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Christoislamic terrorist agenda in TN: targeting of Hindus in key positions
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7. News from a few days back. A hit prevented. At last.

An islamaniac was hired by islamaniac terrorist outfit to monitor a key Hindoo who was the next target.


Quote:Man arrested in Coimbatore for spying on Hindutva leaders

21/09/2014 00:19:32 TOI

COIMBATORE: The city police have arrested a 27-year-old man for collecting information about Hindutva leaders particularly Hindu Makkal Katchi (Tamizhagam) founder president Arjun Sampath to murder them, was arrested on Friday. He told the police that he was asked to collect the information about the Hindutva leaders by Kaja Mohideen who was the key accused in the murder of the Hindu Munnani leader KPS Suresh Kumar in Ambattur.

The arrested person has been identified as A Shahul Hameed alias Vaikarai Shahul alias Kutti Ghulam, a native of Pallivasal Street, Vijayapathi village in Tirunelveli district. He was picked up by his father-in-law's house at Thudiyalur in Coimbatore on Friday morning.

Police said, Kutti Ghulam was a wanted accused for plotting to murder of HMK leader Arjun Sampath. He was taken to an isolated place by Selvapuram police where they conducted detailed inquiry. The preliminary inquiry revealed that he was assigned to monitor the movement of Hindu Munnani leader Suresh Kumar in Ambattur. He was staying with the master mind of the murder case accused Kaja Mohideen in Ambattur. He gave all the information to Kaja Mohideen who executed the murder in Ambattur.

After the murder, Kaja Mohideen, his accomplices and Kutti Ghulam had gone to Bangalore where they were hiding to evade arrest in connection with the case. However, Tamil Nadu police arrested Kaja Mohideen and others. Meanwhile he escaped from the police and came to Coimbatore on June 29, 2014.

"He was staying at his father-in-law's house and told his relatives that he was engaged with scrap business. He was assigned to monitor the movement of Arjun Sampath. Meanwhile the gang leader Kaja Mohideen was arrested and he had stopped the monitoring work," said Ravikumar, inspector of police, Selvapuram police station.

Kutti Ghulam told the police officials that Kaja Mohideen started an organisation in the name of Muslim Orunkinaippu Peravai (MOP). He planned to execute murders of Hindutva leaders by using his organisation name which would develop in the state

Full report @ m.timesofindia.com/india/Man-arrested-in-Coimbatore-for-spying-on-Hindutva-leaders/articleshow/43044822.cms

It's times like this that I wish India had that perfectly barbaric device for such an occasion, the electric chair: to electrocute to death all the christoislami-communist mass-murderers terrorising the heathens. Then broadcast each electrocution live - if people can stomach bollypuke, they'll love public executions, surely? same class of entertainment after all - so that christoislamaniac terrorists are struck with fear of the consequences of their christoislamania. (Or maybe it will encourage them to move back to TSP where the mono-moronisms all belong.)

And if no one wants to hit the switch on them, just rig it so that the murderers are forced to slowly push the switch on themselves.... They would then electrocute themselves to death bit by bit. Confusedo deserved:

Christoislami-communist terrorists in India aim for extremes of ruthlessness because they know there are no consequences to fear. Even the few Paki terrorists who got caught attacking Parliament and Mumbai all got 5-star service in Indian prison for being treasured monotheists: all-expenses paid healthcare worth lakhs of Hindu taxpayers' money for Abdul Nasser Madni, islamic terrorist from Kerala, and delicacies in prison like "chicken biryani" (note that innocent chickens had to die to feed terrorists) as a reward for attacking parliament, Mohammed Afroz the islamic gangrapist-murderer of Hindoo girl Jyoti Pandey pleads "underage" and is first awarded 3 years and then gets off at 3 months in a juvenile delinquency centre, and the christian Italian navy entities who murdered Indian christists (for being lower in the christo-hierarchy) even got to go home for christmas and then just stayed in Italy thereby escaping all further punishment (well, their Indian christo victims did choose to convert to christianism after all, so these may as well get used to the treatment). No wonder Pakis are lining up to get caught for terrorist and gangrape attacks in India if they can't attain the promised 72 raisins/houris: they get a far better life in Indian prisons than as free islamaniacs in the hell-hole that is Pakiland. And most of the time, the christoislami-infested Indian govt and forces tend to let christoislami-communist perpetrators off the hook anyway, in return for votes.

But show the terrorists who are waiting to make their debut the kind of consequences that scare them witless and maybe it may get them to reconsider their career options. Or even encourage them to view Pakiland as preferrable to staying in heathen Hindoosthan.


I am still certain that in TN, the hitlist is determined by christianism with some of the middle-men/handlers and footsoldiers (orgs) being islamic, while others are christian. The fact that the TN police force was allowed to catch the al-ummah and other islamics - and especially the fact that Indian christo media are suddenly willing to name and refer to islamania as the culprit - indicates that they want to hide the fact that christianism is just as heavily involved in the murders of key Hindoos in TN. Christians in TN are as fiendishly murderous as the islamaniacs (christianism's DMK satellite project is too) - rather like the named christians in Kerala who've been recently caught serially-murdering Kerala Hindoos of the RSS and BJP.

Plus not to forget the LTTE christists now infesting TN.

The news and sudden decision to catch some token islamic orgs at last - when TN Hindu and BJP leaders have been requesting protection and requesting police action against the murderers for over a year and complained that the TN police/govt was just twiddling its thumbs all that while - and from the fact that christonews is suddenly all for declaring the case closed and implicating islam as the sole perpetrator is just to hide the christian entities and orgs that are also involved. Like that HaindavaKeralam article about the news coverage on the LTTE member caught in Chennai working for ISI showed: Indian christomedia is studiously avoiding namedropping the christian angle to the larger plot, but is ready to name islam. And only small fry there too, I bet. Even the Kerala christos who murdered Kerala's BJP and RSS leaders probably only got named because they further had a communist cover, so that christianism then has the option to dismiss them as "just communists".

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