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Rape crimes in India vs elsewhere: deliberate disproportionate reporting by international news
Rape Jihad / Kidnapping jihad / Demographic Jihad (usually euphemised as "love" jihad)


10. rediff.com/news/report/love-jihad-strikes-again-girl-abducted-forcibly-converted/20140902.htm




Quote:RELATED KEYWORDS: Love-Jihad|islam|bhagalpur

Girl allegedly abducted in Bihar, forcibly converted to Islam

The author has posted comments on this articlePTI | Sep 2, 2014, 06.19PM IST

BHAGALPUR: An incident of a minor girl allegedly forced to embrace Islam after being abducted and married has come to light in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar.

Bhagalpur SSP Vivek Kumar said, "We have sent Kahalgaon ASP Neeraj Kumar Singh to investigate the matter."

Police officers said quoting an FIR lodged by Krishna Sinha, mother of 17-year-old Sonu Rani, a class XI student, at the Sanokhar police station on May 11 that Rani had gone to her ancestral village Dhuwabe in Bhagalpur district to attend a ceremony on April 30.

There she was abducted by four boys and taken to Patna, New Delhi and then back to Bhagalpur where one of the boys Monty married her, police said quoting the FIR.

The girl was rescued by the police on May 24. According to the FIR, Rani escaped from the house where Monty's family lives and told her mother that Monty had lied to her about his religion and that she was forcibly converted after being beaten up and tortured.

She was also threatened that she would be sold in a red light area and her family members would be killed, police said.

Vivek Kumar said, "The girl during her statement in the court under Section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code, had said she had gone with the boy on her own."

(TOI etc are all typical christomedia. That last statement - that she had gone with the boy on her own - is TOI trying to brush the away using a technicality: but the islamaniac had clearly made his approach under false pretences. As per even christorag TOI's admission, Sonu Rani had told to her mother that "Monty had lied to her about his religion". She didn't know Monty was a christoislamaniac. Many Hindus don't know their fionce(e)-s are christian terrorists. Many Hindus are similarly duped into fraternising and even marrying islamaniacs. (Only secular unHindus know the religious identity of their christoislamic love interest and actually don't mind. Hindus wouldn't go near a christoislamaniac.) But this is a pattern that christianism and islam repeat in India.** )

Kumar said that the boy being a minor was sent to a remand home.

** This is a long-standing pattern. E.g. even the Hindu tailor that my family frequented had sought to speak to his own Hindoo kind and revealed sorrowfully that he had been misled by his cryptochristist wife into marrying her: she had pretended to be Hindu before the marriage. But afterward, she and her brother and family tried to terrorise the Hindu tailor to convert to christianism. He refused, so out of christian bile/spite, they wouldn't let him worship his moorties or keep images of his Gods, and were trying to destroy these. Like all christian women, she was also a hysterical tyrant - textbook case of Indian christian. The Hindu tailor should have got a divorce, but traditional Hindoo heathens imagine doing so is "abandoning" their spouse. However, the christian leeching on him is not his spouse: she married him under false pretences and is a terrorist. Besides, Hindu weddings do not recognise Hindu marriages with non-Hindus such as christoislamics and alien "converts", so his marriage in religious terms never took place/is invalid and hence is annulled from the get-go. The christist woman and her christo family should be locked up for deception, coercion and iconoclasm, and any children of the void union ought to be confiscated from the christian terrorist side and given to the Hindu tailor and his family. Because it is a christoislamic plot to deliberately poach on as many Hindus as possible in order to ensure that any offspring they produce are christoislamic - thereby disallowing Hindus from producing Hindu offspring (preventing/decreasing Hindu offspring), while increasing the number of christoislamics at the direct expense of Hindus.* To counter such a christoislamic scheme, all such unions must be declared automatically void, and all children of such void unions should be returned to the Hindu side to be raised - and raised Hindu alone - only by the Hindu parent and its family.

* Note that this is planned demographic warfare on the part of the church, no less so than on the part of islam. Note also that christianism's longer-running ploy is as deceptive as islamania more recently reviving love jihad. This is why the church - like islamics - mandate that christians (esp. christian women) marry Hindus. The opposite pairings - also encouraged by the church - are also increasing. Howver, this part of the sexual jihad is almost never highlighted even by Hindus. Yet every day experiences show that the number of cases is as high as the number of reports of islamic rape jihad of Hindu women. Especially bad when taking into account the number of instances of christians marrying Hindus and producing christian (baptised) children.

Hindus must expose both cases, but they will expose only one. The other is even more insidious and even less likely to get discussed on Hindu sites, let alone get a mention in christomedia. That is why Hindus need to ensure that the Hindu collective is doubly alert to both kinds of threats.

11. Some further links, also already posted, all found on the same day just on TOI

Quote:Another ‘love jihad’ case comes to light in Jharkhand.


(also news18.com/news/jharkhand/after-tara-shahdeo-another-love-jihad-case-comes-to-light-588243.html)

Jharkhand chief minister recomends CBI investigation in love-jihad case.


Love Jihad in Madhya Pradesh: Two booked for forcing wives to embrace Islam.


Love jihad: UP high court seeks response from Centre, state and EC.


Court sends ‘love jihad’ accused, mother to 14-day judicial custody.


(See, muslimahs are entirely in on it. None of this "men make all the war, women are peaceful" feminist revisionist nonsense.

Like christos, islamics - male AND female - are equally guilty of all these crimes. Even if one is often more passive, it is nevertheless a very willing accomplice.)

I'm sure there are many cases that came up in the news recently that I missed. Not to mention the infinite number of cases that went before.

Practically none of the above has made it into international news. (DailyMail doesn't count. It doesn't mind having non-commie Indian reporters and does not feel particularly friendly toward islam.)

The international media's hysteria on "rape in India" was reserved for their hand-picked cases, which they could present as "secular" (but implicitly Hindu). And even in the Jyoti Pandey case - from all the reports I saw streaming in in non-Indian news outlets - they took care never to publish the islamaniac's name.

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