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Bomb Blasts In India - 1
Pioneer, 23 may 2008
<b>Probe team close to breakthrough after twin arrests </b>
Lokpal Sethi | Jaipur
With the arrest of two suspects - one in Delhi and another in Maharashtra, - Special Investigation Team(SIT), probing Jaipur serial blasts, on Thursday claimed to have reached near a "breakthrough" in the case.

Senior officials, investigating the case, told The Pioneer that the plan to carry out the blasts was prepared at least a month in advance and about a dozen operatives of terrorist outfits like HuJI and SIMI were involved in it.

Police have released a sketch of a 25-year-old man, who had sent the e-mail along with video clipping of explosive laden bicycles taken before the blasts from a cyber cafe in Ghaziabad, a day after the blasts.

The same person was seen by some locals in the walled city few days before the blasts

Police had recovered the hard-disk and come to the conclusions with the help of experts that the e-mail was drafted on April 10 and was edited more than a dozen times before it was sent.

In the e-mail, a little known terrorist outfit, Indian Muzahideen, had taken the responsibility of carrying out the blasts.

Sources said, the person, who had sent the e-mail, had created a new Yahoo ID in the cyber cafe itself and used the password "mission".

With the help of the Maharashtra police, the SIT sleuths, have arrested a 28-year-old youth, Imran Qazi, at Mangao in Raigad district.

He was brought to Jaipur on Wednesday and was being interrogated.

Sources said Qazi was very much present in Jaipur on May 13, the day when the blasts were carried out. He had made calls to some places after the blasts.

Police believe that he has close links with some fundamentalist organization and some time back had visited Nigeria and Dubai.

On a tip off, Delhi Police on Wednesday arrested one Mohammad Salim, when he alighted from Poorva Express at New Delhi railway station. Police suspects he is a HuJI operative, sources said.

According to AK Jain, Additional Director General of Police (Crime), so far investigators have interrogated over a hundred people and were moving towards to crack the case.

Among those interrogated were illegal Bangladeshis, who were picked from the colonies of illegal migrants in the State capital.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>HuJI plans exposed </b>
Staff Reporter | New Delhi
Serial blasts in Delhi before weekend Militant with 3.1kg RDX spills the beans

After the serial blasts in Jaipur, the Bangladesh-based Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islami (HuJI) had planned terrorist strikes in important and crowded markets of the Capital. Interrogation of a HuJI militant, arrested near the New Delhi railway station late on Wednesday, has revealed that the outfit had planned serial blasts in Delhi before this weekend.  

According to police, <b>Mohammed Iqbal alias Abdur Rehman (31) is a native of Shamli village, UP</b>. He had come to the city to take possession of explosives hidden near <b>a mosque in Janakpuri D Block</b>, and later to terrorise the Capital with serial bomb blasts. <b>The police suspect that he was supposed to carry out the bomb blasts with a close associate who resides in Janakpuri D Block.</b>

<b>"He had buried nearly 3.1 kg of explosives, a timer and five electronic detonators in a plastic container near a mosque in September 2007. He had come to recover and use it for carrying out serial blasts in Delhi. Iqbal had also worked as the imam of a mosque in Dabri in 2007," </b>said Karnal Singh, Joint Commissioner of Police, Special Cell. The HuJI terrorist had come to the city from Bangladesh via Kolkata in the Howrah-New Delhi Express train with a fake Bangladeshi passport.

"Iqbal confessed that 10 kg of RDX was brought to Delhi by a terrorist, Rocky, and the remaining explosives could still be in Delhi. He was instructed by a HuJI commander in Bangladesh, identified as Qamar alias Nata, to conduct serial blasts at important marketplaces. Iqbal is an expert in making simple bombs and controls terrorist operations in north India. He has also received extensive training to mobilise young people to join terrorism and supplies explosives and manpower to carry out bomb blasts," said a police officer.

The interrogation of previously apprehended terrorists and other sources revealed that Pak-based terrorist outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT), in league with Bangladeshi terrorist outfit Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islami (HuJI), had jointly committed many terrorist activities in India.

During interrogation, Iqbal disclosed that in 2002 he came in contact with Jalaluddin alias Hamid alias Babu Bhai, a resident of West Bengal, who motivated him to join the ranks of terrorists. He and Jalaluddin went to Bangladesh in October 2002 and, from there, visited Pakistan on a Bangladeshi passport. In Pakistan, he was imparted a special three-month training (called Daura-e-Khas) by ISI in Sindh, Pakistan. He was specially trained in handling AK-47, China LMG, TT pistol, rocket launcher, grenade, sniper rifle, SLR and using P-3, TNT and RDX for making improvised explosive device (IED) with timer and detonator. Iqbal was also trained for making petrol bombs and other time bombs using watches.

After completing his "training" in Pakistan, Iqbal arrived in Bangladesh and met HuJI commander Qamar, who wanted him to carry out terrorist activities in various parts of India. He convinced Naushad, a resident of Bijnaur, UP, for joining terrorists and took him to Kolkata and handed him over to Jalaluddin for training in Pakistan. During this period, Iqbal worked as a "maulana" in different mosques of western UP and Delhi. In August-September 2005, on the directions of HuJI commander Qamar, he shifted his base from Muzaffarnagar (UP) to Delhi and started working as a "maulana" in Sitapuri Colony, Dabri.

He started providing a safe hideout to HuJI militants in Delhi. Jalaluddin and Qamar visited him in his Sitapuri Colony "masjid" several times and stayed with him. Jalaluddin also held discussions with him about how to ensure safe delivery of explosive in Delhi for terrorist activities. During January-February 2007, Qamar handed over to him a "consignment" of explosives for terrorist activities in Delhi, which Iqbal kept in safe custody.

Meanwhile, Jalaluddin, Naushad and others were arrested in Uttar Pradesh for their involvement in the Varanasi bomb blast. After the arrest of Jalaluddin and Naushad, Iqbal buried the consignment of explosive material in an open space in <b>Janakpuri and left Delhi. </b>A terrorist, identified as Shabir, was arrested with a consignment of explosives in June 2007, which was supposed to be delivered to Iqbal.

After the arrest of key members of his outfit, Iqbal fled to Bangladesh. He stayed in Bangladesh for a few months and in the beginning of May 2008, he was again specially trained for making IEDs and bombs. Finally, Qamar tasked him to use the buried explosives for causing serial blasts in Delhi. He was also instructed to take help from another Pakistan-trained terrorist, Haaris, a resident of Muzaffarnagar. The police are further questioning the arrested terrorist.
This Janakpuri Mosque just popped up one day, Initally this was a hut touching wall of government office , one day it had fresh white paint, when they saw police had no objection, they painted green over roof. Now there is a structure here. This is very close to Tihar jail, infact wall touches police residental complex of Tihar jail. I won't be surprised, this was created by Pakis. Check on Google - 28 36 38 35 N, 77 06 03 23 E There are two structure, one is mosque, behind is Tihar Jail and police complex. Other side or Road is Dabri. Check this place is next to Delhi Cantt Army Oil Depot, Palm Airport and Airforce Command Center, Lower gauge Cantt railway station, all west Raj, Gujarat train pass from Railway track near by.
<b>Jaipur blasts case: Bharatpur cleric detained</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->JAIPUR: The Special Investigation Team, probing the May 13 serial bomb blasts in Jaipur, has detained a cleric, hailing from Bharatpur, for his alleged role in the case and also seized his laptop, mobile phone, personal diary along with other belongings from his possession.

The cleric, identified by cops as Mohammed Illyas, was reportedly detained on Friday night. Though SIT officials have refused to divulge details about his detention, a senior cop said Illyas was first asked to come to a police station in Bharatpur and he was detained after initial questioning.

<b>“There is a strong possibility that he (Iliyash) has links with the Jaipur blasts. His cellphone records show that international calls had been made to Bangladesh and Pakistarn before the serial blasts,” </b>said a SIT officer, preferring anonymity. “It was learnt that the qazi had come to Jaipur many times before the serial blasts. He has been under watch soon after the blasts,” he added.

Sources said Illyas might have links with HuJI and SIMI and even documents recovered from his possession indicated that he might be a Pakistan spy, too. He has been reportedly taken to Jaipur and interrogations are on. “He used to run a madrassa near Kumher Gate in Bharatpur,” a senior police officer of Bharatpur said.

“First he was called to the police station. Later, cops came to his house on Friday and sized his laptop, mobile phone, diary and other belongings,” said one of Illyas’ relatives.
<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+May 28 2008, 11:21 AM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ May 28 2008, 11:21 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Illyas was first asked to come to a police station
First he was called to the police station

Does that he was nabbed and taken to police station? Language is funny, suggests he was called up and requested to come and meet in PS. What if he would have disappeared?
<b>Cleric & phone booth operator arrested for Jaipur blasts</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Bharatpur, May 28: A madarsa teacher and a telephone booth owner have been arrested in connection with the May 13 Jaipur serial bombings that killed 66 people, police said on Wednesday.
<b>The Special Investigation Team (SIT) arrested Hakimuddin, the teacher, and Kamil on Tuesday night. </b>

Hakimuddin, a resident of Nagla Imam Khan village of Mathura district, was living here for the past two years and 15-year-old Kamli was running a PCO booth at Khumer Gate in Idgah Colony in Bharatpur.

Both were arrested following disclosure of their names by <b>Mohammed Ilyas, the imam of the Bharatpur Jama Masjid, who was detained last Friday </b>and taken to Jaipur for interrogation.

<b>Hakimuddin and Kamli</b> have been taken to Jaipur for questioning, police said.
They are not Pakistani or Bangladeshi but Indian Muslims who are killing Hindus in India.
<b>Techie held for Jaipur blasts </b>

Bengaluru, June 3: The Rajasthan police on Monday arrested a software engineer, <b>who was earlier in Bengaluru, for alleged involvement in the Jaipur serial blasts last month</b>. The Rajasthan special police team that is investigating the May 13 blasts arrested Rasheed from Jaipur on charges of alleged involvement with terrorists and links with the attack.

<b>“Rasheed, 30, belongs to a village near Thiruvananthapuram, Ke-rala. He came to Bengaluru in search of a job in 2004. In 2006, he moved to Jaipur and was employed by a multinational company.</b> We have information that he could be involved in the blasts in Jaipur,” an intelligence official said.
<b>Police say one person killed in string of explosions in southern Indian city of Bangalore </b>

Fri, Jul 25 03:17 PM

NEW DELHI (AP) _ <b>A series of explosions shook the southern Indian city of Bangalore on Friday</b>, killing at least one person, police said. One woman was killed in an explosion at a bus stand in the city's Madiwala neighborhood, local police officer Ahmed Hussain told The Associated Press by telephone.

He said there had been three other explosions, though he had no immediate information on other casualties or the cause of the blasts. Indian media reports said there had been up to six blasts and up to three people killed.

Television footage showed police officers from bomb squads scouring the areas, covered with shattered glass. From the pictures, it appeared the blasts were relatively small.

Several Indian cities have been hit by serial blasts in recent months, attacks that have been blamed on Islamic militants. Bangalore, India's high-tech hub, has not been the scene of bombings in recent years, though a gunman from an Islamic group opened fire at a prestigious science institute in the city in late 2005, killing a retired professor.
<b>Seven blasts rock B'lore; Two dead, dozens injured</b> <!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->So far none of India's various Islamic guerrilla groups or outlawed Maoist insurgents have claimed responsibility for the attacks, Bidri added.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Chalo, Sonia and Moron Singh can sleep well. IB and CBI are two busy monitoring opposition and buying and selling MPs and MLAs.
OK. New way to blame all BJP ruled states for callous security.
Seriously, officers of all BJP ruled states must attend a security training in Gujarat.
Are the Bengluru blasts a signal form ISI types back off the pressure on Western borders of TSP? Soon after the Kabul Embassy bombing the US started ratcheting the ressure on TSP with Gilani getting visits etc. So are the Bengluru blasts a signal to India not to complain too much? Last nite the TV was shwoing a TSP cabinet mtg resolving to not let foreign troops operate on TSP soil. So maybe US was using the Kabul Embassy bombing origns evidence to pressure the TSP to allow hot pursuit in the FATA land? And these are a message to India there is more to come if this pressure increases?
<!--QuoteBegin-ramana+Jul 26 2008, 12:14 AM-->QUOTE(ramana @ Jul 26 2008, 12:14 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Are the Bengluru blasts a signal form ISI types back off the pressure on Western borders of TSP? Soon after the Kabul Embassy bombing the US started ratcheting the ressure on TSP with Gilani getting visits etc. So are the Bengluru blasts a signal to India not to complain too much? Last nite the TV was shwoing a TSP cabinet mtg resolving to not let foreign troops operate on TSP soil. So maybe US was using the Kabul Embassy bombing origns evidence to pressure the TSP to allow hot pursuit in the FATA land? And these are a message to India there is more to come if this pressure increases?
You are giving too much credit to Pakis and ignoring homegrown Jihad in India. Same problem is with Indian leadership, complete denial.
Currently, there are couple of branches of Jihad is working in Indian Sub continent. All attacks within India is handiwork of Indian Muslims, we have to change our own mindset and comeout of denial blaming Paki or BDs and stop identifying relaity. No attack within India without Indian Muslim involvement is impossible. Imams of Mosques are directly involved and they are linked to international level.
What happened in Kabul is different branch. So we should identify Indian branch and its leadership. Currently, its not clear who is leader or there are multiple leaders and working as independent subgroups.
Just *yesterday* someone from this forum had predicted this. Then I didn't give it any serious thought, but this person was correct. To quote this person "<i>These Islamist are so predictable now. Only Indian leasdership is sleeping.</i>"

Notice the timelines and the regularity of the interval of these blasts, it's absolutely amazing.
Now why it is predictable -
1) Time required to see government reaction
2) Moblize local asset for new target
3) Target different region, because it takes 40 days to forget what happened.

Why they are successfull?
Because government release some statement no action, blame on Bangladesh or ISI.
IB is very busy spying opposition political leaders.
People don't care till their own family is involved.

Very sorry state of India.
Junk from B.Raman
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->We have had three waves of anger among the Indian Muslim youth -- the first was after the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992 and the second after the Gujarat riots of 2002. These waves have since dissipated. Since last year, one has been noticing a fresh wave of anger after the convictions of a number of Muslims by a Mumbai court in the Mumbai blasts of March, 1993. A common theme in all their Internet chatter is what they see as the inherent unfairness of the Indian criminal justice system towards Muslims.

While taking strong action against the terrorists, whoever they are, it is important to address this perception that our criminal justice system is unfair to Muslims.

Somebody ask why people from other religion don't go out and kill innocent. Do B.Raman think that women on earth gets fair treatment, do they go and kill people. Indian Muslims are spoiled brats in India, victim is majority Hindus who are ridiculed by Sikh Prime Minister of India on Amarnath yatra, or astrology or Ram Setu or Seer or Diwali or Holi or Sachar commission or Muslim first on Indian resources. Hindu are not blowing bombs all over India. B.Raman is very old, he better take retirment near 10 Janapth Road and spare us from his nonsense.
From deccan chronicle, 26 july 2008

<b>IT shaken, demands more security</b>
Bengaluru, July 25: The IT, BT and BPO industries in Bengaluru, especially those situated in Electronics City and other parts of Hosur Road, experienced one of the most frightening days on Friday.  They were stuck with just the Internet to tell them what was happening in Bengaluru, with networks being jammed and their main connecting road to the city in chaos.

"At Biocon it was business as usual. What happened did send shockwaves like it did in the rest of the city, but we carried on with work as usual. When it came to getting back to the city, we decided to avoid that road and this led to some long detours," said Ms Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, CMD, Biocon. Some companies in Electronics City like VXL, Patni and Hewlett Packard chose to shut operations, but the employees who left in the afternoon were stranded for more than a couple of hours on the roads. "I took over four hours to reach my house in Indiranagar, even though I left work around 2:30 pm. I got dropped near my house at only around 7 pm, and we sat glued

listening to the radio and surfing the Internet  though mobile phones to know what was happening in the city," said Mr Ashwin P., employee, Hewlett Packard. While the industry shuttled between choosing to stick to work and letting employees go home early, the Union for ITeS professionals reiterated its proposal to the Home Minister to beef up security for the crucial sector.

<b> "This is not the first time that terror attacks have taken place here to destabilise the city’s IT industry. We would like the government of Karnataka to form a committee to monitor the threat perceptions to IT/ITES and BT firms from physical and data terror. We would also like better protection for IT/ITES & BT firms and employees by using company security and police personnel," </b>Unites said in a memorandum to the government.

Husband saw his wife die

Bengaluru, July 25: When death came calling for Sudha, the 40-year-old housewife was standing at a bus stop in Madivala while her husband was only yards away. He survived the explosion, the first of the eight serial blasts that rocked the city on Friday. Sudha did not. “I was behind Madivala bus stop when I heard a deafening sound and saw my wife being thrown in the air. For a few seconds, my mind went blank and I was blinded by the blast. When the smoke cleared I saw her lying on the ground in a pool of blood,” said T. Ravi. Even before he could rush to his wife’s side, a passers-by rushed him to Nimhans. Ravi, who suffered injuries to the face and the back of the head and received three stitches, is out of danger. <b>But he is disconsolate, and blames himself for his wife’s death.</b>

According to Ravi, the couple was returning from St. Johns’s Hospital where he had consulted a doctor for chest pain.  They were waiting for a bus to return home when the blast, the most powerful of all the explosions, claimed its first and only victim.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Sorry brother.
If the likes of this pathetic loser, B. Raman were/are staffing RAW, no wonder they aren't able to capture any of terrorists who blew up these places. Instead, Hindus are blamed. What a shameless scumbag this guy B. Raman is. All this while Manmohan is probably doing a striptease for Musharaff. Someone send him some bangles and sari.
Pandyan saar, why blame Raman? RAW, IB, CBI are directly influenced by prevailing govt of the day. They are forced into political intrigues and inter party rivalries.

PMs like IK Gujral are responsible for instructing RAW to take apart its infrastructure in pakistan. The intelligence services must be given clear goals and allowed to work towards them.

IMHO, RAW was at its best during 1971. After that it was effectively defanged for Bharat-paki bhai chara.

Raman seems to give credence to this nonsense of Muslim "victim" syndrome through his articles, check his latest article, made me sick, has anyone asked him if justice has been done to Kashmiri Pandits or the thousands of other Hindu victims of Islamic terror, but I don't see any of them setting off bombs, has Raman written after Gujarat riots that we have to understand Hindu frustration and sense of grievance over the lack of justice to Kashmiri Pandits like he does after every blast by Islamic terrorists mentioning Babri, Gujarat bla bla bla.

It's sickening to see such articles and applause by some morons (not anyone on this forum) given to him as if being former RAW personnel makes his every word a gospel truth.
Whether Raman gives credence to the victim syndrome or not, fact is, many muslims do feel victimized (this may be real or imagined).

What I think these incidents are trying to achieve is a Godhra like reaction which puts Hindus/Muslims at each other's throats. This would further institutionalize the sense of victimhood.

He's correct IMVHO, that we must disabuse the IMs of the notion of being victimized. There is an effort to keep muslims from integrating into the mainstream and this is a step towards that goal.

Now, about the fact that Hindus have been screwed by Nehru's brand of secularism, few Hindus are even aware of their history themselves. So why blame him for not talking about hindu POV in Gujarat?

There have been numerous bomb blasts all over the country, and yet there have been no mass demonstrations/outrage denouncing this and demanding action. I feel as a nation we are not really sure how to respond to this. Add to that our unwillingness to take a hit. During Operation Parakram, our itvity ppl pressured the govt not to escalate for fear of losing revenue.

Attempts by GOI to impose export tax on high quality iron ore sold to China raised a big stink among the Indian steel lobby who was afraid to lose revenue (nevermind the fact that the ore will probably be used to make tanks, bullets and guns that will kill our jawans).

If we as a nation stood shoulder to shoulder with the Kashmiris Hindus then, then most probably this would not be happening now as we would have developed the tools to deal with this sort of violence.

Bottomline, I dont see us as willing to take some pain in return for long term gain.

JMT cents.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->He's correct IMVHO, that we must disabuse the IMs of the notion of being victimized. There is an effort to keep muslims from integrating into the mainstream and this is a step towards that goal.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Ya and you don't disabuse by publicizing such nonsense after every blast

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Now, about the fact that Hindus have been screwed by Nehru's brand of secularism, few Hindus are even aware of their history themselves. So why blame him for not talking about hindu POV in Gujarat?<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Because he tries to act like some intelletcual after every blast and is supposed to be some expert, its the intellectuals who play a huge part in shaping public opinion, so why didn't he say that "we have to understand the Hindu sense of victimhood over what happened to Kashmiri Pandits that played a role in this carnage" after Gujarat riots or after every riot, but no he never does, because he knows thats not what the "secularist" establishment wants to hear and so plays it safe.

Muslims have been playing the victim since British rule no matter what and its a mistake in my opinion to give any credence to their demands which are mostly nonsense anyway, and its not the govt's job to coddle them and make them integrate, when in 47 they stayed on after partition they implicitly agreed to integrate, if not any muslims who live in delusions of maintaining a separate identity (thru sharia in civil matters or whatever) always have their promised land next door and they don't belong in India.

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