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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5
<!--QuoteBegin-Shambhu+Nov 16 2008, 07:08 AM-->QUOTE(Shambhu @ Nov 16 2008, 07:08 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Can anyone give me the official link on "money from Hindu temples being routed to muslim orgs etc"? I need to send it to someone. Many thanks..
[right][snapback]90215[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Karnataka and AP examples:

(1) http://bharatjagran.com/bharat-jagran-da...110608.htm
Has a table titled:
Statement of Receipts and disbursements of revenues from Temples
Govt. of Karnataka
Statement of Allocation of Revenue for development purposes
Revenue/Expense From Temples

(2) Also has a table. How Hindu Temple money was spent by the then christo-controlled government of Karnataka for the period 1997 - 2002
Table description:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->We have received few data from the Revenue section of Tourism and Temples Government of Karnataka. I am enclosing the <b>data of revenue status</b> of last six years for your references.

All Figures are in Crores:<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The page starts with:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Oct 30, 2003:  Revenues From Temples Diverted For Haj Subsidy And Madarassas In Karnataka   
... 70% (Rs. 50.00 Crores) of Hindu Temples money is diverted for Madarasas and Haj by Indian Government.

... 5,000 Temples in Karnataka to be closed down due to lack of funding and maintenance

... During Kumbh Mela in Nasik each Hindu was forced to pay Rs.25 to Rs.50 for a dip in the holy water.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Hindus have to pay for a dip in <i>our</i> holy water and Hindus have to pay for islamoterrorists and christoterrorists to visit Mecca and Bethlehem. Hindus pay to their beloved Temples thinking their money goes toward temple maintenance and then Hindus wonder why our Temples are in such poor conditions. Christogovt and its active promotion of christoislamiterrorism funded by money stolen from Hindu Dharma are the sole causes.

(3) Page 3 of the PDF http://savetemples.org/images/pdfs/save%20...resentation.pdf
taken from
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Looting of Temple Money by Politicians

Total number of Temples: 207,000
Total collections at the Temples: 72 Crores

Money spent on Temple Upkeep: 6 Crores
Money spent on Muslims for Haj: 50 Crores
Money spent on churches: 10 Crores
Money for other activities: 6 Crores

-- Report by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & India Today

Funds given by Hindu devotees are directed to pay Haj for Muslims and Christian
churches (to convert Hindus!!).<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
(4) http://intellibriefs.blogspot.com/2007/04/...isit-hindu.html
also at http://www.hindujagruti.org/news/1880.html

Hindu Temples, Institutions & Hinduism itself are unfairly targeted by Governments in India.  Using Hindu Temple Endowment Act Looting, Selling, Encroachments are occurring all over India.  Particularly alarming is the situation in Andhra Pradesh (AP).

Under AP CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy (YSR) About 34,000 Temples are under Govt. control & only 18% is said to be given back for temples maintenance. Looting, Massive sale of temple lands, Demolition, Encroachments, aggressive religious conversions in temples vicinity occurring all over AP.  Govt. which is supposed to be a protector has become perpetrator that threatens the very existence of Hindu Institutions.  Even world famous Tirupathi temple is not spared.

    * Tirupathi: Govt. attempted to take over 5 out of 7 Tirumala Hills for Church and Tourism Purposes.  YSR, a Christian CM,  is alleged to use TTD money for Hockey tournament in his parents name. Govt. eyed only Hindu (TTD) funds for Jala Yagnam to tune of 500 crores. (The Hindu: 7/17/06, Deccan Chronicle:3/8/07, justandhra.com,3/22/06).

    *  Demolition: Recently 15 temples were demolished for Golf Course. YSR son blew up a temple in Anantpur that affirms his family's intolerance towards the Hinduism (Hindu 8/27/2004 Deccan Chronicle:3/8/2007, Jyoti).

    * Illegal occupation and Land scams:  Valuable temple properties, estimated at hundreds of crores, is under encroachment.  More than 50 per cent of the `land-grabbers' seem to have strong political connections, while others include those `patronized' by the Endowments Department. Samuel Reddy's brother Vivekananda Reddy build personal property on Gurkul Trust Lands worth many crores (The Hindu, 3/9/07).

    * Mass Land Sales:  Tens of thousands of acres of endowment lands, meant for sustenance in perpetuity are being sold without approval of the Hindu community and without any justification. Eg., 3000 acres temple land in East Godavari was sold.  Sold 9201 acres of rural temple land and decided to sell 7000 acres of urban lands worth 20,000 crores (Deccan Chronicle, 4/31/06, Eenadu, 3/30/06,  Deccan Chronicle 4/8/06).

    * Take Over: On 3/12/2007 State Govt. announced plans to takeover cash rich 181 mutts and all religious trusts in the state with many crores of assets, the first step in looting them (Deccan Chronicle, 3/12/07).

    *  AP Govt. allocates 1.1 crores for Mosques, 6.5 crores for Churches. Pays Haj trips (12,000 Rs per pilgrim) with pending proposal to Bethlehem. Compare this with 50% bus fare surcharge on Maha Sivarathri day taxing poor Hindus similar to Auranazeb's Jizya tax (Deccan Chronicle: 8/23/06, 12/18/06, Eeenadu, 2/16/07).  Hindu Festivals Holi, Krishna Janmashtami and Rama Navami (in AP) are no more Govt. Holidays .(Jyoti, 4/5/07)

<b>More Data on Assault on Hindu Institutions</b>
(See at link)

<b>Examples of atrocities on Specific Hindu Temples</b>
(See at link)<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
(5) Christoterrorist CM of AP Samuel Reddy:
Have excerpted below from http://savetemples.org/images/pdfs/booklet.pdf
More data in the related http://savetemples.org/images/pdfs/bookl...lement.pdf
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->His Govt. attempted to take over 5 out of 7 hills of sacred
Tirumala temple for churches and tourism. In massive land
scams, his Govt. sold hundreds of acres of temple lands worth
many crores of rupees at throw away prices (in some instances
less than 5% of their market value). It attempted to sell
multiple crores worth temple lands in Godavari districts for
Indiramma scheme. During his regime temples were allowed
to be blown up and thousands of acres of temple lands worth
multiple crores were allowed to be encroached. YSR is alleged
to use TTD money for hockey tournament in his parents name.
His Govt. allowed the demolition of 10 temples for a Golf
The same state Govt. which is destroying Hinduism in all of its
aspects is making all efforts to support Christianity and Muslim
religions as vote banks. It is providing funds for state treasury
to build and renovate churches and mosques. The Govt. which
placed surcharge on Hindu pilgrims on Maha Sivarathri day,
pays 12,000 Rs/- per pilgrim for Haj trip to Mecca for Muslims
and considering proposals to pay for Christians to travel to
Bethlehem. The Govt. which never touches the funds of
Christian and Muslim Institutions relentlessly siphons away
Hindu Institutions funds and lands.
<b>Misuse of temple money (500 crores TTD money for Jala Yagnam)</b>
(JustAndhra.com Mar 22, 2006)
Devotees donate to temples for promoting Hindu religion and thought.
The Government which manages these temples has been using the
temple money for Government schemes. The State Government
attempted to use TTD money to tune of 500 crores for Jala Yagnam.
(Note: Govt. targets only Hindu devotees money and on contrary
contributes to Mosques and Churches for repairs and renovation).<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
(6) http://www.kashmirherald.com/featuredart...money.html
Contains some data from an earlier period (like pre-Independence, under christoterrorist rule of the christocolonials from Britain):
"Hindu Money In India Co-opted for Islam"

(7) Info on amount of Haj subsidy closer to this year
PDF on Amarnath
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Haj Subsidy</b>
 There are multiple Haj Terminus and 16 embarkation points in the country
 The Haj subsidy in 2006 was Rs.348 crore
 The muslim pilgrim to Jeddah pays Rs.12,000 for a return ticket. The actual cost of
the ticket is Rs. 46,000. The difference is funded by the Union Government
 The Indian government has a Haj Office in the Indian Consulate in Jeddah, runs a
hospital in Mecca and dispensaries in Mecca and Madinah, and sends doctors,
nurses and para-medical staff to run these medical establishments during the
 In addition, the Government has sanctioned eight ambulances and medicines for
pilgrims who fall ill.
 Though Jammu & Kashmir is one of the less-populated States in the country, it
sent the fifth biggest contingent of pilgrims for Haj in 2006.
 The Congress Government in Andhra Pradesh has taken this policy of minorityism
a step further and announced subsidy for Christians who wish to visit Bethlehem,
the birthplace of Jesus.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

(9) And http://www.bharatjagran.com/bharat-jagran-...2007/310307.htm
Particularly the section
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Attachment A

Govt. control of Hindu religious infrastructure is the instrument of decimating Hindu religion and culture   

Hereunder are the examples of the abusive control by states in South India that have virtually engaged in demolishing the Hindu religious infrastructure. The abundance of available evidence has proved beyond any doubt that under government control, <b>the Hindu temples have not only been exploited injuriously but are also being driven to their ultimate extinction.</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Christianism is the cause for this.

One of the sections is:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->In Kerala:  the Govt. hastily promulgated an ordinance on February 4, 2007 to disband The Travancore and Cochin Autonomous Devaswom Boards (TCDB) and usurped their authority. The timing, intent and integrity of the said ordinance was extremely suspicious and questionable particularly in view of the impending session of the State Assembly and the existence of a 3 man commission appointed by the High Court for investigating the allegations of corruption.

In the current fiscal year Secular Kerala’s treasury was filled with Rs 268 crore solely by the revenue from Temples under Travancore Devaswom Board, Cochin Devaswom Board and Guruvayur Devaswom. How much of the money was used for temple maintenance and Hindu causes is not revealed.

According to the latest reports out of tens of thousands of temples that have abnormally been rendered dysfunctional only a few hundred are currently fully operational. As if that was not enough, under the Kerala Land Reforms Act, 13,000 acres of Guruvayoor’s land has been reduced to 230 acres amounting to 98% land loot. The revenue of this Hindu entity is subject to misuse even loot by the state authorities. In order to appease the officially inspired Christian protesters and promote their electoral base the officials unilaterally abandoned the construction of railway line from Kottayam to Erumeli to Hindu Hill Shrine.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Shambhu, read through those links, esp. the PDFs of 3 and 4, and also look at
- http://savetemples.org/
- http://bharatjagran.com/ (left column)
^ For Shambhu

(1) Evidence collected by the lovely Dr Kalyanaraman on the very ChristoTerrorist murder of Swami Lakshmanananda. Over two posts at
- <b>Christist conspiracy in assassination of Swami Lakshamananda: evidence.</b>
- <b>Evidence re: assassination of Swami Lakshamananda. Christian conspiracy unravels</b>
Includes text of the cretins/christians' resolution to murder the heroic Swami
and which Ashok Sahu, IPS (Retd.), Former Addl. Director General of Police, referred to, see here and here.

(2) <b>Kerala Christian appointed Chief Justice (CJ) to the Patna (Bihar High Court).</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->from: Radha Rajan
date: Sat, Nov 15, 2008 at 4:20 AM
subject: Re: Important - Orissa Chief Justice

A correction, he is appointed CJ to the Patna (Bihar High Court).

CJ Supreme Court KG Balakrishnan suffers from the worst reputation. In Kerala his brother KG Bhaskaran is disparagingly referred to as "collection agent". KG Balakrishnan's son-in-law is supposed to be close friends with Rahul Gandhi.

Read together with what is happening in law colleges across Tamil Nadu and the future doesn't look good for the quality of judges.

-- RR

* * *
(The following were all links off the aboveSmile

"This is violence in Chennai trigerred by dalit christians I will wager everything I have".
Law college violence: Politics, casteism to blame

* * *

Missionaries are engaged in aggressive proselytizing and blasphemous propaganda against Hindu deities

Christian organizations justify conversions by saying that tribals are not Hindus.

Clinching evidences of Christian involvement in the assassination of Swami Lakshmanandaji: Ashok Singhal

In Orissa, the fundamentalist Christian missionaries have detected a fertile ground for spreading their poisonous culture.

Mao & Christ Come Together in Orissa

Labels: Orissa Chief Justice<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
(3) http://vivekajyoti.blogspot.com/search/lab...mananda%20Swami
-- Ashok Singhal

New Delhi, October 02, 2008 - Furious over the failure of the Orissa Government in apprehending any assassin of Ven. Swami Lakshmananandaji Saraswati, Shri Ashok Singhal, International President of VHP said, “It is a matter of grave concern of all Hindus in India & abroad that Christians dared to assassinate Ven. Swami Lakshmananandaji - a Hindu icon of Orissa and revered Dharmacharya of India - on August 23, 2008. I met the Chief Minister of Orissa Shri Navin Patnaik a month ago with clinching evidences of Christian involvement in the assassination and urged him to apprehend the culprits. The date the X'ians chose for the heinous act had a loud statement - that is, it was Sri Krishna Janmashtami - one of the most auspicious days of Hindu calendar - and it was also the foundation day of Vishva Hindu Parishad, and, the Christians wanted to dare the Hindu society on that day by offering to Jesus for his pleasure the assassinated bodies of Hindu monks. But the State Government has not yet apprehended any X'ian mercenary and/or accomplice. It is because of the influence of the Church and their NGOs. The government has arrested hundreds of Hindus, but practically no Christian. I requested the Chief Minister to take under his command directly the entire enquiry module regarding the case that has wide implications and apprehend the culprits at the earliest. But, the new Director General of Police - Orissa is indiscriminately arresting leaders of Hindu organizations that are not related to any case. Those must be released forthwith whom the government has arrested with political motivation. We wish that normalcy returns to Orissa as soon as possible. But, it appears that the government itself is not interested in the return of normalcy, as it is interested in giving the culprits a free run. As long as the over-ground kingpin of the assassination conspiracy - Mr. Radhakant Nayak is not apprehended, the deep roots of the conspiracy and the faces of the remote kingpins that outsourced the assassination module cannot be unearthed, and, consequently, the situation won't become normal. The government must remember that Ven. Swami Lakshmananandaji - a high-stature Dharmacharya of the country coming from a Tribal region of Orissa, a socio-cultural worker par excellence whose activities always remained aligned with the Fundamental Duties under Article 51A of the Constitution of India, who rightly opposed aggressive religious conversions through force, fraud and inducement, who was particularly against the entry of foreign-funded Missionaries in the "scheduled areas" of the country as that violated the indigenous culture, traditions and moorings of the Tribal people, who was for 'propagation' of religion under Art. 25(1) of Constitution (this right is for Indian citizens only), but rightly quoted the Supreme Court ruling that 'propagation' does not mean 'right to convert', who quoted the Niyogi Commission Report and the Orissa Freedom of Religion Act & Rules, 1987 & 1989 against conversions, and who was an uncompromising protagonist of robust nationalism, has been assassinated by the Christians."

Shri Singhal asked the Government of Orissa that "for the cause of peace, it must be up & doing in apprehending the assassins and their accomplices at the earliest."

- Released by Vishwa Samvad Kendra, New Delhi<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
(4) The biggest problem is that Hindus are unable to identify christoterrorism, christianism's hand behind many events. In fact, Swami Lakshmanananda's murder is one of the more blatant instances and even there Hindus get confused about 'maoists' as if these are separate from cretins/christians.
Unlike islamism, christianism is no longer advertising in loudspeakers what it is doing. Most things are done very covertly. Some of the simpler signs to tell what is caused by christianism, but many Hindus are confused or not aware of even these.

1. Christianism always uses the psecular arm=a christocontrolled (or otherwise a christofavourable) govt to accomplish what it cannot do directly. E.g. programmatic destruction of temples by stealing their money to let them disintegrate out of lack of maintenance and funds, and <i>in the same stroke</i> promoting the forces inimical to Hindu Dharma (christoislamism) with the same money.
Psecular arm today also includes dawaganda=media.
2. The Joshua Project's subproject Project Thessalonica outlines its intentions and how it wants to achieve them. It's intentions are another way to gauge what anti-Hindu events are due to christoterrorism.
3. Sometimes there are dead give aways like the date chosen to do something: cretins like to specifically choose heathen holy days to commit seriously terrorist acts that they consider are crucial events to reaching their goals.
4. Ownership of media and who's in charge of the government. Hence anti-Hindu policies and anti-Hindu propaganda. <i>Christo</i>govt is appeasing islamic terrorism.
5. Character assassination is something christianism does, but islamism cannot do (islam is 400 years behind christianism when it comes to experience on How to Convert; islamism could try, but it will take centuries for it to become good at it).

Hindus have to start identifying christianism when it is the culprit in anti-Hindu terrorist acts even though it will not often leave its calling card. (Instead of wasting time by identifying superficial entities as the cause, like psecularism, maoism, or even using the wrong terminology like evangelicals, missionaries.)
- The fact that various kinds of christocommunists, the DMK and LTTE keep their actual ideology (christianism) safe from being identified and blamed in all their terrorist acts shows how successful christianism is.
- And christianism has an external facade, a faux-reputation if you will, of supposed peace, non-militancy, non-destructiveness. PR.

Hindus identify islamism as a threat but not christianism for these very reasons.
Christianism is conducting a covert war, a war of complete deniability.

Deniability and creating confusion. Examples:
- Cryptos. Use of Hindu names. Undeclared christians. Can only be identified by pro-christian actions, they do not tend to reveal their ideology. In fact, similar to how they usurp Hindu names for infiltration, they do the same in speech. That is, they do exactly what Karan Thapar does by saying "as a Hindu, I condemn <something related to Hindu Dharma>".

- Samuel Reddy (generally, his identity is concealed under his crypto name of YSR Reddy) diverting Hindu Temple donations to mostly haj subsidy and 'psecular' governmental policies. So he can argue that he is being secular. But his intention in taking Hindu Temple money is to drain and destroy Hindu temples. His intention is to destroy Hindu Dharma. And that comes from his <i>christian</i> motivation, even though less Hindu Temple money in AP is sent towards christianism than toward islamism and 'psecular' acts. Again, this makes it appear psecular.

- You find even aware Hindus wondering why certain newspapers will not publish their comments (such as those exposing the non-existence of St Thomas/his non-arrival in India). Hindus wonder, because the christian coverscreen of psecularism is that powerful. It does not draw suspicion to the actual core ideology of cretinism. People first wake to doubt the papers' motivations in doing this (describing it as just "anti-Hindu"), but do not ascribe it to the papers' particular ideological motivation (anti-Hindu *because* they're christian).

- In fact it is more powerful: even when aware Hindus <i>know</i> from their investigation that christianism is behind something, they still cannot provide the evidence if things are not public knowledge and cannot be verified by lay people.
For example, how Sandhya Jain has to refer to her reliable sources on having told her Prachanda, the Maoist usurper of Nepal, is a christian. Because he's not admitted it to the world officially. But some around him know and Sandhya Jain would have got it from there.

A second example: Hindus who don't rely on the christomedia in India know how cretins murdered Swami Lakshmanananda. The christians had attempted it 8 or 9 times before already. And they've left evidence of their pre-meditation in the final attempt. But because of the media blitzing on "maoists not christians" instead of "christian maoists", the whole situation got sidetracked and confused on purpose. The police investigation is motivated. The christians have pushed for another judge (one sympathetic to christoterrorism and anti-Hindu, see K.Ram's post on p.7 of this thread). This is the same kind of sidetracking/diversionary technique christogovt and media use in the war on real islamic terrorism (as opposed to the imaginary 'Hindu' terrorism).

Third example: No one says that the major part of the English language media in India is <i>christian</i>, when it is factually so. Ok, many out there don't know, but IF and at least intellibriefs have long known: others at IF had long ago posted an article here from IndiaTribune that showed how most of these media outlets were owned or funded by christian organisations. Yet even here, no one calls them christian media. (Neither does the DailyPioneer when referring to them.) And this is still more the case with Hindu sites outside IF: it is not considered among Hindus who still know about other matters.
These media outlets have generated some kind of protective barrier - false legitimacy, in spite of their ridiculously unfactual or otherwise one-sided reporting like the TOI regularly displays - in that no Hindu seems to want to say the obvious facts: that they are christian mouthpieces. <b>As a direct consequence of the non-transparency of the christianism of both the government and media</b>, you see Hindus unable to first think independently/unaffectedly on the latest issue: the media/govt manufacturing the fake notion of "Hindu Terrorism". Instead of Hindus doing the natural thing of doubting the motivated media and govt (motivated by christianism and its goals for destroying Hindu Dharma), they are doubting Hinduism. They are doubting the professionalism (even the foolish but real psecularism) of the Indian army. They are doubting everyone except the unreliables. <i>Because</i> they do not see the christianism of the government and media.
<b>ADDED:</b> Likewise, the whole Orissa nun rape case has got Hindus confused as well. Instead of asking the actual questions one should be asking and taking the entire context into account (how it is obviously timed to divert from Swami Lakshmanananda's murder, asking questions on whether she was really raped and if so <i>who</i> did it), Hindus are instead automatically jumping onto the backfoot and trying to distance themselves from a likely to be <i>manufactured</i> event: they go so far as assuming that the Hindus accused are guilty. Just like they automatically assume that the random Hindus accused by the bogey of 'Hindu Terrorism' must be guilty of (yet another) imaginary crime. Hindus a) assume the imaginary crimes and b) assume the guilt of the Hindus accused without looking into the history of how there has never been Hindu terrorism, only christoislamic terrorism/militancy; and how previous Orissa nun rape cases were all proven to be christian inventions.

Fourth example: Hindus who are aware, have to take into account circumstancial indicators to work out it is christianism.
Radha Rajan writes at
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>"This is violence in Chennai trigerred by dalit christians I will wager everything I have".</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->But the original news article that she refers to with her title can only say
"Law college violence: Politics, casteism to blame".
The article blames the casteism promoted by the (christo) DMK, and also says that the Tamizh police should have done more to handle the situation. But Radha writes:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->If this was between caste Hindus and dalits, then this is violence triggered by dalit Christians I will wager everything I have. These dalit christian students were probably goaded into this by usual suspects in politics and the charity industry. If this were simply caste violence dear Karunanidhi would have written one of his abusive anti-Hindu pieces or spoken about it. The fact that there is deafening silence from all political quarters except to rile against the police tells me that I am right that this was not caste violence but something else violence deliberately ignited to push the caste Hindus into a corner. The best way to arrive at the truth about minorities in this country is when the media remains silent about the identity of the criminals. Like Romilla Thapar and co.'s history books -- the invaders are never Muslim -- slave dynasty, Turks, Mongols, Mughals. Ditto here. This silence is the silence of a thief stung by a scorpion. It suits them to say dalit vs. caste Hindus instead of tribal christian or dalit christian vs. Hindus.

-- Radha Rajan
(full version of her text here)<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Shows how even aware Hindus who can add 2 and 2 have to use (obvious) inferential data to come to the conclusion that christianism was behind the event. Apparently, she later found more explicit data for how she was right. See the last part of Bodhi's post 218 above.

All these clever people - from the lovely Sandhya Jain and Radha Rajan to Daily Pioneer and even IF - are struggling. Even when they know, they cannot say because of self-censorship or because of lack of the sort of evidence that can immediately be understood by other Hindus (without explaining to them the subtle but particular indicators of christianism).
That's how powerful cretinism's methods are in India. That's what is making it so successful in getting away scott-free.

It is very hard to expose crypto-cretins and crypto-christianism=psecularism. Most Hindus are the believing kind: they take you at face value. This is an honest trait, but it is being used against them.

Hindus are not prepared for the kind of war christianism proposes (or rather, has long begun). This is again different from how Hindus are also not prepared for the total war of islamism. If Hindus think communism is the master of dawaganda/doublespeak/brainwashing/mental manipulation warfare, they have no idea how christianism takes this up by several notches. Communism is blatant. Christianism is not. Christianism makes murder look like suicide, and genocide look an accident or no more than an inevitable natural/historical disaster.

To protect Hindu Dharma from christianism, there's at least two types of things Hindus have to do:
1. Find ways to bypass the psecular arm of christian terrorism. (Such as christogovt's diversion of Hindu temple funds which is being used to destroy Hindu Dharma.)
2. Expose christianism for the horrendous lie it is. It is hard to expose crypto-cretinism (psecularism) to less aware Hindus as being christianism. But if the root cause (christianism) were itself made ineffectual then crypto-christianism will evaporate too.

Also, sometimes the real religious affiliation of crypto-cretins is revealed, like that of Margaret Suzanna 'Arundhati' Roy. When it happens, Hindus should expose such entities to the rest of the Hindu community.

Tales from the broken record: need to take christianism very seriously, it is no joke. It has more chance of succeeding than islamism. Because jihad cannot be hidden. Cretinism's subterfuge is hidden - in terminology, in non-transparency of ownership, in unapparent motivations, in blatantly christian situations that the media covers up and confuses (Swami's murder), and in psecular-looking events whose actors and motivations alone can make clear that they are christian. Christianism looks invisible to Hindus' eyes. And that's an additional factor in its potent deadliness; Hindus are not fighting the armed christomaniacs from colonial Portugal anymore. They're not even fighting the sort of eventually-seethrough subterfuge of the christomaniacs from colonial Britain. For most Hindus, the situation now is comparable to being able to recognise whether the Indian-looking person in front of you is Hindu or christian; the same level of difficulty.
In any case, self-censorship on the Hindu's part is <i>the last</i> thing we should be doing. Hindus should hone their skills in reading between the lines. Like when Karan Thapar says all of "I'm a Hindu, but I am opposed to <something very Hindu Dharma>" in one breath, Hindus should stop falling for the first bit and take note of the last.
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Thank you Husky!!!!
<!--emo&Smile--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif' /><!--endemo--> <!--emo&Smile--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<b>Crime Branch sleuths chasing Congress RS Member Radhakant Nayak</b>

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

By Anurjay Dhal
Bhubaneswar: <b>Congress Rajya Sabha member Radhakant Nayak is on run. If unconfirmed reports are to be believed, Nayak, alleged villain behind Swami Laxmananda Saraswati’s murder</b>, is in trouble.

Crime Branch of Orissa Police looking into the brutal murder of noted Hindu saint has reportedly listed name of <b>Nayak as an accused, who is very close to Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi for his Church back-ground</b> and searching him in several areas for his role.

“If fact, we have listed a dozen names including Congress Rajya Sabha Member Nayak in connection with the murder case and charge sheet in this regard, will be submitted very soon,” a top Crime Branch official revealed in condition of anonymity on Tuesday. 'Master-Mind' at the moment is out of State but we are trying very hard to locate him, he added.

It may be noted here since a very longtime, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and all its affiliated bodies have been alleging that Radhakant Nayak alone creating problem in Kandhamal and mastermind behind the murder of Swamiji.

Sources pointed out that police might lay it hand either on Radhakant Nayak or his men. <b>Nayak, a former bureaucrat, was considered the chief patron of Pana Christians and protector of the Church in the district.</b>

Nayak who served the Central government as Secretary was short-listed for the post of Union Cabinet Secretary during H. D. Deve Gowda government. <b>Being a Dalit-Christian socialist, leaders including Ramvilas Paswan and Sharad Yadav had backed his candidature then</b>.

However some adverse IB report against him came as a hurdle. In 2004 he was elected to Rajya Sabha on Congress ticket. Hindutava forces always suspected his hand behind the killing. Alleged involvement of Nayak would also help BJP to target Sonia Gandhi.
<b> Hinduism in Double Trouble: Mao & Christ Come Together in Orissa</b>

Thursday 6 November 2008

By Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi (Author of India: The Grand Experiment)

On May 18 2006, the Maoists in Nepal (who practice the precept of China’s late Chairman Mao Zedong that political power comes from bullets, not ballots)<b> forced the world’s only “Hindu” nation to discard its Hindu identity in favor of a “secular” one.</b>

<b>On August 23, 2008, in India’s eastern state of Orissa, a group of 18-20 pro-Christian Maoists armed with AK 47 rifles gunned down revered Hindu leader Swami Laxamananda Saraswati along with his four associates.</b> The Swami had been forcing lower caste Christians to reconvert to Hinduism and had instigated large scale violence against them during December 2007 and January 2008.

Militant Hindus retaliated to the Swami’s ghastly murder by killing over 40 Christians, injuring hundreds, raping a nun, burning hundreds of homes and churches, and driving approximately 50,000 Christians into jungles and refugee camps. Those in the refugee camps pray, but Intelligence Officers suspect that some of those in the jungles are also learning the art of using a rifle. <b>The Maoists had trained 20,000 guerillas before these Christians were driven to the forests. Now, the Maoist ranks may swell with Christian youth</b> who have lost everything at the hands of Hindu arsonists.

They have nothing more to lose but much to gain from learning how to get money from officials (who extracts bribes from everyone) and eventually to rob banks (owned by a government which did not prevent the arsonists from looting their homes, businesses and whole villages).
Pro-Christian Maoists in Orissa have already warned a number of specific Hindu leaders responsible for anti-Christian violence that they are next on their hit list.</b>

A few hundred “Christian-Maoist” guerillas will change the power-equation in Orissa. By refusing to defend their families the government gives to the Maoists the ethical right to self-defense. However, once they move beyond defense to revenge they destroy the image Christianity has built up by two centuries of humanitarian service and developing democratic institutions of civilized life. <b>For the next generation of Indians, Christian guerillas may define what Christianity means just as terrorists now define Islam.</b>

Today (on October 31, 2008) the ten million strong women’s wing of the Communist Party of India (Marxist – not Maoists) has made public its decision to support the Catholic nun raped by the Hindus.

(Why would a political party in need of Hindu majority vote stand up for a despised, persecuted minority It is a principled stand but it is also possible that the Communists are seeing that a social revolution is taking place in Orissa: 50,000 people have chosen to live in jungles and refugee camps rather than reconvert to Hinduism! <b>The Communists may be agreeing with Mahanta Krushna Charan Dash Goswami, President of the Matha Mandir Surakhsya Parishad that Hinduism is being reduced to a minority religion in some pockets of Orissa.)</b>

<b>At least one good American Christian (presumably, unaware of the Christian-Maoist nexus) has asked his Congressman if he should help Christians in Orissa buy guns.</b>

In the neighboring state of Chhattisgarh, the Government and the upper caste Hindus tried to create an armed force called “Peace Mission” (Salwa Judum) to counter Maoist insurgency. In March 2007, three hundred armed Maoists retaliated by invading the Police camp with rifles, grenades and petrol bombs. They killed 55 of the 79 “Security” forces, without losing even one of their members.

Consequently, the Prime Minister of India acknowledged that this growing Maoist revolt has become the “single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country.”

<b>The Maoists have established a significant presence in at least 13 of India’s 28 states. They are recruiting guerillas and terrorizing entire regions to establish a safe haven called “Revolutionary Compact Zone” from Nepal in the north all the way down to Andhra Pradesh in the south. The goal is to build a base for launching a full-scale revolt against India Inc. – the custodian of a corrupt democracy.</b>

<b><span style='font-size:30pt;line-height:100%'>Christian fundamentalism and the media in South India</span></b>
by Pradip N. Thomas

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Even to suggest that there is a relationship between the media and Christian Fundamentalism in Chennai, South India, might seem odd to readers of Media Development, whose prior knowledge of the subject is perhaps limited to the influence of the religious right-wing on the Bush administration or/and the rise and fall of tele-evangelists such as Jimmy Swaggart and in the recent past, the evangelist Ted Haggard, the president of the 30 million member National Association of Evangelicals in the USA.

Some readers will have knowledge of the relationship between the media, politics and religion in Brazil – the Tele Rede network in Brazil owned by Edir Macedo and his Universal Church of the Reign of God, and the ex-President of Zambia, Frederick Chiluba’s brand of politicised, conservative Christianity. But Christian fundamentalism in India has rarely figured as an academic project except the study by Lionel Caplan (1987) ‘Fundamentalism as a Counter-Culture: Protestants in Urban South India’, and in the recent past, the investigative writing by Edna Fernandes (2006) ‘Holy Warriors: A Journey into the Heart of Christian Fundamentalism’.

The latter has sections on Christian Fundamentalists in two states in India, Goa and Nagaland, and indicates that there are contested issues arising from the practices of conservative Christianity in India. There is, in the on-line world, a vast amount of information on the activities of Christian groups in India on web-sites supported by the Hindu right-wing and concerned secular groups with http://www.Christiansagainstaggression.org being the most informative site that monitors the activities of Christian mission in India.

While Muslims remain the major target for Hindu nationalists, the rise of muscular Hinduism between 1980-2005, and in particular, their involvement in government, led to the creation of national projects and spaces directed towards the interrogation of religious minorities inclusive of Christians, that were earnestly pursued by various groups within the Sangh Parivar, particularly by diaspora Hindus based the USA.

The ex-Minister of Divestment, Communication and Information Technology in India, Arun Shourie’s (1994, 2000) critiques of Christian mission lent this project academic respectability. Shourie’s trenchant account of historical and contemporary Christian mission, in particular Catholic mission, is difficult to contest given that education and health were and are used by a variety of Christian denominations, as entry points for Christian conversion. The ‘rice Christian’ and of late the ‘tsunami Christian’ is a reality in India.

While the historical churches in India, in particular the Syrian Orthodox, have been chary of embarking on any aggressive form of Christian expansionism, some post-colonial churches – Catholic and Protestant – certainly have taken seriously the Biblical injunction to proclaim the Word and to ‘make all nations Christian’. While the traditions of mainstream Christian mission, for the most part, continue to be carried out within the larger framework of respect for religious pluralism and secularism and the constitutional framework of respect for faith communities, the exponential growth of Pentecostal and in particular neo-Pentecostal churches in India over the last two decades has been accompanied by altogether more aggressive projects of Christian mission.

These churches, para-churches, house churches, Christian associations and networks that can be counted in the thousands all over India share a number of characteristics:

   1. They are independent of the mainstream Christian churches in India.
   2. In terms of numbers they can vary from a handful of members who belong to a house church to an Assemblies of God mega-church that has tens of thousands of members.
   3. These churches are involved in catering to niche groups – the urban poor, youth, the new rich.
   4. They are not accountable to a synod or to a larger authority, and as a result there is little or no oversight on how moneys are spent.
   5. They receive large amounts of foreign contributions.
   6. Many are family-based and run.
   7. While there are differences in style and approach, these churches share certain ‘fundamentals’ – Biblical inerrancy, the need to be ‘born again’, salvation for the elect, etc.
   8. Many are involved in media ministries including Christian broadcasting.

<b>Why Chennai</b>

I chose Chennai for my study because of a familiarity with the city of my birth but also because the various denominations representative of Protestant Christianity have had a significant historical presence in the state of Tamilnadu. The Church of South India, the first expression of the ecumenical movement, was established in Madras in 1948. The Pentecostals have been around for decades (Burgess: 2001), so has Christian broadcasting and this city today is considered the fastest growing hub of Christianity in South Asia.

   1. According to the 2001 census, 5.2% (3.8 million) of the 62 million people in Tamilnadu are Christian. This figure, along with figures for the whole of India that suggests a decline in Christian numbers between 1991 and 2001 (2.4 to 2.3%) is contested.
   2. Southern Tamilnadu was the first mission field in India to be actively wooed by Protestant missionaries starting with the Tranquebar Mission that was established by the Royal Danish Missionaries represented by two Germans Bartolomaus Ziegenbalg and Heinrich Plutschau in July 1706 (Hudson: 2000).
   3. In terms of Christian revival, the first recorded outpourings of the Spirit, manifestation of tongues and other gifts was reported in 1860 at a mission in Tirunelveli in Tamilnadu (Hedlund: 2001)
   4. It has had a strong presence of Pentecostal churches and conservative forms of Christianity that led to the religions scholar Lionel Caplan (1987) to write the first academic work on Christian fundamentalism in India.
   5. Tamilnadu had a strong anti-Brahmin movement and traditions of tolerance that still remain. While North India and Central India have witnessed a rise in anti-Christian feeling during the last two decades, the South has remained relatively free of attacks on Christians. The repeal of the anti-Conversion laws by the government of Tamilnadu promulgated in 2002 and withdrawn in 2005 is an indication of the religious dynamics that continue to favour minority communities unlike in North and West India where the conflict between Christians and Hindus have become a lot sharper.

<b>Christianity in contemporary Chennai</b>

The changing nature of Christianity in India during the last two decades is, to some extent, a reflection of the changing nature of needs and expectations of people living in the context of accentuated forms of economic globalisation. While India remains a predominantly agricultural country, economic liberalisation, the discourse of Hindu nationalism, the success of the IT economy and the media revolution have contributed to the strengthening of an urban identity and to the re-creation of the image of a new, self-assured and self-confident nation.
While there is no denying the successes of the Indian economy, its obverse, including the adverse consequences of globalisation, has not made the news to the extent that it should. The death of agriculture has led to migration to already over-crowded cities, Structural Adjustment Policies have led to the gradual withdrawal of government support for rural development, starvation-related deaths are now commonplace, and divides between the rich and poor have become extraordinarily pronounced in cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore.

New migrants to the cities formed the bulk of the congregations of the early Pentecostal churches in Chennai. This trend has continued although it is now complemented by settled congregations catering to the needs of the urban upper and middle classes. Chennai and its suburbs alone have upwards of 2500 churches – consisting of indigenous churches, house churches and a variety of Pentecostal and neo-Pentecostal churches which, according to some observers, makes it the fastest growing hub of Christianity in South Asia.

Numbers can of course be disputed – but the sheer numbers of churches listed in church directories available in Christian bookshops point to their growing presence. Raj & Selvasingh (2004: 10) have observed that, 'Chennai is privileged to have the highest number of churches of all the cities in South Asia.' In 1994 there were about 1,400 churches in Chennai…in 1999…1864 churches…small churches (formed) 'by the influence of the Pentecostals.' Mega churches include the New Life AOG church in Saidapet, Chennai with its 35,000 members and 10,000 at a sitting services.

The clearest evidence, however, of church growth in Chennai is the Chennai Christian Directory (2000) which lists 3000 churches and parachurch organizations in this city inclusive of the Beulah Church (8 churches), End Time Zion (14 churches), Marantha Full Gospel Church (27 churches), Moving Jesus Mission (3 churches), Pillar of Fire Mission (6 churches), the Village Evangelism of Indian Mission (5 churches), Indigenous Churches (645), Assemblies of God (120) among very many other churches in Chennai. This directory also lists 46 Bible colleges, 23 Christian media centres, 122 Christian magazines in English and Tamil and 114 church planting missions. There is every reason to believe that there has been a further growth in these sectors of late.

<b>Bourdieu in Chennai</b>

In order to make sense of this reality, I employed concepts from the French social theorist Pierre Bourdieu – field, habitus, distinction, symbolic capital – to try and get to grips with this contestation. In a sense it is not a visible, obvious, in your face kind of contestation – but is a much more measured contestation represented in other ways by mainstream accommodations with new forms of worship, the communication of a specific all India Christian identity often by leaders of the new churches, the presence of these new churches in every nook and corner of Chennai – posters, rallies, conventions, coverage in the media, the post-colonial presence of missionaries from the West and the strong presence of Christian broadcasting, both transnational and domestic.

One of the interesting features of the new church is their spatial presence in Chennai, their embrace of the official city and the unintended cities, the rural in the urban, their being part of and catering to a globalising Chennai and Chennaites (Prakash: 2002, Manokaran: 2005). There is a real sense in which Pentecostalism intrinsically is a religion that was made to travel, for it is part of the flows of the global, as at home in a crowded market area as in a gleaming Mall (Dempster et.al: 1999, Cox: 1996).

Mendieta (2001:20), observes that '…religion appears as a resource of images, concepts, traditions and practices that can allow individuals and communities to deal with a world that is changing around them,' in the midst of places and shopping, leisure and recreation, production and consumption, an observation that captures the new church in changing Chennai. The cell church movement in India is an organic expression of church growth in the era of globalisation. Since church planting and the harvesting of souls are fundamental objectives of the new churches, members belonging to tightly knit cell churches are required to facilitate a viral replication of these cells.

A number of these new churches may be called indigenous churches responding to the fulfilment of local needs although as many are influenced by the Health and Wealth Gospel linked to the Faith movement. Stephen Hunt in a perceptive essay on the Health and Wealth Gospel, observes that the success of this model relates to its value-addedness:

'…Pentecostalism serves to develop attributes, motivations and personalities adapted to the exigencies of the de-regulated global market. …it has integrated the urban masses into a developing economy through the protestant work ethic and active citizenship…At the same time, the mobile new professionals and the educated in mega-cities carry a work ethic that results from a strict Pentecostal upbringing…The explanation for the success of the Faith movement is that it can adapt itself to such complexities. This makes it a global "winner”' (Hunt, 2000: 344).

Bourdieu’s analysis of the role played by culture in social domination and the specific concepts he invokes to study the links between ideational and material power can be applied to understanding a variety of societal fields, including that of religion. Bourdieu’s project of constructivist structuralism attempted to bridge the differences between the objective and the subjective, between agency and structure, between cultural idealism and historical materialism and was an attempt to theorise the mutually constitutive connectivities between social structures and actors.

Bourdieu, like Weber, Durkheim and Marx, was of the opinion that religion was a declining institution. While Bourdieu did not value religion as anything more than an aspect of false consciousness and his interest in religion is not as developed as that of his other concerns including art and culture, a number of his key concepts, inclusive of ‘belief’, ‘distinction’, ’field’ and ‘habitus’ are derived from his readings of Max Weber or based on his observations of the culture of Catholicism in France (Dianteill: 2003).

Bourdieu's relatively unknown study, Genesis and Structures of the Religious Field (1991: 9) is the only work that I have come across in English that is explicitly concerned with the relationship between the religious field, symbolic capital and religious power.
The cultivation of ‘distinction’

Bourdieu’s emphasis on the cultural basis for ‘distinction’ seems particularly apt to understanding mediated forms of Christianity in India today. There is a nation-wide platform (televisual) for the mediation of ‘distinctiveness’ – and it is being mobilised to create distinctions between the old and the new, the old church and the new church, new doctrine as opposed to old doctrine, new sources of Biblical authority and the validity of interpretations, new understandings of the qualities of a pastor to the legitimisation of the objectives of Christian ministry and the individual’s relationship with God.

This distinctiveness is not only reflected in the personal grooming and rhetorical styles adopted by evangelists and tele-evangelists but his/her complete symbolic repertoire. Tele-evangelists, such as Benny Hinn and others, in an elemental sense have reclaimed a belief in religion as fundamentally about using magical powers to effect healing, restoration and reconciliation. In Weber’s way of thinking, magic was the basis for early forms of religion that depended on a magician’s coercion of the divine for human ends.

The advent of organised religion led to the superseding of magic and the magician and to the establishment of an extensive metaphysics of religion. As Weber (1963: 30) has pointed out, 'The full development of both a metaphysical rationalisation and a religious ethic requires an independent and professionally trained priesthood, permanently occupied with the cult and with the practical problems involved in the cure of souls.'

However, despite the institutionalisation of organised religion, reliance on magic as the basis for delivery from the chains of the devil has remained a potent sub-text in all the major religions and in the many religious cultures and traditions found throughout the world. Mainstream Protestant Christianity’s overt rationalisation of its faith, its denial of alternative, popular expressions of healing and its inability to deal with the ‘unexplainable’ – has been exposed as wanting and out of touch, particularly so in the context of the rise of tele-evangelists, who have, by their reliance on magic, contributed to what one might call the ‘re-enchantment’ of Christianity.

One can argue that ‘healing’ is among the most distinctive features shared by the tele-evangelists and neo-Pentecostal preachers and this makes their ministry different from that followed by other ministries. Healing connects to the spirit world, to malevolent forces that play a significant role in the lives of people living in globalised contexts throughout the world. The recognition of evil in the world of the everyday allows for a continuation of belief in the presence of evil – the principalities and powers that are graphically described in the language of the Bible.

It also connects to the belief in the supernatural that remains a residual element in the lives of Hindu converts to Christianity. The power to heal is a powerful draw and especially so in a globalised world where access to healing is mediated by professionals. In the Indian context, there has always been space for faith-based healing and healers although Christian evangelists are responsible for making faith healing a public spectacle.

In Bourdieu’s way of thinking, these elements of distinctiveness are implicated in a politics of power that works through a 'misrecognition of (their) material interests' (Swartz, 1996: 3). Tele-evangelists such as Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Sarah and Peter Hughes, Sam Chelladurai, Brother Dhinakaran and others, communicate themselves as persons chosen by God to do God’s command, often through a highly personalised repertoire of unique, oftentimes idiosyncratic, symbolic capital that is communicated via expressive styles and methods of audience identification. Such attempts at identification are often highlighted at the expense of the often intense materiality of these enterprises.

This disconnect is powerfully visible in the living histories of numerous evangelists and tele-evangelists in India today whose self-interest has been made invisible by many layers of mediated pietistic purposefulness. Television has been used to cultivate ‘disinterestedness’ as for instance Benny Hinn’s frequent confirmations that God is the healer not him or the more disingenuous advertisements on God TV fronted by Indians who claim that the funds are required solely for the greater glory of God’s ministry and plan for India.

This misrecognition is reflected in what is a common sub-text shared among many Christians and people of other faith in India that Benny Hinn, and other tele-evangelists, whatever their shortcomings, are God’s representatives on earth. They have been blessed. There is a misrecognition of the real connections between the other-worldly metaphysics of these preachers and the very real-world materiality of their ministries.
What Weber and Bourdieu have tried to stress are the correspondences between the exercise of religion and the exercise of power, the exercise of ritual power as an exercise of material power.

<b>Christian television in Chennai</b>

There are five avenues for Christian television in India. 1) The occasional space on the national broadcaster Doordarshan for Christian programmes; 2) Transnational satellite channels including GOD TV, CBN, TBN, MiracleNet, and Daystar TV that are available on cable; 3) Christian programming on a variety of secular cable channels available throughout the country on Raj TV, Zee TV, Vijay TV and numerous other channels; 4) stand alone indigenous Christian cable channels such as Blessing TV, Angel TV, Shalom TV, Jeevan TV and others; 5) Web-based telecasting for instance Jesus Calls’ ‘Num.TV’. Webcasting remains an evolving reality in India with limited audiences.

<b>Indian Christian channels</b>

Angel TV

Blessing TV

Jesus TV

Shalom TV

Jeevan TV

New Hope TV

Grace TV

Manna Channel


<b>Trans-national Christian broadcasters</b>

God Channel/TV



Christian Broadcasting Network

Trinity Broadcasting Network

TCT World


<b>Secular channels featuring Christian programming</b>

Teja TV

Maa TV

Z Marathi

Vijay TV


Tamilan TV

AsiaNet/Asianet Global

Raj TV

Alpha One

Win TV


Namma Cable

Star Vijay

Raj Digital Plus


Star News


Sony YV

Jaya TV


SS Music

Sakthi TV

Zee Kannada

Namma Cable TV

Alpha Bengali

Nayuma Cable TV

<b>Status of Christian TV in Chennai</b>

During the research that I conducted in Chennai, it became clear that among English speaking middle classes, GOD TV and Daystar TV, were the two transnational Christian channels that had audiences in Chennai. However, these audiences remain small. While GODTV maintains that it is available in 216 major and minor cities in India – from Aizawl, Mizoram in North East India to Trivandrum, Kerala which is located close to the tip of South India, with a total audience reach of 21 million, the Nielsen-owned audience rating company TAM Media Research India’s February 2006 viewing figures for GOD TV reveal that it has a total reach of 3.9 (4.6%) million homes out of an all India wide market of 85 million cabled homes.

GOD TV’s audience figures for Chennai of 150,000 viewers (3.53%) out of an estimated 4.2 million cabled homes is not exactly flattering. Daystar’s TV Chennai figures of 270,000 viewers is only marginally better. A third transnational channel, MiracleTV, whose offices are situated in Chennai, fared even worse on TAM ratings. While they have no presence in Chennai, their all-India reach for the said period was 600,000 (0.7%).

A number of Christians involved in this industry were of the opinion that for the purpose of ‘reaching the unreached’, a stand-alone Christian channel’s chances of recruiting audiences was severely limited by the fact that 1) there literally are hundreds of channels vying for audiences; 2) in a primarily ‘Hindu’ country, a channel dedicated to furthering the project of Global Christianity had limitations; and 3) English-only programmes have restricted reach.

It is for this reason that many independent Christian producers such as Good News TV and Jesus Calls produce Indian-language based programmes for premier local channels. While Jesus Calls programmes are available on GOD TV in English five days a week, the bulk of their programmes are on a host of local channels in local languages, Sahara One TV, Star Vijay, Win TV, Raj TV, Surya TV, Asianet TV, Namma Cable, Alpha Bengali, ETV-2 and others. This makes sense for Raj TV’s February 2006 viewership figures for Chennai was 3.6 million (85.3%) of the cable audience in Chennai.

<b>GOD TV in Chennai</b>

GOD TV was established by a UK-based South African couple, Rory and Wendy Alec in 1995. In 2004, they moved their broadcast office to Israel and today it is a 24-hour, global channel available throughout the world. As their tag line states, 'broadcasting from the Holy Land to the ends of the earth’. With seven separate feeds, carried on 12 satellites, plus a further three non-contracted satellites, the GOD Channel is currently broadcast around the world to 275 million people in more than 200 nations and territories. As the founders exult in Armageddon-speak (2005: 20), 'The darkness across the heavenlies of Britain and Europe had been pierced and the first bastion taken – the years 1995-2005 were to be a death blow to the devil’s hold on the media, opening up the airways for the Gospel and sending the forces of darkness reeling.'

Endorsed by Pat Robertson, Joyce Meyer, Crefilo Dollar, Dhinakaran, Benny Hinn and other ‘healing’ and ‘prosperity’ evangelists, the GOD Channel is a slick, Christian channel that features 21 ministries of recognised tele-evangelists including Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Billy Graham, Benny Hinn and others, praise and worship programmes that include Christian rock and gospel (Dream On TV) and the Australia-based Hillsong TV, magazine programmes, news and current affairs programmes, counselling programmes, celebrity interviews, review of the arts and programmes for children including the Bed Bug Bible Gang and the Story Keepers.

<b>All this in order to extend their vision expressed thus</b>:

'With a servant's heart we will equip His Body to reach the lost through media. This ministry exists to enable every television household to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they may believe in Him, call upon His name, and be saved.'

There are a handful of Indian evangelists on the God Channel including Sam Chelladurai ( Apostlic Fellowship Tabernacle, Chennai), Paul Thangiah (Full Gospel Assembly of God, Bangalore) and Dhinakaran (Jesus Calls, Chennai). But the majority are US-based. Apart from these Indian evangelists the only Indian presence is the regular evening solicitation for funds presented by Indians. As the Regional Director for Asia, Middle East and AustralAsia explains:
'As more channels crop up and crowd the limited bandwidth in India, cable operators have hiked prices and are unwilling to negotiate…Our needs are great….thank you for your assurance of partnering us on a monthly basis.'

<b>Further research opportunities</b>

This article highlights fragments from a study of Christian Fundamentalism and the Media in Chennai currently being written up by the author. The Pentecostal and neo-Pentecostal turn in India offers a plethora of research opportunities. There is a need to understand India as a conduit for global-local flows of Pentecostalism and neo-Pentecostalism, the presence of new Christianity in globalising India, the Christian religious commodity circuit in India, meaning-making and the consumption of mediated religious products, the political economy of Christian media production, the contested nature of Christianity in India, and last but not least, the politics of Christian separatism.

Equally importantly and against the tendency for churches to establish their own broadcasting outlets, there is an urgent need to establish the presence of inter-faith cable and satellite television in India.

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Pradip Ninan Thomas is an Associate Professor at the School of Journalism & Communication, University of Queensland, Australia. He is currently involved in completing a manuscript on Christian Fundamentalism and the Media in Chennai. In 2006 he co-edited publications with Jan Servaes - Intellectual Property Rights and Communications in Asia: Conflicting Traditions, (Sage), and Issac Mazondei - Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Intellectual Property Rights: Perspectives from Southern Africa (CODESRIA).

Courtesy: The World Association for Christian Communication

Strong Religion, Zealous Media by Pradip N. Thomas

Review by Papri Sri Raman

The book Strong Religion, Zealous Media by Pradip N. Thomas is published by Sage Publications, New Delhi.

The book is a result of a two-year study done in Chennai by Pradip Ninan Thomas, an associate professor at the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Queensland, and naturally an academic point of view.

"[It was] inspired by a comment about conversions and riots in Gujarat by the historian William Dalrymple in an article several years ago," Thomas told IANS.

"It suddenly opened my eyes to the fundamentalism that is getting entrenched in Christianity across the world, in Brazil, [South] Korea, Africa and also in India."

One of the reasons why Thomas took up the study of modern-day Christian fundamentalism in Tamil Nadu is because as many as 62 million people in the southern state follow the religion.

"Chennai is today considered the fastest-growing hub of Christianity in South Asia," he says.

His study is preceded by Lionel Caplan's 1987 work "Fundamentalism as a Counter-Culture: Protestants in Urban South India" and Susan Bayly's 1994 study in southern Tamil Nadu and Kerala, "Christians and Competing Fundamentalism in South Indian Society".

Thomas has left himself open to criticism that he is playing directly into the hands of rising Hindu and Islamic fundamentalism by choosing to investigate how neo-Christian camps in India use the media and its audio-visual power to hypnotise their constituencies with "good news", miracles and blessings.

Thomas writes that "Christian fundamentalists", like Islamic fundamentalists, "belong to a global umma and harbour real and perhaps imagined ... longings directed towards making all of god's people Christian".

Thomas says he himself is a practicing Christian, but that it is time "mainstream churches" begin looking at "Christianity in India and begin going to the media more" to halt what he calls "Karaoke" Christianity.

His concern is delivered in his critique of the media-supported Joshua project, the Christian Broadcasting Network and the evangelism of GOD TV, the 700 Club, Num TV of the Chennai-based organisation Jesus Calls, the Rede Record TV Network belonging to Brazil's Pentecostal movement and such other mass followed sects.

He fears that more and more the "worship experience on a Sunday" is being overtaken by rallies like those organised by Benny Hinn Inc. [in the US].

"Politics of mis-recognition certainly applies to Christian broadcasting in India," Thomas notes.

The book takes a close look at India's Pentecostal and neo-Pentecostal movements, their use of radio, television, merging church space with multi-media.

Thomas says his is a "wake-up call" to the traditional church in India to recognise the danger of fundamentalist incursions into a faith that is largely seen as beneficial and peaceful, surviving for several thousand years in a multicultural, multi-religious space, which this subcontinent has provided.

Warning against "evangelic spectacles" and various "brands of exclusive Christianity", Thomas gives the example of "militantly pro-conversion events" like the "Every Tribe, Every Tongue" convention in 2006, attended by political bigwigs like P. Chidambaram and from the self-proclaimed athiest Dravidian party the DMK and 20,000 others who had gathered in Chennai from all across tribal India.

The event was supported by the International Living Mission; the stated objective of this group is: "In India itself there are more than 500,000 villages who have never heard about Jesus. There is neither a church nor has any missionary been in these parts. Our responsibility as the chosen one of god is to make an opportunity for these people so that they too can hear the word of god."

Such events generate "new meaning for religion and politics, simultaneously mixing the religious with business and finance, creating spectacular events and media personalities", Thomas points out.

"Liberal Christians ... along with many others in India certainly have serious misgivings about" this kind of aggressive proselytisation, Thomas says.

"The traditional church is, however, reluctant to admit it and take action against this, especially in the face of rising Hindu and Islamic fundamentalism." The traditional church "keeps quiet" because it "feels the need to maintain unity" among Christians of all denominations, Thomas says, advocating that traditional religion, including traditional Christianity, should search for a media model like Canada's "Vision TV" to reach out to India's pluralist multitude.

Courtesy: NewKerala.com<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

The material was attributed to the 1992 edition of the Limca Book of Records and read:
FIRST TO PREACH CHRISTIANITY: Apostle St. Thomas (Thomas Didaemus) arrived in India in 52 A.D. by the northwestern route and preached Christianity until his death. He was the first to preach Christianity in India.

OLDEST CHURCH IN EXISTENCE: St. Thomas is believed to have established a small church at Mylapore in Madras in 52 A.D. where he was killed. Today's Santhome Church reportedly stands near the earlier site.

FIRST CHRISTIAN COLONY: In 345 A.D. Thomas Cana, a Syrian merchant, came to Travancore and established a Christian colony.

FIRST JESUIT MISSIONARY: Saint Francis .i.Xavier;Xavier, a Spanish national who landed at Goa was the first Jesuit missionary. He established the first Christian colony in Goa in 1542.

FIRST JEWISH COLONY: In 68 A.D. 10,000 Jewish refugees emigrated from Jerusalem to the Malabar coast after the destruction of the Second Temple of Jerusalem ...</b>

The list continues with First Bishop and First Cardinal but we have reproduced the relevant items. Not one of them is historically true except for the reference to Thomas of Cana—which is also not proved. St. Thomas did not come to India and St. Francis Xavier did not establish the first Christian colony in Goa. When a history professor saw this article in the Indian Express he remarked, "The Limca Book of Records is the Coca-Cola Book of Lies—Limca being a trademark of Coca-Cola."

<!--QuoteBegin-acharya+Nov 18 2008, 01:04 AM-->QUOTE(acharya @ Nov 18 2008, 01:04 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->http://hamsa.org/StThomas_Chapt_5.htm

The material was attributed to the 1992 edition of the Limca Book of Records and read:
FIRST TO PREACH CHRISTIANITY: Apostle St. Thomas (Thomas Didaemus) arrived in India in 52 A.D. by the northwestern route and preached Christianity until his death. He was the first to preach Christianity in India.

OLDEST CHURCH IN EXISTENCE: St. Thomas is believed to have established a small church at Mylapore in Madras in 52 A.D. where he was killed. Today's Santhome Church reportedly stands near the earlier site.</b>
Can't we see a conflict in these two data itself?
St. Thomas landed in Kerala in 52AD and died in Chennai in 52AD. Was he able to do so many things in just one year?
Tathagata Mukherjee comments:

Those Seers who played aggressive role AGAINST Missionary conversion are being targetted.
One leading personality was gunned down by funding “Maoists”.
Second one is now targeted who organized Sabari Kumbh in the Dangs, Gujarat.

Need to spread this around.
^ Shambhu's post important.

<b>Andhra Pradesh's christoterrorist chief minister Samuel Reddy and how he deals with the heathens of India compared to how he deals with islamaniacs and christomaniacs.</b>
<i>All recent news:</i>

<b>a. Christoterrorist CM Samuel vs the Hindus</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>AP Govt. to demolish ISKCON Temple</b>
nov 18th, 2008

samuel reddy sends christists on their haj with rs. 20,000 subsidies.

samuel reddy demolishes hindu temples.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Yash

AP Govt. move to demolish ISKCON Temple
Nov. 17, 2008

Courtesy: Samachara Bharati -http://www.samacharbharathi.org/

Secunderabad: It has been confirmed that Samuel Reddy's Congress Government has issued memo to demolish the famous ISKCON's Krishna temple in Secunderabad.

Temple authorities received memo No. A/1391/2008, Dated 05-11-08 stating the Government directive to demolish the Temple and to take 2890 sq.yards of land.
[...] (Continues at link)<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<b>b. Christoterrorist CM Samuel vis-a-vis the islamaniacs of his state</b> - best of buddies, just like the rest of India's christogovt is to India's islamoterrorists:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>AI arranges three additional flights for Haj pilgrims from Hyderabad</b>
nov 18th, 2008

samuel reddy arranges for fellow-semites to enjoy at hindus' expense.

samuel reddy has been instructed by sonia nehru: "give the mohammedans
whatever they want, just so they will not kill me and my little brat".

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Naresh

Just a tiny sample of "Hindu Temple donations" being siphoned off for
evil congi-commie vote bank politics.


AI arranges three additional flights for Haj pilgrims from Hyderabad

18 Nov 2008, 2145 hrs IST, PTI

HYDERABAD: The Air India has arranged for three additional flights
from Hyderabad to Jeddah for Haj pilgrims from India, Andhra Pradesh
State Haj Committee has said.

The additional flights with a seating capacity of two hundred each
will fly on November 21, 22 and 23, according to a release issued by
the committee on Tuesday.

The flight will take off from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport here
at 11:15 am IST on November 21 and at 08:15 am on November 22 and 23,
the release said.

All the pilgrims are requested to report to the Haj Committee office
for booking in these flights from Wednesday 12:00 noon onwards.

The booking is subjected to receipt of passports from the Haj
Committee of India in Mumbai, it added.


<b>c. Christoterrorist CM Samuel Reddy and his cannibal christian/cretin sheep</b>
Christoterrorist now can do what he truly wishes and come out looking psecular, having by now dealt sufficiently with the Hindus and the islamaniacs.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>After Haj, it is Christian pilgrimage</b>

Posted November 14, 2008

J.S. Ifthekhar
November 11, 2008
The Hindu
Source Link

(CrusadeWatch Editor's Note: For a radical Christian Head of the State, paying for a Christian's visit to Jerusalem is more important than feeding hungry people. The money used to send each Christian is enough to feed a poor family for an year).

J.S. Ifthekhar
First batch of Christians will leave for Jerusalem on November 25
Pilgrims will fly from Hyderabad to Jordan and Israel on a seven-day package

Subsidy of Rs. 20,000 to be given to every pilgrim on a par with Haj pilgrims

HYDERABAD: Once the last batch of Hajis departs on November 16, Haj House will play host to another set of pilgrims.

This time it will be the Christian pilgrims. They will arrive here from different parts of the State to embark on the pilgrimage to the holy land of Jerusalem.

<b>The first batch</b> of 45 Christians will leave for Jerusalem on November 25 as part of the State governmentâ??s novel scheme to help Christians visit the places connected with the life of Jesus Christ. (<- Click on that link) They will fly from Hyderabad to Jordan and Israel on a seven day package tour being organised by the A.P. State Minorities Finance Corporation (APSMFC).

The government already issued a G.O. MS 29 in July to facilitate the Christians undertake the pilgrimage.

<b>A subsidy of Rs. 20,000 will be provided to every pilgrim on par with the Haj pilgrims. Government has set apart a budget of Rs. 2 crore for the financial year 2008-09.</b>
[...] (Continued at link)
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Where does the money come from: from money stolen from Hindu Temples of AP by the christoterrorist govt of AP, of course, see post #221

Now is the chance of Hindus. Those working in the entry-points to India (airport, embassies, and the rest of the gateway's CoC) should permanently deny the christoislami terrorists entry into India upon their return. Let the terrorists settle where they belong: where the non-existent jeebus never walked in the ME and next to their big rock in mecca in Arabia.
They've stolen enough of Hindus' money and abused Hindus enough. Time for them to get lost and stay away. Hindus wouldn't mind that they paid for it now we know the money is paying for the christoislamaniacs to take a permanent hike.

<b>d. Because, when the cretins and islamaniacs are allowed to remain in India or come to India, this is what happens:</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>the sainted graham staines' friend arrested for paedophilia in orissa after fleeing to andhra</b>
nov 17th, 2008

what the christists have in mind for indians: to be buggered by some white pervert.

note that he ran off to andhra pradesh, no doubt to be welcomed with open arms by samuel reddy.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <ka

http://www.rediff.com/news/2008/nov/14aust...d-in-orissa.htm<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->^ See. More gifts for the Hindus from christoterrorist CM of AP, Samuel Reddy. And you Hindus thought he didn't like you.

Hindus need to keep their children miles away from christians. In particular, keep heathen children away from all christian priests/nuns and missionaries - they are all rapists and/or paedophiles (and/or they indulge in other kinds of abuse).
Finally after 16 years.....

Abhaya case: 2 priests, nun held
<img src='http://www.hindu.com/2008/11/20/images/2008112050270102.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />
<img src='http://www.hindu.com/2008/11/20/images/2008112050270101.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />
<img src='http://www.hindu.com/2008/11/20/images/2008112050270103.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

Abhaya murder case: Two Kerala priests held
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Two Catholic priests have been arrested for the 1992 murder of a nun, Sister Abhaya, whose body was found in the well of a convent in Kerala's Kottayam town, police here said Wednesday.

The 13th Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) team began its probe into the 16-year-old murder after 12 previous probes failed to crack the case.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

CBI officer (a Christian) was hounded out of his career for doing the right thing.
I’m the happiest man: Varghese P Thomas
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->“In December 1993, as the investigating officer of the case, I wrote in the CBI’s case diary that Sister Abhaya was killed and it was not a case of murder. I clearly made it clear that the murder could not take place without the support of Sister Sephi. My findings have been proved right after 15 years," he said. He had been forced to take voluntary retirement for his unrelenting stand during the probe that provoked the powers-that-be who were part of the politician-church coterie.

He admitted that the CBI probe was diverted from the path of truth when unnecessary pressure was exerted by the power centres to scuttle the fair probe.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Has anyone seen FIACONA or John Dayal raising international petitions in past 16 years for Sister Abhaya?
On MSN right now, World Vision has an ad showing a smiling black kid with a goat. And below it says "Donate a goat, chicken or (pig, I think).." (For eating, I presume).

Christos trying to get people into the nativity scene mood..Who is going to donate animals in the US? Makes me sick...

Post 1 of 4:

<!--QuoteBegin-Husky+Nov 19 2008, 05:50 PM-->QUOTE(Husky @ Nov 19 2008, 05:50 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2008/11/sai...d-arrested.html
<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>the sainted graham staines' friend arrested for paedophilia in orissa after fleeing to andhra</b>
nov 17th, 2008
---------- Forwarded message ----------
[right][snapback]90393[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->This reminded me of certain things I had read on Staines. I went in search of them. Couldn't find all, but I've found a great quantity of information - on Staines, and some others. Some of what I found I never knew before and is <i>staggering</i>, but that's for the next post.

This one's on Staines and other christoterrorists of Indian and non-Indian variety in India.

Starting with the general case, will get to Staines and relevance at the end. Sorry about this distasteful topic, but Hindus need to read to know. There's some very important instances of systematic christoterrorism in here that Hindus in general have to know.

Long post. <b>There's a summary with just the links *of only the Staines bit* at the end.</b>

1. http://www.rediff.com/news/2003/apr/28varsha.htm -
<b>Stories they don't want told
Varsha Bhosle</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->On September 9, 2002, <b>Father Melwin De Silva, the manager of a missionary school in Bhavanikhera village in Rajasthan, was arrested on charges of sexual abuse of 5 teenagers over a period of 2 years.</b> After the boys finally mustered the courage to lodge a complaint with the police, the villagers surrounded the school and demanded the paedophile be handed over to them. The staff locked up the priest in a toilet, while another missionary, Fr Jose Mathais, had to face the wrath of the mob and was forced to do sit-ups before the villagers. The siege ended at De Silva's arrest; police recovered pornography from his quarters. All this was reported by UNI the day after the incident.
Pretty straightforward, wouldn't you say? <b>Well, here are the aftermath-gems from India's oh-so-secular press:</b>

* The Christian community in Rajasthan's Ajmer district is now the latest target of a Hindutva campaign. Last month a priest in a missionary school in a village in Ajmer was accused and arrested for sexually exploiting some of his students. And in the polarization since then, Hindu organisations have used the incident to launch a drive to bring back Christians into the Hindu fold -- NDTV News, October 9
* Christian priests running schools in and around Ajmer and at Nazirabad in the district have been targeted by vested interests in the wake of an incident involving a priest in the St Martin School at Bhawani Kheda village near Nazirabad on September 9 -- The Hindu, October 9
* Fr Melvin D'Souza [sic]... was arrested for allegedly sodomising residents of the school hostel and taken to the Nasirabad police station. Soon, jeep-loads of villagers from surrounding areas descended on the town -- a well orchestrated campaign led by luminaries of sundry Hindu organisations and parties -- Indian Express, October 11<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
2. This one reveals how <b>Staines' continued presence in India was illegal. In other words he was a criminal.</b>
The article also reveals a lot about other christian criminals at the time of Staines death.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Religious Terrorism by Christian Fundamentalists</b>

Posted July 22, 2003
Ramnarayan Gopalkrishnan

Ever since the death of Baptist missionary Graham Staines and his two sons, the Indian media seems to have found itself a newfound preoccupation with weekly reports of "persecution" and heinous crimes committed on Christians by rabid Hindu fundamentalists in India. One cannot fault the media with factual reporting of tragedies when they do happen as the result of criminal endeavors, but the extreme bias and imbalance seems to consistently color news coverage by the Indian media. Whereas reports analyzing or informing readers about attacks on Christians have become a staple feature in leading newspapers, hardly a few lines are ever relegated to describe the numerous crimes that are being visited upon the poorer segments of the majority Hindu populace. The past few weeks alone were replete with numerous instances of evidence that the Christian missionary forces currently residing in India are perpetrating unnamable atrocities on Hindu citizens of India. And in contrast with the news stories about attacks on Christians which are seldom substantiated with hard evidence, but rather rest on the mischaracterization of common criminals as extremist Hindus, the atrocities perpetrated by the Christian forces in India are primarily motivated by religious bigotry.

<b>When the Graham Staines story broke, almost none of the newspapers reported the fact that this hard-core Baptist proselytizer was living illegally in India, as he had far overstayed the period specified by his visa. Staines' visa had expired years before his death.</b> Yet anyone pointing out this important fact was labeled a Hindutva stooge with ulterior motives. Ignoring the violation of immigration laws could potentially prove to be extremely dangerous for the security of the country. Missionaries like Staines who do violate India's immigration laws do so for the specific purpose of covering up their illegal activities such as forcible conversion induced by bribery and trickery. Here are a few of the most disturbing incidents from the past few weeks which highlight the illicit and dangerous role of Christian extremists and missionaries who are perpetrating religious terrorism in India today.

On November 17, the Indian government asked 10 Christian missionaries from the United States to leave the country by Sunday. The missionaries belonged to a church in the southern city of Madurai. They had ignored warnings issued by the government and failed to make any attempt to renew their visa papers after the expiration date. The order for them to leave India was issued by the Union Home Ministry in New Delhi. The local populace had complained about the aggressive campaign being waged by these missionaries who were constantly harassing the locals in addition to loudly denouncing Hinduism in public forums by referring to idolatry as "evil" and Hindu gods as "Devils and demons". They were even provided a grace period, but when the missionaries failed to present themselves before the local police for the renewal of their travel papers during this period, the authorities were forced to take action. In a contemptuous dismissal of the legal proceedings against them, the missionaries told PTI that they were "disappointed" by the directive from the "fascist government" and that they would leave for Sri Lanka and return "soon"

On November 11, 2000 <b>police arrested David Berry, a 51 year old British national for brutally sodomizing and perpetrating savage sexual abuse on at least 11 minor Hindu boys in the holy temple town of Puri, Orissa. Berry was assisted in his heinous crimes by Bijoy Behera, a local schoolteacher and recent convert to Christianity.</b> The police were forced to arrest the two Christians following a complaint lodged by a victim's father, Shree Banamali Senapati. Initially despite his lodging of the complaint, the police dismissed the case and refused to arrest the perpetrators, but were forced to act when an angry mob from the town besieged them and threatened dire consequences if the guilty were not punished. Shree Senapati was in tears as he related how Berry had sodomized his traumatized 12-year-old son at least eight times in his hotel room and elsewhere. The boy related to the police that Berry had forced him to have oral sex and kept him a virtual prisoner in the hotel room for hours. He also revealed that the Briton had sodomized at least 10 other school children, all below the ages of 12. The children were so traumatized by Berry's threats and Behera's beatings that they did not dare to confess to the horrors visited upon them until young master Senapati could take no more and broke down to his father.

<b>On November 9, 2000 it was discovered that seventeen poor Hindus had been blinded in one eye after operations in Orissa. They had all undergone surgery at the Serang Christian Eye Hospital</b> at Serang in Gajapati district of Orissa in August last year. The Serang Christian Eye Hospital was set up in the Gumma block of Gajapati district by the Baptists of Canada to supposedly provide health care to tribals. The hospital is run by the Council of Christian Hospitals, which has its head office in Bangalore. The poorest of the tribals are misled into receiving free treatment at this hospital in exchange for their souls. The victims are operated upon then pressurized to convert to Christianity, or else told that they will have to cough up the payment for the operations.

Dr Sadguna Raju, a Christian convert and ophthalmologist attached to the Serang hospital, operated upon 27 patients on August 30 and 31 last year. Out of these at least seventeen of them are now blind in one eye. Dr Raju left Orissa a day after the operations and the tribal Hindus were given no post-operational care at all. Many times the arrangements for these "quickie" operations are makeshift and rampant malpractice increases the chance that patients could be infected in the operation theater itself. In fact at the post-operative stage the Christian doctors had even noticed the deterioration in the condition of some patients but they chose to do nothing about it as the tribals had refused to convert.
(Christian charity.)

Many of the victims had developed pesedomolas, a bacterial infection, following the operation leading to pus formation in the eye. Some of them have had to turn to begging for their livelihood after this devastating trauma.

<b>On October 9, 2000 a group of converted Christians stripped a 12-year-old tribal Hindu boy and paraded him naked in Gasukia village after he opposed attempts to convert him to Christianity.</b> He was taken to the village school and brutally beaten for "refusing to accept Jesus as his savior". This event naturally led to communal tension as the Hindus were outraged at the heinous crimes being forced on them. Neighboring villages in the Tikabali sub-district of Kandhamal, 350 km from the state capital Bhubaneswar were reported to be in a state of communal tension. Kandhamal has a population of around 700,000 of which around 200,000 tribes persons have adopted Christianity. Senior police and administration officials were camped at Baliguda as tribes persons there had threatened to picket the police station demanding action against converted Christians. The illegal construction of new churches and encroachment on community land in various villages by the Christian converts has led to the conflict. Adding fuel to the fire are the foreign missionaries who teach these converts derogatory and demeaning slogans against the Tribal Hindus and inflammatory pamphlets which demonize Hindu gods and insult Hindu religion.

<b>On December 5, 2000 barely 24 hours after desecrating an ashram set up by murdered Hindu leader Shanti Kumar Tripura, Christian terrorists of the so called National Liberation Front of Tripura brutally desecrated another ashram at Jirania Khola yesterday and forced the inmates to stop all Hindu rituals and practices at gunpoint. A group of seven armed NLFT terrorists barged into the ashram at 4.30 pm and asked for Badal Debbarma, who heads all institutions set up by Shanti Kumar Tripura.</b>

When they were told that Debbarma had gone out, the Christian terrorists threatened the 150 tribal inmates with dire consequences if they continued to perform Hindu rites at the ashram. The terrorists fled only after a large group of locals rushed to the ashram.

<b>The day before, Christian terrorists from the same group had raided Shanti Kumar Tripura's ashram at Chachu Bazar under Sidhai police station. They had desecrated Hindu idols and destroyed photos of the slain religious leader</b> revered by both Hindu tribals and Bengalis.<b> The Christian terrorists also raped two female devotees and brutally attacked two men who had come to the ashram for puja.</b> A delegation from the Jirania Khola ashram met West Tripura district superintendent of police Anurag Dhankar and demanded that a police post be set up in the area. However, the SP reportedly turned down the proposal and instead promised to intensify patrolling in the area.

But clearly this promise was never implemented. No arrangements had been made for the security of the Ashram's inmates since the killing of Shanti Kumar Tripura on August 27. Altogether 11 ashrams, schools and orphanages set up by the murdered Hindu leader in various parts of the state have been forcibly closed down by the Christian fundamentalist terrorist organization known as NLFT.

<b>The Christian terrorists also killed Jaulushmoni Jamatya, a leader of the Jamatya hoda (community council) that week. The NLFT terrorists had warned the Jamatyas of dire consequences if they did not convert to Christianity.</b>

In early October the same Christian fundamentalists had issued a diktat ordering the indigenous tribal Hindus to stay away from Durga Puja celebrations and warned that any tribal members seen taking part in the festival would be instantly killed. In it's official public statement, the NLFT said it wanted all tribals in Tripura to become Christians. They also stated that salvation for Tripura lies only in Christianity and would eliminate anyone who dared to come in the way of their plans to forcibly convert all of Tripura to Christianity.

Given the pattern of hate crimes perpetrated by Christian fundamentalists and their missionary counterparts in India, there should hardly be any surprise at the outrage and anger of the Hindu population. The aggressive, violent and forcible attack on their faith by the Christian forces is the primary reason for the retaliatory reactions which have become the focus of the self-righteous and disdainful Indian media. When the media no longer serves to express or reflect the rationale behind a people's aspirations, issues and rightful indignation, then the populace sometimes turns to violent means to bring such injustices to the notice of the world.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Hindus are confused as to why Indian media will not report the largescale (genocidal-scale), never-ending christian terrorism against Hindus. That is because <b>all the major english media outlets in India are christian</b>.

3. http://www.christianaggression.org/tacti..._abuse.php
See in particular the final paragraph: it's about Staines. He was a rapist according to a christian convert.

The following contains a couple of paras repeating some data of point 2 above, followed by other/different examples of cretinism/christianism in India (=same christianism as in rest of world/rest of history).

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Conversion Tactics – Sexual Abuse</b>
<b>(Image caption to disturbing image at linkSmile Body of 14-year old school girl, Jyotirmayee, who was raped, killed and mutilated for refusing to convert to Christianity.</b>

The press has recently revealed of the sexual exploitation of children in churches in the United States by the clergy. However, the sexual crimes against children and others outside the U.S. rarely make news. There are many cases of perverted Missionaries sexually exploited non-Christians and using this as a conversion tactic.

<b>1. Sodomy </b>- On November 11, 2000 Indian police arrested David Berry, a 51 year old British national for brutally sodomizing and perpetrating savage sexual abuse on at least 11 minor Hindu boys in the holy temple town of Puri, Orissa. Berry was assisted in his heinous crimes by Bijoy Behera, a local schoolteacher and recent convert to Christianity. The police were forced to arrest the two Christians following a complaint lodged by a victim's father, Shree Banamali Senapati. Initially despite his lodging of the complaint, the police dismissed the case and refused to arrest the perpetrators, but were forced to act when an angry mob from the town besieged them and threatened dire consequences if the guilty were not punished. Shree Senapati was in tears as he related how Berry had sodomized his traumatized 12-year-old son at least eight times in his hotel room and elsewhere. The boy related to the police that Berry had forced him to have oral sex and kept him a virtual prisoner in the hotel room for hours. He also revealed that the Briton had sodomized at least 10 other school children, all below the ages of 12. The children were so traumatized by Berry's threats and Behera's beatings that they did not dare to confess to the horrors visited upon them until young master Senapati could take no more and broke down to his father.

<b>2. Stripping</b> - On October 9, 2000 a group of converted Christians stripped a 12-year-old tribal Hindu boy and paraded him naked in Gasukia village after he opposed attempts to convert him to Christianity. He was taken to the village school and brutally beaten for "refusing to accept Jesus as his savior". This event naturally led to communal tension as the Hindus were outraged at the heinous crimes being forced on them.

<b>3. Rape</b> – In January 2002, American Missionary Reverend Joseph Cooper and Pastor Sam Benson were expelled from India after the raping a young Hindu girl. Both currently walk free and Cooper is a preacher in Connecticut. Western Media only reported how Hindus had retaliated against Cooper but did not mention that he incited locals by saying Lord Krishna "spreads AIDS". <b>American Pastor Benson Sam and his wife Sally also were found guilty of abduction and rape of a minor girl. The poor orphan girl named Laly had allegedly been sexually abused and harassed for four months at the Bible Christian Centre, which had resulted in the issue of non-bailable warrants against Sam Benson and his son.</b>
(Look how Sally, the christian wife of Benson, facilitated the crime. You will see this pattern repeat further below.)

<b>4. Rape and Murder</b> - In February 2005, <b>a 14-year old school girl in Orissa was raped and killed and her mutilated body thrown to a nearby railway crossing in Dhenkanal for refusing to convert to Christianity. “One day, three Christian leaders, Prashant Ghose, D. V. John Sarangi and Rabi Naik alias D'Souza came to my home and asked me to convert to their religion, Christianity,” Shri Bej said and added that they promised him help in the form of money and material in his only daughter Jyotirmayee’s marriage. However, Shri Bej turned down their proposal.</b>

Then the local Church mandarins made a second attempt trying to allure Shri Bej’s wife Yasoda. “‘If you change over to Christianity, your daughter could get a good bridegroom as there are many well-to-do persons in our religion,’ Rabi Naik told me,” said a weeping Yasoda to Organiser and added that on that day, Shri Naik had threatened her with dire consequences if her family did not adopt Christianity.

Following this threat, Bej’s daughter Jyotirmayee, a student of Class VIII in Saudamini Smruti Vidyapeeth, was reported missing from her school. Jyotirmayee’s friends intimated her family about this. A concerned father went to the police station and reported the matter. But the local police did not take it seriously. The next morning, Jyotirmayee’s naked mutilated body was found on the railway tracks. With ample circumstantial evidence of Jyotirmayee being raped and murdered, the local people staged a road blockade demanding the arrest of the culprits.

In the FIR filed in the police station, Shri Alekh Bej has categorically mentioned names of Raju Naik, Rabi Naik and Ranjan Naik. “As I refused to convert, I had to face this consequence,” Shri Bej reported.

<b>Though the body of Jyotirmayee was found on February 17, till February 21 no one was arrested.</b> The Bej family is unable to understand the inaction on the part of police to arrest the culprits. The Bej family has accused the police station incharge, Jyoti Ranjan Mohapatra, and DSP Mandardhar Sahoo of conniving with the culprits and allowing them to go scot-free. With district SP on leave, the law perhaps is yet to take its course.
(Why do Hindus think this is. Crypto christians in the police of course.)

<b>4. Molestation </b>- <b>Hemalata Karua, 32, of Machhagarh village in Keonjhar district in Orissa, India testified in court that Australian Missionary Graham Staines had asked her to convert to Christianity to avoid financial difficulty.</b> He also invited them to a jungle camp to be held at Manoharpur after the Hindu festival of Makar Sankranti. <b>Karua said she and her husband converted to Christianity at the camp on January 21, 1999, and were given new clothes.</b> They also attended a prayer meeting and a film on Christian faith that evening. Later, they were served beef at dinner, which she refused to eat, she claimed. She did mention that neither she nor her husband had been offered any money by the missionary to change their faith. <b>Stating that she stayed alone in a hut behind the local church that night, Karua alleged that the missionary came there later and attempted to grope and rape her. She informed her husband the next morning and they left for their village. Twenty days after the incident, she claimed, the missionary's wife visited her to express regret for his actions.</b>
(Notice this pattern: christoterrorist male is paedophilic or rapist. Wife Gladys Staines is not shocked: she's apparently used to it, this cleaning up after her husband seems to have become a habitual practise of hers. I've seen lots of current event shows and caught lots of talkshow episodes, where the same pattern of collusion in paedophilia/rape emerges: how lots of married male paedophiles' wives suspect/know all about their husbands. Their abused children often hold it against their abuse-facilitating mothers because the latter did nothing when their stepdads/mum's boyfriends abused them. When confronted, the mothers are merely apologetic. Same here with Gladys Staines.)

There are hundreds more incidents which could have been listed. And there are probably even more that are only known by the victims themselves. Most victims do not report the crimes against them because they feel they will be ostracized by their community. Not only are Missionaries proctected by Western Media, Missionaries keep such scandals from surfacing by bribing local police and by threatening the victims of their heinous crimes.
[...]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Gives a whole new dimension to Gladys Staines' widely publicised statement "forgiving" those who murdered her criminal husband. Of course, the christoterrorist govt awared her a Padma Shri award. Probably for her work in covering up so well after her husband's groping/raping exploits, or for being an illegal presence in India herself to indulge in illegal activities of conversion, or for lying about her husband not owning a gun when he did:

4. http://www.rediff.com/news/1999/feb/23bang.htm
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Without conversions, the Church will simply collapse</b>
by NS Rajaram

<b>What is objectionable about the activities of missionaries like Graham Stewart Staines?</b>

Has anyone investigated his past or found out what exactly he was up to?

Of what relevance is his past, good or bad, to his work here or to the circumstances under which he was killed?

Why had nobody heard about Staines and his work before his death? If he was doing such wonderful social service, why did nobody talk or write about it until now? <b>Then again, why was a foreign national carrying around a small handgun?</b>

<b>Complaints had been lodged against Staines right from 1981 at the deputy commissioner's office.</b> But the law enforcement agencies, because of the enormous political pressure, do not have the courage to take action against such people.

<b>Staines was carrying a handgun. He fired several shots into the crowd and he was shot with an arrow.</b> After that, the place might have been burnt. <b>This is the report we have from three different sources.</b> The media simply reported that his wife said he never owned a gun. That is not the way to practise journalism. Why did nobody go and check police records and ascertain the truth?<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
5. http://www.christianaggression.org/item_di...S&id=1113342484
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Some reports of the time even mentioned his (Staines) past lapses into willful violation of financial and weapons laws.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
6. http://christianaggression.com/item_displa...S&id=1068397206
<b>Who was this Staines really?</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->It is easy and almost facile to glorify Staines in the aftermath of his gory death. There is no justification for his killing, yet very importantly he was no saint out to merely help the tribals.

Right from 1965 when he came to this sleepy village Mayurbhanj, Staines was just a simple missionary out to add numbers to his religion. The leprosy eradication work was plain incidental. This is a fact that can be verified even today with the tribals. Staines was the Secretary of the Evangelical Missionary Society of Mayurbhanj (EMSM).

Locals say that as a missionary, Staines was primarily preaching the gospel and spreading the tenets of Christianity in jungle camps held in different tribal belts in the district of Mayurbhanj and Keonjhar.

<b>Many such camps were held very close Hindu festivals. Tribals say that during such camps the talk and focus would be around belittling Hindu festivals and Gods. This led to tension and unease in the locality.</b>

But Staines seemed prepared for confrontations, and whenever some angry tribals accosted and took him on the subject, he would not retaliate in angry words.

His reaction was a practised silence. It is easy and almost natural to interpret this as example of his essential simple and peace-loving attitude. But the actual truth was Staines was striking two mangoes with one stone: Getting the tribals converted even while stoking the anger of others to show them as the villains of the situation. Machiavelli could not have bettered this.

It is a classical ploy, and it worked it works even today.

Staines efforts at conversion paid rich dividends as he managed to get the entire Ho and Santal tribes to Christianity. The tribals converted to Christianity distanced themselves from the non-Christian tribals and <b>adopted anti-tribal customary practice of eating beef and ploughing land during Raja festival (when according to the tribal custom the land was to be kept fallow).

In a show of brinkmanship, they also played Christian audio cassettes in marriage functions to the chagrin of tribals.</b>

As because of this, tension and unease was a constant in the locality. Innocent tribals who had lived together in peace and harmony for long were now ranged up against each other.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Once they convert to christianism, they are no longer innocent. As seen in the links of 1, 2 and 3 above: many christian converts sexually abused (Hindu) children or colluded in bringing (Hindu) children to their christian masters to be sexually abused. That's christianism for you.

Some more:
7. http://www.christianaggression.org/item_di...S&id=1117777981
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>There is nothing "Secular" about the "Right to Convert"</b>
Posted June 3, 2005
From: Laura Kelly (laurakelly@rediffmail.com)
Date: 12 May 2005 10:09:04 -0000
Lessons not learnt: Justice Wadawa commission reports that missionaries, including the slain Graham Staines, regularly put the regulations in the back burner. The parent organization ‘Operation world’, “Tidings” the journal in Australia, to which Staines used to send customary dispatches, did not cooperate with the enquiry committee nor it did send copies of the progress reports sent by Graham Staines, as solicited for the enquiry, by the commission, and the commission has put it on record that it had to get it from alternative sources. If everything were as transparent as projected by Ebe Raj why the family (Gladys) of the deceased and the parent organization did not cooperate with the enquiry committee? <b>Why should it hide the reports?</b> The Hon. Justice Wadhawa has given a sample of the reports sent by Graham Staines and Gladys Staines to the parent organization Tidings in Australia. 108 93

# 1. Graham Staines and Gladys Staines, Mayurbhganj, 25 April, 1997: The first jungle camp in Ramachandrapur was a fruitful one... About 100 people attended and some were baptized at the camp. Five were baptized at Bigonbadi…109 94

#2. Graham Staines and Gladys Staines, Mayurbhganj, 23 July 1997: Praise the God for answered prayers in the recent Jagannath car festival at Baripada. A good team of preachers came from the village churches and four <b>OM</b> workers helped in the second part of the festival. There was a record book sales, so a lot of literature has gone into peoples’ hand…<b>[OM is a code word used to refer to one of the largest missionary publisher, ‘Operation World’ and distributor of missionary literature Located in Carlisle, Cumbria, United Kingdom, about whom we shall see in the next paragraph. 110. (Courtesy Arun Shourie who noted this and made an observation even in the parliament) 95</b>

<b>From 1998 onwards, the disgusting stories about India started appearing in the websites, many are missionary websites, should be seen as part of the larger effort, to tip the worldwide opinion, against India and are aimed at disinformation, destabilization and balkanization. Operation world a missionary organization located in Carlisle UK, in 1993 showed the map of India with J&K and Arunachal Pradesh like it was to be found in some others’ territory.</b> It was to the same Operation World located in Australia that the deceased missionary Graham Staines used to dispatch his progress reports. Justice Wadawa committee reports that when these progress reports were solicited for the enquiry from, ‘Tidings “the magazine, which financed Graham Staines’ mission in Orissa, Manoharpur, concerned persons did not cooperate. The commission had to source the copy of Staines’ reports through a different channel.96<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Now why does Times, Fox and CNN show India without Kashmir? Why are communists and christians on the same page about Arunachal Pradesh? Christianism.

8. http://www.christianaggression.org/item_di...S&id=1117614519
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Who Killed Australian Missionary Graham Staines?</b>
Posted June 1, 2005
Arun Shourie
Voice of Dharma

"Graham and Gladys Staines, Mayurbhanj, 23 July, 1997: Praise God for answered prayer in the recent Jagannath car festival at Baripada. A good team of preachers came from the village churches and four OM workers helped in the second part of the festival. There were record book sales, so a lot of literature has gone into the people's hand...." (Incidentally, "OM" is a carefully chosen acronym: the organization it signifies is actually one of the largest publishers and distributors of missionary literature!)<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<b>Summary - Graham Staines:</b>
1. Was staying illegally in India on a long expired visa. That would make him a serious criminal in any country.
(Australian christoterrorist Staines of course was not unique in this. Here's another example of how the christogovt enabled a Canadian christoterrorist to overstay on a 'business visa', who'd been missionising for 9 years, without deporting him: Missionary floutes visa rules to carry on with conversions)
2. Was in illegal possession of a gun in India and fired several shots into a crowd
3. Was a rapist according to the witness of a convert to christianism
4. His character was that of a typically mean-spirited and spiteful christian: hateful about others' Gods and inciting his converts to attack Hindus.
5. Was indulging in illegal conversion activities, which the missionary organisation he was working for - it being a typical criminal=christian organisation - would not provide details of to the Indian courts investigating Staines' murder. So the courts had to obtain these from Staines' own dispatches.
<b>Plan of religious conversion completely foiled by Hindus</b>
November 20, 2008

Missionary Dr. Vaaz under arrest.
Mangaon, (Dist Raigad): The plan of conversion in Shri Dattaram Tondalekar's house by mesmerizing religious sentiments was foiled by the Tondalekar family with the help of Hindu activists. (Everybody should show such kind of alertness as Tondalekar family showed in this case of conversion - Editor) A case is been filed against Dr. S Vaaz and their associates Shital Dhakwal and his wife and one more person who is been declared absconding. Dr Vaaz and their colleagues were arrested for spreading maliciousness and insulting Hindu religion, customs and traditions by the spiteful thoughts.

The accused were arrested under IPC section 295 A. (It's been ones again proved that a proselyte Christian is more fanatical then the original ones – Editor.) This news created a bit of sensation in the Mangaon area. Dr. Vaaz is a surgeon and has clinic in Mangaon area. (This is the real face of Christian missionaries. And those who says that Christian missionaries serve people in hospital should look this incidence as an example – Editor) Dr. Vaaz, Shital Dhakwal, his wife and one more unknown person visited Shri Tondalekar's house on 14th November. Shital Dhakwal is relative of Shri Dattaram Tondalekar. These four started searching their house, and when Shri Shankar Tondalekar asked them about their search. Then Dr. Vaaz replied that there is some black doll (which is used for black magic – Editor) in your house which may cause damage to you and your family. Also sister of Shital Dhakwal is ill because of this reason.

If these things are not stopped then you will have to pay very badly for this. (Christian missionaries are expert in playing with religious sentiments of Hindus and converting them. Hindus should be alert and should stop Christian missionaries to do so. – Editor) Shri Achyut Tondalekar nephew of Shri Dattaram Tondalekar informed Shri Mahesh Mistri of MNS about the incidence. Shri Mistri told him to drive them off from their house. After that Shital Dhakwal and his wife came out and took away the statues of god from their shrine. (Do not let the Christian missionaries to touch your Gods – Editor) At the same time Dr Vaaz and the other person asked for water to Shri Tondalekar. Dr. Vaaz sprinkled that water in the house after muttering something in English. Shri Shankar Tondalekar asked Dr. Vaaz about this muttering and sprinkling the water he said that we are just purifying your house, and walked straight into the Mahadev temple without removing footwear. (Dr. Vaaz must be aware of the fact that, Hindus do not enter in the temple with the shoes. But just to pollute Hindu temple Dr. Vaaz deliberately did this. This shows the maliciousness of Christians toward Hindus – Editor) Shri Tondalekar told them to leave the place and Dr. Vaaz with that other person started arguing with Shri Shankar Tondalekar.

Dr. Vaaz said, "My deity told me that there is one black doll in your house which is creating trouble to you and patient coming to my clinic. We have one little girl and the deity manifested in her told all this to me." After listening to this Shri Shankar Tondalekar asked him whether you are doctor or Mantrik (one who can to cure evil through incantation – Editor). Then while returning he took out the spikes which he put earlier. Later at 5:30 Shital Dhakwal came back again and put the statues back in the shrine. Shri Shankar Tondalekar told Shri Kishor Tondalekar about this whole incident and then under his guidance on 15 November a written complain was lodged against the four accused. Shri Mahesh Mistri of MNS student wing, Shiv Sena leader of Mangaon Shri Ajit Tarlekar, Seeker of Sanatan Shri Shrikant Joshi and journalist Shri Prakash Katdare with some other Hindu activist were present in police station.

Dr. Vaaz was involved into this conversion program from long time but there were not substantial proof against them. But this time people got success to catch him red-handedly and the conspiracy of converting Hindus get revealed. The church right in front of his house and the malicious activities against Hindu religion are making people angry and there is a possibility of strong agitation in the city. ((Only possibility?) The agitation should have been started against the Christian who are into conversion – Editor)


When the Hindu activists along with Shri Achyut Tondalekar went into police station then Shital Dhakwal started arguing with them and said, "You should take action against me, you should not pull Dr. Vaaz into this, and you people are politicizing this issue. (Dhakwal should not tell against whom Hindus should file case.)
Achyut Tondalekar contacted Hindu activist immediately and was firm on his views till the end.
Fanatic Police officer Kurane!

During the press conference police officer Kurane said that Shri Katdare called himself a Hindu Brahmin (How could anybody wearing (police) uniform can say like this? – Editor) He is very harsh in writing so he should give this news very briefly. (Police should not tell journalist how to write the news. They know their responsibility, so better he should duties – Editor)

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
<!--QuoteBegin-Husky+Nov 20 2008, 06:11 PM-->QUOTE(Husky @ Nov 20 2008, 06:11 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Post 1 of 4:
This reminded me of certain things I had read on Staines. I went in search of them. Couldn't find all, but I've found a great quantity of information - on Staines, and some others. Some of what I found I never knew before and is <i>staggering</i>, but that's for the next post.
<b>Summary - Graham Staines:</b>
1. Was staying illegally in India on a long expired visa. That would make him a serious criminal in any country.
(Australian christoterrorist Staines of course was not unique in this. Here's another example of how the christogovt enabled a Canadian christoterrorist to overstay on a 'business visa', who'd been missionising for 9 years, without deporting him: Missionary floutes visa rules to carry on with conversions)
2. Was in illegal possession of a gun in India and fired several shots into a crowd
3. Was a rapist according to the witness of a convert to christianism
4. His character was that of a typically mean-spirited and spiteful christian: hateful about others' Gods and inciting his converts to attack Hindus.
5. Was indulging in illegal conversion activities, which the missionary organisation he was working for - it being a typical criminal=christian organisation - would not provide details of to the Indian courts investigating Staines' murder. So the courts had to obtain these from Staines' own dispatches.
The 3 remaining posts related to this topic - on Dara Singh and the court cases of Staines' murder - are in the "Hindu terrier" thread, posts 147-149.
The same persecution complex they have thrived in other countries.


Iam so glad that every thing written in Bible is fulfilling

Hello dear brother and sisters in India,
I am so glad that every word spoken by god is getting fulfilling in these days. I am so glad that I am living in this time to see God's wonderful work going on in India. Such a great nation God has chosen. Such a great generation God has chosen to call upon His name. Such a privilege people to persecuting for His mighty name. Yes dear brothers and sisters, be happy when people hate you. Only few people can get this privilege. I strongly believe that where there is persecution there is lots of harvest in coming days. The word of God says this not only that history proves this great naked truth.
Dear brother be carefull that dont be try to fall into Living God's hand its terrible. When great servent of God, Graham Stains reached to the arms of God with his two sons. You know the next months what happend in Orrisa. Like this many stories are there.
So be glad when God chooses you to persecuted. But be carefull when you are against Living God.
Thank you
with prayers.



National Level ‘Political Party’ for Minorities

Greetings from ‘Indian Minority Front’!

First of all I would like to introduce the newly formed “Indian Minority Front”. It is a political party formed by the enthusiastic members of Minorities in India. Our objective is to protect, ensure and fight for the rights of Minorities in our country. The double stand of different political parties with regard to the recent attacks on Christians in different parts of our country, have forced a group of people belong to different minority communities to think of a political party of their own. They met at YMCA New Delhi on 1st of November 2008 and decided to work together as a political party for the rights of Minorities. The meeting unanimously elected a working committee in the national level to look after the day today functioning of the party. State, District, Block and Panchayath level committees are getting formed these days.

At this point of time we are getting support form different minority communities across the country. We are looking forward for support from Religious leaders and believers from different parts of India. We want the voice of Christian leaders and supporters to be heard in the public sphere to ensure the fundamental rights of Christian in our country.

At this point of time we invite and request you to join hands with us to fight for the rights of the minority community in India. Please contact and join with us:

For ‘Indian Minority Front’,

Rajiv Joseph
Mobile: 099 68 00 66 74
E-mail: indian.minority.front@gmail.com

^ Important post by Acharya

Christians made another threat in Sep 2008 - Hindus have ignored it. Translated into plain English, it calls for christian jihad=crusade in Orissa.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Christians threaten to form militia</b>

Posted September 6, 2008

September 1, 2008
Gulf Times
Source Link

A Christian leader from Orissa warned yesterday that if the government failed to stop attacks on his community, Christians in the eastern state will be forced to raise a militia for self-defence.
�All that the governments have been doing, both in the state and at the centre, is paint an illusion. Beautiful, but hollow words is all they have to offer. It�s been eight days and the violence continues. If such a situation persists, we will have no option but to form our own �Suraksha Vahini�,� the priest said on condition of anonymity.
(They are trying to appropriate Hindu words for their intended christoterrorism. Christians are thieves, liars and genociders because that is what their religion makes them indulge in.)

Fourteen people have died in days of unrest sparked by the killing last weekend of a popular Hindu leader in Orissa.
The violence has brought strong condemnation from the Pope and the Italian government.
The priest, who is based in Orissa�s capital Bhubaneshwar came to New Delhi on August 26. He said he did not want to be quoted by name because he had already received death threats and feared for his life. He spoke in the church premises in the heart of New Delhi.
Yesterday, two people were injured when police fired on rioters in the latest religious violence between Hindus and Christians in the state.
�Two people have been seriously injured. The situation is more or less peaceful after the incident,� top administrative official Balakrushna Sahu said.
The latest riots erupted in Koraput district late Saturday, with violence declining in Kandhamal district � the epicentre of the clashes.
A curfew has been lifted in several towns in Kandhamal, but has been imposed around the scene of the latest riot.
Thousands of people, mainly Christians, have fled to the jungles or government shelters after their houses were burnt down.
�We have nine such centres with food and other facilities, where close to 10,000 victims of violence from both communities are now living,� senior government official Arunachal Das said. � Agencies<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->So, cretins of Orissa threaten to start an NLFT type militant organisation in Orissa.
That ties in neatly with all the Google adverts asking for charity for "the persecuted church in Orissa India" - western christoterrorists raise money so they can arm militant cretins in India, just like they did (and still do) with Tripura and Nagaland and rest of NE. That was the main intention of all the cretinous murder and destruction in Orissa, Karnataka, TN. Else they just don't get to make enough converts you see: they need an environment of constant terrorism in order to make sheep.
eg. Church backing Tripura rebels - BBC News, 18 April, 2000

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Baptist Church`s evangelical work in India is buying weapons for organized terrorism. In 1991 the 2.3 per cent Christians in Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya is now at 90 per cent, 87 per cent and 70.3 respectively.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--> http://www.christianaggression.org/item_di...S&id=1113498887
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Violence in Northeast India</b>
Offering a different perspective in an article written for Mainstream, commentator Kunal Ghosh states: \"Baptist Christian terrorists are active in India\'s Northeast. They derive their financial support from the southern parts of the USA where the Baptist Church has a strong following. Funds are collected in the form of donations in various church establishments. Some of this money is spent in true philanthropic work such as spreading education and health care.
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--> http://www.stephen-knapp.com/baptist_churc...s_terrorism.htm

The western christians funding all this militancy and terrorism in India <i>are</i> the normal, regular christians and their churches. Not FIACONA (some American org of indian-origin christians). It's all very christian, very jeebus.
Which is why I don't agree with the sort of apologetics Ari Saja makes in the following. It only continues to perpetuate a very dangerous, false idea about christianism among inconvertibles, which consequently makes Natural Traditionalists more vulnerable to christian terror - precisely *because* they don't anticipate its fangs, because they have been *wrongly* informed/conditioned about it instead of having been adequately prepared for it:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->11. (FIACONA) is a name that makes Christians who believe in Jesus Christ, cringe. This is a federation of the commercial soul-harvesting combines of the Baptist and Methodist and Jesuit fringe groups set up to spread hate and liberally spread weapons and destabilize India. See the history of terrorism in North East India and Nepal, the case of the Purulia Arms Drop, and the roots of riots in Gujarat, Orissa, Andhra and now Karnataka, the horrible stories of well-fed conversionists riding into tsunami-destroyed villages in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka and telling the starving residents that they could get food- if they converted. FIACONA’s leadership is most definitely not the same (I hope!!) as that of the mainstream Christianity in India or North America. Recently, with the Maoist takeover in Nepal, the close collaboration between the Conversionists and the Maoists has become all too clear, both in Northeast India and in organizing murders in Orissa. In the “CAG” we see proof of this happy marriage in the US as well.
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Very dangerous sort of commendation Saja gives to christianism. I guess the Romans and Greeks and N Europeans, Africans, native Americans, Koreans, Vietnamese, various tribal Asian communities and our own Hindu ancestors were all terrorised by some 'different' christianism - but it's the only christianism there has ever been.
If looking for 'other' christianisms in or outside India, that would mean the Indian church which regularly terrorises Hindus on the ground (like Swami Lakshmanananda or the pamphlets of christian hatred in Karnataka and TN) and through its power in the government (e.g. confiscation of Temple lands or Temple revenues) is one of the better "forms" of christianism?

There is only one christianism. The same one every inconvertible throughout history has encountered. And merely because christianism is a Frankenstein body consisting of disjointed parts that can never work together (it will ever keep identifying within itself numerous 'heretical' cults) does not mean that "somewhere out there" is a true 'peaceful' christianism. There is no peaceful christianism, there is no live and let live christianism. What we see is all the christianism there is. The true=only christianism is the same one which all the ancient GrecoRomans down to us have experienced. There never can nor ever will be another. To pretend that there may be, is to delude more inconvertibles, it is to further facilitate destruction of inconvertibles. Hindus ought to start being realistic and telling the truth when they discover it. The price of not doing so is to indirectly contribute to destruction of our own kind: Natural Traditionalists.

Acharya's post 237 above:
Christians=terrorists are expressly making the situation so intolerable in Orissa, Mangalore, Kerala, Nagaland, Tripura and rest of NE, and other parts of Bharatam just so that they can pretend they're persecuted in order to make their stupid babbling-book's "prophecies" look like they are coming true (in order to gain more converts) and to get money and weapons from sympathetic foreign christoterrorists to commit more christoterrorism in India. In reality, while the christos whine loudly about persecution, *christos* are the ones doing all the persecuting: all the incitement and instigation - of course the international press likes to spin it all the other way, just like India's own christomedia does.

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