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Rape crimes in India vs elsewhere: deliberate disproportionate reporting by international news
US males, mainly of Euro-descent, were surveyed: 33% said they'd readily/eagerly commit rape if they knew they would get away with it. (You know, like islamaniacs do - e.g. KKKangress Youth Member Mohammed Afroz eagerly raped and murdered Jyothi "Nirbhaya" Pandey knowing that his KKKangressi bosses would have him let off after 3 months of juvenile detention for being "underage".)


Quote:A third of male university students say they would rape a woman if there no were no consequences

Jon Stone

Wednesday 14 January 2015

[Img caption:]A significant proportion of men who said they would force a woman to have sex did not recognise it as rape

Roughly one third of male university students who took part in a study would rape a woman if there were no consequences, according to a new scientific study.

The research, published in the scientific journal Violence and Gender, presented mostly white male American participants a questionnaire on how they would act in certain sexual situations.

(You mean like the colonial Brits did in India and Africa*, until a rather recent decade? And it's not like they could've undergone a drastic evolutionary change in such a short time that renders them any safer to women, after all.

Wonder how many of the Bengali Kommunist Klan is an offspring of christocolonial rape? Romila Thapar for instance certainly looks creepy enough - and of course acts anti-native enough, which is the primary consideration - for it to be worthwhile to find out if she belongs in Britain rather than continuing to fester in India and playing Indian...

* Remember that mid 90s film "Mansfield Park" - note: not any of the dramatised TV incarnations of the Austen book, but the film particularly - which had this graphic scene featuring pencil sketches of the rape of African women by colonial Brits? The scenes were deliberately inserted by the female director. But even so, the film wasn't honest enough. (No don't watch it if you fortunately missed it, unless you want to be traumatised.) But to think there actually exist Africans - or Indians for that matter - who have even converted to christoislam, it's just sick.)

Amongst other questions they were asked how they would act in a situation where they could have sexual intercourse with a woman against her will "if nobody would ever know and there wouldn't be any consequences".

31.7% of all men participating in the study would force a woman to have sexual intercourse in such a "consequence-free situation" - which is rape.

Worryingly, most men who indicated that they would commit rape did not even recognise their actions as such.

When explicitly asked whether they would rape a woman if there were no consequences, only 13.6% of participants said they would do so, a marked fall on those who had described that they would commit rape.

"Some men will endorse items asking whether they have used force to obtain intercourse, but will deny having raped a woman," the study's authors said.

The authors of the study said the findings of a gap between the proportion of men who would endorse the use of coercion but reject the 'rape' label for their actions could have implications for sexual and consent education programmes.

Programmes targeting this 'gap' should focus on dispelling the idea of the "stereotypical rapist" in order to change the behaviour of this group, the authors suggested.

From other questions in the survey the researchers discerned that those who would actively admit to 'named' rape tended to be openly hostile towards women and hold "callous" views.

"High hostility toward woman and callous sexual attitudes separated the no intentions group from those who endorsed either intentions to rape or those who endorses only the behavioral description of rape," they said.

These men would be difficult to target with education programmes, they warned.

(In other words: these men were innately criminal. Next questionnaire should ask how many would be predisposed to murder - or maiming of animals, say - or psychopathic tendencies, if they would never get caught. Curious about the degree of correlation.

There was an American independent music store/publisher - unfortunately the only one in the English speaking world that sold the non-American native-English album I wanted - which publisher, upon purchase, spammed me with an email brochure advertising for the American publisher/owner's own album: the songs were all about the "thrill" of the obvious psychopath brutally killing random individuals in secluded areas, and getting addicted to such brutal murders. I seriously contemplated contacting the US authorities over the matter - even prepared an email to this end - but then figured I'd be laughed at for my prudery about "freedom to speech/screech" and that Thought Crimes were not considered a crime. (Though the infamous American case of the cannibal cop/cop with a cannibal fetish came close.) Whatever. So I deleted the psychopath's disgusting email "brochure". But doesn't take half a brain to work out that that ...kreatur is a danger to society - a ticking timebomb - and ought to be put down. Needless to say, I never bought anything from that disgusting vermin again, though I feel sick to the stomach thinking how I purchased anything from its store. :puke: The only upside is that at least the non-American band whose product I had been after sells its stuff at other outlets too, including local ones. If only I had known to wait 3 years.)

The study was conducted by academics at the University of North Dakota and the North Dakota State University. Its sample size was 86 people.

I think Hindus need to set up university depts to study this phenomenon of propensity to extreme criminality that is endemic to the christoworld and islamic world and everywhere these infestations have manifested.

What is telling about the above survey is that this were 'educated' men - i.e. those in tertiary education and university what's more - and therefore no one can blame this on economics ("poverty") or ignorance due to lack of education or lack of christoislamic morality (AmeriKKKa is declared a christian nation by christians, and only 11% of US are atheists and atheists/agnostics are by and large the only moral people there). In fact, the babble is filled with ghastly cases of rape and sodomy, and that's what AmeriKKKan christokids are brainwashed into. Though - like in islam - they think it's wrong to commit such crimes against fellow believers and so they take it out on innocent African and other heathen women, just like christopaedophiles set up shop in heathen climes to terrorise African, Indian and other heathen children.

And there was an entry in New Scientist - from late Mar 2014 I think - about how not just female Congolese but male Congolese had been systematically raped (by christoislamics) and fled to Uganda where they kept their trauma concealed from authorities (i.e. severe case of under-reported rapes of males), since Uganda is a Model Christian Nation i.e. homophobic and likes to punish or ideally kill homosexual persons, which in christoislamic definition also includes straight men who were raped by christoislamic men. <- Note that such christian laws punishing these victims on inane grounds (i.e. predominantly straight male victims who'd be punished for "homosexuality" for being raped by christoislamics) parallels islamic laws punishing female victims of rapes as being guilty of "adultery".

Anyway, back to the actual topic. The American survey of the 33% would-be rapists at university-level shows that the situation in christo-dominated society is all so very different from Hindoo men, who don't remotely terrorise women and have no such thoughts, no matter much they may fancy someone. It's because Hindooism is that religion where women get to choose their mate/husband. (E.g. how it is Lakshmi who garlands Vishnu and how it is Parvati who aims to attain Shiva's hand in marriage.) The Hindoo male may try to do their best to win the female of their fancy and show off their excellent qualities - like Rama and Arjuna did during the swayamvaras of Sita and Draupadi respectively - but the final choice is respectfully left up to the Hindoo female.

Hindoo religion therefore creates and nurtures a very different mindset in its males, one where women are safe because men have all the awesome heroic qualities and none of the misogynistic or terrorist ones. (In fact, Hindoo religion abides by the rest of the animal world - i.e. nature - herein, where the male shows off his plumage or equivalent and/or challenges other suitors in a contest and/or shows off his access to resources to the female(s), while the female either gets dazzled by this and chooses the male as her mate on the occasion or not.)

And in other headlines from "the Independent"

  • Al-Qaeda in Yemen admits responsibility for Charlie Hebdo attacks and warns West of more 'tragedies and terror'

  • Charlie Hebdo: Radical cleric Anjem Choudary calls cover depicting Mohamed an 'act of war'

The main news of this post was the following. Concerns America, where mostly so-called "white" university-going males surveyed


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