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Rape crimes in India vs elsewhere: deliberate disproportionate reporting by international news
Archiving thread.

Topic as in title.

1. Rape crimes in India vs in other countries. About the disproportionate reporting by international news, and why this is so obviously deliberate.

2. Also about the concealment of the religion of the victims in Indian cases who are almost always Hindu and the attempted concealment of the ideology of perpetrators, who are always adherents of either islam, christianity, communism or else anti-Hindu psecularism.

The reason for the thread is as stated: to archive how similar crimes elsewhere - both shortly before and ever since the first Indian crime of this nature that made headlines around the world - never got reported globally with the same intensity nor were they made to reflect on the nations in which they occurred let alone their populations. Whereas in the Indian case, this is evolved into - obviously christian-masterminded - stories into how India (read Hindu) is anti-women and how Hindu men and hence Hinduism are the villains, even though the rapists even in the sensationalised cases are never Hindus.

[color="#0000FF"]Goes without saying that the items can and most probably will contain disturbing/graphic material.[/color] It is the very nature of the topic, obviously.

Some news items will just be headings with date and location or snippets if possible. Others unfortunately will contain more detail.
Starting with news I came across on just one news site over this past week.

1. [color="#0000FF"]New Zealand: where the government says "one in three women and one in 10 men will be victims of a sexual assault at some point in their lives."[/color]


Quote:Campaign against sexual violence launched

15:30 Fri Jun 13 2014


[Image caption:] The government says one in three women will be sexually assaulted at some point in their lives and has launched a campaign to stop it happening. (Thinkstock)

New Zealand's "appalling" rate of sexual violence is being targeted in a new campaign.

[color="#FF0000"]Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says one in three women and one in 10 men will be victims of a sexual assault at some point in their lives.[/color]

"I know that to tackle the appalling rate of sexual violence in this country we have to change some aspects of our culture," she said when she launched the campaign on Friday.

"The public debate last year about the alleged activities of the `Roast Busters' group has highlighted confusion around what's appropriate and what crosses the line into sexual violence, and how to respond."

The Roast Busters were a group of young men who boasted online about having sex with drunk young women.

The campaign is aimed at informing young people about sexual violence and to see the signs.

"That means, for example, recognising when someone's too wasted to give consent to sex, and speaking up on their behalf," she said.

"It means checking in with your mates to see if they're OK with the attention they're getting."

The campaign will use social media to give advice and information.

Remember, ^that's^ a first world country. And international media can't blame ^that^ on Hindu religion either.

2. news.msn.co.nz/article.aspx?id=8863474

Quote:Pakistani woman raped and hanged

00:22 Sun Jun 22 2014


A 21-year-old woman has been raped and hanged from a tree in Pakistan, police say, in a case bearing a chilling resemblance to a spate of similar attacks that sparked outrage in neighbouring India.

The woman's boyfriend of six months, named by police as Muhammad Saqib, confessed to the rape and murder and has been taken into custody, police said.

Saqib admitted he tried to force the woman-- the daughter of blind parents - to have sex with two of his friends, according to police. When she refused, investigators said the pair argued.

The woman, whom he allegedly had promised to marry, was found hanging from a tree the next morning.

Police are still looking for the two alleged accomplices.

"The incident occurred in Layyah district (in Punjab province) on Thursday night and was reported to the police on Friday when the local people saw a woman hung from a tree," senior police official Ghazi Salahudin said.

He said the woman was raped and strangled to death, and then her body was hanged to make it look like a suicide.

"But the branch was so low and the dead body was touching the ground in sitting position," he said.

The woman was the eldest of eight siblings and made a living by farming a small piece of land.

The incident has disturbing similarities to an attack in India last month, in which two teenage girls were found gang-raped and hanged from a mango tree in northern Uttar Pradesh state.

That attack sparked protests over police apathy, and was the latest to highlight India's dismal record on preventing sexual violence. Similar headline-making cases have piled pressure on the authorities there.

Intriguing how AAP managed to make it about India despite the news being about Pakistan.

Besides, all rapes in India are committed exclusively by islamics, christians, communists and pseculars (=another class of Anti-Hindus). And - by far most of the time - the victims are Hindu women.

Recently an exception came up: 3 christian priests in India gangraped a christian woman. The exception is that the victim was not a Hindu woman for a change:


which links to


Quote:Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Padres attempt punitive rape in property dispute

If the Christist "fathers" (sic) had been successful, it would have been reported as just another statistic, i.e . identities concealed - the media #Presstitutes would have attributed it to "regressive Hindoo practices and attitudes" and used

it as a stick to beat Hindus and India with.

The #AAPtards, the psecs, the communists, the Moslem fundamentalists and the Christist padres are the ones resisting strong legislation that would make rapes liable for capital punishment - because their types are the greatest perpetrators. In the rare incident where a perpetrator is apprehended - it is these same entities that indulge in vulgar breast beating regarding "human rights" of the rapists, their "juvenile status" etc.

Exhibit A: AAPtard Nina Nayak, defeated L.S candidate from Bangalore and advocate for Delhi gangrape perpetrators.


Quote:BAREILLY: Police here have filed a case under various sections of the IPC against three Christian priests after a local woman alleged in a police complaint on Monday that they had tried to rape her.

In her complaint, the woman said the priests attempted to rape her as they were angry with her stand on a property related dispute. She alleged that the three attempted to rape her after she was called at a house to discuss a compromise formula.

The woman, 30, a resident of the Civil Lines locality, had a land dispute with the priests, accusing them of fraudulently selling church property to a businessman in the Rampur Garden area. This, she claimed, was opposed by her as well as some other local residents living in the church compound.

The recent horror in UP was an attack mentioned in the news as a gangrape of "Dalits", by which Indian christomedia always conveniently conceals that the victims were Hindoo women (of a Harijan community). And the perpetrators were anti-Hindu psecular allies of - and hence protected by - the anti-Hindu UP govt (famous for promoting minorityism and persecuting Hindus).

Don't know why it becomes a "secular" crime when anti-Hindu psecular terrorists gangrape Hindoo women. It remains a communal crime *because* it is against Hindoo women and the assailants are not. Hindoo Harijan communities are so terrorised - and so regularly - in UP, that the victims' parents probably don't even dare to avenge their daughters' deaths, despite knowing the terrorist UP govt won't do anything to provide justice, having declared so in almost as many words as I heard relayed in international news. UP govt protects its own, which forms its votebank. The other part of that votebank are the islamics, who are even more famous gang-rapists and murderers of Hindu women. The islamic gangrapists are likewise protected by the anti-Hindu UP govt.

There's no surprise that in Pakistan islamaniacs rape and hang women: (gang)rapes followed by executions of female victims are common in islamic lands. There's no surprise either that India's christoislamicommunists and other deheathenised such as pseculars behave in exactly the same way as their ideological relatives in Pakistan, despite AAP's pretended surprise concerning the similarity of these crimes in the two countries. Because all christoclass memes share this behaviour, as also their penchant for genocide.


On how a US lawyer raped his client's mother in the courthouse

Warning: disgusting tackiness. But shows how the American rapist is not just a repeat-offender, but highly placed in "The System" in the US. And from the report below, it appears at least one judge may be in on it too.

Yet no world-wide outrage? No pinning this on American "culture" or the fact that "America is a christian nation"?

Quote:US lawyer allegedly raped client in courthouse

16:00 Sat Jun 21 2014


A mugshot of Javier Armengau.

More world news

A US lawyer allegedly raped the mother of a burglar he was representing after she refused his suggestion of performing a sex act on the judge.

Javier Armengau is accused of raping the 48-year-old in an Ohio courthouse after her son was sentenced to prison for violating probation, the Columbus Dispatch reports.

Armengau allegedly asked the unnamed woman to perform oral sex on the judge in exchange for her son being freed.

She refused, and her son was sentenced for four years in jail.

Several days later, Armengau allegedly raped her in the conference room of a courthouse.

She also said that Armengau stripped naked and masturbated in front of her on at least ten occasions at his law office.

Another woman who hired Armengau to represent her in a divorce case testified that he repeatedly forced her to perform oral sex on him, threatening to have her deported and separated from her daughter if she didn't.

When she told him to stop, he allegedly said that "he knows all the judges, he's a good lawyer, who is going to believe me?"

A third woman said Armengau groped her and exposed himself during a meeting about her son's murder case in April last year.

Altogether, five former clients of Armengau are accusing him of sex crimes.

Yesterday the Ohio Supreme Court voted to suspend Armengau's law licence.

The trial continues.

Oh grief, what a topic.
When I first heard about the brutal gangrape and murder of Jyothi Singh Pandey - by one islamaniac and his obviously psecular gang (since Hindus don't associate with christo-islamaniacs, forget joining with christo-islamaniacs in crimes let alone against Hindus) -

when I first heard about that crime, I thought back on a rather similar crime in Ukraine: where a young woman was gangraped and then set on fire and succumbed to her injuries. The crime was big news in her homeland, since the criminals were IIRC related to highly placed political figures and her countrymen wanted the scum punished instead of protected.


Quote:Ukrainian teen dies after horrific gang rape


March 31, 2012

Anna Khripunkova, Donetsk

[Photo caption:] Oksana Makar died as a result of horrific injuries suffered during an attack by three men. Photo: AP

[color="#0000FF"]A UKRAINIAN teenager has died three weeks after being set on fire in a gang rape attack that raised doubts about the competence of police.

Oksana Makar, 18, was raped by three men in their early 20s, strangled with a cord, burnt and left for dead in an attack in the southern city of Mykolayiv, investigators said.

A passer-by found Oksana after she was dumped by her attackers at an abandoned construction site.[/color]
She was taken to hospital with burns over 55 per cent of her body, requiring the amputation of an arm.

She died on Thursday in a specialist hospital in the eastern city of Donetsk, the clinic announced.

The chief doctor of the Donetsk burns centre, [color="#0000FF"]Emil Fistal, said: ''Imagine: she was strangled and they [the attackers] thought she had died. So they burnt her.

''She was lying there 10 hours in the freezing cold and inhaled the byproducts of the burning.''

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov vowed that the attackers would be punished ''without compromise''.

Ukrainian media have alleged that the suspected attackers - two of whom were initially allowed to go free - are the sons of parents with strong connections to leading local officials.[/color]

The mother of one suspect used to be the head of a district in the Mykolayiv region, the regional interior ministry said.

Makar's mother posted on YouTube a harrowing video of Oksana in hospital where she raises up the stump of her arm and says she feels ''awful''.

In another disturbing video leaked to Ukrainian media, one of the suspects is shown calmly relating to investigators how the three raped Oksana and then killed her when she threatened to call police.

All three have been charged with premeditated rape and murder. Authorities say several officials from the police and local prosecutors were fired and reprimanded for initially letting the suspects go free.

Poor woman.

Either 1. international media didn't care about her as much as they pretended to do about Jyothi Singh Pandey - consider they lavished the latter with repeated and increasingly sordidly detailed reports. OR 2. international media focused on the Indian case for entirely different purposes.

The answer is 2 of course: it's not like aliens care about Indian women more than Ukrainian women (though the case can be made for the opposite, btw).

When Jyothi's case made the international news, and after her miserable story got repeated over and over again and only gained in volume and international hysteria, I wondered why the Ukrainian case had died down so quickly: it was reported only once in a few western countries IIRC. Though I can't recall now if it ever even got coverage in the US at that time (or since).

Of course, it didn't take much longer to thereafter work out that something else was the case of the exclusive focus on Jyothi's case: that other reasons conspired to keep India's rape case in the limelight and choose to focus microscopically on other cases thereafter and then further raise it all to fever pitch by having stories of foreigners in India jump out of hotel windows for fear of being raped, by certain countries declaring that India was unsafe for women etc etc. In hindsight, it is clear that the raising of the volume was planned beforehand. There are always rape cases in modern India - increasingly infested, as it is, by alien unnatural ideologies - so international news could be sure to have fodder. Their *choice* to start discussing Indian rape cases now (but not the numerous gang-rape cases that took place in other countries and were reported locally in those countries, especially including their own backyards) was what was interesting and pointed to ulterior motives behind their interest. Clearly they did not remotely care about the victims - why then pick Jyothi and Indian victims over everyone else - but wanted to create the perception of an "Indian phenomenon" in international readers' minds. They have of course succeeded. There are IMDB threads on Disney's latest Sleeping Beauty spin off ("Maleficent") which discuss its rape symbolism, and are filled with first world people pontificating about rapes in the 3rd world and speaking of the "rape culture" in India as a given and equating this with the systematic and institutional mistreatment of women in islamic nations. Of course, in one sense they are accidentally right: the gang-rape phenomenon in India is reminiscent of the rapes in islamic countries because it is very often Indian islamaniacs (and otherwise christos and communists and seculars) that are behind Indian rape cases. Though those details have of course been conveniently concealed from the aliens pontificating, as have all news of islamics gangraping Hindoos of Harijan communities and setting them on fire - that have been taking place regularly for the many years leading up to the sudden international interest in Jyothi's case and a few other hand-selected Indian cases thereafter.

Now of course, the manufactured interest has come to the point where alien christian women invade Hindu/nationalist sites and mouth off against Hindu men defending their religion there, saying that Hindu men have no right to respond as they are just rapists and mistreat women. That is, it has been manufactured as being apparently a universally known fact that India has the most and worst rape crimes and that Indian men are evil rapists and that ultimately this means Hindu men (and their Hindu religion) is what's really to blame.

The stage-managed media frenzy and the conclusions it wanted to instill into readers is also predictably used in christian dawaganda films to evangelise Hindu women, which indicates that the whole disproportionate international focus on and sensationalising of Indian (gang) rape cases was entirely for evangelising purposes.

And now the usual foreign governments are of course also planning to turn this into the latest UN lecture to India, possibly to take the place of the "caste is slavery" proposal to the UN from a few years back, presumably because that didn't succeed quite so well in restraining India and Hindu nationalism. Getting India to flounder by dividing it on caste lines is not as powerful as splitting the atom of Hindu families by alienating one gender from another after all. Social engineering is always for a purpose. And disproportionate reporting always points to social engineering.

Some alien "converts" to Hindus' religion were immediately active in joining the alien chorus in condemning India as the exclusive rape central, having no familiarity with modern western countries themselves (which they left for India when they were young, presumably in far better days).

There was one advantage to the media criminalising Indian and particularly Hindu men: fewer chances in future that those NRIs of Hindu ancestry gallavanting overseas would bring back alien spouses (some of whom may then even have threatened to "convert" to Hindus' religion). Consequently, I didn't think it worth complaining initially, since the advantages of letting the character assassination build up weighed greater than the drawbacks. It remains an extremely great advantage. But the backlash slowly became greater still, as it's revealed itself as aiming for the heart of Hindu society by trying to drive a greater wedge between Hindu men and women than christianism's social engineering had heretofore managed. In time, more Hindus complained. So it still wasn't important to say anything.

But Hindus in general and as a whole don't seem to often read or notice international headlines on sexual violence in other countries - not as often as I do - and as a result they don't seem to see the disparity in reporting that goes on. Reading such horrid news headlines and collecting them may become imperative for Hindus in future as a means to defend themselves and their country from being singled out as a unique offender (let alone that Hinduism is in any way to blame) when the matter ends up as a means for the UN or American "diplomacy" to keep Indians esp. Hindus on the backfoot in any debate about criminality, rights infringement and religious rights/freedom from alien religions.

Repeating the actual news item of this post (its date is also relevant, especially w.r.t. the first of the set of Indian rape cases that got international media treatment):


Quote:Ukrainian teen dies after horrific gang rape


March 31, 2012

Anna Khripunkova, Donetsk

[Photo caption:] Oksana Makar died as a result of horrific injuries suffered during an attack by three men. Photo: AP

[color="#0000FF"]A UKRAINIAN teenager has died three weeks after being set on fire in a gang rape attack that raised doubts about the competence of police.

Oksana Makar, 18, was raped by three men in their early 20s, strangled with a cord, burnt and left for dead in an attack in the southern city of Mykolayiv, investigators said.[/color]
[color="#FF0000"]WARNING: More disturbing content. Crimes of sexual violence.[/color]

At some point after the Jyothi Singh Pandey's horrid misfortune was splashed all over international news as a mere vehicle for a smear campaign against India and Hindu religion and men, I had monitored Australian news on a few randomly selected days over a few months. Without even having to click around for such unpleasant news items (which appear daily by the way), the headlines on local Australian crimes of similar natures were unmissable. And that's just *one* country - and a small one at that (population less than 25 million people) - and over just a *few* days.


Quote:Boy sexually assaulted in Adelaide street

4:51pm January 22, 2013

A 15-year-old boy walking along an Adelaide road was overpowered by two men while a third sexually assaulted him, police say.


Quote:Man faces WA court over rape charges

4:38pm January 22, 2013

A 21-year-old man sexually assaulted a woman in her Perth home while her children slept and then forced her to drive to an ATM machine so he could rob her, a court has heard.


Quote:Daylight sex assault in suburban Sydney

7:08am January 23, 2013

A young woman has been sexually assaulted as she took an evening walk along a riverbank in southwest Sydney.


Quote:Four teens wanted over Vic sex attack

6:40am February 26, 2013

Four young men are wanted over the attempted sexual assault of a 38-year-old woman on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

This sounded reminiscent of the first internationally-reported Indian case, but got nowhere near the international coverage of course:


Quote:Teen called mum for help after three-hour gang rape

ninemsn staff

7:36am March 5, 2013

[color="#0000FF"]A hysterical Sydney teenager called her mother for help after being gang-raped and dumped at the side of a road in a terrifying three-hour ordeal.[/color]

The 18-year-old was confused and traumatised when she phoned her mother from a quiet street, The Daily Telegraph reported today.

She had been snatched from the pavement while walking from what police called a "sober" party at Baulkham Hills in Sydney's northwest after men in a green sedan asked her for directions to a local shopping centre about 1am on Sunday.

She was then forced to lie across the laps of three passengers as they drove to an unknown location where she was sexually and physically assaulted by multiple men before being dumped on a Castle Hill street.

Police believe the gang may have driven past the house party before the attack took place.

Detectives are checking to see if details of the gathering were posted on Facebook or made public in some other way.

They have warned women to take extra precautions but played down fears the same gang could strike again.

"There's certainly no suggestion we have a group of males preying on women," NSW police sex crimes squad commander Detective Superintendent John Kerlatec said on Monday.

"However, I would like to make it very clear, we do have an investigation into an offence where we don't know who committed these crimes."

He urged women to walk with friends, stay in well-lit areas, keep mobile telephones ready to hand and not to get close to anyone asking directions.

The victim, who suffered a number of injuries, spent Sunday receiving medical treatment and the support of family, counsellors and the police.

"It's a horrendous incident for anyone to be subjected to," Detective Superintendent Kerlatec added.

"A young lady walking along the street, regardless of the time of day, regardless of the place, should be able to walk safely.

"It was an extremely traumatic experience for her."

One of the attackers is said to be Caucasian and aged about 25.

He was chubby, bearded and wore a red and white flannelette shirt.

Anyone with further information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Source: The Daily Telegraph, AAP

Author: Alexandra Pleffer, Approving editor: Fiona Willan

There were more but ewww.

This earlier one is relevant as The System blames the victims:


Quote:Three sisters shared blame for their rapes

Nick Pearson, ninemsn

7:57am December 1, 2012

Queensland's Child Safety Department has told three sisters repeatedly raped by a foster child that they were partly to blame for not locking their bedroom doors.

Police records reveal Child Safety told the family the boy was no risk to them, and said while he had "done something" to another child, it was the fault of a previous carer.

A document filed in District Court from Child Safety claims the mother and the victims themselves shared responsibility for their repeated rapes.

"The alleged consequences were caused or contributed to by the negligence of (two of the sisters) in: failing to lock (their) bedroom door; failing to inform (their) mother of the acts ... (and) failing to tell (their mother) the foster boy was entering (their bedroom at night)," the document said.

Earlier a court had heard that the doors had been locked but the boy managed to somehow get in anyway.

The teenage boy was convicted of 14 sexual offences against the sisters in 2008, but was set free after 204 days already served.

Sources: The Courier Mail

This disgusting news item can file under sexual abuse of animals, children and women:


Quote:Dad made mum have sex with dog: court

2:48pm January 23, 2013

A judge has warned a woman to stay away from her abusive husband who coerced her into having sex with their pet dog in front of their children.

Finally, the same Australian news sites briefly covered a few random instances of rapes in America around the same period.

E.g. the famous cannibal American cop's court case (but not so famous that AmeriKKKa as a whole got tarred by it) - the one who planned to rape, torture and eat his wife and then repeat that cycle on a host of other women. He was part of an internet clique who were into this sort of thing. May try to post some links to supporting data for this some other time.

May also link to a list of locally-reported British rape crimes when randomly sampling news from around the same period.

More recent christoislamaniac gangrape by 6 islamaniacs (4 named) of a Hindu woman in Bangalore. Ringleader Nazir Hyder is son of BSP politician:


Quote:Raped Girl Tracks Down Culprits

By Express News Service

Published: 16th July 2014 08:33 AM

Last Updated: 16th July 2014 08:33 AM

BANGALORE: A gang of six youths, claiming to be policemen, allegedly kidnapped a 22-year-old student and her male friend on Thursday. One of them allegedly raped her.

(And at least 3 of the others sexual assaulted her, see further below. So islamaniac gang rape+sexual assault of a Hindu woman.)

Nazir Hyder, the prime accused, was arrested on Sunday, and is the son of a Bahujan Samaj Party leader, police said.

The incident took place late on Thursday, but the victim, a post-graduate student from Udupi district, filed the complaint only on Sunday after she and her friends found Hyder near a mosque in Fraser Town and helped the police arrest him.

(The above reveals a common fact: the gangrapist is a faithful islamaniac, going to the mosque and all. But christoislamaniac rapists are always faithful christoislamaniacs.)

According to the complaint, the student had gone out for dinner with her friends to a restaurant in Fraser Town. After dinner, she asked one of her friends to drop her at her parents’ flat on Haynes Road nearby.

At 12.15 am, when the two were sitting inside the car and chatting, the gang came by in a Skoda Fabia (KA-03-MJ-8433) and surrounded them.

Four youths pulled the girl and her friend out and forced them to sit in the rear seat of the car. Two of the gang sat in front, while the other two sat on either side of the victims in the rear seat. They drove around Cox Town, while the Skoda followed. The student pleaded with the gang to let her go, but they claimed they were policemen who had seen her and her friend in the area.

The gang threatened to take the student and her friend to the police station if they did not pay `50,000. She told them she had no money and would give it to them if they took her home. They did not agree. They took her near the railway gate in Cox Town, and Hyder and his friends allegedly stripped her and sexually assaulted her.

Hyder allegedly forced her to have oral sex while his friends kept a knife at her friend’s throat and held him in the car. After some time, they pulled him out and allegedly robbed him of his watch. The gang then drove away in the Skoda. The victims managed to get home in their car and informed their friends about the incident.

A senior police officer said Hyder (24) was a resident of Fraser Town. “We are looking for his accomplices Waseem, Ateeq, Mohammed Ali and two others,” he said Hyder is a used cars dealer and was accused of car theft in Bharathinagar. Police said they were also checking to see if he was charged in a rape case in R T Nagar.

Girl Identifies Rapist

The victim told her friends she could identify the rapist as she had seen him in the neighbourhood. She had also taken down his car number. Based on her description, her friends started looking for Hyder before approaching the police.

On Sunday, they managed to spot him near a mosque. They immediately called the police, saying there was some commotion near the mosque. When the police reached the spot, they explained the incident and helped them nab Hyder.

(Karnataka is ruled by KryptoKristoKangress pandering to islamaniacs who are both bent on turning it into the next Kerala. Police in christo-ruled states won't come to arrest islamaniac criminals, Hindus need to actually phone in that mosques/churches are under attack to lure christoislamic-controlled police to the criminals.)

The victim, in the city on vacation, was worried about her reputation and was initially hesitant to file a complaint.

Inspector Suspended

Although the complaint was filed on Sunday, the Fraser Town police took till Tuesday to include rape and kidnap charges in their FIR.

Inspector Mohammed Rafiq, who allegedly tried to weaken the case by leaving out the more serious crimes, was suspended on Tuesday.
Satish Kumar, DCP (East), said, “We have ordered an inquiry against him.”

Earlier, police had registered the case for wrongful restraint, extortion and assault.

This is yet another case of a gang rape in India that won't appear in international media, since the perpetrators have been named - and thereby identified - as islamaniacs.
Related to previous.

1. bangaloremirror.com/bangalore/cover-story/Frazer-Towns-Friday-horror-22-year-old-girl-is-abducted-sexually-assaulted-in-car/articleshow/38385007.cms

Frazer Town’s Friday horror: 22-year-old girl is abducted, sexually assaulted in car

By Chaitanya Swamy H MChaitanya Swamy H M, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Jul 15, 2014, 02.00 AM IST


Quote:sam (Bangalore) 3 Day ago

Looks Like another case of Jihad, After Mohammed Afros of Delhi gang rape fame, Sajjad Pathan of Mumbai Rape attempt and Murder, now add all these six men. This could have happened to any of our sisters or mothers. We are paying the price of being Hindus

So, Hindoos (of whatever gender) need to pay the christoislamaniac terrorists back.

And of course an islamaniac - conveniently too illiterate to read the islamic names of the gang-rapists in the other news reports of this case at BangaloreMirror - retorted with:

Quote:FP (Dubai) replies to sam

3 Day ago

Are you out of your mind? Nowhere did they state the accused were muslims. And even if they were; so what? Their actions do not account for the rest of us. Stop being such a judgmental piece of trash.

And can already see - such as in the comments at the above link - the exact reason for which selective gang-rape+murder cases - like the Jyoti Pandey and the UP scase etc - made international headlines (with the islamaniac gangrapist's name in Jyoti's case carefully concealed: Mohammed Afroz), while most other rape+murder cases in India barely get local coverage in the christomedia let alone international mention. The reason specific cases got highlighted in Indian and international media - at the expense of every other - is to pretend that it's all equal-equal: that the ideology of the victim vs the ideology of the perpetrators is "just a random coincidence and does not matter because 'everyone in India' is into it". (Yet the entirety of all rapes in India is then magically deflected onto Hindoos and Hindooism, by which time christoislamics very much like to attach an ideology to it, while arguing that perpetrators' ideology is irrelevant and should not be highlighted where christoislamaniacs were shown to be involved.)

At that BangaloreMirror article, can see comments by christos (e.g. "joe") and islamaniacs (e.g. "FP" above) insist that muslims "aren't the only ones" gangraping Hindu women. And they know very well that this is their excuse for christoislamaniac terrorism to continue against Hindus.

Hindoos have a right to implement justice themselves: No point waiting around for the christogovt of KN to let the perps go, like the christo Kangress govt did with Jyoti's attacker Mohammed Afroz (who was first given 3 years juvenile detention, which has since been reduced to a few months as per news reports, after which he'll not just be walking but WILL do it again - you know he will).

Don't know why Trisha and her friends, upon tracking down Nasir, didn't simply follow him to his home/hideout and throw a bunch of molotov cocktails its way, thereby making him - and any DNA directly connected to him - disappear from planet earth. Or maybe Trisha & co could even have waited until Nasir met up with the rest of his gang of rapists, and then pay a little visit to *all* of their homes with the cocktails?

2. Islamaniac tries to be two steps ahead (are we sure he's not in some islamic terrorist squad? Because they teach just such techniques there you know):


Quote:Nasir’s diversions hamper investigations

By Chaitanya Swamy H M, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Jul 18, 2014, 02.00 AM IST

[img caption] Hyder Nasir, the main accused

(Wow, he's more hideous than even the Bollywho khans. Who knew that was even possible? See, and this is why I refuse to look at anything but heathens where I can help it.)

Police, who are trying to track down his cohorts, say the main accused had given names of his rivals and fake addresses in a bid to take revenge

Police investigating the case of sexual assault against Trisha (name changed) say their efforts to track down the remaining four members of the gang that was involved in the incident have hit a minor hurdle. Police say the main accused, Hyder Nasir, who was arrested on Sunday, had deliberately misled the investigation and had attempted to save his cohorts by providing false names and fake addresses of his gang.

A senior police officer who is supervising the case said, "The men Nasir named are not involved in the crime." Under initial questioning on Sunday, Nasir had named two persons, Imtiyaz, 22, and Atiq, 24, as part of the gang. But police now suspect that neither of them was involved in the incident.

In a clever ploy, police say Nasir has named Imtiyaz as he is brother rowdy sheeter, Brigade Azam, an old "enemy" of his. He had named Imtiyaz to take revenge on Azam. Sources say the male friend who was abducted along with Trisha could not identify the two who were detained on Thursday morning. They were later released from custody. However, a senior police officer said it is difficult to go only by the male friend's ability to identify the accused since it was dark and one of the gang had kept a knife to his neck right through the ordeal. He was able to see only two of the gang —Nasir and one other person who is still at large.

But police expect to get over this hurdle shortly as Nasir, who was remanded in judicial custody late on Monday, is now in police custody. A court granted the police to take him into their custody on Thursday. Meanwhile, commissioner Auradkar revealed that the police have detained two more suspects who have been identified as [b]Wasim and Mohammed Ali. The two were said to be hiding in Andhra Pradesh.[/b]

(They are in custody, as per news published the day before this article, see below.)

On Thursday, Noorulla Shariff, assistant commissioner of police (Pulakeshinagar), who was entrusted with the investigation of the case, obtained a fresh statement from Trisha's male friend. A case has also been registered against unknown persons who had made threatening calls to Trisha and her male friend. An investigation into this case will be conducted under the supervision of Hemant Nimbalkar, joint commissioner of police (crime).

Related Stories:

Frazer Town's Friday horror: 22-year-old girl is abducted, sexually assaulted in car

She was asked to tone down her complaint under his watch; he also leaked her identity to the media. Is Mohammed Rafi, the Frazer Town inspector fit to be an inspector?

Disgraced inspector Rafi sheds tears on FB

(Let me guess, he'll whine that it's all "islamophobia" and that he has right-by-minority-quota to remain an inspector.)

State lawmakers want FIR against inspector

The rapists should be shot dead: MLA

Nasir's past paints the portrait of a criminal

The car in which Trisha was sexually assaulted has fake number plates, tinted glass

(Which points to the islamaniacs being either organised or that the attack on the particular Hindoo girl was pre-meditated. But other news shows that Nasir is a suspect in at least one further rape case, in "R T Nagar". So I suspect that the car having fake number plates and tinted glasses implies that this islamaniac and his gang/contacts in the ummah have done this before.)

Other accused still at large

Bangalore says, "You go, girl!"

Criminal case filed against Mohammed Rafi; Two more arrests made

Rafi charged under Sec. 166 (A) of IPC

3. News from the day before that said Mohammed Ali and Waseem were in custody:


Quote:Criminal case filed against Mohammed Rafi; Two more arrests made

By Chaitanya Swamy H MChaitanya Swamy H M, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Jul 17, 2014, 06.22 PM IST

After senior officials noticed loopholes in discharging his duties, inspector Mohammed Rafi was put under temporarily suspension on Tuesday night. However, the protest against the police, especially Rafi, went on in the legislature on Thursday as well.

On Thursday, for the first time, Bangalore City Police booked a criminal case against a police inspector under IPC section 166-A.

Bangalore Mirror has also learned that police officers who had sympathised with and praised Rafi on Facebook on Wednesday have reportedly been warned not to support him when senior officials have decided to take action against him. However, protest continues outside Pulakeshinagar (Frazer Town) Police Station to reconsider the suspension of Mohammed Rafi.

(He's only getting temporarily suspended? Clearly, islamaniac gets special treatment in christo-ruled KN. They're already doing islamaniac-appeasement without limits there, such as where cow-trafficking is concerned: christo-islamaniacs regularly steal Hindoo-owned cows for butchery and the KN christogovt looks the other way and lets it pass.

And which lunatics are praising this Rafi? They should get suspended. Rafi should get a prison sentence for obstructing justice, and for colluding with the criminals what's more: he leaked the victim's and/or friend's mobile number to their attackers.)

Two more arrests made

Meanwhile, the police officials investigating the case filed by 22-year-old Trisha (name changed) have arrested two more accused identified as Wasim (25) and Mohammed Ali (26).

Wasim is a resident of P&T Colony, KG Halli. He works as a used car dealer. Ali, on the other hand, is a resident of Pillanna Garden, KG Halli and works as a real estate agent.

The police had earlier arrested the main accused Hyder Nasir, and sent him to judicial custody. Today, after listening to the police plea, the court has granted permission to take him into police custody.

Police are currently conducting an investigation on Wasim and Ali to find out about the other two suspects in the case who are still at large. They have currently been identified as Atiq (24) and Imtiyaz (22).

Fresh case for threats and intimidation

The city commissioner of police Raghavendra Auradkar, who had received a second petition on Wednesday, has ordered a separate case of unknown persons making threatening calls to the victim and her friends to be filed. The investigation of this case will be conducted under the supervision of Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime), Hemant Nimbalkar.

On Thursday, Nimbalkar met Ranjit and the other friends who helped to nab Nasir to collect the numbers from where the threatening calls came. He has also taken their statements on the new case.

In addition to this, Auradkar also instructed his subordinates to ensure that regional channels stopped telecasting her photo and revealing her real identity.

The case so far...

Frazer Town's Friday horror: 22-year-old girl is abducted, sexually assaulted in car

She was asked to tone down her complaint under his watch; he also leaked her identity to the media. Is Mohammed Rafi, the Frazer Town inspector fit to be an inspector?

Disgraced inspector Rafi sheds tears on FB

State lawmakers want FIR against inspector

The rapists should be shot dead: MLA

Nasir's past paints the portrait of a criminal

The car in which Trisha was sexually assaulted has fake number plates, tinted glass

Other accused still at large

Bangalore says, "You go, girl!"

- So Ateeq and Imtiaz are thought to not be involved.

- But Nasir, Waseem and Mohammed Ali are, and are in custody. But the KN cops don't yet seem to have leads on the remaining 3.

The punishment for proven rapists - "juveniles" included - should be permanently neutering them, at a minimum. (Neutering them means they'll never be prone to try that again.) They lost all right to reproduce after attacking people.

Thereafter, stuff them full of estrogen hormones and call this "therapy".

In the case of the Harijan Hindoo women who were gangraped and set on fire by islamaniacs and in Jyoti's case and similar, execution of proven perps is warranted, because these were cases of brutal rape and/or (attempted) murder. Alternatively, let the victims or the family of any dead victims decide on the punishment :evil grin: But neutering of proven rapists, minimum.

BangaloreMirror uses the alias "Trisha" for the victim. Here's a repeat of relevant stuff I wasn't aware of, in case anyone else wasn't either:

[quote name='Hauma Hamiddha' date='21 June 2009 - 08:48 AM' timestamp='1245553803']Trisha as in tR^iShA is a valid hindu name:

1) There is shAstra pramANa that it is a name of lakShmI the wife of viShNu.

2) In classical saMskR^ita it is a name of the daughter of kAma <...>

[/quote](And hence some Tamilnadu actress of Hindu parentage has that name too.)

A comment is repeated at two of the BangaloreMirror articles, having the following to say about the victim 'Trisha' (not sure how they know - maybe they made it out from inspector Mohammed Rafi leaking her identity to the media?):

Quote:Communal Award (Unknown)

1 Day ago

She is a Brahmin girl. BC/SC/ST people can ignore this case.
If communal award meant the final sentence literally rather than sarcastically, it clearly reveals him to be yet another christist-dravoodianist. (Common christo tactic. But don't know why they imagine that *Hindoos* of Hindoo communities would choose to side with crypto-christo dravoodianists let alone over fellow heathens.)
Archiving some news seen on

Rape Jihad / Kidnapping jihad / Demographic Jihad (usually euphemised as "love" jihad)


1. One of the following items is still related to the news in the previous post (Frazer Town Rape): 3 more islamics arrested for that gangrape/assault of a Hindu woman.

Plus islamic paedophile - fresh from infesting Bihar comes to infest Karnataka and caught raping Hindu school children. Plus his other hobby was watching videos of his brothers-in-christoislam brutally raping children. (= The sort of thing islamics like to do whenever there are no heathen children or heathen adults for them to attack.)


Quote:Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quick notes: Secularistan in Karnataka, RoP perverts...

•No funds for govt schools, but..: Karnataka govt allocates Rs 47 crore to give honorariums to chief imams and muezzins (who call people for prayer).

•Vibgyor school rape: The CCTV camera footage showed Mustafa dragging the six-year-old student into a room on July 3 afternoon. The camera footage also showed the girl crying. A Bihar native, Mustafa's laptop had videos of schoolchildren being raped. According to the police, a school in Whitefield had terminated Mustafa’s services after his alleged involvement in a sexual assault case. But the matter was not reported to the police.



•Frazer Town Rape: Nasir, 28, the main accused in the case, had sexually assaulted at least 20 other women in the past. He is believed to have shot videos of the incidents and had blackmailed the victims into silence. "None of them have come forward to report the incidents," the officer said. Police have arrested three others who were involved in the 'Frazer Town horror' incident - Mohammed Hafeez (32), Mohammed Ishaq Sawood (32) and Shoaib Shiek Mohammed (27).



All of us are pic.twitter.com/xmGzBJdxdO

— GEETA KAPOOR #HDL (@geetababes) June 22, 2014

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18907&SKIN=K

Quote:Love Jihad: Alarming Rise in Number of Perpetrators and Victims

29/07/2014 20:53:28 www.janmabhumidaily.com/jnb/News/64886

There is an alarming rise in the number of girls being swindled by Jihadis, all in the name of love and romance. The next immediate step these Jihadis resort to is religious conversion to Islam.

A recent report, based on a study done in the last 30 days in the state of Kerala, shows as many as 272 cases of Love Jihad in various districts. This is the least, taking into account data furnished by Hindu Helpline and other similar organizations. Sources state that the actual cases stand legions more, where truth stands stifled owing to fear of humiliation and threat on life.

According to sources, the district of Kasargode stands way above others as looming grounds for perpetrators. Over 40 girls have fallen victim to Love Jihad in Kasargode alone, in a span of one month. The ploy being schemed out by the marauders is making advances towards girls hailing from families of those active in Hindutva activities.

24 girls have fallen prey in Kottayam district. Reports have also come in where many girls have committed suicide following humiliation or have made attempts in taking away their own lives, following extreme harassment by these Jihadis. Reports have given these as statistics, of those girls who have fallen prey to Love Jihad in a span of one month: Ernakulam- 39, Thiruvananthapuram- 27, Kollam- 17, Alappuzha- 13, Kozhikode- 23.

In Kannur, it is said that over 20 cases have been brought to the notice of Hindu Helpline. The scenario is no different in other districts.

Perpetrators are said to be resorting to new ways, which is said to have enhanced the number of victims as well. The latest tactic of Jihadis is targeting of girls from afluential families, working in fields related to science and technology and other areas of covetable studies. These girls are immediately taken to places of religious conversion like Ponnani.

As step one, they are thoroughly brainwashed which makes them easy victims for religious conversion. As a result, the girls are even quick to disown their own parents, giving the Jihadis an easy escape passage.

A recent trend that is being observed is marriage via Special Marriage Act, following which the victims are subject to various kinds of emotional and physical torture. They are thereafter converted. The trend came into light when as many as 8 girls, who had been victimized thus, approached the Hindu Helpline, seeking ways of securing divorce.

According to one of the victims, the Jihadis are said to ‘don a Hindu name, commit to a wedding ceremony in temples like SreeKrishna Temple at Guruvayur to make the victim feel at ease. They are then subject to religious conversion.”

(1. Can compare with the now-famous case of the rape jihad victim Tara Shahdeo: the islamaniac who terrorised her also at first pretended to be a Hindu - in order to dupe Tara's friends so they could introduce him to Tara and to then dupe Tara into thinking he was Hindu too. He too only revealed his islamania after the wedding and then assaulted her to threaten her into conversion and then threatened to kill her brother too if she would not convert. That last is also a repeating pattern: islamaniacs keep threatening to kill the relatives of the female victim if she won't convert or if she tries to escape.

2. Anyway, christo-islamaniac sexual jihad must be why Hindus had invented arranged marriages, so they ensure these were between sons or daughters of Hindu families they knew - i.e. families that parents *knew* to be Hindu, so they could trust that the prospective son-in-law or daughter-in-law was not a cryptochristian/cryptoislamic.

While this arrangement has prevented sons and daughters from making the terrible mistake of entering into wedlock with someone they were deceived into *believing* was Hindu, arranged marriages have increasingly started to bring forth dangers of its own: where the bride or groom chosen by the parents is a secular/de-heathenised/unheathen entity who is merely of Hindu parentage and not Hindoo itself. Not counting "cultural" Hindus of course, as these are not heathens but are freeloading on Hindu "civilisation" and "culture", in order to parasite on these things even though they are not actually heathen themselves.

Hindoos should beware both christoislamics - especially the crypto variety - and the unheathens who pass themselves off as Hindu merely for being of Hindu parentage.)

“Even after staying together with these marauders, we are never able to collect enough data about them. There are girls working in Infopark, who have been victims. Even they are clueless about these marauders. Cases like a native of Kasargode masquerading as resident of Kollam after having procured fake certificates and registering their marriage in Thiruvananthapuram can keep identity of the Jihadi concealed. The marauder is said to have taken the victim to many places, which has left the victim clueless and furnish meager information, stating that the Jihadi has apartments at different places,” said sources.

Reports suggest that such marauders are on the rise and are on the lookout for new ways to lure victims and then make a beeline escape, once their mission of religious conversion is accomplished.

An important comment there:

Quote: GSK Menon

30/07/2014 10:02:17 Love Jihad

With a strong BJP government at the centre, why should there be any hesitation in controlling this menace ? All along the CONgress party was being blamed, now what is the excuse ? I am very disappointed with the BJP at the Centre.

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18838&SKIN=C

Quote:Love Jihadi under arrest while dumping 2nd victim

04/07/2014 23:16:47 Based on Janmabhumi Report

[Picture of hideous islamaniac]

Police have arrested a Jihadi Romeo Shahul Hamid, who allegedly subjected a Hindu girl to sexual harassment, following which he persuaded her to convert to Islam. The arrest came following a suicide bid by the girl.

Shahul had eloped with the girl last month, with promises that he would marry her. Meanwhile, the girl’s parents lodged a complaint with the Kanjirappilly police. However, things took a sour turn when the man started compelling the girl to convert to Islam.

Unable to bear his persistent compulsions, the girl made a bid to

commit suicide. Police reports point out that Shahul took the girl to Ponnani, to get her converted to Islam.


Two of the comments:

Quote: GSK Menon

07/07/2014 09:19:12 Love Jihadi under arrest

I request HK to impress upon the Modi govt to introduce a legislation to ban conversion of Hindus to any other religion. A Hindu cannot be converted legally, that should be the aim. This would ensure that the Constitutional provision freedom of religion is not violated. You can practice your religion amongst your people but it cannot be used to convert a Hindu.


06/07/2014 10:29:28 Spiritualised Criminals

It is not "love " jihad but "lust" jihad.

Beautiful name given for the ugliest activities.

Look in to this,

Recently there was some report about the "moral police" in Kerala.

What do they do?,

This people belong to Muslim youth community

Torture non-muslim boys ,who were in case talking with girls, may be there friend , colleaque or even with own relatives.

This criminals muslim youth later upload the video of this inhuman activities in the social networks.

These are not mere youthful mischief or innocent adventurism.

In fact

These are deliberately planed psychological suppression of the Hindu Young Mind.

The effects of this incidences has far reaching implications in the Hindu youth.

After such incidence, They even lose their sociability with there own classmates or friends. Or colleagues.

Thus the muslim criminals are clearing the ground for "Love Jihad"

Now we think,

What all Media call this activities.

The criminal activities of torturing innocent Hindus are called "Moral" Police. They are not "Moral Police"

Either they are called as

" TERRORIST Police" ,

" CRIMINAL Police" or

" ILEGAL Police"

Like the activities of faking Love to satisfy the Lust of "muslim animals"

should never be called as "Love Jihad"

It should be called as



Am in agreement that Indians should
  • should stop calling it "love jihad" and call it rape jihad or sexual jihad or demographic jihad. That last may be the best, because whereas "love jihad" romanticises the scheme and its violence, demographic jihad reveals the plain reality: that it is purely for multiplying islamania at the expense of Hindus.

  • and should stop calling the perpetrators as "jihadi romeos" and just call them "jihadi bluebeards" (based on the "Arabian fairytale" of a rich islamic male dubbed Bluebeard - on account of his beard being so dark it's almost blue - who dupes a gullible girl into marrying him and then she finds out he is a serial-wife murderer who keeps the heads of his ex-wives in a cupboard and who wants to add her head to his collection...)

Rape Jihad / Kidnapping jihad / Demographic Jihad (usually euphemised as "love" jihad)


4. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18948&SKIN=K

Quote:Yet another victim of 'Love Jihad' dies in Kerala.

16/08/2014 08:24:42 MediaInput

In another shocking incident of 'Love Jihad' reported from Kerala,one girl out of two tried to commit suicide dies at hospital.Girls were first lured by Jihadi romeos and raped the girls many times.Later the girls were thrown-away after jihadi lust.The hapless victims were decided to end their life by consuming poison.One of the victim succumb to death and other one struggling for life at hospital.

(Note: Video at link)

It's why it should be called RAPE jihad.

5. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19020&SKIN=B

Quote:Love Jihad: Doctor rapes woman, forces her to convert.

02/09/2014 20:20:35 indiatoday

A Delhi woman was raped by Muzzafarnagar doctor at knifepoint who, she alleged, later forced her to convert. The police have registered a case against 11 prime accused.

Watch the video report : indiatoday.intoday.in/video/love-jihad-doctor-rapes-woman-forces-her-to-convert/1/380507.html

Further details show that the islamaniac rapist's whole family - the typically-muslimah wife and daughters, plus sons and buddies too - was in on the rape-kidnap-and-convert scheme:


Quote:Muzaffarnagar: Jihadi Quack Doctor Arrested for Rape and Forcible Conversion

Muzaffarnagar police arrested a quack on Tuesday for allegedly raping a 32-year-old woman and forcing her into religious conversion.

Acting on a tip-off, the police, with the help of some locals who are disciples of a local sadhu -- Jitendra Kumar ji Maharaj alias Mauni Baba of Jadwar Katiya village in Muzaffarnagar district -- have rescued the woman.

“My husband was not earning anything to run the family and used to beat me. So I deserted him and joined the clinic of Kalam last year to assist him. He raped me there and threatened that he would kill my son and daughter if I resisted or revealed it to anybody,” the woman alleged.

The medical examination of the woman has confirmed rape.

“The quack took me to his village Kamhera where he forced me to convert into his faith. He is also a Maulvi by education. He recited some verses to convert me and changed my name to Shabana. His wife helped him in the entire process,” she said.

“One day, I narrated my story to Yashpal, who used to visit the clinic. He told his friend Balbir about my problem and they rescued me,” she further said.

The police have registered cases against Kalam, a scrap dealer and also practices Unani medicine in the city for the past six years, under Sections 376 and 377 of the IPC.

(Isn't there a law against black magic? Christoislam is entirely black magic. Ban all christoislamania and those who practice it, i.e. christoislamics.)

Moreover, cases have also been registered against Kalam’s wife Khushnuma, daughters Saira and Shabnam, son Salman and four aides Mohammad Afzal, Merazuddin, Nawab, Sajid and Salim.

(The entire family - muslimahs and all - were in on it. Like the many christian Suzanna "Arundhoti" Roy-s and the many cryptochristian Sagarika Ghose-s - apologists for rape and terrorism that they are - these muslimahs are also complicit in the rape and kidnapping and terrorism. The case is very similar to that Hindu woman - Sumitra - who was raped by a christian man and then the courts forced her to marry him and he and his mother and relatives all terrorised her in order to try to convert her.

But then, christos=islamics because christianism=islamism.)

“The woman has registered a case at Meerapur police station in Muzaffarnagar. While Kalam has been arrested, other accused are on the run,” said Kamal Singh Yadav, the investigating police inspector.

Speaking to Mail Today, Balbir Upadhyaya, alias Pujari, the man who purportedly rescued the woman, said: “Yashpal told Mauni Baba, my guru about the woman. So, he called me and assigned the task to rescue her.”

(An actual/typical Hindoo Swami: instead of jetsetting in the 1st world and trying to win alien "converts" to feed their ego as every charlatan does, *Hindoo* swamis are busy trying to revert Indians to Hindu religion and to make sure Hindoos are safe.)

“We don’t work with any political group. I helped her in escaping from the clinic of Kalam on Sunday. Since then I went to the leaders of all these Hindu organisations with the request to rehabilitate her or at least make arrangement for her stay for a few days so that I can pursue her case with the police.

"Although they all wanted to make it a political issue, none of them was genuinely interested in the wellbeing of the victim. They all suggested me to make arrangement for her stay in some hotel. I am really disappointed with their disgusting behavior,” Balbir said.

(Yeah, modern "nationalists" are like that. They forget Hindus as soon as the votes are in. As seen in how there's still no Sri Rama Kovil at Ayodhya, for example. Which really would have been the first thing any heathen emperor - I mean - any rule claiming to represent the heathen base would have done.)

Source: dailymail.co.uk/indiahome/indianews/article-2741141/Quack-doctor-arrested-Muzaffarnagar-rape-forced-conversion-woman-32.html#ixzz3CDtRj9KD

(Aha, finally! Lowbrow though Dailymail is considered to be, news of the christoislamic rape jihad against Hindu women is making international news. The Dailymail article must have been penned by an ethnic Hindu reporter for DM, I suspect. Possibly even one from India. No one takes any interest. Most alien "converts" are always busy declaring India rape central and affirming that there are lots of rapists among "Indians". Calling the rapists infesting India as mere "Indians" is like what Britain did in leaving the perpetrators of the 1400-2400 child abuse cases in the UK anonymous, or dubbing them as "Asians" when it leaked out they were subcontinental muslims from TSP. UK now calling the perps "Asians" is to duplicate their earlier error of hiding the identity of the perpetrators. The real identification tag of the paedophile gang is Muslims. Not Indian Hindus or Chinese Taoists or Japanese Shintos, who are all "Asians" too. UK lied when they said they'd been afraid to be labelled "racist" in revealing the pattern to the names=identities of the perps. In reality, they were - as they remain - afraid of being labelled islamophobes and fearful of islamic reprisals. But I suppose the UK is no more to blame for their continued cover-up, than Indians who are so *sensitive* that they insist they do not want to identify christianism or islam in any of the internal criminal activity against India and Hindus.)

6. The now (in)famous case of rape jihad against the famous Tara Shahdev/Shahdeo.

(Some christomedia even tried to spin it as her fault. They do this regularly: pretend that the women all entered knowingly and moreover had it coming, even in those very cases where the girls/women had no idea that they were stuck with christo-islamaniacs.)


(And another link on the subject: zeenews.india.com/sports/others/shooter-tara-sahdev-alleges-husband-of-forceful-conversion_794928.html)

Quote:Love Jihad: Shocking Tales of Terror and Torture from India’s Ace Shooter Tara Shahdev.

23/08/2014 16:37:50 Based on Media Reports in Hindi medias

Yet another case of Love Jihad has surfaced, this time from Ranchi, capital of Jharkhand. The victim is no ordinary woman- she is a shooter of international fame Tara Shahdev. According to the victim, she tied the knot on 7 July to a man who posed to be Hindu. Following tortures meted out to her, it came to light that he was a Muslim masquerading as Hindu, a man named Raqeebul Hassan.

Tara’s wedding ceremony took place in Hotel Radisson Blue of Ranchi, according to Hindu customs. Her husband Ranjith Singh claimed
to be the owner of a small time business firm. But soon after, the strange behavior of her husband Ranjith Singh aroused her curiosity. In a month’s time the most inhuman tortures were inflicted on her, because of which she found it difficult to walk. All these led to a shocking discovery that Ranjith Singh was no Hindu, but a Muslim. According to reports, Raqeebul Hassan is said to have tortured her, to get her converted to Islam. Jharkhand police have registered a case regarding the matter.

(Note, other news reports the falsely assumed Hindu name of the islamaniac as "Ranjit Kumar Kohli" and spells his real islamaniac name variously as Rakibul Hasan or Hasab

e.g. bollywoodmantra.com/news/shooter-tara-shahdeo-harassed-by-husband/15475/


Tara also alleges that Raqeebul Hasan would force her into physical relationship, at gun point. He even went to the extent of spreading slander about Tara, an aspiring shooter whose sole aim was to bring laurels to her nation.

(Aka Rape Jihad. There was a testimony of apostasy on faithfreedom or secularislam.org long ago, written by the daughter of a Hindu woman who was similarly raped by her islamanic husband (rape = the sum-total of islamic "love"). The daughter found out the history and plight of her mother, reverted to Hindoo religion, organised a plan to run away and successfully took her hapless mother with her. But heathens who leave the christo-islamania which was enforced on them by the circumstances of their birth are cool that way. She may have married a Hindoo man by now - or so I like to think.

So different from the average muslimahs showing interest in heathen men: i.e. interested in heathen men only for demographic purposes, because they're not actually interested in reverting nor have any intention to do so.)

“I realized that he was a Muslim, when we got an invitation for an Iftar party from a Muslim minister of Jharkhand Haji Hussain Ansari. The name of the addressee was Raqeebul Hassan Khan. I was shocked. That is when the entire wall of lies collapsed,” alleged Tara.

Matters took a turn for the worst when her husband, on 9 July came home with 20- 25 Muslim clerics and forced her to undergo religious conversion. “I flatly refused. But all my protests fell on deaf ears. I was physically battered and made to be bitten by a dog too. All this was done to induce fear in me, so that I would convert to Islam. They also threatened that they would kill my brother, if I revealed truth to anyone,” said Tara.

Following the tortures, Tara is said to have gone to her parents house in Kishoreganj district. “On a piece of paper I wrote down all that was happening to me and left it in a cupboard, where I hoped it would be seen by some one and help would come my way,” she said.

On 17 August, Tara managed to take hold of a mobile phone belonging to a male helping hand and called her brother. “I asked my brother to come here along with the police. I was apprehensive of Raqeebul falsely implicating my brother in some case. He is a man well versed in politics and matters of law,” she added.

(What the Romans said about the christists holds true for all the christoclass virus: all education is wasted on christoislamaniacs=terrorists. They only use anything they ever learn for their convert-or-kill purposes.)

According to Tara, her first meeting with Raqeebul Khan took place at Hotwar Stadiium, a place she used to frequent for her shooting practices. “He declared his live for me in front of everyone and proposed thereafter. Following this, he invited me for dinner to his home on 14 June. Exactly a day after, on 15 June Tara went to a friend’s house for dinner. But as she stepped in, she stood face to face with Raqeebul, who was already present there. “He put the ring on my finger and gifted me with a gold bangle. He was impatient to get a date for the wedding chalked out. The engagement was conducted on 20 June and the wedding ceremony, on 7 July,” poured out Tara, adding that she least expected a nightmare to follow soon after.

(The predator clearly had it all planned out on how to catch his prey. He was so obviously stalking her, visiting all the places she went to.

Though I have no idea why his lame advances of threatening to "lub" her on short notice - and in front of "everyone" - even worked. You'd think such behaviour would sound warning bells... If not christoislamaniac demographic crusade, at least it's a stalker. And clearly he was just ticking off the items on his "how to woo Hindu women" list, which many have documented islamic sources as providing for their jihadi "romeos"/bluebeards to follow.)

Hindu organizations have cried foul, with a Muslim man resorted to fraudulent methods to marry a Hindu girl. With matters coming to light, the CBI plans to set up a probe into all organizations dealing with sports


Quote:Shooter Tara Shahdeo files FIR against husband on pretext of religion conversion

Tags: Rakibul Hasan, Ranjit Kumar Kohli, Shooter, Tara Shahdeo1

Published by: Urvashi Singhal

Published on: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 at 06:19 IST

(Pic of Tara. She looks rather lovely.)

New Delhi: Every now and then shocking incidents are reported and as a result, they turn out for eye openers for all. As per recent reports, the national level shooter Tara Shahdeo has alleged that her husband Ranjit Kumar Kohli harassed and assaulted her because she refused to convert to Islam. She further added that she remained in her husband's captivity for one month and was forced to convert to Islam. Tara even stated that she was forced to change her name to Sara, to which she even objected number of times.

As per reports, Ranjit's actual name was Rakibul Hasan and this shocker came to Tara on the night of her wedding. She said that before marriage, her husband had used his fake identity to tie the nuptial knot with the shooter.

Tara, after a month of suffering, reported the matter to the State National Commission for Women's chief, Mahua Manjhi and BJP leader Ajay Nath Shahdev and told them that she was beaten up every single day and many a times her husband starved her of food.

Tara married Rakibul on July 7 and her wedding was attended by big industrialists and politicians. Tara alleged that on her wedding night her husband called as many as 20-25 'Hajis' and forced her to convert to Islam and when she refused to do so, she was beaten up.

Later on, she reported the matter to the local police and an FIR has been registered. As of now, the police are looking for Hasan and his family.

I guess islamania is sorry they jumped the gun and went after someone less obscure/more famous so soon. That made it more public and reduced deniability both for islamaniacs and for Indian christomedia which always steps in to protect and nurture jihad against Hindus.
Rape Jihad / Kidnapping jihad / Demographic Jihad (usually euphemised as "love" jihad)


7. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/09/love-jihad-ground-report-investigation.html

Quote:Love Jihad - Ground Report Investigation by Headlines Today


This appears to be a master stroke by Headlines Today reporters to present the facts raw where the conclusion is inescapable that Love Jihad is being systematically conducted in UP.

I think they cover that up with commentary to the contrary just to weasel out of any blame.

Posted by non-carborundum at 9/14/2014 10:46:00 AM 0 comments Links to this post

8. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19063&SKIN=B

Quote:BJP alleges forcible conversions in state (Bihar)

13/09/2014 08:24:55 m.timesofindia.com/city/patna/BJP-alleges-forcible-conversions-in-state/articleshow/42392020.cms

PATNA: State BJP president Mangal Pandey has alleged large scale forcible religious conversions of girls are taking place in Bihar and the administration is not taking action on complaints made by the girls' parents.

Releasing two reports of investigation teams of party legislators and office-bearers in this regard on Friday, he said these incidents were not of 'love jihad' but pertained to kidnapping and forcible conversions. He alleged Muzaffarpur's Aarushi, who was kidnapped by one Md Ishtiyaq on July 28, was still held hostage at a mosque in Delhi. Her mother sat on dharna at Muzaffarpur on Friday.

BJP had sent the two teams to Bhagalpur and Sitamarhi on Thursday. The team members included Sanjiv Chaurasia, Prem Ranjan Patel, Shivesh Ram, Niranjan Ram, Binay Kumar Singh and Sushma Sahu. They were not allowed to meet the girls, Pandey alleged but quoted statements recorded by magistrates to substantiate his allegation that the girls were kidnapped, converted and forced to marry Muslims boys.

According to Pandey, 11 people of Khatwe caste were forced to change their religion at Bacharpur and Kambalpur villages in Sitamarhi district. At Rampurkhurd village under Pupri block in Sitamarhi district, wife of one Rajkishore Ram has named four co-villagers of different community who forced her husband to change religion. They were now intimidating her and two girls in the family to change their religion.

Pandey further said a minor girl was kidnapped from Badi Athgawana village in Akilpur panchayat in Bhagalpur district in March. Even though her statement was recorded before a magistrate, no arrest has been made so far. The accused belong to a different community. He cited other cases of Dhubawe village under the Sanokhar police station area and Jahangira village under the Sultanganj police station area in Bhagalpur, where conversions allegedly took place.

The BJP leader said the government should be vigilant as the victims of conversions were from mahadalit, dalit, EBC and OBC families.

Christoislamaniacs are so casteist. They always kidnap and rape (and often murder) Harijan Hindoos with impunity. None of the christomedia that pretends to work for "dalit rights" ever even report on the victimisation of Harijan Hindoos by christoislamania.

9. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19061&SKIN=B

Quote:Girls form human chain to protest ‘Love Jehad’

13/09/2014 06:04:46 freepressjournal.in/girls-form-human-chain-to-protest-love-jehad/

BHOPAL : Girls of various educational institutions under banner of ‘India Against Love Jihad’ made a human chain at Jyoti Talkies on Friday.

The girls held placards with slogans against Love-Jihad. They also condemned conversions after marriage. Earlier, pamphlets were circulated in the city mentioning the incidents of Tara Shahedev, Priyanaka and other girls who faced problems after inter-religious marriages. They were forced to convert.

These girls were from different background who are here in Bhopal to study and work. They said that girls should take lesson from national shooter Tara Sahdev incident which shoot the entire country.

India Against Love Jihad’s Sushma Singh said, “Girls from various educational institutes participated in human chain against Love Jihad at Jyoti Talkies.

They raised their voice against such practices. They aimed at creating awareness in the society to fight against Love Jihad. Voice was raised against conversion and sufferings after inter-religion marriage”.


Quote:The FreePressJournal since 1928

Battle against Love Jehad in Bhopal; human chain today

— By OUR STAFF REPOTER, September 12, 2014 01:04 am

BHOPAL : India against Love Jihad’ will make a human chain from Board Office to Jyoti Talkies squares on Friday in protest against ‘Love-Jihad’. The programme will be at 6.00 pm.

Meanwhile, pamphlets on ‘Love Jihad’ have surfaced in the Capital. They have been circulated by “India Against Love Jehad. They are sans print line.

The pamphlets say “Do you want to be one of four wives of your husband? Do you want to be victim of sex-trafficking? No? Then raise the voice with ‘India Against Love Jihad’. The pamphlets give ‘Hindu Helpline’ numbers as 0206680330, 07588682181 and toll free number 1090.

It quotes statistics claiming that an increasing number of Hindu women are being lured by Muslim men into marriage and are living as “second, third or fourth wives”. The pamphlets mention the incidents of Ranchi shooter Tara Shahdev, Neha of Chhindwara and Priyanka of Bhopal.

Pamphlets have also given tips how to identify Love-Jihadis with certain characteristics like Love-Jihadi will never accept ‘Mandir-Prasad’ and always request for ‘Halal’ meat, always try to clarify all the doubts raised against Islam and make mockery of other religions etc. Adding to the controversy, the pamphlets have stepped up a campaign against ‘Love Jihad’ – a term for what they consider to be an Islamist strategy to convert Hindu women through seduction, marriage and money. The pamphlets claim that the Love Jehadis lure Hindu girls through friendship at educational institutes, coaching, offices, Gym, etc.

They date them and convince the girls for marriage and finally they open their cards and pressurise them to convert.
The Love-Jihadi is rewarded Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh for success.

Non-vegetarian Hindu women who don't do arranged marriages and are seeing people whose backgrounds are not certain should offer their love-interests pork.* Dump them as a rule if they refuse it, if they don't make sure you watch them chew it and eat it. (* Don't know about meat-taboos among non-vegetarian Hindus. Am assuming pork is not on the forbidden list.)

Both non-/vegetarian Hindu women can read out loud from the Skeptics Annotated Koran or faithfreedom etc and see how their love interests take it. Don't stand for a single ounce of defence. (Even if they're secular and defending islamania on "all religions deserve to be defended" grounds", dump dump dump them). All Hindus should test for christianism too. Read from americanatheists' "the real bible" pages or evilbible.com and nobeliefs.com/darkbible pages, and especially jesusneverexisted.com.

Don't know why Hindoo women who want to marry of their own initiative (a.o.t. arranged marriages) don't just look for heathen Hindoo men: the kind you can see visiting temples for their own personal Hindoo reasons and where these take part in the rituals like only a Hindoo could (i.e. knows what they're doing). Alternatively, lots of Hindoo mathas publish lists of marriageable Hindoo men of families associated with those mathas. I'm sure any one of them would make a Hindoo woman happy.
Rape Jihad / Kidnapping jihad / Demographic Jihad (usually euphemised as "love" jihad)


10. rediff.com/news/report/love-jihad-strikes-again-girl-abducted-forcibly-converted/20140902.htm




Quote:RELATED KEYWORDS: Love-Jihad|islam|bhagalpur

Girl allegedly abducted in Bihar, forcibly converted to Islam

The author has posted comments on this articlePTI | Sep 2, 2014, 06.19PM IST

BHAGALPUR: An incident of a minor girl allegedly forced to embrace Islam after being abducted and married has come to light in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar.

Bhagalpur SSP Vivek Kumar said, "We have sent Kahalgaon ASP Neeraj Kumar Singh to investigate the matter."

Police officers said quoting an FIR lodged by Krishna Sinha, mother of 17-year-old Sonu Rani, a class XI student, at the Sanokhar police station on May 11 that Rani had gone to her ancestral village Dhuwabe in Bhagalpur district to attend a ceremony on April 30.

There she was abducted by four boys and taken to Patna, New Delhi and then back to Bhagalpur where one of the boys Monty married her, police said quoting the FIR.

The girl was rescued by the police on May 24. According to the FIR, Rani escaped from the house where Monty's family lives and told her mother that Monty had lied to her about his religion and that she was forcibly converted after being beaten up and tortured.

She was also threatened that she would be sold in a red light area and her family members would be killed, police said.

Vivek Kumar said, "The girl during her statement in the court under Section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code, had said she had gone with the boy on her own."

(TOI etc are all typical christomedia. That last statement - that she had gone with the boy on her own - is TOI trying to brush the away using a technicality: but the islamaniac had clearly made his approach under false pretences. As per even christorag TOI's admission, Sonu Rani had told to her mother that "Monty had lied to her about his religion". She didn't know Monty was a christoislamaniac. Many Hindus don't know their fionce(e)-s are christian terrorists. Many Hindus are similarly duped into fraternising and even marrying islamaniacs. (Only secular unHindus know the religious identity of their christoislamic love interest and actually don't mind. Hindus wouldn't go near a christoislamaniac.) But this is a pattern that christianism and islam repeat in India.** )

Kumar said that the boy being a minor was sent to a remand home.

** This is a long-standing pattern. E.g. even the Hindu tailor that my family frequented had sought to speak to his own Hindoo kind and revealed sorrowfully that he had been misled by his cryptochristist wife into marrying her: she had pretended to be Hindu before the marriage. But afterward, she and her brother and family tried to terrorise the Hindu tailor to convert to christianism. He refused, so out of christian bile/spite, they wouldn't let him worship his moorties or keep images of his Gods, and were trying to destroy these. Like all christian women, she was also a hysterical tyrant - textbook case of Indian christian. The Hindu tailor should have got a divorce, but traditional Hindoo heathens imagine doing so is "abandoning" their spouse. However, the christian leeching on him is not his spouse: she married him under false pretences and is a terrorist. Besides, Hindu weddings do not recognise Hindu marriages with non-Hindus such as christoislamics and alien "converts", so his marriage in religious terms never took place/is invalid and hence is annulled from the get-go. The christist woman and her christo family should be locked up for deception, coercion and iconoclasm, and any children of the void union ought to be confiscated from the christian terrorist side and given to the Hindu tailor and his family. Because it is a christoislamic plot to deliberately poach on as many Hindus as possible in order to ensure that any offspring they produce are christoislamic - thereby disallowing Hindus from producing Hindu offspring (preventing/decreasing Hindu offspring), while increasing the number of christoislamics at the direct expense of Hindus.* To counter such a christoislamic scheme, all such unions must be declared automatically void, and all children of such void unions should be returned to the Hindu side to be raised - and raised Hindu alone - only by the Hindu parent and its family.

* Note that this is planned demographic warfare on the part of the church, no less so than on the part of islam. Note also that christianism's longer-running ploy is as deceptive as islamania more recently reviving love jihad. This is why the church - like islamics - mandate that christians (esp. christian women) marry Hindus. The opposite pairings - also encouraged by the church - are also increasing. Howver, this part of the sexual jihad is almost never highlighted even by Hindus. Yet every day experiences show that the number of cases is as high as the number of reports of islamic rape jihad of Hindu women. Especially bad when taking into account the number of instances of christians marrying Hindus and producing christian (baptised) children.

Hindus must expose both cases, but they will expose only one. The other is even more insidious and even less likely to get discussed on Hindu sites, let alone get a mention in christomedia. That is why Hindus need to ensure that the Hindu collective is doubly alert to both kinds of threats.

11. Some further links, also already posted, all found on the same day just on TOI

Quote:Another ‘love jihad’ case comes to light in Jharkhand.


(also news18.com/news/jharkhand/after-tara-shahdeo-another-love-jihad-case-comes-to-light-588243.html)

Jharkhand chief minister recomends CBI investigation in love-jihad case.


Love Jihad in Madhya Pradesh: Two booked for forcing wives to embrace Islam.


Love jihad: UP high court seeks response from Centre, state and EC.


Court sends ‘love jihad’ accused, mother to 14-day judicial custody.


(See, muslimahs are entirely in on it. None of this "men make all the war, women are peaceful" feminist revisionist nonsense.

Like christos, islamics - male AND female - are equally guilty of all these crimes. Even if one is often more passive, it is nevertheless a very willing accomplice.)

I'm sure there are many cases that came up in the news recently that I missed. Not to mention the infinite number of cases that went before.

Practically none of the above has made it into international news. (DailyMail doesn't count. It doesn't mind having non-commie Indian reporters and does not feel particularly friendly toward islam.)

The international media's hysteria on "rape in India" was reserved for their hand-picked cases, which they could present as "secular" (but implicitly Hindu). And even in the Jyoti Pandey case - from all the reports I saw streaming in in non-Indian news outlets - they took care never to publish the islamaniac's name.
Edited: Replaced empty (deleted) post.

Another case of taqiyyah. This is not type 1 of love jihad (kidnapping and coercion to ensnare heathen into marriage with christoislamaniac), but type 2 (pre-meditated deception to ensnare heathen into marriage with christoislamaniac), like that of Tara Shahdeva/Shahdeo (although in her and other cases, it is documented that co-ercion to convert soon followed upon marriage).

Pre-meditated deception by islamaniacs desperate to get the 1 lakh Rs that the mullahs have promised for every muslim male who snares a kufr Indian female seems quite a trend now.

Though I still don't get why Hindu women are suddenly going about randomly marrying men about whom they have obviously not bothered to confirm whether they are *actual* heathens.

I mean, every self-professed "Hindu" atheist/agnostic/secular - a "culturally/civilisationally Hindu" - is always willing to marry Hindoo wo/men in a Hindoo temple too, but they're not heathens either, and the Hindoo spouse will then just be stuck with these unheathens and end up producing a secular generation, followed by a psecular/rabid anti-Hindu one, followed by a christoislamic one. I.e. your heathenism will die with *your* generation.

Hindoo wo/men need to get their priorities straight: what and why are you marrying - a declining inflow of oxytocins (and dopamines)* or a fellow-heathen?

* And the chemical high will stop much earlier when you discover that your spouse is not what you were deceived into thinking it was.


Quote:UP: Man booked for hiding his religion from wife

07/10/2014 10:19:34 zeenews.india.com/news/uttar-pradesh/up-man-booked-for-hiding-his-religion-from-wife_1467643.html

Sambhal: A 25-year-old woman has lodged a case of cheating against her husband for not revealing his religion before their marriage earlier this year, police said.

The complainant, a resident of Rithali village under Nakhasa police station area, has alleged that the accused Bablu married her as per Hindu rituals on May 1 but she later came to know that he was Muslim, Circle Officer Sambhal Jagvir Singh Atri said today.

An FIR was lodged late last night and the accused has been arrested, the CO said, adding, that further investigations are
Forgot to archive this next misery. (Christoislamania is a relentless source of active, direct misery and torment to unsaved kaffirs, especially in India. I don't know why the latter continue to put up with it.)


Quote:Monday, August 04, 2014

Hindu woman gang raped in Meerut Madrasa, forced to convert

My blood is boiling today. I have been contemplating this atrocity all day with some agitation. I have tears in my eyes as I write about this unspeakable bestiality.

A young Hindu woman, a teacher in a Madrasa in Meerut, U.P was abducted, gangraped and forcibly converted to Islam, forcibly had her Fallopian tubes removed - forcibly sterilized by the Indian Taliban - she can never be a mother.

She states that there are over 40 young Hindu women held captive and being subjected to all kinds of bestiality in that Madrasa - possibly being held for trafficking as sexual slaves to Arab countries or sold off to brothels run by Jihadis around the country.

This is supposed to be a "religious seminary", a "house teaching God's worship" etc. Yet, the medieval barbarians commit these crimes against humanity.

The U.P police tore up the victim's complaint 6 times and refused to register an FIR - attempting to negate this ghastly

rape - out of "secular" compulsions.

The #Presstitutes will try all their dirty tricks to negate this Jihadi crime. A Moslem catering employee being allegedly forced to sniff a stale Roti leads to a national outcry, but the serial gangrape and forcible conversion of hundreds of Hindu women is unworthy of being reported?

Are Hindu women simply expected to "surrender" themselves to rape, lust Jihadis in the interest of perverted Nehru-Ghandy "secularism"? After all , Shikhandi Manmohan had stated from the ramparts of the Red fort that "Muslims have the first claim on the nation's resources".

Anwar Goswami had suggested on national TV that the Hindu Temple in Moradabad, U.P should be demolished as it had no business existing in a Muslim area.

Similarly, the very existence of Hindu women in a Moslem dominated city is a

grave "provocation" to the thugs to indulge in wanton rape and conversion.

Anwar Goswami's female relatives have not been raped; therefore he will be conspicuously silent on this issue.

Burka Dutt, Sagarika Ghose, Angana, Susan Roy et al will say that the Hindu fundamentalists are "raising an ugly controversy". They are all personally culpable in the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Rape Jihadis.

The USCIRF will adamantly rant about "Hindu fundamentalists persecuting religious minorities in India."

Will justice ever be done in this case or the thousands of other such "secular" rapes across the length and breadth of the country?

Is this the Indian republic that our freedom fighters embraced martyrdom for? Hindus in India are orphaned even as P.M Narendra Bhai Modi seeks to avoid conflict and pursues an agenda of development. This atrocity is a grave provocation like Godhra. I'm

also reminded of the abduction, rape and forcible conversion to Islam of Kanchan Mishra, a young married Hindu woman in Lallu Yadav's Bihar during Vajpayee's Prime ministership. The Hindu government in New Delhi then was impotent to do anything beyond instituting an inquiry by the National Commission for Women - as it is impotent today under Union Home Minister Shri. Rajnath Singh - himself from U.P.

Dhimmis in the Rajya Sabha were itching to debate the events in Gaza and pass some kind of resolution censuring Israel. GOI allowed a debate - under Ghazi Hamid Ansari and gang rape accused P.J

Kurien. Why isn't this issue raised in the Lok Sabha by any of the BJP's 282 M.P's? Are they afraid of being labeled "communal" by the Dalaal media?

P.M Narendra bhai Modi, where is your 56 inch chest? The Mullahs have abducted, raped and forcibly converted our sister just a few weeks before Raksha Bandhan, under the benign watch of Mullah Mulayam

- the rape eulogising barbarian whose Jihadi goons pound

their chests with pride at their serial rape of defenseless Hindu women with complete impunity and absolutely no repercussions.

I will be unable to sleep today. It is a "time to kill" as in the famous Hollywood movie.

Behen Beti ki yahi pukaar,

Kahan hai Hindu ki Talwaar.

Tension grips Meerut after woman gang-raped, forced to convert

http :// m.rediff.com/news/report/tension-grips-meerut-after-woman-gang-raped-forced-to-convert/20140804.htm

Watch the victim narrate her story

https :// m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=J8A259ia9ow

Posted by karyakarta92 at 8/04/2014 08:21:00 PM



Quote:Rohit Joshi said...

Nice write-up! You sound really charged up and why not. We're all charged up here.

Even I wrote my views on the issue. Kindly check and provide some feedback. I'll appreciate that. And please follow for follow, I would like to stay in touch. Keep writing!


http :// rohitjoshi888.blogspot.in/2014/08/meerut-gang-rape-thank-god-she-was-hindu.html

8/06/2014 9:17 AM

karyakarta92 said...

Rohit Joshi, We're actually on the same page. Your post in a different, cynical/ironic way states the sad truth that nobody in the media cares about the victim because she is a MERE HINDU - and this was to be expected. Thanks for posting the link to your blog.

8/07/2014 10:41 PM

Not more pointless crying. See there's a huge ocean of tears already. It just pools, but has had no other effect on Hindoos' situation.

Save crying for later, for when the Hindu victims have been avenged. Their tormentors deserve death. So why are Hindus crying instead of implementing that?

Ignoring the whole "Karna is the hero, Arjuna stole his thunder/the limelight" inverted-spin some gave the MBh, the (hopefully less disputable) obvious lesson one can learn from the Hindoo epics is that Hindoos have a duty to put a permanent end to the lives of those who terrorise their women (and children, old people and animals starting from the Cow, and temples etc).

Oh but I forget. That is something for grown-ups. Let's stick to crying, since apparently Indian nationalism/activism is filled with ... infants? (Infants naturally cry, because they can't do anything for themselves yet. They cry to get help from adults who will do stuff for them. When crying won't get help, it's therefore ... pointless. Still, I'm not saying that there's no place for crying - since it is a horrible, miserable thing these women are experiencing, after all - so cry away, but not as a replacement for actually *doing* something.)

Thanks a lot Kshatriyas, for dying and leaving a nation of babies behind. The irony is you can't even blame the Kshatriyas, since they already died for other Hindus, as part of their duty to protect Hindoo heathens and heathenism. Little did they know that some centuries later, their mass extinction would all have been in vain anyway: we're back to square one, with Jihad back on, and apparently only babies left behind. (None of which apparently grew up in all the intervening centuries...?)

Q: why will modern Hindu men/"nationalists" etc not avenge these women?

Or rather, the Q is: what more horrendous crimes do christoislamaniacs need to commit against Hindoos before today's Hindu men will finally take *action* and kill (yes, I said kill) every last one of the muslims who are torturing these 40+ Hindu women held hostage?

Even Narakasura (was it not he who kidnapped some 16,000 women?) was not so debased, when contrasted against these christoislamics commiting sexual violence against Hindu women and children and also otherwise violently forcing them to convert. And yet Hindoos' divine heroes readily wiped the floor with Narakasura in order to free, avenge - and then rehabilitate* - his hoard of kidnapped women, plus to protect other women from said asura in future. [* Hindoos' God, Bhagavaan Krishna - setting the example for the definition of a heathen hero - was IIRC to have married all 16,000, since abused women had less chance of getting a husband. Well, in the end these 16,000 got the best husband of all. <- Typical Hindoo heathen story of victory and happy endings.]

And compared to what christoislamaniacs are doing, even Ravana and the Kauravas were far less villainous in their behaviour toward the women they wronged, and yet ancient divine Hindoos would not put up with even so much, but brought about their demise.

Instead of acting like their examples and similarly thrashing all those who injure Hindoo women, modern Hindus will 1. keep writing away on websites; 2. pontificate about the "real" purport and underdog etc of the Hindoo epics (and other pointless Indian "intellectual" "scholarship", usually consisting of denouncing actual Hindoo scholarship - e.g. Rajarant booing at Hindoo scholarship); 3. organising pointless conferences and presentations to raise awareness, yet never raising *action* that will end the lives of the ones abusing the women and children. [And the lives of the abusers deserve to be ended.]

Modern Hindus will cry - which is understandable, but still not actually helpful. But they won't even threaten death to the criminals - for fear that their "civilised persona" reputation will be tarnished (although, threatening death to the terrorists is only just a little more useful than crying. Meanwhile Singaporean Chinese men issued death threatens to a western lout for speaking ill of Singapore's people. I'm sure they'd have massacred any islamaniacs if these had kidnapped, sexually tormented, forcibly converted and removed the organs of Singaporean women. Recall the 1964 -or so- "race" riots in Singapore - back when it was still part of Malaysia - when Chinese eventually retaliated against islamaniac Malays who had been terrorising the majority-heathen Singaporean region of Malaysia in order to convert-or-kill it.)

Why won't Hindus organise, mob and wipe the floor with each and every christo-islamaniac who terrorises Hindu women (children, cows etc)? Christoislamania cannot be corrected, and since heathens will never - but never - enter into total war, so at a minimum christoislamania should be permanently scared - by the possibility of full and immediate retaliation for any of their crimes - into abiding by the law and respecting the freedoms of other persons.

Why do I suspect that if 16,000 or even 16 million Hindu women were similarly terrorised by christo-islamaniacs and being forced to convert, Hindus would still be 1. writing; 2. pretend to be intellectual and prattle on about their knowledge of Hindoo epics etc or other "scholarship"; 3. prance about conferences and give public lectures as an end to one's own involvement; 4. cry after realising that 1-3 is pointless (but unable to plan or execute actual revenge).

The Hindoo epics (aka Hindoo heathenism itself) are so wasted on modern Indians. They'd rather play intellectuals and scholars on it than *embody* it.

So utterly wasted.

Was disappointed that not even Karyakarta - surely one of the more energetic Hindu nationalist vocalists - threatened to beat the islamaniac offenders to a bloody pulp. But it underlined the sum total of modern Indian activism/Indian nationalism (lowercase n): lots of talk (but not even bravura), no action. (<- Summary of the "intellectual kshatriya" nonsense of Rajarant. Kshatriyas are very intellectual as a matter of course - being a leader and given to strategic thought and such deep stuff - but is first and foremost a person of action: a literal warrior, for upholding Hindoo-dom onlee.)

Sigh. India's become so emasculated by modern pseudo-Hindu nationalism and pseudo-modernity and with its blind trust in the mirage of a nannying civil society (one which is held hostage by christo-subverted laws that actively protects and propagates jihad/christianism while punishing and paralysing the heathen victims).

The actual item again, from some 2 months ago:


Quote:Monday, August 04, 2014

Hindu woman gang raped in Meerut Madrasa, forced to convert

My blood is boiling today. I have been contemplating this atrocity all day with some agitation. I have tears in my eyes as I write about this unspeakable bestiality.

A young Hindu woman, a teacher in a Madrasa in Meerut, U.P was abducted, gangraped and forcibly converted to Islam, forcibly had her Fallopian tubes removed - forcibly sterilized by the Indian Taliban - she can never be a mother.

She states that there are over 40 young Hindu women held captive and being subjected to all kinds of bestiality in that Madrasa - possibly being held for trafficking as sexual slaves to Arab countries or sold off to brothels run by Jihadis around the country.


Tension grips Meerut after woman gang-raped, forced to convert

http :// m.rediff.com/news/report/tension-grips-meerut-after-woman-gang-raped-forced-to-convert/20140804.htm

Watch the victim narrate her story

https :// m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=J8A259ia9ow

Note how the above didn't make it on international news. The selective reporting is very deliberate: they deliberately conceal the mass numbers of christo-islamic crimes against Hindoo heathens in India, since only news items that can somehow be spun into anti-Hindu psy-ops is allowed to be broadcast widely, in order to pretend that Hindu religion is (christo-magically) "a threat to Hindu women".
Supporting links for 2 comments I'd inserted (in purple) in an earlier post somewhere above.

1. Hindu Sumitra vs the christian rape-and-conversion terrorist:

[quote name='Husky' date='25 September 2014 - 10:54 PM' timestamp='1411665385' post='117361']

Quote:Moreover, cases have also been registered against Kalam’s wife Khushnuma, daughters Saira and Shabnam, son Salman and four aides Mohammad Afzal, Merazuddin, Nawab, Sajid and Salim.

(The entire family - muslimahs and all - were in on it. Like the many christian Suzanna "Arundhoti" Roy-s and the many cryptochristian Sagarika Ghose-s - apologists for rape and terrorism that they are - these muslimahs are also complicit in the rape and kidnapping and terrorism. The case is very similar to that Hindu woman - Sumitra - who was raped by a christian man and then the courts forced her to marry him and he and his mother and relatives all terrorised her in order to try to convert her. But then, christos=islamics because christianism=islamism.)


Bharatvarsha's posts featuring news articles on Sumitra:

2. Testimony by ex-muslim revert to Hindu heathenism from Secularislam.org:

[quote name='Husky' date='25 September 2014 - 10:54 PM' timestamp='1411665385' post='117361']

Quote:Tara also alleges that Raqeebul Hasan would force her into physical relationship, at gun point. He even went to the extent of spreading slander about Tara, an aspiring shooter whose sole aim was to bring laurels to her nation.

(Aka Rape Jihad. There was a testimony of apostasy on faithfreedom or secularislam.org long ago, written by the daughter of a Hindu woman who was similarly raped by her islamanic husband (rape = the sum-total of islamic "love"). The daughter found out the history and plight of her mother, reverted to Hindoo religion, organised a plan to run away and successfully took her hapless mother with her. But heathens who leave the christo-islamania which was enforced on them by the circumstances of their birth are cool that way. She may have married a Hindoo man by now - or so I like to think.

So different from the average muslimahs showing interest in heathen men: i.e. interested in heathen men only for demographic purposes, because they're not actually interested in reverting nor have any intention to do so.)


The long time defunct "secularislam.org" site, started mainly by ex-muslim/apostate "Ibn Warraq" (=his penname), has now moved to:


Note that this "ISIS" abbreviation stands for "Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society" and is older - by over 1.5 decades at least, as Internet Archive first crawled secularislam.org in Jan 1999, when it was already called ISIS.

A lot of the secularislam.org pages seem to have been transferred to the new site at centerforinquiry.net/isis. However, after briefly looking for it , I can only find the "Testimonies: Why I left islam" pages on Internet Archive. (Ibn Warraq's book "Why I'm not a muslim" is also supposed to contain testimonies, which he had collected from his secularislam site, and might contain the following therefore.) Anyway, the particular testimony I was referring to was:



26 Jun 2002




Dear ISIS,

I was born into a very staunch Muslim family in the US. Learning to read the Quran the moment I could read. I was under the misconception that if I did not do as Allah told me to do, I would be punished severely. I was also told that if I didn't wear modest clothes I was being immoral. Right from a little girl I wore the head scarf. My friends would ask me why, and I would tell them "because God said so'.

Around the age of 14, I realized how much of life I was missing out on. How my father commanded that I do my prayers 5 times a day and never play any sports because they would only lead me to the devil. One night I was talking to my parents about college and my father said that I would never go to college because he had chosen a boy for me and I was about to get married to him as soon as I turned 18. I was shocked....my mother ran out of the room crying. I began to plead with my father to let me go to college. But he said no. When I asked him why, he told me that Muslim women are not supposed to be educated or go to work. They are supposed to be good wives, who never disagree with their husbands and be good honorable women. I couldn't belive my ears. This man was still living in the dark-ages.

The next day after school I went to the mosque to talk with our Maulvi Sahab. When I told him about my father's irrational behavior---he agreed with him. He told me that if all the Muslim men in our community thought like your father, we would be in a really good place right now.

I was stuck and didn't know what to do. I kept thinking about it till late that night. At around 2am my mom came to check up on me and found me crying. That night I came to know what a sick religion Islam was. She told me that she had been a well educated (Doctor) Hindu woman who had fallen in love with my father in India. During their courtship my father had told her that he was very broad-minded and did not want her to convert when they got married. Against my grand-parent's wishes she married him and did the Nikaah just so her mother-in-law would like her. Thats where her nightmare began. Her In-laws would not let her go out of the house. No one could come and visit her. She was confined in a home where everyone would spit on her for being a 'Kafir'. They made her read the Quran and do Namaz. If she didn't they would beat her. My father would come home and force himself on her. When she would ask him not to, he would tell her that it was written in the Quran, and she was nothing more than a slave to him. After about a year of their marriage, they left for the US. My mom was already pregnant with me.

When I was born he was not too happy with my Mom. He said that if he had married someone of his own faith he would have had a boy for sure. Giving him a girl was the way Allah was punishing him for marrying a Hindu.

When I heard all this I began to hate my father and Islam. I promised to get my mom out of this situation and also never ever end up like her. When I turned 18, along with the help of a lawyer, I managed to get my mom and dad divorced. My mom actually went back to school and has a flourishing practice now.

As for me, you might say that I reverted. I am a practising and loving Hindu now. I have changed my name. I live a life full of love and adoration for a God who does not preach hate, who encourages me to think and gain knowledge, who shows me the way without fear and who loves everyone no matter who they are.

Thank You ISIS for letting me tell my story.
(More of last decade's testimonies of apostasy at the link.)

She's very heroic. Typical heathen mentality. Irrepressible.

Note that her testimony reveals what was back then the more usual form of taqiyyah in the demographic jihad against Hindus: muslim males telling gullible Hindu women that they have an "open outlook" on religion etc.

This decade, islam has grown desperate, since even fewer Hindu women now want to convert to islam, and islamaniacs have started to resort their original tactics seen more commonly in the islamaniac invasion era: outright kidnapping, or if that's out of the question, pretending they're Hindus until after the wedding.
Today's news report. The crime is from 7 Nov 2014. Canada.

The teenage victim looks like she may have some E Asian (or perhaps indigenous?) ancestry.

Fortunately, she's survived. Though they tried to kill her (twice) after gang-raping her (twice).


Quote:Canadian Teenage Girl Dumped In Icy River To Die After A Sexual Assault

International Business Times (AU)

Sounak Mukhopadhyay 5 hrs ago

[Photo of victim] © CBC News Rinelle Harper.

Two Canadian men were charged with aggravated sexual assault and attempted murder against a teenager.

According to Winnipeg police, the accused attacked another woman on the night they assaulted the teenage girl.

The 16-year-old teenager was identified as Rinelle Harper from Manitoba. The identification of the girl was an unusual step by officers. It was done with the permission of the parents to crack the case with additional information.

According to investigators, Harper was attacked near a bridge downtown while she was out with her friends.

Harper was allegedly beaten by the suspects who left her last Friday, November 7, in the icy water of the Assiniboine River to die. However, Harper had the strength to pull herself onto a walkway. A passer-by discovered her there next morning and took her to hospital where she was admitted in critical condition, National Post reported.

Later she was upgraded to stable condition. Investigators also said that the attack against Harper was "sexual in nature." Surveillance footage captured from a nearby building has reportedly played a key role in identifying the two men and retracing the girl.

According to CTV News, the suspects were a teenage boy and a man. They started a conversation with Harper and started walking with her around midnight. They eventually assaulted her and threw her to the river. When she tried crawling out of the river, they assaulted her for the second time.

The suspects allegedly attacked the teenager with a weapon. She was sexually assaulted and her upper body was injured. The homicide unit started the investigation as the initial attack against Harper was of serious nature.

Harper's school Southeast Collegiate issued a statement last Wednesday.

It said that the school was "extremely thankful of the remarkable progress" Harper made since she had been found injured. The school wished its 16-year-old student a speedy recovery. It was hoped that she would soon go back to school.

The suspects are kept in custody, according to officers. The 17-year-old teenager, who faces charges for sexual assault with a weapon, aggravated sexual assault and attempted murder, is unidentified. The other suspect who faces same charges is identified as 20-year-old Justin James Hudson from Winnipeg.
Oh yeah that's *right*. Forgot the reality that all those creepy 80s/early 90s US movies about fraternity gang rapes were trying to portray.

Apparently it's not a thing of the past. Seems rather to be engrained American culture.

News dated "1 day ago": 6 Dec 2014.


Quote:Rolling Stone and the UVA gang rape controversy, explained


Libby Nelson

There are two controversies around a Rolling Stone article on an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia.

The first is around the school hugely mishandling an alleged incident of sexual assault . The article details what a freshman named Jackie says she went through after an alleged gang rape at a fraternity house at UVA. It put campus sexual assault back in the news and made UVA a poster child as a university not doing enough to stop it.

The second is over the story itself and its reporting. After Rolling Stone published the article on Nov. 19, reporters at other outlets pointed out that the writer had never contacted the alleged rapists. On Dec. 5, Rolling Stone issued an apology for the story, saying its "trust in [Jackie] was misplaced," as the Washington Post reported major discrepancies in the events the magazine story described. The fraternity issued a statement denying its members were involved.

The article is the story of an horrific alleged gang rape of a freshman at UVA

"A Rape on Campus" tells the story of a UVA freshman named Jackie, who went to her first fraternity party in 2012 as an 18-year-old freshman. The article says she'd been asked to dinner and to the party at the Phi Kappa Psi house by Drew (a pseudonym), a fellow lifeguard at the campus pool. At the party, where Jackie did not drink, Drew took her upstairs to a dark room, where seven men raped her for several hours, including one who penetrated her with a beer bottle.

This is the crux of the scene — a violent, bloody gang rape, powerfully (and truly graphically) described:

"Shut up," she heard a man's voice say as a body barreled into her, tripping her backward and sending them both crashing through a low glass table. There was a heavy person on top of her, spreading open her thighs, and another person kneeling on her hair, hands pinning down her arms, sharp shards digging into her back, and excited male voices rising all around her. When yet another hand clamped over her mouth, Jackie bit it, and the hand became a fist that punched her in the face. The men surrounding her began to laugh. For a hopeful moment Jackie wondered if this wasn't some collegiate prank. Perhaps at any second someone would flick on the lights and they'd return to the party.

"Grab its motherfucking leg," she heard a voice say. And that's when Jackie knew she was going to be raped.

But this week, details are emerging that cast some doubt on the story as Rolling Stone reported it.

The identity of "Drew" is one of the biggest discrepancies. Jackie did not give Rolling Stone his real, full name, and close friends didn't know it until recently. But friends told the Washington Post his name and description (dimples, blue eyes, dark hair) don't match anyone in Phi Psi, and no member of Phi Psi worked as a lifeguard that year, according to the fraternity.

Jackie says she's sure that her rape occurred at the Phi Psi house — a friend pointed out to her after the fact — on Sept. 28, 2012. The fraternity says it doesn't have a record of a party on that date.

But it seems clear that something traumatic happened to her in the fall of her freshman year. Friends told the Washington Post that she became quiet and withdrawn; she has since been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. She told the Post that the Rolling Stone account was accurate in general but missed some of the details.

UVA didn't inform students about the rape or encourage Jackie to go to the police

Jackie told Rolling Stone that after the rape she called three friends, who urged her not to go to the hospital for fear of the social repercussions if she did so. She spent the rest of her freshman year depressed, even suicidal, and failing classes; when she finally hinted at what had happened, she was sent to Nicole Eramo, the associate dean of students in charge of handling all incoming sexual assault reports.

Jackie says Eramo offered her choices: she could go to the police, she could go to the university's Sexual Misconduct Board, or she could have an informal conversation with her attacker. (Oh I get it. Conversation at gunpoint?) She did not choose to pursue any of those avenues. UVA didn't alert students that a rape had been reported at the fraternity house.

Colleges also have a responsibility under federal law to conduct an independent inquiry when they learn about sexual assault or harassment on campus.

Jackie did not file a complaint, and she says she still does not feel ready to do so. But even when students do file complaints with the Sexual Misconduct Board, the students they're accusing are often found not guilty. One student was raped while she was drunk, passed out, and possibly drugged: "The Sexual Misconduct Board told the young woman it found her 'compelling and believable,' but found the man not guilty."

Since 1998, 183 students have been expelled for cheating, plagiarism, and other academic issues, including one student who was stranded in Greece after being found guilty of plagiarism in a summer program. UVA has never expelled a student for sexual assault.

(Uh, because plagiarism is so much more criminal than gang/rape, right? I mean, one hurts the intellectual rights of another and the other ... doesn't. Or so the Uni of Virginia seems to reason. The world makes less and less sense, but this is not the first time.)

The story isn't just about Jackie — it's a broad indictment of UVA's culture

(But it's *not* just the University of Virginia, is it? It's quite US university culture. As also seen in 80s/90s American movies. US universities' PR depts are just better at covering up now/at minimising the fallout from the events coming to public notice.)

The article describes an administration that did not push victims of sexual assault to file charges, and a student culture that's more concerned with partying and binge drinking than with rape victims.

While Jackie's is the main point of view, the article also lays out evidence of years of other sexual assaults that were kept quiet or insufficiently punished, going back to a gang rape at the Phi Psi house in 1984. Jackie says two other students later told her they, too, were gang raped at Phi Psi. The story's author, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, also talks to a 45-member group of sexual assault survivors on campus about their experiences.

After the article was published, many other women wrote to Rolling Stone to say they, too, had been raped as UVA students or while on campus.

UVA is the latest example of how badly colleges handle sexual assault

In the past two years, victims of sexual assault on college campuses have pressured their universities to change and made preventing and responding to sexual assault a national issue — one that has become a priority the White House.

Under Title IX, which forbids sex discrimination in education, colleges have to deal with sexual assault complaints from their students, even if a police investigation is proceeding at the same time.

Often, victims say colleges haven't done enough. Yale found six students guilty of "nonconsensual sex" in 2013; only one was suspended, and none were expelled. At Columbia, one student is carrying her mattress with her until her assaulter, also accused by two other women but found not guilty by a disciplinary panel, is no longer on campus. And while the Ivy League cases get the most media attention, the Education Department is investigating complaints at big public universities, community colleges, and even a medical school — more than 80 cases in all.

Jackie's story as Rolling Stone reported it is one of the worst; few, if any, other complaints that have been publicly reported on involve the organized, premeditated gang rape of a sober woman.

The controversy is mostly about Rolling Stone, not about the truth of rape allegations

Rolling Stone evidently didn't know Drew's full name, making it impossible to contact him. Jackie says she was pressured to continue participating in the story even when she had second thoughts and wanted out. And the discrepancies that the Washington Post uncovered show that a more measured approach to reporting would have revealed that Jackie's story as she told it wasn't completely solid.

Jackie's story was dramatic and arresting, and it drew even more national attention to the problem of campus rape. It sounds like Rolling Stone decided it was too dramatic to fully check out. But it doesn't change the fact that rape is an underreported crime, or that false reports of rape (which count only criminal allegations, something Jackie never did) are extremely rare — the most rigiours research has found that, at most, 8 percent of reported rapes are false.

But what people will remember is that Rolling Stone told a dramatic story that might not have been true. That's unfortunate on all fronts.

The fact that the victim became withdrawn and suicidal - as mentioned above - points to her trauma being real rather than imaginary. Though US journalism - Rolling Stone or other - often do tend to play fast and loose with the facts.

5 items.

1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19302&SKIN=C

Quote:Jihadis Hack to Death Muslim Woman and her Hindu Husband in UP

06/12/2014 02:25:18 HK

UP: A newly married couple was recently hacked to death by Jihadis owing to the factor of religion- the bride Danishtta Begum was a Muslim and Sonu the groom, a Hindu. The gruesome deed was done in broad day light, in the midst of a crowd in Happur village of Uttar Pradesh. The woman’s brother Talib and her mother have been arrested by police in connection with the murder.

According to sources, the couple got married four months back, after having been in love for over 13 years. They were neighbours as well. The wedding is said to have taken place without the consent of the bride’s family. This therefore prompted them to flee the place and settle down in Fathehpur village, around 75 km away from Delhi.

However, since the couple did not have a marriage certificate to prove that they were united in wedlock, they were directed by the Panchayat to separate, which they did. However, Danishtta would meet her husband on covert, which angered Talib. Infuriated, he slaughtered his sister and her husband in broad day light. Sonu was mercilessly hacked. Danishtta, who came to shield her husband was also killed.

2. Christian love jihad/love crusade. No surprise, since christianism=islam. Compare with case of the irrepressibly-Hindoo Sumitra who was also being terrorised to convert by her christian-rapist husband and his christian-terrorist relatives. Unlike Sumitra who refused, the following Hindu victim killed herself because her christian=evil husband tortured her (which is *exactly* what islamaniacs/'love' jihadis do too, so why differentiate between the two diseased zombies):


Quote:Wife commites suicide after Christian husband tortures for worshipping Hindu gods

12/11/2014 03:31:50 With Media inputs

Antony Joseph, a lift operator in a jewelry shop has been arrested on the charge of abetting the suicide of his Hindu wife Preethi (name changed). Antony had allegedly tortured his wife for worshipping Hindu Gods, which led her to the drastic step. Sources state that a city court has quashed his bail plea.

According to Preethi’s father Thiyagarajan, Antony was against Hindu way of worship and often tortured her for this, even though the wedding was conducted in accordance with both faiths, in 2007. Preethi was found hanging in the couple’s residence in Saligramam on October 22. Jospeh has been arrested, following the registration of a case under section 306 (abetting the commission of suicide).
Anyway, with any luck joseph will be tortured in prison and be found hanging. Surely that can be arranged? I hear Indian prisoners have their own sense of justice. Now's the time for prisoners to make a difference.

Note how both islamania and christomania prevent Hindoos from producing Hindoo offspring: they kidnap and rape and murder Hindus, or brainwash else kidnap and marry Hindoos. Then either the Hindoo is forced to convert or it gets killed. I.e. the Hindoo is given the choice of producing christoislamic offspring or else not being allowed to produce any offspring (because the Hindoo is christo-magically killed off if it refuses to convert or if its children can't be raised christoislamic.)

3. Islamaniacs gangrape and murder Hindu girl in Karnataka. This was followed by islamaniacs calling in the christomedia and christo-KKKangress of Karnataka to cover up the jihad. Of course, christianism immediately obliged: brothers in monotheism where heathens are concerned.


Quote:Muslims gang-rape a minor Hindu girl in Tirthahalli: Massive cover up to protect the rapists

(The details about what happened are at the link, and the 3 known islamaniac assailants. The rest is interestingSmile


Indeed, the cover up attempts began right at the local hospital. In case little Nandita was not shifted to Manipal, all clues as to the barbaric reality of the case would’ve been suppressed by now. However, thanks to the local hospital doctors’ advice, the gory details of the case have now spread to as far as Udupi. Because the politician realized that the anger of Hindus could not be contained, he ordered them to be lathicharged and imprisoned.

According to locals, when Nandita’s father went to the police station on 31 October, he received a humiliating treatment from the police.Meanwhile, the media was activated to twist and distort the report of the actual incident. Here is a representative sample of the distortion: Nandita had an illicit relationship with a Muslim man. When her parents came to know of this, they beat her up. Unable to take this beating, she consumed poison and killed herself.

However, it is true that she did consume poison: except that it was force-fed to her by the three Muslim rapists in order to silence her, and avoid detection. It was because of this that she vomited for the first time after she was pushed from the hill.

Not a single Kannada media house said a single word about Nandita’s brutal fate even 18 hours after her death. Every single person in Tirthahalli knows the complete details of the incident with names of the guilty, and the people who are now working overtime to protect the rapists.

Of course, international christonews will not report on the above, the way they did - with much pretended indignation - on the allegedly "secular" gangrapes against Jyoti Pandey and the 2 poor girls who were hanged.

4. Speaking of which, here's stuff found this last week that did not make the international news (taken from an otherwise nonsense article about bollywho):


Feedback on the International Film Festival of India

by Bhaskar Menon on 07 Dec 2014

Quote:- People are also oblivious that television images carry a heavy emotional/ cultural content and shape global perceptions of India. For instance, the image of the two girls in Badaun, supposedly raped and left hanging from a tree, packaged into one potent cocktail the India-associated ideas of caste brutality, gender violence, open defecation and police ineffectiveness. According to the reports carried by our “elite” media, the girls were raped because they had to go out at night to defecate in the fields, and their bodies hung from the tree for 12 hours -- an image that made the prime time news around the world -- because all the constables in the local police station were drunk.

According to the just released CBI report on the killings, none of that was true. The older of the girls had a long-standing relationship with the prime accused, a police constable. Her cell phone shows she had over 400 conversations with him. On the night of the murders, she called to ask him for money and they planned to have sex. The CBI says the girls committed suicide because a relative discovered this. (I don’t buy that for a second. Everything the CBI report unveils supports my theory that the girls were killed for money, and that they were left hanging from the tree to create an image that would wipe out the hugely positive one of the majestic transfer of power in New Delhi.)

5. About the gangrape and murder of Jyothi Pandey by Mohammed 'Raju' Afroz and co.

There were suspicious aspects to that as well - not just how Jyothi who was dying of her injuries was pointlessly sent all the way to Singapore for treatment. And then there were many disturbing elements to the handling of the case as well*.

One of the suspicious aspects can be discerned from the comments at:


Quote:and why leave out the name of the main accused in nirbhya case - mohd. raju (who was a youth cong member no less and wass termed by the courts as the most brutal of all the accused in spite of being an alleged juvenile)

As an aside. In the Shakti Mills gangrape case IIRC the gangrapists were mostly muslims, but then one got reported with a Hindu name/alias. However, the above commenter remarked:

Quote:vijay jhadav is an alias of a bangladeshi if you had cared to do some research.
Anything that confirms/denies that?

(* See also uk.news.yahoo.com/india-court-suspends-death-sentences-delhi-gang-rape-115922657.html from July 2014 (i.e. this year): if the appeal mentioned therein were true, it would be greatly troubling for many reasons and point to a very real conspiracy. Therefore things would be easier all-round if it were not true. May never know. But stopped following the case after that. Wonder what the findings were regarding that appeal and what the court ruled on it?)

Full version of the 3rd item in the previous post.


Quote:Muslims gang-rape a minor Hindu girl in Tirthahalli: Massive cover up to protect the rapists

November 3, 2014

(Note: This is a translation of the Kannada news report of a minor Hindu girl’s brutal gang rape at Tirthahalli in Karnataka, and how the entire establishment and media is working to save the rapists.)

Tirthahalli in Shimoga district in Karnataka is renowned from time immemorial as a holy place. Indeed, the name “tirtha” itself means “sacred.” People there have a high regard for women. Tirthahalli is also known to be a place where childless and/or expecting couples keep a vow to have a girl child. Tirthahalli is generally known as a place of high refinement and culture.

On Friday, 1 November, the town was witness to a gruesome incident.

Nandita Poojary, all of 14 years became the victim of perverse lust and brutality at the hands of three Muslim goons. She was subjected to ghastly rape and murder. A local Kannada paper describes it as follows: “Nandita Poojary was akin to our little daughter. Three Muslim goons pounced on her like tiger upon a helpless prey, raped her and then murdered her.”

On 29 October, the school-going Nandita was waiting at the bus stop to board her bus as usual. The three Muslim youth who had been stalking her for quite some time arrived there in a Red Maruti Omni, forced her into it, and drove till the nearby Anandagiri hill and carried out the ghastly rape.

When passers-by heard her heart rending cries, they ran in the direction. But when they reached the spot, the goons pushed her down from the hill and fled.

The crowd then got her contact details from the school ID she was wearing around her neck, contacted her parents and asked them to come to the spot.

Either the assault was so brutal or the rapists had fed her something that the poor girl vomited several times on the road.She was then taken to her home in an unconscious state. Once she regained her consciousness, her parents then took her to the local hospital. Her condition shocked the doctors there who advised shifting her to Manipal hospital immediately. Nandita was then shifted to Manipal hospital. When the local Hindu community got wind of this ghastly news, they set out for Manipal hospital. However, about ten minutes before they reached the hospital, the young Nandita whispered something in her mother’s ears and closed her eyes forever.

And then began the vile process of encashing her death and protecting the three rapists. Even as the local Hindu community was pondering over the suitable course of action against the rapists, some Muslims who knew the identity of the culprits approached the Tirthahalli Taluk United Muslim Association (TTUMA). They met the president of TTUMA and briefed him about the incident. After he got the complete information, he called a meeting on the spot and took a decision.

Accordingly, on behalf of the TTUMA, he submitted a letter to the police seeking protection. The letter pleads for the police to station troops at key Muslim areas in the town—Jama Masjid, the Muslim fish market, and other Muslim-dominated localities.

The letter eventually found its way to the Hindu community, and its contents confirm to the Hindus the identities of the criminals.

Of the three Muslim rapists, one is a fish vendor, the other an electrician, and the last, a mechanic. According to locals, because the TTUMA knew the identities of the culprits beforehand, their letter to the police specifically mentions the fish market and other precise localities.

This had breached all the limits of Hindu anger. In retaliation, the Hindus pelted stones at the houses of the three culprits and burnt vehicles of Muslims. Meanwhile, the family members of the culprits had anticipated this retaliation and locked up their homes and fled the town.

Meanwhile, the rapists themselves were scared, and approached the son of a wealthy local Muslim businessman. The son reassured them protection, money, and resources needed to help his rapist friends.

Now this businessman has strong links with a local politician and called him up to “do something” in the matter. As a result, the police arrested about 44 protesters belonging to the local Hindu community. The TTUMA plea for giving police protection in the specific areas was implemented thanks to the orders of this politician. The irony can’t be starker—the police instead of arresting the culprits arrested those who were protesting against the ghastly child rape.

Indeed, the cover up attempts began right at the local hospital. In case little Nandita was not shifted to Manipal, all clues as to the barbaric reality of the case would’ve been suppressed by now. However, thanks to the local hospital doctors’ advice, the gory details of the case have now spread to as far as Udupi. Because the politician realized that the anger of Hindus could not be contained, he ordered them to be lathicharged and imprisoned.

According to locals, when Nandita’s father went to the police station on 31 October, he received a humiliating treatment from the police.Meanwhile, the media was activated to twist and distort the report of the actual incident. Here is a representative sample of the distortion: Nandita had an illicit relationship with a Muslim man. When her parents came to know of this, they beat her up. Unable to take this beating, she consumed poison and killed herself.

However, it is true that she did consume poison: except that it was force-fed to her by the three Muslim rapists in order to silence her, and avoid detection. It was because of this that she vomited for the first time after she was pushed from the hill.

Not a single Kannada media house said a single word about Nandita’s brutal fate even 18 hours after her death. Every single person in Tirthahalli knows the complete details of the incident with names of the guilty, and the people who are now working overtime to protect the rapists.

The media’s radio silence owes to the obvious reason: a warped sense of secularism and an incurable fear of Muslim hooliganism. However, thanks to the Internet and social media, the reality can no longer be hidden, and it is now fairly easy to tell the truth to people directly.

Indeed, Nandita was not raped merely by those three Muslim goons—she has been raped by the entire society—the Muslim businessman, law enforcement, the politician, and the media.

By the way, do you know what Nandita whispered to her mother before she died? “Mummy, nothing has happened to me. Just a little headache.”

The moral: calling in the christopolice in the christo (KKKangressi-ruled) state of Karnataka is going to do nothing, other than result in the christomedia getting called in to spin christofictions justifying the jihad. When the law won't protect and will not carry out justice - as above - then civilians have every right to take the matter into their own hands.

So don't waste time calling in the police or appealing to the state or protesting against the criminals and the crime. Since the Hindus gathered knew who the 3 gang-rapists were, they should have done away with the jihadists themselves. It is a public service. And it is justice for the victim. In fact, when the state is negligent and all other channels for justice are equally corrupt (christo-controlled), it becomes the duty of all citizens to make it their own business to ensure the greater law of justice is upheld.

Pacifism in the face of unrelenting and unapologetic violence is cowardice. There's no excuse for it. And nature and time has a way of doing away with such failed populations. Better populations, ones more willing to defend themselves - like the GrecoRomans and native Americans - got extincted, through no fault of their own. (Though admittedly, blind adherence to the laws of the state - including increasingly anti-heathen laws - narrowed GR's chance of survival too. But they were never so far gone at such an early stage in the process of monotheism's takeover of the heathen nation as Indians are.) The Yazidi Kurds - who don't even have a nation to themselves or the numbers necessary to overcome their enemies - are putting up a fight against an existential threat to them. But not so modern Indians. Complacent as ever.

Modern Indian "Hindu" "nationalists" will blog even more, write more articles, play at being scholars more, declare themselves to be "intellectual kShatriyas" more often. And wail more at every news of persecution. But will ultimately do nothing of meaning - nothing that renders justice to the victims and protects others from becoming victims of the same crimes or even the same criminals: they will never take punitive action. A determined impotence. Angelsk-speaking are determined to be 'civil' after all - and to a fault - even when the state is not. Even when the state and law enforcement and christomedia protect and encourage the jihad.

Seems extinction need not always be undeserved.
More proof of christian conspiracy in the rape crimes in India and the disproportionate/tampered reports thereon:


Quote:Serious allegation raised by Kerala Police study against Hinduism and Indian culture as root cause for crime against Women

04/01/2015 14:50:56 HK

Quote:society where they live in. Domestic violence is very common in India. Suppression of women by all castes and religions is approved by Indian culture, and is treated as normal. Unwritten rules of the Hindu social system gives men an upper hand from birth to death and women are only given the role to serve men without questioning. Accordingly, women are 'used' as per the whims of men.

In what can be termed as a highly manipulative and controversial move, a recent study titled Women Victims of Crimes in Kerala, conducted on behalf of Kerala Police by Institute of Social Sciences in New Delhi; Hindu men have been branded as worst of offenders when it comes to crimes against women. This is followed by Muslim men. The study cleverly concludes that Christian women (or men ?) are far better off due to the role played by Church.

("Highly manipulative and controversial"? Oh please, it is pure psy-ops against Hindu religion combined with positive dawaganda for christianism with evangelism as intent.)

The specific part which comes on page 70 of the extensive report is said to be based on a cross sectional study conducted across Kerala. Although the report mentions that religion does not play any role on atrocities against women, it can be clearly gauged that there is a covert attempt to sanctify the role of churches. This can be gauged from an obviously fabricated conclusion that 64.6% of the cases allegedly studied, were on Hindu women.

(The fact that the majority of victims - at least those surveyed - were Hindu women says nothing about the identity=ideology of the perpetrators. Despite christo psy-ops and apologetics and any tampering of data they will *certainly* have attempted, am beyond certain that all the Hindu female victims were victimised by christoislamanianics, communists and other anti-Hindu baiters/the kind that gets dubbed "secular" like serial-rapist Tejpal of the Tehelka rag.)

The report speaks deprecatingly about Indian culture, especially about Hindu religion. Page 18 of the report refers to crime against women as “Suppression of women by all castes and religions” being “approved by Indian culture” and is seen as “normal”.

Quote:Suppression of women by all castes and religions is ‘approved’ by Indian culture, and is treated as normal. Unwritten rules of the Hindu social system gives men an upper hand from birth to death and women are only given the role to serve men without questioning. Accordingly, women are 'used’ as per the whims of men.

When you look at the names of those who involved with (the report, presumably) you can find more - George's, Abraham's, Oommen's, Punnoose's, Jacob's, Mathew's and Joseph's.

Something else that is made blatantly and undeniably obvious now from the above: kerala "police" is infested with christianism.

You can regularly see stupid 'Hindus' in the comments sections on christoislamic gangrapes of Hindu women questioning why Hindus should treat the "tiny" minority of christians as a threat too, instead of just focusing on islam.

Well, first, christians infesting India are not a tiny minority - they're now 150 million/15% of India as per foreign missions, most of them are cryptochristians - and secondly, as underlined again with the above, christians are more vile than islamics. They've made lying and whitewashing into an artform.

Christians are backstabbers. Islamics at least stabs from the front more often, and is hence more honest.

Christianism gets away with attacking Hindu women more often than islam. Whereas there has not been a single case - seen in unmotivated news - of actual Hindoos attacking Hindu (or any) women.

Christian pastors and priests and islamic maulvies - i.e. all the most faithful of faithful in christoislamania - have regularly been caught attacking Hindu women and children and even the converted. But Hindus at most get framed by christoislamania, or else christoislam resorts to the fiction of bollywho dawaganda to project stories of sexual violence onto Hindus and Hindu religion - in order to do an equal equal with the countless cases of christoislamaniac sexual violence against not just christoislamanics themselves but especially against Hindus. See for example Radha Rajan's discussion of murdaani at indiafacts.co.in/leela-samson-allows-free-pass-to-pk-to-abuse-hindu-gods

Predictably the rabid catholic Leela Samson is in charge of pushing such anti-Hindu dawaganda:

Quote:Mardaani: A brilliant film on child trafficking and child prostitution, two of the film’s pimps in the child prostitution business are shown wearing the Hindu sacred sign ‘om’ around their necks. Hindus do not wear ‘om’ around their necks like Christians wear the cross. The ‘om’ was intentional and meant to show Hindus in poor light.

Anyway, here follows some of the news that christian liars - employed by the cryptochristo kerala police - and the international christonews will never cover or, if they are forced to report on it, will deny: Christians esp. missionaries always resort to "persecution" of christianism whenever charged with rape/murder crimes against Hindus, whereas christians resort to subverting justice when charged with rape/murder crimes against their own (like the christomurder of nun abhaya). Christian denial and pretence that it is all an anti-christian conspiracy when their own faithful sexually attack others is on par with how islam declares that women's witness is worth half of that of men.

The facts remain, that *christianism* - like islam - throws itself onto Hindus. Hindus want to be left free of christoislamania. But wherever Hindus exist, christoislamania worms itself into their space and starts christoterrorising them.

1. indiafacts.co.in/rape-minor-girl-child-childrens-home-funded-wisconsin-evangelical-lutheran-synod/

Quote:By IndiaFacts Staff Persecution & Proselytisation December 31, 2014

Rape of a minor girl child in a Children's Home funded by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

A girl studying in Class-8 is alleged to have been raped near Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. The incident was covered in the following mainstream media channels on 19 December, 2014:

(a) NDTV

(b] Eenadu

(c] ABN Telugu TV-1

(d) ABN Telugu TV-2

(e) The Hindu

(f) Up South Programme of Headlines Today (Move to 4:00).

According to these news sources, the student was a resident of St. Marks Children's Home, Palaparru Village, Pedanandipadu Mandal near Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.Google Maps shows the distance from Guntur to Palaparru to be 40 km. It is also mentioned that the perpetrator of this crime was the Warden of the Home whose name is mentioned as Mr. K. Jeyraj (alias KattaJeyraj) who is said to be absconding. The NDTV link further mentions that Mr. Jeyraj was serving also as a part-time Pastor.


2. Dug up just a few older cases that various news reported or people blogged on.

Perfect example of how christomedia tries to pass off christian crimes of sexual violence (against Hindu women) as "Hindu" instead. More christian denial tactics.

a. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2011/02/soumyas-rape-murder-evangelist-charly.html


Quote:Soumya's Rape & Murder : Evangelist Charly Thomas suddenly become Govinda Chami

13/02/2011 23:53:59 HK


15/02/2011 09:18:36 Being ruled by Mafia

Yes, as you mentioned, the name of the criminal was spelled as Charly on the first day by all media.Suddenly the name was changed as Govinda Chami.Wonderful magic by Govt-Christian Mafia-Police-Media combination.

India is being ruled by Christian Congress Mafia lead by Sonia.Don't expect any major action against Christian Criminals.It is evident from cases like Sr.Abhaya murder , murder of Paul Muthoot, Thachankiri case, corruption case against Manoj Abraham, illegal inspection of Narco-Analysis tapes by Syriac and so on.........

b. timesofindia.indiatimes.com/news/city/chennai/Pastor-arrested-for-raping-inmate-of-church-shelter/articleshow/4977414.cms

Pastor arrested for raping inmate of church shelter

Quote:CHENNAI: A 60-year-old pastor, who is running a charitable trust in a village near Minjur in Tiruvallur district, 55 km from Chennai, was

arrested for raping a 20-year-old woman. The woman, an orphan, was staying in a shelter on the church premises. Police are inquiring into the probability of the pastor sexually abusing the children staying in the orphanage.

Police said inquiries had revealed that the pastor, Sadhu Immanuel, had sexually assaulted another 22-year-old woman staying in the same shelter and had taken her to a private hospital in Red Hills for abortion six months ago. "Whenever his family was away, Immanuel used to ask the girls to clean his house and then sexually assault them. He used to do this inside the church too. We have rescued eight girls and two boys from the home," Tiruvallur superintendent of police MC Sarangan told TOI.

Immanuel has been running the Satyam Charitable Trust and a church at Vellur village for the past 25 years.

The crime came to light when Radhika (name changed), who left eight years ago after being abused, returned to the orphanage, where the inmates narrated their tales of horror. Even after leaving the orphanage, Radhika used to make regular visits to distribute food to the inmates. During her latest visit, two girls told her that Immanuel was abusing them for the past two years.

Radhika alerted an NGO, Just Trust, and approached a bi-weekly magazine, which did a sting operation. Following this, the district collector ordered an inspection of the home.

c. Christoislamics always work together against Hindus, including in gangrapes. As seen in:



(Reported at kaumudi.com/news/022509/breakpage.stm, try putting the link into archive.org)

October 21, 2005, Kerala - Christians and muslims gang-rape Hindu student.

In Feb 2009, 3 of the perpetrators were convicted while others were acquited for lack of evidence

The names of the convicted and the accused:

1. renjith varghese (christist)

2. sherin shamsuddin (mohammedan)

3. shafiq yusuf (mohammedan)

4. ashly verghese (christist)

5. robin paul (christist)

6. divin philip (christist)

the above, all students, participated in the rape. all but the first three have been acquitted.

Gopi, father of the girl said he was relieved to hear the judgement. He hoped that the judgement would serve as a deterrent to such crimes in the future.

[color="#0000FF"]ADDED:[/color] See post 21 over the page for further links on the above from news sources.

Alternatively, can just search the web for "SME ragging case".

The news was:

More proof of christian conspiracy in the rape crimes in India and the disproportionate/tampered reports thereon-


Quote:Serious allegation raised by Kerala Police study against Hinduism and Indian culture as root cause for crime against Women

04/01/2015 14:50:56 HK


In what can be termed as a highly manipulative and controversial move, a recent study titled Women Victims of Crimes in Kerala, conducted on behalf of Kerala Police by Institute of Social Sciences in New Delhi; Hindu men have been branded as worst of offenders when it comes to crimes against women. This is followed by Muslim men. The study cleverly concludes that Christian women (or men ?) are far better off due to the role played by Church.


When you look at the names of those who involved with (the report, presumably) you can find more - George's, Abraham's, Oommen's, Punnoose's, Jacob's, Mathew's and Joseph's.


Meanwhile, here's another of the ongoing, never-ending instances of christian sexual violence in India that give the lie to christianism's face and expose the christian psy-ops for the evangelical psy-ops it is:


Quote:By IndiaFacts Staff Persecution & Proselytisation December 31, 2014

Rape of a minor girl child in a Children's Home funded by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

A girl studying in Class-8 is alleged to have been raped near Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. [...] the perpetrator of this crime was the Warden of the Home whose name is mentioned as Mr. K. Jeyraj (alias KattaJeyraj) who is said to be absconding. The NDTV link further mentions that Mr. Jeyraj was serving also as a part-time Pastor.

Kerala christians aka Syrian christians infesting India (be it of catholic or orthodox or whatever christian flavour) - clearly competing with the native Hindus and islam in Kerala and eyeing to convert the state with such reports - should be shipped back to Syria where these treacherous entities came from. I hear christians are treated very well/as they deserve in the Levant, by their brothers in monotheism. Can't believe stupid angelsk-speaking 'Hindus' commenting on ISIS' atrocities - against Yezhidis and any people lower in the monotheistic pecking order - were recommending that more christians from Syria should be adopted by India. Are they mad?

It's bad enough that Kerala and other christists regularly join up with their islamic brothers to gangrape Hindoo women (see an example further above in this post), but the Kerala christists go one step further than their gangrapist islamic brothers and construct reports whitewashing their own crimes and pretending that the huge number of Hindu female victims are victimised by Hindu religion instead.
US males, mainly of Euro-descent, were surveyed: 33% said they'd readily/eagerly commit rape if they knew they would get away with it. (You know, like islamaniacs do - e.g. KKKangress Youth Member Mohammed Afroz eagerly raped and murdered Jyothi "Nirbhaya" Pandey knowing that his KKKangressi bosses would have him let off after 3 months of juvenile detention for being "underage".)


Quote:A third of male university students say they would rape a woman if there no were no consequences

Jon Stone

Wednesday 14 January 2015

[Img caption:]A significant proportion of men who said they would force a woman to have sex did not recognise it as rape

Roughly one third of male university students who took part in a study would rape a woman if there were no consequences, according to a new scientific study.

The research, published in the scientific journal Violence and Gender, presented mostly white male American participants a questionnaire on how they would act in certain sexual situations.

(You mean like the colonial Brits did in India and Africa*, until a rather recent decade? And it's not like they could've undergone a drastic evolutionary change in such a short time that renders them any safer to women, after all.

Wonder how many of the Bengali Kommunist Klan is an offspring of christocolonial rape? Romila Thapar for instance certainly looks creepy enough - and of course acts anti-native enough, which is the primary consideration - for it to be worthwhile to find out if she belongs in Britain rather than continuing to fester in India and playing Indian...

* Remember that mid 90s film "Mansfield Park" - note: not any of the dramatised TV incarnations of the Austen book, but the film particularly - which had this graphic scene featuring pencil sketches of the rape of African women by colonial Brits? The scenes were deliberately inserted by the female director. But even so, the film wasn't honest enough. (No don't watch it if you fortunately missed it, unless you want to be traumatised.) But to think there actually exist Africans - or Indians for that matter - who have even converted to christoislam, it's just sick.)

Amongst other questions they were asked how they would act in a situation where they could have sexual intercourse with a woman against her will "if nobody would ever know and there wouldn't be any consequences".

31.7% of all men participating in the study would force a woman to have sexual intercourse in such a "consequence-free situation" - which is rape.

Worryingly, most men who indicated that they would commit rape did not even recognise their actions as such.

When explicitly asked whether they would rape a woman if there were no consequences, only 13.6% of participants said they would do so, a marked fall on those who had described that they would commit rape.

"Some men will endorse items asking whether they have used force to obtain intercourse, but will deny having raped a woman," the study's authors said.

The authors of the study said the findings of a gap between the proportion of men who would endorse the use of coercion but reject the 'rape' label for their actions could have implications for sexual and consent education programmes.

Programmes targeting this 'gap' should focus on dispelling the idea of the "stereotypical rapist" in order to change the behaviour of this group, the authors suggested.

From other questions in the survey the researchers discerned that those who would actively admit to 'named' rape tended to be openly hostile towards women and hold "callous" views.

"High hostility toward woman and callous sexual attitudes separated the no intentions group from those who endorsed either intentions to rape or those who endorses only the behavioral description of rape," they said.

These men would be difficult to target with education programmes, they warned.

(In other words: these men were innately criminal. Next questionnaire should ask how many would be predisposed to murder - or maiming of animals, say - or psychopathic tendencies, if they would never get caught. Curious about the degree of correlation.

There was an American independent music store/publisher - unfortunately the only one in the English speaking world that sold the non-American native-English album I wanted - which publisher, upon purchase, spammed me with an email brochure advertising for the American publisher/owner's own album: the songs were all about the "thrill" of the obvious psychopath brutally killing random individuals in secluded areas, and getting addicted to such brutal murders. I seriously contemplated contacting the US authorities over the matter - even prepared an email to this end - but then figured I'd be laughed at for my prudery about "freedom to speech/screech" and that Thought Crimes were not considered a crime. (Though the infamous American case of the cannibal cop/cop with a cannibal fetish came close.) Whatever. So I deleted the psychopath's disgusting email "brochure". But doesn't take half a brain to work out that that ...kreatur is a danger to society - a ticking timebomb - and ought to be put down. Needless to say, I never bought anything from that disgusting vermin again, though I feel sick to the stomach thinking how I purchased anything from its store. :puke: The only upside is that at least the non-American band whose product I had been after sells its stuff at other outlets too, including local ones. If only I had known to wait 3 years.)

The study was conducted by academics at the University of North Dakota and the North Dakota State University. Its sample size was 86 people.

I think Hindus need to set up university depts to study this phenomenon of propensity to extreme criminality that is endemic to the christoworld and islamic world and everywhere these infestations have manifested.

What is telling about the above survey is that this were 'educated' men - i.e. those in tertiary education and university what's more - and therefore no one can blame this on economics ("poverty") or ignorance due to lack of education or lack of christoislamic morality (AmeriKKKa is declared a christian nation by christians, and only 11% of US are atheists and atheists/agnostics are by and large the only moral people there). In fact, the babble is filled with ghastly cases of rape and sodomy, and that's what AmeriKKKan christokids are brainwashed into. Though - like in islam - they think it's wrong to commit such crimes against fellow believers and so they take it out on innocent African and other heathen women, just like christopaedophiles set up shop in heathen climes to terrorise African, Indian and other heathen children.

And there was an entry in New Scientist - from late Mar 2014 I think - about how not just female Congolese but male Congolese had been systematically raped (by christoislamics) and fled to Uganda where they kept their trauma concealed from authorities (i.e. severe case of under-reported rapes of males), since Uganda is a Model Christian Nation i.e. homophobic and likes to punish or ideally kill homosexual persons, which in christoislamic definition also includes straight men who were raped by christoislamic men. <- Note that such christian laws punishing these victims on inane grounds (i.e. predominantly straight male victims who'd be punished for "homosexuality" for being raped by christoislamics) parallels islamic laws punishing female victims of rapes as being guilty of "adultery".

Anyway, back to the actual topic. The American survey of the 33% would-be rapists at university-level shows that the situation in christo-dominated society is all so very different from Hindoo men, who don't remotely terrorise women and have no such thoughts, no matter much they may fancy someone. It's because Hindooism is that religion where women get to choose their mate/husband. (E.g. how it is Lakshmi who garlands Vishnu and how it is Parvati who aims to attain Shiva's hand in marriage.) The Hindoo male may try to do their best to win the female of their fancy and show off their excellent qualities - like Rama and Arjuna did during the swayamvaras of Sita and Draupadi respectively - but the final choice is respectfully left up to the Hindoo female.

Hindoo religion therefore creates and nurtures a very different mindset in its males, one where women are safe because men have all the awesome heroic qualities and none of the misogynistic or terrorist ones. (In fact, Hindoo religion abides by the rest of the animal world - i.e. nature - herein, where the male shows off his plumage or equivalent and/or challenges other suitors in a contest and/or shows off his access to resources to the female(s), while the female either gets dazzled by this and chooses the male as her mate on the occasion or not.)

And in other headlines from "the Independent"

  • Al-Qaeda in Yemen admits responsibility for Charlie Hebdo attacks and warns West of more 'tragedies and terror'

  • Charlie Hebdo: Radical cleric Anjem Choudary calls cover depicting Mohamed an 'act of war'

The main news of this post was the following. Concerns America, where mostly so-called "white" university-going males surveyed

^ America. Mostly so-called "white" university-going males surveyed. Results:


Islam gangraping Hindoo women again. Both following news outlets are famously anti-Hindu


Quote:Communal tension prevailed in Uttar Pradesh's Mahoba district, following the alleged abduction and gangrape of a 22-year-old woman by four people of another community on Sunday night.

"Communal tension" and hiding perps under "another community" means: islamaniacs gangraped Hindoo woman. If christoislamania wasn't involved in the crime and Hindus hadn't protested, christomedia wouldn't dub it "communal" but secular.

More details revealed in RawalpIndian Express, such as how one of the rapists of that "other community" has a recognisably islamaniac name: Irfan -


Quote:Tension in UP town after gangrape of 22-year-old

Written by Manish Sahu | Lucknow | Posted: January 15, 2015 2:26 am

Tension prevailed in Charkhari area of Uttar Pradesh’s Mahoba district after a 22-year-old woman was allegedly abducted and gangraped by four youths of another community on the intervening night of Sunday and Monday. The victim also alleged that the accused forced her to consume liquor before sexually assaulting her.

Heavy police force has been deployed in the area to avoid any untoward incident.

The incident took a communal turn after local BJP workers and Hindu Yuva Vahini activists staged demonstration in front of the Charkhari police station and BJP MP from Hamirpur Pushpendra Singh Chandel reached there on Monday to register a case of abduction and rape. The saffron activists alleged that the police were reluctant to register an FIR in this connection.

(Christo-reporting: "The incident took a communal turn after <Hindus staged a demonstration in front of police station>". Uh, things already became communal when the Hindoo woman was raped by the islamic Irfan - one of the named accused, though all 4 gangrapists tellingly being from "another community". Of course, to christomedia - compulsively-lying-for-gawd to convert India to monotheism - a christoislamic raping a Hindoo woman is not an act of communalism, it all only becomes "communal" when Hindoos should protest about the christoislamics raping the Hindu woman, such as by staging a demonstration in front of the police station. <- Can ya tell it's christomedia back to silencing genocide and whitewashing/facilitating jihad?)

Union minister Niranjan Jyoti too reportedly assured the local BJP workers of soon visiting Charkhari to take up the issue. The victim is a final-year graduate student who runs a garment shop near her house. The accused — identified as Irfan and Shanu — worked at an engineering shop near victim’s garment outlet.

Circle Officer (Charkhari) Dhananjay Kushwaha said that the victim lodged the complaint on Tuesday alleging that Irfan, Shanu and two unidentified youths abducted and raped her at an under construction building near her shop. The police have sent the victim for medical examination, he said.

Mahoba SP Ram Kishore said Irfan and Shanu were arrested on Wednesday while efforts were on nab the other two accused.

Kushwaha claimed that that the girl had visited the police station on Monday and filed a complaint against Irfan for beating her up, however, she did not mention that she was raped. When questioned later, the victim told the police that the accused have threatened her against lodging a rape complaint, the officials said.

According to the complaint, Irfan came to the victim’s house on Sunday evening and asked to accompany him to her garment shop for buying some items. As she accompanied him, Irfan, Shanu and their two other youths forcibly dragged her to the under construction building, asked her to consume liquor and raped her.

She, somehow, reached her home next morning after the accused left the spot, the complaint said.

(Christomedia trying to cast aspersions about case lodged by Hindu victim. The "somehow" is meant to make it all sound doubtful. As are several other paragraphs in the article. Christomedia must be following sharia law in how a woman's witness is worth 1/2 of that of islamaniac male.

Interesting how the victim is always "allegedly" raped when it's a Hindoo victim of christoislamania. But all those nuns who claimed to be raped by Hindus, and which cases were proven false in court, are always presented as true-blue and not to be questioned by the same christomedia.)

Mahoba district BJP president Chakrapani Tripathi said the party workers have taken up the matter seriously. “As the police were reluctant to lodge the FIR, BJP MP Pushpendra Singh Chandel along with party workers reached the police station and got the case registered. Union minister Niranjan Jyoti too called me up today and took stock of situation. She has also spoken to the senior police officials in this regard. She will be visiting Mahoba soon,” the BJP leader said.

(So what christomedia objects to as "communal" is that a nationalist party and Hindu activists dared to get the case filed after police - obviously in the pockets of christoislamania, either living in fear of jihad or working for it - refused to register the case.)

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