suggest new approaches to improve the fisheries sector rapidly.

Relief to and rehabilitation of fishermen would receive priority. A major part of the allocation for rehabilitation in the tsunami-affected areas would be earmarked for their housing, infrastructure and permanent livelihood.

Shelter belts plan

The budget included an initial provision of Rs. 7.48 crores for a programme of creating shelter belts and developing mangrove plantations wherever possible. “This will be expanded based on the requirements.”

The Government had drawn up proposals for upgrading the Cuddalore and Nagapattinam ports, which were hit by giant waves, at a cost of Rs. 70 crores. It expressed the hope that the Centre would sanction funds for undertaking these works on a war-footing.

The tsunami-related relief expenditure was one of the factors which contributed to the hike in revenue expenditure.

© Copyright 2000 - 2008 The Hindu

<b>10. Ezhavendan Says:</b>
Posted on February 11th, 2008

‘Realtor’ in Rs 46 lakh serial fraud case
Sunday August 27 2006 11:23 IST tle=Southern%20News%20-%20Tamil%20Nadu&Page=T

PERAMBALUR: Complaints of fraud running to a tune of Rs.46 lakh have been lodged with the police against Bishop Anandaraj of Chennai by six persons who fell victim in a row to his promise of real estate promotion in and around Perambalur.

According to sources, Bishop Anandaraj, has a long track record of defrauding the gullible public promising to have houses constructed for them and win them building contracts at several places.

In July 2004, he had promised Marimuthu, son of Palanimuthu, of Brammadesam, to get him 100 houses constructed and received a whopping Rs 12.95 lakh in 11 instalments. In June 2004, Bishop Anandaraj had promised JSR Karunanidhi of Venkatesapuram to win him building contract for 550 houses and received Rs 5.55 lakh in nine instalments.

In June 2004, he had promised S Kalaiselvan of Bharathinagar to win him building contract for 200 houses and received Rs 4.91 lakh. In July 2004, Bishop Anandaraj had promised Samikkannu, son of Ponnnan of Brammadesam, to get him 125 houses constructed and received Rs 12.70 lakh.

In April 2004, he had promised Kaspar, son of Pitchai of Palanganatham, to get him 210 houses constructed and received Rs 8.90 lakh. In April 2005, Bishop Anandaraj had promised Rajagopal, son of Ayyamperumal of Veppur, to win him building contracts for 100 houses and received Rs 1.25 lakh.

In a complaint lodged with the Superintendent of Police, these six victims have sought legal proceedings against Bishop Anandaraj, his wife Daisy, accomplices Suresh Kumar and Palani and mediators Selvakumar of Thuraimangalam, Gulzar Ali of Valikandapuram and Rajarathinam of Velacherry, Chennai.

<b>11. MNachiappan Says:</b>
Posted on February 12th, 2008

I think some interesting pattern is emerging in the involvement of Bishops, Christian priests and others in these crimes and frauds:

1. All start only in the name of Jesus Christ, Church and salvatrion.

2. Then, the Head Priest, whoever may be - a Bishop, Father etc., floats a private Company and starts collecting money by way of membership in the case of tsunami relief; jobs for women; bible coaching for girls.

3. Then, they start their game-plan - build some houses; give jobs to women; teach bible to the girls with much funfare, publicity and programmes.

4. Slowly, they expose their colour - they stop the construction work on one pretext or the other; women are sexually harassed by the Christian priests and they are threatened if they tell outside; fearing the loss of job, invariably keep quite, unless in few cases, they complain and the Bishop caught red-handed or otherwise; so also in the case of bible-teaching, holiday retreat centres, going picnic after the bible course etc., the girls are raped and made “Virgin mothers”!

5. In all such situations, the affected are poor people - and they are perhaps silenced by the High priest to save the honour ofthe Church in the name of Jesus Christ!.

6. The benefitted are the Christian head-priests of various categories.

7. Within short time, they get all material benefits and enjoy life like anything.

8. Complains follow; police take action; some culprits arrested;…………..

9. But, again with money power, they come out; the complaintants are threatened or adjusted; evidences and witnesses are removed or eliminated; complaints are withdrawn - cases settled out of court - even case files disappear from the courts - so these Godmen of Christianity come out clean.

10. Again, he starts his life at some other place after promotion and at new place, he starts his modus operandi. Nothing happens, as known people are adjusted.


<b>13.  MNachiappan  Says:</b>
Posted on March 23rd, 2008

I do not know why all of sudden, the Tamil fonts are not apperaing (the above posting).

The report (Dinamalar, Chenni March 23 2008) is about the Krishnagiri Bishop - Kumar.

Now two more girls complaint that they have been raped by him.

They also point iout that she has wives at Bangalore and other places.

For full details, see tody’s Dinamalar.

<b>14. Ezhavendan Says:</b>
Posted on March 23rd, 2008

The Bishop of Kerala, some time back urged / ordered Christians to produce more children!

So whether the Bishops are following his direction?

Or what is the divine logic bhind making virgns pregnant?

Perhaps, they brainwash that you are like a Mary and you are bearing or begetting Jesus and so on?

How theseteenage girls fall prey to christian priests / bishops just like to Liyakat Ali etc?

One has to analyze it psychologically.

<b>15.  Ezhavendan  Says:</b>
Posted on March 24th, 2008

Madhya Pradesh church priest held on rape charge

Jan 4, 2007 Times of India pe_charge/articleshow/2675859.cms

KATNI: A church priest was arrested for allegedly raping a woman on January 1 in the Majhgava forest area near Katni, police said.

The priest of the local Gayatri Nagar church was arrested and produced in the court on Friday after which he was sent to jail, Katni Suprinendent of Police (SP) Renu Shukla told reporters.

The incident occurred when the woman’s husband, a truck driver, went to Indore for some work. Taking advantage of the situation, the priest Kaushik Nayak took the woman on his motor-cycle with a promise to get her a job of a nurse.

However, after reaching Majghava forest area he allegedly raped her and fled from the spot, the SP said.

The woman later narrated the incident to her husband who reported the matter to the police following which the priest was arrested.

<b>16.  Ezhavendan  Says:</b>
Posted on April 11th, 2008

I am adding the following news of today, where <b>a bishop has kidnapped a child and demanded ransom:</b>
(Tamizh news)

17.  Ezhavendan  Says:
Posted on April 11th, 2008
I do not know why the Tamil is not appearing.

The Bishop Prem Karthik (29) of Perambr confessed to the police that he kidnapped the girl, as he could not get any job after undergoing “Bishop” training!

He told that there are children of rich studyiing in Anna Adarsh School of Anna nagar and therefore he decided to kidnap so that he could get money.

So it is surprising that what for the Bishop-training is given and all.

<b>19.  MNachiappan  Says:</b>
Posted on April 12th, 2008

Today Dinamalar reports that another Bishop swindles 29 lakhs of rupees and fradulent case registered against him and his accomplices.
(Tamizh news)

<b>20.  MNachiappan  Says:</b>
Posted on April 12th, 2008

Another report:
The CSI christians fight with each other because of property dispute:
(Tamizh news)

<b>21.  Ezhavendan  Says:</b>
Posted on April 21st, 2008

Another Bishop involved in money-swindling case and arrested in Madras.

Jeyapaul Xavier, Bishop of Sivakasi has been one of the three arrested in connection with multi-crore money swindling and cheating case. The gang including the Christian priest used to cheat public by assuring to get bank loans, but uissue spurious letters, sanction orders and even cheques.
(Tamizh news)

22.  Ezhavendan  Says:
Posted on April 27th, 2008

December 20, 2006
Daily Pioneer
Source Link

Pioneer News Service | Bangalore

Hundreds of parents staged a dharna on Tuesday demanding the arrest of Father Mathew, Principal of St Claret High School, who would allegedly molest girl students regularly.

An angry crowd of parents had stoned the car of Bangalore Archbishop Bernard Moras on Monday when he visited the area after a riot was sparked by reports of the “sex maniac” priest.

Even as the agitation snowballed, the Karnataka Government ordered an inquiry into the matter by Deputy Commissioner of Police Malini Krishnamurthy. Father Mathew is absconding.
<b>23. Vedaprakash Says:</b>
Posted on May 9th, 2008

<b>Case filed on three Christians including a CSI Bishop!</b>

Again and again the Bishops are getting involved in the cases of all sorts. Many times, it has been stressed that the Bishops should not handle issues where money is involved. There have been precedence, where even Popes, Cardinals and others involved in all sorts of scandals, frauds etc. But, the Indian Bishops cannot take shelter under such justification.

According to their Bible, it is said that Jesus drove away the money lenders from the place of worship.
John 2.14: And found in the temple those that sod oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting;

John 2.15: And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew tables.

John 2.16: And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not “my Father’s house an house of merchandise”
He advised that God and Mammon cannot go together. But, the Bishops and other Church clergy have been living two lives – one sacred and another secular. They pose so sacred inside the Churches and other religious places and become so secular in other activities. The handbills circulated after Sunday prayers by their own disgruntled groups tell so-many stories. When one ignores or brush aside as stories, they are coming in papers with facts and figures. The true Christians have been feeling sorry and pained about such incidences. How is that they have been making the temple a business place and dealing always with merchandise?

Perhaps, the Christ has to come again to make a scourge of small cords, and drive them all out of the temple! Anyway, here, Hindus have been also at receiving end, as the Dravidian looters have been following Aurangazeb. Of course, there is no Christ here to make a scourge of small cords, and drive them all out of the temples! Talking Periyarism, Annaism, they cover up all frauds.
<b>Madurai, 08-05-2008:</b> A case has been registered against three including a CSI Bishop, Christopher Asher as per the directions of the Court in a fraud case.

Arokhyadas hails from Jawaharnagar, is an employee of M/s. Reliance and Accessories Private Limited. In the case filed, he has stated as follows:

“A tender was floated on behalf of the CSI Diocese Church Office to offer of a sale of seven acres land in Rakhanyapuram, Puthur, Madurai for building a Dental and Arts College.

“An amount of Rs. 20 lakhs was paid to Johnson Israel, Property Officer of the diocese Church; Bishop Christopher Asher and Bobin Sathyamurthy, the CSI Centre officer on behalf of M/s. Reliance and Accessories Private Limited. /s. Reliance and Accessories Private Limited.

“But they gave the tender to some other Company. They have been threatening us to take back the given money. Therefore, action should be taken against the three”.

After conducting the enquiry, the Magistrate ordered for registering a case against the three involved. The Police have registered a case against Johnson Israel, Property Officer of the diocese Church; Bishop Christopher Asher and Bobin Sathyamurthy, the CSI Centre officer Johnson Israel, Property Officer of the diocese Church; Bishop Christopher Asher and Bobin Sathyamurthy, the CSI Centre officer.


<b>24. MNachiappan Says:</b>
Posted on May 19th, 2008

AS per the SUN-news and vernacular papers, one more Christian priest has been involved in the high-fee demand case of Nursing course. Girl students gave complaint in Vadacheri Police station, of Kanyakumari district against agents who acted as brokers in getting admission and paying fees.

Initially, they asked Rs. 8 lakhs and now, they are demanding Rs. 2 lakhs more. Thus, the girl student have given complaint.

At the same time, one group of people were supporting one Christian priest, who is involved in the issue. கன்னியாகுமரி

<b>25.  MNachiappan  Says:</b>
Posted on May 22nd, 2008

A bishop married Bishop loved another woman, kidnaps the woman-lover and files petition that she came with him violuntarily!!

Jambunathan, a Bishop used to conduct prayer at Polachi. One woman used to come to the prayer. As the Bishop loved the woman, the Bishop’s wife named Malathi herself decided to get him married with the woman-lover!

So the Bishop’s wife faithfully went to the parents of her husband’s lover and sought the marriage with her husband! The parents scolded her and driven away.

The next day, surprisingly, the woman-lover of the Bishop disappeared. Therefore, they gave complaiont to the Police that the Bishop kidnapped their daughter. when the complaint is there, the Bishop has filed an anticipatory bail petition in the Madras High Court, wherein, he pleaded that the woman-lover came with him voluntarily!<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Continued in Post 509 (two posts down).

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - Husky - 04-26-2009

More on just one of the items mentioned above.

Compare the reporting.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Sex scandal hits Bangalore Christian convent school</b>
Posted December 19, 2006
December 20, 2006
Daily Pioneer
Source Link

Pioneer News Service | Bangalore

Hundreds of parents staged a dharna on Tuesday demanding the arrest of <b>Father Mathew, Principal of St Claret High School</b>, who would allegedly molest girl students regularly.

An angry crowd of parents had stoned the car of Bangalore Archbishop Bernard Moras on Monday when he visited the area after a riot was sparked by reports of the "sex maniac" priest.

Even as the agitation snowballed, the Karnataka Government ordered an inquiry into the matter by Deputy Commissioner of Police Malini Krishnamurthy. Father Mathew is absconding.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The faithful rapist of the Religion of Love (christianism) ran off. Curiously, the Chindu claims he was charged with molesting only two girls, while Mid-Day news further down will show his known victims number 18 students:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Wednesday, Dec 20, 2006
<b>Police teams on the look out for school principal</b>
<i>He has been charged with molesting two girl students</i>
The principal, Fr. Mathew, is reportedly absconding since Sunday afternoon. Sources said he had gone to Sarjapura to attend a workshop where he heard about the case and has since been "untraceable". One of the teams has gone to look for him in Kerala, police said.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

It gets worse. A bit graphic, but christianism IS sleaze, so no surprise.
The main points of the following Mid-Day news article is that the faithful christian Father Mathew
- had <b>18 victims</b>,
- there were tentative plans of collective suicide among the victims
- "activists of Kannada Rakshana Vedike protested in front of the school".
Sounds Hindu. As do the substitute names given to the victims. And from Pioneer's report at the top, an archbishop's vehicle got stoned by angry parents. And further down, news shows that a church got vandalised. Still sounds like it might be Hindus taking their helpless frustration out against predatory christianism.
There is no mention of the real names or religions of the victims, as the psecular papers are typically silent on that. I think it likely that the victims were Hindus: most students at christian schools in India are Hindus since the majority is Hindu. And moreover, this is a village in Karnataka which means it would be largely Hindu.

From Mid-Day,
copy at
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>'Kiss me, I am God'</b>

Author: Chetana Belagere
Publication: Mid-Day
Date: December 19, 2006

Introduction: That's what Fr Mathew, principal of a Bangalore school, told <b>his 18 victims before allegedly molested them</b>

"This man, the so-called principal of our school should be paraded naked in our area," grieved 15-year-old Deepa (name changed), one of the 18 girls who were allegedly molested by Father Mathew (40), the principal of St Claret High School in Jalahalli. "I am God, so don't hesitate to kiss me," he used to tell his victims.

Mathew, who has been charged under Section 354 of the IPC, is absconding.

On for 10 months

Mathew's harassment began about 10 months ago when he asked a few girls "permission" to hug, kiss and marry them "in his next life". Explaining this, Swathi (name changed) said, "He used to ask me if he can hold me, hug me, kiss me and even touch my private parts. When I would refuse, he would first try to convince me by saying, I am the prettiest of all the girls he has seen and would have married me if Christianity allowed him."

Got worse

According to the girls, the harassment turned worse at their trip to Kulu Manali, two months ago. He molested the girls in the train too. "He would ask the boys to go to the other compartment and then if we were sleeping, he would come near us and touch our breasts and ask how it felt? His behaviour got worse during the trip and so we decided to teach him a lesson."

<b>Felt suicidal</b>

On Sunday night, the victims opened up to each other at one of the girls' residence. They spoke about how each of them were molested and also how Mathew had tortured them.

One of the girls, a Std X student, who was mentally tortured for not co-operating with him said, "I was so tired of facing all this that I told my friends who had come to my house to attend a function that we should all take sleeping tablets to show the world how bad our principal is. But my mother overheard it."

Savitha, the mother of the victim, said, "Thankfully, I overheard my daughter and her friends talking about it. When I convinced them, they revealed what the principal had done. I was shocked. If he is not out then, I won't send my daughter to the school."

Later, she telephoned the other parents and informed them about the incident. The parents then lodged a complaint with the police. <b>On Monday morning, nearly 400 parents and activists of Kannada Rakshana Vedike protested in front of the school, demanding his arrest.</b>
(Sounds like a Hindu group is protesting)

Sex magazines

Initially, it was only about talking about sex and showing porn magazines in the name of conducting sex education seminars.

The principal and other teachers allegedly threatened to lower their marks and even told them that they would not be given permission to appear for their exams.

"We had not told our parents because Surekha mam, Subbareddy sir and even Father had threatened to complain to our parents about bad behaviour and punish us severely if we talked about any of this," said another student.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Compare what the psecular (islamic-owned, wasn't it?) Mid-Day news article above admitted, with how Times News Network spun the same: christomedia Times wanted to fool their readership into thinking that the parents protesting angrily were 'unreasonable' by presenting the matter as Father Mathew have done nothing more than saying "suggestive things" and (gasp!) "putting his hands around their shoulders". Once again only "2 victims" are mentioned. Moreover Times News has it that "Fr Mathew, who has been part of the school for the last six years, was unavailable for comment on Monday." When even the Chindu admits that the criminal ran for cover:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Wednesday, December 20, 2006
<b>Tension over harassment of schoolgirls</b>

Times News Network

Bangalore: An angry mob gathered outside St Claret High School, Jalahalli village, on Monday to protest school principal Fr Mathew’s alleged misbehaviour with two girl students.

<b>It is reported that the principal of St Claret High School allegedly used “suggestive language and even put his hands around the shoulders” of two students.</b>

According to the police, parents of the students lodged a complaint with the Jalahalli police on Sunday evening. Around 11.15 pm the same day, a mob attacked the church and school.

Fr Mathew, who has been part of the school for the last six years, was unavailable for comment on Monday.
(That's because he ran off and was "untraceable" since Sunday as per the police, see Chindu article above.)

The archbishop of Bangalore, Bernard Moras, who visited the school at about 8.15 am on Monday in a private car, bore the brunt of the mob’s ire. The mob smashed the car’s windshield.

Later, the archbishop met the protesters and heard their grievances. Health minister R Ashok rushed to the spot and pacified the crowd.

DCP North Malini Krishnamurthy will probe the case.

Exams have been put forward by a week because of the incident. Christmas vacation starts from Thursday.

Picture: Archbishop Bernard Moras hears out protesters outside St Claret School in Jalahalli village on Monday<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
But a catholic posts an article from DeccanHerald from that time which, while it confirms the angry people vandalising church property and facing off with priesties, also explains what was the cause of this outburst. It also supports the Daily Pioneer and Mid-Day to show that the number of victims was larger number than two:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Mob Assaults Archbishop And Priests, Vandalizes Church Property</b>
From JoeGoaUk ..... Thu Dec 21, 2006 11:58 pm

Read it here

This is a last part of it..


Bangalore, DHNS:

Father Mathew, Principal of St Claret High School, had allegedly been in the
habit of misbehaving with his girl students for a long time. According to
parents, he used to pass lewd comments against the girls and make physical
advances. He targeted Standard X girls and blackmailed them saying, “if you don’t cooperate, you will not get the hall-tickets”. He managed to have his way
in several instances. The girls felt scared and had nowhere to go.
None of them dared to inform their parents.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Another Goan Catholic in Karnataka says (well the surname is Pinto, makes it Portuguese -> hence Goan):
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Unforgivable behaviour of Father Mathew</b> 
Sir, The act of molestation and misbehaviour of father Mathew, Principal of St Claret High School is unforgivable. He has blacked mailed, spoken lewdly to minor girls, a strict action should be taken and the guilty should be punished and brought to book, Catholic Church should allow priests to marry and have family so that such devilish act could be eliminated to a greater extent. may God give strength to the children to come out of the trauma.

Kishore Pinto
Bangalore <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Pinto doesn't seem to know that pleading for an end to priestly celibacy is an inquisitionable 'crime' - or was, at any rate. He is questioning a major aspect of catholicism. Sounds like another protestant in the making (aka heretic catholic).

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - Husky - 04-26-2009

Continued from #507:

Comment 26 below is related to 27. #26 starts with the massive headlines that two frauds masquerading as "Hindu swamis" made in Kerala's christomedia (covered in detail in HK at the time), while the same media remained silent on known christians doing worse at the same time. One of them, "Santhosh Madhavan", has links with islamic underworld don Dawood, is in business with a Muslim League Leader and gets women trafficked by a christian nun, while the other as seen in #26 below has allies in the communist party (also covered by HK). Neither can be Hindu therefore. Both were just ways for the christomedia to attack Hindu Dharma.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>26.  MNachiappan  Says:</b>
Posted on May 22nd, 2008

Of fake godmen, politics and Kerala’s society
Monday, 19 May , 2008, 10:24
Last Updated: Monday, 19 May , 2008, 10:41

Thiruvananthapuram: What are all these swamis up to - is what people in Kerala are asking after the dramatic arrest of two fake godmen in the past week that has thrown up their alleged nexus with politicians and police, and their relevance to society.

T N Jayachandran, former additional chief secretary of Kerala, feels that fake swamis surface due to the degeneration of society in general.

“When this happens, godmen make their presence felt because those who have power and money search for temporary peace through them. These godmen, in turn, exploit these high-profile people and use them to expand their base and fame,” Jayachandran told IANS.

Also read: Controversial Kerala godman taken into custody | Two injured as godman fires in police station

The first saffron-robed guru to hit the headlines was Santhosh Madhavan alias Swami Amritananthachaithanya, who was arrested on May 13 and charged with the rape of a teenage girl and possession of ganja (marijuana). A tiger skin and a large number of pornographic films were also recovered from his house in Kochi.
(See next quoteblock below)

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was quick to allege that Madhavan is closely linked to Bineesh Kodiyeri, son of state Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan.

“It was this very swami who had fixed the timing of the marriage of Balakrishnan’s son (held in Thiruvananthapuram last month),” state BJP vice president A N Radhakrishnan had told reporters.

But Bineesh denied any such association and threatened to “take legal action” against those making such “baseless allegations”.

Madhavan is said to have links with police officials too. Soon after his arrest, a deputy superintendent of police, who is believed to have shielded the guru, was asked to go on leave.

For more news, analysis | For more Science and Medicine news

The second guru, whose antics inside a police station in Aluva were beamed across television sets on Saturday, is Himaval Maheswara Bhadranandaji, popularly known as ‘Ernakulam Swami’.

He was taken to the police station after he threatened suicide. And in full view of the media, Bhadranandaji, with a pistol at his forehead, hurled abuses at the media for alleged negative publicity.

When police officials tried to stop him, the gun went off and a bullet whizzed past a reporter. In the ensuing melee, another shot was fired injuring Bhadranandaji.

Bhadranandaji is also believed to be close to politicians. He was reportedly present at the wedding of Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan’s daughter.

Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan has said that the government would probe Bhadranandaji’s links with politicians and police officials. He termed the police station fiasco as a “blot” on the police and the government.

He lashed out at the Congress-led opposition for remaining mum on the issue, saying, “This clearly shows that they are hand in glove with these fake swamis. Did they even arrest a swami in the five years they ruled the state, whereas we have arrested two?”

E Joy, a doctor, said he was pained to see literate Kerala going after godmen and added the trend would die out if people stopped pursuing instant gratification.

“These godmen will not have any significance if people don’t go after instant peace and comfort. One’s deeds determine one’s future and in a fast-moving world, money occupies a high place. Many think that peace and comfort can be achieved and they go after godmen for this,” he said.

Opposition leader Oomen Chandy, while admitting to have met Bhadranandaji, said it was too early to comment on the matter.

“Things are just unfolding and it is the job of the police to inquire. Yes, I know the ‘Ernakulam Swami’ and I have taken part in one function to which I was also invited,” said Chandy.

Meanwhile, outspoken Kerala Congress (Secular) legislator P C George pointed out a few self-styled Christian leaders have also surfaced in the state.

“Just like there are fake swamis in the Hindu community, there are a few Christian leaders who have formed their own private churches and are flourishing. The state government should certainly inquire about such leaders also,” George said.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<b>Santhosh Madhavan - not a Swami, and working closely with christoislamism</b>
The HK stuff exposing the curious christoislamic links of the entity alleged by the christomedia to be a Hindu Swami, although he had admitted on public TV that he was not a Swami:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Santhosh Madhavan itself has told that he never took any Sanyas from any guru as per scriptures and santhitheerom was not a ashram. Even after knowing this, a section of Media and Communist party is trying to attack Spiritual Gurus<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->In an interview given to a TV Channel Santhosh Madhavan itself told that he is not a Swami and Shanthitheerom is not a Ashram, But still the vested interests are using this opportunity to tarnish Hindu Spiritual leaders as a whole. Hindu Society should come out to make it clear that any such attempts to tarnish Hinduism or Hindu Spiritual leaders pointing at one Santhosh Madhavan will not be entertained and such tendencies should be nipped in the bud<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> <b>Santhosh Madhavan linked to Dawood</b>
09/05/2008 02:06:01

IDUKKI: The investigating team in Kerala received information that international criminal Santosh Madhavan wanted by the Interpol has links with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

When questioned, Santhosh's former wife told police that he was in constant touch with Nazar, a close aide of Dawood, via phone.

She told police that she divorced her husband when he tried to sell her to underworld kings and prostitute centres in Dubai.

A city police commissioner's son and two advocates of the Kerala High Court accompanied Santhosh during the talks held before divorce, she said<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>A Nun involved in supplying girls to Santhosh Madhavan</b>
19/05/2008 15:29:20  HK

Kalamassery: A Nun is also involved among those who involved in supplying girls to Hawala dealer and Womaniser Santhosh Madhavan

16 year old girl from Idukki reached the hands of Santhosh Madhavan through a Nun who is the head of an orphanage in Panayikulam, Aluva

From the first day itself it was clear that Majority of disciples of this fraudster were Non Hindus including his close associates Thomas, Saifudeen and DYSP Sam Christy.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Santhosh Madhavan Binami of Muslim League Leader</b>
02/06/2008 02:23:12 

Kochi : Santhosh Madhavan is the Binami of a Muslim League leader in Kerala, reports Mangalam daily. As per the report Santhosh Madhavan confessed the same to investigative officers.

This Muslim League leader is one of the main players in Hawala dealings across the state. Santhosh Madhavan did Bussiness worth 100 Crore Rupees for this leader, He confessed

This Muslim League leader is now under intelligence scanner. This leader was of the feeling that using a fraud as Hindu Sanyasi will be easy for his dealings as no one will will suspect them. Santhosh Madhavan’s innate nature was not of a sanyasi and he started showing his true colours which lead to his exposure.

Santhosh Madhavan also admitted that it was he who fixed timings for the marriage of sons and daughters of political leaders.

It was Mangalam daily who exposed this fraudster in the beginning, The Name of Muslim League leader is not yet revealed.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Christomedia's hypocrisy:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>No celebrations this time, as 'Matha' is a Christian!</b>
23/05/2008 13:27:36  HK

Kottarakkara: When ‘Matha Prasanna’ was arrested on Tuesday Night - Our Visual Medias rushed to Ezhukone to air it live, to interview the neighbours, to research on Swamini’s purvashram , Back in the studio discussions were going on about which chant should they play in background this time and special slots were even allotted in News Channels to sensationalize the episode.

<b>All those who reached there with there were shocked to find out that this ‘Swamini’ is not a Hindu but a Christian.</b> There were no Hindu gods in her Ashram but only Jesus- That was a jolt to our Secular Media- How can they tarnish Christianity for the crimes of Prassana? 

<b>The whole Visual Media which were competing to link Santhosh Madhavan and Himaval Bhadrananda with Hinduism maintained silence in this.</b> Channels reduced it as mere airing the news as flash news and few shots of the ashram from a distance! The religion of this fraud matha was even omitted by few of so called SECULAR channels!

Our Bosses of both Visual and Print media were getting a Sadistic Pleasure for nailing Hinduism for the crime committed by few frauds. The bias against Hinduism and Hindus came out in past few days evidently, so that even the most ‘SECULAR’ Hindu also could realize the unfairness and favouritism of our Media.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->And further:
<b>Media Enthusiasm to link Criminals with Hinduism</b>
<b>Spiritual Frauds - Communal Investigation of CPM Police</b>
Especially the comment on this page:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Keralite 23/05/2008 19:52:51  A CPM creation!
Seeds of fraudster swami's are sown by COM and other communist outfits. They do not believe in God in religion.Fraudsters too belongs to the same camp.
With the introduction of Land Act 1971, CPM destroyed our temples.All sources of income to the temples were bloked.Those people, who promoted temple arts and cultural festivals were made paupers due to the draconian law. This cultural vacuam created communists paved way for fraudster swamis and other anti social elements.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Home minister's son partner of Santhosh Madhavan</b>
12/05/2008 03:25:18  HK

Kochi : Sathosh Madhavan’s close links with Home Minister’s Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son in his real estate dealings throw more light to the unholy dealings of this Minister’s son.
Minister’s son is a partner of Santhosh Madhavan and is behind the Real Estate transactions of acres of land in Vaikom , Kadathuruthi area.
Communist party which speaks aloud on matters like Paddy Field protection is closing their eyes when Home Minister’s son itself is heading the real estate mafia and converting acres of Paddy field. In Vaikom , Kallara area more than 150 acres of paddy field was bought by Santhosh Madhavan and Minister’s son.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Back to:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>27. MNachiappan Says:</b>
Posted on May 26th, 2008

The pattern found in the Kerala about the fake-samiyars, indeed, the bishops-Kajis-samiyars are all mentioned as “Samiyars”, as if they belong to Hindu religion.

Why the Communists do not have “Samiyars”? In Kerala, such condition is possible, as the atheists could easily take up such vocation for making easy money and ultimately, they can put blame on “Samiyars”!

[... Tamizh-language news item ...]
When Communists can attack “Guru baba Ashram” why not others do against the Communists? Do the Communists have any right tio do so?

That the missionaries have started fooling with AIDS-patients prove the dangerous game they play. They produce sex-related centres, the Bishops themselves urge to produce more babies, then advise others to adopt “family-planning” / “Abortion” with Marie-stopes!

How the AIDS-fellows go with the Christians?

<b>28.  MNachiappan  Says:</b>
Posted on May 27th, 2008

Today Dinamalar reports about the rape of a young woman by a Bishop near Sirgazhi in Tamilnadu. The police stopped marriage of a Christian Father / Bishop to a woman after raping a young woman and absconding.

Bishalkla Escol (aged 32) has been the bishop of Sayavanam village near Sirgazhi and has been runnibng a Church named “Besthil Pentecost” near Manigramam. There has been complaint that he has been mismihavig with the women coming for prayers.

Mariya Selvi (aged 21) daufgter of Mariadas of Vadamanigramam has been poor and he made arrangement foer her studuy in a nearby school at Tiruvankadu up to plus2.

<b>29. MNachiappan Says:</b>
Posted on May 27th, 2008

Complaint against a Bishop for rape:
The marriage stopped

Today Dinamalar (27-05-2008) reports about the rape of a young woman by a Bishop near Sirgazhi in Tamilnadu. The police stopped marriage of a Christian Father / Bishop to a woman after raping the young woman.

Bishalla Escol (aged 32) has been the bishop of Sayavanam village near Sirgazhi and has been running a Church named “Besthil Pentecost” near Manigramam. There has been complaint that he has been sexually misbehaving with the women coming for prayers.

Mariya Selvi (aged 21) daughter of Mariadas of Vadamanigramam has been poor and he made arrangement for her study in a nearby school at Tiruvankadu up to plus2. He has been having illicit sex with the girl telling her that God has ordered him to marry her only. Few days back, she came to know that suitable bride was searched for Bishalla Escol for marriage. When she asked about this, he showed a poison bottle and gave her telling, “I would live only with you. And if we have to die, we shall die together”

Believing this, she drank the poison last April 13, 2008 and admitted in Sirgazhi Government hospital. After treatment he was staying with her family. At that time, she came to know about the marriage of him with another girl Tamizhmani alias Plasti of Kizhmathur.

Shocked by this treachery, she complained to the Police about her relationship and his assurance given to her for marriage. She also confessed that the Bishop used to indulge in sexual activities with her when she was studying in 9th standard itself. Thereafter, he used to show Blue film on video and tempt her to have sex with him. Thus, he has raped her. After the complaint, the police made enquiries on both sides and then stopped the marriage that was to take place yesterday. This has created uneasiness in the village.

For details, see:
<b>30. MNachiappan Says:</b>
Posted on May 29th, 2008

Priest morphs picture, blackmails woman friend
Thursday May 29 2008 08:33 IST amp;rLink=0

CHENNAI: A 32-year-old Christian priest was arrested here on Wednesday for morphing the photo of a woman and blackmailing her to get married to him.

According to police, pastor Suresh Paul, working in an Apostle Christian Association church at Perambur, befriended Beulah Vasanthi (42), when she used to come for the service three months ago.

Suresh, who had separated from his wife, was earlier working in a church at Kolathur and left it following some allegations against him.

Beulah was then living with her mother at Perambur after a fight with her husband Srinivasan (50), a railway employee. Recently, Beulah along with her children returned to their house in Vellaiyunur Karpagambal Nagar near Avadi after the couple patched up.

Suresh went to her house two days ago. He had morphed a photo of Beulah to show her in a compromising position. He used the photo to blackmail her.

On Beulah’s complaint, Suresh was arrested under section 4 of the Prevention of Harassment of Women Act and sent to Puzhal Central Jail.

<b>32.  peveve  Says:</b>
Posted on May 30th, 2008

Why do you blame these poor Bishops/pastors/ Cardinals/Popes? What can they do if they are forced to read the Bible day in day out. After all, they say practice what you preach. And they do that the last letter!

According to the Bible, God was ignorant, a ruthless liar and cheat; he broke his pledges, changed his mind so often that he grew weary of repenting. He was a murderer of children, ordered his people to slay, rape, steal, and lie and commit every foul and filthy abomination in human power.

This Israelitish god calls Moses up into the mountains and lets Moses see his “back parts” (Exodus xxxiii, 20-23). Think of it, the god of this infinite universe has back parts!

So I suggest to all these chaps under police custody to claim that they are innocent victims of the Bible for practicing what they preached. Since the Supreme Court/Indian Parliament and Constitution of India indirectly admit that this Bible is holy and cannot be dishonoured they should be let off. Will edbedhead/Suresh and other cultists take up the cause of these innocent biblical victims?
<b>33. MNachiappan Says:</b>
Posted on June 2nd, 2008

The issue is not so simple to say like that and get away.

If that is the case, all Mohammedan terrorists could put blame on Quaran / Koran and get away with all heinous crimes, massacres, killings etc.

Actually, they have to respond and assert as to what extent they are responsible for such sins under insopired and uninspired conditions.
<b>34. peveve Says:</b>
Posted on June 4th, 2008

MN, we want the terrorists and their sympathisers of both varieteis of the desert creeds to do exactly that. Once they do that we can revive the Calcuttah Koran petition and have that terrorists manual (that attracts Sections 153A and 295A of the I.P.C. because it incites violence, disturbs public tranquility, promotes, on ground of religion, feelings of enmity, hatred and ill-will between different religious communities, and insults other religions or religious beliefs of other communities in India) viewpoint and couches it in verbal niceties) proscribed like how thesecular pigs banned Satanic Verses. Poor rusdie his book on the real satanic Verses got banned whereas the real Satan’s rantings is still considered holy

<b>37.  MNachiappan  Says:</b>
Posted on July 17th, 2008

Another bishop joins the race in kidnapping a young lady!

Bishop arrested for kidnapping a young lady
(Dinamalar July 16, 2008, Chennai edition, p. no. 9)

Pollachi July 16 2008: The Women Police has arrested four including a bishop and his wife.

A complaint was made against Anbunathan and other three, bishop of Thimmampattinam for kidnapping Anandhi alias Aradhana daughter of Murugan belonging to Nandanar Colony, Pollachi.

The Police received information that the absconding bishop for the last three months was at Unchalampatti Bus-stop. The All Women Police went and arrested them there.

Bishop Anbunathan (aged 33), his wife Malathi (29), his sister Deivayanai (40) and her son (sister’s son) Viramuthu (28) were the arrested and the Magistrate of Couert No. J. M. 1 ordered for 15 days imprisonment.

Accorduing to the Police: “A complaint was registered against Anbunathan, bishop of Thimmampattinam in the month of April for kidnapping Anandhi alias Aradhana daughter of Murugan belonging to Nandanar Colony, Pollachi. Malathi, the wife of the bishop had gone to the house of Murugan and asked him tio marry off his daughter Anandhi alias Aradhana ass second wife. From the next day onwards, Anandhi alias Aradhana was missing.

Deivayanai sister of the bishop and her son Viramuthu alias Augustin were reportedly came to Ananthi’s house and taken her away, as per the complaint”, thus Police said.

Anbunathan, the Christian priest and his family members have told the Police that they knew nothing about Anathi and they had not kidnapped her.

Meanwhiile, a letter has been received in the Police station reportedly (from a person) in the name of “ Ananthi” stating that she was not kinapped and it is wrong to put blame on Anbunathan.The suspense continues about the writer of the letter and whereabouts of where Anandhi.


V Note the Christians having Hindu names creating an impression as if Christians are not involved in such sexual crimes, but putting blame on Hindus.

V Mark the modus operandi followed, the married status of the bishop and the wife of the bishop soliciting Ananthi to marry her husband!

V The disappearance of Ananthi and a letter coming from “Ananthi” stating that the bishop was not involved.

V First of all, why a bishop wants two wives? For what purpose?

V How his wife and sister (both are women) are involved in such soliciting and kidnapping act of a young lady?

V The Kerala bishops announcement declaring Christians to produce more children, the more and more reports coming in the press about such activities of Christian priests / bishops etc., involving them in kidnapping, raping girls, young women etc., show a pattern.

<b>46.  brahmallahchrist  Says:</b>
Posted on August 25th, 2008

Kerala nun’s suicide: Detailed probe sought
13 Aug 2008, 1456 hrs IST,PTI ght/articleshow/3360656.cms

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: As a Crime Branch inquiry was ordered on Wednesday into the suicide by a nun in Kollam allegedly due to sexual harassment by a senior nun, father of the deceased met Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan seeking a detailed probe into the incident.

State DGP Raman Sreevastava ordered a crime branch probe into the incident, official sources said.

The 23-year-old Anupa Mary was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her room in the St Mary’s Convent in Kollam yesterday. A note left by her said she was taking the extreme step as she could no longer bear the harassment.

Mary’s father Pappachan, who had alleged that his daughter was harassed by a senior nun in the convent, met the Chief Minister here this morning.

Achuthanandan assured him that the government would take necessary steps in the case, the sources said.

Meanwhile, the Kollam diocese also ordered an “inhouse inquiry” into the incident, church sources said.

Mary, a teacher in a Lower Primary school run by the St Mary’s Convent Holy Cross Order, hailed from a poor family in nearby Kanjiramkode.

She had joined St Mary’s convent two months ago on taking the vow of nunhood. Earlier, she was attached to another convent in the city.

A recent suggestion by the Kerala State Women’s Commission on age-bar for enrolment of the girls as nuns had triggered protests from various Christian organisations in the state.

<b>48.  MNachiappan  Says:</b>
Posted on September 23rd, 2008

The following has been about the controversy about the “Madurai American College”.

கல்லூரி முதல்வர் டிஸ்மிஸ் :பிஷப் கூட்டத்தில் முடிவு

தினமலர் செப்டம்பர் 23,2008,00:00 IST at=TN

<b>49.  MNachiappan  Says:</b>
Posted on November 13th, 2008

One more Christian bishop rapes one more girl!

பெண்ணை கடத்தி சென்று கற்பழிப்பு: உதவி பங்குத்தந்தை சிறையிலடைப்பு
What is that தந்தை, பங்குத்தந்தை, and உதவி பங்குத்தந்தை and all, when they have been raping the girls and women all the way.

Though, many-many such rapings by Christians (Catholic or Protestant or Seventh Day Adventists or Baptist Missionaries or…………..) are reported nothing happens.

However, when a nun was allegedly raped by a SC or ST (though his religion has to be revealed), much hue and cry is heard with pitch and frequecies reaching international limits and also reverberating from outside.

Ironically, that nun is now not co-operating to identify her raper!

And in another case, the Christian mother withdrew the complaint lodged with the police abouyt the raping of her daughter (the famous Goa rape case, still duscussed by the media, hotly)

Here also, lot of technicalities have been involved.

The bishop has taken the rape-victim to Kerala and raped.

So legally, he would escape unless the complaint-gives have been strong enough to face such legal-wrangles.

Moreover, the Church would always prevail upon them to have out of court settlement as happened in the case Goa-rape case.

<b>51.  MNachiappan  Says:</b>
Posted on March 7th, 2009

Warrant against Bishop stayed
Sunday, Sep 21, 2008 Bangalore

BANGALOR E: The Karnataka High Court on Saturday stayed a non-bailable warrant (NBW) issued by a Bangalore court against Rev. S. Vasanth Kumar, Bishop of Karnataka Central Diocese of Church of South India.

The Bishop, along with advocate Lobo, had petitioned the court after the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Bangalore, had issued a non-bailable warrant against them after a private complaint was registered in the court.

The complainant, Grace Padma, said she was a teacher in a Christian institution and was suspended. Her case was still pending before the Educational Appellate Tribunal (EAT). Justice Ashok B. Hinchigeri stayed the NBW against the Bishop and adjourned hearing in Mr. Lobo’s case to Monday. — Staff Reporter


Thus, goes the news:

It is not known, why he was issued with non-bailable arrest-warrant?

What was the complaint by Grace Padma leading to such issue of warrant?

Now, after five months, what is the position?

Whether the BJP govt is afraid of proceeding as the “secularists” and other “terrorists” would immediately come out and blame the “saffron Government of Karnataka”?<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - acharya - 04-27-2009

Sri Lanka’s war of attrition - Church ignited and fueled

English news channels had a field day taunting Tamil Nadu Chief Minister variously with ‘blinking first’, ‘swallowing’ and ‘backtracking’ on the issue of the LTTE. All English news channels, without exception, attributed Karunanidhi’s volte face to pressure from the Congress. Of course, this fiction suits the English media because ‘Congress pressure’ is pseudonym for ‘Sonia pressure’ and diminishing Karunanidhi adds an additional two feet to Sonia Gandhi’s Forbes-manufactured pogo stick.

In the face of it, the tragedy of the Tamils of Sri Lanka seems complex because of the different forces at work in that island-nation; these forces have caused the spill-over into India. South and South-East Asia are the last theaters for the ceaseless cosmic war between the two well-organized Abrahamic faiths. Across the globe, all separatist, secessionist, political insurgent movements are only Christian (Poland, erstwhile Soviet Union and other Balkan states, East Timor), Church-backed (Tamil Nadu lawyers’ strike, LTTE and Maoists of Nepal and India) or Islamic movements. These movements, when allowed to succeed have always ended only in the creation of new Christian or Islamic states.

To defeat such Church-backed or Islamic secessionist movements it must first be understood that Islam and Christianity by their very nature are political entities with political objectives; they only masquerade as religions. Every non-Muslim, non-Christian country therefore must hold the adherents of Islam and Christianity as potential insurgents and foot-soldiers for their religions who pose a threat to national security in more ways than one; this entails keeping a watchful eye on all their activities and particularly for any attempt to alter the religious demography in any part of their country. India’s stake in Sri Lanka is historical; not merely because the country is contiguous with Tamil Nadu but more importantly to protect the civilisational content and character of the region.

The cancerous advance of the Church in Asia is best gauged from the fact that India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Nepal and Japan, Hindu and Buddhist countries all, have de-facto and de-jure Christian Heads of Government. India abandoning Nepal to its fate and abdicating her responsibility in Sri Lanka can only be attributed to the fact that it is the Italian Christian Sonia Gandhi who controls the government today. India has always been diffident in her foreign policy with nations in the immediate neighborhood but she turned her face away from Sri Lanka after 2004, even after the LTTE demonstrated that it had an expanding navy and air-force with the capability of inflicting huge damages not only to Sri Lanka but also to India.

While both Islam and Christianity have world hegemony as their core objective, an important distinction has to be made between these two religions with regard to their methods and weapons of war. Islam has no use for subterfuge and continues to use jihad and the sword of jihad for conquest through subjugation and/or annihilation of non-Muslims while Christianity has created the Church as its First Soldier. The Church wields the sword ruthlessly wherever it controls the state or has altered the religious demography in its favour but it has also devised sophisticated weapons for use in war-by-other-means in countries where Christians are a religious minority; charity and trade being two of the most insidious and therefore the most effective among these weapons. Offers of ‘Prayer’ is the latest weapon in the Church’s arsenal and this is also deployed in partnership with charity and/or trade in countries and homes where people find themselves in conditions of extreme distress.

Lives of peoples of non-Abrahamic societies have been governed in the main by local societal structures and collectives. Problems among groups within a locality have largely been resolved only through local initiatives; while the more intractable problems were resolved by higher authorities or wisely simply allowed to be resolved over time. Hindu civilisational ethos frowned at external interference into local affairs and such interference was discouraged and even resisted by force because such interference was perceived as erosion of the autonomy and the authority which was vested in local social structures. It was the near total autonomy of organic social collectives and structures of organization and order which left Hindu kings or the state with only residuary powers.

Islamic invasion and occupation of India did not interfere with local customs and traditions of governance; Christian-colonialism changed all that. Globalising or internationalising a problem is a Church-initiated trend in international affairs and is the root-cause for American and EU interference, including military intervention, famously called global policing or humanitarian intervention into non-Christian and non-White countries.

The problem of untouchability in Hindu society and the problem between the Sinhala and Tamil speaking peoples of Sri Lanka have a history rooted in their own societies but these problems have been fueled, fanned and allowed to become a conflagration engulfing territories beyond national borders only by the Church in both countries. The British colonial government, for obvious self-serving reasons, permitted and even encouraged the Church to play mischief in society by intervening in issues which did not concern it. The Church fattens itself, expands and grows only by weakening the society within which it has planted itself; and that is why this writer has consistently maintained that the Church, old and new, and cutting across denominations, is by nature cancerous. It ultimately destroys the body which welcomed it inside and made it feel at home.

Hindus, Buddhists, Confucians and Shintos of Asia must unite to resist this cancer and thwart the Christian agenda of planting the Cross in Asia in the third millennium. India, China, Japan and Sri Lanka must understand what is happening in Sri Lanka if they have to avert the fate that has already overtaken South Korea and Nepal. The Church today effectively controls the polity in almost all countries of Asia by controlling the ruling elite or the voting populace or both. The Church, like Islam has utilized democracy with its attendant baggage freedom of religion, in countries where non-Christians and non-Muslims constitute the majority populace, for its ultimate undemocratic objectives.

The knotty Indian involvement in Sri Lankan affairs has to be unraveled thread by thread if Hindu India has to forge new, far-sighted and purposeful international alliances to keep both Islam and the Church at bay in Asia. Indira Gandhi was more muscle than mind because she, like her father before her, did not have the foresight to allow important trends in our country’s journey through history to progress to their logical conclusion; for all her much-touted political acumen, she failed to annex East Pakistan to India after liberating it from Pakistan. She also failed to take back PoK when India’s military might could have crushed Pakistan, and even returned Pakistani territories captured by our army during war. Retrieving PoK, capturing and occupying Pakistani territory, annexing East-Pakistan to India would have effectively started the process of reversing the vivisection of 1947, checked Islam in the East, West and North while annexing East Pakistan to India would not have linked us directly to the North-east and served also to control the unchecked malevolent activities of the Church in the now geographically isolated region. It was also a clueless Indira Gandhi who first bought the LTTE lemon sold to her by the wily MG Ramachandran and enmeshed New Delhi in the web of Sri Lankan affairs.

The Church has always fished in troubled waters both to gain influence in the locality and also to seek new converts to its faith. The Church has habitually turned important local communities irreversibly against each other and then stepped in to act as referee or savior; this was one of the weapons devised by the Church to penetrate the closely knit and autonomous Hindu society. The crux of the problem in Sri Lanka today is that successive Sri Lankan governments have failed to provide Sri Lankan Tamils with constitutional rights to equality and have refused to share power equitably with the Tamils. This alone should point us to the fact that at the time of independence from colonial rule, the Christian-colonial government and the Church in Sri Lanka had already fueled the Sinhala-Tamil divide and had made reconciliation between them close to impossible.

Needless to say, the ruling Sinhala elite were Christian in the main. But so intense was the Sinhala-Tamil divide that the powerful Buddhist clergy consented to the majority Sinhala Buddhist populace being ruled by Sinhala Christians rather than bridge the Sinhala Buddhist-Tamil Hindu divide. Penetration and control of the Buddhist clergy by the Church began in Sri Lanka and has progressed rapidly in all Buddhist nations of Asia. The Tibetan Buddhists are the latest and most famous to welcome the cancer into their bodies.

The Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka had effectively been alienated from the Tamil Hindus even as the Church, which had already penetrated deep into Sinhala society, began its operations among the Tamil speaking people. This is typical Church modus operandi – create discord and then begin to harvest souls from among both warring sections. Knowing well enough that sowing the seeds of discord blatantly between Buddhism and Hinduism would have triggered a civilisational backlash against the Church, the alienation was effected on the basis of language. The Tamils of Sri Lanka were told by the Church that they were a separate nation. American think-tanks readily picked up the theme; which fact alone should prove the hand of the Church. Such was the diabolic Goebbelsian Christian brainwashing of the people of Sri Lanka that till today the conflict is perceived only as a Sinhala-Tamil divide and not a Church-aided and abetted clash of civilizations.

A similar attempt had already been made by the Church in India since the days of the East India Company within caste groups in Hindu society. The non-Brahmin Hindus were told how the Brahmins were conquering Aryans from Central Asia, how the Saivism of dravidian Bharata had nothing to do with Vedic Brahminism (not Hinduism mind you), how the victims of untouchability were not Hindus at all and how tribal communities had no religion and their practices did not amount to worship of the divine. <span style='color:red'>‘Dravida and Dravidian’ had been successfully transformed from a geographic concept to a racial concept.</span>

The usual experts on foreign policy and strategic issues will insist on still talking about the tragedy of Sri Lanka as a Sinhala-Tamil issue while it is actually a diabolic Christian agenda which is being played out. As mentioned earlier, the so-called Sri Lankan government, notwithstanding a powerful Buddhist clergy has been headed in the main only by Sinhala Christians – Solomon Bandaranaike, Srimavo Bandaranaike, Julius Jayawardene, Chandrika Kumaratunge, daughter of Bandaranaike and Cyril Mahinda Rajapakse to name a few. The two most famous Tamils in Sinhala-Christian headed governments- the late Lakshman Kadirgamar and Douglas Devanandam (EPDP) are also both Christians. Christians among the ruling Sinhala elite, Christians among the Tamil ruling elite, Christians among the insurgents and terrorists in the LTTE, no matter who wins or loses, who lives or dies, it is a win-win situation for the Church in Sri Lanka and for all Christianity.

Hindu society is seemingly fragmented in Tamil Nadu while the Brahmin/non-Brahmin divide seems insurmountable. The ruling elite in Tamil Nadu are the dravidian anti-Hindu, irreligious and Christian/crypto-Christian elite with Islam playing a poor-second fiddle. The ‘supreme’ leaders of both the AIADMK and DMK, like Mayawati, want to graduate to wielding power from Delhi while keeping their regional fiefdoms intact for their families, natural and surrogate. Compulsions of coalition politics have forced New Delhi to take note of the Tamil issue which in a real sense is only an internal matter of Sri Lanka. Historically both the Sinhala speaking and Tamil speaking people of Sri Lanka are our own; it is Tamil Nadu’s dravidian polity which is compelling New Delhi to attend to the concerns of the Tamils alone.

Dravidian polity subscribes to the Church/western nations theory that the Tamils are a separate nation. The core objective of both the Church and Islam is to set up separate states and nations on the basis of their claims to ‘separateness’. The Tamils of Sri Lanka foolishly bought the Church’s arguments of separateness not realizing that while this argument plunged the Buddhists and Hindus into a war of attrition in the name of language, the Church in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu fattened itself with our blood. The Sinhala-Christian government, the Christian-headed UPA government and the dravidian Tamil Nadu government, all obligingly looked the other way as world churches plunged enthusiastically to harvest souls using the war of attrition and the tsunami to their advantage.

The Church in India has learnt from Islam the important lesson of entrenching itself in sizeable pockets instead of being thinly spread over ineffectively. Tamil Nadu’s coastline has been Christianised as have been the coastal districts. These pockets have become Christian vote banks and it is this vote bank with its own Christian political parties and Christian politicians which compelled even Jayalalithaa to espouse the cause of the separatist Tamil state of Eelam. The DMK was once espousing Eelam too until the sweetness of power in Delhi tamed its separatist ambitions. The DMK learnt the important lesson that there is more to be milked from Delhi than from a separate Tamil state even if the state existed on either side of the Palk Strait. But the Church has no such reservations. Every new Christian state, including the Tamil state of Eelam, is another part of the globe brought under its hegemony.

The Buddhist clergy in Sri Lanka must wake up to the fact that by keeping the Sinhala-Tamil divide active and burning through the agencies of the Sinhala Christian government and Christian LTTE, the Buddhists of Sri Lanka and the Tamil Hindus are being systemically and systematically disempowered. Unless there is a farsighted civilisational coming together of the Buddhists and Hindus of Sri Lanka to re-arrange their polity rendering the language divide irrelevant, with force if need be, this time against the machinations of the world Church, both Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka will one day wake up to see the Christian state of Tamil Eelam becoming a reality.

The Hindus in the Indian National Congress, bhaktas of ‘secular polity’ like the suave Naveen Patnaik and the rustic Lalu, Mulayam and Mayawati, and the anti-Hindu Left must realize that by colluding with each other against politically assertive self-conscious Hindus, they are mortgaging their Hinduness and their self-respect actually to the Church through its Christian agents Sonia and her offspring who have already been positioned firmly as future Prime Ministers. Sonia Gandhi has sent the unchallenged signal that no one else in the Congress, not from any part of this country, no MP, MLA, no other General Secretary, no CWC member can aspire for the post. Sonia Gandhi has declared non-verbally that if not her, then her stooge first, and then her son; later perhaps her daughter and then maybe her grand-children. The Hindus of the INC and politicians singing odes to secularism must first search for their self-respect and discover their self-worth.

LK Advani’s BJP cannot sing bhajans to the Second Vatican Council papal doctrine of inter-faith dialogue. This party is criminally guilty of committing itself in its election manifesto to interfaith dialogue and to approach the issue of religious conversion on the basis of the ‘unanimous’ 2006 Vatican document on the issue. That the document was ‘unanimous’ speaks volumes of the caliber of the Hindus who presented themselves submissively before the Vatican when summoned to give a voice vote; and that the BJP will be guided by the Vatican document on the issue of religious conversion speaks volumes for the BJP leadership which put this commitment shamelessly into its manifesto. As in Sri Lanka, in India too whether the Christian Sonia Gandhi’s Congress wins or the Vatican-submissive Advani’s BJP wins, it is win-win for the Church all the way.

The Church in Europe had always been on the side of the Monarchy and Capital. Communism was born on Christian soil reactively as much against Capital as against the Church and the Monarchy. It therefore makes sense for western communism to be anti-religion and even irreligious. But the Left in India has no such historical burden. Instead of mindlessly inheriting the anti-religion tenet of western communism, the Left in India could become a winning economic doctrine and political ideology if it Hinduised itself and promised to protect and defend the civilisational legacy, character and ethos of this nation; failing which the communist parties in India will wake up one day to find that the Church has Christianised the CPI and the CPM as effectively as it has already Christianised/criminalised the Maoists and Naxals. A Hinduised Left can travel beyond the confines of Kerala and West Bengal.

Sri Lanka is close to home and a test-case for what is in store for us if idiot Hindus choose politics of minority-ism in the guise of secularism. Only an increasingly talibanised Islam and imperial Church will stand to gain from de-Hinduising the polity. India will become another Africa – with Islam and the Church dividing the Hindu nation equally between them. If India falls then Asia, the last bastion, also falls.

PS: The fact that the Sri Lanka Tamil issue is purely Church-backed and not an ethnic Tamil issue as pretended, can be seen from the sheer indifference of all Indian Tamil political parties to the plight of Tamils in Malaysia, who have been fighting a civilisational onslaught from Islam alone. The Malaysia Tamils’ self-identity is ‘Hindu,’ not Tamil, and their struggle is against forced or coerced conversions to Islam; marginal gains are now beginning to be made from their own efforts. New Delhi has been shamelessly ignorant of their plight. Even the BJP manifesto has failed to recognise them.
Another country where the hand of the Church is blatantly visible is Myanmar, where the Christian Aung Sang Syu Ki – a woman married to a British Christian and whose two sons are British citizens – is sought to be foisted upon the nation. Here again, the Buddhist clergy has been infiltrated and has provided the crowds agitating for enthronement of a Christian ruler over Buddhist country.
Radha Rajan,
24th April, 2009.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - acharya - 04-28-2009

Survey: Americans switch faiths early, often</b>

By ERIC GORSKI, AP Religion Writer Eric Gorski, Ap Religion Writer – 1 hr 43 mins ago

The U.S. is a nation of religious drifters, with about half of adults restlessly switching faith affiliation at least once during their lives, a new survey has found.

And the reasons behind all the swapping depend greatly on whether one grows up kneeling at Roman Catholic Mass, praying in a Protestant pew or occupied with nonreligious pursuits, according to a report issued Monday by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

While Catholics are more likely to leave the church because they stopped believing its teachings, many Protestants are driven to trade one Protestant denomination or affiliation for another because of changed life circumstances, the survey found.

The ranks of those unaffiliated with any religion, meanwhile, are growing not so much because of a lack of religious belief but because of disenchantment with religious leaders and institutions.

The report estimates that between 47 percent and 59 percent of U.S. adults have changed affiliation at least once. Most described just gradually drifting away from their childhood faith.

"This shows a sort of religion a la carte and how pervasive it is," said D. Michael Lindsay, a Rice University sociologist of religion. "In some ways, it's an indictment of organized Christianity. It suggests there's a big open door for newcomers, but a wide back door where people are leaving."

The report, "Faith in Flux: Changes in Religious Affiliation in the U.S.," sought to answer questions about widespread religion-changing identified in a 2007 Pew survey of 35,000 Americans.

The new report, based on re-interviews with more than 2,800 people from the original survey, focuses on religious populations that showed a lot of movement: ex-Catholics, ex-Protestants, Protestants who've swapped denominational families within Protestantism and people raised unaffiliated who now belong to a faith.

The 2007 survey estimated that 44 percent of U.S. adults had left their childhood religious affiliation.

But the re-interviews found the extent of religion-swapping is likely much greater. The new survey revealed that one in six Americans who belong to their childhood faith are "reverts" — people who left the faith, only to return later.

Roughly two-thirds of those raised Catholic or Protestant who now claim no religious affiliation say they have changed faiths at least twice. Thirty-two percent of unaffiliated ex-Protestants said they've changed three times or more.

Age is another factor. Most people who left their childhood faith did so before turning 24, and a majority joined their current religion before 36.

"If people want to see a truly free market at work, they really should look at the U.S. religious marketplace," said Luis Lugo, director of the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

Sixteen percent of U.S. adults identified as unaffiliated in the 2007 survey; 7 percent of Americans described being raised unaffiliated, suggesting that many Americans end up leaving their religion for none.

About half of those who have become unaffiliated cited a belief that religious people are hypocritical, judgmental or insincere. Large numbers said they think religious organizations focus too much on rules, or that religious leaders are too focused on money and power.

John Green, a University of Akron political scientist and a senior fellow with the Pew Forum, classified most unaffiliated as "dissatisfied consumers." Only 4 percent identify as atheist or agnostic, and one-third say they just haven't found the right religion.

"A lot of the unaffiliated seem to be OK with religion in the abstract," Green said. "It's just the religion they were involved in bothered them or they disagreed with it."

The unaffiliated category is not just a destination. It's also a departure point: a slight majority of those raised unaffiliated eventually join a faith tradition.

Those who do cite several reasons: attraction of religious services and worship (74 percent), feeling unfulfilled spiritually (51 percent) or feeling called by God (55 percent).

The survey found that Catholicism has suffered the greatest net loss in all the religion switching. Nearly six in ten former Catholics who are now unaffiliated say they left Catholicism due to dissatisfaction with Catholic teachings on abortion and homosexuality. About half cited concerns about Catholic teachings on birth control and roughly four in ten named unhappiness with Catholicism's treatment of women.

Converts to evangelicalism were more likely to cite their belief that Catholicism didn't take the Bible literally enough, while mainline Protestants focused more on the treatment of women.

Fewer than three in 10 former Catholics cited the clergy sexual abuse scandal as a factor — a finding that Washington Archbishop Donald Wuerl cited as an example of the faith's resilience.

"Catholics can separate the sins and human failings of individuals from the substance of the faith," Wuerl said in a statement.

Wuerl noted a finding that getting teenagers to weekly Mass greatly improves their chances of staying in the fold; the same holds true for Protestant teens attending services.
The survey found that 15 percent of Americans were raised as Protestants but now belong to a different Protestant tradition than their upbringing. Nearly four in 10 cited a move to a new community, while one-third said they married someone from a different background. </b>

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - Capt M Kumar - 04-28-2009

Of U.S. adults who do not belong to their childhood faiths, the reason(s) they said were an important factor in their switch:
Raised Catholic, now unaffiliated Raised Catholic, now Protestant Raised Protestant, now unaffiliated Raised Protestant, now different Protestant faith Raised unaffiliated, now affiliated with a religion
Just gradually drifted away from the religion 71 54 71 40
Spiritual needs not being met 43 71 39 51 51
Stopped believing in the religion's teachings 65 50 50 15
Found a religion they liked more 10 70 11 58 46
Unhappy with teachings about the Bible 29 43 36 23
Dissatisfied with atmosphere at worship services 26 3 32 29 39
Dissatisfied with clergy at congregation 18 27 25 36

Source: Pew Research Center

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - HareKrishna - 04-28-2009

# McClullough Donald, president of the Theological Seminary in San Francisco and has resigned from cteva days after the Permanent Judicial Commission of the Church Prezbiteriene found guilty of two cases of sexual abuse. One of them took place on the NDA was pastor of the church in Solana Beach and the other after he was elected president of the seminar.
# Bob Mororehead, the pastor of the largest evangelical churches in Washington state a church with over 5,000 members and has resigned after it was discovered that sexually molesting a boy. Church Overlake Christian name and is situated in a complex of 24,100 square meters, with a value of over 37 million dollars.
# Jim Bakker, founder of the organization Pentecostal PTL Cube was sentenced to years in prison in 1989 because cheated over 116,000 donors of more than 158 million dollars.
# About collaborator or evangelist John Wesley Fletcher, it was bisexual (sexual relations with men and women) and has purchased women's Jim Bakker.
# Pastor Baptist Church Metropolitan Baptist Church of St. Petersburg, Florida, Henry Lyons was in the same time president of a large organization Baptist, National Baptist Convention has recognized that had inappropriate relationships (euphemism for curve) with a subordinate. Later was convicted for fraud, theft and tax evasion.
# Ollin Collins, pastor Baptist Church Harvest Baptist Church in Forth Worth, Texas, and president at Southern Theological Seminary and he resigned after it was accused of having sexual relations with two women who came to him to be advised. Southwestern Seminary is the largest evangelical seminar, with over 3,000 students in eight university campuses.
# Pastor River Hills Church in Tampa Florida (shade of Pentecostal) was discovered that he lived in adultery for five years with a wife of another pastor.
# Robert Dandrea, founder of network television evangelical Christian Television Network and has resigned after he admitted that he paid in secret with a secretary who had a sexual affair.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - HareKrishna - 04-29-2009

I recognize that im not free from prejudices against Roma. . I reckon they consider responsible for what happens in Italy. My prejudices were fueled by several contacts that I had with members of this category.

. For example, last summer, when organizing the camp Sălniţa had to pass the Ponor - a Gypsy village, a place of their own, that you are afraid to get close. . The children threw stones in the car. He came to me off to go and hit them all, which would be caught.
. There, a friend told me that, while passing on the road with some metal bars, 10 each have tractor trailer, the top-left 8.
. Summer-autumn, the same village ... Gypsies stealing crops from the sharp people in neighboring villages. Thus, people trying to protect potatoes, Malay or hay on the field. . So did Văleni of a farmer who went to a night at his corn. There ia found on 2 of our conaţionalii, they have killed. . The news has horrified the neighboring villages and people were gathered from all parties to displace the poorly there.

Î In a few years ago, some Dutch have invested heavily in the area, as to some contruiască houses or to renovate existing ones. After everything was ready and went Dutch, and Gypsies were sold including termopanele and instead to stay in the house, the horses were put in houses.

I stop here with these înşiruirile. Now the other side.

When I was a student, one of my colleagues was rrom. Never had anything stolen. I am absolutely convinced of it! Conversely, each time was willing to help colleagues with everything you could. Not a few were invited to his home, were treated at the highest level, were taken by car to our colleague his way ... to me made me ashamed of all my prejudices against Roma.

Also, I and other friends Roma. Neither the head does not move me to despise them. People are honest, people who work, who see their job and their faith in God.

Cartarescu wrote today for EVZ and suggest an exercise of imagination ... that gave me the thought:
"I still curse the gypsies, but what I do in their situation? How is it you born gypsy, gypsies living in the middle of a people that hates you and you despise? Say that the crossing cultural handicaps that you were born in a squalid and miserable, that your father is vidanjor and your mother wash steps, that your brothers are in jail, the school that you have found head lice in and you have isolated all the other children, who laugh with you, is not no baby with dark skin drew the reader. Say that matures a hardworking man, like everyone else.

I you ever say otherwise than "Yo, Gypsy"? I will not remove the nose, forever, for the lowest occasion cp "pikey, pikey all"? Or you ever commit the same as Romanian? Or ever have confidence in you '? Out of the gutter with your superhuman effort, to get an intellectual. You will only ever be a "stinking gypsy"? Get engineer, singer, doctor: I will not send foreign minister (he was writing "the extreme") kid in Egypt? And then how not to peat, not how to turn this vicious circle in which we struggle: I hate to be that bad, and bad because I hate ... "[ artid = 329997]

Their problem, I believe, is one of faith first. For several years, going from time to time in prison Baia Mare. Saturday's day of religious job there. So is that once in place to preach, we speak with them. Mention that the majority of Baptists penticostalii and arrived there are gypsies. For, to our surprise, we have brothers and sisters and even prisons.
What to write, is in a way, thinking their synthesis. They told me that's not their fault that there are the prison, that the company (the outside) is responsible for their condition.
They are the most honest people, but ... people out there, they are the problem. They do not give them the chance of social integration. As you come out, not to employ anyone, do not want anyone to have something to do with a man who just left the detention. And then, what does not, so they have to steal, to rape and kill.

2 hours trying to convince me of "invincible logic" of their thinking. Then, seeing that there are opportunities to have a common view, we each went his way ...

Sure, its wrong when I say that have no other choice than to do evil. But we wrong when we say that all are alike, that all stealing, lying, cheating, killing and violating.

Paul says: "For when I was on, we said clearly:" Who does not want to work, or not eat. " We hear that some of you live in neorînduială not working anything but related paraphernalia. [2 Tim 3:10]

Projects of social integration within their communities are, as saying "Doctor" family "frectie the wooden leg." Today integrated par tomorrow and put the horse in the house. Neither Romania and Roma fail to solve problems will continue to work away from God!
The only solution is for us all to return to the Creator. A Christian does not kill, not steal, do not violate and is not wrong.

Dr. Lazar Gog said:
"The Gospel not only saves people, but he and civilizează!"

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - HareKrishna - 04-29-2009

More than 400 Roma from the county of Brasov were Christians in the Pentecostal religion yesterday afternoon.

Dressed in white clothes, "brothers" have asked for a few hours and sang religious anthems of the paces manele, accompanied by violins and saxofoane. So bored of pioşenie, Roma have not made no bones during prayer to break seed or take a getaway to discuss in small stalls, arranged near the scene where processions are held.

After three hours of prayer, the faithful were brought on stream bank Tărlung in water which were creştinaţii several pastors: one Romanian, one Dutch, one American and one german. Fear of cold water and cold as ice, the Roma were cramped in baptism, and then shrivel, they run into bushes to change into dry clothes.

"I baptize to be back with God, to God and to heal me of diseases," said confident Viţa Lingurar. It is the first time in Brasov organize such Christianization, the mass of Roma.

Junii they colonize the Old Town Hall

Traditional parade of Junior Holidays Braşovului completed. As every year, after a week of parties, junior horse in the parade Sunday Tomii, the weather being sărbătorii. Junii Red White, Young, Turkeys, Aging, and Braşovecheni Dorobanţi horse entered in the Unirii Square.

While hardly able to strunească armăsarii were welcome to open the stage for strong crowd to enjoy the show. Costumes kept the sanctity of the individual groups and transmitted from generation to generation are, each time, delight the public.

And the smaller of juni held to attend the celebration. Cadet wearing this year for the first time in holiday clothes is only four years: Dragoş know clearly that it wants to be june life.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - HareKrishna - 04-29-2009

Lost their job, lost their traditions, living at the edge of the city without identity documents, without acts of ownership, without electricity, without sewage.

Many, but disarray. Sedentary, but not acts of land. Children go to school, parents - to work or begging. Confess in Filadelfia. This is called their new church, the Pentecostal rite. The craft, which gave them identity was lost.

There is a blacksmith, not disciples. Leading them is a reserve officer, who lives with the hope that God gives him days to complete its work: translating the Bible into English.

A few kilometers from Brasov, on leaving the city to Săcele key on DN1A lives most of the Roma community in the county. Over 10,000 Roma lead their lives in this area, houses built without any legal form.

Gârciniului residents of the area considered to be disadvantaged in many ways, their needs and give high fuzz local authorities. Place the'50 years on the periphery of the Seven Villages, it was formerly called Săcele, Roma were urbanize by the communist regime. Originally lingurari Gypsy or rudari few known language and remember their traditions lost in time.

In the intense industrial development in Brasov, they were forced to engage in large factories. After the Revolution, among which were the first times were voluntarily entered the lists were made by Roma ... "Gypsy, Roma do not!" If you get into talking with them, you risk to spend hours on end. Some will not even tell them Roma, but gypsies.

But most fail to recognize the origin and were said to last Romanian census. Name but betray him: Marşavela, Bug, Brumar, Lingurar are families that include hundreds of people. Regardless of this, they complain that there are injustices when it comes to the realization of investments to improve life. 'Mr', silk, you know that the last two years, in addition to social welfare, has not done anything for us? If it rains, the mud is a no longer get the little school. The whole town Friday garbage collecting machines, to us is when you do this holiday.

We have tap water, sewage system tray, no electricity we show. Cheers heartburning forest that us and God gives us good to warm winter, "he summarized one of disagreeable people" cockroaches. "And the truth is not far. Scumbags are everywhere, scattered like someone special. Among them, puradeii swim in mud, misery and water is pouring from clogged sewers.

School - "suffocate" the puradei Most general school for Roma children in the country is at GÂRCINA. In the two bodies of school learning to write and read to 1,500 students in classes I-VIII. Another 150 children are in kindergarten. Civilized conditions in school are fruit îndărătniciei who fought with the institution director, Alexander Toth, of which 32 years generations of Roma păstoreşte them out of the gutter illiteracy facing most adults.

Toth says the major problem faced is the lack of space: "The children now learn in three shifts. And so we will no longer face. Think about it the second year that ends in two classes VIII and Friday eight freshman class. And for the new school year we have the same numbers ...". Those who are in higher classes start absent: they are sent to begging, but most often goes to collect cardboard and scrap.

Protocol between the parson and vardist Anyone can enter the church "Filadelfia" Roma in Săcele, sermon where Pastor Vasile Ghica. "Brother" Vasile is national president of the Assemblies of God, Pentecostal and apostolic of Roma in Romania. Ortodocşii have nothing against the Protestant church. "We still fewer problems when Gypsies go to church.

Stealing is less, not more scandals before, we şopteşte come to an old gate. Săcele thought things seem to be otherwise than învârtească country. Here, the police chief signed a protocol with Pastor Ghica law by which people attempt reduce crime phenomenon with God.

"I need to determine those who were wrong to denounce anti-facts, in order to reduce punishment and forgiveness of sins", is one of the points agreed in the protocol. And "brother" Ghica has a push on the heart: "Our cemeteries are big problem. The dead shall go to just bury him in Brasov, in a private cemetery.

"I was garbage the world" George Vaida is an old man of 82 years from Brasov Ormeniş. Not bulibaşă and has built palaces. But is proud that, although gypsy, had part of education. Did the school officers and came to the company commander of guards at Braila, with the lieutenant-major: "I know Gypsy, Romanian, Hungarian and nemţească.

Russian and I knew that I had problems with them at the border, but I forgot it, that I spoke, "praise be able Vaida. He enjoys great respect among the Gypsies, because they vesteşte Gospel in their language, in Bisericuţa arranged with help from brothers Pentecostals from abroad. The man knew enough that, despite old age, started to translate the Bible into the language of the Gypsies. To translate the Old and New Testaments using an English version.

Last master blacksmith Another representative of the Roma, which they stand is Matthew Gabor. An old man who has attained 75 years and who is not given in the hands of young people when it comes to the knight sledgehammer. Gabor is held in the village of Viscri and says that Hungarian gypsies, but is doing quite well and Romanian. Matthew is able to praise Unfortunately that is the last remaining blacksmith in the village and playing with metal flame for 60 years. Job stole it from his father, who he learned it all from Dad.

It was true vogue Festival Medieval city (see photo) where the master in a few moments a shoe that sold tourists come to the workshop arranged under a tent in Brasov. Modesty is not characterized, but has reasons. "If I order one and put money down and make it hell of iron." His only hope is a grandson, Istvan Gabor, you increase the parents after they have died.

Together with the young, the old enjoy the symphony of the two iron bar to hit flush by giving the final form. Florarii from social Tărlungeni Roma community is not easy. This was possible in the village Tărlungeni where funding through PHARE, 100 Roma have become experts in being a florist-decorator.

Also, County Agency for Employment Braşov made money fighting skills of 100 persons of Roma ethnicity who come not only from Tărlungeni, but also Zizin and Budila. After completing the course, graduates were hired for an indefinite period the company established and funded to begin the necessary facilities for the PHARE program. The production company is focused on the funeral of coronet cetina pine, corona and decorative floral arrangements, sold in markets not only in Romania but also in the Netherlands, Austria or Germany.

History uncertain, prospects uncertain

In the old days, being slaves, rudarii working in the forest and received as payment, wood. From this wooden trough made, white, twisted, chairs, spoons and other objects, which they sell in markets. Others are occupied with the processing of iron. But unfortunately, most rudarilor and crafts were abandoned. Community rudarilor of GÂRCINA is a good example of this.

I saw that the only blacksmith is an old man who failed to persuade any young rudar would become journeyman. During the history of nomad Roma seated rudarii their camps near tinner, silverware or ceaunari, trades people who have complementary with theirs. While they were being assimilated by other nations, or Romanian.

Target groups neofascist

Between 1939 and 1945, more than half a million Gypsies were victims of National Socialism german, along with their extermination of the Jews is one of the most shameful pages of history. Council of Europe report of 2004 speaks, referring to the situation of Roma in Germany, on "social disadvantage, prejudice, discrimination in the housing and obtaining a job," and that "cases of racism landslide.

At present, according to statistics (whose accuracy is not guaranteed because of the massive return movements and those in question), living in Germany about 130,000 Roma, of which at least 70,000 have german passport, being declared "national minority". Have rights and obligations and to the extent that they view their work, are assimilated by society.

But if you do not respect the law, then are punished unkind (to reach up to expulsion). But have suffered because of events promoted by racist and extremist groups neofascist. And those most affected in this regard are Roma refugees in Germany after the wars in former Yugoslavia. It is estimated that in that period, over 100,000 gypsies have arrived on the german, but also in other countries in Western Europe. (Adina Suteu)

Michael Neacsu

Poor material and spiritual

Kind of Beginning

Roma rudari or lingurari are by far the nation of nations assimilated Roma, where we relate to nations that Roma have a specific job: tinker, tinner, silverware ...
Very few Roma in May rudari Romanian language (in the Roma rudari Caracal) or more traditional craft practice, most of them being representative of the Babeni, jud Vâlcea that national recognition on the objects of its products, present in most of traditional crafts fairs. In the Roma community from similar to that of GÂRCINA, poverty etnicizat because they represent the poorest stratum of the Romanian society overall. Indeed, as described in the Roma community GÂRCINA situation of many Roma communities in Romania send us think of the Middle Ages. Involved in this case a drop of local authorities towards its citizens, but also a kind of automarginalizare of citizens in relation to minimum standards of living: access to infrastructure, education and health.
In fact, these work great social labeling made to accept the Roma to be treated as citizens of second-hand, some of them reaching even to behave that way. An important aspect is that most poverty in these communities is not necessarily material poverty (which there should be notable), but spiritual poverty, the state which makes man to behave as if nothing can be changed for the better and no effort could contribute to improving the situation at individual or community. Basically, in such communities must be an intervention from outside, to develop in partnership with the authorities and representatives comunităţtii programs / projects designed to reduce the poverty (material and spiritual) existence.

Although not tinker, but vătraş, Mihai Neacsu is a connoisseur of this tribe, coordinating social projects within the community.
rudari Gypsies are not agree with dan
rudareasa of lugoj are not feeling a bit gypsy, everybody says that they are for as little brunette and have a dictionary that is used in old I still say they do not make me gypsy but they say that I ashamed to admit that are gypsy, each time speaking Gypsies in the group all look at me as if I r-offend, and he apologize to me but they know that I was mad narei worse how they behave. and if d gypsy who would be the problem and take the Gypsies did God if heaven when our duty is to help them integrate into society and end ...
Mr 'Neascu, rudarii are not Gypsies, and I am rudar are a student at FC, you do well if you read the history of Romania, in particular Dacians, then I will give a great history .. maybe you are gipsy.
we were a tribe of the vase once honest and not a culture without such as Gypsies, sorry but talking BS.
Mihai Neacsu e tigan
Michael Neacsu is gypsy and is one who take advantage of poverty and Gypsies Inculture to steal money meant for EU inbunatatirea Gypsies in romania.
Anyway is dirty
Animal not pick people's plate, but you ŢIGAN steal everything, so Gypsies are subanimale must be gazed, killed or forced the move to Siberia, the Sahara, Amazon where they can lounge as they like, what are some bedbug, grasshopper and paste what vegeteaza on normal human societtile!
what are you?
... what you call man ... they are not to blame as were born in a minority that do not want anyone on this world but that you think you .... trying to live in Siberia, and if you get cold in the Sahara to get warm ....
It may answer Mr Neacsu that we are persecuted by the Romans gipsy.Romanians are beaten, stolen, excroc, deceived by the Gypsies and all they are the ones who shout in my mouth than I am about discriminated.Cit poverty is not general and often is masked.Poate you were to Strehaia, Buzescu, where Gypsies have Toflea palace near the palace, of course obtained by theft, deception and evasion mendicancy.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - acharya - 05-01-2009

State of Emergency: The Demise of Secularism
By Pearl Abraham
Published April 14, 2006, issue of April 14, 2006.

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The Secular Bible: Why Nonbelievers Must Take Religion Seriously

By Jacques Berlinerblau

Cambridge University Press, 232 pages, $19.99.

* * *

God, it turns out, is not dead, but secularism might be — unless it deigns to take another look at itself, at God and at God’s book, and seeks to study and know what it professes not to believe. This, according to Jacques Berlinerblau, is the news of the 21st century, despite the intellectual achievement of a “prepostmodern golden age of science and reason,” with such “members of the pantheon” as Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Emil Durkheim, Max Weber, Bertrand Russell, Sigmund Freud and Jean-Paul Sartre.

In “The Secular Bible: Why Nonbelievers Must Take Religion Seriously,” Berlinerblau makes the case that secular scholarship of the Bible — the word he uses to designate both the Tanakh and the New Testament — is urgent and necessary if we are to remain free to doubt and disbelieve, free to continue not to “live under the hegemony of the Book.” It is worth noting, as Berlinerblau does, that this freedom on which secularists — by which he means “‘secular humanists,’ ‘free thinkers,’ ‘atheists,’ ‘agnostics,’ ‘brights,’ ‘universists,’” all “members of overlapping secular sectaries,” who “define themselves in opposition to religion, albeit religions about which they know very little” — so depend, arrived in the modern world courtesy of religious scholars who, though deeply pious, were also true to the critical method of higher learning. Their worldly rewards for these efforts: “heresy trials, excommunications, and faculty expulsions.” This hard-earned freedom, Berlinerblau posits, now hangs on the willingness of secularists to become self-critical, rethink their beliefs, relinquish outmoded ideas that are no longer viable or even true, and, above all, to recognize that secularism itself is in a state of emergency, both intellectual and otherwise.

In the history of modern biblical scholarship, higher criticism’s quest for textual origins is credited with giving rise to secularism when it cracked the lockbox of the Book as God’s word and revealed a whole assembly of authors working over at least a millennium, hundreds of “writers, editors, jurists, copyists, theologians, censors, party hacks, and so on,” editing, superimposing, juxtaposing, omitting, mistranslating and rewriting a text they’re said to have thought of as the word of God. But even in the pre-literary, pre-canonized stage, before the Book was assembled, the stories “lived a long, unstable, and constantly fluctuating existence,” delivered orally by skilled raconteurs, complete with the natural variations that are likely to occur in oral retellings. Schooled in the instability of oral tradition and, much later, in the haggadic narrative style that allows for, even appreciates, “fanciful retellings of tales,” ancient listeners and readers regarded these stories as the repository of their hallowed tradition — an ancient community known as the Dead Sea Sect of Qumran believed that these were stories about themselves — and therefore sacred. They didn’t seem to require proof that the word, or every word, was God’s own; a much more nuanced idea of sacredness than we generally ascribe to believers seems to have been at work here. Indeed, questions about the Pentateuch’s authorship date back to at least the talmudic era, if not to the time of composition of the Pentateuch itself, since they make their way into the texts one way or another, by way of assertion and reassertion, which suggests an anxiety on the issue of authorship. The talmudic rabbis wondered how it was possible for Moses to have written the final eight verses of Deuteronomy, since they recount the story of his death. Answers and explanations vary, as expected in an exegetical literature, with one tradition suggesting that the commandments are indeed the word of God transmitted to us by Moses, and the rest is history. Responding to the question of authorship in the 12th century, Ibn Ezra, wrote: “Let him who understands the secret be silent.”

That the Book has many authors, and as a result presents inconsistencies and a multiplicity of meanings rather than one meaning, disturbs only modern readers. Berlinerblau allows that “composition by aggregate” resulted in “countless possibilities of meaning,” but he stresses that it also yielded “biblical texts that quite literally have no sense,” that yield “countless impossibilities of meaning.” He quotes the Rev. Professor John Barton, a contemporary theologian, remarking that “the Israelite literati were not unduly preoccupied by the need — our need — for a book to contain unity, internal coherence, and closure,” and that biblical editors had “a weak sense of genre… material which we should regard as too disparate to be juxtaposed in a single book is freely intermingled.”

That’s one way of understanding the compositional process. One could also think of complex juxtaposition and intermingling as sophisticated editing for an audience capable of finding coherence and meaning in pattern, symbol and repetition, which is very different from the simpler modern idea of a perfect book, as one that stays on message. Studies of oral traditions and ancient cultures indicate that audiences usually knew the tales, and that the pleasure of hearing them again was in the language and style of a particular delivery and in the variations on the original. Writing about the Bible, literary critic Northrop Frye made the point that “we are so possessed by the modern notion that all the qualities we admire in literature come from the individuality of an author that it is hard to realize that this relentless smashing of individuality could produce greater vividness and originality rather than less. But so it seems to be.”

After introducing and exploring the question of biblical authorship, Berlinerblau goes on to examine how Scripture is read and why there is almost no consensus about what it says. This is “a book about the Hebrew Bible’s composition and its interpreters,” Berlinerblau announces in his introduction. It is also, notably, a book that attempts to serve as a call to action for renewed secular scholarship of biblical texts newly necessary in a world largely populated by believers. This isn’t a facile stance to take, and Berlinerblau deserves credit for his courage. He has written an important and provocative book, complete with helpful summaries at the end of each chapter, which should appeal to lay readers who aren’t usually attracted to books on biblical topics published by academic presses.

The final section of the book looks at how the Bible continues to be misused in the debate on such contemporary issues as intermarriage in Judaism and homosexuality in Christianity. Claims to the contrary notwithstanding, there seems to be no evidence of a ban on intermarriage in general, only warnings against specific Canaanite nations perceived as Israel’s enemies, and there is no conclusive censure of same-sex eroticism. Indeed, a close reading of biblical texts reveals no definite position on either issue, but rather a refreshing reticence that refuses to condemn, an ambivalent open-endedness that is underappreciated in modern discourse.

With these two chapters on contemporary issues, and one additional chapter on how the Qur’an and Islam could benefit from critical secular scholarship, Berlinerblau provides a good model for what secular biblical scholarship can achieve. He takes the time to spell out and differentiate between what the Bible actually says and what fundamentalists claim it says, between the Bible’s ambivalent positions and the right wing’s simplistic conclusions. He understands the powerful political reasoning that motivated self-serving interpretations, criticizes them and properly urges a secular nontheological reading and understanding of the texts.

It is therefore a huge surprise that in making the case for secular counter-exegesis as a way to defend and save secularism, which may indeed need saving, Berlinerblau fails to recognize that his proposal, motivated as it is by political exigency, is also unfortunately another maneuver for power over a book that has a long history of just such self-serving manipulations. Shouldn’t this much misused and maligned text, the Book, one of mankind’s first books, be read for its aesthetics and for what it tells us about the human, ourselves, our ancestors and our, yes, hallowed origin myths? The biblical texts, with their recognizable symbols and shared references, are, after all, complex documents based on a multitude of stories crystallized into one story, and finally put in writing by editors, redactors and scribes who were working from a variety of sources and over a millennium of time. Thomas Mann’s “Joseph and His Brothers,” a book that expands the very succinct lyrical biblical tale to, in the most recent translation, a 1,492-page novel, opens with the sentences: “Deep is the well of the past. Should we not call it bottomless?” Requiring that the Book, our story, remain on message, or answer to the latest modern, secular or fundamentalist ideal, would only simplify it toward meaninglessness.

Pearl Abraham is the author of, most recently, “The Seventh Beggar”(Riverhead, 2005).

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - acharya - 05-01-2009


History, Evolution, and the Darwin Debate
Demise of religion? Fate of Indian Buddhism

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With reference to the previous post today, on the ‘demise of religion’, it is interesting to study the history of Buddhism in India. Check out a bit of scanned text from a rare and interesting history of the collision of Buddhism with Brahminism in ancient India, Guide to scanned text: Role Of Bhagavad Gita In Indian History.
We speak of ‘religion’, in contrast with secularism, but the dualities are misleading. Buddhism was like a relative degree of rationalist secularism as religion (as we see it much later) poised in relation to the inherited labyrinth of confusion called (perhaps falsely) Hinduism (as such, whatever it was over two millennia ago). An observer of ‘Buddhism’ (no ism) in the centuries after the rough Axial interval (-600 to 0) might well have had the secularist’s type of confidence, that the demise of Hinduism was at hand as the new and relatively rationalized Buddhism swept the field.
And yet, within centuries neo-brahminism made a comeback, Buddhists were driven from India, and the legacy of Hinduism was resurgent, enduring in stronger force even to this day. And likely to outlast the currently disintegrating Buddhism.
It is thus not safe to predict the future on the issue of religion. And the immediate question is if Christianity resurgent will do the same to our current (much reduced) brand of secularism?
Frankly, I doubt it, but it ought to scare those who pronounce the demise of ‘religion’ (which usually means Christianity).

Part of the problem is that secularism is no longer robust. Too much reductionist scientism, and too little cultural breadth, and, in fact, amnesia as to the meaning of secularism. Secularism is not a movement for Dawkins groupies plying humanist cult consciousness. It just won’t hack it as a replacement.
More, lots, to say here, but the case of Buddhism is telling. Buddhism had all the elements to settle the question of religion for the global future of humanity, but it too became a ‘religion’, and ended up wiped out even in the land of its origin.
And the modern humanist won’t even know what he is missing.

Religion always gets reborn. How about Alfred Wallace with his table rapping, leaving Darwinists the mindbender, ghosts, and also the realization that Darwinism couldn’t explain man’s deep evolutionary potential.
So maybe a future post-Darwinian cult of the Wallace-ites will once again ‘roll the wheel of dharma’.

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Faith is fluid in America

The Pew Forum survey of religious attitudes reveals some telling shifts in Americans' spiritual allegiances
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It has been called the divine supermarket, and a new survey on America and its inhabitants' religious lives suggests that's an accurate description.

Americans appears to switch religious affiliation as often as they switch cereal brands. (Actually being fairly stuck in my cereal habits, I'm thinking they probably change religion more frequently.)

The Pew Research Centre's Forum on Religion and Public Life has updated its 2007 Landscape Survey, and decided that it had underestimated what already seemed a striking trend. Then it found that one in four Americans had changed their religion from the one in which they were raised. Now, having conducted further, more in depth interviews, Pew says that roughly half of the US adult population has changed religion at some point in their lives.

Most of those did so before they were 24, and many of them changed religion more than once.

That is fairly remarkable, and suggests another way in which America pushes the envelope – religion is one's identity in most of the rest of the world, but here in this land of spiritual frontiers, it is an affiliation, a choice based on where one lives, who one marries, which pastor offers the finest sermons, or the best after church soccer club.

There are other reasons for losing one's religion, and the survey gives food for thought to religious leaders. The group that has grown the most in recent years due to religious change is the "unaffiliated" one.

Two-thirds of former Catholics and half of former Protestants who have become unaffiliated say they left their childhood faith because they stopped believing in its teachings. Many also cited hypocrisy with religious organisations too consumed by rules, and their leaders by money and power – in other words they were not spiritual enough.

This point deserves further probing. After the 2007 survey was released many commentators hit on the large number of people now unaffiliated – 16% – as evidence of a growing body of atheists in this country. And indeed atheism, led by people like Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, has become something of a movement for the first time in the US.

That said, this survey reveals that only four in 10 of the unaffiliated shunned their religion because they stopped believing in God. This was not the triumph of scientific rationalism over religious superstition.

In fact an equal number – four in 10 unaffiliated individuals – say religion is at least somewhat important in their lives, and many leave the door open to a possible return.

What this suggests – and I wish Pew had asked a specific question on this – is that many of the unaffiliated remain spiritual seekers, and would probably identify with the category of "spiritual not religious."

That's one of the most nebulous and difficult to quantify trends in America, but it is alive and thriving. Just look at the market for spiritual, and quasi-spiritual self-help books out there. Eat, Pray, Love sold millions of copies (worldwide) because it was about a young woman's quest to find God and meaning outside of organised religion (and because it was funny).

As religion loses its claim to exclusivity (others leaving their faith cited the reason that while many faiths may be partly true no single one is completely true), it inevitably loses some of its pulling power. And Americans are exposed to hundreds of different options every day.
So while the recession bites, and other stores close their doors, the divine supermarket is well-stocked, and open for business. Just don't expect much brand loyalty anymore.</b>

I'm surprised that you didn't comment on the other large point in the Pew report.
WASHINGTON (CNN) — The more often Americans go to church, the more likely they are to support the torture of suspected terrorists, according to a new analysis.

More than half of people who attend services at least once a week — 54 percent — said the use of torture against suspected terrorists is often or sometimes justified. Only 42 percent of people who seldom or never go to services agreed, according the analysis released Wednesday by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

White evangelical Protestants were the religious group most likely to say torture is often or sometimes justified — more than 6 in 10 supported it. People unaffiliated with any religious organization were least likely to back it. Only 4 in 10 of them did.

The analysis is based on a Pew Research Center survey of 742 American adults conducted April 14-21. It did not include analysis of groups other than white evangelicals, white non-Hispanic Catholics, white mainline Protestants, and the religiously unaffiliated, because the sample size was too small.


Somebody is saying that: that roughly half of the US adult population has changed religion at some point in their lives. If you believe that, then you believe in anything. If more than 80 % are Christians now, how was it 50 years ago? may be 70 % and that too because of large influx of new immigrants from outside Europe.
It is possible that people go to church less than they used to do 50 years ago, but that is a different category. I hope one day, we all come to the conclusion that there is no god and we are humans and have similar wishes and desires and habits. We want a job, schools for our kids and hospitals when we are sick, which should be affordable. Ask any Muslim, or hindu or a Jew, they will second me on that. But if you ask a hindu what they think of Muslims, or a Muslim what they think of Jews and so on, you know that the real culprit is faith.


Americans are for the most part indoctrinated into one faith or another when they are children, and might switch brands from time to time, but usually stay religious.
The big change - from belief in some supernatural god to nonbelief is not so rampant or clear. Once indoctrinated it's not easy to become un-indoctrinated. Very difficult as a matter of fact.
Now if they stopped indoctrinating the children - then we would see massive change in future generations, and religion would eventually die a natural death. Switching brands is kidstuff, and barely worth a comment.


Interesting piece. Concerning Americans who switch from one Christian denomination to another, I've noticed that a lot of this has to do with the availability of parking spaces. In my area the fastest growing denominations are those with the largest parking lots. I doubt there was much soul-searching involved in switches based on the availability of parking.

Of course Americans who regard themselves as "spiritual not religious" are not swayed by the availability of parking, but neither are most of them really "spiritual" in any detectable way. Philosopher George Santayana said that a man who claims to be a spiritual person, but who practices no particular religion, is like a man who claims to be a musician, but who plays no instrument. He's got a point. Next time somebody claims in your presence to be a spiritual person, hand to him pen and paper and ask him to write down the five main precepts of his spirituality. I think your request would be met in most instances (but not all) with a blank stare. I have more respect for those who proclaim their religious beliefs with certainty, and for those who say it's all a lot of rot, than I have for those who trot out that pathetic little PC claim of "spirituality".


The USA fits the trend of almost all Christian countries.

Catholicism and other apostolic denominations, along with "national" churches like Anglicanism or Lutheranism (in the USA often associated with specific immigrant groups from northern European countries), have members becoming unaffiliated on mass while denominations based on the Bible alone grow in numbers. Of the latter Pentecostalism is growing most strongly.

The difference between the USA and Europe in religiosity can be seen most clearly where we draw this split, Bible alone versus those with non-Biblical traditions, rather than between Catholicism and Protestantism. Since there where many more Bible alone denominations in the USA to start with it remains more Christian and more religious than western Europe. In places that where overwhelmingly Catholic, such as France or the Republic of Ireland, on the surface it appears to be a straight loss of Catholicism to unaffiliated, secular and atheist, however the small Bible alone groups are growing strongly in those countries relative to their tiny base, not just through immigration but indigenously, but from that very small base so it doesn't register on the radar.

In Latin America we see more clearly. Brazil now has many more who call themselves unaffiliated but the growth, almost entirely of the Bible alone groups, now makes Brazil 15% Protestant. Similarly the Philippines is now 10% Protestant, rewriting the 98% Catholic figures you'd see in an Atlas even 25 years ago. Latin America now marginally has more Protestant bums on seats on a given Sunday than Catholicism. Most Catholics there are Catholic for census forms purposes but you wont find them at mass on a Sunday.

In majority non-Christian countries where Christianity is growing, demographically most importantly India and China, it is these Bible alone groups who do not carry western non-biblical traditions, who form the bulk of the growth. However in China Catholicism bucks the trend by growing whereas it is shrinking in almost all other countries.

I believe that in Muslim countries there is a parallel trend of a growth in "Koran (and Hadith) alone" belief, against traditional practices such as veneration of saints.


Americans are for the most part indoctrinated into one faith or another when they are children, and might switch brands from time to time, but usually stay religious.
The big change - from belief in some supernatural god to nonbelief is not so rampant or clear. Once indoctrinated it's not easy to become un-indoctrinated. Very difficult as a matter of fact.
Now if they stopped indoctrinating the children - then we would see massive change in future generations, and religion would eventually die a natural death. Switching brands is kidstuff, and barely worth a comment.


Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5 - acharya - 05-02-2009

La Repubblica, Italy

America Goes Religion Shopping

By Vittorio Zucconi

Americans go religion shopping the way they shop for political parties, candidates, cars or detergents: looking for the church, the priest, the confession that best fulfills their wishes.

Translated By Claudia Pellicano

29 April 2009

Edited by Robin Silberman

Italy - La Repubblica - Original Article (Italian)

The flock is restless, and the sheep lost, in the immense fold of North American Christianity. Under the blanket of a Christian faith that spreads in a more reassuring way than in any other Western country, encompassing basically 75% of the population - 230 million souls and bodies that declare themselves believers - the religious affiliations change easily and without significant traumas.</b>

It's a continuous transhumance of Catholics who become Episcopalians, Adventists who join Baptists, Lutherans who embrace the Holy Church of Rome. One believer out of two changes denominations at least once in his lifetime. One in five, before becoming an adult and turning 24, abandons the religion his parents raised him by.

We know well the Christian phenomenon in the first big nation in modern history that stated the principle of the separation between Church and State. We've long seen the explosion of Southern fundamentalism, cynically recruited as electoral blocks by the wolves of politics; the invention of tele-evangelism and the growth of mega-churches that collect thousands of believers within psalmic get-togethers in facilities that look like Olympic stadiums. But, even though the U.S. claims to be the biggest "Christian nation" on earth, research institutes like the Pew in Washington have gone through the flock that proclaims itself Christian, and have found out that the relationship with the intermediaries and representatives of the God of the Bible is much more laid-back and pragmatic than the churches claims.

Americans go religion shopping the way they shop for political parties, candidates, cars or detergents: looking for the church, the priest, the confession that best fulfills their wishes. If faith is a gift, the American faith is a gift that buyers examine carefully, and simply give back to the donor to get another in exchange, like presents the day after Christmas. In fact, 44% of people who declare themselves Christian belong to a different faith than the one learned in childhood. Two-thirds of those raised Catholic or Protestant admit jumping from the Reformist - or Counter Reformation - fence to another, at least once in their lifetimes. They often go back and forth. This is the result of disappointment with an inherited denomination; or for convenience, especially in those areas where it takes hours to get to church; or to please and follow a partner who belongs to another fold.

Many people, 50% of those converted to other religions, and 70% of former Catholics-turned-Protestants, admit "they didn't like their religion anymore." Therefore, this is a custom-made God, a "prêt-à-porter" Christianity for those who can’t stand a rigid doctrine, sought out by 113 million Americans who attend church (or a synagogue, or a mosque, or a Buddhist temple) regularly.

The Roman Catholic Church remains the first denomination in terms of followers, with 66 million in 19 thousand churches - 23% of population - less than Protestants, who are 51% of the population, but divided into lots of branches. It follows that Catholics are the ones who suffer and pay the most for the centralist dogmatism of the Church of Rome. Catholic apostates mention classical and painful issues of the Catholic debate - abortion, homosexuality, premarital sex, the incomprehensible “no” to contraception, the offensive exclusion of women from priesthood, the celibacy imposed to priests - as the cause of their disaffection and indifference towards the “Great Mother.” 2.5% of those 66 million gave up Catholicism out of shock at the scandal of pedophilic priests, and even more by the careless attitudes of the ecclesiastical hierarchy towards those guilty. The number of people who adhere to the Roman Church remains stable only because of the transfusion of immigrants from communities and nations south of the border. In fact, Europe no longer supplies the devoted legions that made cities like Boston or Baltimore bulwarks of Catholicism.

Documents and demographic research say that America remains a nation extremely religious if compared to the un-Christianized and secular Europe. On the day of God - Sunday for Christians - 41% of American citizens dress up and go to church, compared to 14% of the French and 6% of the Swedish. Not to mention, 90% of the population believes in a supernatural "Being," whether it be the God of Zoroastrians or the Allah of the Quran (who can count on 6 million proselytes).

The symbols on U.S. banknotes mix a clear hint of Freemasonry (which most founding fathers followed in the 1700’s), with the promise "in God we trust," added by President Eisenhower in the 20th century. But as ambiguous and contradictory as these symbols may be, no other Western nation would dare to stamp the name of God on its money. And the restless turnover of believers from one faith to another emphasizes that, even in matters of religion, Americans tend to believe more in God than in priests, unlike other more opportunistic Catholics. Americans apply to religion the basic principle of their nation, which is not the Bible, but the freedom of individual choice which Christianity claims too, and which papist Catholicism is afraid of.