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Christoislamaniacs cannibalising each other and themselves
Relevant news from India. Where christoislamics - on a momentary break from killing each other (but soon to resume, tataastu) - are busy dismembering their own, including apparently even their next generations. But then, what can ya expect from christoislamania, Really?

1. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/06/secular-kerala-secular-people-do-their.html

Quote:Monday, June 02, 2014

secular kerala: secular people do their thing

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Swamiji ‏@AOLSwamiji 3h

[color="#0000FF"]Muslim orphanage in Kerala caught for Child Trafficking[/color] , but, since this comes under "SECULAR" category, media is silent ! @sagarikaghose

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Swamiji ‏@AOLSwamiji 2h

[color="#0000FF"]Nun sets fire to fellow novice at St ANNE's CONVENT in Kerala.[/color] Since this is "SECULAR" , media is not making much noise! @sagarikaghose

2. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/06/quick-notes-fasting-fashion-statement.html

Quote:•[color="#FF0000"]Child trafficking plot thickens:[/color] Under pressure from Muslim League, Kerala govt shies away from launching full-fledged investigation

which links to [color="#0000FF"]telegraphindia.com/1140608/jsp/frontpage/story_18490435.jsp#.U5QD83bSt0t[/color]

Well, it's nice to know that islamaniacs don't just prevent Hindus from dragging the islamic rapists to the police and courts, but their fellow islamaniacs too.

Clearly islam treats muslim children as criminally as kufrs.

Must be what islam meant when it speaks of the "egalitarianism" and "brotherhood" of islam...


Quote:Child trafficking plot thickens- Under ally pressure, Kerala govt shies away from launching full-fledged investigation ANANTHAKRISHNAN G.

Sunday 8 June 2014

But there is something disturbing about the new invention of "orphanages" in islam...

3. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/06/kerala-christist-padre-rapes-9-year-old.html

Quote:Kerala christist Padre rapes 9 year old

Emulating his Abrahamic "prophets" in 21st century India. I hope this perverted ROL scum is given exemplary punishment. BJP elder statesman Shri L.K. Advani, in the past has advocated for capital punishment for rapists. [color="#800080"](Hear, hear)[/color]

Should the parents have sent the child for "communion" unsupervised knowing the history of the Christist church and its perverted padre vultures?


[color="#800080"](Raj2004 hosts an image and more news of christo paedophile predator stalking the Tamilnadu countryside. Hmmm, from his image, he takes after Wendy "The Paedophile" Doniger - in more ways than one.)[/color]

Quote:"PimpPreacher.com India Bureau 05/05/2014

Pimp Preacher has just received the first Pastor Complaint from India, and the nature of the crime comes as no surprise to our staff. Pastor Raju Kokken a Catholic priest was arrested after more than a week on the run from police. According to the victim –Pastor Raju Kokken offered the 9 year old girl communion and that’s when the victims says he sexually assaulted her. The girl told police that she was sexually assaulted twice by the priest afterwards, and Raju Kokken took naked photos of her on his mobile phone.

[color="#0000FF"]As Confirmed By India Today.com[/color]

Pastor Raju Kokken Arrested For Raping Girl Age 9: Lured Child With Communion , a 40-year-old Catholic priest at Saint Paul’s Church in Thaikkattussery, who was on the run since parents of a nine-year-old girl accused him of allegedly raping their daughter on April 25, was arrested from Poothappady in Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu on Sunday. "

Posted by karyakarta92 at 6/08/2014 01:49:00 PM 0 comments Links to this post

4. Turns out that it was a christoterrorist - aka missionary - who has been abducted in Afghanistan by his Brethren In Monotheism, the Taliban:

From a comment at


Quote:1 comments:

Kesavan Nedungadi said...


Arnab Goswami was at his howling best on "Times Now TV", along with his "panelists" over the abduction of an Indian "aid" worker in Afghanistan (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india...958819.cms). What everyone seems to be blind to is that the abducted person is "Father Alexis Prem Kumar", a Christian missionary. He might have been trying to carry out "missionary work", i.e. religious propaganda and conversions, under the guise of "aid". Such activities would bring a bad reputation for India and even enmity. Our government has to guard against this. Did he go to Afghanistan for "aid" work with GoI's approval? Where does the money for his NGO come from? Is GoI also giving money to his NGO?

6/03/2014 10:14 AM

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But who can blame the Taliban? I for one wouldn't care if they've already done to this missionary=christian terrorist what they usually do. Missionaries and Taliban are the same, after all. Both are just the more rabid versions of the usual christoislamic terrorist types.

Predictably, India's christo cabal - the usual bleeding hearts association, as others have dubbed such types so aptly - is clamouring for the BJP (and Modi in particular) to essentially do Whatever It Takes to get the christo-terrorist released:


Quote:Saturday, June 07, 2014

Stephen Vaiko & TimesNow having sleepless nights

Foolhardy Jesuit "Father" Alexis Prem Kumar (sic) abducted by Taliban. What was he doing in Afghanistan? What "mission" was he executing? Was he serving India's national interests?

These foolhardy Indian christist missionaries are responsible for promoting disharmony and fishing in troubled waters in our extended neighborhood - Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar apart from remote regions of India itself. Their activities contribute to the deficit of trust and goodwill in our neighbors and give credence to dark rumors of "Indian interference".

Why should the Government of India and the Indian taxpayer have to bear the cross for this foolhardy Jesuit and others of his ilk? Isn't that the Vatican's responsibility?

[color="#800080"](Karyakarta provides a most interesting screenshot of India's christo-media news, highlighting their freudian slip: note how it reveals the christian meanings of secularSmile[/color]

Quote:Alexis Prem Kumar

Indian abducted in Herat

Modi's first International Challenge.

MDMK chief asks Modi to [color="#0000FF"]SECULAR[/color] release of the priest abducted in Herat.

Indian Abducted.

Breaking News

Vaiko writes to Modi

Posted by karyakarta92 at 6/07/2014 09:21:00 AM

If Modi's BJP does make any effort or even attempt (and I mean ANY) in the direction of getting the illegally-evangelising christian terrorist freed - when the Hindu Nationalist Party have so far (for as much as I have heard) not lifted a finger for releasing the Hindu innocents Dara Singh, Sadhvi Pragya, Swami Aseemanand, Swami Amritananda, Purohit, etc from being tortured by the christian inquisition in India itself -

it will no doubt be gutting to Hindus. Though I suppose it would be nothing new either: nothing Hindus aren't used to. Albeit not from parties and persons claiming to be Hindu nationalists (not so blatantly at least).

Ball will soon be in Modi's court. More than interested to see what he will do for christo-terrorists and christo-terrorism. (Personally I hope he ignores them with great disdain and that the Taliban take that as a sign of things to come where Indian christian infiltrators are concerned.)

Especially when no innocent Hindu victim of islamania (or christomania) in India - including those who voted for Modi despite being brutalised by islam for it - has received justice let alone been avenged.

Modi owes the innocent Hindus, and far before he owes anything to any 'innocent' christian in India (who, btw, were busy plotting against Modi and the BJP). But Alexis Prem Kumar, however, is not innocent: he's been missionising=terrorising islamaniacs in Afghanistan, which he knew full-well was unlawful: unlike KKKangress' ruled India, where the christogovt covertly invited missionaries to come and invade to convert the Hindu masses, the Afghan government is islamic and does not approve of christian missionaries and so doesn't have a sneaky by-law admitting christian missionaries. Not that I care about islamaniacs - afghan or other - either: I think christians and islamics deserve each other. If I had my way, all Indian christian missionaries (but aren't all christians missionaries?) would be in a tight Taliban embrace in Afghanistan (or Pakistan or BD). From experience, they've always seemed well-matched...

I'm not picking on Modi. Like others - whom I convinced to vote for the BJP - he's proven he can win the election despite KKKangress and other christo-islami-communist sabotage. And that he can make sane practical plans for a secular rule that will do a country well in terms of development indices. That's all good and well - though it is a common sight in smaller western democratic nations - and is considered exceptional in India's case only because India is used to seeing the reign of tyrants working for foreign interests and interested only in sinking India.

But it's very late in the day for Hindus. And positive rule to promote mere affluence is nowhere near enough to qualify as a life-line.

See, I may hope but do not expect Modi to build the Sri Rama Kovil in Ayodhya - which IIRC he hasn't promised to do anyway, so it shouldn't come as a shock (he may be Hindu in his personal life, but his stated agenda is national development and that's the *most* of what Hindus may expect of positive political leadership in future from anyone: India is long spent of Shivajis and never had no Julians neither, and the nation's own heathenism is dying faster than even per generation, so perhaps it's only natural people don't receive anything better than what they are becoming themselves/what they end up deserving). But I'd like to know how Modi treats christianism vs how he treats Hindus. Because that's where the expected difference with KKKangress was so far. Unless Modi just passes the buck on to someone else to deal with, this missionary-abduction drama could potentially provide a case study in seeing exactly what if any the benefits of electing the BJP are to Hindus. KKKangress was deliberately favouritist to christianism and jihad and most deliberately persecuted Hindus. So, will BJP deliberately neglect Hindus - by which I don't mean "the nation" but the as-yet still Hindu majority which is suffering from internal bleeding - since BJP must surely know that Hindus really have No alternatives other than to vote the BJP; or will BJP (for once) actively stop the haemorrhaging? Modi is very capable of development and consequently even for securing the borders/tackling illegal islamic immigration. But being underdeveloped and economically sabotaged is not the greatest of India's problems. Not by a long shot. Nor was Persia Rome's greatest threat, nor even the fact that Rome's own armies were literally bleeding away (as IIRC McCabe said). The real threat to Rome - the thing that did her in - was something else. It was the great barbarity eating it away from the inside, which Gibbons dared to name: christianism.

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