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From Francois Gautier / Update On FACT

<b>“No nation can progress unless it faces squarely its own History” - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Talk Details:
Francois Gautier, a distinguished journalist, a long time friend of India and author of dozen books on India, will give a talk on:

Plight of Hindus and misguided policies
Building Hindu Holocaust Museum, why necessary and raise funds for it.
To know more about Francois, visit www.fact-india.com</b>
Cultural Program: Parijatapaharanam – Grand Kuchipudi Dance Drama by Smt. Divya Yeluri and Team - an episode with fun and entertainment.
Date: Sunday Aug 16, 2009
Time: 3:30 pm onwards
Place: Arsha Bodha Center, 84 Cortelyous Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873, arshabodha.org
Entry Fee: $15 (Food included with RSVP)
Register At: http://medhanet.com/Francois16Aug2009.html
Visit: http://www.medhanet.com/francois.html
Email: FactIndiaFunds@gmail.com, Ph: 847-462-4692
Contribution to FACT India are tax deductible, Tax ID: 20-8615051. You can also send donations to :FACT India, 6823 Windrock Rd, Dallas, TX 75252 Ph: 614-668-1668
NOTE: Francois events across US is at:
1) According to Will Durant, the Islamic Conquest of India is the most bloodiest in the history of human kind. 80 Million Hindus and Buddhists were subjected to murder, rape and taken to slavery. Hindu Khush, slaughter of Hindus derives its name from many thousands who were killed when taken for slavery. Thousands of temples were destroyed but no mention of it is found in school/college history textbooks.

2) Partition of India saw the bloodiest migration of people where millions of people were displaced and killed in most brutal way. 350,000 Hindus were driven away from Kashmir and many are living in squalid camps for 18 years and Indian rulers and media go about as if they do not even exist.

3) In last 4 years the number of terror deaths and terror incidents in India is only next to war torn Iraq. Not one single terrorist was caught until early this year because the Govt do not want to affect vote bank politics. 5 minutes before 50 people were blown into smithereens, the terrorist send a email to all media that Hindus blood is cheapest of mankind. At the end of the Mumbai attack, the handlers in Pakistan warned Mumbai attack is just a sample and the real drama is yet to come. (Do not miss: http://www.hinduhumanrightswatch.org/image...resentation.pdf ). History is repeating itself.

4) India's first education minister Maulana Azad deliberately distorted history showing Mughal period was benevolent hiding its bloody history including brutal Aurangzeb rule. This gross distortion resulted in disowning our own history, our own heroes and consider brutal foreign rule such as that of Mughals as benevalent to country. Our text books picture today picture freedom fighters such as Bhagat Singh as terrorist and Subash Chandra Bose in a negative way. This is continuing with no serious oppostion from Indians.

5) Many Indians are not aware Mahatma Gandhi is vehemently opposed to missionaries conversion activities. He called it a deadliest poison that ever sapped the fountain of truth. But many Indians today parrot the propaganda of missionaries that they are helping the downtrodden in India without realizing that Mahatma Gandhi stood all his life for downtrodden but saw through missionaries their agenda of denationalizing the country and tearing it apart. Today in Andhra Pradesh, according Govt own declarations 21% of the people are converted and there is no serious opposition in the country. Not knowing history, Indians, particularly Hindus are supporting these activities. North Eastern part of India is about 90% converted and want to separate from India.

"No nation can move forward, unless it squarely faces its past. The courage to remember helps us not to repeat the same mistakes and to build a better future for our children" - H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Hindu Civilization has deep and arguably the longest continuous history of existence. But its children know very little about her past. During Islamic period the civilizations North, North-west, central, eastern and eventually even its southern reaches were devastated. During that traumatic period Hindus suffered incalculable damage and trauma. When Hindus internal struggle against this foreign tormentor were about to succeed the country faced another foreign threat and was colonized by the European colonizers.

The European colonizers changed the medium of our literary language and alienated us from our internal narration, our own story and in turn with our world view. In the process they usurped from us the right to narrate our own story and our world view. They became the experts on our story and we became the receivers of that fable. In the process we looked at them as the experts of our history. They mutilated and created for us a story that was entirely alien to us. Their motivation was to serve their ends of colonization and create internal conflicts among us. A divided home could never muster enough strength so as to stand on its own.

After independence our native leadership, educated in the western schools of the then prevalent European thought, took over the reigns of our country. Most of this leadership had no education and understanding of our past and civilization. They could only understand it through the language of our colonizers. They continued to impose the colonial education system, colonial legal system and the colonial world view on us. They had believed all that colonizer had written, and they ruled us with those colored glasses. Hindu never got to tell his own story as to what happened to them; and never got to communicate Hindu world view. Our voices have been trapped well within us by our own.

Civilizations step in to future with the strength of the present, and the confidence rooted in its past. If that confidence is lost, the inheritors of that civilization will feel defensive and will not want to own that past. Then the inheritors of civilization will continue to seek approval from outside. That creates a second class citizenry, which mocks and shuns its past. Thus to know our past honestly and truthfully is not only our right but an urgent requirement for our success, and our equal participation in the communities of civilizations. The truth will set us free and we will soar new heights of achievement, without wanting to look for approvals from those who colonized us.

Current Hindu History is concocted and manufactured within India , by the left elite who rule the corridors of power. They have this strange notion that real history will offend those of us who for historical reasons aligned themselves and adopted the ethos of the invaders. They think that they can create the new edifice of modern and free India on the foundations of concoctions and lies. Even though the ruins and remains of that past, they want to lie about, is for every one to see around the nation and passed through folk stories. New edifices can not be erected on the foundations of concoctions and lies. Hence it becomes imperative for those of us, who care about India ’s civilization, that they strive to bring forth their story in their own narration.

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