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Christoislamaniacs cannibalising each other and themselves
News from within the last 24 hours. In Syria, the christoislamics have killed 200,000 of the country's population since 2011, as per the UN. The UN would know: one of their members - the US - had a large hand in the genocide.

Of the 200,000 dead since 2011, 76,021 were killed in 2014 alone.

But would ya look at that, MSN US is republishing from al-jazeera which was called "osama bin laden's mouthpiece" by the US back when the US was waging its 'war of terror' against Afghanistan in Iraq (paradoxically). Now they're chummy again apparently. But then, al-jazeera was a former BBC startup, or its journalists were interns at the Beeb anyway.


Quote:Syria's war 'killed 76,021' in 2014

Al Jazeera

Syria's war 'killed 76,021' in 2014: Monitoring group says nearly half of those killed in the conflict last year were civilians. © Provided by Al Jazeera Monitoring group says nearly half of those killed in the conflict last year were civilians.

Monitoring group says nearly half of those killed in the conflict last year were civilians.

The conflict in Syria killed 76,021 people in 2014, just under half of them civilians, a group monitoring the war has said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Thursday said 33,278 civilians were killed last year in the conflict, which started with protests in 2011 and has spiralled into a civil war.

The United Nations says around 200,000 people have been killed since 2011.

No group enjoys significant momentum going into 2015 and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said last month he expected the conflict to be long and difficult.

Assad visited a district on the outskirts of Damascus and thanked soldiers fighting "in the face of terrorism", his office said on Twitter late on Wednesday, posting pictures of the rare trip.

Assad, who is commander in chief, is not frequently pictured in public, though he has visited troops in the past, according to state media.

The presidential website said the latest visit was to Jobar, northeast of Damascus.

"If there was an area of joy which remained in Syria, it is thanks to the victories that you achieved in the face of terrorism," Assad told troops, according to the Twitter account.State news agency SANA said he "wished a speedy recovery to the wounded" and praised their sacrifices.

What, no Indian christoislamics/christomedia protesting against the genocide? Guess if monotheists off each other, it doesn't register in Indian christoislamic pseculars' empty heads.

Seems like Syria could do with some re-population by Syrians: the Syrian christians infesting India should really go back to their homeland to compensate for the loss in numbers. Where's their sense of solidarity? Oooh, and if the orthodox christian syrians in Syria won't convert to India's catholic Syrian christians' catholicism, then the latter can call in the Portuguese to start an inquisition in Syria. You know, the way India's Syrian christians invited the christo portuguese to come and inquisition the Hindus? Surely, Syrians are so vulnerable right now that the vatican should strike while the iron is hot, as it always does: preying on misery is what christianism does, after all.

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