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Christoislamaniacs cannibalising each other and themselves
Found on Haindava Keralam twitter feed:

Quote:OTHISH NAIR @jothishnair1010

Hyderabad lad who joined Islamic State gets killed in Syria. Now he'd be having fun with 72 Virgins in heaven! pic.twitter.com/7QKPa6DVix

Retweeted by HaindavaKeralam
And a comment there:


Quote:Dr. Haridas K.C. ‏@haridasdr 2h2 hours ago

@jothishnair1010 let's sponsor owaisi!

(Oh so true!)

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Quote:Indian student from Hyderabad who joined Islamic State dies in Syria

May 5, 2015 16:31 IST

#Hyderabad #India #islamic-state #Mohd Haneef Waseem #NewsTracker #Syria #Terror group


Hyderabad: An engineering graduate from Hyderabad, who joined the terror group Islamic State, has died "while fighting in Syria," Intelligence sources said on Tuesday quoting his family members.

Mohd Haneef Waseem, 27, had reportedly joined the Islamic State in Syria in February this year, they said. The Telangana Police are in the process of gathering more information about Haneef's alleged links with the Islamic State.

Representational image. Reuters

Representational image. Reuters

They are also trying to find out how he could have gone to Syria. "We are collecting more information and the process in this regard is on," a top Intelligence officer said.

"He (Haneef) completed engineering degree from Hyderabad around four years back. He later went to London where he completed his masters course. In February this year, he left for Syria from London. He seems to have joined the Islamic State in Syria where he died," the officer told PTI.

"How he died we do not know...while fighting or in landmine blast or accidental death, we are not sure, but he died in March and the same was informed to his family members around 10 days back, who stay in Rajendra Nagar here," the officer said, adding that Haneef's family members in turn informed the matter to police.

The family, native of Mancherial town at Adilabad district in Telangana and settled in Hyderabad for past few years, was informed about Haneef's death through an SMS in Arabic language, which they got translated, he said.

Asked about reports that Haneef had taken another youth of Karimnagar district along with him to Syria, the Intelligence officer said, "He was all alone." It appears that he might have joined the IS after getting attracted to it through social media, he said.

To a question about the youth's body, he said, "It seems they (IS) themselves might have buried it."

Last year, Hyderabad Police had foiled "attempts" by six youths from the city, including two engineers and a former Google employee, who were allegedly plotting to join the Islamic State ranks after getting attracted to the terror group's propaganda on social networking sites.

(Useless Hyderabad police. Should have let the 6 go dodo themselves in the Levant. Yezidi guns can have them for supper for all I care.)

Besides, a 19-year-old woman from the city who was residing in Qatar and had flown to Turkey, allegedly wanted to join the Islamic State but had come back to India in December last year after seeing the conditions there, police had earlier said.


ISIS is welcome to all christoislamics infesting the subcontinent. Christoislamics want martyrdom anyway.

All christoislamics please follow Haneef's lead: go back to Syria (where Syrian christians came from, and the islamic "moplahs" came from a stone's throw away from there) and get yourselves dead I mean into "heaven".

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