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Time For Action
"vinasa kale vipareetha buddhi" Just like the rakshasas our puranas talk about,JJ has reached her doom and her mindless activities will spell her own downfall. malti

Posted by malathyshridhar, Whose homepage is http://kanchi-sathya.org on January 20, 2005 at 4:10 People should generally be aware of the dynamics of the situation set up by TN CM Jaya. It is clear that the Kanchi SP, Jaya and a few Magistrates are colluding to create their own story without even examining alternatives to the crime. Now Sankarraman's background as a blackmail artist is out with stories of a second wife and various kinds of vices, it is obvious that he has a lot of enemies from among the many crimes that he helped sort out with his form of arbitration, and could have been done to death by any one of them. However this game is being played clearly for political survival of Jaya who has nowhere to go especially as the wealth case comes up in Karnataka. Kanchi mutt takeover issue is being manipulated by Appu's presence who is used to blackmail Stalin (against public exposure of past crimes) to win DMK votes for the takeover ordnance. Similarly the Lingayat mutt takeover is being timed for maximum impact so that Kannadigas turn against Tamils in Karnataka so that Jaya can once again claim that justice will not be done in a state that's a proven bad blood with Tamils and against Jaya in particular. My only prayer is for Kannadigas not fall prey to this manipulation that I can almost foresee happening over the next month.

Posted by Madhusudan Giri, on January 20, 2005 at 3:26 It is hightime, our archaic Cr.P.C. is amended. 90 days for chargesheet was required, when police were walking barefoot to gather evidence. With jets, commandos, fax, phone, email, just 10 days are enough for any big charge sheet. Both Swamijis must give some thought to this as citizens of this confused country, along with their poojas.
Posted by Ramanathan N, on January 20, 2005 at 2:53 Mr.Mani , Topping all that is beng done by JJ there is strong and unbelievable news from Kanchi that the AIADMK personal outfits of JJ have recovered 4 lakhs from late Sankararamans family on the very naxt day, perhaps as per plans. God save the Queen !

Posted by Venkataraman S Iyer, on January 20, 2005 at 2:50 Mr.Mani, While appreciating your feelings on this issue, I strongly feel that Mr.K.T.S. Tulsi should also be condemned by the Bar Association of India and other legal forums for representing TN in this stuffless case and for uttering unwarranted remarks about the Brahmin community.He should be debarred from appearing in such sensitive cases of National importance. I am affraid whether his own Guru and his religious heads will tolerate his pioneering and supporting a wrong social cause of inflicting injury to a particular community and to an ancient Religious Institution.

Posted by Venkataraman S Iyer, on January 20, 2005 at 2:39 Mr.Mani, While appreciating your feelings on this issue, I strongly feel that Mr.K.T.S. Tulsi should also be condemned by the Bar Association of India and other legal forums for representing TN in this stuffless case and for uttering unwarranted remarks about the Brahmin community.He should be debarred from appearing in such sensitive cases of National importance. I am affraid whether his own Guru and his religious heads will tolerate his pioneering and supporting a wrong social cause of inflicting injury to a particular community and to an ancient Religious Institution.

Posted by Venkataraman S Iyer, on January 20, 2005 at 2:38 Mr.Mani, While appreciating your feelings on this issue, I strongly feel that Mr.K.T.S. Tulsi should also be condemned by the Bar Association of India and other legal forums for representing TN in this stuffless case and for uttering unwarranted remarks about the Brahmin community.He should be debarred from appearing in such sensitive cases of National importance. I am affraid whether his own Guru and his religious heads will tolerate his pioneering and supporting a wrong social cause of inflicting injury to a particular community and to an ancient Religious Institution.

Posted by Venkataraman S Iyer, on January 20, 2005 at 2:37 Mr.Mani, While appreciating your feelings on this issue, I strongly feel that Mr.K.T.S. Tulsi should also be condemned by the Bar Association of India and other legal forums for representing TN in this stuffless case and for uttering unwarranted remarks about the Brahmin community.He should be debarred from appearing in such sensitive cases of National importance. I am affraid whether his own Guru and his religious heads will tolerate his pioneering and supporting a wrong social cause of inflicting injury to a particular community and to an ancient Religious Institution.

Posted by Venkataraman S Iyer, on January 20, 2005 at 2:36 Mr. Mani, You should be congratulated for capturing the thoughts of countless of us about this sad episode. There is always a dictum in any crime - you follow the 'money' and you will find the culprit. The money trail in this whole case started and stopped with JL 'awarding' the 5 lakhs to Sankraraman's family! In many events, while the probability of something happening would be zero, there might still a possibility something might have happened. In this case, given the 2500 year history and given the known facts, the possibility of the crime to be committed by the Acharyas is absolutely zero - hence there is no probability that they have done it! Some of the obvious reasons why this crime could not have been committed by the Acharyas: 1. They knew from Sankararaman's letters that if he was to be killed, they would be the natural suspects. 2. If they have paid off the killers with the Mutt money, it could be easily traced back to them. Given the 'Goonda' situation in TN (note the 2 high profile political murders in the State recently), I must be really stupid if I fund the killing with the traceable funds. I must also be crazy to knock off a man, when that man essentially proclaimed to the universe that if he died, then I did it! So, here it is, another dictum revolving around crimes: What is an obvious solution in many cases, do not turn out to be correct. A criminal mind is always a calculating one - and in this case if Acharya did it, we can categorically state that he has no criminal mind. So, who did it? Follow the money and ask a simple question: Who gained the most from the murder, that had the 'fall guy' beautifully set up? Having said all this, let us remember that a man lost his life (whether he was good or bad) and it is very important that India gets to the bottom of this case and resolve it. Because Hinduism will survive a murderous Shankaracharya - but India can not survive a sham investigation of this case. It is time to get the CBI involved. Ram Seshadri
Posted by Ram Seshadri, on January 20, 2005 at 2:04 I am not a follower of any mutt or god. So I see things impartially. I am quite saddened to see our impotent prime minister and president who are educated people to let the life of two respected devoted saints be ruined by a shameless person who is unfit to be a human being
Posted by alavala, on January 19, 2005 at 4:37 despicable and dictatorial course that Chief Minister Jayalalitha is taking must come to an end. It is high time prime minister look into this and save tamil nadu.

Posted by mahesh, on January 19, 2005 at 3:52 I would like to ask the following questions. 1)To JJ & MK What are they doing to find the hired killers of Mr.Aladi Aruna and the AIADMK MLA. Both were gruesomely murdered on the street similar to Mr.Sankararaman. I hope their lives are more important for the law to take its proper course. 2)To the T.Nadu police and prosecution. How come they don't suspect the involvement of big political heads in these murders when they could easily connect Shankaracharya without any direct evidence. 3) To the Prime Minister. What he would have done if a Sikh or Muslim religious leader is handled like this by JJ. Would you treat this as sub-judice and just write a letter and watch as Congress is not involved in this. 4)To the President How is it possible to take India into superpower, when even Police and prosecution couldn't be contained against the 2500 year old Mutt and Shankaracharya. What is the Centre thinking and what are they doing? If so when? After Shankaracharya's are humiliated beyond repair!!!. 5) To Mr.Tulsi? What made you to call Shankaracharya undeserving criminal even before any trial in the court? Which Brahmin called himself above the law for you give in a redif interview. Brahmins are the most law abiding non-violent citizens wherever they live. How do you explain the Bail by Supreme court as irrelevant still when you yourself have served there. Did you apply that knowledge unbiased in this case? How come Mr.Sankararaman's murder is more important than Mr.Aladi Aruna Law Minister? What are you doing in that case? 6. To the public: Do you consider Shankaracharya also just as another Brahmin due to the brainwashing of Dravidians. Do you understand the government is obliged to be unbiased against all people including Brahmins who are just a minority.It is the Dravidians who are ruling T.Nadu for 35 years, not the Brahmins for them to still hate a harmless non-violent minority. I am sure the Dravidians teach you all how not to hate other minorites to keep their vote banks in tact. 7.To the media: How come you don't ask any tough questions to the Police and Prosecution and demand more clear unbiased answers, fair treatment to Shankaracharya. Why you don't want to think Shankaracharya's could have been innocent as that is what the Constitution says till proven one is not guilty. I am sure for if any of you journalists gone through this, you might have got united in the whole country or even globe. What prevents you from looking all 360 degrees in a case as this could have been done and foisted on Shankaracharya too. Say for e.g., an employee of your newspaper gets killed, will you allow your editor or owner to be arrested and threatened and humiliated without proof. 8.To Mrs.Anuradha Ramanan. Who made you to lie like that against Shankaracharya after 12 years of silence. 9.Last to God! Please save Shankaracharya from this humiliation and give sernity to all people to feel about ordinary Hindu's feelings too. Let the world be peaceful with all people treating everyone with dignity.

Posted by GANESH, on January 19, 2005 at 2:51 How much money does she need? Is her lesbian friend pulling all these tricks . Tn should be ashamed with sucha lesbian as a CM think again before you vote you nut heads.
Posted by brinda, on January 19, 2005 at 2:45 There is innumerable quantitative and qualitative data to show that JJ is doing this out of a political vendatta against the mutt and the seers in particular.Her vindictive personality doesn't need examples.There are only 3 ways that this religious Tsunami can end! 1) There should be a "martyr" from all the groups of people involved. Not only JJ, but a few people like Appu, Premkumar,Karunanidhi who know the real truth. One of them should risk their life and speak the truth. It looks like thier selfish attitude will win over religious reign. 2) Beyond a doubt,the state government is acting in a reprhensible manner.If the central govt. can act above and beyond party lines and save Hinduism then there probably there is hope for India. 3) the only other salvaation is God answering the Seer's prayers. if there is no God 9 as none of us can prove it) atleast the spirits of the founder of Sankara madam, Chandrasekhara swamigal or for that matter the spirit of Sankaraman itself should solve this mystery. I always beleive the power of the soul of such departed souls ( when they are hacked to death so untimely and unexpectedly) is very strong. The best example that I'm sure is fresh in all our memories is when Rajiv gandhi was murdered by one eyed Sivarasu and his girlfriend on May 21st 1991 and police sincerely ( unlike now) were looking for these murderers they were cornered and killed themselves on august 20th 1991( Birthday of Rajiv Gandhi) The spirit of these souls will take care of their murderes. There cannot be a doubt about that, because the dead are not looking for any political, monetary benefit or help... thank God!!!! We don't want another tsunami.... Saadhu ponginnaal Naadu thaangadhu meaning if saadhu's get angry a nation cannot take it. Let's not burn India for the sake of 300 crores of illegal money of JJ
Posted by shamla, on January 19, 2005 at 2:41 The article by Mani is mind throbing. Is Jayalalithaa involved in the murder. The way she is acting it is indirectly pointing that something is fishy. Many people are murdered in the past. Nobody got 5 L from Jayalalithaa funds. The recent one being "Alaadi Aruna", why not his wife get the money. We as Hindus should join hands and fight against this atrocity of one single woman. As everybody is asking. 1. Why should Bala Perivaa put in the same central jail-- to black mail him with his brother. I am very postivie if central orders CBI enquiry into this matter-- Poor Jaya will be behind bars. May all pray for the early settlement of this issue and restore the glory of Kanchi Mutt.
Posted by Anantha Shankar, on January 19, 2005 at 12:13 If the central government cannot do anything against this lady, then we all unite and do something and force the central to use 356 against Jaya .. This is not only an Hindu or minority Brahmin issue .. It is an issue which brings shame to our culture, disrespect to all Mutt gurus and sadhus .. being a chief minister does not mean she and her gundas can do anything they want ..

Posted by Vambu, on January 19, 2005 at 11:51 I fully agree to the contents of Mr Mani and also several people who expressed their anguish and frustratiions. While I understand that in a case like this, centre may not like to set a precedence, how long are we going wait and watch this war on values and ethics. Since we have a dram of making India a superpower by 2020, curses of so many people within the country and across the globe might affect our aspirations. It is high time, Centre must intervene and prevent further atrocities on Sankaracharyas and Mutt. I feel ashamed to be from the place where Tiruvalluvar and Bharathi took birth. Centre cannot a mute spectator for long and parties ruling the centre cannot call themselves as secular, if current bias continues. I feel all of us need to have courage like Justice Reddy who made a landmark judgement and fight this war on morals, values and ethics. I pray to the Almighty to give us all the strength that is required and give wisdom to politicians. We must get united to fight this war and unless commotions take place at the common man's level, this would continue. May God bless India and remove the bad thoughts from the minds of politicians to ensure that India continue to be a country with difference and become a superpower by 2020.

Posted by MS Balaji, on January 19, 2005 at 11:44 JJ is a certified psychopath. Who on earth without getting married once would go out of the way to adopt a son who is about 30 years old and arrange to get him married grandiosely. Soon afterwards, she got him arrested in drug trafficking on a flimsy charge that her adopted and estranged son was selling drug in the bus stand. Thank God she did not adopt a girl as daughter, else that adopted daughter would have been booked under brothel charges by her goondas in uniform. The law and order apparatus of the JJ Govt stoops down to any abysmal level to please shameless JJ. TN Courts are loyal only to JJ and Sasi; Constitution and Indian Penal Codes are manipulated to help these two. I suspect that there must be some other motive behind this case. Whatever comes out in the media are all fabricated lies ejaculated by the police as and when they please. We the commoners may not get to know the truth behind the murder. It is quite possible that breaking down of Sasikala and co's deal in some real estate transaction must be the reason behind the murder of Sankararaman. To divert the case they are dragging Mutt into this so that they can gobble up Mutt-managed hospitals in TN as well as a double bonus. Long-live Sasi & Co. Is this what they teach in the Police Academy to fabricate cases, manipulate witnesses, lie repeatedly under oath? Sathyameva Jeyate is meant only to fool the commoners. I wonder what is the use of having a great visionary as a President and blemishless economist as a PM when we have third rate goondas in uniform aided by spineless executives to oblige a psychopath CM who is under the spell of Sasi & co. We shameless Tamils deserve this. Sasi is Chennai. JJ is TN.

Posted by ramdoss, on January 19, 2005 at 11:22 Sir, Immediately after the statement of some of the witnesses that they had been tortured by the police to give theit tutored statements against Snkaracharya,one of whose teeth were broken in the torture process, I wrote to the National Human Rights Commission asking them whether they can intervene in this case. That was much before the Supreme Court giving bail to the sankaracharya. But nothing happened. Looks like every one is afraid of the police and JJ Government including Madras high Court judges. It was only after the Supreme Court gave bail, the human rights commission started acting. How ironic it is that !!! Are we living in Communist Russia?

Posted by Kadhiravamalai, on January 19, 2005 at 11:00 Jaya Paid roughly Rs.5,00,000 to Anuradha raman for that third class interview. Rapisit Preamkumar tried the same interview from various dalit ladies but he could not succeed. The fact is that these poor daliits are daily earner and they refuse to oblidge. You just see the character of anuradha ramam. Only god would help her these type of money minded lady.

Posted by l.krishnamoorthy, on January 19, 2005 at 10:37 Is anyone making sure the mutt is financially solvent during this period ? Is the team of lawers being adequatly being paid ? They should plan for defemation case against TN gov / jaya.
Posted by LingRaj, on January 19, 2005 at 9:34 What is the point of all this, unless there is direct action. Surely, from those who are writing to this page, there are some who are lawyers and can advise the Mutt on how it can stave off the state. Surely, having seen how the gov was acting, anticipatory bail could have been sought for the junior seer. Surely, things could have been done to protect the bank accounts too. The junior Seer's case is being adjourned too often and for too long. Just today, a week's adjournment just becuase the counsel is not there ! This gives time for the gov to formulate its policy and harress the seer in jail. Surely, there is a way to help him out ! Even now, I am sure its not too late to formulate further defences in legal terms and put these into action. Much needs to be done to clear the name of the Mutt and its Seers. Winning the bail plea is not the end, it is but the first battle. We really do need to do something about the ring of lawyers surrounding the seers and make sure we have an excellent team to back them up. The votoers also need to come out in force and make sure jaya and laloo and all their pesudo secular lot are denied power in the coming elections. Elections is the only time we can throw our these rubbish politicans. Voting out BJP - no matter how slow and cumbersom it was, was a BIG mistake. We are now paying for voting with our emotions rather than our intelligence.

Posted by Bhagwat Shah, on January 19, 2005 at 9:17 I am a devotee of Kanchi mutt. I understand the anguish of our minority. What can we do against a maglomania, like the JJ? Our law is to be blamed. Our advocates are not intelligent enough, to trangress with ingenuity. The law maker at the centre is not interested. The law executors have skeleton in the cup-boards. Our demacracy and law are mockery in the system. A few cannot do anything. Our people are highly selfish and would preserve themselves and say they are clever. When they are hit they will blame others and God. As Tagore said, *where the mind is without fear*,there evils will dread to step-in. Same thing is happenning to small frys, but do we talk about it? Our religious belief teaches to be patient and pray to HIM. Periaval had also said that only. One thing, is certain. The incident had triggered the silent-unity among the Hindus and good Indians and samaritans. Ishwaro rashathu. HE will help us to tide over the crisis. Om nomo venkatesaya.

Posted by Rajaram.K, on January 19, 2005 at 9:17 The article is an objective analysis of the situation. The people of Tamil nadu is cursed to have politicians like Jayalalitha and karunanidhi. The present government has lost all credibility due to the present happenings. it is time the President acted and suspended the TN government and the Kanchi case taken over by the CBI. Jalalitha should be banned from politics and should be imprisoned for life time for propogating terror among tyhe people.'

Posted by V. Raman, on January 19, 2005 at 7:34 I read the report of "Dinakaran" in Tamil, today just now. It appears Sri Vijayendrar was mentally tortured by TN police till morning 4 . they seem to have tortured him with questions on Sex until he broke down... Jayalalita must be avenging her defeat at Suprme Court. the only retribution for this will be that Prem Kumar should arrest Jayalalita and conduct his "style of investigation"

Posted by V. Krishnan, Whose homepage is http://www.geocitie.com/vkram on January 19, 2005 at 6:42 the act of greed and arrogance at its best! you can feel it only in India and only in TN. the "Dravidian Parties" at its best and they are now working on reallignment - in particular to this issue "How To Distroy MUTT and Hindu" feeling by striking terror. It is well known unlike the Dravidian parties, the effected and their devotees would not go to streets damaging buses and life, bcause they are hindus and law abiding humans! the drama would cease once the Dravidian parties share the wealth of mutt among themselves and leave the mutt, because they can not serve the society the Mutt way. WE ARE CURSED IN OUR LIFE TIME TO HAVE RULERS LIKE THIS...in the name of elected representatives.
Posted by cs, on January 19, 2005 at 5:09 Jayalalitha Government should be Immediately dismissed and should be arrested for the contemt of Supreme court
Posted by Raghunathan AV, on January 19, 2005 at 4:08 Yes, May the Jayalalitha government be dismissed and may Jayalalitha be arrested for ignoring all laws of the land and on top of preying on the resources of our motherland
Posted by revathi, on January 19, 2005 at 4:05 Sir: I am really happy to go through your article. Unless, some drastic action taken either by Supreme Court or NHRC, I DOUBT Central govt will take any action. They are watching a free tamasha being enacted by an arrogant Chief Minister of a state I wish the Learned Judges of Supreme court take note of similar views when the Tn Govt appeal comes up for hearing by month end with warm regards v t shankar
Posted by V T Shankar, on January 19, 2005 at 3:58 I agree with the comments of Mr.S.S. Mani. Jaya will pay for whatever she does now very soon.. Wait and See
Posted by G Srinivasan, on January 19, 2005 at 3:41 Lets pary the Almighty to put an early end to this HIRANYA-KASHIPU RAJYA of Jayalalitha.
Posted by Varadarajan, on January 19, 2005 at 3:15 an excellent article. sure i agree with all that the goverment of jayalalitha should be summarily dismissed and she sent to jail for contempt of court .

Posted by muralidharan, on January 19, 2005 at 3:14 I find it the observations of Ms Jayalalitha in her 7 page letter are rediculous. She charges the accused of applying bail and delaying with lenthy arguments. But how many years she dealyed thje caes against her in the court. Even an Editor like is made to toe the line by arresting himpreviously. I dont think he ever will have guts to write any thing against her govt. She must have influnced or threatned the judges in her State. Other wise what SC seen the points in the bail application,how the local coursts could not see? The very fact that SC wants her cases to be tried in Bangalore indicates what SC thinks of her influence the state.

Posted by V V S Prasad, on January 19, 2005 at 2:50 What was the reason for giving 5 lakhs rupee for sankarraman family by jayalalitha , but for the people affected by tsunami only 1 lakh , is this does not show that jayalalitha has criminal role in this drama of kanchi seer's arrest
Posted by P.V. Sriram Narayanan, on January 19, 2005 at 1:38 Shri. Mani made a very candid analysis. I feel lot of harm has been done to the justice in the state of Tamil Nadu. Ms Jayalalthi has no ground to continue as CM. President should pass orders to dismiss her governament. Any further continuation of her rule will be major human rights violation.

Posted by Venkatesh.N, on January 19, 2005 at 1:36 An excellent brain storming article by Mr. Mani, which open up the eyes of those who are victimising the Acharyas and the Kanchi Mutt people. I had raised these following points earlier in a “different place” and wish to post them here. a) Why wife of the slain Sankaraman was never contacted by the police nor any identification of the arrested assasins sought before the arrest of the Sankaracharya? b) Shankara Raman’s son says that he got to hear that the police siezed a threat letter from his dead father’s hand bag, but knows nothing more. What happened to this threat letter? The police or prosecution never mentioned about this letter. In fact there is no mention at all about this letter anywhere. Why and what could be the reason? Is it possible that this letter may point towards the actual plotter of the murder proving the innocence of the Sankaracharya and that is why this has not been brought out.? c) The FIR copy given to the defence is dated 16th November 2004. Why did the police take 5 days to give the FIR copy? If the family of late Sankararaman had an inkling of doubt about the involvement of Sankaracharya why was not that suspicion articulated in the FIR? d) Who actually paid Rs 3 lakhs each (This is according police’s briefing to the press initially) to the five persons who surrendered ( one of whom, the police say was in jail on the day of Sankararaman’s murder) This, the police have conveniently left out and are concentrating only on the moneys withdrawn by the Kanchi Mutt from the bank revealing their desperation to malign the mutt somehow. e) Some bad elements arrested by the police would name any one as the person to have paid them the money for the murder. Are we to believe the statements of such hired killers? And now two main accused are confessing they were tortured by police to implicate the Sankaracharya. (Corroborated by an authentic report by a news media about the Police Officer Mr. Prem Kumar who is in charge of the investigation who had acquired infamy by stripping lady prisoners/witnesses) f) Even if there was bitter relation between the late Sri Sankaraman and the mutt authorities including the Jagatguru Sankarachaarya, is that a decisive motive for the murder? Are there not others with equal motive? ( Please read the next point) g) It is said that Sri Sankararaman had created lots of enemies as manager of Varadarajan Temple, by taking action against some purportedly erring people and also had apparently antagonised some political party people by denying them the lease of the Varadaraja Perumal Temple land. These people could have been motivated to eliminate Sri Sankararaman by some politicians who wanted Sankaracharya and the mutt to lose their increasing influence in the national politics. h) After all it is a well known fact that there has been bitter exchange of words between the Seer and the “Doctor Kalaignar M. Karunaanidi”, the Chief of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam who wanted “Gods who cannot understand Tamil to quit Tamil Nadu” . This DMK branched off from their parent organisation Dravida Kazhagam, (headed by the late Periyar whose statue was purposely placed right across the road facing the Kanchi Mutt with an inscription on its pedastal- “the propagator of God is a scoundrel”) and grew and flourished from the hatred sowed against believers in God, particularly Brahmins. The late M.G. Ramachandran floated the AIADMK branching off from the DMK after the death of its leader C.N. Annadurai and the present leader of AIADMK and the present Chief Minister of TN is legatee of M.G. Ramachandran. i) The prosecution counsel made a stunt by declaring before the High Court, that the Sankaracharya was planning to flee to Nepal. Only this claim could never be substantiated later. After all getting back a person from Nepal is not a difficult task! And yet why this continuous harassment is meted out to the Sankaracharya, by denying/delaying bail which is a fundamental right of any accused person ? Does not this prove that the entire atmosphere is vitiated in Tamil Nadu? j) There is mention about mobile conversations between the hired killers and the Sankaracharya. Is there a voice recording to prove that it was Sankaracharya’s voice? Why should it be presumed that it was the Sankaracharya’s? k) The videoconversation (without the video part) shown in NOV after the arrest of Shri Acharaya Swamigal, by the SUN TV clearly proves that the voice purportedly of Sri Jayendra Saraswati engaged in conversation with someody else suggesting elimination of Sankaraman, is really not his. Anybody who has heard him can vouch for this. Obviously this is a fabricated conversation. How can one trust any video ? After all with so much of advancement in IT anything can be created to parade as true. How can this video be shown like this which was supposed to be in Police custody? This applies to the second Video shown in SUN TV recently. Is the Police and Sun TV. are working in collusion? l) On the day the Honourable High Court of Chennai denied bail to Sankaracharya for the second time, the SunTV gleefully put the headlines: “ High Court denies bail to the Sankaracharya, now what? The Supreme Court?” (translated from Tamil) m) The lady Usha who was earlier associated with the Sankaracharya and reported by the TN Police as absconding, has now turned up and is refuting the police story ! She has categorically said and proved that she is a cancer patient and her relation with the Sankaracharya was always that of a “Guru and disciple”. The media was very quick in presenting the police version without even verifying it! ( Please see the news paper report about dissent within the police about this sort of “witch-hunting”) n) Varadaraja Perumal Temple Manager Sri Sankararaman, who was brutally murdered on September 3, had alleged in one of his letters ( in fact he had always produced innumerable copies of his letters and had circulated them in every nook and corner) that the Acharya had utilised only 35 kg of the total 100 kg of gold, donated to the mutt to make a golden chariot for the Kamakshi Amman Temple. The rest of the gold was missing. Do dead men tell tales? Police has only the letter of Sankararaman and obviously groping in the dark, otherwise what is the fun in asking the poor “ lady cancer patient” about the whereabouts of the gold? o) Jayalalitha’s giving out of the Chief Minister’s Fund, Rs. 5 lakhs to the bereaved family of the murdered Sankaraman raises doubts about the motive behind the kind jesture. Is it a price being paid to the family to tow the line of the TN Government? The Chief Minister’s/Prime Miniaster’s fund has always been used for giving relief towards natural calamities and never for helping murdered victims’s families. Her theatrical statement to the press “ Arresting the Sankaracharya was the most painful decision of my entire political career” is not at all convincing. Can any one expect justice from the mutually dependent Tamil Nadu Government and the Tamil Nadu Police who are obsessed with the motive of destroying the Kanchi Sankaracharya and the mutt at any cost? Can’t one easily see the unjust and vitiated atmosphere prevalent there? The case against the Sankaracharya appears to have been born out of some ulterior motive. Could there be truth in the rumour also aired in the press, that there was friction between Jayalalita and the Sankaracharya over the Kanchi mutt trust acquiring a hospital in which Jayalalita’s confidante’ Shashikala was also interested. His Holiness Sri Sankaracharya has already been “put on trial” and “convicted” by: 1. Jaya TV ( owned by Jayalalita) 2. SUN TV ( controlled by M. Karunanidhi) 3. “KUNKUMAM” a Tamil weekly owned by M. Karunanidhi) 4. The suo motto statement issued by Jayalalita , the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu charging the Sankaracharya with murder, while the case was pending for bail order in the Honorable High Court of Madras. 5. And “Outlook” in Delhi Unless the case is shifted from Tamil Nadu and taken out of the control of TN Government, the truth will continue to be distorted and justice will be crucified! None need be surprised if the Sankaracharyas are implicated in Rajiv Gandhi Assanination case also. After all Sriperumbudhur is close to Kanchipuram! And now Jayalaita wants her own disproprotionate assets case transferrred from Karnataka to her own state so that she could have things her way ( as in the case of Sankaraman murder) Of course Supreme Court can never be fooled. It has dismissed her petition!
Posted by V. Krishnan, Whose homepage is http://www.geocities.com/saikrishnan.geo on January 19, 2005 at 1:28 An excellent work, Mr. Mani. Many articles have come on this contentious issue. But this one is a real masterpiece. Well done. The people of TN do not deserve democracy for at least 25 years as long as the demons like Jaya and MK are banished from the political scene. Ever since the dravidian parties dawned on to rule from 1960s, the people of the state have been seeing only a downward trend of oneupmanship, vengeance, vindictiveness, ethnic cleansing and corruption to unimaginable levels. One important observation is that none of the states where a woman has been at the helm, especially sphinsters or seperated ones, things have only gone from bad to worse. Mayavati, Jaya, Indira, Mamta are some of such contributors. Perhaps, it has something to do with their 'insecure' mindset.

Posted by Tarakad V Ramachandran, on January 19, 2005 at 1:09 Shri Mani By going through this article, we hope the sanadhana dharma wl get justice. The present Govt, should be immediately dismissed.

Posted by Smt.Andal, on January 19, 2005 at 12:51 I am fully in agreement with the fact that jayalalitha govt should be dismissed and she should be warned for acting against the supreme court's order

Posted by r.shivakumar, on January 19, 2005 at 12:32 It appears that many(like Appu) in police custody now are wanted in a number of cases. Why are multiple warrants not issued against them now?It appears that confessional statements can now be had for a bargain. See how Appu is treated - jail to local hospital and from there to a General Hospital in Chennai. The media showed that the Police Officers were either unwilling to go near Appu or too eager to shake hands with him. Only in India such things can happen.

Posted by Viswa G, on January 19, 2005 at 12:27 Excellant article Mr Mani..hope it falls in the ears of our PM and president Kalam to immedately sack Jayalaltha and her minsitry. Jayalalitha Government should be Immediately dismissed and should be arrested for the contemt of Supreme court

Posted by MB, on January 19, 2005 at 12:26 What must not be forgotten is that the real culprits must be caught ? All high profile devotees (ardent, casual, sometimes visit, rarely vist) have been questioned. Why has Jaya not been questioned ? What about rumors that a takeover of the Sankara Hospital is the goal of this ? Why was 5 laks paid to Sanakarams family and a id parade done that same day ? The real problem is JAYA HAS NOT BEEN SUMMONED OR QUESTIONED REGARDING HER DEALINGS WITH THE MUTT. That alone is reason for CBI to get involved as it is not possible for TN police to even think about that.
Posted by Reality Check, on January 19, 2005 at 12:17 Curse has descended on TN in 1967 when DMK came to power replacing Congress. I do not belong to any party. I voted for DMK at that time and regret life long. Neither Jayalalita nor MKor his heirs are fit enough to rule TN. The statute of EVR should first be removed from Kanchi if Hinduism has to get back its glory in TN . Of course Jaylalita's political end is very near. SC is now aware of her and her tactics. She can fool local courts but not SC.
Posted by V. Krishnan, Whose homepage is http://www.geocities.com/vkram on January 19, 2005 at 12:07 Jayalalitha has violated all norms of decency in handling this case. It is patently clear that she has some personal grudge against the Acharya. She is being cursed by millions of Hindus for this great blunder she has committed. I pray to Bhagwan to bless her with sath buddhi not to commit further mistakes and earn the Maha Papa that she is currently committing. As written by so many others we are living in a Police / Govt Goonda Raj. I wonder what further provocation that the central govt needs to act on this matter. Let us all pray to All mighty to save the Acharyas and also to give the due punishment to Jayalalitha and the Police for their atrocities.

Posted by R Mani, on January 19, 2005 at 12:05 Jaya is not OK when she is in power. I think people of Tamil nadu should think several times before voting Jaya government to power hence forth. Power misuse by politicains is across India. Plight of a common citizen you can understand when the Seer is facing all this. Law is not equal to all as claimed by constitution and Politicains. Why is the case against Jayalalitha has not made any progress since she came to power. By amassing so much wealth she would have deprived the right to live for so many poor people in India. Why is that case left like that. Is Central Govt also party to this. Why they are not appointing CBI or any commission to look Seer case and Jaya's Case

Posted by R.V.Nathan, on January 18, 2005 at 11:52 Dear Sir, What you have said is entirely true. I ahve written to the President on this and i am sending what i have written. Dear Sir, I am 27 years old , married and blessed with a male child. I follow a spiritual practice and have a happy life. When i am not doing any official work (consultancy for a banking software company), i am praying for people around me as instructed by my Master, not for their health or for wealth for them but only for their spiritual elevation. I am quite happy with life. Why am i asking this question " Am i proud to be a citizen of India ?"... I have been following the case of the Kanchi Seer, though i am not a follower of the Kanchi seer. He has come out of bail with the supreme court rejecting the TN Govt.'s request of not to grant the bail. The supreme court has pointed out that there is no evidence linking the seer to the case and yet the junior seer has been arrested in the same case. If a famous person like the seer could be arrested without proper evidence. What would happen to a common man if he is arrested in such a case ? First he must survive until his case reaches supreme court which may itself take several years. So where a citizen's fate can be decided by unprincipled politics, would i be proud to be a citizen of such a state ? . I belive in the karma theory, but it is only for the individual alone who should think it is the karma and forgive those involved like Christ did. I understand, that it is also very difficult for governments to have a 100 % record in solving all cases , but they must strive to do it. But we are seeing that Governments are acting more on personal agenda than on evidence. Where are we going todwards ? Being a developed nation is one thing , but having people with power decide your fate is another. What is the use of getting a Security Council seat with veto if a citizen cannot be given proper justice. You are a person who has always looked at the positive side of things. You have the experience of age and wisdom enough to know what to do under such situations. You are from Tamil Nadu and may worry about the state more that anyone else. But i think as a citizen i had to write to you on this subject. With Love,

Posted by Laks, on January 18, 2005 at 11:38 Jayalalitha Government should be Immediately dismissed and should be arrested for the contempt of Supreme court

Posted by M.S.Pattabiraman, on January 18, 2005 at 11:31 Jayalalitha Government should be Immediately dismissed and should be arrested for the contemt of Supr

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