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Christoislamaniacs cannibalising each other and themselves
1. As per the rajeev2004 blog, which linked to bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-32143051, even BBC has been forced to print an item on how Bangladeshis were behind the alleged nun gangrape, though BBC has of course carefully steered clear of naming the islamics and thereby identifying their religion. (These islamics have however been named in Indian media, as per Radha Rajan who repeated the islamic gangrapists' names from the news).

Beeb of course wants to have its cake and eat it too: forced to tell the truth about Bangladeshis being behind the alleged gangrape of the nun, it refuses to retract its earlier unmistakable insinuations that Hindus 'must be' behind it. Essentially, the combination of BBC reports would thus imply to the ignorant international reader that Hindus from Bangladesh "must have" done it.

Either way, the christo-islamic alleged gangrape of a nun in W Bengal is a struggle internal to christoislamism, and hence belongs in this thread. As are the alleged islamic persecutions of christians in Pakistan.

2. Another internal christoislamic matter is how Al Shabaab has invaded Kenya and killed some 147 people.


Kenya University attack: Al Shabaab gunmen storm Garissa University College killing 147 officials say


Islamist militants storm Kenya's Garissa University College, killing Christians and holding other students hostage

April 3, 2015

I'm very sorry to any atheists and other non-christian Kenyans who may fallen victim to al Shabaab [or who have generally fallen victim to the christians/muslims in Kenya].

As for the christians in Kenya who got mowed over by islam: this is what christians (like the LRA, Lord's Resistance Army) did to the native heathens of Africa.

It is what christians have been doing - on a huge scale - to the islamics in the CAR (Central African Republic).

Therefore, such intra christoislamic friction is a matter internal to christoislam and as a result does not concern heathens or require heathen sympathy, surely.

3. Shia Sunni wars are starting to grow at last, with more Shias entering the fray and Sunnis sending more reinforcements. See recent news on Yemen.

Eventually this intra-islamic dichotomy will blow up in Pakistan and India too. When that happens, hopefully lots of christoislamics will be sending each other and their secular christoconditioned friends into the afterlife. Rather them than anything heathen, after all.

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