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Christoislamaniacs cannibalising each other and themselves
1. Intra monotheist/intra-christian strife in Mizoram. "Catholics vs communists" - communism being a christianism. Though it's not at all impossible that the communists are communist *evangelicals* (AmeriKKKan type of protestants), else some liberation theology school.

There's more catholic power invested in Indian christomedia than evangelical or other protestant groups, or orthodox christianism,

so the headlines are filled with sympathy for catholicism over the heresies like other christian cults and communism.


Quote:Manipur: 7 Catholic schools shut following ban by armed group

Sobhapati Samom, Hindustan Times, Imphal| Updated: Apr 22, 2015 00:22 IST

Seven Catholic schools in Manipur have failed to resume classes despite student bodies and parents protesting the indefinite ban imposed on Catholic schools by an armed group.

Students and parents of Manipur’s Little Flower school and Christ Jyoti school staged a sit-in demonstration on Tuesday but school authorities refused to resume classes.

A Kangleipak Communist Party-Military Council (KCP-MC) statement, released in March end, imposed a ban on Catholic schools starting April 1, and said that the outfit had launched Operation Manga l which aims to fulfil the right to compulsory education by fighting the prevalent system of admission, tuition fees, selection and reservation norms in all schools.

Catholic schools in the area include: Catholic School, Christ Jyoti, Little Flower School, Nirmalabas high school, Sacred Heart, St Joseph and St George.

The outfit warned that school managing committees would be responsible for any untoward incident that may occur if the schools reopen.

“We are not in a position to open the school as of now. We don’t know what the consequences would be unless the matter is resolved,” sisters of Little Flower school said.

A similar sentiment was echoed by the principal of the Nirmalabas school.

On Tuesday the students went to schools following appeals by the Democratic Students Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) and All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU).

“If necessary, AMSU volunteers will form a human chain from April 22 to allow normal classes,” AMSU president Sanasam Subhachandra said.


Quote:Tuesday , April 21 , 2015 |

Manipur schools stay shut for fear of rebels

Ngangbam Indrakanta Singh

Imphal, April 20: Students of Catholic schools in Manipur valley had to return home today as the institutions remained closed fearing a militant backlash despite appeals by student organisations and parents.

The Catholic schools have been closed since April 1 following an indefinite ban imposed by the Kangleipak Communist Party-Military Council (KCP-MC) group.

The ban has affected at least seven schools and nearly 17,000 students.

The students went to their respective schools following appeals by the Democratic Students Alliance Manipur to the guardians to send their wards to schools today and to the authorities of all Catholic schools to open their institutions keeping in view the career of the students.

However, school authorities refused to resume classes in the face of the threat.

H. Budhichandra, assistant teacher of Nirmalabas High School, told The Telegraph: "We want to open the school but given the ban by an insurgent group we don't know what the consequences would be. We cannot open our school until the ban is lifted."

A KCP (MC) statement, released in the last week of March, had stated that the outfit had launched Operation Mangal against the prevalent system of admission, tuition fees, selection of students and reservation norms in all schools with the objective of shaping a "fabulous society".

It imposed an "indefinite ban" on Catholic schools in Manipur valley for "ignoring sincere suggestions of the outfit and the public".

The outfit stated that Operation Mangal aims to fulfil the right to compulsory education and warned that if the schools open, their managing committees would be responsible for any untoward incident. But parents are putting pressure on school authorities to reopen the institutions.

Warthing Jajo, guardian of a student of Nirmalabas High School, said: "So many students are suffering and their future is being jeopardised. Children are the future pillars of Manipur. The silence of the government is strongly condemned." Before leaving the school, its students gathered at the gate and raised slogans like "We want to study" and "Don't disturb education".

A student said, "Please reopen our school for the sake of our future. Our syllabus will not be covered, but exams will come. Please don't ban our school."

Budhichandra said the school would hold a meeting and urged the government to provide security. "If the government is ready, we will certainly reopen the school."

Guardians of the students of St Joseph School located at Sangaiporou in Imphal West district staged a sit-in, demanding education for their children free of disturbances. They urged the government to provide security at the school.

The All Naga Students' Association Manipur had appealed to the outfit on Saturday to let educational institutions operate without fear, threats and intimidations. It said the ban on Catholic schools was appalling and undignified. The All Manipur Students' Union had also appealed to the outfit to lift the ban by April 21. It said it would form human chains to guard the schools if the ban was not lifted.

Good grief the number of crypto catholics/christians holding on parasitically to Hindoo names: "Budhichandra".

And "christ jyoti" and "nirmalabas" as names of schools. Total inculturation and re-interpretation* of Hindoo religion into christianism. * Re-interpretation was discussed by someone at HK as the aim of inculturation. It is certainly evident in christian missionary literature on conversion in India: though S Korean christians writing about India call inculturation+re-interpretation as "re-location" of Hindu concepts and terms and practices into christianism. I.e. this is the stage after conversion is complete, where the Hindoo heathenism is successfully murdered, and its deeply sacred deeply Hindoo-religious forms have been totally subsumed as being local "christian" "culture" and "religion", with no resisting voice in sight, because all voices are christian in the space.

Anyway, India's christonews is careful not to mention that intra-monotheist strife is slowly but regularly flaring up again in the NE. Will build to crescendos in time. At present it is not yet as bad as over a decade ago, when IIRC evangelicals and other christians clashed violently in India's northeast, resulting in 400 dead [of belligerent christians onlee, as I recall], all because the two kinds of converts were not of the exact same christian denomination and wouldn't convert to each other's particular christo cult. Not that I care.

2. Takfiri muslims massacre 45 muslims in Pakistan for not being of the right kind of islam.

BBC finally thought of putting it to print too:


Quote:13 May 2015

Pakistan gunmen kill 45 on Karachi Ismaili Shia bus

image caption: The passengers were being taken to an Ismaili Shia Muslim place of worship, police said

Could this be Sunni confidence arising from ISIS gaining ground in Pak?

India's eminent hysterians (famously all christoislami-communists) repeat the christoislamic lie that islam didn't destroy Hindoo temples and massacre Hindoos on account of the latter's polytheistic idolatry. But the above is yet *more* proof - same as seen in Mali, same as seen in the Levant - that islamaniacs can't even tolerate their own muslims' "deviant" practices. Malian muslims visiting dargahs was considered "idolatry" and so the truer-muslims blew all those up.

So can imagine how islamics treated the heathen Hindoos - "polytheistic idolators". Actually no need to imagine: Hindoos in W Bengal, Kashmir, Kerala not to mention TSP-E and TSP-W know full well how islamaniacs treat Hindoos. Same as how christos treat Hindoos in India's northeast and now increasingly also in southern India. And christoislamic/communist hysterians know all this very much too.

Still from


Quote:Spiritual leader Prince Karim Aga Khan is a philanthropist and business magnate. He gives his name to bodies including a university, a foundation, and the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
So that's why Harvard is so happily pro-islamaniac: because there are many types of islamaniacs funding them.

Oh no, Aga Khan - that mostly-alien hybrid* - speaks:

Quote:Ismaili spiritual leader Prince Karim Aga Khan said in a statement the "attack represented a senseless act of violence against a peaceful community".

* For the consistent European strain in their gene pool, can see:

  • dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2581243/Billionaire-Muslim-spiritual-leader-Aga-Khan-divorces-German-princess-drawn-separation-taken-years.html

  • dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3043399/The-royal-baby-not-one-think-Model-Kendra-Spears-welcomes-son-husband-Prince-Rahim-Aga-Khan.html

The second article especially goes through the list of models and hollywood actresses from UK and US who have consistently married into the islamic moneyed royalty of Jordan and the Aga Khan 'lineage'. Money significantly derived from tithing by - leeching off - beliebers, which tithes are 2.5% higher to Aga Khan's kingdom - the first without any actual territory? - than to even the evangelical church in US (AmeriKKKan evangelicals tithe at 10% of their income, IIRC):


Quote:Not all of the money was acquired through commerce, however. Part of it comes from a tithe paid by Ismaili Muslims called a 'dasond' - the equivalent of 12.5 percent of each person's gross annual income.

And so the reason Jordan's royalty and the Aga Khan line look more Euro than Middle-Eastern and Iranian respectively is because... they're factually ethnically mostly Euro now and very little ME and Iranian: each male successor shows his disdain for the local faithful muslimahs and marries western brides, who of course happily convert. (I am still trying to decide whether "progressive" Indian women tend to run off with islamic men more or whether British women and US women like islamic men [money/royalty] more. Also, US has an obsession with royalty and aristocracy, despite being a republic that was once anti-monarchist. Count the number of rich AmeriKKKan heiresses who married British aristocrats in the Henry James/Edith Warton era, and count the number of American women - not just Grace Kelly - who married European royalty.)

But there's a nice summary at the dailymail page:


Quote:The royal baby is here (but not the one you think): Model Kendra Spears welcomes a son with husband Prince Rahim Aga Khan

Kendra Spears, 26, has given birth to her first child, a son named Irfan

The baby, whose father is Prince Rahim Aga Khan, was born in Geneva

Ms Spears, now known as Princess Salwa, is said to be doing well

By Ruth Styles for MailOnline

Published: 14:27 GMT, 17 April 2015 | Updated: 19:57 GMT, 17 April 2015

Ms Spears, a Seattle-born supermodel who has starred in campaigns for Diane von Furstenburg and Chanel among others, married Prince Rahim Aga Khan in 2013 following a four month engagement.

The model, 26, had been considered 'the next Cindy Crawford' by her agency Ford Models, but has put her career on the back-burner since becoming wife to the 44-year-old royal.

She follows in the footsteps of a string of American royal wives, among them actress Rita Hayworth who was married to Sir Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan.

Prince Rahim's younger brother Hussein, 41, also married an American model, although his marriage to New Yorker Kristin White, 38, ended shortly after his brother's wedding in 2013.

The Jordanian royals have also made a habit of wedding Americans, most famously Lisa Najeeb Halaby who became known as Queen Noor following her marriage.

Another male heir. Who wants to predict the ethnicity of the future wife of the child? I say US or UK or German or something else Euro/Russian.

I also predict that she too will convert to islam, like all of the above and other women did.

Aga Khan is an islamic Iranian allegedly "royal" line, isn't it? Sure they've been infesting the subcontinent too, but

why is Spears - I mean royal muslimah wife #1 Salwa - wearing a *Saree* in one of the pictures? More islamic pretence that Hindoo religio-culture involves them too somehow.

The news was:

* Catholic christos vs communist heretics (possibly also christian) in christian Mizoram:



Manipur: 7 Catholic schools shut following ban by armed group [Kangleipak Communist Party-Military Council (KCP-MC)]

Apr 22

* Paki muslims (sunni cult) summarily execute 45 muslims (ismailis, shia subcult) going to some mosque/Shia place of worship


Pakistan gunmen kill 45 on Karachi Ismaili Shia bus

(Today's news)

The beeb is not only covering up that the gunmen are sunni muslims, by calling them merely "paki gunmen" (I suppose they could be Paki christians. Let's not rule out that possibility, since christianism is famous for terror groups in the Indian subcontinent and as intolerant of heretical denominations in its own fold as it is intolerant of islam.) But BBC is also busy advertising that ismaili shias are "peaceful" etc (you mean like Bush Jr assured the world that islam in entirety meant "peace"?) Maybe ismaili shias are relatively peaceful: in their encounters with the cannibals higher up in the foodchain. But I bet if they were the only islamaniacs in India and were infesting India in the same numbers as islam in entirety is present in India now, then ismailis would be the ones genociding the Hindoos. Mohammed/koran doesn't change after all.

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