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Hindu Human Rights

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Hindu Human Rights
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Security fears worry Pakistani Hindus</b>
27/07/2008 22:46:19

The Hindu community in Pakistan has expressed concerns at the increase in incidents targeting the life and properties, including places of worship, of the Hindus in the Islamic nation.

The Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC), a representative body of the minority community in the country, expressed concerns over Hindus being target of rising number of robberies in Sindh province.

The Council demanded that the federal Government in Islamabad take immediate measures to prevent such incidents and protect the minority community in the country.

Large number of Hindus took part in a protest in Karachi against the recent robbery in Jacobabad where armed men entered a Hindu temple and robbed some 350 Hindu women of cash and jewelry worth millions of rupees.

Former Sindh lawmaker Dr Ramesh Lal accused the the police and other law enforcement agencies of having failed to provide security to the citizens, particularly the minorities.

"The dacoits have robbed valuables worth approximately Rs 70 million and after the recent incident in Jacobabad, members of the minority communities, especially women, are even afraid to go their religious places," PHC Secretary General Hari Motwani was quoted as saying by the Daily Times newspaper.

"Therefore, we demand that the Government immediately arrest the dacoits and ensure safety measures for minorities, said Motwani, adding that the incident took place in broad daylight and yet the police were unable to prevent it.

"The robberies, coupled with the kidnappings of Hindus in the northern districts of Sindh, have created panic and insecurity amongst the minorities," PHC President Raja Assermal Manglani said, adding that the government needed to ease their fears. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Hindraf leaders ordered to complete jail term
25 Apr 2008, 1001 hrs IST,IANS

KUALA LUMPUR: The five Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders, detained under the stringent Internal Security Act (ISA), will complete serving their two-year term as ordered by the king of Malaysia.

The king's letters, sent separately to the five, shut out any prospects of their early freedom.

Lawyer Karpal Singh, who represents them in court trials, said on Thursday that the king's decree was contained in a letter dated April 16 addressed to one of the five - lawyer Ganabatirau Veeraman, by the Home Ministry's Security and Public Order Division Officer Mohamad Irza Dahari.

"The other detainees, have received similar letters," Singh said in a statement.

The letter said the Prime Minister's Advisory Board had forwarded its recommendation to the king who issued the order on March 26, following an appeal by the five, the New Straits Times said on Friday.

Besides Ganabatirau, lawyers Uthayakumar Ponnusamy, 46, Manoharan Malayalam, 46, and Kengadharan Ramasamy, 40, and ex-bank executive Vasantha Kumar Krishnan, 34 were detained after they organized a protest rally Nov 25, 2007.

The rally of estimated 10,000 was forcibly dispersed by police using water cannons.

Of the five, Uthayakumar, a diabetic, has complained of not receiving proper medicines while in jail. Manoharan was elected to a state legislature last month. He has refused to take oath in jail.

Several appeals have been made for their release from human rights bodies and different political quarters, both from the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) and the opposition alliance Pakatan Rakyat (PR), besides social and human rights bodies.

Singh's announcement came even as a leader of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), a constituent of the BN that has traditionally spoken for Malaysia's 2.6 million ethnic Indians, sought freedom for the five detainees.

Adding to the effort of MIC chief, S. Samy Vellu, who had met Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar earlier this month to seek release of the Hindraf-5, the party's youth chief S.A. Vigneswaran Thursday asked the government to "explain" how the detainees posed a threat to national security.

Responding to appeals for release, Albar said the government would go by "national interests" and not by "sentiments" in deciding the issue. The government has said it is investigating the "terror links" of the five, allegedly with Sri Lanka's Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Action against the Hindraf disenchanted the two million Tamil Hindus during the last month's elections. According to a post-poll analysis, 69 per cent of ethnic Indian vote swung against the BN and favoured the emergence of a strong opposition.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Racial taunts spark protests by Indians in Malaysia

KULA LUMPUR: About 500 angry ethic-Indians on Monday staged a protest outside a school demanding action against a teacher who allegedly hurled racial slurs against students from the community in western Malaysia's Selangaon state.

According to the police report, a woman history teacher had allegedly called Indian students in a Class four and five 'Negro', 'black monkeys' and other derogatory names.

The crowd began gathering outside the Banting school's main entrance near here at noon and staged a protest for two hours.

The teacher had also allegedly said that the community members were stupid and prone to thievery, the Star daily reported on its website.

The alleged incidents took place on July 17 and 22 when the teacher had allegedly beaten up some Indians students.

A students also alleged in his report that the teacher had written the word 'keling pariah' on the board and lost her cool when the Indian students told her that they did not like being called names, it said.

Coalition of Malaysian Indian NGOs secretary Gunaraj George, who was among the protesters, said such abuse would only breed hatred and racial polarisation in schools.

"No one in his or her right frame of mind would have said these things. Given this, the best option would be for the teacher to be assigned to a desk job and not be allowed to be near youngsters anymore," he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong said the schoolteacher might be sacked if the allegations proved true. "The allegations were serious as no one was allowed to insult others, especially in a school environment," said Wee, who was asked to comment.

The ministry was awaiting an official report before taking any action, he added.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Petition to save temples in AP
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Idols of Shiv, Ganesh desecrated in Trinidad </b>
Paras Ramoutar | Port-of-Spain
Idols of Shiv and Ganesh were desecrated in a temple in Trinidad. Vandals damaged the Idols at the Kolahal Shiva Temple, Chaguanas in Central Trinidad on Monday. The incident took place a year after a gang of young men went to the temple by the sea in Waterloo on August 4, 2007 and destroyed idols including those of gods Shiva and Krishna and goddess Durga. No one has been charged so far for the incident. The desecration angered members of the Hindu community.

Satnarayan Maharaj, secretary general of the Sanatan Dharam Maha Sabha, while condemning the incident, said it was the handiwork of 'a handful of extremists, who are bent upon sowing the seeds of discord between Hindus and Muslims in Trinidad and Tobago'.

"The Hindu temple and the mosque which both religious groups use, stand next to each other. Both Hindus and Muslims share each other's concerns and pains and triumphs in the community at all times. Why must some extremist groups intervene in the peaceful co-existence between Hindus and Muslims," Maharaj said.

Imam Sheik Fazal Mohamed of the nearby mosque said the "suspects were not members of our mosque and what they did had reflected badly on the Islamic community. I hope they are caught and made to pay for the damages".

<b>A witness said that he saw two men knock down the idols and leave in a car. The ownership of the car has been confirmed. Mohamed said: "Everyone is allowed to worship in their own way. What those men did was unIslamic and illegal. The murtis (idols) were not on the masjid's compound. They went into the temple and desecrated them and that was wrong." </b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Hindu protest - India Day Parade (images)

<b>Human rights groups participate in India Day Parade</b>

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->NEW JERSEY: Hindu Human Rights groups such as Protect Religions Organization, Save Temples Organization and advocacy groups such as Indo-American Kashmir Forum participated in New Jersey India Day parade highlighting the human rights violations of Hindus in India after 61 years of independence.

The human rights abuses covered the plight of half million Kashmiri Hindus, global terrorism during last four years, large scale illegal conversions of Hindus, government control and looting of Hindu temples and pseudo-secularism. One of the highlights of the event was the dramatization of Islamic terrorist targeting a Kashmiri Hindu with a gun.

The presentation pointed to the plight of half million Kashmiri Hindus who are living as refugees in their own country in sub-human conditions for the last 18 years. It is pathetic state of things where multiple governments have done nothing in addressing the situation and the media is completely silent about their state. Unfortunately, the apathy of Indians, particularly Hindus, to this situation is also contributing to the state of affairs.

The whole situation is a great shame on India and is a blot on our independence.Terrorism in India, particularly during last 4 years where 3785 were lost is another form of Human Rights abuse faced by Hindus in India. The primary targets of terrorists are Hindu Mandirs, Hindu festival shop-goers (e.g., Delhi), Hindu Gujarathi businessmen (e.g, Mumbai train blasts).

It is shameful record where the number of lives lost is as close to the number of deaths in Iraq. According to Indian Express article dated Aug 2, "It is a spectacular four and half years of mayhem when not one terrorist has been caught, not one major case solved. Even by the modest standards that Shivraj Patil's home ministry may have set for itself, this is a spectacularly disastrous record."

The same article quotes, "Ask senior police officers investigating - even Congress Chief Ministers if they would dare to speak the truth - and they will tell you how they pulled away in fright, under pressure from the Center for targeting and upsetting Muslims (Voters) in their investigations. This proceeded neatly alongside the utterly communalized discourse on the Afzal Guru hanging issue." Life is precious no matter who lost their life.

It is the duty of Government to protect the lives of every Indian, no matter what religion they are. However, vote bank politics is taking precedence over loss of lives, particularly Hindus (smaller number the Muslims where two mosques were targeted during last 4 years).Religious conversion is another issue facing Hindus (including Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists) in India. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of India was so passionate and unequivocal against missionary religious conversions and called it the deadliest poison that ever sapped the fountain of truth. He scorned at use of social service as a pretext for conversions and called it deception and denationalization.

The banners sought to bring these messages along with a message denouncing Reverend Pat Robertson who publicly declared in 2001 at Dallas Pastor Conference that 100 million Hindus would be converted to make up for losses in Europe. Projects such as Joshua Project are incessantly targeting Hindus in India using millions of dollars with detailed information of every tribe, sect in every single village in India.Today, in states like Andhra Pradesh, churches are springing up like ant homes in thousands of villages with the tacit support of evangelical Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh along with that of catholic Sonia Gandhi.

Government control and looting of Hindu temples and Hindu devotee offerings is another form of abuse occurring in India that was highlighted at the parade. In democratic India, only Hindu temples are in control of Government where as Mosques, Churches, Gurudwaras were free to manage their own worship places. Governments in India particularly in Southern Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, large scale selling of temple lands for political patronage, votes and offering for building churches, looting of devotee offerings is continuing unabated.

In one reported event, an acre of temple land worth $10 million was sold away for about 4 lakh rupees to political patronages. According to India Today magazine few years ago, out of 720 million collected at Karnataka 207,000 temples, $ 60 million were given back to temples for maintenance, 500 million for Haj trip to Muslims, 100 million to Churches, 60 million for secular activities. At the same time hundreds of temples in the state are in dilapidated state.Psuedosecularism is another problem affecting Hindus in India.

The same media that has covered about Godhra Muslim victims numerous times have never found reason to highlight the plight of half million Kashmiri Hindus who were brutally targeted. The sad state is even in Godhra coverage, the same media would cover little about Hindu victims in the train as well as in the riots (where one third of the riot victims were Hindus). While Rama Janmabhoomi gets wide attention, every day temples are being destroyed in Kashmir and other places but get little attention. Media's responsibility is to highlight issues of all Indians, irrespective of their religion.Most Indian English media is pseudo secular and anti-Hindu.

This rally is to bring awareness to media bias with the hope that Indian Americans demand objective coverage or stop supporting biased media.No country can be strong when its majority population is weakened. When Gandhi emphasized the well being of minorities, it is his desire to make sure all Indians have equal security and share of progress in India.

But Indian politics combined with apathy of Hindus is causing this pathetic situation where the majority lives are threatened every day, their institutions destroyed and are divided for vote banks. Gandhi ji once said, he does not desire a so called 'Free India' where white sahibs are replaced by brown sahibs. Unfortunately, that is what is taking place in India, in spite of best efforts of Indians.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>HHR Press Release: HHR condemns the killing of Swami Laxmananada Saraswati of Orissa</b>

HHR condemns the brutal pre-planned murder of Swami Laxmananada Saraswati and four other innocents in the eastern Indian state of Orissa on the 23rd August 2008. The Swami, a well known social activist working for the upliftment of the deprived and dispossessed for the past 40 years was cut down in a maelstrom of AK-47 bullets whilst celebrating the Hindu festival of Janamastmi at an orphanage for girls.

For many decades this deprived region has been at the centre of attempts to destroy the indigenous Hindu-tribal culture and way of life of the region into the quagmire of globalisation and uniformity led by aggressive evangelical missionary activities, multinational companies and Communist terrorists. The decades of selfless work by the Swami had made him a target for many years with this being the ninth reported attempt on his life. The octogenarian activist was eventually killed on the very land on which he had toiled on for so many decades.

HHR condemns the murder of Swami Laxmananda Saraswati and four other innocents and also the communal violence which has since gripped the once peaceful state of Orissa. HHR calls on the state government and the Government of India to take immediate remedial action to restore peace to the region and bring to justice the killers of the Swami.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Malaysian court says no to freeing Hindu activists
Mon Sep 8, 2008 6:20pm IST

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Five Hindu activists, including one elected to parliament from behind bars, will stay in detention under Malaysia's harsh internal security laws after a court on Monday ruled against freeing them.

The five, arrested after organising an illegal rally in November 2007 which police used tear gas, water cannon and batons to break up, will remain in custody indefinitely under Malaysia's colonial-era Internal Security Act (ISA).

A ruling by the High Court in Ipoh refused an application for the five men from the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) to be set free, state news agency Bernama reported.

Lawyers for the group wanted the five to be charged in court or at least released into the custody of their families.

One of the activists, lawyer M. Manoharan, was nominated as a candidate by an opposition party in the watershed March 8 general election. He won his seat with a convincing majority despite being locked up throughout the election campaign.

The opposition made unprecedented gains in that election, winning five of Malaysia's 13 states and coming within 30 seats of taking control of the 222-member parliament.

It is now seeking to take power under the leadership of former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim, who says he can win over 30 MPs to take power on Sept. 16.

Ethnic Indians make up 7 percent of Malaysia's 26 million population and, like ethnic Chinese, have expressed growing resentment against decades-old government policies giving majority Muslim-Malays preferential treatment.

Malaysia has long been wary of anything that might upset racial harmony in the multicultural and relatively prosperous Southeast Asian nation.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Hindu woman wants 'Islam' status removed from IC
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Thousands of Balinese rally against Indonesian anti-porn bill
1 day ago

DENPASAR, Indonesia (AFP) — Thousands of Balinese in traditional outfits rallied on the Indonesian holiday island Wednesday against an anti-pornography bill derided by critics as a threat to local cultures.

More than 5,000 protesters occupied the lawn of the local parliament on the mostly Hindu island to oppose the bill, which is under deliberation by mostly Muslim lawmakers in the capital Jakarta.

The bill, which could be passed in a matter of weeks, criminalises all public acts and material capable of raising sexual desires or violating "community morality".

Protesters denounced the proposed law as too broad and a threat to local customs on the island, where naked temple statues proliferate and skimpily dressed foreign tourists unwind on famous beaches.

Demonstrators turned up to the rally in traditional clothes including semi-translucent temple blouses, saying such clothes could be deemed too suggestive if the law was passed.

"Balinese and other ethnic groups have a different view on what sexual or pornographic materials are," local intellectual Wayan Sayoga said.

"We can view nudity without being trapped by lust because we look at it from an aesthetical perspective," he said.

Protesters put on traditional dances and one activist read out a poem that repeated the word "genital" to prove the mention of sex would not send the crowd into fits of lust.

"The government should never forget that Indonesia is a country based on non-discrimination over race, religion and ethnicity," acitivist Luh Anggraeni said.

"This porn bill is a serious threat to the country's unity since it disrespects the perspective of others on many things."

The bill, which is being pushed by Muslim parties in Jakarta, is being challenged on other islands in the archipelago nation which encompasses cultures ranging from conservative Islam to semi-naked animist tribesmen.

Although it is the world's largest Muslim-majority country, Indonesia has significant and officially recognised minorities of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Confucians.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Hindu temples in Fiji looted
Print Email
Updated October 6, 2008 15:55:43

In the Fijian town of Nausori, three Hindu temples have been looted and another partially destroyed by fire.

The Fiji Times reports the temples, located within less than five kilometres of each other are believed to have been entered early yesterday morning.

People living in the area believe the robberies were planned and are pleading to be left alone during the current prayer seasons and approaching Diwali celebrations at the end of the month.

Surendra Prasad, caretaker of the partly burnt and most damaged Naga Baba Kuti Raralevu Temple has told the Fiji Times such attacks are a shame.

The temple, famous for its 108 steps, is the largest temple in Nausori and attracts worshippers from around the country.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Malaysia bans Hindraf; Indians cry foul

Jaishree Balasubramaniam | October 16, 2008 08:59 IST

The Malaysian Government has banned the non-governmental Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), branding it as a threat to national security.

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar on Wednesday issued a statement declaring Hindraf, which has been advocating ethnic Indian rights since late last year for the minority community, an illegal organisation.

He said the government move followed the result of monitoring and investigations by the country's Registrar of Societies (RoS) since Hindraf was formed.

"As a result of the investigations, the Home Ministry, as per its authority under sections 3 and 5 of the Societies Act 1966, has declared Hindraf unlawful and detrimental to peace, public order, security and the moral values of Malaysia," he said in the statement.

Albar accused the Hindraf of exploiting "racial issues which caused an uprising against the government and created hatred between them and the Malays. I feel that if we don't rein in their activities, they will continue to jeopardize security and public order, our country's sovereignty, as well as upset the harmony among races."

Hindraf came into international focus after it organized a massive rally on November 25 last year to protest alleged marginalisation of the ethnic Indian minority in this country.

More than 20,000 people attended the rally, which was branded as illegal by the government. The large participation took the Abdullah Badawi government by shock. A large section of the ethnic Indians supported the Hindraf as they felt that the Malaysian Indian Congress, led by Samy Vellu, had done little to uplift the community over the past several decades.

Syed Hamid said the decision to ban the movement was not made based on only one or two misdemeanours committed by Hindraf, but covered the entire gamut of activities the group had been involved in since its inception.

"Hindraf submitted a registration application to the RoS on October 16 last year. The application had not been approved, but it went ahead and organised several public gatherings and demonstrations without a permit," he said.

"Considering all the facts and evidence we have, I am satisfied that Hindraf was and is being used in a manner detrimental to public order and national security," New Straits Times quoted him as saying today.

An opposition MP has called the government's decision to ban Hindraf as ridiculous and uncalled for, adding that he would move an emergency motion asking for an open debate in Parliament on Thursday.

"This is against the interest and aspirations of the Indian community that is seeking a more tolerant and fair government," M Kulasegaran said, adding that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had agreed to hold a dialogue with Hindraf leaders but "nothing was done".

Hindraf national coordinator, R S Thanenthiran said the ban was unfair as they had not committed any crime or broken any laws, adding that Syed Hamid could have done this in retaliation to the police reports Hindraf supporters lodged against him.

Thanenthiran said Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy, who is in self-exile in Britain, had instructed coordinators to wait for a day before making further statements.

Coalition of Indian NGOs secretary-general Gunaraj George said that by banning Hindraf, Syed Hamid had rendered the Indian community voiceless, but said it would not dampen the spirit of its supporters.

"I know that their struggle will go on especially to free all those detained under the Internal Security Act," Star newspaper quoted him as saying.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Mr. R.V. Bhasin, a Supreme Court Lawyer, residing in Mumbai, had written a Book "Islam - A Concept of Political World Invasion by Muslims". A group of about 20 Muslims made a representation to the CM of Maharashtra, in March 2007, and the book was banned. The police raided his office and confiscated about 1000 copies of the book. At that time, I sent this msg to many newspapers, but no one bothered to publish it or follow it up. May be because a Hindu was the victim.

<b>Mr. Bhasin subsequently filed a PIL in the Mumbai High Court challenging the legality of the ban order and confiscation of the book.</b> The case is being heard in the Mumbai High Court.

Three Muslims organisations - Jamait-a-Hind, Muslims Lawyers Forum and (another one whose name I do not remember) have got implicated in the case against Mr. Bhasin. Mr. Bhasin was himself arguing his case. When he read verses from the Quran to prove his point, the Court was taken aback. The Judge and the Lawyers assembled were surprised at the revelation. This has infuriated the Muslims. Every day during arguments, about 20-25 Muslim Lawyers used to gather at the Court Room, to bring moral and metal pressure both on Mr. Bhasin and the Court. Unfortunately, Mr. Bhasin is assisted by only one lawyer and therefore they are weak in numerical strength and feel isolated. This has demoralised Mr. Bhasin, as the menacing Muslims may snatch victory by their numerical strength.

When I heared of this case coming up for hearing, I talked to Mr. Bhasin on phone. He was a bit demoralised as he feels as though he is fighting alone for a Hindu cause. He feels let down by the Hindu society.

<b>Mr. Bhasin needs the help of Hindus and Hindu Lawyers to be with him at the time of arguments</b>, so that it acts as a moral booster for Mr. Bhasin. He needs the moral support of Hindus. Interested Hindus, especially Hindu lawyers, may get in touch with him at his tel. no. 022-22045054, 22845004. He resides in Colaba, Mumbai. I appeal to Hindus all over the world who know some Hindu lawyers in Mumbai to kindly inform him/them, so that they lend moral support to Mr. Bhasin.

P. Deivamuthu
Editor, Hindu Voice
210 Abhinav, Teen Dongri
Yeshwant Nagar, Goregaon West
Mumbai 400062.
Tel: 022-28764418, 28764460.

* * *

The Calcutta Quran Petition

* * *

Rom: Swami Devananda Saraswati
Date: Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 3:49 AM
Subject: Re: Who Will Defend the Vedic Tradition??

See for a review of The Calcutta Quran Petition and bring it to the attention of Sri Bhasin in Mumbai. The book is available from Voice of India at <>

We all fight alone with little money or facilities or publicity. We do it not to win but because it has to be done for Dharma. The fact that the book has been written and the petition has been brought to court is a success already. Sri Bhasin should not feel downhearted. A public record has been created and that is very important for future issues. As Koenraad Elst has said, one day the world's historians will look at the extraordinary anti-Hindu duplicity and prejudice at work in India today and write volumes about it. But that does not help us today.

We need a national legal team of dedicated lawyers to take up cases like this. These cases should not have to be fought by individuals but by full time legal teams representing Hindu interests only. We expect support, at least moral support, from outfits like the VHP or RSS. But we never get it. I know this from personal experience. They have their own agendas. This is why we need to create a national legal association like the Jewish Defence League in the US that has a variety of departments to deal with public and private Hindu concerns.

We wish Sr Bhasin all success in his fight for Truth.

* * *
Hindu bangladeshi family deported to bangladesh


Bengali family pushed back amid protest
From our Staff Reporter
Silchar, Oct 20 : The Aamra Bangali has expressed concern over the way a Bengali family from Nagaon, in spite of having proof of their Indian citizenship, has been pushed back to Bangladesh via Mahisahashan border by BSF. Sadhan Purkayastha, secretary of the state unit of Aamara Bangali said, if the present government continues to harass the genuine Indian citizens only because they speak in Bengali, then a mass movement would soon be launched.
“It is to be noted that Dinesh Saha from Nagaon along with his wife Bandana Saha and two sons Bijan Krishna and Piyush had been pushed back to Bangladesh yesterday by the BSF. Some Hindu organizations like RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal had staged dharna at the Mahisahashan border against the pushing back of a Hindu family. Meanwhile Saha, who had fought the citizenship row in the court for 22 years, had reportedly shown documents to the Karimganj police including PAN cards of his two sons. He was served quit notice by the Nagaon police after he was declared a Bangladeshi by a tribunal in 1986. Since then he had been fighting the case in the court, and reportedly submitted documents that could prove that he and his wife were genuine Indian citizens. But subsequently the papers were mysteriously lost from the custody of the court, as claimed by Saha. On Sunday evening, a sobbing Saha along with his entire family crossed the border to a land of uncertainity.

HHR Press Release 20/11/08
<b>Sadhvi Pragya
Victim of a "Saffron Witchhunt"</b>

Within the last month it has come to light that a woman has been arrested and held under anti-terrorism laws. While in prison, she has been denied the right to wear her religious clothing and subjected to lie detector tests in an effort to establish her guilt. It seems that this has proven unfruitful as the police have then resorted to techniques of narco-analysis perfected by the regimes of Hitler and Stalin by forcibly introducing drugs into this woman's body while interrogating her. In her own words, contained within her affidavit she states "I was beaten day and night, my chastity was questioned. I wanted to commit suicide..."

But this isn't the latest story from Guantanamo Bay or North Korea but from Mumbai , India . In fact, if anything this would usually be enough for such a story of a religious woman being forced to take drugs against her wishes and not allowed to wear her own clothes to cause outrage throughout the world until we realise that it is a Hindu female ascetic, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur Singh, who is being subjected to these abuses. It is noted that while not one human rights group nor any women's groups have yet spoken out about this, the media has carried out its own trial and become more preoccupied with scoring political points and demonising the Hindu community.

Hence we would expect that the media would be publicising that the Sadhvi has been detained without charge for longer than most countries allow even under anti-terrorism charges or even that a functioning democracy requires the confidence of its citizens in that suspects are treated fairly and not subjected to humiliation and torture but rather also deserve the protection of the law. Instead the stories being peddled are claims that lie detectors and drugs have been ineffective because the Sadhvi has "special yogic powers to disguise her guilt"!

So the Indian media have been bombarding the public with headlines which warn of "Saffron Terror", juxtaposing of Hindu images with terror images. For example, the CNN-IBN website carries a story on 26 October 2008 which describes a Sadhvi as "Right Wing Hindu woman" (the real translation is closer to "Hindu female ascetic" or "Hindu holy woman"). It seems ironic that the media in the country with most Hindus in the world forgets and chooses to abuse the sacred and universal nature of the saffron colour and Hindu symbols which have meaning for ordinary Hindus all over the world. Thus continues the cycle of demonising Hindus and creating the climate where it is acceptable to abuse Hindus.

It is well known that the Indian media is heavily partisan in its reporting and has lower standards than most tabloids for its news and so most informed observers have learnt to apply a good dose of scepticism to its journalism or to just ignore it as noise. Unfortunately this does not help many uninformed or curious people. Hence our concern that the Indian media and CNN-IBN in particular seem to be unconcerned with the above mentioned human rights abuses but instead using distortion and outright lies to paint a negative image of Hindus and Hinduism.

"Hindus and fair-minded people all across the world are shocked and appalled by this medieval type Inquisition carried on by the Indian establishment on a defenceless Sadhvi", states Ranbir Singh of HHR
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>hindu tortured to death in malaysia</b>
jan 22nd, 2009

manmohan singh is not losing sleep. nor is karunanidhi.

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From: swami

Malaysian Police brutally tortured and murdered a Indian Hindu youth in police custody

    * Listen to the wail of the relatives and the disconsolate mother of the youth

    * See the several marks of brutality and inhuman torture on the body of the deceased youth

Where are the hypocrites, the so-called champions of the cause of the Tamils?<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Software engineer from AP found dead in US</b>
jan 22nd, 2009

there is something sinister about all these deaths of hindu telugus. and only hindus. it really looks like someone is putting out contracts for hits on them -- this may well be based on some mafiosi back in andhra squeezing family members or employers.

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Subject: Software engineer from AP found dead in US
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Software engineer from AP found dead in US

Campus murders of Indian students in US cause for concern

Series of deaths involving students and professionals from the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in the US over the past few months. There may, therefore, be more to it than what meets the eye.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>Indian set on fire in Italy; 3 arrested</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>do unto italians in india what italians do unto indians in italy</b>
feb 7th, 2009

sounds fair to me. besides, that is what the alleged jesus allegedly said, right? do unto others blah blah blah? eh, ratzy and other blighters living in italy?

they burned this poor indian immigrant who was sleeping on a park bench. this man has been identified as <b>navtej singh sidhu. oh, a sikh. who cares? manmohan "lapsed sikh" surely lost no sleep over him</b>.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->MMS has confirmed that he does in fact not care and that christoislamaniacs have first and sole claim on his resources.

"they burned this poor indian immigrant who was sleeping on a park bench."
Such public burnings of heathens and heretics is called an auto da fe in christianism, an "act of faith".
Its what christomania does.
The pope is glad that this revered catholic tradition has been successfully brought back into practise among his dutiful italian catholics. First the indulgences, now the auto da fes.

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<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Italy torn by racial strains</b>

Italy has been transformed in recent decades from a nation of emigrants to a target country for mass immigration. The change has brought severe political and social tensions. In the first of a series of pieces from Italy, Aidan Lewis looks at how the Roma (Gypsy) community has been caught up in an anti-immigrant backlash. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Indian catholics in love with Santa Sonia ought to take note of the Embrace Of Love that catholicism will give them in their Catholic Homeland.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>malay mohammedans brutalize hindus some more</b>
feb 28th, 2009

undoubtedly, manmohan singh is sleeeping peacefully, no loss of sleep experienced by him at all.

and india allows malaysia to run its tourist campaign: "malaysia, truly asia" to attract affluent indians. and allows malay firms to bid on all sorts of indian contracts. and buys malay palm oil.

the right slogan should be "malaysia: truly semitic". or "malayasia: truly bigoted".

<b>amazing, what a mere 60% majority of mohammedans can do to all non-mohammedans. and secondly, when the malays were poor, they were far more liberal and accommodating. now that they have prospered, they have become serious religious bigots.</b>

also, i find it ironic that kerala mohammedans who have gone to malaysia claim they are malays, and have nothing to do with the hindus. see, we wear burqas and the indians wear saris. so we have nothing to do with them. also, arch-bigot mahathir mohammed had a kerala mohammedan mother, and so he was particularly hard on indians. just like zulfiqar bhutto, whose mother was a hindu convert.
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