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Christoislamaniacs cannibalising each other and themselves
Nigeria reminded me.

Long ago - before I even noticed this forum - there was a revelatory comment on the site ex-christian.net. It's a support site for ex-christians hosted by an American ex-christian. (It is frequently trolled by Indian converts (not African, S American, Korean or any other, but Indian - curioso; also indicative of the vast numbers of Indian missionaries ready to re-convert the west to the jeebus plague), instructed by American christians to go there and missionise on the American ex-christians, since these last have become so immune to American christian missionising attempts which Americans call "witnessing". And so, Indian trolls I mean christians are told to go "witness" at the poor ex-christians trying to help each other to recover past the horrible damage christianism has done to their mental health and general situation.

The ex-christian site featured pages of "Testimonies" of why people left christianism, as a means of allowing the apostate to exorcise the demon of christianism and for the ex-christian congregation to support each other in their bold steps out of the great cult of the christo-class meme. So each testimony got understanding comments from other ex-christians - as well as attracting the eternal spam from christians sent to evangelise and threaten the poor victims of christianism.

One of these testimonies back then featured a comment by someone who explained that he left christianism on the very day that his church collected funds for running arms in Nigeria as a means to convert more Nigerians to the true faith. (The way AmriKKKan baptist churches collected funds to arm the christoterrorist outfit NLFT in India's northeast, and now the latter are even self-sustaining with Indian churches being able to fund them, as well as the NLFT's christian rape-porn industry as was seen in BBC news.)

American christians are *not* unaware of christian terrorism in Nigeria: they not only know it full well, many churches are often the primary funders and even instigators.

(Any heathen who ever reads this post: please leave ex-christians at that and other apostate sites alone, they've gone through enough. More importantly, the increasing numbers of lame neo-'Hindus' desperate for alien converts don't need to missionise on poor ex-christian Americans either. They don't want religion let alone your new-age religion.)

When trying to track down that old testimony which featured that short but damning comment on ex-christian net, I instead found the following statements in a discussion on what factors could have prevented ex-christians from waking up and apostasising. Putting up an excerpt because it ties in nicely with the point:

Quote:Christo-class memes promise perennial 3rd world status.

It is well-recognised - and even noticed in informal contexts - that there's a 1:1 relationship between conversion to christianism (and islam) and a perennial 3rd world mentality. <- Both that exclusively 3rd world mentalities in heathen climes are *attracted* to christianism and that christianism keeps such characters forever imprisoned in their 3rd world mentality. And as the conversion of the heathen nation grows - first by converting the willing 3rd world mentalities, and then by these converts forcibly convert-or-killing the heathens - the heathen nation itself, having become christianised, becomes a permanent 3rd world.


Quote:4. Put this together with #2 and #3. One of the encouragements that kept me going for so many years was reading about the church in the Third World. The church in Europe was a skeleton that had maybe a few bits of meat left on it, and the church in the USA was an obscene bloated joke, but the church in Africa, in China, in India, in Brazil, was pure. Just like back in the 1st Century AD. Especially in China because they were thriving despite gov't persecution. The church even existed in North Korea!

Well, there's parts of Africa where the born-agains are just as nasty as any other faction. Swaziland is a Christian theocracy ruled by their kooky queen. Evangelical mobs go on killing sprees against Muslims in Nigeria, and vice versa. There's born again militias elsewhere committing atrocities like everyone else. Finding out about all that really soured me.

Also, there was something Dawkins once said, about Christian rhetoriticians trying to appeal to educated people. Even I knew it was a fool's gambit, as I myself have more or less been in academia for a number of years now. There's just virtually nothing you can say to win over a truly educated person, I've come to realize. Dawkins said "you might as well just continue to chase after the uneducated, with Virgin Mary sightings and racuous revival meetings and emotional manipulation." I knew he was right. Not to sound like some kind of elitist neo-imperialist, but all those poor Third Worlders were falling for it because they have even less formal education than Bible Belt trailer trash!

And another comment:

Quote:I think if my idealization of the Third World church wouldn't have been shattered, that might have helped keep me going.

What's important for heathens to note - and for would-be converts in India and the rest of the unconverted world - is that every sane western person no longer blinkered by christianism thinks that only morons/mentally-backward people would be christian. And they view the so-called 3rd world as illiterate and retarded - which is why christianism aims to convert the "3rd world" since it thinks the 3rd world is illiterate and hence easy to convert - which then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: even if heathen countries are not illiterate let alone filled with morons, the convert-or-kill method employed (which kills off insubvertible heathens and allows the convertibles=retards to breed) makes heathen nations into the converted=retarded permanent 3rd world. And yes, Indian christians and African christians are indeed as dopey if not more so than '1st world' christo hicks.

- A christianised India will amount to nothing, case in point is christianised Nagaland - they're at best just considered quaint cultural relics by the western missionaries who converted them, who further know very well that christian Nagaland will never amount to anything; even less than christian E Timorese.

- Of course, an islamised India will be like TSP/BD: a 4th world. (A whole new number has to be invented for islamised Indians.)

And even a secularised India is surprisingly terrible at everything. Whereas a secularised E and SE Asia is not. (Seems to be uniquely Indians that don't do well when they de-heathenise.... The minute Indians stop being heathen, they just mentally regress <- Shameful, but factual, from repeated observations from over a decade. Sort of like how uniquely Greeks never recovered in any sense after christianisation: they went from high up on the scale of respectability when they were heathen, to being a modern nation largely ignored and considered low-ranking by the west in current times.)

An overly-obvious, unmistakable example of how de-heathenisation/secularisations affects Indians differently from E-Asians (and many SE Asians):

Whereas secularised India only comes out with modern "Indian" art - which the west thinks is "good enough" for 3rd worlders like Indians to aspire to - the *west* does not consider modern art the epitomy of creativity (let alone admire it as worth emulating): the west envies the E Asians' exceptional artistic abilities. The west has never been able to socially-engineer E Asia or even most of SE Asia to relinquish true artistry and adopt the snake oil of modern art in return. The west grudgingly praises - and holds as its own exemplary - superlative E Asian artforms, as E Asians are repeatedly superior in all these to the west. Meanwhile 3rd world secular Indian mentalities can only do "3rd world art" aka modern art. [Of course, it's not just western people that are laughing at modern aka secular Indians' scrawls. I'm laughing at them too.]

Perfect analogy for India:

A de-heathenised (secularised) India = modern "art".

Hindu India = Hindu artistry. (Hindu sacred imagery and Hindu art is well-respected by even E Asian super-artists. Whereas no one but Indian "elitists" and other secular dweebs admire the increasingly ubiquitous Indian "modern art" crap. But I agree that such 3rd world crap is well-suited for crappy 3rd world mentalities.)

Western social engineering and conversion of Indians is deliberately killing Indian aristry (which is actually exclusively Hindu artistry/creativity).

Every [heathen/unconverted] E Asian person I know - and I mean every single one of my acquaintance - is highly creative in at least one if not more areas. Painters/illustrators, singers plus other instruments, musicians (composers), fantasy writers. And that's just their hobby.

Meanwhile, modern Indians at best do "modern art", which - if ever made public to the world - will get no more than sniggers from the west and looks of pity from the unconverted East. "Poor 3rd worlder, incapable, no actual skills and not possessed of any actual talent. No sense of aesthetics, no culture of true creativity and artistry. Nevertheless, we must applaud them for their 3rd world attempt, even though we naturally have higher standards for ourselves."

Sort of like India gets oscars for slumdog millionaire (though a British film) whereas no western film would have got an oscar for the same crap: different standards and expectations for 3rd world loser mentalities.

I tend to snigger at modern Indians' "modern art" along with the west. No pity at all.* (E Asians are too kind.)

Because I know - unlike the alien christowest - that it's not our ethnicity that's to blame for our sudden (and hereafter) low achievement: HindOOs are *great* artists. E Asians actually love Hindoo art work and eagerly look at it. They actually admire HindOO artists as true artists. But I said HindOO: it is only HindOOs they appreciate in this too, and not any other kind of Indian. But then, heathen E Asians have great taste.

* Note: the criticism is not of Hindoo Indians but secular/modern kinds.

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