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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 4
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->While we might think of that tolerance as some great virtue, all the miseries that the world has endured as a result of Xtianity could have been prevented if he had just wiped them out.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--> I read in several places that Julian was extra purposefully "tolerant" of christians precisely because the whinies liked to scream "persecution" at the earliest opportunity. His plan was to give them not the minutest of reasons for resorting to that tactic of theirs (and that was again something that vexed the churches very much: they only had any chance of duping converts with their martyr stories, as they could then whine to the rest of the populace about "injustices against their meek selves". Same as today actually.) And he would give them no opportunity to take the moral high ground vis-a-vis him. That is why they hated and feared him more than any of the emperors accused of christian persecution: he gave them no martyrs and therefore no advertising chance, AND his gathering many philosophers to write against christianism was sounding christianism's death knell.
Their writings exposed what a petty little religion christianity was to the Roman population while his actions showed the people what a better religion they already had.

<b>EDITED:</b> He made very conscious choices in his governance. He would go the extra mile on everything. He was not like other Emperors who merely saw christianism as "a petty ideology out there". He knew well what it was capable of and was determined to destroy it, and he planned his campaign carefully. For instance, the restitution of the Jerusalem Temple was meant to show not only the tolerance of Roman Paganism toward Judaism (in clear contrast to the anti-semitism of the Church), but also specifically in order to break a central prophecy of the Babble: that the Temple would never come up again or something. Unlike the other "prophecies" in the babble about jesus which were all backdated (like jesus being of the line of David, etcetera), the prophecy of the temple was directed toward the future.
The Church was praying to their non-existent jeebus to save them from this unrecoverable embarassment. Their hatred and fear of Julian - who was the man who could do it - skyrocketed.

So the faithful cannibal sheep killed him and the church has congratulated itself on this great success ever since. Only in the initial stages was christianism vulnerable and it was most vulnerable under Julian. But apparently, the church is still scared just thinking about him (again, this is from what I read).

I will search for the links on all the above as soon as I can.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Julian was Caesar for 5 years (all that time restricted in power by his cousin Constantius) and Emperor (Augustus) for only 3 years of which considerable time was spent in the Persian campaign.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->IIRC he was emperor from his 28th to 32nd year when he was murdered by the Religion of Love and its sheepy followers which looks to be confirmed by what you wrote.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->I will search for the links on all the above as soon as I can.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Well I haven't yet found everything again. But here's some things in the meantime - it is rather hard to locate stuff when I don't know the exact words I'm looking for.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The edict of Hadrian, prohibiting them from ever approaching the site of Jerusalem, was renewed and enforced, and St. Chrysostom even assures us that when they assembled to rebuild their holy city, Constantine cut off their ears and dispersed them as fugitive slaves throughout the provinces of the empire. Eutychius adds that the emperor obliged them all to be baptised and to eat pork at Easter. [142:7] Constantius burnt all their cities in Palestine and slew all he could find, without sparing even the women and children.
Contrast the behavior of the Christian princes Constantine and Constantius with that of their successor, the Pagan Julian:
<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->"In a public epistle to the nation or community of Jews, dispersed through the provinces, he pities their misfortunes, condemns their oppressors, praises their constancy, declares himself their gracious protector, and expresses a pious hope that, after his return from the Persian war, he may be permitted to pay his grateful vows to the Almighty in his holy city of Jerusalem." [142:8] <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Julian did not return from the Persian war, and his untimely death gave an opportunity for the well-known Christian legend that his scheme for rebuilding Jerusalem was frustrated by the direct intervention of the outraged deity.

We have already seen (p. 35) how, in the days of Theodosius, Saint Ambrose, the greatest Christian of his age, vehemently denounced the idea of Christians making restitution to the Jews for burning their synagogues. Theodosius forbade them to build any new places of worship, [142:9] and persecuted them in various ways. Jews and Christians were not to intermarry. If they did so, their connection was illegal, and they were punished for the crime of adultery. This law was introduced before the Christian empire was a century old. [143:1] Like heretics, Jews were only admissible as witnesses when neither plaintiff nor defendant was orthodox. [143:2] Those whose children became converts were obliged to endow them to the satisfaction of the bishops. [143:3] The severe laws against the Jews were relaxed by the Arian emperor Theodoric, but this toleration, says Gibbon, was painful and offensive to the orthodox zeal of the Italian Christians. <!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

http://www.christianism.com website
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->[footnote] '46. This refers to Flavius Claudius Julianus (331-363). He was called the Apostate (from a Greek word meaning "rebel"), a label he earned in Christian history because he deserted the Christian religion and sought to reestablish the pagan Roman religion. He also promised the Jews that he would rebuild their temple in Jerusalem. When he died suddenly at the age of 32, Christians viewed this as a sign that God did not wish the temple rebuilt because, according to Christian theology, it had been destroyed as punishment for the crime of deicide [(according to the fiction) killed "Jesus"].' [191].<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Oh yeah, of course their premeditated murder of him is "a sign" from their gawd. By such logic, I guess all murders must be, then...

From the same site, this is very interesting. About historian Edward Gibbon's writings "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" where he showed that christianism killed Rome and Greco-Roman civilisation (as others had shown more explicitly since then). With the highlighting I drift from the emphases used in the original web page:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>'In a sense the Decline and Fall may be considered the first answer to St. Augustine's</b> [354 - 430] <b><i>City of God</i></b>. From the vantage point of the high Enlightenment Gibbon is looking back across the centuries to that giant, and is attacking Augustine's explanation of why Rome fell. <b>It is not, Gibbon argues, God's providence that brought Rome down. It is the very real, earthly enemy, the early Christians, that canker in the breast of an already decaying empire.</b> Gibbon's Rome is the work of men, and its fall is the work of men. Gibbon is in many ways a pagan gentleman of the late empire, surveying with sadness and passion the accumulated crimes of lese-majeste against his beloved Rome. His [Gibbon] is the first extensive and comprehensive response to St. Augustine; and as <b>the Decline and Fall recapitulates many of the arguments used by Pagan apologists in the fifth century, so, too, does it plead [1637 - 1698] for an earthly cause for Rome's fall.</b>

<b>"Constantine [Emperor 306 (312) - 337 (280? - 337)] absorbed Gibbon's attention as did few other men in Roman history. He is not one of the emperors Gibbon admired: he is one of the villains of the piece.</b> But Gibbon saw in the career of Constantine a microcosm of the decline and fall of the Roman empire. In his treatment of Constantine Gibbon sought to paint the fate of Rome in miniature. The analysis of Constantine's character is one of the most ambitious in the Decline and Fall. For Gibbon Constantine's early career recapitulates the history of the empire before the fourth century: his later career is a study in the decay and degeneracy which would eventually destroy Rome. The young Constantine was a model prince: vital, talented, full of promise. His young manhood represents the partial fulfillment of this promise. But in his old age--an old age disgraced by religious fanaticism and dark and bloody deeds--Constantine reveals his true character, sacrifices his brilliant reputation, and fatally weakens the empire in a mad rush after personal glory.

Gibbon heightens the tragedy of Constantine's career by painting his early exploits in growing colors. But after the defeat of Licinius (A.D. 324) Constantine sinks rapidly into degeneracy, and the decline of the empire quickens with each successive reign. THE LEGACY OF CONSTANTINE IS THE SLOW BUT EFFECTIVE POISON OF MORAL CORRUPTION, INSTITUTIONALIZED IN THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH AND THE NEW CONSTITUTIONS OF THE STATE. So well did he [Constantine] do his work that even <b>Julian [Emperor 361 - 363 (331 - 363)] the Apostate, one of Gibbon's heroes and a noble Roman, could not save Rome by attempting to return her to the good old ways."</b> [196].<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->One lesson could be not to let the modern-day mad Helena (Sonia Goonda) and scary offspring make the situation unrecoverable for us.

I also found these a number of hours ago when searching for Julian-related stuff, but didn't store the links for the following as I wasn't really intending to paste them here (just copied the text for my own reading pleasure). But now I think they may be of general interest too. The sources can be found by just pasting these into a search engine and they should turn up.

Julian quotations:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The primitive <b>Christians</b> were perpetually reproached for their credulity; and Julian says that <b>"the sum of all their wisdom was comprised in the single precept -- 'believe.'"</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->"No wild beasts," he once declared, "are as hostile to men as Christian sects in general are to one another."<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->And again we see that the Ancients pointed out how, even back then, Jeebus (and Paul) were just totally unknown to historians and writers. Here is Julian saying:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->165. "But if you can show me that one of these men ["Jesus or Paul"] is mentioned by the well-known writers of that time,--these events happened in the reign of Tiberius or Claudius,--then you may consider that I speak falsely about all matters. "
166. "All the copies of Julian's work which could be found were destroyed by order of the emperor Theodosius II. [Emperor 408 - 450 C.E.], and the whole would have been lost for ever but for Cyrill [Cyril of Alexandria 376 - 444 C.E.], who gives extracts from the three first books in his refutation of Julian. But these extracts are far from giving an adequate idea of the work. Cyrill confesses that he had not ventured to copy several of the weightiest arguments of the author. "<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Ingersoll writes that Julian's last words were:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->"I submit willingly to the eternal decrees of heaven, convinced that he who is captivated with life, when his last hour has arrived is more weak and pusillanimous than he who would rush to voluntary death when it is his duty still to live."<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Compare that to the ridiculous nonsense "last words" that desperate christolying put into Julian's mouth posthumously to make the faithful sheep of later centuries believe that non-existent jeebus had won ("Galilean, thou hast conquered!"). <- Convenient lies by the church. When will they finally learn that lying *does not pay*?

I also saved some text that mention Julian's beliefs. I will put them in another thread where I think they are more appropriate.
<b>EDITED.</b> Here is the rest: Other Natural Religions thread, post 14.
<!--QuoteBegin-Pandyan+Jun 7 2008, 06:28 PM-->QUOTE(Pandyan @ Jun 7 2008, 06:28 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->"These impious Galileans not only feed their own poor, but ours also; welcoming them into their agapae, they attract them, as children are attracted, with cakes.
"Whilst the pagan priests neglect the poor, the hated Galileans devote themselves to works of charity, and by a display of false compassion have established and given effect to their pernicious errors. See their love-feasts, and their tables spread for the indigent. Such practice is common among them, and causes a contempt for our gods."<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->[right][snapback]82477[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->I found something related to/about this on http://www.christianism.com

Julian counters christo attempts to dupe desperate people into converting by reinstating long-neglected practises of the Greco-Roman Natural Traditions of sharing with people in want:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->'308. LETTER OF JULIAN ON PRIESTLY DUTIES, 362 A.D.
(Julian, Ep. 429C–432A)
This pastoral letter of the emperor gives sundry directions to be enforced by Arsacius' supervision throughout Galatia, where he was high priest.
It is not contained in any manuscript of Julian's works, but early editors have extracted it from Sozomen (HE 5, 16), who quotes it in toto.

<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->....5) In each city establish numerous hostels, that strangers may enjoy our philanthropy, not only for our own people, but also for others, whosoever may need money. In the meantime I have formed a plan whence you will procure this. For I have ordered that in each year 30,000 modii of grain and 60,000 sextarii of wine shall be given throughout all Galatia. And of these I say that a fifth shall be expended for the poor, to whom the priests minister, and that the rest shall be allotted by us to strangers and to beggars. For it is shameful that, if none of the Jews asks alms and the impious Galilaeans5 [Christians] support our poor also beside their own, ours appear in need of aid from us. And teach the followers of the Greek religion to join in payments to such public services and the Greek villages to offer first fruits of the crops to the gods and to accustom the followers of the Greek religion to such beneficences by teaching them that this was our action long ago. Indeed, Homer has made Eumaeus say this: "Stranger, it is not lawful for me, even if a lowlier person than you should come, to dishonor a stranger; for from Zeus are all strangers and beggars. And a gift, while slight, is yet precious. "6 Then let us not dishonor by indifference or rather abandon the piety toward the gods by permitting others to surpass our good deeds. If I learn that you do these things, I shall be full of good cheer.'<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
[243]. [see also: 248 (304D), 249 (footnote 19)].
[Julian 331 - 363 (Born in Constantinople; never at Rome [at Athens 355] ["proclaimed Augustus at Paris" 360 (Lutetia: "old tribal capital of the Parisii") (The Emperor Julian, R. Browning, 1975, 243, 90)]) (Emperor 361 - 363 [(Mesopotamia) spear!])].<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Julian could see what christos were doing and would not allow them to do the usual rice-christian routine or to falsely claim superiority for christianism (christos only targetted the poorer people because they couldn't dupe people who were not desperate - they had tried and given up on tricking the better-off Romans).
came in email:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Hate Literature

Author: Rajendra Chadha
Publication: The Organiser

Look to yourself before you accuse others. Christian missionaries of late are accusing Hindu social organisations of spreading hatred against religious’ minorities. A shrill propaganda by secularists against these Hindu organisations is also on to further confuse the public. They say that VHP and its associates are distributing literature that promotes hatred against the minorities in general and Christians in particular.

But the truth is ‘exactly the opposite. VHP has come out with certain booklets and pamphlets, which increasingly prove how the activities of the Christian fundamentalists are aimed at destabilising the Hindu society and also the state. Christian fundamentalists’ literature is making rounds in the whole country, heaping abuse on Hindu deities and mocking at the religious symbols and practices of the Hindus. Apart from “aggressive harvesting” efforts this literary insinuation against Hindu religion is one of the major causes of communal disturbance in the country.

Take for instance, a book in Malayalam with a title Haindava Suvishesheekaranam. It interprets the meaning of the sacred Pancakshara mantra Om Namah Shivaya as “Let Evil Befall” (p. 113).

<b>The magazine Indian Messenger (September 1998) calls the great Kumbha Mela, which attracts millions of Hindu devotees, a superstitious deception. </b>“The belief that the mud of sins in human souls can be purified for ultimate liberation through Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati is superstitious. The Kumbha Mela represents this superstitious deception,” it says. But strangely in a superstitious tone and words it claims: “Liberation from sins can be attained only by the unpolluted blood of Christ the virtuous.” Note not only the superstitions but also the audacity of the suggestion.

Shri Sai Baba, to these Christian fundamentalists, is a satanic spirit and Mata Amritanandamayi a mentally retarded woman. To quote: “The miracles said to have been performed by Sai Baba is mere magic. Satanic spirit dwells in him. Mata Amritanandamayi is a mentally retarded woman. She is half mad and what she does is stupidity”.

Again, the Haindava Suvishesheekaranam says: “No Hindu gods and goddesses exists who have not surrendered to Christ. If Krishna, Rama and Indra surrendered before Christ, what other evidence is necessary to prove that he is the only true God” (p. 181-182).

<b>This Christian fundamentalist propaganda literature often describes Bharat as a “State of Devil”. Dr K.P. Yohannan in his book Anant Prakash mein Jeevan Vyatheeth Karain writes: “Every time a Hindu is baptized and converted to Christianity, there is a great disturbance in the State of Devil” (p. 114). Hindu religious and community leaders have been termed as “devils” and “satanic” powers by the same author.</b>

Dr. Yohannan’s is not the solitary instance. In fact, he is one of the many who project such views. <b>Another statement in a book named Samvaad: Kyon and Kaisai (Masibi Drishtikon Se) by Dr Benzami Khan are equally inciting: “Moral values play a negligible role in Hindu religion” (p. 98).</b>

If these literatures are to be believed, then all the good things and positive aspects of Hinduism have come from Christianity because it is deeply influenced by the preaching of Christ-be it the Bhakti movement or the stories of Krishna or even that of Shiva! They claim abrasively that the stories of Krishna have been taken from the story of Christ with minor changes! <b>“In fact Christ became Krishna in India,” says the book of Dr Benzamin (p. 71)</b>

<b>Common Hindu traditions are always ridiculed. For example application of bindi, tilak sindoor are jeered at as devil eye and related to satanic spirits. “</b>Even though tilak is considered a symbol of Shiva by the Hindus, the use of these symbols is dangerous and gives them an opportunity to come under the influence of satanic spirit. Thus girls beware,” says the book published by Masihi Sahitya Sanstha (see Hindi translation of. Sex, Love and Marriage by Zac. Poonen, p. 102).

For obvious reasons, the missionaries have always been trying to mislead people on the census data. But certain reports, which they do for their internal consumption, are highly revealing and equally disturbing. For example the Church Growth Centre reports that by the end of the 20th century the Christian population will increase 13 times as compared to that at the beginning of the century. It further clarifies that the increase of the non-Christian population would be only 4.6 times during the same period. “<b>In 1900 there were 60 non-Christians for one Christian and by the end of the century there will be only 20 non-Christian to every Christian. Christians’ estimated population in the year 2000 will be 50 million,</b>” the report says.

According to the report entitled Trends and Issues in Evangelisation in India by Augustine Kanjamala SVD, a CBCI Secretary: “In the North-East, conversions among the tribals continue. During the last 30 years the Catholic population has increased nine fold to nine lakhs. In Arunachal Pradesh about 10,000 people join the Church per year, half of them into Catholic Church. In West India more than 45,000 Bhils have joined the Church (The Church In’ India: Its Missions Tomorrow, p. 40).

The same report reveals: “Amri, Kerbi tribal people in Assam have totally declared to become Christians for the prosperity of the tribe.” According to it every day 4,000 new Christians are added to the Church, and 35 new congregations are formed every week. One can very well imagine the aggressive nature of the “harvesting plan”.

<b>In their “hate and insinuation” literature, even Sikhs are not spared. A section of the Sikh community is often compared to thieves and dacoits.</b> (Page 180 of Uttar Bharat tatha Pakistan main Masihi Dharma by Bishop Deendayal and published by Hindi Theological Literature Committee, Jabalpur). To substantiate its point the author refers to “historical instance” when Sikh soldiers allegedly attacked the enemy from behind and indulged in looting.

<b>The missionary propaganda literature has throughout indulged in spreading canards against the Hindu society. It also twists and misrepresents the facts. </b>For instance: “The old Hindu political, economic and philosophical writings like Kautilya’s Artha Sastra and Manu Samiti did not count the dalits and the tribes as human being. The vedas treated them as Chandals, Gita and Mahabharata showed them as wild animals like monkeys and Rawanas.” This is what you read in Bishop Nirmal Minz’s book Rise Up, My People, And Claim the Promise. He goes on to write: “In the past they (tribes) have been treated as something less than human, according to Hindu attitudes and understanding.”
Finally, if these propagandists are to be believed, the majority of the Hindus are slaves, untouchables, Poor, looters, thieves and nonbelievers. A book Confusion called Conversion by Sunder Raj is entirely devoted to malign the Hindu people. Now tell us who are the haters of the other religionists?</b> <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Kerala women's panel, Church lock horns over nuns</b>
J Gopikrishnan | New Delhi
A major controversy has erupted in Kerala with the<b> State women's commission asking the CPI(M)-led Government to enact a law barring appointment of girls under 18 years of age as nuns by churches.</b> Accusing the Church of "brain-washing adolescent girls" to accept "sisterhood", the commission has called for protection of their property rights.

The issue has brought the Church and the State Government face to face, with the clergy launching a 'crusade' against the women's commission. <b>The Congress has sided with the Church and dubbed the commission's recommendation "anti-minority".</b>

The recommendations, mooted by KWC chairperson Justice D Sreedevi, include <b>banning the entry of girls below the age of 18 into convents, penal provisions for parents and/or persons forcing the girls into sisterhood, ensuring that the property rights of girls appointed by convents are protected and re-habilitation of those withdrawing from 'sisterhood'. The other recommendations which irked the Church are preventing the bequeathal of nuns' properties to the Church and provisions for retrieval of such properties as and when nuns decide to quit the convent</b>.

The Church has vehemently opposed the KWC move and described the recommendations as a "thoughtless process". It was allowing only girls above 18 years of age as nuns, it clarified.

"The commission's remarks have hurt the sentiments of the community of nuns and priests, who have been serving the society irrespective of caste and creed for centuries," said the Major Archbishop of Syro Malankara Catholic Church in a Press release. He said that the commission should have studied the issue before commenting on it. <b>"According to our canon, no person can become a priest or nun without attaining 18 years of age. However, prescribing an age limit for a person interested in priesthood would be a breach of individual freedom,"</b> he said.

<b>"As a matter of fact, no woman can be a nun before the age of 20. Then too, a person takes temporary vows initially,"</b> Rev Dr Babu Jospeh, spokesperson for the Catholic Bishop Council of India, said.

But the KWC chairperson refutes the arguments. "I have seen a lot many incidents to the contrary and received several complaints. I agree that a girl becomes a nun only after 18 or 20. My objection is against the recruitment of poor girls at the age of 12 or 13 by providing/promising free education, accommodation and offering money to their parents," Justice Sreedevi told The Pioneer over telephone from Thiruvananthapuram.

<b>"The girls are being moulded or brainwashed at a tender age to accept the life of nuns. This is not fair. How can a parent decide the fate of his daughter without her consent? I am not against any religion. I am here for social justice and empowerment of women,"</b> argued Justice Sreedevi.

While the Church denied appointing under-18 girls to the convent, it stoutly defended the property right provisions. <b>"As regards the right to family property, first of all it is the prerogative of parents to bequeath their property to their children. As per the Church rules, the share of property given to a religious person becomes the property of the organisation he/she belongs to</b>.

This is so because of (a) a religious person voluntarily renounces the right to individual ownership of property at the time of becoming a permanent member of a religious congregation; (b) a religious person is entitled to all the legitimate rights within the religious congregation; and © in a religious congregation all properties are held in common," said Rev Dr Babu Jospeh.

"It would have been highly desirable had the Kerala Women's Commission ascertained all the right information regarding the Church's practices and then made its recommendation," he added.

However, dissenting notes were heard from within the community. Joseph Pulikunnel, who has been campaigning for reforms in the Catholic Church, termed the commission recommendation "a landmark". He said there were cases of girls below 18 years of age, especially those from poor families, who had been forced to join convents. Then, he added, there had been instances of nuns who left convents after some years and failed to get back their family assets. He chose to describe the commission's recommendations as an issue of human rights rather than that of religion.

To get the early-bird advantage, the Congress spared no time in reacting. State Congress president Ramesh Chennithala slammed the KWC recommendations as "anti-minority" and demanded the ouster of Justice Sreedevi. Reacting to the Congress' allegation, Justice Sreedevi said she was sad about the stand of political parties "who are supposed to lead the moves ensuring social justice and empowerment of women".

"Such parties should look at their past and glorious deeds of their predecessors in a bid to achieve social justice. But now all of them are looking for vote banks. Anyway, I am committed to my point and there's no going back," she added.

Major provisions in the recommendation

<b># Ban the entry of under-18 girls to convents
# Prosecute parents/persons forcing girls to become nuns
# Protect the family share of girls who become nuns
# Nuns' properties should not be bequeathed to churches
# Rehabilitate girls who leave churches</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->I was invited to be present at a small gathering to talk to a young man aged 32 who was coming increasingly under the influence of "christian friends" at work and who was emotianlly dependent on an elderly "Sadhu Chellappa", a christian convert.

This young man Ganesh was there with this bogus sadhu, his older sister, one  elderly gentleman a friend of the family at whose home we met, my good friend wtwiugwif and his sister.

Ganesh is a typical middle-class young man with no deep roots in his culture, no knowledge about his religion and without the burning desire to know. He is also not very intelligent and therefore seeks comforting and easy-to-understand answers to his questions.

His questions, how were you born, who created your parents, your ancestors etc etc, told us that he had been coached to ask these questions to stump people who may not be able to answer it with the simplicity of a "father who sits in heaven creating the world in 6 days and resting on the seventh".

This old bogus second letter of the alphabet was sitting quietly like a cat watching a mouse. The idiot Ganesh didnt have the wit to understand why this old man accompanied him everywhere including the toilet door.

He reminded me of a jesuit - all the while i was being told he was not christian. Of course he was; he wore that sickly bogus saffron which is the colour of a manila envelope - pyjama kurta if you please, with smiling mask on his face. The mask slipped though when i told him i didnt want him to speak and i was not going to enter into an inter-faith dialogue here. That was not the purpose of the meeting.

Now this is the mopdus operandi -

Find vulnerable brahmin lower middle-class families - children who see parents struggle to raise their children with dignity - not poor but not well to do either. there is no time for intellectual pursuit - you are struggling to make both ends meet.

With a small BA or Bcom degree, the sons go out to work and in these work places their first friends just 'happen" to be christians One thing leads to another and all the normal frustrations, anger is expressed to these 'friends" and lo and behold,  very soon the idiot is asked to come home. idiots like Ganesh will visit them at home, there will be a shy young thing batting her eyes at him and once things get gpoing in this direction, ganesh's mond will be tormented - will his brahmin middle-class parents accept a christian wife. And it comes with a package - he must convert, she won't.

Now as these questions begin to churn in his m ind, a benevolent old man with a jesus smile always pinned on his face, always understanding will give Ganesh the bible and tell him all his answers will be there. They wont be there but ganesh is so infatuated with the shy young thing, he will be ready to see answers to questions which are also planted in his mind.

The old rascal used words mukti, moksha, raksha at us. I told him stick to salvation - that is biblical. Mukti and moksha are not the same as salvation. The mask slipped again. Now ganesh asked me the kindergarten question - do you know from where you got the word 'Hindu'. I knew then that he was still at the pre-school level in his menbtal growth. ganesh was repeating what was planted into him.

This is the modus operandi - the plant opld fatherly men who will take idiots like ganesh under their wing, plant good "friends" called peter and there will be some Jenny who is some peter's younger sister and love will blossom. And there will be yet another convert from a lower middle-class brahmin family.

This si the seventh that i have heard of this year alone, and we are only in June.

Lower Middle-class brahmin families, happy christian homes where all of them have all the answers to all the questions, a loving christian girl, a christian father figure who is not always worried ablut silly money and how to clothe and feed and educate his childremn. this christian father who art not in rehaven but on earth has the time to answer all ganesh's pained questions which are also planted.

Another family destroyed, another convert to the sick church. this is not ordinary sickess, this is as sick as jihad and with the same objective. Hindus will have to deal with both sicknesses with the same ruthlessness.

The Us State dept will tell me that ganesh must be allowed freedom of religion. But why did they deport Osho? freedom of religion like peace in the face of jihad is only for slaves. The right to revenge, the right to war, the right to proactive, detterrent defence belongs only to jihadi muslims and white christians. wake up all of you.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
An archbishop’s spiritual factory
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->ast week, Kerala Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan had revealed that Believers’ Church, founded by Yohannan, had received foreign remittances of Rs 1,040 crore in the last 18 years. “The state will seek a probe by a Central agency to look into the foreign funds Yohannan received,” he said.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->“It is true that the Church has received Rs 1,040 crore since 1990. But only 144 crore has been diverted for real estate dealings in Kerala. The rest has gone into charity,” said Pothan, who took a voluntary retirement from the Rubber Board to join Yohannan’s spiritual company.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Now, Stephen's discriminates among Christian applicants </b>
Durgesh Nandan Jha | New Delhi
In an unprecedented move which may bring differences within the Christian community out into the open, <b>St Stephen's College Supreme Council has decided that Christians belonging to the Church of North India and especially the Diocese of Delhi would be preferred for admissions to the 40 per cent seats under Category A earmarked for Christian students</b>.

<b>It has also stated that Christian candidates having more than 60 per cent marks in Best Four Subjects (BFS) would be called for interviews. Non-Christian SC/ST and physically challenged candidates with 55 per cent marks in BFS will also be called. </b>College Supreme Council took this decision on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

According to Supreme Council letter issued on Tuesday by its Chairman Sunil K Singh, "Notwithstanding anything contained in the admission guidelines issued earlier for the academic year 2008-09, <b>in the case of Christian admissions under Category A in addition to the 10 per cent set apart for the Christian Dalits, Christian STs and Christian Physically handicap students, 40 per cent of such admissions under this category shall be earmarked for students belonging to CNI and churches in communion with it." </b>"Within such allocation, preference shall be given to the students belonging to the CNI coming under Delhi Diocese.

In the event of 40 per cent of the seats under Category A not being able to be filled by students belonging to the CNI, then the seats will be offered and filled up by students belonging to other denominations within the Christian community," the letter adds. <b>Other Churches in India include the Church of South India, Latin Catholic Church and Syro Malabar Catholic Church. Singh shot off another letter on Wednesday </b>making it clear that 60 per cent marks (BFS) and 55 per cent marks (BFS) shall be the minimum marks for calling for the purpose of the interviews and final selection of Christian candidates under Category A and non-Christian SC/ST and Physically challenged candidates under Category C for the various honours courses and the programme courses respectively taught in the college.

Till last year, the Christian candidates were given 15-20 per cent relaxation in cut-off for interviews. The new move has drawn flak from many faculty members and even those in the Governing Body of the College. Some of the Governing Body members have even sent letters to the Supreme Council Chairman expressing displeasure over the fact that all decisions on admission policy were being taken without their approval. "We are going to request them to call an emergency meeting of the GB for obtaining its views and its approval of the policy," said one of the members. The college declared the interview list late on Wednesday at about 7.30 pm. <b>Sources said that 31 students in Sanskrit, 306 in mathematics, 458 in Chemistry and 224 students have been called for interview of Economics.  </b> <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->  <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->

On the DR show (NPR) I heard the author of "Snow falling on cedars", David Guterman, talk of "naasticism".

He said naastics (sp?) were an early branch of xtianism that believed yahveh was a subdiety of the real God, and ywh was preventing us from transcending him and seeing the real God. Naastics used to say "evil" also came from ywh. The propah church threw them out.

Now is this naastics a corruption of naastik? (I know the philosophy of naastik is not the philosophy of the naastics, but I cannit help thinking of a good old borrowing/stealing theme that has been the second defining characteristic of the churh (the first being killing off the heathen).
This "naastic" is a typical american way of pronouncing "gnostic". He is talking about the suprressed gnostic gospels of christianity. The word is derived from "gnosis" meaning knowledge, similar in origin to sanskrit "jnAna". The idea was that these sects gave higher place to "knowing" god, while the catholic dogma was based on having "faith" in god. Present day christianity is filled with "I believe" type statements. If gnostics had won, christianity may have developed a different character.

Nothing to do with Indian "nAstika", which is derived from na+asti, meaning negation (usually of Vedas, but also of God).
Thank you, Ashokji!

I too wish the gnostics had won..
Gnosticism originally not christian. Christians did their Enter and Consume act (=parasitic infiltration of host, appropriation, kill).

http://www.atheists.org/christianity/jesuslife.html via
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Gnosticism</b>

Before the so-called New Testament was completed, the leaders of the primitive Christian Church had to do battle with a "heresy" called gnosticism. <b>It is now known that gnosticism is older than Christianity, and an argument can be made that Christianity is a Gnostic heresy, rather than the other way around as traditionally taught.</b>

The Gnostic library discovered at Nag Hammadi in Egypt provides some <b>examples of how non-Christian materials could have been appropriated for Christian purposes.</b> The so-called "Apocalypse of Adam," a non-Christian phantasy composed of Jewish elements, follows the same general outline and contains many of the same components as does the birth narrative found in the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. It is clear that both stories are derived from a common mythological source - a source that Gnostic principles allowed to be adapted for Christian use by "St. John the Revelator."
...how non-Christian materials could have been transmuted into the documents now found in the New Testament. James M. Robinson, the editor of the Nag Hammadi materials published in English, tells us that
<b>The Nag Hammadi library even presents one instance of the Christianizing process taking place almost before one's eyes. The non-Christian philosophic treatise Eugnostos the Blessed is cut up somewhat arbitrarily into separate speeches, which are then put on Jesus' tongue, in answer to questions (which sometimes do not quite fit the answers) that the disciples address to him during a resurrection appearance. The result is a separate tractate entitled The Sophia of Jesus Christ.</b> Both forms of the text occur side by side in Codex III.
Some of the Jesus biography was derived from pre-Christian gnosticism, and some material was incorporated from Hellenic-Jewish wisdom literature.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
From: How Jesus got a life http://www.atheists.org/christianity/jesuslife.html<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->
"Jeebus creepus Batman! Is there nothing original in christianism?"
"No, Robin."
From the link provided by Husky above:
How Jesus got a life
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->When Hipparchus discovered that the vernal equinox had been displaced from Taurus into Aries, he or some of his disciples felt that they had detected the labor of a hitherto unknown god. (Many Greeks felt that each natural phenomenon or physical force was actually the working of a particular god.) For astrological reasons, this new god was identified with the ancient Persian god Mithra. The mystery religion known as Mithraism thus was born. [12] Mithra was installed as a Time-Lord or chronocrat, the god who would rule over the Age or Aeon of Aries.

By the time Hipparchus and his Stoic colleagues understood that the vernal equinox had moved from Taurus into Aries, the equinox was almost out of Aries as well. Very soon it would move into Pisces, and a new Time-Lord would be needed. Just as movement of the equinox out of Taurus had been symbolized as the sacrifice of a bull [13], so too, the movement out of Aries would come to be symbolized by the sacrifice of a lamb. The first symbol of the new-age religion, the religion reigning in the age of Pisces, significantly, would be the fish. [14] (The cross, apparently, was originally the Greek letter chi ©, which reminds us of the intersection of the celestial equator with the ecliptic at an acute angle.) It is not surprising that in the oldest epitaphs and inscriptions it is actually two fish that were used to symbolize the New-Age cult - making the symbol of Christianity identical to the astrological symbol for Pisces, in obedience to the fact that Pisces is plural: the fishes. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Mitra is one of the Aditya-s in Vedic pantheon. There are 12 Aditya-s. It is easy to make the connection with the 12 zodiacal signs through which the Sun moves during the year. Aditya-s are also called the solar deities.

Mithra's iconography shows him slaying a bull. It also shows a close connection with the Orion constellation of stars. The Taurus constellation is next to the Orion and Orion the hunter is supposed to be slaying Taurus the bull. Many depictions of Mithra have been identified as representing the Orion-Taurus constellation.

Prominence of Mitra as an Aditya could possibly be traced to a period when, the equinox occurred in Taurus. Shifting of the equinoxes is also attested to in Indian texts using the name of the nakshatra denoting the occurrence of the equinox.

This is quite a provocative argument that a search for a new Aditya for the age of the Pisces, culminated in an interesting confluence of Greek astronomy, Mithraic religion, Jewish expectation of a Messiah and Roman imperial drive to use the forces released for the purposes of empire building, which finally led to the creation Christianity.
<!--QuoteBegin-Ashok Kumar+Jun 20 2008, 09:44 PM-->QUOTE(Ashok Kumar @ Jun 20 2008, 09:44 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->This is quite a provocative argument that a search for a new Aditya for the age of the Pisces, culminated in an interesting confluence of Greek astronomy, Mithraic religion, Jewish expectation of a Messiah and Roman imperial drive to use the forces released for the purposes of empire building, which finally led to the creation Christianity.[right][snapback]83088[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Mythologists keep arguing for an age of Bull (Mithras), age of Fish (jeebus) and other stuff. That this is all a calendar thing. Then when's the fishy lamb finally going to get lost?

From all the evidence, jeebus is just totally cooked up. While Gods like Mithra are at least mentioned by peoples who are known for not lying (e.g. Persians and further east).
Interesting to see how far they have come now.

<!--QuoteBegin-k.ram+Jun 17 2006, 07:04 PM-->QUOTE(k.ram @ Jun 17 2006, 07:04 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Project Thessalonica</b>
<b>Can Hinduism face the onslaught of Project Thessalonica?</b>
Alex Pomero
in a Croatian Newspaper

Some months back I watched a documentary which aired an interview with a young Palestinian terrorist. Most people would be appalled simply at the fact that someone who had killed innocent people is being treated like a celebrity and given an opportunity to "explain" himself. But what was more shocking was that he showed absolutely no remorse for having killed innocent people on the streets of Israel, including women and children. Worse still was the fact that even the parents of those youngsters supported the violent activities of their children. The reason: they were simply doing their religious duty as true Muslims. For them killing an innocent bystander is Jihad, the God-ordained religious duty of every Muslim.

I was born to Catholic parents and raised by a missionary Catholic mother and an abusive, born-again Christian, who I will refer to only as "my mother's husband". I was raised in an "ideal" Christian environment, and would have followed my parents' footsteps and would have spread hate against other religions, if it weren't for a fortuitous meeting I had with a Chinese friend of my dorm roommate. Little did I realize then that the chance encounter would end up being a turning point in my life.

The Chinese student was Buddhist who talked about meditation and its advantages. Finding it curious I checked with my University library for some books on meditation. After some searching, I found a book on Transcendental Meditation ™, a meditation technique founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. That book sparked a profound spiritual and emotional transformation in me and I have never looked back. My thirst for knowledge led me to read more about TM and its roots in Hinduism. I started reading every book on Hinduism I could lay my hands on. In the Ramayana, I came across the life of Lord Rama and his only wife Sita. Hindus consider Rama and Sita to be the ideal couple and the path shown by them as the perfect man-woman relationship. It was a refreshing change from the abusive relationship I had witnessed and experienced in my own Christian family.

The wisdom and spirituality that I found in Hinduism has no parallels. There is practically no aspect of life that is not dealt with in detail by the innumerable texts that are a part of Hinduism. There are texts which deal with the mundane aspects of day-to-day living and those which deal with more profound questions such as those about life and death. To me, the most fascinating aspect of Hinduism was that it was inclusive, respectful and tolerant of all people and their various beliefs, in stark contrast to the exclusivity that pervaded my native religion. Unfortunately the adherents of the latter seem to be on a mission to destroy Hinduism.

Josh, my childhood friend with whom I communicate frequently was trained in a seminary is currently a Baptist missionary. I met Josh during my recent trip to USA. He had just returned from India and was going back again in November. Much of our conversation centered on his current assignment as part of something called Project Thessalonica. Josh was very passionate when he spoke of Project Thessalonica - passionate in a scary kind of way. In his eyes I could see the same resolve that was visible in the Palestinian terrorist in the interview.

Project Thessalonica is a sub-project of Joshua Project II. Joshua Project II set the scope and strategy for converting the "heathen" of the world in 10-40 window (regions that lie between the latitudes of 10 and 40 degrees north) whereas project Thessalonica (called PT) prioritizes the tasks to be taken. Joshua Project II strategized the methodology called 'Adopt-a-peoples' wherein every mission agency or church adopted a 'people group'. Tribals were the first and easy missionary targets. Unfortunately the missionary activity didn't weaken Hinduism as the church strategists had anticipated - many of the converts still celebrated and attended Hindu festivals and continued to follow Hindu traditions. As a counter measure Project Thessalonica was started in 2004. Before getting into the details of Project Thessalonica it will be useful to look at the origins of the name of the project.

Thessalonica was a major port city strategically located at the junction of the main land route from Italy to the east and the main route from the Danube down to the Aegean Sea. It was the capital of the Roman province of Macedonia, a free city ruled by a popular assembly and magistrates. The people of this city were rich, technologically advanced and culturally distinct. Paul and Silas, during the Apostle's second missionary journey, visited Thessalonica to preach the Gospel and propagate Christianity. However, Paul's teachings received a lukewarm response from the people. Some locals irritated by Paul's teachings got a hold of Jason and his brothers, who were hosting Paul, and took them to city officials. They were charged with harboring traitors, but faced no physical harm. They were eventually made to post a bond and set free. In 390 AD, the Christian ruler Theodosius the Great, punished a revolt by the inhabitants of the city by massacring more than 7000 people. Much of the city was eventually converted to Christianity.

A few observations about the city of Thessalonica at the time of Paul will make its relevance to today's world clear. First the city was strategically located in terms of access to other cities by both land and sea. Before their forced conversion to Christianity, its inhabitants were economically and culturally prosperous. Perhaps more importantly they were tolerant, which explains why, inspire of provocation, the lives of Paul, Jason and his brothers were spared. The government was also indifferent to the missionaries and the adverse impact of their activities on the people.

Hindus in India today are in the same situation as the people of Thessalonica found themselves in at the time of Paul. They are prosperous economically and culturally and extremely tolerant of other people and faiths. The government is completely indifferent to the activities of the missionaries in India, in spite of the tremendous damage that missionary activity has wrought on the local population all over India. Seen in this context, the choice of "Thessalonica" as a name for a project focused on converting Hindus of India to Christianity seems particularly apt.

Project Thessalonica aims to stop or limit Hindu activity by converting people who form the pillars of Hindu culture, festivals, traditions and activity. Traditionally missionaries hate any public expression or display of heathen religions in the form of festivals and temples. Missions want to ensure that no new temple construction activity starts. With this objective they are converting masons, craftsmen and others involved in temple construction activity. The First Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee adopted towns where the annual Kumbh Mela takes place and has been actively converting the locals so that visitors face extreme hardship during their next visit trying to find services and supplies. Another mission group is adopting boatmen of Kasi where Hindus drop rice balls in river Ganges as an offering to their forefathers. The boatsmen are being trained in other fields so that they abandon this profession. They are making environmental groups raise the voice so that Ganesh processions, Kumbh Melas and Jagannath Rath Yatras are limited. One big worry seems to the extremely popular Hindu television programs. Christian agencies have decided on buying these prime slots at a premium and are actively working with programming sources. Over the past 20 years, missionaries also appear to have invested a lot in handling the political leadership, so much so that their activities appear to be almost immune to the ruling political party. It seems that a good section of media is also on their side to such an extent that any group opposing their activity finds itself identified as a militant or extremist group in the news media.

My friend Josh doesn't have any sense of remorse, guilt or reasoning when he speaks about converting the "heathens" of India through any means. Instead he shows a sense of pride and achievement as he believes that he is simply implementing God's word as written in the Bible. Just like the Islamic terrorist in the interview.

With Christian Jihadis like Josh at the forefront of missionary activities in India, one can only hope that Hindus don't face the same fate as the people of Thessalonica.

Additional reading

1. http://www.neglectedfields.net/
2. http://in.christiantoday.com/news/mis_166.htm
A sample of the missionary mischief " A year back, when First Baptist volunteers first set foot in India, the nation appeared overrun with idolatry and spiritual darkness. However, the mission team sees signs of hope".
To learn more about  Project Thessalonica, e-mail project.thessalonica@neglectedfields.net or call the International Mission Board at 1-800-999-3113.
3. http://www.scbaptist.org/-1999999487/-1999941961.htm
The author is a Croatian.
Croatians free of catholiterrorism are obviously normal people. It was Croatia's <i>catholics</i> that terrorised and genocided the Orthodox Serbs. I must make it a point to stress that in future (so I don't accuse normal Croatians by using general statements).
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>The Danger of The Dancing Father and the Silly Sister</b>
16/06/2008 11:06:50  c ganessane

<b>A well-planned strategy concocted in a Vatican 's office specially affected for long-term program to delink all Hindu connections from its cultural manifestation like Bharatanatyam.</b>Their mission is to make Bharatanatyam loose all its connections with Hinduism. Will it be then Bharatanatyam or some other thing?

Some Christian Missionaries are carefully selected by Vatican and given huge funds to pervert Hindu Art and cultural Institutions with the objective to destroy all connections that this sacred dance has with Hinduism externally, emotionally, internally or even intellectually. Disconnected by its spiritual and cultural bases, all Indian dance arts with Bakthi movement as it's force can only die a silent death.
Or, so they wish.

They think by polluting and taking out all links with Hindu Gods, these schools will be made easy prey for Christian proselytizing. Fr Saju George Moolamthuvuthil, a Jesuit priest from Kerala, trained in Chennai and now working in Kolkata, who was one of the two opening dancers at the Festival of India in Moscow , 1999, is a neo-crusader with a baba cool look.


This man dances Bharatanatyam not to induce Bakthi in you but to allure to his religion by conversion. His mission is to fusion Hindu dance Bharatanatyam with ABRAHMIC RELIGION stained in blood of crusaders and those who launched
inquisition on Innocent Goa Hindus.

Can he succeed? If at all he can not succeed then the Vatican will not abandon this useless job but will send more and more people like him with more and more money power to pervert our culture. He is also Research Director at Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts in Tiruchirappalli. Thus, we have all sorts of so-called "fathers" planted in the middle of Hindu Institutions of ART and CULTURE.

<b>This man is hell bent on proving that middle-eastern Jesus could be linked to the sacred dance of Bharatanatyam!</b> He has performed on some 60 solo and 25 group Bharatanatyam stages in India, Germany, Bangladesh and Thailand, with both Christian and Hindu themes. <b>Having also danced before Pope John Paul II in New Delhi , he has thus raised Bharathanatyam to the realm of Christian prayer and</b>
worship! Courtesy: http://www.kalaikaviri.org.uk/saju.htm.

In the concerts, imageries of Radha Krishna share a platform with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.Fr Saju takes with him lot of dancers from Kalakshetra in his anti-Hindu crusade of the world... People like Sri K Rajkumar, Khagendra Nath Barman, Padmashri Leela Samson, Nadabrahmam Prof. C V Chandrasekhar (all from Kalakshetra, Chennai) and Padmabhushan Kalanidhi Narayanan and Kalaimamani Priyadarshini Govind accompanied this "foolish dancing father" the world over to prove that Bharatanatyam can be adapted to BIBLICAL AND THEOSOPHICAL ideals. Besides, Mrs Leela SAMSON is supported by The Theosophical society in
Chennai, ADYAR.

This society studies day and night Hindu scriptures only as a spy who wants to copy the functioning of a machinery of his enemy and only in the aim of diluting Hindu genius in the ocean of secularism and level the distinctive flavours of Hinduism with other monotheistic religions so as to make it as colourless and as insipid as possible. A cursory look of their website can make this point clear. They rename and give secular terms to Hindu notions of grandeur. They call Atman as Logos. If they really respected its originality why they want to delink Atman from Vedic traditions?

Go and say to French wine makers that the label of Champagne can be put on any other bottle. Will they keep quiet? The basic "bon sens" (common sense) as they call it in French lacks in their objective.

Padmashri Leela Samson has been with a supportive nod from Sonia successfully bagged the post of DIRECTOR of KALKSHETRA with a clear mission to pervert Bharatanatyam as a fusion dance that any western secularist may use for his Christian conversion activities of weak Hindus.

<b>Thus as a Director of this prestigious school, she is removing all Ganesh idols in Kalakshetra as per the orders she receive from her superior in VATICAN .
Please go to the following link for more information on her anti-Hindu activities: http://www.hvk.org/articles/0407/27.html)</b>

This funny father and this silly sister form a fanatic front in Chennai attacking the Tamil culture from all sides with their money power! Will this fatal couple reap poor Tamil souls for their religions or will they finish as "outlaws" in the eyes of all Bharatanatyam lovers the World over?

This proselytizing father and this fanatic lady will continue to dance Bharatanatyam to promote an Abrahamic desert God who is more to do with a Palestinian than a South Indian culture Unless we all say "no" to this visual aggression and distortion of our art, there is no stopping these people from confusing Hindus who can be easily lured to Christianity.

Besides, to prove he has knowledge of Hinduism and his dance is based on a sound mastery of Hinduism, he has managed to get a PhD in the Saiva Tradition from the MADRAS UNIVERSITY !

What a wicked man this father from Kerala where he had tested all these anti-Hindu tricks before trying to apply them in Tamilnadu ! But then, can we really blame him? He is just trying to do what those in Vatican asks him to do.

THE PROBLEM IS THE WILL TO PROLETYTISE IMBIBED IN THOSE FANATIC ROMAN CATHOLICS AND CHRISITANS because they are obsessed with the western disillusion with Christ and are afraid if they could not get a billion
Hindus in their clutches, they would not able to make this multinational machinery function as usual as Europeans and Americans are deserting massively day by day the Christian and Catholic churches.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->And comments at the link.

Bharatanatyam, one of the Hindu dance arts which has come from Shiva, was developed in our Hindu Temples and is a means of becoming one with Umachi/Bhagavan. It is Yoga in dance form.
Christos are such cheap terrorists.
Are you ready to ‘Get Smart’? Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart and Anne Hathaway as Agent 99 - sounds like a good combo for a light summertime flick - wouldn’t you say? Heck, there’s even a new ‘Sierra Mist Undercover Orange’ drink that was released because of the film.
Enlarge this Image

In another round of ‘let’s make a movie that took no original plot planning because we stole it from a 60’s/70’s show’ - this one should be - at the very least - entertaining to watch. Being a big fan of The Office, I think I could watch Carell mow his lawn and find it funny.

In the Get Smart series, Maxwell is a resourceful yet often clumsy - bumbling agent who somehow manages to, time after time, save the day with the help of cool gadgets and Agent 99. They are fighting against the evil crime syndicate ‘KAOS’ - (as in chaos - get it?) - and it will take all their dedication and skill to defeat the bad guys.

I think it’s pretty easy to relate to the idea of chaos in our world, wouldn’t you say? Earthquakes, cyclones, wars, threats of nuclear war, even skyrocketing gas prices add to the chaotic feeling that seems to be ever growing. But to me, the bigger turmoil and confusion that is gaining momentum is the mounted attack on Christianity - and specifically our belief in Jesus’ claim to be the only way to heaven. Books and movies like the Da Vinci Code and ridiculous YouTube videos trying to connect the Egyptian god Horus with Christ are just a few examples - but I’m sure you’ve seen other patterns.

So if you are a Christian - I would highly recommend that you ‘get smart.’ In a way, we are all a bit like Maxwell Smart - we are agents on a mission - the Great Commission in fact - and we need to know our stuff if we want to succeed.

How do we ‘get smart’? Well, the Apostle Peter already told us how in a letter he wrote to persecuted Christians nearly 2000 years ago:

But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence (1 Peter 3:15-16).

This verse is a basic ‘how to’ manual for being the kind of ‘agent’ God desires us to be while we complete our trips around the sun. For an excellent breakdown of this manual - I refer to a very gifted writer named Ken Boa - who through his writings has helped me be highly motivated to ‘get smart.’ Here is his explanation*:

• “Sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts.” In other words, be certain Jesus is Lord of your life and affirm your utter dependence upon Him. Remember that when you are talking with someone embracing another worldview, this is a spiritual battle. Your task is to be faithful in proclaiming the truth. It is God’s business to change the person.

• “Always be ready.” Know God’s Word and know how and when to use it. In doing so, you will be prepared to correct misconceptions about biblical Christianity.

• “To make a defense.” Always keep the discussion focused on Jesus and His finished work on the cross. Stay away from minor issues and do your best to prevent the other person from focusing on his or her misconceptions. Stay focused in a friendly, God-honoring manner, and do not be sidetracked by the other person’s unique claims or errors.

• “To everyone who asks you.” Pray that God will give you opportunities to share your faith in this pluralistic (many beliefs) culture. Above all, be a good listener and ask for permission to express your view in the discussion. Do not be pushy or arrogant.

• “To give an account for the hope that is in you.” It is your personal relationship with the living God that is the source of your power and strength. Do not be afraid to recount your personal experiences of all that God has done for you. He is your hope and strength.

• “Yet with gentleness and reverence.” Show patience, respect, and love as you talk. Always look for common ground and seek to develop a relationship of trust and confidence that God can use to bring that person to Himself.

We may not have shoe phones and other cool gadgets, but we have, “The Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6).” to help us defeat that satanic chaos that surrounds us.

Ready to take on your mission?

Head - In this day and age of questioning and even despising God’s truth and the Gospel message, Christians must be ready to give a well informed and respectful answer to our critics.

Heart: Remember that our ‘chaos’ enemies are not people, rather they are ideas. This will help you avoid foolish arguments and personal attacks on those who argue and attack you.

Hands: Here are a few excellent web sites to help you on your way to ‘getting smart’:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Expert: New AIDS threat emerging in India among 'call center Romeos'

Sun, Jun 22 11:18 AM

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) _ A new AIDS threat is rising in India's numerous call centers, where young staff are increasingly having unprotected sex with multiple partners in affairs developed during night shifts, a top AIDS expert has warned. While India has made great strides in bringing down its HIV infection rate, the promiscuity among "call center Romeos" is a great concern, Dr.

Suniti Solomon, who detected the first HIV case in India in 1986, told an international medical conference Saturday. The United Nations, however, still estimates there are some 2.5 million Indians living with HIV and AIDS now.

"India has reached a plateau of the infections," Solomon told the International Congress on Infectious Diseases, which ends Sunday. Her concern now is the call centers, where many of the young staff work at night to correspond with the daytime working hours of their American and European clients.

"They have all the money. They huddle together in the night.

They are young, they are sexually active, so naturally they start," Solomon, who runs an AIDS center in the southern city of Chennai, told The Associated Press in a separate interview. She said at least three or four call center workers visit her clinic every week to get tested for HIV because they are worried after having unprotected sex.

It is estimated that India's call centers employ some 1.3 million people, mostly youths fresh out of school and colleges, earning a starting salary of 25,000 rupees (US$600) a month, more than a government doctor's paycheck. "You will see call center Romeos are a major high risk for HIV," Solomon said.

There are no figures for how many call center workers are infected with HIV. Citing confessions by the visitors to her center, Solomon said groups of young men and women rent apartments along the beach during the weekends and end up having multiple-partner sex. "If they are having sex just among themselves, and all are non-infected it is fine.

But if there is one person who has gone out of this group and brought in the virus, it will spread to everyone," she said. While the "call center Romeo" situation is a reflection of recent liberal values, India's anti-AIDS fight is also hampered by society's coexisting conservatism, Solomon told the conference.

She said this is evident in Hindu activists' opposition to circumcision which is proven to help inhibit HIV transmission on the grounds that it is against tradition and religion of Hindu-majority India. Solomon said she does not expect India to accept circumcision for preventing HIV infections.

A recent government study to gauge the acceptance for circumcision triggered a massive backlash by Hindu fundamentalists, who called it "obnoxious" and "a conspiracy." "If you go out into the streets and say I will do this (circumcision) to reduce HIV, there will be a chaos," she said.

"Vaccines have failed. Microbicides have failed.

This is one tool we have in hand but we can't use it.".<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
So now clipping ur dick is supposed to prevent AIDS, maybe solomon can show some evidence before spewing bs.

There is no conclusive scientific evidence (u know that pesky little process where things have to be testable, fasifiable, replicable) that clipping ur dick to please some non existent god has any benefits or prevents anything at all except maybe experiencing the normal pleasure in sex that nature intended u to experience.

As for those losers who have orgies and get aids, no one forced them into it, it was their choice and now they can reap the consequences.

More on this issue here:


Like I said before, clipping dicks on principle is no better than female circumcision, Penn & Teller Bullshit had done an episode on this:

Link to online Frontline documentary part of which explores the rise of xtianity in China in recent years:

See also Bharatavarsha's important post above.

Disturbed christoterrorist thieves at it again. Purple words are mine.

<b>‘Inculturation’ - A danger to communal amity!</b>
One of the comments:
21/06/2008 20:07:57  Cultural infiltration
Yes. This is a very serous issue. Recently asianet aired an interview with a Padri who is an expert in carnatic music. Rev. Father Povvathil has done research in "Karnatic music abd Christianity".It is foolishness to link carnatic music with christainity.He recite <b>Vathapi Ganapathi</b> like Shemmangudi sreenevasa Iyer. <b>Ganapathi is acceptable to them. Because GANA <span style='color:purple'>(now suddenly) stands for christains. Therefore GANAPATHI is (now made out to be) none other JESUS.</b></span> They have changed strategies. The new straegy is Cultural infiltration in lieu of cultural aggression.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->(Final line of person commenting is wrong: Cultural infiltration was always a part of christian aggression. Ever since Greco-Roman times.)

Vatapi Ganapathi is a famous Carnatic song. Carnatic music is Hindu music, and this song's theme is very Hindu too. As every Hindu knows, Ganapathi (Lord of the Ganas) is the famous name of Vigneshwara. Ganapathi, together with Pillaiyar, is a very popular name for Ganapathi in TN.

<b>Sankara</b>, if you read this, this is the sort of unforeseeable sinister things I meant about christians singing Hindu songs and why their doing so is usually not to be trusted. Now they have already started lying that traditional Hindu songs themselves aren't Hindu anymore either but are 'psecular' and - more unbelievably - are about their non-existent jeebus instead <!--emo&:blink:--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='blink.gif' /><!--endemo--> <!--emo&:lol:--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='laugh.gif' /><!--endemo--> Christoliars can't stop lying even were they to try to.

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