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Year 2012 -satya/dwapara Yuga
<b>Will the world end in 2012? </b>

By Jaime Licauco
Last updated 10:16pm (Mla time) 09/03/2007

MANILA, Philippines—The Mayan calendar predicted the world would end Dec. 21, 2012. Is this true?

Yes, the world, as we know it, will definitely end on that date, but it will not be the end of the world.

I hesitated to write this article because I did not want to scare people. But I was told by an angelic being that I must.

This article began on my way back to Manila from Poland. In a big book and electronics store at the Amsterdam airport, two titles caught my attention: “The End of Time, the Mayan Prophecies Revisited” by Adrian Gilbert and “Building Your Mental Muscle.”

The mysterious Mayan civilization flourished in meso America then disappeared without a trace. It left fabulous temples, pyramids and other strange monuments with stranger writings.

The Mayans always fascinated me. The amazing calendar they left behind traced the precise movements of the planets and the stars without using any instruments. It described the present earth cycle from Aug. 11, 3114 BC, to Dec. 21, 2012.

Back in Manila, I got a copy of an article by novelist Benjamin Anastas about the Mayan prophecies, reprinted from the New York Times, from my neighbor Ricky Gonzales, a management consultant. I was struck by the coincidence.

<b>Escalating phenomenon</b>

The article tells about the growing interest in recent years about doomsday scenarios as predicted by the Mayan calendar.

“The Mayan calendar,” according to the article, “is at the center of an escalating cultural phenomenon, with New Age roots, that unites numinous (spiritual) dreams of societal transformation with the darker tropes of biblical cataclysm. To some, 2012 will bring the end of time; to others, it carries the promise of a new beginning; still to others, 2012 provides an explanation for troubling new realities—environmental change, for example, that seem beyond the control of technology and impervious to reason.”

Predictions about the end of the world is nothing new. Ancient Gnostics, for example, predicted the arrival of God’s kingdom as early as the first century. Christians in Europe attacked pagan territories in the north to prepare for the end of the world in the first millennium.

The Shakers believed the world would end in 1792. The Jehovah’s Witnesses have set the end dates from 1914-1994.

“Any religious movement with an end-time prophecy is certain to attract followers,” says Anastas.

In the Philippines, a religious cult believed the world would end Dec. 31, 1999. Its members went inside a cave in Tagaytay wearing helmets and waited for the end that never came.

A few years before that, a retired military officer predicted the world would be destroyed and two-thirds of the population would perish. The other one-third would be taken by UFOs (unidentified flying objects) through a beam of light.


With all these failed prophecies, why is the Mayan calendar prediction attracting a growing following even in the scientific community? Is there something different about it?

Yes, according to experts.

John Major Jenkins says the Mayan lineage goes back to 2000 years. He argues that the ancient Maya “calendar priests” charted a 26,000-year astronomical cycle, called precession of the equinoxes, with the naked eye.

The 2012 end-date coincides with the “galactic alignment” of the winter solstice sun and the axis that modern astronomers draw to bisect the Milky Way, called the galactic equator.

Adrian Gilbert, in his book “The End of Time,” says, “Not only is the night of 21-22 December the longest in the year, but because of the precession of the equinoxes it corresponds with the day the sun stands exactly at one of the star-gate crossing-points of the elliptic with the median plane of the Milky Way.”

Gilbert names this position the “southern star gate—its counterpart, the northern star gate being placed exactly over the up stretched hand of Orion.”

Precession refers to the “slow movement of the axis of a spinning object around another axis.” Equinox is “the time the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of equal length.”

<b>Gilbert says this means on Dec. 22, any person observing the sun will also be looking toward the core of the Milky Way, the place astronomers say has a black hole with a mass some three million times that of our sun</b>.

Gilbert believes what was prophesied in the Book of Revelations is already happening, coinciding with the Mayan calendar. “This moment,” says Gilbert, “when the sun is located at the southern star gate and Orion, with its northern star gate, is dominant in the night sky, will signify the termination of the tribulation prophesied in the Book of Revelation and the true beginning of a new age.”

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Raju, A white tortoise was found in Andhra Pradesh. Very rare event.

Connect me to the relevance ramana ? thanks

The History Of The Future
Mark Lewis 10.15.07, 6:00 PM ET

The future, as a concept, was born in ancient Mesopotamia, when people began studying the heavens for clues to impending events. But the Babylonians and their fellow stargazers (including the Maya) had a limited idea of the future: They thought time was cyclical, so they were not inclined to contemplate the shape of things to come. What goes around, comes around; why conjure up visions of an improved future Babylon if it will only be destroyed when the cycle ends?

These days, certain New Age seers who study the Mayan "Long Count" calendar have concluded that time's current cycle is due to end--cataclysmically--on Dec. 21, 2012. Consider yourself warned. But most of us look at time as a linear continuum, and we expect the future to be different than the present. For the more optimistic among us, the future will not merely be different--it will be better.

Where did we get this idea? Not from the Greeks and Romans, who "really did not have any idea of progress per se," says history professor Timothy Burke, who teaches a course at Swarthmore College about the cultural history of the idea of the future.
In Pictures: Futurists Through The Ages

Nor did we get it from the great Eastern religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, which emphasize reincarnation and a cyclical sense of time. Judaism, in contrast, is rooted in a sense of history, which it bequeathed to Christianity. And for Christians, time is most definitely linear: It began with the Creation and it will end on Judgment Day. In between, according to Saint Augustine, there is room for progress toward a better world.

Most Christian prognosticators during the Middle Ages were fixated on the Book of Revelation, which points to the Apocalypse. But in due course came the Renaissance, which gave rise to the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment--and it was at this point, Burke says, that the idea of a better future took hold. At first, it was a matter of moral progress: Mankind was expected to use reason to develop philosophically. "In the 19th century, that kind of idea becomes much more technological and scientific," Burke says.

The key transition figure was Charles Lyell, whose Principles of Geology, first published in 1830, promulgated the concept of geologic time. This was a world-shaking development, comparable to the insight of Copernicus that the Earth revolved around the sun. Prior to the 19th century, people in the West had generally assumed that the world was less than 6,000 years old. After Lyell, people had to contend with the mind-boggling idea that the world was, in fact, billions of years old, with billions of years still to come. Human history was merely a blip on this cosmic timeline.

Next, Charles Darwin jumped in with a theory that made good use of all this time, by giving it over to evolution. And evolution need not be limited to biology. If the so-called Social Darwinists such as Herbert Spencer were right, society would inevitably develop into something more splendid in the future.

Seers such as Jules Verne started writing books that imagined various high-tech futures, when people would travel to the moon, to the center of the Earth, or to the bottom of the ocean, which (per Verne) was located 20,000 leagues under the sea. Then the Victorians passed into history, succeeded by a more pessimistic generation which envisioned dystopian futures, like H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and George Orwell's 1984.

Throughout the 20th century, the cult of progress was besieged by dissenters who thought the future was fraught with unpleasant possibilities. Still, the optimists have held their own, and they celebrated a particular triumph on July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong of the Apollo 11 mission first walked on the moon, as prophesied by Verne. Yet the No. 1 song on the Billboard pop chart that same week was the anti-technology screed "In the Year 2525" by Zager and Evans, which hinted at a return to cyclical time. The song was the biggest hit of 1969, an indication that the future remained a problematic concept for many people.

Zager and Evans were one-hit wonders who soon disappeared from the charts--whereas the cult of progress remains a going concern in 2007. The song from Casablanca said it better: The fundamental things apply, as time goes by.
Raju, Of all the people I thought you would connect immediately. The Kurma avatara was to enable the churning of the Khseera Sagara (the Milky way). It could be a harbinger of the stellar alignment this thread talks about.

Off course all this is if you believe. if you dont its an albino tortoise or a genetic mistake!

Deccan Chronicle
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->White tortoise in Warangal foxes experts

Warangal: <b>A white tortoise brought in by an inebriated fisherman has foxed wildlife experts here. </b>The tortoise was left with one Ch Kishore of Krishna Interior Decors by a fisherman on Wednesday night.
“The fisherman came to my shop in an inebriated condition and left even before I could ask him where he got it,” Mr Kishore said. <b>Many elders thronged the shop to see the tortoise. They said it was an omen as it signified the kurma (tortoise) avataram of Lord Vishnu.</b>

<b>One elder said that the white tortoise was found during the churning of Pala Samudram, the mythical ocean of milk, by gods and demons for amrutam, the divine nectar.</b> “It could cost around Rs 1 lakh in the international market and there  would be many buyers given its importance in our mythology,” said Mr Avula Sudhakar who had come to see the tortoise. Later on Thursday, Mr Kishore asked wildlife experts but no one had seen a similar tortoise. <b>Fisheries deputy director R. Purushotham said </b>that it was for the first time in his 30-year career that he had seen a white tortoise. <b>“It could be due to sudden mutations or due to genetic changes.” Mr Purushotham said. “It should be given to the wildlife sanctuary or the forest department for protection and research,” </b>he said.


And mind you Warangal is land locked.
Pardon me for the delayed response, it skipped me completely. And yes, I believe in every event and take the holistic view. In that view every dot connects and every clue helps solving the bigger puzzle. So divine clues are being dropped that we are indeed entering 'yuga sandhyayam'.
I wonder if Anglo-Saxon interest in researching esoteric subjects is an out growth of their reading the Nazi files after the defeat of Nazi Germany? This research started picking up in the late sixties by which time some of the stuff might have been absorbed and understood.
Most of the researchers hae this air of being drop outs from the mainstream path.
Yes, definitely there is a Nazi link in wider dispersion of such theories in west..

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>The Paranormal SS E-IV unit</b>

The SS itself had its own paranormal unit so it is not just a fantasy as seen in, for instance, the videogame Return To Castle Wolfenstein. In fact, this videogame has quite much realism.

The unit was officially known as SS E-IV (ENTWICKLUNGS-STELLE IV DER SCHWARZEN SONNE)* and was mainly operating in the field of alternative energy (Zero point, Vril, ...) so to free Germany from the bonds of dependance of the country for conventional fuel.

[[ * Remember that, official story tells us SS stands for Schutzstaffel, but the fact is it meant Schwarze Sonne, or Black Sun. Read further on to know why ]]

One of the projects E-IV worked in was the THULE-TACHYONATOR by H. Cole, which Mensch 2.0 talks about in a recent thread.

They also worked in the development of a flying machine nicknamed FLIEGENDE SCHILDKRÖTE (see pic below) which the SS E-IV allegedly built in Wiener Neustadt

Developments were carried out together with Schriever und Habermohl for the new V-7 which was powered by twelve BMW 028 engines. It could reach a height of 24200 meter (80,000 feet) at a rate of 800m per minute (2600 feet) and a horizontal displacement speed of 2200 km/h (1350 mph). The curious thing is that it was powered by a non-revealed source of unconventional energy. However those machines were never tested again but only once in 1944 in the famous rocket base of Peenemünde. The allied bombings stroke the facility very soon so no further tests were made.

Apart from all this, the SS E-IV tightly collaborated with all sort of german scientists and it is said also with the Thule and Vril secret societies. What is known for sure is that they participated in the testing of the Haunebu/Vril/Andromeda-gerät flying machines.

So what we see in the videogame Return To Castle Wolfenstein starts to be similar to reality.

The authors of the game actually inspired the game in what it is the TRUE Headquarters of the SS, and home specially of the SS E-IV: Schloss Wewelsburg. This castle is a Renaissance castle located in the northwest of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, in the village of Wewelsburg.
The castle features inside some well-known insignia such as the SCHWARZE SONNE (as we said, the meaning of SS), placed on some of the halls and in the SS crypt in the basement. Next to the castle there was the smallest german concentration camp of World War II. See below:

<img src='http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/ff/Black_Sun.svg/180px-Black_Sun.svg.png' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

<img src='http://usmbooks.com/images/Wewelsburg%20Book/Wewelsburg2a.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' /><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><img src='http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/ff/Black_Sun.svg/180px-Black_Sun.svg.png' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

The Wewelsburg symbol can be deconstructed into three swastikas; a "rising", a "zenith" & a "setting" one, the design is popular among German Neo-Nazis as a replacement for the outlawed *singular swastika symbol. Another interpretation is that the symbol incorporates twelve reversed "Sig runes" of the Armanen runes.

* Schwarze Sonne is NOT punishable by German authorities

Allegedly, the design was drawn for Heinrich Himmler from an "old aryan emblem", and was meant to mimic the Round table of Arthurian legend with each spoke of the sun wheel representing one "knight" or Officer of the "inner" SS. According to James Twining, "The symbol of the Black Sun unites the three most important symbols of Nazi ideology - the sun wheel, the swastika and the stylised victory rune." and that it is symbolic in its form representing "the twelve SS Knights of The Order of the Death's Head and their three retainers).

Erich Halik was the first to link the esoteric SS with the Black Sun roundel insignia carried by German aircraft in the polar region at the close of World War II.

In 1919 Karl Haushofer founded a second order, the "BRÜDER DES LICHTS" (Brothers of the Light) that later was renamed "VRIL-GESELLSCHAFT". In this united the new Templar order "DIE HERREN VOM SCHWARZEN STEIN" (DHvSS, The Lords of the Black Stone) that emerged in 1917 from the Teutonic Order, and the "SCHWARZE RITTER" (Black Knights) of the Thule and <b>SS elite "SCHWARZE SONNE" (Black Su</b>n).

<b>Secret society researcher Jan van Helsing informs us that the Nazi party initials SS in actual fact stands for SCHWARZE SONNE which means ‘Black Sun’ in German. This implies there was a coded hidden reference to the Black Sun whenever SS runes were displayed. In-other-words, the Nazis were magically trying to invoke the hidden force of the Black Sun itself.</b>

Himmler's interest in spaceflight grew out of his personal commitment to the occult. When he had been appointed leader of the Schutzstaffel (German for Protection Squad--J.T.) in 1929, the group had been a small unit within the larger Sturmabteilung or Brownshirt militia, a kind of Secret Service devoted to the protection of Hitler and the Nazi leadership. By 1945, however, Himmler had transformed the SS into "a state within a state." Under his direction, the SS had become the SCHWARZE SONNE (German for Black Sun--J.T.), an order of mystics that numbered in the low millions.

This reference to the SCHWARZE SONNE in general, connecting it with SS, appears in books as well, for instance DEUTSCHE Flugscheiben und U-Boote ÜBERWACHEN DIE WELTMEERE by O.Bergmann.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Maria Orsic

(also known and Maria Orschitsch was a famous medium who became the leader of the Vril Gesellschaft. She was born in Vienna (Austria). Her father was a Croatian immigrant from Zagreb, her mother was from Vienna.

Maria soon followed the German national movement which was active at this time; the main goal of the movement was to annex Austria with the German Reich. In the year 1919 Maria moved to München, to her boyfriend, who became later her fiancé. It is unknown whether they married or not, because they both disappeared in 1945.
<img src='http://i17.tinypic.com/2meb7kn.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />
<i>Maria Orsic</i>
In Munich Maria was in contact with the Thule Gesellschaft and soon she created her own circle together with Traute A. from Munich and several other friends: the “Alldeutsche Gesellschaft für Metaphysik”, official name of the Vril Gesellschaft. All of them were young ladies, which among other things were against the arising fashion of short hair-styles for women. Both Maria and Traute were beautiful ladies with very long hair; Maria was blond and Traute was brown-haired. They had long horse tails, a very uncommon hairstyle at that time. This became a disctinctive characteristic in all the women who integrated Vril which was maintained till May 1945. They believed that their long hair acted as cosmic antennae to receive alien communication from beyond. In public, however, they hardly ever exhibited the hair in horse tail style. For identification, Vril members (also called “Vrilerinnen”) wore a disk which represented the two mediums: Maria Orsic and Sigrun.

In December 1919 a small group of persons from Thule, Vril and DHvSS (Men of the black stone) rented a small forester’s lodge in the vicinity of Berchtesgaden (Germany) where they met, accompanied by Maria Orsic and another medium who is only known as Sigrun. Maria claimed to have received mediumistically transmissions in a secret German Templar script - a language unknown to her - containing technical data for the construction of a flying machine. Vril documents mention these telepathic messages had their origin in Aldebaran, a solar system 68 light-years away in the constellation Taurus. She had two piles of papers: one with the Templar script, the other with a legible writing. Maria suspected the second pile would be written in an ancient eastern language and therefore she could be aided by the “Panbabylonists”, a circle close to the Thule society which was integrated by Hugo Winckler, Peter Jensen, Friedrich Delitzsch and others. It turned out that the apparently misterious language was actually ancient Summerian and hence the language of the ancient Babylonian culture founders. Sigrun, from the Vril gesellschaft helped translate the language and decipher the strange mental images of a circular flight machine.

The concept of “other science” (or “alternative science”) matured in this time and the following years. Because of the financing difficulties it took three years until the flying machine project started taking shape. By 1922, parts for the machine began arriving independently from various industrial sources paid in full by Thule and Vril.

In late November 1924 she visited Rudolf Hess in his apartment in Munich, together with Rudolf von Sebottendorf, the founder of the Thule Gesellschaft. Sebottendorf wanted to contact Dietrich Eckart, who had deceased one year before. Eckert had translated Ibsen’s plays into German and had published the magazine “Auf gut Deutsch”; he had also been a member of the Thule Gesellschaft. To establish contact with Eckart, Sebottendorff and other Thulists (amongst them Ernst Schulte-Strathauss) joined hands around a black-draped table.

Hess found unnerving to watch Maria Orsic’s eyeballs rolling back and showing only whites, and to see her slumping backward in her chair, mouth agape. However Sebottendorff smiled in satisfaction as the voice of Eckart started coming out of the medium. Eckart announced that he was obliged to let someone else’s voice come through, with an important message. A weird voice then identified itself as “the Sumi, dwellers of a distant world, which orbits the star Aldebaran in the constellation you call Taurus the Bull”. Hess and Schulte-Strathaus blinked at each other in surprise. According to the voice, the Sumi were an humanoid race who had briefly colonized Earth 500 million years ago. The ruins of ancient Larsa, Shurrupak and Nippur in Iraq had been built by them. Those of them who survived the great flood of Ut-napishtim (the Deluge of Noah’s Ark) had become the ancestors of the Aryan race. Sebottendorff remained skeptical and asked for proof. While Maria was still in a trance, she scribbled several lines of queer-looking marks. Those marks turned out to be ancient Summerian characters, the language of the founders of the oldest Babylonian culture.

<img src='http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/3152/kolbergfk0.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />
<i>Kolberg in 1940</i>

In December 1943 Maria attended, together with Sigrun, a meeting held by Vril at the seaside resort of Kolberg. The main purpose of the meeting was to deal with the “Aldebaran project”. The Vril mediums had received precise information regarding the habitable planets around the sun Aldebaran and they were willing to plan a trip there. This project was discussed again the 22nd January 1944 in a meeting between Hitler, Himmler, Dr. W. Schumann (scientist and professor in the Technical University of Munich) and Kunkel of the Vril Gesellschaft. It was decided that a Vril 7 “Jäger” would be sent through a dimension channel independent of the speed of light to Aldebaran. According to N. Ratthofer (writer), a first test flight in the dimension channel took place in late 1944. The test flight almost ended in disaster because after the flight the Vril 7 looked “as if it had been flying for a hundred years”. Its outer skin looked aged and had suffered damages in several places.

<b>Maria Orsic disappeared in 1945. The 11th of March of 1945 an internal document of the Vril Gesellschaft was sent to all its members; a letter written by Maria Orsic. The letter ends: “niemand bleibt hier” (noone is staying here). This was the last announcement from Vril, and since then noone heard again from Maria or the rest of members. It is speculated they escaped to Aldebaran</b>.


A. Marco - Vril, ovnis y sociedades secretas
Barry Taylor - Vril Society “The Yellow Book” no. 5
Joseph Trainor - UFO Roundup, 10-6
Wikipedia - Vril
Various authors - Vril Gesellschaft (Politik Forum)
N. Ratthofer - Das Vril Projekt
Mental Ray - Vril Geist


<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->"<b>The Vril motto “Not all good comes from above” summarizes the entire history of the Vril Gesellschaft (Society) from its inception to the final days of WW2 when this occult group seemed to vanish right off the face of the earth</b>.

The name Vril is the shortening of “VRI-IL” (sumerian word) which means “Like God”. Officially Vril was “The All German Society for Metaphysics” which merged with the Thule Gesellschaft and the obscure DHvSS (Men of the Black Stone) in the year 1919.

Each occult group had its own distinct beliefs and origins. <b>The DHvSS (1912) worshipped the German mountain goddess Isias and the Schwarz Stein (black stone). The Thule Gesellschaft (1917) believed in the hollow earth theory and derived its name from Ultima Thule the ancient capital of Hyperborea at the top of the world. Vril worshipped the Black Sun (the invisible inner light of the Godhead) which supposedly gave or generated incredible power and communicated with Aryan aliens through psychic channeling.</b>

But unlike the other two groups the Vril Gesellschaft were an inner circle of women who were also fighting against their times and culture. They were psychic mediums that wore a horse-tail hairstyle. They believed that their long hair acted as cosmic antennae to receive alien communication from beyond. So this is where the Vril disc story begins.

Despite their distrust of men, the women of Vril joined with the Thule Gesellschaft and DHvSS in order to construct an inter-dimensional channeled flight disc known as the JenseitsFlugMaschine (JFM). By 1922 the odd disc shaped machine was constructed in Munich and tested for two years. It is not known if any success with channeled flight was ever achieved but a certain W.O. Schumann of the Technical University of Munich invented a levitator from the channeled JFM information provided by the mediums Maria Orsic and Sigrun. By 1924 the JFM project was scrapped but work continued on perfecting the levitator unit known by then as the Schumann SM-Levitator.

With the Nazi Party in power in 1933 (which itself originated from the Thule Gesellschaft) the occultists now received official backing for their continued development of the flight discs. Thule and Vril started with the RFZ (RundFlugZeug, or Round Aircraft) series from 1934-41.

As war had started in 1939 the RFZ-5 became the Haunebu I and by 1941 the RFZ-7 had become the Vril 1 Jager (Hunter). The reason for the changes were due to Thule’s revolutionary Triebwerk (Thrustwork) engine that used rotating electro-magnetic-gravitic fields to affect gravity. Vril had by 1941 perfected the SM-Levitator as well and thus two new series entered limited construction, but with slightly different goals.

Thule wanted to develop both a production combat craft and a functional Raumschiff (Spaceship). Vril, by comparison, only wanted to develop Raumschiffen to reach Aldebaran in the Taurus Constellation 68 light years from earth.

<b>As Hitler had forbid secret societies in Germany from 1941 forward, both Thule and Vril were documented under the SS Technical Branch Unit E-IV (Entwicklungsstelle 4) tasked with developing alternative energies. This unit had already helped with the RFZ series but now “officially” Thule and Vril did not exist. Vril became known secretly as “the chain”. Vril members wore a Doppelsignet disc that represented the two mediums Maria Orsic and Sigrun.</b>

The first purely Vril disc - the Vril 1 Jager (Hunter) was constructed in 1941 and first flew in 1942. It was 11.5 meters in diameter, had a single pilot, and could achieve 2,900 km/h - 12,000 km/h! It flew with a metal dome at first but subsequent test versions had a heavily reinforced glass dome and could seat two crew. Flight endurance was 5.5 hrs. It was planned to arm this craft with two MK-108 cannon plus 2 MG-17 machineguns. Seventeen of these craft were constructed and tested between 1942-44 with 84 test flights

The Vril 2 Zerstorer (Destroyer) was a highly advanced oval shaped disc that was much too complex for the time period; thus it was projected for 1945/46, so no construction was started. The Vril 3 and 4 have been photographed but no surviving information is found on them. Vrils 5 and 6 likewise do not show up and may have only been projects. The Vril 7 and 8, however, were constructed.

The Vril 7 Geist (Ghost) was 45 meters in diameter and crewed by fourteen men. It was built in 1944 and tested at Arado-Brandenburg using Vril‘s own Triebwerk.

<b>Vril’s medium Sigrun made frequent trips to the facility to oversee construction and testing. In 1944, Arado engineers approached her with a request. They wanted to know if the Vril Triebwerk could be adapted to one of their projects- the Arado E.555 strategic bomber. They were abruptly told , “No” and returned to their designs which resulted in eleven different versions of the bomber</b>.

Sigrun was actually insulted because the entire purpose of the Vril discs was aimed at space flight. No conventional bomber could withstand the heat of the velocity achieved by these machines which were constructed of hulls specially made of an advanced metal called Viktalen (in some sources Victalen or Viktalon). The Vril 1 had a single hull of this type, the Vril 7 two. The large Haunbeu III had three!

With the SS supervising all aspects of the disc programs every model had to have at least theoretical provision for armament. In the Vril 7 Geist it would have been four MK-108 cannon.

The Vril 8 Odin was the last official Vril disc that was flight tested in the spring of 1945 during the collapse. This disc had an automatic Oberon upward-firing gun installation on top of the control center.

The Vril Gesellschaft had started evacuating to Base 211 in Neu Schwabenland Antarctica in March 1945 so it would seem like the Vril 8 Odin was the last Vril disc actually tested. However, some weeks after Germany surrendered both Haunebu and Vril craft were spotted in the skies over occupied Germany. Although the Vril 9 Abjager (Universal Hunter) was show as a design on paper, a craft identical to it was photographed postwar.

Vril’s final plan was the construction of a large 139 meter long cylindrical Raumschiff known by the SS E-IV Unit as the Andromeda-Gerat. Work on this “flying cigar” was to commence in 1945 at a huge, sheltered above-ground Zeppelin-like hangar. Once completed it could internally accommodate one large Haunebu IV and two Vril 2 craft, making the journey to Aldebaran, the ultimate dream of the Vril Gesellschaft.

Although these mysterious craft seem to come from the realm of science fiction it is interesting to note that once Germany was occupied and the military Intel teams swept through the defeated nation all documentation and evidence of the Vril Gesellschaftwas destroyed by the Allies. If the occult Society and craft never existed and did not represent any threat to the Allies then why has all trace of their existence been forcefully carried out by the victors?

“Not all good comes from above”. For Vril it came “from beyond… 68 light years from earth” and it was this obsession that lead to ALL of the occult German disc programs. One can only wonder if any of them truly made it to their ultimate destination?"

So now you have an idea what's going on.
one of the most unknown thing of the Vril society is their components (women) and their alleged estethic (long hair).

"But unlike the other two groups the Vril Gesellschaft were an inner circle of women who were also fighting against their times and culture. They were psychic mediums that wore a horse-tail hairstyle. They believed that their long hair acted as cosmic antennae to receive alien communication from beyond."

<img src='http://www.alexmarco.net/images/weblog/logo.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

Alldeutsche Gesellschaft für Metaphysik - 20 Jahre Vril G.
<img src='http://www.alexmarco.net/images/weblog/Festschrift.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

Maria Orsitsch ('Orsic')
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Maria Orsitsch
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Traute (notice the eagle embroided on the chest)
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Sigrun (next to a plane)
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As written in the document, maybe Sigrun? (one again in the sketch, an embroided eagle)
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A document featuring the Vril Gesellschaft logo
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From post 150

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Despite their distrust of men, the women of Vril joined with the Thule Gesellschaft and DHvSS in order to construct an inter-dimensional channeled flight disc known as the JenseitsFlugMaschine (JFM). By 1922 the odd disc shaped machine was constructed in Munich and tested for two years. It is not known if any success with channeled flight was ever achieved <b>but a certain W.O. Schumann of the Technical University of Munich invented a levitator from the channeled JFM information provided by the mediums Maria Orsic and Sigrun. By 1924 the JFM project was scrapped but work continued on perfecting the levitator unit known by then as the Schumann SM-Levitator</b>.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Dr. W.O. Schumann worked on special batteries and on odd dipolar radio frequency sending units during the war at Die Technische Hochschule Muenchen. He later announced the <b>Schumann Resonance</b>, came to the USA, and probably was responsible for modern ELF communications, especially useful for submarines, as it was for the Germans during World War Two. Rumors have it that Schumann, using Tesla standing wave transmission technology (which he patented) at the frequency of the Schumann Resonance, and using his dipolar antenneas, was able to send enough energy to American submarines to recharge their batteries on the other side of the planet as they dug mile long antenneas to receive this energy.

<b>So Anglo-Saxon interest in researching esoteric subjects and occult got a jumpstart after they began coming to terms with it after they started studying Nazi technology & its development patterns</b>.

<i>some links</i>
On Bulwert-Lytton: Agharta, Shambala, Vril and the Occult Roots of Nazi Power

<!--QuoteBegin-acharya+Apr 21 2007, 07:23 AM-->QUOTE(acharya @ Apr 21 2007, 07:23 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->We need discussion on why there is great interest in 2012 and why all the cultures have been studied to create their version of history.


Acharya, your question of 2012 from western perspective and why other cultures are being studied has now probably been answered.

<!--QuoteBegin-ramana+Apr 21 2007, 10:40 PM-->QUOTE(ramana @ Apr 21 2007, 10:40 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->...Also note its not the Hindus who are studying this so called phenomenon for over twenty years at least. I still ask why are they doing this? looks like there is some popular imagination call it pagan roots that still accords some significance to such planetary line-ups. The subject is being studied to mold this popular imagination for their own use. What is it?

they started studying it after they came in contact with the Nazi files and details of their technology. this prompted them to also look towards other cultures for answers. This much is clear now after the Nazi links have been exposed/connected.
Let us gather a bit more info about this Vril occult...


<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The Coming Race (original title), also reprinted as Vril: The Power of the Coming Race, is a novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton published in 1870. The novel is an early example of science fiction, sometimes cited as the first of this genre. <b>However, many early readers believed that its account of a superior subterranean master race and the energy-form called Vril was accurate, to the extent that some theosophists accepted the book as truth</b>. Furthermore, since 1960 there has been a conspiracy theory about a secret Vril-Society.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

the above connects with the description of the Agartha society which is considered to be subterranean and as per Srimad Bhagvatam is the origin for Kalki.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The plot of the novel centres on a young, independently wealthy traveler (the narrator), who accidentally finds his way into a subterranean world occupied by beings who seem to resemble angels, who call themselves Vril-ya. The hero soon discovers that they are descendants of an antediluvian civilisation who live in networks of subterranean caverns linked by tunnels. There they live in their technologically supported Utopia, chief among their tools being the "all-permeating fluid" called "Vril", a latent source of energy which his spiritually elevated hosts are able to master through training of their will, to a degree which depends upon their hereditary constitution, giving them access to an extraordinary force that can be controlled at will. The powers of the will include the ability to heal, change, and destroy beings and things--the destructive powers in particular are awesomely powerful, allowing a few young Vril-ya children to wipe out entire cities if necessary. The narrator suggests that in time, the Vril-ya will run out of habitable spaces underground and will start claiming the surface of the earth, destroying mankind in the process, if necessary.

The uses of Vril in the novel amongst the Vril-ya vary from an agent of destruction to a healing substance. According to Zee, the daughter of the narrator's host, Vril can be changed into the mightiest agency over all types of matter, both animate and inanimate. It can destroy like lightning or replenish life, heal, or cure. It is used to rend ways through solid matter. Its light is said to be steadier, softer and healthier than that from any flammable material. It can also be used as a power source for animating mechanisms. Vril can be harnessed by use of the Vril staff or mental concentration.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->"What is vril?" I asked.

Therewith Zee began to enter into an explanation of which I understood very little, for there is no word in any language I know which is an exact synonym for vril. I should call it electricity, except that it comprehends in its manifold branches other forces of nature, to which, in our scientific nomenclature, differing names are assigned, such as magnetism, galvanism, &c. These people consider that in vril they have arrived at the unity in natural energic agencies, which has been conjectured by many philosophers above ground, and which Faraday thus intimates under the more cautious term of correlation:--<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->They spoke the same language, though the dialects might slightly differ. They intermarried; they maintained the same general laws and customs; and so important a bond between these several communities was the knowledge of vril and the practice of its agencies, that the word A-Vril was synonymous with civilisation; and Vril-ya, signifying "The Civilised Nations," was the common name by which the communities employing the uses of vril distinguished themselves from such of the Ana as were yet in a state of barbarism.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<i>Vril is one of many names for the primal life force, otherwise known as chi, prana, mana, od, magnetism, etc. Yogis and psychics master it to perform "miracles" materializing objects out of thin air, spontaneous healing, walking on fire . . . Mastering Vril = Mind over Matter.</i>
<!--QuoteBegin-Raju+Oct 30 2007, 09:35 PM-->QUOTE(Raju @ Oct 30 2007, 09:35 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin-acharya+Apr 21 2007, 07:23 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(acharya @ Apr 21 2007, 07:23 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->We need discussion on why there is great interest in 2012 and why all the cultures have been studied to create their version of history.


Acharya, your question of 2012 from western perspective and why other cultures are being studied has now probably been answered.

<!--QuoteBegin-ramana+Apr 21 2007, 10:40 PM-->QUOTE(ramana @ Apr 21 2007, 10:40 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->...Also note its not the Hindus who are studying this so called phenomenon for over twenty years at least. I still ask why are they doing this? looks like there is some popular imagination call it pagan roots that still accords some significance to such planetary line-ups. The subject is being studied to mold this popular imagination for their own use. What is it?

they started studying it after they came in contact with the Nazi files and details of their technology. this prompted them to also look towards other cultures for answers. This much is clear now after the Nazi links have been exposed/connected.

RAJU, YES These Indication point to the long German/NAZI exposure to HINDU/BUDDHISTS texts for over 250 years. THis was obtained by the Americans, Russians and the British after they defeated German Nazi.

Where did the Nazi get most of the text and literature of Indian subcontinent. They also had an expedition to Tibet in the early 1920s and 1930s. They may have obtained lot of texts and literature of India from Lhasa and Tibet. This may explain the capture of Tibet by China from 1950s.

Now after 1960s and thru the 1970s and 1980s the western researchers may have done research using these text to study, occult, new science and abnormal phenomenon. They may have kept it secret and these may be linked to 2012.
>>This may explain the capture of Tibet by China from 1950s.


below is some german translated text

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->VRIL SOCIETY

or "NOT ALL PROPERTY COMES FROM ABOVE" ...probably is with the most interesting secret company, which ever existed.

...you will determine directly with own eyes, which power circles of "non-German" nature are interested in it, this happening before the German people to keep secret.

Karl Haushofer created a second medal, which "BROTHERS of the LIGHT" before 1919, which was renamed later into the "VRIL SOCIETY". In this united itself likewise the 1917 from the Teuton medal Templer reestablishment "the MR. OF BLACK STONE" (DHVSS) and the "BLACK KNIGHTS" of the Thule and SS elite "BLACK SUN" come out.

In order to employ a comparison with the Thule society, one could seize the difference most simply, if one says that the Thule society dedicated itself to the material and political things and the Vril society was essentially JENSEITIG oriented. But nevertheless numerous connecting factors between Vril and Thule society remained, e.g. Atlantis, Thule, the "island of the blessed ones" of the Gilgamesch, were the Urverbindung between Germanien and Mesopotamien, in addition, old Heiligtuemer like the external stones or the house mountain of Stronegg topics of common Forschung.(83)

In December 1919 met a close circle from Thule -, DHVSSund Vril people in a forestry house in the RAM sow, rented in addition, with Berchtesgaden. <b>Among them Maria Orsitsch was still another further apart from the medium, who admits only as Sigrun is. Maria had in mediale way notified in a Templergeheimschrift received - the medium completely unknown a language - with technical data for the building of a flight machine.</b>

The telepathischen messages came to statement of the Vril writings of the solar system Aldebaran, which 68 light-years far away from us in the constellation bull is to be found. Here I would like to present a short summary of the messages, which received the Vril Telepathen over the years and which were the basis of all further actions of the Vril society:

The solar system Aldebaran is therefore 68 light-years from the earth far away and their sun of two inhabited planets circles its, which form the realm "SUMERAN". The mankind of the solar system Aldebaran is itself into a gentleman people of "light God human being" (Arier) and different other human races to have partitioned, which are to have developed by negative mutations of these "God people" due to the climatic changes on the individual planets.

These colored mutanten races are to have had a smaller mental entwicklungsstufe. The more it for race mixture came, the more is to have down-sunk also the mental development of these peoples, which had as a consequence that, when the sun began to expand Aldebaran these no more were not able to receive the space travel technology of their ancestors and to leave personally the planets. Thus the low races, on the gentleman race completely dependently, are to have been evacuated with spaceships and have been brought to other habitable planets.

Despite these race differences itself however the different races are to have absolutely respected and in other habitat not have intervened, neither the so-called God people at the other races, still differently. Each respected simply that the others made their own development (in contrast to the earth). The gentleman race of the "light God people" is then approximately 500 million years ago with it to have begun, after the expansion of the sun

Aldebaran and the increasing heat resulting from it made the planets uninhabitable, to colonize other earthsimilar planets. It means that they settled the planet Mallona (also mark DEK, Marduk or with the Russians phaeton mentioned) in our solar system first, which was to have existed in place of the today's planetoiden at that time between Mars and Jupiter. Afterwards Mars, from whose highly developed inhabitants the large pyramid cities and the well-known Mars face witness, which were taken up 1976 by the Mars probe Viking.

And one assumed that the gentleman people of Sumeran Aldebaran came also to this time the first time on earth, on which approximately 500 million years point old petrified shoe-pure with from the paragraph zertretenen just as petrified Trilobiten, one at that time on earth living and 400 million years ago become extinct Urkrebs.

The Vril people were the opinion that the race of the Aldebaraner was to have landed therefore later, than the earth became slowly habitable in Mesopotamien and the ruler caste of the SUMERER, which as bright white God people were designated, to have formed. The moreover the Vril Telepathen came to the realization that Sumeri is identical not only to the language of the Aldebaraner, but also the fact that Aldebaranisch Aldebaranisch-Sumeri sounds like an incomprehensible German and also the speech frequency of both languages of the German and Sumeri - is nearly alike.

Whether these statements about Aldebaran correspond to the fact, is undecided, the structural drawings and technical data, which received the VrilTelepathen - where always these data also came - was however so exact that they led to one of the most fantastic ideas, which was probably devised e von Menschen: to the building of the "the other world flight machine". It matured the concept of "other science" near (today one would say "alternative forms of energy"). But it lasted over three years, until the project was tackled.

In this early phase of the "other technology" or "other science" Dr. W held. 0. Schumann, Thule and Vril member, at which TH Munich a lecture, from which some sentences are to be shown here: "we know two principles, which the things in everything and each the happening determining light and darkness, property and bad, work and destroying - like we also with the electricity pluses and minus know. It always means: Either - or! "these two principles - concretely to designate as the work and the destroying - determine also our technical means... "all destroying is satanischen origin - all developing goettlicher origin... Each on the explosion principle or also the burn which is based technology can be called therefore satanische technology.

The forthcoming new age will become one age of new, positive, goettlicher technology!..,, (out: Realm-German SSGeheimarchiv). At same time the scientist VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER worked on a similar project. Johannes Kepler, whose teachings Schauberger used, was in the possession of the secret teachings of the Pythagoraeer, whose knowledge was kept secret and taken over over the TEMPLE KNIGHTS. It was the knowledge around the "IMPLOSION" (implosion in this case = the utilization of the potential of the internal worlds in the outside world).

It knew Hitler, like also the Thule and VrilLeute, that the goettliche principle is constructional always constructing, i.e.. A technology, which is based against it on the explosion and is destructive therefore, is against the goettliche principle. Therefore one wanted to create a technology, which was based on the IMPLOSION. Schaubergers oscillation teachings (principle of the overtone row = mono cord) ties to the knowledge around the implosion. Simplified one could say: IMPLOSION instead of EXPLOSION! On the basis the energy courses of the mono cord and the implosion technology one arrives into the range of the antimatter and thus at the dissolution of the force of gravity.

<b>In the summer of the yearly 1922 at the first untertassenfoermigen flight ship, its drive on the implosion technology was built was based (the the other world flight machine). It consisted of a disk of eight meters diameters, over which a parallel-stored disk of six and a half meters of diameters was, and among them a further disk of seven meters diameters. These three disks were broken through in the center by a 1.80m measuring hole, in which the 2.40m high power supply unit was installed.

Down the centerbody ran out in a conical point, from which a pendulum handing into the basement provided for the stabilization of the equipment. In the activated condition the lower and the upper disk turned in direction moving in opposite directions, in order to develop first an electromagnetic rotation field. This first flight disk furnished which achievements, is unknown</b>.

One experimented anyhow two years long with it, before it was however again dismantled and probably stored in the Augsburger Messerschmidt works. Financial aids for this project dip <b>the Vril engine, which is however formally led as "Schumann SM Levitator" under the code "JFM" in the bookkeeping of several German industrial companies</b> on with security came out from the the other world flight machine.

In principle the other world flight machine should over sees and its direct environment an extremely strong field producing, which that of it umschlossenen space sector with the machine and its users a mikrokosmos perfectly independent of the this-lateral cosmos become let. This field would be completely independent with maximum field strength of all this-lateral universal forces and influences - as for instance gravitation, electromagnetism and radiation, as well as subject of any kind -, surrounding it, and could move within each gravitation and other field at will, without in it any acceleration forces became effective or noticeable.

In June 1934 VIKTOR of SCHAUBERGER of HITLER and the highest representatives of the Vril and Thule societies was invited and co-operated from then on with them. The birth of the first so-called German UFOs struck however then, after this first miss, in June 1934. <b>Under the direction of Dr. W 0. Schumann developed the first experimental round airplane that RFZ 1, on the area of the German aircraft factory Arado in Brandenburg. During its first and also at the same time last flight it rose perpendicularly to a height of approx. 60m, began in air to then tumble however for several minutes and dance. The tail unit Arado 196 attached for control proved as completely ineffective. With trouble and emergency it succeeded to pilot Lothar Waiz to bring the RFZ 1 back on the soil to jump out and away-run, before it began to behave itself like a gyroscope then tilted and proper zerfetzte. That was the end of the RFZ 1, but the at the beginning of the VRIL missiles</b>.

<b>Still before at the end of of 1934 the RFZ 2 was finished, which had a Vril drive and a "magnet impulse control". It corresponded to 5m in the diameter and had the following flight characteristics: Optical blurring of the outlines at increasing speed and that for UFOs typical colored lights.Depending upon booster stage red, orange, yellow, green, white, blue or violet. It functioned thus - and it should have 1941 still another remarkable fate before itself</b>.

<b>It was used during the "air battle around England" war phase mentioned, when the German standard hunters ME 109 for transatlantic clearing-up flights showed themselves because of their to short range as unfit, as long-range reconnaissance aircraft. At the end of of 1941 was photographed it over the south Atlantic, when it was on the way to the auxiliary cruiser Atlantis in Antarctic waters. The reason, why it could not be used as fighter, was because of the fact that the RFZ could implement 2 because of its impulse control only changes of direction of 90', 45' and 22,5'. Unbelievably some will think - however exactly these right-angled flight changes are for so-called uFOs absolutely typical flight behavior</b>.

<b>After the success of the small RFZ 2 as long-range reconnaissance aircraft the Vril society got its own testing ground in Brandenburg. At the end of of 1942 flew the easily armed flight disk "VRIL-1-Jaeger". It was 11,5m in the diameter, a single-seater, had a "Schumann Levitator drive" and a "magnetic field Impulsor control". It reached speeds of 2,900 up to 12,000 km/h, could accomplish at full speed changes of flight in the right angle, without the pilots were impaired of it, was weather-independent and had an universe ability of 100%.

By Vril 1 and gave also several two-seat variants equipped with a glass dome were built for 17 pieces. Likewise to this time its own project, V-7 developed. Under this designation several flight disks built however with conventional jet propulsions. On the bases of ANDREAS EPP the RFZ 7, a combination of a levitierenden flight disk with jet propulsion developed. On this the groups of developments worked SCHRIEVER HABERMOHL and MIETHE BELLUZO. The RFZ 7 had a diameter of 42m, went however with a landing in Spitzbergen to break. Later however a copied RFZ 7 was photographed outside of Prague. According to statement of Andreas Epp should be equipped this with atomic sprengkoepfen and bombarded New York</b>.

In July 1941 built and HABERMOHL a perpendicularly starting round airplane with jet propulsion, which exhibited however heavy lack. One developed however a further "electrical gravitation flight gyroscope" with "Tachyonen drive" was more successful. Whereupon the RFZ 7 T, built by, followed Habermohl and Belluzo and likewise fully functionally. The V-7 flight disks was however, compared with the Vril and Haunebu disks to describe rather as a kind toy.

Within the SS there was a group, which was concerned with the production of alternative energy, the SS-E-IV = RESEARCH CENTER IV the BLACK SUN, whose main objective it was, to make Germany independent of foreign crude oil. Hans Coler the "THULE ENGINE" developed S SE-IV from the existing Vril engines and the Tachyonenkonverter of captain, which was designated later than THULE TACHYONATOR.

<b>In August 1939 the first RFZ 5 started. It was a moderately severe armed flight gyroscope with the strange name "HAUNEBU 1". It had a crew of eight men, measured 25m in the diameter, reached at the beginning a speed of 4,800 km/h and later up to 17,000 km/h. It was equipped with two 6 cm KSK (force jet cannons) in rotating turrets and four MK 106 and had a space ability of 60%.

At the end of of 1942 had likewise developed the "HAUNEBU IL". The diameter varied from 26 to 32m and in the height between 9 and l 1m. It could transport a crew between 9 and 20 persons. It was propelled with a Thule Tachyonator and reached at perigee a speed of 6,000 Km/h. It was universe suited and had a range of 55 flying hours.
Plans for the VRIL-7-Grossraumschiff with a diameter of 120m already existed, should transport whole crews at this time.

Short time was flown later the "HAUNEBU III", the absolute piece of splendor of all disks, finished with 71m diameter and also filmed. It could transport a crew of 32 men, had a range in flight duration of over 8 weeks and reaches a speed of at least 7.000 km/h (after documents from SS Geheimarchiven up to 40,000 Km/h).

Virgil Armstrong, former CIA members and Green Beret a.D., describes German missiles during 2. World war, which land vertically and to start and right angles fly could. They were fast measured up to 3,000 km/h and had a laser weapon as cannon (supposed the so-called KSK force jet cannon), which could break through 4 tariff armoring.

Professor J. J. Hurtak, Ufologe and Autor of "the keys of the Enoch," describes that the Germans were busy to build something what the allied ones as "miracle weapon system" designated. Hurtak got minutes into the hands, which described two circumstances:

1. the structure of the space city "Peenemuende" and

2. the Herueberholen of the best technicians and scientists from Germany. Mentioned likewise the more exact investigation was the so-called "FOO FIGHTERS" (feuerkugel). The building and employment of such flying objects were the CIA like also the British secret service around already 1942 well-known, were however not correctly estimated.

Foo Fighter was actually the name of the allied ones for all bright German aircraft. In particular were however probably two inventions, which fell under the term Foo Fighters: The flying turtle and those Seifenblase, two completely different things, which were rated however of the allied ones as belonging together.

The "FLYING TURTLE" was developed of the SS-E-IV in Viennese new city. Their outside form reminded of a turtle tank. Were unmanned flight probes, which should cause disturbances with the electrical ignition systems of the hostile armed forces. They had inserted to further developed klystron tubes, which were called of the SS death jets. The effective ignition disconnection did not function however at the beginning yet so perfectly. Later it gave will be able to confirm advancements of this technology and the UFO connoisseurs that the "ignition disconnection", which is failing electrical system one of the typical characteristics when emerging a uFOs.

Wendell C Stevens, US air Force US-Air-Force-Pilot during 2. World war, the Foo Fighters describes red orange, which approached up to 5m to the airplanes and remained there then as sometimes grey-green or. They could be shaken off nor shot neither and forced flight relays partially to turning or landing. Completely different thing were those often than Foo Fighters designated seifenblasen. With these it concerned simple balloons, in which see thin metal spirals for the disturbance of the hostile airplane radar found. The success of this idea might have been small apart from the psychological effect once.

At the beginning of of 1943 one planned likewise a zigarrenfoermiges parent ship that in the Zeppelinwerften should be built, the so-called "and Rome since equipment" (139 m long). In it several untertassenfoermige flight ships for (interstellar) long-duration flights should be transported.

Around Christmas 1943 was an important meeting of the VRIL SOCIETY in the North Sea bath Kolberg. Also with it likewise the media Maria and Sigrun. Main topic of this meeting was the "ALDEBARAN ENTERPRISE". The media had gotten exact data concerning the inhabited planets around the sun Aldebarans and one began a journey there to prepare.

On 2 January 1944 a discussion between HITLER, HIMMLER, Kuenkel (VrilGesellschaft) found and Dr. Schumann (Vril society), in whom it concerned the VRIL PROJECT. One wanted to penetrate with the Vril-7-Grossraumschiff by an speed of light-independent dimension channel into Aldebaran.

After Ratthofers statement is to have taken place in the winter 1944 the first dimension channel test flight. This is to have led past allegedly scarcely a disaster, because photos show the Vril-7 after this flight, on which it looked, "as if it 100 years would on the way have been". The outside cell lining worked therefore strongly aged and was damaged in several places.

On 14 February 1944 the supersonic helicopter, which was equipped with 12 turbo aggregates BMW 028, designed under the project V-7 von Schriever and Habermohl, was test-flown by the test pilot Joachim Roehlike to Peenemuende. The senkrechte rate of climb amounted to 800m in the minute, it reached a height of 24,200 m and in the horizontal flight a speed of 2,200 km/h. This could be likewise propelled with unorthodox energy. He was not used however any longer, since Peenemuende 1944 and also the misalignment was bombarded to Prague nothing more brought. Because before the flight disks were operational, the Americans and Russian Prague had occupied.

The British and American discovered, during the occupation of Germany at the beginning of of 1945, in SS Geheimbildarchiven among other things also photos of the Haunebu IL and Vril I types, like also the and Rome since equipment.

President Trumans resolution in March 1946 led to the fact that the Flottenkriegskommitee of the USA gave permission to collect German material to the experiments the high technology. Under the operation "PAPER TIE-CLIP in the secret one working German scientist was brought privately into the USA. Among them VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER and WHO AGO OF BROWN. Here again a short summary of the developments, which should be produced in series:

The first project became of at the TH Munich active <b>Professor Dr. Ing. W 0. Schumann</b> led, within whose framework to at the beginning of of 1945 allegedly 17 diskusfoermige 11,5 meters through-measuring space flight disks, which are to have ascended to altogether 84 test flights, the so-called "VRIL-1-JaeGER". At least a VRIL-7 and a VRIL-7-Grossraumschiff with the name "ODIN", which is to be started in April 1945 with a part of the Vril scientists and Vril Logenmitgliedern from Brandenburg - after the breakup of the entire test area - after Aldebaran.

The second project stood under the line of the research center IV the SS, which let 1945 three differently large bell-shaped space flight gyroscope types build up to beginning: The HAUNEBU 1, 25 m in the diameter, by which two copies were built and to altogether 52 test flights had ascended (approx. 4.800 km/h).

By the HAUNEBU II, with up to 32 m diameters, were built seven copies and tested on altogether 106 flights (approx. 6.000 km/h). The Haunebu type of ii was actually already intended for series production. Between the airplane companies Dornier and Junkers an advertisement is to have taken place, the at the end of March 1945 in favor of of Dornier failed. The official designation of the heavy flight gyroscopes should read DO-STRA (= Dornier stratosphere airplane).

The HAUNEBU III with 71 m diameters was built only once and rose to at least 19 flights to (approx. 7.000 km/h). And in the form of plans ", there", existed the 139m long parent ship, with Hangarn for one Haunebu II, two VRIL 1 and two VRIL II. Further there are documents that the VRIL-7-GROSSRAUMSCHIFF after its completion at the end of of 1944 and unite flight tests to first, still on earth limited secret in corroding to be already started is:

1. Landing with the moon lake in the salt chamber property, with diving tests for the statement of the pressure strength of the flight cell,

2. from March to April 1945 the stationing of the Vril-7 probably took place in the "alpine fortress", according to which from here from Spain out one approached, in order to fly over and set here fled important realm-German personalities off surely here to South America and "NEW SWABIA COUNTRY" (explanation follows) into secret realm-German bases put on during the war, for safety and strategy reasons

3. immediately after it the Vril-7 is to be started on a secret flight to Japan, over which however far nothing admits became. Which happened with the flight ships after the war. The fact that it came to the production of a Kleinstserie of the Haunebu IL can be excluded not completely. The different UFO photos, which emerged after 1945 with the completely typical appearance of these German constructions, suggest this possibility. Some say, some of it would have been sunk in the upper-Austrian moon lake, others says, they had been flown to South America or brought in individual parts there.

Safe it is here that, if also not absolutely the missiles arrived to South America at least on the basis structural drawings new were built however there and flown, since an important part of this technology was used with the "Phoenix experiment" 1983, which was the subsequent result "Philadelphia of the experiment" from 1943. (here it concerns Teleportations -, materialisations and time journey experiments of the USNAVY, which were more successful, than you would introduce yourselves it in their boldest dreams. Also concerning this sufficient material does not exist, in order to fill a new book with it, it fits however directly into our topic. See bibliography) 1938 were accomplished a German ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION with the aircraft carrier swabia country.

600.000 was explained qkm as German country, "NEW SWABIA COUNTRY". An ice-free area with mountains and lakes. Whole fleets of submarines of the types 21 and 23 were later on the way to new swabia country. Are missed until today still over 100 German submarines, which were equipped with the walter snorkel among other things also, them permitted to remain several weeks under water and it is to be accepted that they fled with the divided flight disks or at least with the structural drawings to new swabia country.

It is to be accepted again strongly, since the test flights were successful that the saucers mentioned flew directly with end of war there. This acceptance may appear daring some probably something, it gives however strong references on the fact that it could have like that been.

The question arises, why the allied ones under ADMIRAL E. BYRD accomplished 1947 an INVASION of the ANTARCTIC. Why did Byrd have scarcely 4.000 soldiers available, a warship, a fully equipped aircraft carrier including a complete utility system, if it should be nevertheless only one expedition? It had eight months available, had however after eight weeks and a high and never number publicly specified at airplane losses to break off. What had happened? Admiral Byrd explained to fly afterwards before the press, "it is bitter reality that in the case of a renewed war on attacks of fliers had to be counted, those from a pole on the other hand can."

Further it mentioned those that there was a advanced civilization there, with the SS together its outstanding technologies benuetzten.(84) Norbert Juergen Ratthofer writes over the later whereabouts of the Haunebu developments in its book "time machines" as follows: "the Haunebu I, II and III space flight gyroscope and the Vril i space flight disks remained however disappeared starting from May 1945 first without trace... In this connection it is most interesting that the realm-German Haunebu III is to be started after its nineteenth test flight then on 20 April 1945 of, "new swabia country" out, an enormous at that time officially realm-German territory in the east Antarctic, to a space expedition to Mars, over whose exit however nothing admits is...

One year later, 1946, numerous sighting of shining objects of unknown quantities origin and clearly artificial origin ensured then however suddenly for substantial excitement with the allied ones in east and west over Scandinavia. Again one year later, 1947, now zigarrenfoermige "unknown flying objects" emerged, briefly uFOs mentioned,, over North America first into the fifties-years in constantly rising number again without doubt of Intelligenzen steered shining flying objects with mostly more approximately, diskus to bell-similar form, occasionally in addition,

One continues to write that these "UFOS" did not resemble usually the realm-German developments. In this point am I other opinion. Well documented photo material proves that particularly the Haunebu ii-version was sighted even very frequently since 1945. If you will state yourselves, how I, one decade by the UFO professional world fought, you likewise that an unusually high prozentzahl of the cases, with which it came to personal contacts with passengers of so-called uFOs concerned it particularly beautiful copies of the species "Arier", blond and naive, and these spoke either flowing German or another language with German accent (for Insider here the case of Adam AI was 1952, which mentions Cedric Allingham case 1954 and the case of Howard Menger 1956).

One tells also that color photos of a manned landed and again started Flugdiskus exist, which asked both a bar cross as well as a swastika up-painted, which was taken up in the seventies by a night watchman to West Germany. Over the evenly specified missiles excellent film and photo material exist, for example the 60 min documentation of "UFO secrets of the 3. Rich "(MGA Austria/ Royal Atlantis film GmbH). Likewise the material of the American Vladimir Terziski, that to the conference of UFO in September 1991 in Phoenix, Arizona a 3-Stunden dia. lecture with photos of German saucers, structural drawings and underground German Basen napkin.

The material, that is interesting the Italian commander of Air Force Renato Vesco in its book likewise gathered and Rudolf Lusar's book: The German weapons and secret weapons of the Second World War and its advancement, J. F. Lehmanns publishing house, Munich 19 7 1.

<b>Do you understand now, why the topic of the uFOs in the mass media, particularly in Germany, when Humbug is dismissed? After this German Background it is clear that the medium and message world controlled by the Illuminati by the zionistisch anglo American lobby do not shrink from costs to hold the German citizen from investigating in this area</b>.

The question arises here, from where Thule and Vril the knowledge for the building of these missiles had the German secret companies? Likewise the knowledge for the genetic engineering, in which the Germans were again different nations ahead around lengths?

According to statements of Herbert G. Dorsey and other researchers is beside the structural drawings of the Vril society, by the telepathischen contact with the extraterrestial ones, the intact drive in the year 1936 of a not-terrestrial saucer the German fallen in the Black Forest a large assistance to have been. For this it gives however as well as no proofs to be silent from still living eye-witnesses completely.

But this gives it to America, a lot. Because at the same time the Americans had to announce a whole set of crashes, which could not be kept also completely secret. But in addition we come only later. Back to the political happening. Apart from the fact that supported the Ith G. Farben Hitler, it schuerte its trust partner, the "standard oil" (Rockefeller), against the Nazis. Or for example developed the "Fords engine company with the military apparatus for the American army, produced however at the same time in Germany military vehicles for the Nazis. Fords and Opel (daughter the general of engine, who is controlled by J. P. Morgan) were the two largest tank manufacturers in Hitler Germany. No matter how the war would go out, these multis had from the beginning already won. According to this principle many enterprises worked in 2. World war. Why doesn't one read anything over these things in the school books or the encyclopedias? Particularly in Germany, where nevertheless apparent pressefreiheit prevails and is taught the truth? That is among other things because of it that the Rockefeller Foundation had spent 1946 139.000 US dollar, around an official version 2. World war for the Offentlichkeit to present, those the entire structure of the Nazi regime by the US Banker, like also the okkultmystischen background the Nazis, cover. One the main donor of the funds was Rockefellers own standard oil Corp.(85)

Ralf Ettl--Norbert Juergen-Ratthofer<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

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