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Islam - some observations : Interesting Blog Entry
[quote name='priyarawat229' date='09 August 2012 - 09:46 AM' timestamp='1344501494' post='115320']

Muslims around the world are suffering from one problem or another. In India alone, the number of Muslims is about 17 crore and unfortunately, most of them are poor and uneducated. I have listed some of the reasons behind their backwardness in India, so go through it.


I can understand when you say that India has several hundred thousands below the poverty line without mentioning religion as honestly speaking, religion has very little to do with it. You sound like a political bigwig attracting vote banks just prior elections!! A big chunk of the population in India suffers from illiteracy, poverty and ill health. Boils down to poor governance. Our leaders are too busy lining their pockets while the poor have got poorer and the most corrupt have thrived.

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