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Indian Surgical strike against Pakistan
The Surgical strike carried out by the Indian Army across the LOC in Jammu & Kashmir has come as a surprise to Pakistan. They had not expected such a strong reaction from India in retaliation to the continued terrorist attacks from across the border be it Pathankot or Uri. In the past India has always shown restraint and so the expectation of Pakistan had remained the same till the Surgical Strike took place. As a face saving measure, Pakistan has gone into a denial mode and has tried to pass on the incident as an exchange of fire across the LOC, which keeps on happening at regular intervals.

In Pakistan’s domestic politics this has caused unexpected fallout. It has perhaps for the first time made the decision makers realize how diplomatically isolated Pakistan has become in the international arena.AS reported in a section of the Pakistan media, the Foreign Secretary at a high level meeting indicated that even China has indicated that it cannot support Pakistan indefinitely on the issue of harboring terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed .It has also been leaked in the Press that certain terror groups are under the protection of the ISI and the civil administration can take no action against them. Let us now hope that some wiser sense will prevail on the Pakistani leadership.

In the special session of the Pakistan National Assembly which was called for discussing the Kashmir situation, a number of members accused the Government of harboring terrorist elements in the country and allowing them and their organization to operate freely in the country. They felt that this is the main cause which has tarnished the image of the country and the world community today considers Pakistan as a country that protects and propagates terrorism. They called upon the Government to reign in the terrorist outfits. They reminded the Government that the world has changed and today many countries in the world are victims of terrorist attacks and therefore these countries will not support any bad terrorist or good terrorist.

The Pakistan media has expressed the view that India today is the fastest growing economy in the world and its economic clout is helping it to diplomatically isolating Pakistan. They were surprised to take note of the fact that Pakistan's close friends of the past like Saudi Arabia, UAE and other countries of the Muslim Umma are today al busy fostering their friendship with India. Even Iran and Afghanistan are all siding with India. These developments have become matters of great concern to the Pakistan leadership.

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