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Christoislamaniacs cannibalising each other and themselves
On the subject of "The Making of the Third World" by christoislamic terrorism operating in heathen nations. How this process is funded and hence being achieved -

1. theeastafrican.co.ke/news/Wildlife-crime-bankrolling-terror-militia-says-United-Nations/-/2558/2360228/-/10xgdo5z/-/index.html

Quote:Wildlife crime bankrolling terror, militia groups: UN

Despite the international ban in the ivory trade in 1990 by Cites, the past couple of years have been some of the worst on record for elephant poaching. Photos/FILE/TEA Graphic


Posted Tuesday, June 24 2014 at 16:12

In Summary

•Ivory poaching was also carried out by rebel groups including insurgents in Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the fearsome Janjaweed -- who carried out atrocities in Sudan's Darfur region -- operating also in Niger and Chad.

Global environmental crime is worth up to $213 billion a year and helping to finance criminal and terrorist groups threatening security and sustainable development worldwide, according to a report released Tuesday by the UN and Interpol.

The report said Somalia's Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab rebels were estimated to make between $38 and $56 million (28 to 41 million euros) per year from the illegal trade in charcoal, and that ivory from poached elephants was the primary source of income for Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).

(1. Shebab is also spelled (Al?) Shabaab.

2. LRA is Uganda's christo-terrorist group that has forcibly christianised - i.e. at gunpoint - that country. And it wants to impose the christian shariah: biblical commandments, on pain of death, next.

LRA is like the Ugandan NLFT: christoterrorist. While NLFT gets funds from international churches and further funds itself from making porn movies out of raping heathen women at gunpoint - as per BBC itself - Uganda's Lawd's Resistance Army funds itself by killing the heathen African elephants and selling their ivory.)

Ivory poaching was also carried out by rebel groups including insurgents in Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the fearsome Janjaweed -- who carried out atrocities in Sudan's Darfur region -- operating also in Niger and Chad.

"The illegal trade in wildlife and environmental crime are now widely recognised as significant threats on a global scale, to be tackled with urgency," said Achim Steiner, head of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

"Beyond immediate environmental impacts, the illegal trade in natural resources is depriving developing economies of billions of dollars in lost revenues just to fill the pockets of criminals," he said.

READ: Has terrorism gone wild?

The report was released as part of a week-long global environment conference at UNEP's Nairobi headquarters aimed at tackling challenges from poaching to marine pollution and boosting the "green economy".

"Sustainable development, livelihoods, good governance and the rule of law are all being threatened, as significant sums of money are flowing to militias and terrorist groups," he added.

"While there is growing awareness, the responses to date in terms of impact have not been commensurate with the scale and growth of the threat to wildlife and the environment."

The meeting in the Kenyan capital, the first ever United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA), comes amid tight security in the Kenyan capital, after a series of warnings of the threat of attack by Somalia's Shebab.



2. Texan teen trigger-happy cheerleader-brain channels the so-called "Great White Christian Hunters" of the colonial era:


Quote:Teen girl slammed for hunting photos

A Texas teenage girl who has posted photos online of her posing with endangered African mammals she has shot has drawn the ire of tens of thousands of animal lovers.

A petition to have Texas 19-year-old Kendall Jones' Facebook page taken down has collected over 40,000 signatures in a week.

On the page she has posted images of her straddling a lion, holding up a leopard and sitting on an elephant, all shot dead.

But she has hit back at the abuse she has received, telling her local paper the Cleburne Times-Review that "online bullying is a crime".

(Oh woe is *her*. Miss Braindead then actually continues withSmile

"I really am shocked at how rude many people are by name-calling and swearing," she was quoted as saying.

"I have actually had several death threats, which are going to be investigated."

The photos were taken in Zimbabwe, where it is legal for foreign tourists to hunt elephants for sport.

(photo) 1 of 6:

Kendall Jones poses with an elephant she shot. (Facebook)

Zimbabwe is IIRC a nation that's been successfully christo-converted.

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