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2012 US President's Election - Capt M Kumar - 10-03-2011

Recently, MMS asked for statehood for Palestine in UN General Assembly and the very next day Pak's foreign Minister was raising Kashmir as equivalent of Palestine though outside UN Assembly. Still, you can see where the strings are being pulled from.

Now coming straight to topic;

WASHINGTON: Analysts foresee many twists in the 2012 White House race, as there is no clear frontrunner and campaign rules will leave the field open even after first votes are cast.

The rise of the " Tea Party" movement has undermined the tradition of nominating a presidential candidate and new way of awarding delegates has eliminated hastened selection of a nominee, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The rise of super PACs, independent political financing organizations, permit a candidate to stay in the race even after their campaign's funds are exhausted, thus extending the race beyond the first few contests.

2012 US President's Election - austinsteve - 10-24-2011

i dont know why you guys always think about just a country we(india )will more powerfull than them we have ethics but dont have.please open your mind and eyes

2012 US President's Election - Capt M Kumar - 11-12-2011

The economic crisis and the failure of his Government to tackle rising unemployment in the US has plunged Barack Obama's public approval ratings to a dangerous low. But the Republicans also are in disarray

Will US President Barack Obama retain his Presidency in the 2012 elections or will he get crushed? History shows that recession-mired Presidents tend to lose, so can Mr Obama buck the trend? This debate is getting intense with just a year away for the next Presidential election.

2012 US President's Election - HareKrishna - 11-12-2011

Ron Paul have no chance.

I wonder if Mitt Romney will be war-like George Bush.

2012 US President's Election - Guest - 03-14-2012

GOP primary is going for brokered convention.

Kissinger is already promoting Jeb Bush abroad. Bush establishment is getting ready for Jeb Bush. If this happened, there will be civil war between conservatives and establishment.

Primary will go till Aug.

Gingrich objective is to deprive Mitt Romney from delegates. Ron Paul objective is to get 15% of delegates and create mess during convention. Rick Santorum can't win Nov. Election.

I think, if Gingrich stays longer, he will be the nominee. Establishment is trying very hard to destroy him.

2012 US President's Election - Guest - 07-24-2012

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2012 US President's Election - priyarawat229 - 08-02-2012

At the time of this writing, it is still pretty early in the race for the presidency. As far as the predictions for 2012 Presidential election results, there are several scenarios that could play out this year.

2012 US President's Election - Guest - 10-29-2012

Looks like Mitt Romney will win election.