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Hindu Human Rights
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Islamic Terror: <b>Minor Hindu Girl Raped and burnt by Muslims</b>

On 2nd May 2006, a group of Four Islamic Fundamentalists raped and brutally killed a 13 year old Minor Hindu girl. The incident took place in Loni Village of Ghaziabad District of Uttar Pradesh. The girl named Pooja d/o veer chand POOJA from a S.C. community and from poor background. Her parents are labourers and used to do labour work for living. On that day Pooja was playing with her friends when this four Muslims residing in the nearby colony took her to a nearby village on some pretex. The accused

4. HASHMAT @ BAHADUR s/o Unkown(N/A) 

kept her in a isolated room and continuously raped her for three days. After which the Girl was brutally killed and was burned down by the Islamic Miscreants. Her parents had no trace about their daughter and finally they made a complaint at the Loni Police Station. During investigation the police learnt that Pooja was last seen with 4 accused as they were escortin her to the next village.

After its investigation, the police learnt that the 4 youths had Raped and brutally killed Pooja.  <b>Without even making any arrest the police department closed the case as there was pressure from the Local Congress and Samajwadi leaders. The Girls parents were paid Rs.60,000 from the Accussed Parents. </b>

The parents refused to accept the money and said that they are being threathend by the Local Muslim Politicians to remain quite or threathened to get implicated in some case. Pooja's father Veer Chand said that all these accused are from Criminal background and have terrorised all the Villages in the nearby area.These people have strong links with Politicians and Noted criminals from Pakistan. Even local Police & Leaders of CONGRESS AND SAMAJWADI PARTY are favouring these four accused and their family.

When this incident was bought to the notice of Rashtriya Hindu Sena workers In Delhi all the leaders and workers left to Loni village immediately to avenge the death of Poooja, As soon as the news spread, Village Criminals came out in huge numbers and pelted stones and bottles at Rashtriya Hindu Sena workers. Around 22 Wokers have been injured and the Police  refused to book any case against the Miscreants.

Till today no FIR has been lodged in this village against the four Accused and no action is taken against Miscreats who supported the Accussed.
Came through email:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->HHR Press Release, 15 May 2006

Protest to the Asia House Gallery’s exhibition of MF Husain’s offensive paintings

It has come to our attention that the Asia House Gallery in London is currently hosting an exhibition by the controversial Indian artist Maqbool Fida Husain. Husain has become infamous over the years for his offensive erotic paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses in sexual poses which have caused outrage to Hindus around the world. We also find it extremely distasteful that Asia House Gallery have used Husain’s explicit images of Goddess Durga (who many Hindus regard as their Mother) in their flyer to advertise the exhibition which includes this and other offensive images.

At this point we wish to reiterate that as Hindus we are certainly not anti-Art and do not believe in blanket censorship of all Hindu imagery. Indeed, as we have said time and again, we are against the abuse of Hindu images especially when done in an offensive way and for commercial gain and sensationalism with complete disregard for the feelings of Hindu Society. While Asia House’s advertising pamphlet claims that Husain draws “upon traditional and western artistic conventions, myths and history”, we should note that he only sees fit to use Hindu sacred images for sexual poses but his artist licence conveniently expires when it comes to other religions. To us, this seems blatant double-standards with Hindus once again as the victims.

Despite the fact that Hindu Human Rights have organised many successful awareness campaigns and protests against the inappropriate use (or misuse) of sacred Hindu imagery, it is a great shame that Asia House Gallery and companies such as Hitachi (their sponsors) continue to abuse Hindus and Hinduism in a such a manner. The lack of consultation with the very large Hindu community here in the UK shows at best a blissful ignorance at the feelings and sentiments of Hindus or worse a wilful disregard. As we have said time and again, it is this degrading and defamation of Hindu culture which provides the atmosphere for the ongoing abuses and persecution of Hindus across the world and particularly in Husain’s homeland of India and neighbouring countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It is for these reasons that we invite all Hindus and non-Hindus concerned about the growing culture of Hindu-bashing in the corporate and commercial world to join us outside the Asia House Gallery, 63 New Cavendish Street, London W1 to voice our protest at 3pm on Saturday 27 May 2006 (nearest tube: Oxford Circus or Bond Street, Central Line). We thank you for your support.

Hindu Human Rights,

Serving Hindus Worldwide<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Anyone in London should attend the protest.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->An encounter with truth
By K. Easwaran Nambudiri

Desecrated temples, decapitated idols, obscene graffiti on temple walls; bulldozed houses and destroyed locality of minority Hindus; burnt pages from sacred Vedic texts; couples being dragged to death after being tied to a jeep and appeals by “non-communal” Muslims to surgically remove the ‘cancer’ called Hindus.

Vignettes from Afghanistan or the plight of minorities in Islamic Pakistan. No, these are the grim but real pictures from Kashmir, which were on show at a recent exhibition in the Capital.

Aptly titled ‘Sakshatkar—An encounter with truth’, the photo exhibition organised by Panun Kashmir at the Open Palm Court Gallery at the India Habitat Centre depicted the various facets of religious cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus in the Kashmir Valley.

The calamitous events that led to the exodus, the struggle to survive in refugee camps and recreate a dignified life in exile were laid bare in the exhibition.

“The black stone statue of Mahakali was one of the 20 deities who left their home in Hari Parbat Fort and vanished forever. A priceless deity from the ninth century fled the Lok Bhavan in Anantnag and was never seen again. The Shivalingam of the Devan temple also mysteriously disappeared. Their exits were timely because soon after they occurred, the fire bombings began”, wrote internationally acclaimed novelist Salman Rushdie in his Shalimar, the Clown.

No one knows better the ire of Islamic fundamentalists better than the author of Satanic Verses, who still lives under the shadow of death.

On display at the exhibition were the painful and heart-rendering photographs of a Hindu couple from Herman in Pulwama who were tied behind a jeep and dragged till death. Their only crime—they were Hindus.

There were also snaps of the Shivalingam of the destroyed Basantbagh temple in Srinagar, the decapitated idol of Adi Shankara at Khojbagh in Baramulla, the desecrated Shiva idol outside the Raghunath temple at Fatehkadal in Srinagar, the desecrated and destroyed idols of Shiva temple at Hoonpura in Srinagar, the bulldozed three-storey magnificent Guptganga temple in Baramulla and a leaf from the sacred text in the burnt library of Tarbuni temple in Navakadal.

Reminiscent of the brutalities of Aurangzeb, Nadir Shah and Taimur, the photo exhibition was the outcome of a protracted and detailed survey for three years conducted by a team led by Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman of the Panun Kashmir in all the six districts of the Valley.

Interestingly, the photographs displayed are not taken by professionals but by the victims themselves who could barely manage a rudimentary camera to document their tragedy.

“The displays merely try to state that in Kashmir, Hindus have suffered a genocide. The entire country knows about it, but formally denies it. Sakshatkar is an attempt to help every one to come out of this denial mode”, says Kuldeep Raina, General Secretary of Panun Kashmir.

And for those secularists who wax eloquently about the peace-loving and fraternal feelings of the ordinary Kashmiri Muslims towards their Kashmir Pandit brethren, there is a letter from one Mir Niaz Ahmed of Zaina Kadal, Srinagar which appeared in the local Daily Alsafa daily.

“I claim to be a rational and non-communal Muslim but at the same time, I sincerely feel that we Kashmiri Muslims should try our best to thwart any attempt by Pandits to return to the Valley. Pandits have been a cancer and once this cancer is removed, it should not be allowed to re-appear”, he says.

This should leave nobody in doubt that the mindset that guided the destruction of the Bamian Buddhas guides the separatist movement in Kashmir. The objective behind the expulsion of the Hindus from Kashmir was to create a religious monolith at a place which has nutured and nourished pluralism and co-existence through the millennia.

“Terrorism breeds a culture of intolerance. It is never revolutionary in content. It is anti-freedom and a crime against humanity. It can’t be legitimised under any pretext. Genocide is its ultimate expression. Peace in Kashmir will remain elusive if the peace initiatives don’t incorporate a comprehensive and permanent reversal of the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus, as its cardinal principle”, says the brochure brought out by Panun Kashmir on the occasion.

Terming the recent massacre of Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir as a “national shame” and the attacks on Kashmiri Pandits as an “assault on a civilisation”, Leader of Opposition and senior BJP leader Shri L.K. Advani said, “talks on Jammu and Kashmir have to incorporate this particular aspect relating to the problems of Kashmiri Pandits as one of the most important steps”.

Shri Advani, who spent some time at the exhibition, said the photographs on display “tell a powerful story. And the story is of tragedy, which is a shame for our country”.

“This exhibition focuses not just on the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits but also depicts the destruction of a civilisation and culture”, he said.

NDA Convener George Fernandes, former Union Ministers Jagmohan and Ravi Shankar Prasad, Swadeshi ideologue K N Govindacharya, Janata Party leader Subramaniam Swamy and former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah were among the dignitaries who visited the exhibition.

The secularists who still rue the destruction of the disputed structure in Ayodhya and cry hoarse from roof tops over the demolition of an encroached ‘Dargah’ in Vadodara would do well to visit the exhibition and see the truth for themselves. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Ethnic cleansing planned to the last detail</b>
Recent killings of Doda Hindus are in continuation of more than half century old systematic plan of de-Hinduisation of Kashmir Valley by Pak exported terrorism and pan-Islamic fundamentalism.

Ethnic cleansing of Hindus is targeted at eliminating Hindus and Hindu resistance by implanting terror among the Hindu segment of the society. Even individual killing serves the purpose of creating sense of utter insecurity. I am citing a few terror incidents of 1990:

Brij Nath Shah was kidnapped on 27th April 1990 form his home at Sadhu Ganga, Kupwara in Kashmir. Two days later, his body was found hanging by a tree. His lips had been stitched. Sham Lal of Chiragam in Anantnag, Kashmir, was kidnapped in May 1990. The hands and the feet of the unfortunate man were chopped off and his skull battered. Sham Lal's dead body was stuffed in a sack and left on the threshold of his house, where from his brother recovered it.

Pran Nath of Uttarsu in Anantnag District, Kashmir, was kidnapped on 27th May 1990. His body was found impaled; his chest and feet nailed. Three officials of the LIC were kidnapped in Srinagar. They were subjected to torture and then confined in an abandoned Kashmiri Hindu house. The house was set ablaze. Two of the officials were burnt alive while the third official escaped with more than 50 percent burns. Bhushan Lal of Ompura in Budgam, Kashmir, was kidnapped on 27th April 1990. He was tortured, and then strangulated to death. His body was found the next day.

Girja, a schoolteacher in Bandipora, was kidnapped from the house of Muslim colleague. The unfortunate woman, after being gang raped, was sliced on a mechanical saw. Brij Nath Kaul of Hermain, Shopian, an employee of the Agricultural Department, and his wife were tied to a speeding vehicle. Their mangled bodies were recovered 10 kms away from their home. It continued unabated at irregular intervals.

Dozens of families were compelled to flee from the valley. Major massacres of Hindus in the recent memories can be recounted. At Sangrampora, Srinagar in 1997, seven Hindus were butchered, and in Shanna-Thakaraie village, Doda 16 Hindus were killed. In Champnari, Doda, 1998, 26 Hindus were butchered; Thattri, Doda 1999, witnessed killing of 15 civilians, Udhampur 1998, 13 Hindus were killed, Kupuwara 1999, nine people were killed. In Chatisighpura, Anantnag, 2000, 35 Sikhs were massacred. Pakistani terrorists butchered 35 innocent labourers in Chamba district of HP. All these massacres compelled thousands of Hindus and Sikhs to leave their ancestral homes.

A very systematic ethnic cleansing is occurring in J&K. As per 2001 census and first report on religion, only 1,11,377 Hindus lived in six districts of Kashmir Valley. Most of them are adult male literate Hindus. Only a few thousand of Hindu females and children are there. Most of them are either Government servants or are working in private companies. This is the story of entire Valley after the forced exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. The valley has been totally cleansed in 20 years. Now it is the turn of Doda, Rajouri, Punch and Udampur.

In 1951 Doda had 60 per cent Hindu population whereas in the year 2001 the Hindu population has been reduced to 45 per cent of the total population. Earlier it was a Hindu majority district, now it has become Muslim majority district. Somewhat similar is the case of Udhampur, Punch and Rajouri. In all these districts declining Hindu population, as per census report of 2001 is very much visible. Driven out of their ancestral homes in the valley they have come to Kathua and Jammu.

Media did not miss portraying devil in recent condemnable Baroda riots, which stand no-where in comparison to Doda massacre. Media's bias is evident from the fact that when leader of opposition LK Advani took up this cause and went to Doda to console family members of the victims and injured persons lying in the hospitals, the English media ignored it.

Not only that, his adjournment motion in the Parliament, hardly found a mention in the English media. That is how the ruling combination and the media are treating the horrifying tale of ethnic cleansing. UN General Assembly passed a convention on prevention and punishment of genocide, which came into effect some decades back. Genocide was defined. Whatever has happened during all these years in J&K clearly comes under this definition. Unfortunately human rights of terrorist ride above this convention.

Getting justice from international justice system is absolute uncertainty, nay-definite impossibility. For justice one has to fight as individual, community and nation.
<b>MF Husain's London show stopped </b>
Posted Monday , May 22, 2006 at 22:58
London: An MF Husain exhibition in London was suddenly closed on Monday following threats from certain Hindu groups based in Britain.

An official at Asia House, London, said the decision was taken because of threats to the paintings.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Systematic ethnic cleansing: Hindus always become the victims</b>
May 25, 2006
There is one thing that nobody, not even the wisest among us can do: and that is to re-live history. Like it or not, we have to live with it. We have to accept the fact that a predominantly Hindu country was ruled for some eight centuries by Islamic invaders and some of their tyrannical successors and for another one hundred years by the British.

That was to give many Hindu intellectuals some of them described as Macaulay’s children a tremendous sense of inferiority. They were often willing to think the worst of Hindu royalty while unwilling or hesitant to look at anything but the more benevolent side of Islamic rule whether under an Aurangzeb or even a Tipu Sultan.

If there is a communal riot in Gujarat it is condemned as a `pogrom’ to eliminate Muslims or, worse still, as genocide on a scale practised by Hitler.

But let lakhs of Hindu Pandits be driven out of their ancestral home in the Kashmir Valley and there is silence in the secular press.

According to a Bangladesh Human Rights activist and writer Shahriar Kabir, an `ethnic cleansing’ has been going on in Bangadesh since 2001 and he has gone further in recording it in a 3- volume publication titled Bangladesh-e-Sankhyalaghu Nirjataner Ponerosho Diner Swetpatra <b>(White Paper on 1, 500 days of Torture on Minorities in Bangladesh). We ignore it. On the contrary, we invite the prime minister a Bangladesh and honour her.</b>

A foreigner, Chris Blackburn, who is a close observer of the Bangladesh scene has described the country as “the site of al- Qaeda-run training camps financed by Middle Eastern charities, including backing from rogue elements within Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence”.

Hindus in Kashmir are routinely terrorised and killed but that is seldom noticed. There were six killings in 2000, another six killings in 2001, some seven killings in 2002 and just this May <b>terrorists massacred 32 Hindus and our secular media took everything in its stride.</b>

The wailing of women whose husbands, sons and fathers were murdered in cold blood went unheard. In early March, violence erupted in two prominent marketplaces in Lucknow, Aminabag and Kaiserbagh when Muslim protestors, after Friday prayers, marched through the streets damaging shops and setting ablaze over two dozen twowheelers. Bank of Baroda’s Aminabad branch and a post office were torched by rioters who also damaged two cinema halls.

Writing in Outlook (20 February) K. P.S. Gill raised an important point. He said: “Why does the Muslim world not rise up in rage against these fanatics and political opportunists who are bringing disgrace to their faith? Why are the voices of criticism against extremist Islam and Islamist terrorism so muted? Our secularists pretended not to have read Gill. When dams are raised and huge lakes are formed, ancient temples get submerged but Hindus don’t raise a hue and cry.

They understand the price they have to pay for modernity, and concede that what is more important than preserving a heritage building is the larger interests of the nation. In Saudi Arabia, mosques are razed almost routinely.

The London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat (5 Sept. 2005) noted that operations of demolition of important signs in the holy city of Medina are neither the first nor would they be the last, as earlier, seven mosques, including the Bani Qoreyza Mosque were raised to the ground despite their religious, historic and cultural importance.

According to Tarek Fatah, a Pakistani Canadian Muslim activist and broadcaster, writing in Canada’s widely-circulated paper Toronto Star, in the last two decades 95 per cent of Mecca’s 1,000 year old buildings have been demolished and, indeed, in the early 1920s the Saudi rulers Aal-e-Sa’ud bull-dozed and levelled a graveyard in Medina— cemetery of Al Baquee that housed the shrines of the holy Prophet Muhammad, his daughter Fatimah Az-Zahraa his grandsons Imam Hasan Al-Mojtaba, Imam Jafar As-Sadeq and Imam Baqer.

Furhter more, wrote Fatah, the house where the holy Prophet’s beloved daughter Sayyedah Fatimah Az-Zahraa was born as well as house of his wife Sayyedah Khadija were demolished in the pretext of (undertaking) an expansion project.

It would seem that even the Prophet’s own house in Mecca was demolished. Toronto Star quoted Tarek Fatah as saying that he found it incomprehensible that while the demolition of the Babri Mosque by Hindu zealots at Ayodhya continues to remain an emotive issue with Muslims, what the Saudi authorities plan to do has evoked no protest at all.

Wrote Fatah: “What makes this demolition (of the Holy Prophet’s home) worse is the fact that it is to make way for a parking lot, two 5- storey hotel towers and seven 35- storey apartment blocks; a project known as the Jabal Omar Scheme, all within a stone’s throw of the Grand Mosque. <b>Yet, despite this outrage, not a single Muslim country, no ayatollah, no mufti, no king, not even a Muslim Canadian imam has dared utter a word of protest.</b>

<b>Such is the power of Saudi influence on the Muslim narrative”. </b>The writer wondered if the lack of response is because Muslims have become so overwhelmed by the power of the Saudi riyal currency or because Muslims had lost all courage and self-respect.

And he added: “Or is it because they feel the need to cover up Muslim-on-Muslim violence, Muslim-on-Muslim terror or Muslim-on-Muslim oppression”? The Babri Masjid in Ayodha was not demolished because the Vishwa Hindu Parishad wanted to build a 35-storey apartment house on the site.

It was because a general of Babar had demolished a temple dedicated to Sri Ram to insult Hindus, right in the holy city of Ayodhya, just as other Muslim rulers had demolished 2000 odd other Hindu temples on the sites of which mosques were built.

And may it be said that these facts are brought out not to defend the demolition of a dargah in Vadodara it is unfortunate that this happened but to say that there should be a limit to hypocrisy. What Pakistan and Bangladesh have done to their one-time Hindu population is not just a disgrace but a crime against humanity.

At no time has India practised genocide as its two Muslim neighbouring countries have done. It has suffered from terrorists and it continues to do even today and there has not been a voice of protest from Muslim organisations, which should also know that many are the Muslims in India who have been giving shelter to Muslim terrorists and their ISI patrons.

<b>They could organise a protest against President Bush: why can’t they organise a similar protest against General Musharraf and his paid thugs? Is that too much to ask? Or are the wails of Hindu widows the price we have to pay for our vaunted secularism? </b> <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>"New graffiti hits New Jersey: 'I hate Indians'"</b> <!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->New York, June 2: An Indian origin family in the US state of New Jersey has become a victim of hate crime with vandals spraying anti-Indian slogans and scribbling graffiti against Hindus on their house.

The family, which has three children, is living in fear as police searches for the culprits, who painted the hate slogans<b> "I hate Indians" on back of the house and front steps last weekend.</b>

Police has not released the name of the family members. It is learnt that the 42-year old husband was born and brought up in Tanzania and married to a woman from Mumbai. The family is not sure who could have done it but says that the neighbours had been friendly.

<b>The family says it is unable to blot out the profanities, which are spray painted in orange and neon green, as it would cost them thousands of dollars to hire professionals to do the job.</b>
<b>Bigots target Hindu family </b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> <b>We Kill U.

We will Fire your house.

Watch Your Kids.</b>

Those threats and other profanities -- spray-painted on a two-story house in black and orange and neon green -- are terrorizing a Wayne family of five who police say have been singled out for their Hindu beliefs and Asian Indian roots.


Such is their fear that the couple, who moved into the new house in the Toms Lake community in November, asked that their name not be published. Several times during an interview Wednesday, the couple stopped talking and stared at cars that had slowed or stopped on the street in front of their house.

Police made the crime public for the first time on Wednesday, while acknowledging the family also had received a series of hateful letters and found threats painted on their garage door in January. No one had been arrested as of late Wednesday.


News of the hate crime came as a shock to Jyoti Gandhi, a lay Hindu leader and past president of Arya Samaj of New Jersey, a Hindu group that meets in Ridgewood. She said she has never felt discrimination in her home of Saddle River or in the town where she worships.

<b>"I'm very surprised, to say the least, that this would happen here," she said. But she speculated that many bias crimes against Hindus may go unreported.</b>
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>
"A lot of times the Hindu families don't say anything," she said. "They just swallow it to keep the peace."</span>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Why we opposed Indian art exhibition

Friday June 2, 2006
The Guardian

We protested against the Asia House gallery because we object to its
decision to exhibit paintings of Hindu goddesses engaged in acts of
bestiality (Letters, May 26 and 30). Meghnad Desai seems to think
such images can be found in Hindu temples, but, as we have written
to him, we dispute this and challenge him to produce evidence. More
seriously, he accuses us of raising this issue because of MF
Husain's religion. This is completely baseless; we are proud of our
interfaith work and have spoken on radio with Muslim leaders to
support their efforts to end attempts to demonise their community.

As to Desai accusing us of being an "import" from India: HHR was
founded and is based in Britain and led by the generation of Hindus
born and brought up here. So we are fully aware of, respect and
uphold British laws and traditions, which protect the rights of the
Hindu community to protest when attacked and defamed. We have
campaigned for years for these values and freedoms to be granted to
the Hindu communities which are persecuted in many parts of the
world. So while he shouts accusations of extremism and
fundamentalism, we are calling his bluff and challenge him to prove
these things in an open debate. As anyone can see from our website
and publications, we exist to highlight the abuses of the human
rights of Hindus going on in many parts of the world.

All our statements show we have always maintained we are not anti-
art. After all, where else can we find the range of expression we
find in Hindu literature, poetry, paintings, dance, music,
sculpture, drama, spiritual epics, architecture, costumes and
jewellery. But when we see Hindu imagery and symbolism adorning
toilet seats, bikinis, magazine covers etc, it becomes easier to see
why so many people in the media and politics are ignorant and
apathetic when it comes to highlighting the plight of Hindus in
countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and in parts of

Ranbir Singh
Chairman, Hindu Human Rights<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Voice of the People Petition

We the people find it offensive and derogatory when companies and individuals seek to exploit and defame Hinduism and Hindu traditions for material gain or personal fame. To see Durgamata, our Divine Mother, in a compromising position with an animal, to see Draupadi stripped naked, to see a naked Sita with a naked Lord Hanumans tail between her legs and other obscene images of Hindu Goddesses including bestiality is deeply hurtful. Further, it is this sort of exploitation of Hinduism that leads to the negative portrayal of Hinduism we see here in the Western media and causes the apathy we witness when it comes to recognising the persecution of Hindus in parts of the world. We see this effect here in Britain where Hindu children are teased about their funny Gods.

We support the democratic rights of the British Hindu community to protest and we oppose those who seek to deny this democratic right. As Hindus and as law abiding citizens of Britain we oppose all violence, whether committed in the name of religion or not. We resent the implication by learned Academics who appear to be depicting any Hindus who find offence in defamation and abuse of Hinduism as extremists and any Hindu group that speaks up for and protests on behalf of the Hindu community as being authoritarian.

These academics, who have no mandate nor standing in the Hindu community, have never done anything for the Hindu community nor recognised by anyone in the community as scholars of Hinduism, are now justifying and defending the abuse and exploitation of Hinduism. Some of these self appointed experts also share the same ideology as prominent terrorist groups operating in India and Nepal. The ongoing defamation of Hinduism has led to cultural fascism and cultural genocide of Hinduism we see going on today in Nepal and India.

We, the ordinary and average British Hindus and friends of Hindus from various walks of life, support peaceful, lawful and non-violent protests by Hindu organisations.

We would appreciate if you keep your replies to one line and include your name, country and occupation too.

    Please reply to this email to sign the petition
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>THE HOLOCAUSTS IN INDIA</b>
By Satish Chandra

During the Mughal period everywhere the Muslim population in India
grew from a few thousands to more than 50 millions. At the same time
a continuous stream of Muslims migrated to India from every where.

April is remembered as holocaust month in USA. In April 1945, the
liberating allied forces in Germany brought the human killing
factories to the attention of the world. More than 11 millions
people including 6.5 million Jews were systematically killed in
scores of Nazi concentration camps.

The world remembers only what you let the world not forget it. The
story of Hindu holocausts is of such a magnitude that over the
centuries it has reduced the Hindu lives of lesser significance.
These thoughts were triggered last month by a visit to the Gadar
Memorial Center, San Francisco. This Reflection is a corollary to
the article that I recently did on the Spirit of the Gadar.

Few remember how the forces of Temur butchered the entire Meerut
city of nearly 300,000 population. His anger was ignited when one of
his soldiers was beaten to death for raping a Hindu woman. In 1398,
Temur invaded India on the pretext that `the Muslim sultans of Delhi
were showing excessive tolerance to their Hindu subjects'. Mind it,
the Hindus were living in their own homeland!

The trails of Hindu carnage particularly in Panipat and Delhi during
three months (Sep to Dec) were so devastating that Delhi took 100
years to rebuild it. The Hindu mothers used to hush their crying
babies to silence by Temur's name. The Hindukush (means the killing
field of the Hindus) in Afghanistan is a living testimony of Hindu
genocide when the region was Islamicised.

Under the Mughals, the atrocities over the Hindus reached new
heights during 48+7 year reign of Aurannzeb and his son. It was a
cultural genocide. SAVA MANN JANEU JALANA (nearly 1000 Lbs. of
sacred thread worn underneath by `baptised' Hindus put to flame
every day) is proverbially etched in the memories. The Hindus had to
pay two separate taxes for living in Hindustan! It was during this
period that the Muslim population in India grew from a few thousands
to more than 50 millions. At the same time a continuous stream of
Muslims migrated to India from every where.

The British fully understood the psyche of the Indians drawn from
three politically active religions viz. Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism.
Their major thrust was to cut the vital roots of Hindu culture by
spreading nonsensical theories on the origin of the Hindus, Vedic
interpretations, and imposing damaging systems on education,
agriculture and flourishing cottage industry. After quelling India's
1857 Rebellion, they imposed extraordinary levies on land and
special taxation that gradually broke the will of the people to live.

This is the approach that the Germans took in working the inmates of
the concentration to death while keeping them under nourished. The
new diseases of plague, small pox, tuberculosis and typhoid not
existing in India before the advent of the British started wiping
the Indian populace in hundreds and thousands a day. It also
happened to the native populations in many countries in North and
South America when the European colonisers occupied them. It is the
world's first biological warfare!

According to the British Gazetteer, 19 millions died of famine. 15
millions died of plague and malaria according to Sir William Digby
during 1891-1900. Hundreds died in Bankura, Bengal and Rajputana in
the famine 1915-16. 7,251,257 (Yes, more than 7 millions!) died from
plague during 1897-1913.The actual numbers may be double. These are
the most recent holocaust of India, and the Hindus were the worst

The Gandhi movie captures this human condition when Gandhi after his
return from South Africa, tours India during 1915-18. During my 1987
tour of Rajasthan, I often wondered at the absence of tall and
strong men who could carry 100 Lbs. of battlefield armor of Maharana
Pratap as displayed in Agra Fort during 1980's. What happened to the
generations of such sturdy men? The same was observed in Gujarat and
Bihar. Most men and women were hardly 5' tall and weighing 80 Lbs.
Orissa, Bihar and Bengal are still worse. Imagine the lost
generations during 1880's through Independence in 1947.

In half of his autobiography, My Experiments with Truth, Gandhi has
tangentially mentioned how in South Africa the British treated the
Muslims as a race better than the Hindus. But the most glaring
example of Hindu racial inequity is the crime punishment schedule in
Saudi Arabia. There are numerous instances that go to prove that the
Hindu life comes cheap.

When a member of Nazi death squad was asked, "How could you shoot at
the innocent Jews?" The answer was, "Because they don't resist!" A
similar question was posed to Gandhi, "Do you believe that your non-
resistance policy would work against the Germans?"

The Sikhs faced the gruesome genocide after Banda Bahadur Bairagi.
It is incredible that his torture-to-death moved Nobel Laureate
Tagore 200 years later to compose a poem.

According to one reliable source, 43% of the Sikh population in
Punjab was literally hunted down during 1716-1738. This holocaust is
called Ghalughara in Sikh history. Every Sunday the Sikhs are
reminded of it!

I owe it to my name, my scholarship and my lofty Hindu heritage for
bringing these buried holocausts out so that the present generations
stand up to political events in India and overseas. The awareness of
these historical monstrosities shall awaken the racial self-esteem
of the Hindus. The Hindus in India will emerge strong like the Jews
in Israel. The time is ripe for making a documentary on the
holocausts of India. I have broached this subject to a young
documentary producer, Arti Jain.

<b>Second Annual Report on Hindu Human Rights Released on Capitol Hill</b>

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 27, 2006) The Hindu American Foundation
(HAF) held a press conference today on Capitol Hill to release its
much anticipated second annual report on the status of human rights
of Hindus in South Asia, Afghanistan and Fiji. Representative Ileana
Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), senior ranking member of the House International
Relations Committee, co-hosted the press conference held in the
Rayburn House Building. In her remarks, Ros-Lehtinen expressed
serious concern over the facts presented in the human rights report
and welcomed the document as a crucial resource.

Executive Director, Ishani Chowdhury presenting a copy of the Hindu
American Foundation's 2nd Annual Hindu Human Rights Report to
Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehitnen (R-FL) at Capitol Hill. Also
present (L-R): Nikhil Joshi, Esq., Member of Board of Directors;
Rajit Das, Intern; and Dr. Aseem Shukla, Member of Board of

"As an ardent human rights advocate in the United States Congress, I
will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure that all are
afforded the protection they deserve," said Ros-Lehtinen during her
address. "Especially, Hindus who are persecuted by extremist groups."

A House resolution calling attention to human rights violations
against Hindus prompted by, among other things, the HAF report is
being prepared and the congresswoman is expected to deliver a
separate floor statement highlighting human rights violations that
are particularly severe in Bangladesh.

"The second annual report on Hindu human rights is an objective
compilation from reports by credible human rights groups of the
genocide, ethnic cleansing, terrorism, and discriminatory laws that
Hindus face everyday in parts of South Asia and beyond," said Ishani
Chowdhury, Executive Director of HAF. "This report documents a
humanitarian tragedy that fills an important void existing in reports
by both governments and other human rights organizations. "

The 105-page document is entitled "Hindus in South Asia & the
Diaspora: A Survey of Human Rights (2005)". The report has garnered a
broad array of endorsements from several members of Congress, various
academics and human rights and religious leaders of diverse faiths.

"By documenting human rights violations against Hindus in Bangladesh,
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Fiji and the Indian state of Jammu and
Kashmir, the Hindu American Foundation continues to raise global
awareness of these abuses," said Congressman Joseph Crowley (D-NY),
as he joined Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Joe Wilson (R-SC), Jim
Ramstad (R-MN) and many other members of the U.S. Congress whose
endorsements of the report continue to be received daily at HAF
offices in Washington, D.C.

The 2005 report individually documents over 500 incidents of murder,
arson, rape, desecration of temples, usurpation of property and other
forms of violence against Hindus over a single year in Bangladesh.
The report confirms a continuous rise in such attacks since the 2001
general election brought the Bangladesh National Party to power in
coalition with Islamist political organizations. In 2005, according
to the HAF report, Pakistan witnessed a spate of Hindu temple
destructions, kidnappings and forced conversions of Hindu girls.
Furthermore, the government of Pakistan continues a grim policy of
aiding and abetting Islamist organizations recognized as terrorist
groups by the U.S. State Department such as the Lashkar-e-Toiba.

HAF included Fiji in the 2005 report as part of its long-term goal of
highlighting human rights abuses against Hindus in the diaspora
beyond South Asia. Despite comprising 38% of the island nation's
population, Hindus and their religious institutions are routinely
attacked in Fiji. The heavily influential Methodist Church there has
called for conversions of Hindus and establishment of a Christian

"Everyone who is concerned with obtaining the necessary human rights
and privileges for people of all religions should be indebted to the
Hindu American Foundation for bringing into the light the serious
discriminatory practices and unacceptable behavior which in any way
makes for insensitive treatment of Hindus and their faith," said
Ernest Weiner, Executive Director of the Northern California Region
of the American Jewish Committee.

After reviewing the report, Iftekhar Hai, President of United Muslims
of America Interfaith Alliance condemned extremist violence and
said, "It gives me great pain to note that extremist Muslims, a tiny
minority, are unleashing terror on our Hindu brothers and sisters."

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean and co-founder of the Simon
Wiesenthal Center, a widely respected international human rights
organization, heaped similar praise on HAF. "The Simon Wiesenthal
Center welcomes this report which will help the international
community and Non-governmental Organizations to have a broader
understanding of the human rights situation in that important region
of the world."

Several academics on campuses around the U.S. also reviewed this
year's report. "This report by the Hindu American Foundation…is a
real eye-opener," observed Professor Nathan Katz, Professor of
Religious Studies at Florida International University. "As a minority
in Islamic societies that consider them to be `idolaters,' Hindus in
Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan face unimaginable persecution

The HAF report was simultaneously released by Global Human Rights
Defence in the Hague, Netherlands, where that organization is
committed to spreading awareness about the contents of the report in
the European Union.

HAF leadership hoped that this year's report will again serve as a
credible source of information for governmental and human rights
organizations. The HAF report calls for concrete action by
responsible governments to end religious persecution. The foundation
plans to follow the report with coordinated activities to raise
awareness of Hindu human rights in Washington, D.C. and at
international venues throughout the year.

The report can be downloaded, viewed or purchased online at
http://www.hinduame ricanfoundation. org/reports. htm#hhr2005

<b>Related Images</b>

Executive Director, Ishani Chowdhury presenting a copy of the Hindu
American Foundation's 2nd Annual Hindu Human Rights Report to
Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehitnen (R-FL) at Capitol Hill. Also
present (L-R): Nikhil Joshi, Esq., Member of Board of Directors;
Rajit Das, Intern; and Dr. Aseem Shukla, Member of Board of
Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) endorsing the Hindu American
Foundation's 2nd Annual Hindu Human Rights Report at the official
Press Conference at Capitol Hill.
(L-R) Ramesh Rao, PhD, Member of the HAF's Executive Council; Dr.
Aseem Shukla and Nikhil Joshi, Esq., Board of Directors Members; Art.
A. Estopiñán, Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-
FL) and Ishani Chowdhury, Executive Director for the Hindu American

The Pioneer / Front Page / July 4, 2006

<b>Hindus persecuted in India's neighbourhood</b>

Kanchan Gupta / New Delhi

September 14, 2005. Four Muslim men force their way into a Hindu house
in Sindh, grab the young daughter of the family, carry her away,
forcibly convert her to Islam and is made to marry one of them. Two of
the kidnappers are arrested, the case comes up in a local Pakistani
court but the judge dismisses the charges of kidnapping and forcible
conversion after the terrorised girl is forced to give a statement
that she "wilfully married and converted".

Another young Hindu woman, Sapna Giyanchand, is forcibly taken to a
shrine in Shikarpur district of Sindh by Shamsuddin Dasti, a Muslim
married man and father. The custodian of the shrine, Maulvi Abdul
Aziz, converts Sapna to Islam, changes her name to Mehek, and marries
her to Dasti. When Sapna's case is presented in court, Muslim
extremists mob her and chant slogans. A terrified Sapna is unable to
speak to her parents, who are also present in court. Maulvi Aziz,
responding to the demand that Sapna be returned to her parents, scoffs
at the suggestion: "How can a Muslim girl live and maintain contact
with kafirs?"

These and many other such instances of how Hindus who constitute a
minuscule minority community in Pakistan are harassed, humiliated and
denied basic human rights have been meticulously detailed in 'Hindus
in South Asia and the Diaspora – A Survey of Human Rights 2005',
released last week in Washington, DC and The Hague by Hindu American
Foundation, a non-profit, non-discriminatory, and non-partisan
organisation. The report is entirely based on public documents and
information culled from local media news stories. The contents have
been verified for authenticity.

The HAF has as its members distinguished professionals and young
achievers. It is fast acquiring an influential voice on Capitol Hill:
Senior members of the House and Senate – both Republicans and
Democrats – were present at the launch of this year's report; many of
them have endorsed its contents. Commending the HAF for "continuing to
highlight the treatment of Hindu minorities worldwide," Democrat Gary
Ackerman said, "Clearly, this report emphasises the ongoing struggle
for religious freedom."

Commenting on the plight of Hindus in Pakistan, the report describes
"how young girls, as young as 12 or 13, have been kidnapped in Sindh,
converted to Islam, and forcibly married to Muslim men." It quotes
Laljee Menghwar, a member of Karachi's Hindu Panchayat, saying,
"Kidnapping Hindu girls like this has become a normal practice. The
girls are then forced to sign stamp papers stating that they've become
Muslims". At least "19 similar abduction cases have taken place in
Karachi alone, and six in the Jacobabad and Larkana districts."

Pointing out the decline of Pakistan's Hindu population – from 25 per
cent in 1947 to 1.6 per cent in 1998, and less than one per cent in
2006 – the report says that though "Pakistan's Constitution provides
for freedom of religion, in practice, however, the Government imposes
limits on this freedom… (which is) subject to law, public order, and
morality…In addition, the Constitution requires that laws be
consistent with Islam and imposes some elements of Quranic law on both
Muslims and religious minorities".

According to the HAF's findings, "Hindus continue to be the target of
kidnappings, rape, and intimidation in Pakistan. There are reports of
desecration and destruction of Hindu temples and lands, theft and
looting of Hindu property, discrimination and abuse."

As in Pakistan, in Bangladesh, too, persecution of Hindus by Islamic
fanatics continues unabated. The Hindu population in Bangladesh has
declined from 31 per cent in 1947 to 13.2 per cent in 2001. The
attacks on Hindus and their temples has assumed alarming proportion as
the minority community's strength continues to dwindle with each
passing year.

"Data indicate that the number of incidents of human rights abuse
against Hindus during

2005 continued at about the same rate as in 2004, and more seriously,
the political situation in Bangladesh worsened with Islamic
fundamentalist and extremist forces becoming more bold and entrenched
in society. Observers fear that Bangladesh may be headed the Taliban
way as in Afghanistan," says the report.

"Bangladesh continues to use discriminatory laws against its minority
populations, especially the Hindus. No attempt was made last year to
revamp the Vested Property Return Bill (VPRB/2001), which was a
subterfuge that promised to jettison the Vested Property Act
(VPA/1972) and Enemy Property Act (EPA/1965) that officially

Hindus as 'enemies' and was used to confiscate land and property
belonging to Hindus," the report points out.

Providing graphic details of how Hindu homesteads are attacked,
property looted, women raped and temples desecrated, the report lists
480 instances of Hindu rights being violated by Islamic
fundamentalists in Bangladesh with the BNP-Jamat-e-Islami Government
of Begum Khaleda Zia refusing to offer either comfort or protection to
that country's beleaguered minority community. The report contains
details of 39 incidents of rape of Hindu women, 52 of targeted
killings, 78 of attacks on temples, 120 of land confiscation and
forcible eviction, 161 of assault, theft, looting and intimidation, 29
of kidnappings and one of a journalist being threatened.

In Afghanistan, Hindus and Sikhs continue to be persecuted as a
community. Before the jihad of 1980s, Hindus and Sikhs comprised 1 per
cent of the population, or 15,000 to 20,000 families. At present there
are 1,200 families, of whom 350 are in Kabul. The report points out
that " due to fear of persecution or ridicule, Hindus do not send
their children to public schools. They receive neither Government nor
international assistance for their schools."

The plight of Hindu and Sikh children in Afghanistan is underscored by
the fact that "currently, only one Sikh school in Karte Parwan is
functioning. There are no professional teachers, and those that do
teach receive only 1,000 Afghanis (approximately $20) a month, paid by
the Hindu and Sikh community. In Kandahar there is no school at all,
only classes in the temple. Muslims have occupied two of the Hindu

According to the HAF's findings, "Currently only three Hindu and three
Sikh temples are open in Kabul. These temples face discrimination from
local warlords and governors. They are, for example, charged for
electricity while mosques in the same localities are not."

Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Republican), senior ranking member
of the House International Relations Committee, who co-hosted the
Press conference held in Rayburn House Building to release the report,
expressed serious concern over the facts presented in the document,
describing it as a crucial resource. "As an ardent human rights
advocate in the United States Congress, I will continue to work with
my colleagues to ensure that all are afforded the protection they
deserve," she said in her remarks, adding, "Especially, Hindus who are
persecuted by extremist groups."

A House resolution calling attention to human rights violations
against Hindus prompted by, among other things, the HAF report is
being prepared and the Congresswoman is expected to deliver a separate
floor statement highlighting human rights violations that are
particularly severe in Bangladesh.

"By documenting human rights violations against Hindus in Bangladesh,
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Fiji and the Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir,
the Hindu American Foundation continues to raise global awareness of
these abuses," said Congressman Joseph Crowley (Democrat, New York),
as he joined Senator Orrin Hatch (Republican), Joe Wilson
(Republican), Jim Ramstad (Republican) and many other members of the
US Congress in endorsing the contents of the report.

Several academics on campuses around the US also reviewed this year's
report. "This report by the Hindu American Foundation… is a real
eye-opener," observed Professor Nathan Katz, Professor of Religious
Studies at Florida International University, adding, "As a minority in
Islamic societies that consider them to be 'idolators,' Hindus in
Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan face unimaginable persecution

The report "Hindus in South Asia and the Diaspora: A Survey of Human
Rights 2005" can be downloaded, viewed or purchased online at
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The fast-growing community of online bloggers has borne the brunt of the government’s decision to block some 20 websites in a post-Mumbai show of force. Some of the websites that have been blocked are Dalitstan.org, Clickatell.com, Hinduhumanrights.org and Hinduunity.com.

But the most harried Internet users were the bloggers, who couldn’t access Blogspot.com, Typepad.com or Geocities.com pages. Sources in ISPs in Delhi as well as Mumbai confirmed that the one blog government has asked them to block is Princesskimberly.blogspot.com.
It seems the order posed technical problems, resulting in a blanket ban on all blogs. ‘‘You cannot block a single page on blogspot.com, which is why all of them are getting blocked,’’ said Neha Viswanathan, Regional Editor, South Asia, Globalvoicesonline.org from London.
The Indian order was issued on July 13, sources in the Ministry of Telecom confirmed, though the Computer Emergency Response Team (India), part of a global cyber-security network set up three years ago, did not announce the bans officially.
Only sources in several ISPs such as Spectranet and Airtel confirmed that they had received the site-blocking order. R Grewal, a spokesperson for Spectranet confirmed: ‘‘We received a list of over 20 websites to block from the Department of Telecom, and this (Blogspot.com) was one of them.’’
Apparently, all the websites blocked are said to express “extreme religious views.”
MTNL officials said they were handed a 22-page document detailing the sites to block a month ago. “It came from the National Informatics Centre (NIC). It was the first time that they had done something of this nature,’’ says RH Sharma, sub-divisional engineer for MTNL in Delhi.
Government sources confirmed late in the evening that some websites have been blocked based on police reports that they were fuelling hatred. They denied that the Mumbai blasts had anything to do with censorship and that security checks on the blocked sites were on since before the terrorist attacks.

Fascist gov't of India is deciding what Hindus should view and shouldn't view, they are trying to keep Hindus under the dark about the human rights violations against Hindus.
UPA is suppressing every avenue open for Hindus. It is worst than any fascist government ever exist on earth.
UPA can't hide, rest of world is reading, time is over they can't keep people in dark for ever.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->PO Box 44814, London SE18 1YT                              www.hinduhumanrights.org

HHR Press Release, 20 July 2006
<b>Announcement of a Protest to the Indian Government</b>
The horrific terror attacks on 11 July in Mumbai have caused outrage across the world but following similar attacks in London, Madrid and New York it comes as no huge surprise. That these attacks seem to have received less attention in the West is another story but Indian citizens have become used to the world ignoring terror attacks in India. More worryingly however is the general attitude of the Indian government to terror attacks on its own citizens and Hindu religious sites. Already this year there have been numerous attacks on civilians and especially children in India.

Further, it is the Indian government itself which is largely responsible for creating the arena of hatred against Hindus and Hindu culture through its policies since Independence. The education system in India openly discriminates against Hindus and Hinduism which fuels the cycle of denigration we see in the Indian media. It is also the government of India which has continued and extended colonial policies designed to impoverish local economies through the taxing and land grabbing of (only) Hindu temples. The government’s example is carried through to its logical conclusions with the ethnic cleansing of Hindus from the state of Jammu & Kashmir and in North Eastern India. Parts of India’s countryside are also now in the control of Maoist terrorists, supported by their allies in the Indian government and responsible for killings of Hindu villagers and Hindu tribal peoples.

On the 15th of August 1947, Mahatma Gandhi refused to celebrate India’s Independence because he was dismayed at all the killing that was taking place in the wake of this freedom. On the 15th of August, the government of India will celebrate 59 years of Independence from British Rule but the same violence observed by Gandhiji has continued until this day. This year, on the 15th, Hindu Human Rights invites everyone to boycott the “celebrations” and join us to register their protest at how the Indian government has abused its position and used the Constitution and Law to fan the flames of hatred rather than serving the people it is supposed to govern.

Protest begins at 2pm until 5pm on Tuesday 15 August 2006 outside the High Commission of India, India House, Aldwych, London WC2B 4NA, nearest tube stations: Charing Cross (Northern, Bakerloo lines) or Embankment (District, Circle, Northern, Bakerloo lines) We thank you for your support.

Hindu Human Rights,
Serving Hindus Worldwide
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Islamic terrorists attacked Sanskrit college</b>
7/19/2006 4:58:21 AM  HK
Kaladi: Islamic NDF terrorists attacked the students in Sri Sankara Sanskrit college in Kalady. They unleashed terror in the college, attacked students, destroyed furnitures and window panes and doors were broken  in the classroom.

The attack was done combinely by NDF terrorist and their students wing Campus Front. Police have arrested Abdul Rahman, Anthuru, Bava, Siraj, Aneesh Marakkar, Aboobacker, Anoop Nasser, Nibas and Yuraij in connection with the attack

This is the one and only centre for  learning Sanskrit in the birth place of Sri Sankaracharya had now become the hotbed of Islamic terrorists. These terrorists were promoted in the college by SFI, Students wing of Marxist and the yesterday's attack was due to some indifference between Campus Front and their promoters in SFI.

This Sanskrit college was inaugurated by Shri Agamananda Swamikal and Sringeri Saradapeetham Sankaracharya bharathi theertha swamikal is the trust member at present.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Hindu Website Ban Backfires. More People Log in

By Ratna Singh

On July 18th, the Indian Government banned www.hinduhumanrights.org  along with a few other websites.  Ostensibly, the reason to block access to Hinduhumanrights.org was that it could cause religious disharmony and civil disturbances in India.  The real reason may be the websites differences of opinion with some Indian academics in UK with close links to the current Indian Government.

The ban has actually backfired.  The Indian State does not have the resources to implement such a ban which is practically impossible on the internet.  Thousand of more people logged in to the website to see what the fuss was all about, giving Hinduhumanrights a big boost. Natural justice processes were not followed – one morning the people running the website woke up to hear it had been banned.  Techgoss checked out the website for the first time yesterday and found that except for a  few graphic photos , there was nothing which could justify a blanket ban by a liberal democracy like India which takes great pride in respecting all opinions.  Like it or not,  some of the causes taken up by this organization have been quite popular with the general Hindu population in Europe and USA.

Hinduhumanrights.org spokesperson Hema Shah,  23,  is a  Physics graduate from London who joined the organization 3 years ago.  She is a fan of Bruce Lee and had trained in martial arts.  Her other sporting pastimes are swimming and tennis.  An avid reader, Hema lists her work with the Hindu Human Rights group in raising human rights abuses of Hindus or the way Hinduism is wrongly perceived in the world as the most satisfying achievement in her young life.


Q. How did you hear the news that the Indian Government had banned you ? Did the Government contact you ? Or did one of your readers tell you ?

A (Hema Shah). We read it from news articles on that day and also many people emailed us about it. The Government never informed us.


Q. How effective is the ban ?  Are Indians in India still reading your website ?  Is yes,  how ?

A. It is not effective at all as it’s increased our readership from around the world even more and the traffic from India has increased.


Q. Has the Indian government tried other ways to harass your website ?

A. Not far as we know ..


Q. Have the hits on your website increased since the government banned you ? Is it counter productive to ban websites ?

A. The web hits increased  at least 140 thousand in one week. Yep, it is counter productive especially if you're banned over something the government has accused of which is not true. We've had many emails asking us to tell us exactly what's on our site that the Indian Government banned us for because they can't find anything that's a threat to India's security. And we'll be offering a cash prize soon to anyone who can show us anything that is so provocative that it can cause a civil war in India


Q. Do you feel that you may be arrested if you travel to India ?

A. Well it could happen but I think they would be better off spending their time arresting terrorists instead of innocent people.


Q. How big is your organization ?  How much donation do you receive?

A. Our organisation is very big and well known and we've had publicity many times around the world for other campaigns in the past which you can check in google. We're mainly self funded.


Q. Who are your high profile supporters ?

A. Well most of our supporters are ordinary people and after the ban we're getting even more support.


Q. Do you think one particular Indian politician/bureaucrat is behind this banning of website ?

A. Well it could be because recently we did have campaign which ended up with some Indian academics from the UK coming out against us and making false allegations.  When we then challenged them over to an open public debate which they haven't had the decency to come to as yet. And suddenly we end up with this ban. And these academics do have strong links with the present Indian government. These academics are from universities like  Oxford and Goldsmiths. They are mostly Indian from Marxist backgrounds. So that could be the link especially when they haven't banned the hundreds of anti Indian/Hindu websites including Hezbollah sites.


Q. Finally,  do you think you get your message across by such graphic pictures/articles on your website ?  Many people find them quite extreme. Many people have voted for the Indian Government in a show of faith for secular India.

A. Well we are a human rights group and like other human rights groups we have to provide the evidence to the world of the atrocities on Hindus and graphic  pictures  being one of them. And the  message is definitely getting through to the public as by the reaction we get. And we can't see what's that go to do with being extreme in which way because we've never had any complaints apart from people being shocked that no one is taking these issue serious even though now that's changing. And if people have voted for secular government then the people should ask what type of secular government have they voted in because even the Nazi Government in Germany was secular just like the communist regime in Russia in the past and present one in China. Even Saddam Hussains regime was secular but one thing that all had in common apart from having no opposition( and we know what happened to them) was to suppress and gag any voice which could be a threat to their regimes even though I can't see how our website falls in that category. But still with the present Indian government you can never know as it does have many communists in their establishment.

<!--emo&:beer--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cheers.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='cheers.gif' /><!--endemo-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> The real reason may be the websites differences of opinion with some Indian academics in UK with close links to the current Indian Government.
No surpise, same group is working here in US along with comrades in American Universities.
via email
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->A N    A P P E A L
              To observe a minute of silence
                Hindu Balidan Smaran Diwas
              (Hindu Memorial Day)
              August 14th, 2006


              7:00 PM Indian Time
              2:30 PM GMT/UTC
              (other local times: see below)

      Freedom lovers around the world, and Hindus in particular, are
requested to observe a minute of silence precisely at 7:00 PM Indian
Standard Time on August 14th, 2006. Your minute of silence at this precise
time around the world will go a long way in remembering all those who gave
up their lives in the defense of Hindu civilization, including the ones
that die everyday on the remote mountains and valleys of Kashmir.

      Your minute will also remember all the victims of religion-inspired
barbarism that was unleashed on unsuspecting Hindus around 712 CE, that is
continuing even today. The ugly face of this barbarism can be seen in
Bangladesh where scores of Hindus and Buddhists are being tormented on a daily
basis. And the ones that die on local trains in Mumbai.

      August 14th is significant as this day the tormentors of Hindus finally
managed to take large portions of Hindu lands away from them.

Minute of Silence must be observed at the following precise time:

USA (Pacific) - 6:30 A.M.
USA (Central) - 8:30 A.M.
USA (Eastern) - 9:30 A.M.
UK - 2:30 P.M.
India - 7:00 PM
Suva (Fiji) - 6:00 AM (next day on Aug. 15th)
Other local times : please calculate [help: www.timeanddate.com]

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