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Uncomfortable topics (e.g. Doniger type tackiness, etc)
1. Extended version of something already posted in the christianism thread:


Hosted at what is described as a western feminist site.

I think it's totally worth reading the above article, then the articles linked in the body of the text, then all the comments at the above link too.

- "inspirational romance" is the genre name that is christian code for christianism's foot in the door of the romance pulp industry. Its trademark is salvation, redemption in christ with non-graphic "romance" or some hogwash.

- the news is that an inspirational romance novel has been nominated for 2 romance novel awards. But the subject matter is causing understandable outrage among affected non-christians, as the plot concerns a nazi German concentration camp commander romancing a blue-eyed blonde-haired Jewish female (aren't they always?) in WWII whom he saves from the camp by mistaken her for an Arische wonderwoman and placing her as his secretary :WHAT?:. Can ya say Stockholm Syndrome. But oh it gets better, as in worse: while superficially "redeeming" him :WHAT?: - with the Power of Love, reprised by Celine Dion - such as by the heroine turning her nazi lover away from continuing to genocide her people (oh, poor misunderstood nazi genocidal maniac), the main aim of the evangelical novel is that it is the Jewish heroine who is actually redeemed/saved by converting to christianism at the end. With the help of a magically manifesting bible whenever she needs it, where she despite being Jewish is suddenly moved by the NT section about jeebus, the arische terminator of her people since Constantine and even the gnostic christians. But then, if she can forgive and fall in love with a concentration camp commander who genocides her people, it's but another step from there to forgiving the jesus fiction that was the impetus of the christian anti-semitism that led to the repeated pogroms against Jews throughout history.

- The comments show that this is a common trope in christian "romance", but that the 2 award nominations has merely brought attention to it. Christians have an equivalent motif for communist Russia: atheist communist russian redeemed into christianism.

- People noticed the use of "Jewess" by the christian publishing house's blurb of the book to describe the female protagonist. As I recall, 'Jewess' was quite popular in medieval to later christian Britain as something like accusation to refer to Jewish females. Actually, christians spewed the word "Jew" too as if it was the word 'satan' to them. (The nazis didn't invent that style of usage, right? They just followed long standing christianism.)

- Commenters recognise that the evangelical christian obsession with Jews and Israel is because of the former's 'end times' self-delusions involve the latter bringing about the 2nd coming of jeebus. (Meanwhile, he never appeared the 1st time either.) Specifically, evangelical christians need Jews to be converting to christianism.

- But don't know why none of the Jewish women commenting didn't express that the very motif of a Jew converting to christianism - not to mention during their people's holocaust in WWII - is a typical christian anti-semitism.

- Only one person commenting here or in one of the articles linked off the main one even mentioned that with negligible exceptions, Europe's churches by and large helped the nazis exterminate the Jews and ratted them out everywhere.

- No one knew to mention that most German churches in the nazi era - all except the tiny Confessing Church - wouldn't even accept Jewish converts to christianism, but wanted them exterminated. The Confessing Church hated Jews as much as the others did with the exception that they'd have accepted Jews who were willing to convert to christianism. Which is not very christian. E.g. Martin Luther (head of several Protestant branches of christianism) did write in his "Of the Jews and their Lies" - an important christian handbook of all the nazis, as nazi Julian Streicher testified during the Nuremberg trials - that the only way he would baptise a Jew was by drowning him/her thereupon.

Now the demons=evangelical (and all other) christians are fantasising about a WWII era Jewish convert to christianism and that christianism would accept them.

Most or all the comments are worth reading, IMO.

This comment:

Quote:Snagglepuss > moweezy3

8/06/15 3:34pm

Between this and the Fundies love of Israel do to it’s belief in the Rapture, I say as a Jew, leave us the fuck alone. Don’t even talk about Passover, Mel Brooks or pastrami sandwiches. Just Leave. Us. Alone
I thought that (last) was my line? But yeah, well said.

Though Hindus will immediately understand, others infesting India (being christianised mentalities anyway) will probably think it's all good romantic fluff, since Indians have long been de-sensitised to the nature of the problem in the above, as Indians are constantly force-fed the same type of crap by christoislamic bollywho: where Hindu women are romanced by historical islamaniac genociders (Jodhaa Akhbar etc), and modern islamaniac genociders (Mr & Mrs Iyer and a recent one where Pakis aim at Tamizh Hindu women: British paki islamaniac romancs Tamizh Hindu woman and it's all fine and dandy).

A couple of the comments brought up Verhoeven's Zwartboek/Black Book also about a fair-haired Jewish woman in the Dutch resistance who, being undercover, enters into an awkward romance with a nazi gestapo. But the plot was about 3 types: the German nazis, the NL mof (uh, collaborators) and the NL resistance. And I got the distinct impression that Verhoeven's point was that none of these 3 were innocent, including -unexpectedly- the last. I still didn't approve of Carice v Houten's Jewish character romancing a nazi, but let's face it, this is Verhoeven. A tamer movie of his, made and released in America, was set in Medieval christianism-and-disease-ridden Europe, and has Rutger Hauer and his outlaw band gangraping the heroine (graphically filmed on camera, or so I understand) who then seems to fall for him :WHAT?: (Stockholm Syndrome) but then it turns out she was using him to make her escape in the end, as they all get butchered. The really scary part was that Jennifer Jason Leigh who played the heroine apparently actually pleaded repeatedly with Verhoeven to rewrite the ending to make her abductee rape-victim character run off with the rapist hero into the sunset. Apparently Leigh thought the 2 characters actually had a romance going on... :WHAT?: As scary as that is that some female reviewers - even while they admitted being disturbed by it - said that they two felt it was a romance. :WH?:

I don't make this stuff up. How can I? My imagination can't even go there.

But, horrifying as it is, even Leigh and female reviewers' reactions to Verhoeven's "Flesh and Blood" movie are not exceptional, as rapist romances are discussed at some length in the comments section to the jezebel article. And while the objections and revulsion upon introspection are pouring in at last, what did me in was to read how several of the commenters had apparently appreciated the rapist romance novels in their younger days :WH?:

But the point was that Verhoeven has made movies about gangrapists/genociders and women who (initially seem to) grow to love them anyway. So it's not even the visceral sex and violence in his films that's the most disturbing part, but the incomprehensible madness of it all, but no one complained. Better are when he just films award-winning NL novels about sex and violence and incomprehensible madness: at least there no one can blame him for the plot.

Also one of the comments said that Verhoeven's Zwartboek/Black Book was based on a true story. Not confirmed that for myself. But the NL treatment of (suspected) traitors/collaborators did happen as described, as per other materials.

Anyway, one more time: it's actually totally worth reading the comments as they are on a variety of topics. Not just the insanity of rape fantasy novels existing (and logically leading to exploitative junk that recently became popular). But there's also brief discussions on the sudden and increasing popularity of "christian" infiltration into various genres of literature: there's now christian sci-fi, much of young adult is apparently entirely christian (twilight, divergent series of movies), and besides christian romance ("inspirational romance") there is apparently even "christian crime novels".

Speaking of christian sci-fi, the christian nazi romance novel that is the subject of this post reminds me of the christian sci-fi book by the Mormon author of Ender's Game (never read that either): "The Redemption of Columbus" or something it was called. It was also all about how to redeem a nazi, I mean the christian genocidal maniac Columbus.

Inspirational romances are apparently very prudish: one of the comments mentioned there is not even any touching and that the platonic romance between the christian boy and girl is actually a symbolic one referring to the jeebus and sinner relationship.

Indian christians will probably eat up all this crap. Just their thing. Like (bad) English is their thing. They have even less taste than their ethnically European counterparts after all. Besides, Indian christians may be the world's most uncreative (but most inculturating=plagiarist) christians, and have to rely on the west to for materials to peruse and for creating avenues for Indian christians to imitate.

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