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Implications of expanding Indian success in the west
Calls for Fiji to become an officially Christian state

have been rejected by one of the country's main

Hindu groups. It comes after the president of Fiji's Methodist

Church yesterday said the country was ceded to God

by the chiefs and was therefore a Christian nation. Vijendra Prakash, general secretary of Sanatan

Dharam, told Radio Australia his members would prefer Fiji be a secular state where religion does not

mix with politics. "Because this country is multicultural religion and a

multilingual country, and we have been living so

happily," he said. "All the religious organisations are given respect and

rights and no one is given supremacy over another

or try to undermine the others." Mr Prakash said all citizens had a right to worship,

regardless of their religion. Fiji Methodist Church's new president, Tuikilakila

Waqairatu, on Wednesday said he supported the idea

of of Fiji becoming a Christian state. "Fiji was given to God," he said. "When we say that Fiji is a Christian state ... we say it

was decided by our chiefs who ceded Fiji to Great

Britain that Fiji be a Christian country. "When it was given to God, it has already established

its covenant relationship with God, and that covenant

relationship is eternal - it cannot be withdrawn."

This could the fate of all expat Indians if they do not mend ties with their old country. There is no place like home, after all!

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