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Rape crimes in India vs elsewhere: deliberate disproportionate reporting by international news
Archiving some news seen on

Rape Jihad / Kidnapping jihad / Demographic Jihad (usually euphemised as "love" jihad)


1. One of the following items is still related to the news in the previous post (Frazer Town Rape): 3 more islamics arrested for that gangrape/assault of a Hindu woman.

Plus islamic paedophile - fresh from infesting Bihar comes to infest Karnataka and caught raping Hindu school children. Plus his other hobby was watching videos of his brothers-in-christoislam brutally raping children. (= The sort of thing islamics like to do whenever there are no heathen children or heathen adults for them to attack.)


Quote:Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quick notes: Secularistan in Karnataka, RoP perverts...

•No funds for govt schools, but..: Karnataka govt allocates Rs 47 crore to give honorariums to chief imams and muezzins (who call people for prayer).

•Vibgyor school rape: The CCTV camera footage showed Mustafa dragging the six-year-old student into a room on July 3 afternoon. The camera footage also showed the girl crying. A Bihar native, Mustafa's laptop had videos of schoolchildren being raped. According to the police, a school in Whitefield had terminated Mustafa’s services after his alleged involvement in a sexual assault case. But the matter was not reported to the police.



•Frazer Town Rape: Nasir, 28, the main accused in the case, had sexually assaulted at least 20 other women in the past. He is believed to have shot videos of the incidents and had blackmailed the victims into silence. "None of them have come forward to report the incidents," the officer said. Police have arrested three others who were involved in the 'Frazer Town horror' incident - Mohammed Hafeez (32), Mohammed Ishaq Sawood (32) and Shoaib Shiek Mohammed (27).



All of us are pic.twitter.com/xmGzBJdxdO

— GEETA KAPOOR #HDL (@geetababes) June 22, 2014

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18907&SKIN=K

Quote:Love Jihad: Alarming Rise in Number of Perpetrators and Victims

29/07/2014 20:53:28 www.janmabhumidaily.com/jnb/News/64886

There is an alarming rise in the number of girls being swindled by Jihadis, all in the name of love and romance. The next immediate step these Jihadis resort to is religious conversion to Islam.

A recent report, based on a study done in the last 30 days in the state of Kerala, shows as many as 272 cases of Love Jihad in various districts. This is the least, taking into account data furnished by Hindu Helpline and other similar organizations. Sources state that the actual cases stand legions more, where truth stands stifled owing to fear of humiliation and threat on life.

According to sources, the district of Kasargode stands way above others as looming grounds for perpetrators. Over 40 girls have fallen victim to Love Jihad in Kasargode alone, in a span of one month. The ploy being schemed out by the marauders is making advances towards girls hailing from families of those active in Hindutva activities.

24 girls have fallen prey in Kottayam district. Reports have also come in where many girls have committed suicide following humiliation or have made attempts in taking away their own lives, following extreme harassment by these Jihadis. Reports have given these as statistics, of those girls who have fallen prey to Love Jihad in a span of one month: Ernakulam- 39, Thiruvananthapuram- 27, Kollam- 17, Alappuzha- 13, Kozhikode- 23.

In Kannur, it is said that over 20 cases have been brought to the notice of Hindu Helpline. The scenario is no different in other districts.

Perpetrators are said to be resorting to new ways, which is said to have enhanced the number of victims as well. The latest tactic of Jihadis is targeting of girls from afluential families, working in fields related to science and technology and other areas of covetable studies. These girls are immediately taken to places of religious conversion like Ponnani.

As step one, they are thoroughly brainwashed which makes them easy victims for religious conversion. As a result, the girls are even quick to disown their own parents, giving the Jihadis an easy escape passage.

A recent trend that is being observed is marriage via Special Marriage Act, following which the victims are subject to various kinds of emotional and physical torture. They are thereafter converted. The trend came into light when as many as 8 girls, who had been victimized thus, approached the Hindu Helpline, seeking ways of securing divorce.

According to one of the victims, the Jihadis are said to ‘don a Hindu name, commit to a wedding ceremony in temples like SreeKrishna Temple at Guruvayur to make the victim feel at ease. They are then subject to religious conversion.”

(1. Can compare with the now-famous case of the rape jihad victim Tara Shahdeo: the islamaniac who terrorised her also at first pretended to be a Hindu - in order to dupe Tara's friends so they could introduce him to Tara and to then dupe Tara into thinking he was Hindu too. He too only revealed his islamania after the wedding and then assaulted her to threaten her into conversion and then threatened to kill her brother too if she would not convert. That last is also a repeating pattern: islamaniacs keep threatening to kill the relatives of the female victim if she won't convert or if she tries to escape.

2. Anyway, christo-islamaniac sexual jihad must be why Hindus had invented arranged marriages, so they ensure these were between sons or daughters of Hindu families they knew - i.e. families that parents *knew* to be Hindu, so they could trust that the prospective son-in-law or daughter-in-law was not a cryptochristian/cryptoislamic.

While this arrangement has prevented sons and daughters from making the terrible mistake of entering into wedlock with someone they were deceived into *believing* was Hindu, arranged marriages have increasingly started to bring forth dangers of its own: where the bride or groom chosen by the parents is a secular/de-heathenised/unheathen entity who is merely of Hindu parentage and not Hindoo itself. Not counting "cultural" Hindus of course, as these are not heathens but are freeloading on Hindu "civilisation" and "culture", in order to parasite on these things even though they are not actually heathen themselves.

Hindoos should beware both christoislamics - especially the crypto variety - and the unheathens who pass themselves off as Hindu merely for being of Hindu parentage.)

“Even after staying together with these marauders, we are never able to collect enough data about them. There are girls working in Infopark, who have been victims. Even they are clueless about these marauders. Cases like a native of Kasargode masquerading as resident of Kollam after having procured fake certificates and registering their marriage in Thiruvananthapuram can keep identity of the Jihadi concealed. The marauder is said to have taken the victim to many places, which has left the victim clueless and furnish meager information, stating that the Jihadi has apartments at different places,” said sources.

Reports suggest that such marauders are on the rise and are on the lookout for new ways to lure victims and then make a beeline escape, once their mission of religious conversion is accomplished.

An important comment there:

Quote: GSK Menon

30/07/2014 10:02:17 Love Jihad

With a strong BJP government at the centre, why should there be any hesitation in controlling this menace ? All along the CONgress party was being blamed, now what is the excuse ? I am very disappointed with the BJP at the Centre.

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18838&SKIN=C

Quote:Love Jihadi under arrest while dumping 2nd victim

04/07/2014 23:16:47 Based on Janmabhumi Report

[Picture of hideous islamaniac]

Police have arrested a Jihadi Romeo Shahul Hamid, who allegedly subjected a Hindu girl to sexual harassment, following which he persuaded her to convert to Islam. The arrest came following a suicide bid by the girl.

Shahul had eloped with the girl last month, with promises that he would marry her. Meanwhile, the girl’s parents lodged a complaint with the Kanjirappilly police. However, things took a sour turn when the man started compelling the girl to convert to Islam.

Unable to bear his persistent compulsions, the girl made a bid to

commit suicide. Police reports point out that Shahul took the girl to Ponnani, to get her converted to Islam.


Two of the comments:

Quote: GSK Menon

07/07/2014 09:19:12 Love Jihadi under arrest

I request HK to impress upon the Modi govt to introduce a legislation to ban conversion of Hindus to any other religion. A Hindu cannot be converted legally, that should be the aim. This would ensure that the Constitutional provision freedom of religion is not violated. You can practice your religion amongst your people but it cannot be used to convert a Hindu.


06/07/2014 10:29:28 Spiritualised Criminals

It is not "love " jihad but "lust" jihad.

Beautiful name given for the ugliest activities.

Look in to this,

Recently there was some report about the "moral police" in Kerala.

What do they do?,

This people belong to Muslim youth community

Torture non-muslim boys ,who were in case talking with girls, may be there friend , colleaque or even with own relatives.

This criminals muslim youth later upload the video of this inhuman activities in the social networks.

These are not mere youthful mischief or innocent adventurism.

In fact

These are deliberately planed psychological suppression of the Hindu Young Mind.

The effects of this incidences has far reaching implications in the Hindu youth.

After such incidence, They even lose their sociability with there own classmates or friends. Or colleagues.

Thus the muslim criminals are clearing the ground for "Love Jihad"

Now we think,

What all Media call this activities.

The criminal activities of torturing innocent Hindus are called "Moral" Police. They are not "Moral Police"

Either they are called as

" TERRORIST Police" ,

" CRIMINAL Police" or

" ILEGAL Police"

Like the activities of faking Love to satisfy the Lust of "muslim animals"

should never be called as "Love Jihad"

It should be called as



Am in agreement that Indians should
  • should stop calling it "love jihad" and call it rape jihad or sexual jihad or demographic jihad. That last may be the best, because whereas "love jihad" romanticises the scheme and its violence, demographic jihad reveals the plain reality: that it is purely for multiplying islamania at the expense of Hindus.

  • and should stop calling the perpetrators as "jihadi romeos" and just call them "jihadi bluebeards" (based on the "Arabian fairytale" of a rich islamic male dubbed Bluebeard - on account of his beard being so dark it's almost blue - who dupes a gullible girl into marrying him and then she finds out he is a serial-wife murderer who keeps the heads of his ex-wives in a cupboard and who wants to add her head to his collection...)


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