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Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 01-22-2012

Some dravidian politicians with brahmin wives

1, P.Chidamabarams daughter in law

2. Azhagiri daughter in law

3. Dayanidhi Maran's wife ( niece of Naxal Ram )

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 02-02-2012

At the end of the day, Tambrams are far richer, having moved into business, NRI, etc

The only thing that is barred to them is Med school in TN and TN politics

Anti Brahminism - shamu - 02-02-2012

True. But at the same time, many ceased to remain brahmins. Many are now brahmins just because their parents were brahmins. Eating non-veg has become a norm among many Tambrams.

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 02-03-2012

[quote name='shamu' date='03 February 2012 - 12:07 AM' timestamp='1328207388' post='114370']

True. But at the same time, many ceased to remain brahmins. Many are now brahmins just because their parents were brahmins. Eating non-veg has become a norm among many Tambrams.


True, loss of culture among tambrams has been the main effect of the Dravidian movement

And leaving TN open to xtian missionaries

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 02-04-2012

What sparked off the dravidianist movement was the few hundred high publicity jobs that brahmins held.

In the new avatar, like Marwaris, Tambrams have learned to fly under the radar

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 02-07-2012

MSS.Pandian - (Pandian 2008, p80) The brahmins as a community could not be completely integrated in the folds of Tamil nationalism with their loyalty to the Indian entity over the aspirations of the Tamils and with their privileging of Sanskrit over Tamil.

Anti Brahminism - acharya - 02-07-2012

[quote name='shamu' date='03 February 2012 - 12:07 AM' timestamp='1328207388' post='114370']

True. But at the same time, many ceased to remain brahmins. Many are now brahmins just because their parents were brahmins. Eating non-veg has become a norm among many Tambrams.


Eating something is one thing. But the culture and the samsakara should be maintained and many have

taken up the leftist and marxist view of the hinduism and started opposing brahmins also

Anti Brahminism - balai_c - 02-07-2012

There is plenty of anti brahmanism in many mainstream websites, including many atheists. Atheists apparently hate the guts, including periarists,and yhe dalit lobby. Their level of has to be seen to be believed.

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 03-07-2012

Brahmins and Eelamists

V. Thangavelu

This refers to Raveen's comments on "Brahmins" and Eelamists. I am one of those who have used very strong language against Tamil Nadu Brahmins- the gang of Cho, Ram, and Dr. Subramanian Swamy. Balachandran. Now I will like to add the name of Mani Shanker Aiyar (he still has Aiyar tagged to his name) who is an Indian Congress Member of Parliament also to the gang of four. I am afraid Raveen is taking a simplistic approach to a complex and deep-seated malice. Simply because he knows a few Brahmins - he thinks that they are not that dangerous as they seem to be. Especially we should not criticise them because that will be counter-productive! I am asking why these Brahmins are not thinking the way Raveen thinks? That is, it is counter productive to criticise Tamils who stand up for their language as "chauvinists"?

The crusade against caste conscious Tamil Nadu Brahmins was an uphill task. It was a fight against entrenched vested interests that have exploited gullible Tamils for centuries. The caste system is an evil introduced by the Brahmins, which have eaten every fabric of the Tamil society. It has corroded and corrupted the Tamil society to the extent that Non-Brahmin Tamils are equally caste conscious as the real Brahmins!

If not for the social revolution engineered by Periyar the Tamils would still be hewers of wood and drawers of water for the master race. I do agree that there are different categories of Brahmins. Let me make myself clear that I have no quarrel with North Indian Brahmins (Adel Behari Vajpayee, L.K.Advani and crowd are North Indian Brahmins). I have also no heart burning with Brahmins in the service of temples. My quarrel is with those Brahmins like Ram, Cho etc who have given up their vocations prescribed by Vedas (there are six of them) and taken up other jobs and therefore they no more qualify as Brahmins! I have also no quarrel with poet Bharathi who gave up his "poonool" and who was ostracised by caste conscious Brahmins.

Is it a coincidence the Brahmins are ganging up against Tamil Nationalism? They oppose Tamil Eelam; they oppose Tamil as the language of education in LKG and UKG. Why? Brahmin students offer Sanskrit as one of the subject for Plus 11 instead of Tamil. Why? There are thousands of Tamil Nadu Brahmins working in USA, but not a SINGLE Brahmin has joined the fifty or more Tamil Sangams functioning in USA! Why? Has Raveen addressed his mind to these questions?

Recently State Education Minister Anbazhgan told a meeting that Bhagawat Geethai has swallowed Thirukkural (vizhungkividdathu). On hearing that Rama Gopalan, a Paarppan and President of Hindu Munnani declared war on him for comparing Geethai with Thirukkural. But is it not a fact that Geethai says that the four castes are divined by god and god himself cannot alter it even if he wants to? On the contrary Thirukkural says that all are born alike but the work they do dictates their varied worth. Is these two philosophies then not diametrically opposed to each other? Is it not an insult to the intelligence to the Tamil people that the job of temple priests is still based on caste and not on learning or good conduct? N. Satyendra of Tamil Nation thinks that Periyar threw the baby (Hinduism) with the bath water (casteism). I don't agree and I am convinced that Periyar threw both of them out for good reason because they are complimentary to each other for survival!

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Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 03-11-2012

Actually reservation in TN goes far beyond 69%

In Med school, govt employees, govt school teachers, govt college teachers, the brahmin % is close to zero

The interesting thing is that in central govt enterprises in TN, brahmins are vastly over-represented, due to entrance exam, which screens for IQ

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 03-16-2012

Matter of fact years ago my grandfather was literally killed by these DK cadres. This happened in kumbakonam. My grandfather's brother (mother's side - chitthiya thatha) as an iyengar with all his 12 namams on his body was relaxing on the thinnai at his house. These goons came after disturbing a TAMBRAS related meeting near tiruchy. They hit him with the sticks, abusing him with anti-brahmin filth words. He died few days later. I can't forget the incident.

Excerpt from

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 03-16-2012

So why is there less anti-brahminism in other Southern States

The 4 Southern states and Maharashtra have anti-brahminism, but there are subtle local variations

There are 2 types of anti-brahminism,

The first type simply wants a quota and can be lived with

The second type wants to destroy Brahmins and Hindus

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 03-16-2012

In kerala, the Nairs were founders of the Dravidianist Justice Party

However, they could not sustain anti-brahminism because they were related to the Nambudhiris brahmins,

who had a hypergamous sambandam with Nair women

Nairs over the centuries due to periodic infusion of Nambudhiri genes had become

visually identical to Nambudiris

This meant brahmins in kerala could not be visually targeted as in TN

Next, when the state of kerala was formed,

The Nairs suddenly found themselves classified as upper caste and had to give quota to Ezhava

Karma for their justice party activities

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 03-17-2012

A brahmin teacher, teaching in a brahmin run private school in TN posted this on


Only the last leftover for Brahmins!

This is something that happened in a ninth standard classroom.

As I was selecting students for an important inter school competition, a girl rose and said, "Miss... my mother says that our community students should be given first preference in everything and Brahmins should take only the last chance". Since I did not wanted this to degenerate as a ugly discussion inside the class, I told her that she is selected in the team. Later she came with another boy and demanded in the staff room that she is not interested in being teamed with any Brahmin students and hence will choose her own team. The boy also told that his parents has advised him to avoid Brahmins.

I am not going to tell as to how this issue got resolved. But this incident is just an example as to how Reservation is being misused to create hatred by family members of the communities benefiting from it. Ours is a school run by orthodox Brahmin management and often we find being arm twisted by parents on this issue. Now even the students have gained audacity to cross teachers and the really meritorious Brahmin students fall victim to this lobby as they are loosing their opportunities. Their parents also express fear to rake up this issue and so are ready to digest the matter. But their wards develop dislike on this prevailing social order and .... what will this do to their future?

This certainly is not an isolated matter. This should be happening in every class room and every school across Tamilnadu. Our management will not like me making it a case for discussion in a forum for they do not want to spoil the relation that they enjoy with the ruling family

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 03-17-2012

The classic dravidian anti-brahminism, is anti-Hindu

And pro-islam and pro-xtianity

All over rest of India, conversion to Islam or xtianity or marrying a muslim / xtian

leads to instant outcasting

In TN to a large extent and in Andhra to a lesser extent, dravidian ideology means

xtianity is accepted and tolerated withint the family

YSR is both a xtian and a Reddy

Lots of Kammas are both Kammas and Xtian

And Karunanidhi has a xtian relative Helen davidson

So there is an unstable equilibrium in many mid-level dravidian castes that

have both hindus and xtians, with the intolerant xtianity slowly swallowing the tolerant Hinduism

This is always true for SC-ST, but in Andhra and TN , this happens even in non-brahmin FC

In TN, it is muslim + xtian + non-brahmin , combined as dravidians against brahmins

Often the xtians end up stealing most of the OBC-MBC quota seats from the dumb dravidian hindus

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 03-17-2012

In Andhra, dravidianism is very similar to TN,

Most Telegu castes have a presence in TN

Naidu, Reddiar ( tamil reddy ), so the TN dravidian effect is present in Andhra

But in Andhra it is muted due to Nizam history etc

It is very hard for an Telegu Reddy to align with muslims against brahmins

Whereas DMK has been aligned with muslim league for 60 years, against brahmins and hinduism

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 03-17-2012

In Kerala, post Independence, the Nairs who thought they could topple the brahmin and rule,

found a militant MBC ezhava, moplah muslims and cunning xtians to handle and suddenly being

classified a forward caste, the Nairs lost their quota which they got through Justice Party

Given vidharmis and commies, kerala Hindus dont have time to indulge in anti-brahminism

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 03-17-2012

In Karnataka, in 1921, the Mysore Maharajah granted quota to Gowdas and Lingayaths

But it never degenerated into dravidianism

for several reasons

The Maharajah was a devout Hindu, and would not tolerate anti-Hindu dravidianism

His dynasty got legitimised by the brahmins very recently

The non-brahmin gowda and lingayaths could never unite against the brahmin

- The lingayaths were vegetarian, the gowdas non-veg

They couldnt run a anti-veg campaign against brahmins as in TN, as it would infuriate the Lingayaths

-The gowdas were vedic, the lingayaths non-vedic, Lingayath veera-shaivism is fairly intolerant

and hostile to the religion of the Gowdas

The dravidians couldnt run a anti-hindu campaign, because the lingayaths were staunchly shaivite

TN dravidians are shaivite too of a sort, but by 1850, the velala adheenams had become xtian infiltrated

When quotas were imposed by Devraj Urs, brahmins had a couple of loop holes

1. There was an economic sub-quota, - mostly won by brahmins

2, There was a woman sub-quota - mostly won by brahmins

Finally the private capitation colleges provided a safety valve

Finally the new twist is that thanks to Pejawar mutt, many brahmin mutts have adopted the interests of the MBC

segment, which are now thanks to hindutva, fairly pro-brahmin, and will thrash the muslim-jebus-pasand dravidianists

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 03-17-2012

Dravidianism is the tool of the non-brahmin FC, and the way to break it is to follow the example of

Pejawar mutt, and take up the interest of the MBC segment, which does not get its fair share of the quotas

The MBC segment consists of the muscle-power castes - Thevar, Maravan, Kallar etc, who may be interested in raising their caste status by Sanskritisation. This is a multi-decade project

We can live with 31% open seats, not the defacto 1% open seats

Anti Brahminism - G.Subramaniam - 03-17-2012

TN has 69% quota, but Karnataka has 73% quota

Karnataka quota has loop holes for brahmins such as

sub-quota for poor of all castes

sub-quota for women

Both these sub-quotas are usually won by brahmins

In addition there are private colleges

So Tambrahms are migrating away from 69% quota TN to 73% quota, Karnataka

It is not the quota quantum but the hostility to brahmins and Hinduism in TN

In TN, the unofficial anti-brahmin quota is 99%, whereas there is no unofficial anti-brahmin quota in