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Indo-Pak Reunion
Thanks for your reply.

Our object here is to establish supporting education system through, skilled labors, executives and professionals, to create employment, education and business opportunities. We do not have any interest in digging the past, because, there is a history and always the history depends upon several facts and circumstances. Lets take the example; Bhagat Singh and Abdul Ghaffar Khan were a terrorist according to Britshers, but they were patriotic freedom fighter for the our people. Views and thoughts differ, but strong determination can bring the changes. First of all understand that, religion, caste or creed is not a barrier. The politicians for their existence created these things and how long we are going to sing along, without understand the objective. There is no need to give up the religion to unite. Gandhiji never used Hinduism to fight against the East India Company. Have a good objective, be a leader, provide better opportunities, the people will understand the world. It was the English brain that started the conspiracy between the Hindus and Muslims, to keep the Christian community safe and secure in India, and it was the need of the departing British Emperors to protect their people and other establishment in India. Therefore, we have to put ourselves in the Britshers shoes to understand, why they played this dual game, before leaving India. During the period of Akbar, both of Hindu and Muslims lived happily, but now, why are we fighting and blaming each other? The unwanted political drama brought this situation. Therefore, we have to step a head further and create a secure future. We call US, UAE, England, France, Japan and many more as developed countries, why?, because the people are literate and they do not have the time to fight in the name of religion, caste or creed, they fight for their own existence. Who is creating the political drama? Ask the question, raise the voice and think positively, things will change. Every thought could be valuable and the positive vibes can create the path for the millions to follow.

[quote name='Bharatvarsh2' date='17 November 2010 - 08:17 PM' timestamp='1290004792' post='109282']

Are you mentally retarded?

First Germany was divided against the wishes of Germans where as most Muslims including most "Indian Muslims" wanted Pakistan.

Second East Germany gave up Communism where as Muslims are in no hurry to give up Islam.

Reunification will happen when either Hindus will convert to Islam or Muslims will renconvert back to the faith of their ancestors.

And how about you learn some real history instead of parading the outdated bullshit of your commie masters like the lie that Brits divided Hindus and Muslims when in fact they just exploited existing differences. To Hindus Muslim rule was just as much foreign and oppressive as British rule, that was why they fought wars of liberation under the Marathas, Jats, Sikhs and liberated most of their land from Muslim rule before the Brits came in and took over.

Start here:

Muslim Separatism

Causes and Consequences


Also stop pimping your shitty blogs by making shitty threads.


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