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Rape crimes in India vs elsewhere: deliberate disproportionate reporting by international news
[color="#FF0000"]WARNING: More disturbing content. Crimes of sexual violence.[/color]

At some point after the Jyothi Singh Pandey's horrid misfortune was splashed all over international news as a mere vehicle for a smear campaign against India and Hindu religion and men, I had monitored Australian news on a few randomly selected days over a few months. Without even having to click around for such unpleasant news items (which appear daily by the way), the headlines on local Australian crimes of similar natures were unmissable. And that's just *one* country - and a small one at that (population less than 25 million people) - and over just a *few* days.


Quote:Boy sexually assaulted in Adelaide street

4:51pm January 22, 2013

A 15-year-old boy walking along an Adelaide road was overpowered by two men while a third sexually assaulted him, police say.


Quote:Man faces WA court over rape charges

4:38pm January 22, 2013

A 21-year-old man sexually assaulted a woman in her Perth home while her children slept and then forced her to drive to an ATM machine so he could rob her, a court has heard.


Quote:Daylight sex assault in suburban Sydney

7:08am January 23, 2013

A young woman has been sexually assaulted as she took an evening walk along a riverbank in southwest Sydney.


Quote:Four teens wanted over Vic sex attack

6:40am February 26, 2013

Four young men are wanted over the attempted sexual assault of a 38-year-old woman on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

This sounded reminiscent of the first internationally-reported Indian case, but got nowhere near the international coverage of course:


Quote:Teen called mum for help after three-hour gang rape

ninemsn staff

7:36am March 5, 2013

[color="#0000FF"]A hysterical Sydney teenager called her mother for help after being gang-raped and dumped at the side of a road in a terrifying three-hour ordeal.[/color]

The 18-year-old was confused and traumatised when she phoned her mother from a quiet street, The Daily Telegraph reported today.

She had been snatched from the pavement while walking from what police called a "sober" party at Baulkham Hills in Sydney's northwest after men in a green sedan asked her for directions to a local shopping centre about 1am on Sunday.

She was then forced to lie across the laps of three passengers as they drove to an unknown location where she was sexually and physically assaulted by multiple men before being dumped on a Castle Hill street.

Police believe the gang may have driven past the house party before the attack took place.

Detectives are checking to see if details of the gathering were posted on Facebook or made public in some other way.

They have warned women to take extra precautions but played down fears the same gang could strike again.

"There's certainly no suggestion we have a group of males preying on women," NSW police sex crimes squad commander Detective Superintendent John Kerlatec said on Monday.

"However, I would like to make it very clear, we do have an investigation into an offence where we don't know who committed these crimes."

He urged women to walk with friends, stay in well-lit areas, keep mobile telephones ready to hand and not to get close to anyone asking directions.

The victim, who suffered a number of injuries, spent Sunday receiving medical treatment and the support of family, counsellors and the police.

"It's a horrendous incident for anyone to be subjected to," Detective Superintendent Kerlatec added.

"A young lady walking along the street, regardless of the time of day, regardless of the place, should be able to walk safely.

"It was an extremely traumatic experience for her."

One of the attackers is said to be Caucasian and aged about 25.

He was chubby, bearded and wore a red and white flannelette shirt.

Anyone with further information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Source: The Daily Telegraph, AAP

Author: Alexandra Pleffer, Approving editor: Fiona Willan

There were more but ewww.

This earlier one is relevant as The System blames the victims:


Quote:Three sisters shared blame for their rapes

Nick Pearson, ninemsn

7:57am December 1, 2012

Queensland's Child Safety Department has told three sisters repeatedly raped by a foster child that they were partly to blame for not locking their bedroom doors.

Police records reveal Child Safety told the family the boy was no risk to them, and said while he had "done something" to another child, it was the fault of a previous carer.

A document filed in District Court from Child Safety claims the mother and the victims themselves shared responsibility for their repeated rapes.

"The alleged consequences were caused or contributed to by the negligence of (two of the sisters) in: failing to lock (their) bedroom door; failing to inform (their) mother of the acts ... (and) failing to tell (their mother) the foster boy was entering (their bedroom at night)," the document said.

Earlier a court had heard that the doors had been locked but the boy managed to somehow get in anyway.

The teenage boy was convicted of 14 sexual offences against the sisters in 2008, but was set free after 204 days already served.

Sources: The Courier Mail

This disgusting news item can file under sexual abuse of animals, children and women:


Quote:Dad made mum have sex with dog: court

2:48pm January 23, 2013

A judge has warned a woman to stay away from her abusive husband who coerced her into having sex with their pet dog in front of their children.

Finally, the same Australian news sites briefly covered a few random instances of rapes in America around the same period.

E.g. the famous cannibal American cop's court case (but not so famous that AmeriKKKa as a whole got tarred by it) - the one who planned to rape, torture and eat his wife and then repeat that cycle on a host of other women. He was part of an internet clique who were into this sort of thing. May try to post some links to supporting data for this some other time.

May also link to a list of locally-reported British rape crimes when randomly sampling news from around the same period.


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