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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 08-27-2010

India bearing gifts —Zafar Hilaly.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 08-31-2010


I hope Indian Authorities are also keeping an eye and make suitable plans should the "Refugees" from the Pakistani Fllods decide to come ovre the Border as encouraged by the WKK Brigade :

[url=""]'Iran must devise plan to deal with displaced Pakistanis on border'[/url]

TEHRAN, Aug. 28 (MNA) -- A huge crowd of Pakistanis from the flood-stricken areas are waiting across the border to enter Iran, Iranian MP Abbasali Noura said on Saturday.

Although the Iran-Pakistan border is under tight control, unfortunately, some Pakistanis have managed to enter Iran through its border with Afghanistan, Noura told the Mehr News Agency.

Noting that the affected areas are located 700 to 800 kilometers away from Iran, he said many more people from those areas will probably head for the Iranian border and arrive there in the next two to three weeks.

He also said the Iranian Foreign Ministry should devise plans to deal with the potential arrival of a huge number of people.

However, it would be more prudent to encourage the people to stay in Pakistani territory and to provide them with humanitarian assistance there, Noura added.

The flood waters swept south Pakistan after leaving millions homeless and submerging millions of acres of farmland. The floods that began nearly a month ago with hammering monsoon rains in the northwest have affected more than 20 million people.

[Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 08-31-2010


[url=""]Disaster after ignominy after disaster[/url]

Kamran Shafi

I MEAN, really! It is another matter for Mr Altaf Hussain, the Quaid-i-Tehrik of the MQM to go to the extent of asking ‘patriotic’ generals to act against the legally and constitutionally elected government of which his own party is part not only in Sindh but at the centre too.

Bizarre, because the least he could do if he was halfway serious, was to pull his party out of the two coalitions. But it is totally another for analysts and pundits to say that whilst they are against martial law, they could countenance generals using their clout to pull politicians into line. Is this not bizarre too? For, what if the politicians concerned were to tell the generals to take a hike; what then? Would these pundits then support an army takeover? Mindless.

Whilst every manner of commentator and talk-show host on most channels has taken serious exception to Altaf Bhai’s incendiary statement made worse by all of the furious back-pedalling by himself as well as his party’s senior leadership, let us dwell awhile on the progenitor of this whole shemozzle.

Should a man who has built the MQM into a non-questioning, monolithic, disciplined force that says it believes in democracy, a force that can turn out hundreds of thousands of mostly literate, educated cadres every time he wishes to address them on the telephone from north London on any street in Karachi, say any of what Altaf Bhai has said?

Could it indeed be, as some have already suggested, kite-flying to test the wind as to the return of the Commando? After all, it is being bandied about in the press as I write this, is it not? There are murmurings that Musharraf’s acolytes are sussing out whether the turncoats aka lotas of the PPP and the PML-N can once more be galvanised into yet another Muslim League. So, is Mr Hussain’s earthshaking call to ‘patriotic’ generals a part of a grand scheme?

We will find out soon enough as we inevitably do, but the question to ask is why the People’s Party is not taking a firm stand against what the MQM leader has said. Why is it not lending its support to the PML-N’s firm opposition to Mr Hussain’s clarion call to ‘patriotic’ generals? I have said this before to the PPP and the PML-N, the two major parties in the country. For God’s sake control your respective hawks, and there is this bird on both sides and come together once more in a coalition in the centre too. United you will stand, divided you will fall, one after the other.

Amidst all the furore unleashed by Altaf Bhai, which came in the middle of the flood that has destroyed millions of lives, come the latest allegations of match-fixing by Pakistani cricketers. These allegations, while they centre on the Lord’s Test that we lost so ignominiously just the other day, also include match-fixing in our disastrous tour of Australia last year.

Let me say this to the government: enough! If the allegations are proved to be right (if they are false, the News of the World can and should be sued for a hundred million pounds) dismiss the entire cricket shebang and ban international cricket in Pakistan for at least five years and build up an entirely new team by invigorating tehsil and district level cricket clubs.

Hockey and squash are in dire straits in Pakistan too as we well know, so rise above politics, abolish the sports ministry and hand over the entire shoot to Imran Khan, making him czar of sports in Pakistan and giving him every authority. Let him refuse to do the job as some say he will, but be big and make the offer with an open heart. Let the onus be on him.

As a further reminder to those who are attempting to play the Great Game, here is another excerpt from Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef’s My Life with the Taliban. The mullah who was the first and only ambassador of the Islamic (Taliban) Emirate of Afghanistan to the Citadel of Islam and I are polar opposites in every sense of the term: I could not agree with him on anything, whether it is the treatment of women or minorities, or so-called Islamic jurisprudence as practised by the Taliban; but he is a truthful man from all that one has read about and by him.

[size="5"][color="#006400"]This is what he has to say about us: “Pakistan, which plays a key role in Asia, is so famous for treachery that it is said they can get milk from a bull. They have two tongues in one mouth, and two faces on one head so they can speak everybody’s language; they use everybody, deceive everybody.[/color]

[color="#FF0000"]They deceive the Arabs under the guise of Islamic nuclear power, saying that they are defending Islam and Islamic countries.[/color] [color="#0000FF"]They milk America and Europe in the alliance against terrorism,[/color] [color="#006400"]and they have been deceiving Pakistani and other Muslims around the world in the name of the Kashmiri jihad. But behind the curtain they have been betraying everyone.”[/color][/size]

Er, which Taliban are we championing now please, sirs?

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-01-2010

[url=""]Pak Army officials call off US visit after being misbehaved[/url]
Quote:RAWALPINDI: A delegation, comprising officials from Pakistan Army, has resolved cancellation of US visit after they were mishandled by US officials of Transport Security at Washington Airport, Geo News reported.

According to Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) sources, a delegation of Pakistan Army was invited to Central Command meeting in US where delegation announced calling off visit after arrival at Washington airport when US security officials misbehaved Pakistan army officials.

Delegation has been called back to country.

Meanwhile, US Defense Department has strongly deplored the incident, sources said.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-01-2010

[url=""]Pakistani military officers on way to Tampa are detained in Washington[/url]
Quote:WASHINGTON — A delegation of Pakistani military officers, traveling to the U.S. Central Command headquarters in Tampa, was detained for questioning by airport security agents after arriving at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, a Pakistani official said Monday night.

The officers were detained after one of them made what a flight attendant considered to be an inappropriate remark on the way to Dulles, said the official. That officer was removed from the flight after it landed, and the rest were detained after they disembarked. They were later released.

Members of the delegation of about eight officers, led by a two-star general, were offended by their treatment and canceled the meeting at Central Command, the official said.

He said that Defense Department officials had apologized for the incident and that it was unclear whether the meeting would take place.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-01-2010

Quote:United Airlines officials, however, told the US media that the brigadier, whose name was not disclosed, had misbehaved with a stewardess and told her that “this would be her last mission”.

Quote:A Pakistani official, when asked to comment on the airline’s claim, said: “This is a delegation of senior officials, led by a two-star officer, not unit captains and majors. Such responsible officers do not indulge in such behaviour.”

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-01-2010

[url=""]Suicide blasts in Lahore kill 18: Pakistan police[/url]
Quote:LAHORE: Three suicide bombers in Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore on Wednesday killed 18 people and wounded more than 100 during a Shiite mourning procession, police and rescue officials said.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-01-2010

[url=""]Pakistan jets target militant hide-outs, 60 killed[/url]
Quote:PESHAWAR: Pakistan army jets and helicopters targeted militant hide-outs near the Afghan border, killing 60 people identified as insurgents or their family members, including children, security officials and a witness said Wednesday.

Compare this with appointed PM of India action or inaction with Maoist.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-01-2010


An old Article but “Spot On” in respect of Pakistan being dependant and fully supported by Britain and the United States of America as [color="#FF0000"]also Jinnah’s perfidy in the criminal attack on the State Jammu & Kashmir.[/color]

[url=""][center][color="#006400"][size="7"]A nation in denial[/size][/color][/center][/url]

The writer is an analyst (

Pakistan’s failure to evolve as a stable and civilised society with a viable political system relates to some fundamental contradictions with deep roots in its history. It needs to come to terms with and recognise what may be unpleasant facts that have contributed to doubts about national identity, pervasive hypocrisy, misconceptions about the role of religion in the affairs of the state, and failure to generate a climate for honest public discourse perversely dominated by a section of media patronised by the intelligence agencies. The nature of the establishment-media-mullah nexus has never allowed a mature discussion of these issues but grown-ups with troubled childhoods sometimes need to face their difficult past.

Those issues are as follows : Pakistan was founded by a great leader, with the rare historic distinction of creating a new country, who drank scotch and wore modern English suits. He was an exceptionally principled and honest man driven by a desire to secure the interests of Muslims in the post-British India but was not a religious person at all. He married a non-Muslim woman, and selected a distinguished lawyer – an Ahmadi – as Pakistan’s foreign minister. Both he and Iqbal as leaders felt very strongly about the political and economic rights of the Muslim minority in united India but never envisioned Pakistan to be a theocracy or an orthodox society.

After independence, the Muslim League came to be dominated by a feudal aristocracy that contributed little to the Pakistan movement. It was full of opportunists who jumped on the Muslim League bandwagon and had no vision for Pakistan’s future beyond empty rhetoric. In 1945, Sindh was the only Muslim majority province where the Muslim League formed the provincial government.

Pakistan’s founders were responsible for sowing the seeds of a client-state relationship with the US. As head of a newly-born ‘moth-eaten Pakistan’, to use Jinnah’s own words, and with little or no financial resources, [color="#FF0000"]he was wrong to seek a military solution to Kashmir with Pakistan completely dependent on Britain for its survival and so desperate that [size="7"]*[/size][size="5"]it requested a two-billion dollar loan from America in October 1947[/size][size="7"]*[/size] , negating the very spirit of independence from colonial rule. The secession of former East Pakistan negated the assumption that religion alone could keep a nation or a country united.[/color]

Pakistan’s current constitution does not represent the thinking of its founders. Terms like ‘Islamic Ideology’ and ‘Nazaria-i-Pakistan’ were coined by the Jamaat-i-Islami whose rise was supported by the long standing official policy of the US to encourage religious extremism in the Muslim world to prevent the rise of anti-imperialist nationalist leaders. The Jaamat had close ties with Said Ramadan (de facto head of the Akhwanul Muslimeen or the Muslim Brotherhood and son-in-law of its founder Hassan al Banna) who worked with the CIA as it plotted against Gamal Abdul Nasser. The Jamaat’s chief Mian Tufail Muhammad’s nephew was Ziaul Haq, and both worked to further US interests in Pakistan and the region. The US supported and financed the so-called fundamentalist groups for decades [refer: The Devil’s Game by Robert Dreyfus] and continues to do so [color="#FF0000"]because these groups are considered a buffer against the potential threat of Russia and/or China[/color]. Pakistanis must probe deeper into history and inside their souls to face some difficult, perhaps harsh facts and problems dating back to 1947. Pakistanis have never faced and resolved these grave historic contradictions. It is time for some deep soul-searching, collective introspection, and recognition that we need to grow up. Pakistanis have the potential to do just fine only if we can come to terms with what was a troubled childhood.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 6th, 2010.

[color="#FF0000"][size="7"]* :[/size][/color] This is as per the archived documents, more specifically the memorandum of conversation between Mir Laik Ali and the State Department officials, 30 October 1947., NO. 845F.51/10-3047. This has been cited in Ayesha Jalal’s book, “The State of Martial Rule”.

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-02-2010

[url=""]Lahore 27[/url]

* Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Al-Alami accepts responsibility

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-02-2010

[url=",-job-losses-feared-flood-loss-estimates-rise-to-$43bn-pm-290"]Flood loss estimates rise to $43bn: PM[/url]

Begging bowl size is increasing.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-02-2010

Quote:A nation in denial

[color="#FF0000"]A nation is a group of people who share culture, ethnic origin and language, often possessing or seeking its own independent government.

A nation is different from a country in that a country is the land that belongs to a nation, and from a state in that a state is the government of the nation and country.[/color]

Pakistan is a nation ?

Not sure.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-02-2010

[url="\09\02\story_2-9-2010_pg12_5"]250,000 Sindhi Hindus forced to migrate by floods[/url]

Modest Janmashtami celebration at camps

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-02-2010

[quote name='Mudy' date='02 September 2010 - 10:53 AM' timestamp='1283404530' post='108146']

[color="#FF0000"]A nation is a group of people who share culture, ethnic origin and language, often possessing or seeking its own independent government.

A nation is different from a country in that a country is the land that belongs to a nation, and from a state in that a state is the government of the nation and country.[/color]

Pakistan is a nation ?

Not sure.


Mudy Ji :

Pakistan is an [color="#006400"][size="7"]abomination![/size][/color]

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-02-2010


[color="#FF0000"][size="5"]Spot-fixing controversy[/size][/color]

[url=""][center][size="6"][color="#006400"]Butt, Asif and Amir dropped for rest of tour[/color][/size][/center][/url]

Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir, [color="#FF0000"]the three Pakistan players at the centre of the spot-fixing controversy, have been dropped for the limited-overs leg of the England tour,[/color] according to team manager Yawar Saeed. He said they had not, however, been suspended.

The three players are currently in London, where they are meeting Pakistan's high commissioner to the UK and PCB chairman Ijaz Butt. The players, who arrived at the high commission in a car with blacked-out windows, were escorted by 10 police officers past a media scrum, involving up to 20 photographers and reporters, as they entered the building.

Speaking in Taunton, where the Pakistan team are to play a warm-up match later on Thursday, Saeed said he had taken the decision, and also called for three replacements. "The T20 squad will remain what it is here this morning, i.e. 13 people," Saeed said. "When we play the one-day internationals we will be asking for replacements to make the squad up to 16."

The decision comes after several rounds of meetings between Ijaz Butt, ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat and officials of the ECB, at which the PCB is believed to have been advised that the players should not take part in the rest of the tour.

The ECB estimates that an income of approximately £10 million hinges on the successful staging of this series and its chairman Giles Clarke said "he welcomed the decision". He said he looked forward to the series being playing "in the spirit" that matches between England and Pakistan are always played in.

Alan Hamer, the chief executive of Glamorgan, welcomed the news of the trio's omission ahead of the county's hosting of the two Twenty20 matches on Sunday and Tuesday.

"This is definitely the right decision going forward into the series," Hamer told Cricinfo. "The week leading up to the matches has felt like a department store in the lead-up to Christmas, with no-one coming through the doors. It has been clear from our initial market research that many people have been waiting for clarity on the allegations before committing to buying tickets, so hopefully with this decision, the emphasis will now shift back to the cricket, and a contest between the past and present World Twenty20 champions."

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-03-2010


[url=""]A few good people[/url]

Friday, September 03, 2010

Shafqat Mahmood

Another blast, another tragedy, this time in Lahore. Twenty-nine people dead, many injured. There is no respite, no time to take a deep breath or say that the worst is over and let us begin the task of renewal. Misfortunes keep piling up.

The floods ravaged one-third of the country with thousands dead, incalculable loss of shattered lives and the prospect of an economic dead-end. It brought us down but the people responded by giving generously. In the midst of a tragedy, this was a sign that the nation has not lost its spirit or its pride.

And then came the no-balls saga, the spot-fixing accusation against some of our cricketers. In the scale of things, it could be argued that cricket is just a game and how can one even begin to compare corruption in sports with the tragedies we face.

There is no comparison. Death and destruction are misfortunes of enormous proportion. They are soul-shattering, but they also challenge us to face adversity with fortitude. Crooked behaviour of our national sporting heroes hurts our pride. It takes away something that a proud people value above everything else. It dents our sense of honour.

It reminds me of a ditty we as schoolchildren were made to recite. "When wealth is lost, nothing is lost. When health is lost, something is lost. When honour is lost, everything is lost." In the real world, this may be over the top and glorification of a mediaeval, feudal mindset. But for a people who have precious little else to feel good about, it means a great deal.

The sad part is that those in whom we invest so much of our ego have no clue of, or don't give a damn about, the enormous national pride invested in them. Either they do not comprehend their status, or greed takes precedence over everything else.

For better or worse, and lately it seems for the worse, cricket is the only national game in which a large majority of our people are involved. There was a time when hockey was big, and even squash. We were for a time world champions in both these sports. Now cricket is our only passport to international recognition.

Greater spread of cable television has added to its popularity. Besides the coverage in urban cities and towns, small-time operators have taken the reach of cable television to virtually every village and hamlet. Given that life otherwise is tough, and not a great deal else happening, TV has become the major source of entertainment for the people.

The nature of cricket coverage adds to their greater involvement with this sport. It goes on for hours and hours and makes cricketers easily recognisable, with all their traits becoming a part of the national folklore. Results of the cricket matches, while in the larger scheme of things inconsequential, give that extra bit of joy and sorrow.

This current tour of England by the cricket team has had both. There has been great pleasure in victories against Australia and England and pain at losing the other matches by large margins. But while victory and defeat in a field of play has led to highs and lows, the allegations of dirty deals by our cricketers has been shattering.

As is inevitable in such situations, human emotions have run the gamut of outrage to suspicions of frame-up. From calls for summary justice to cries of conspiracy, everything has been said. The fact, though, remains that, again, the Pakistani cricket team is in the limelight for the wrong reason. And a deeply troubled nation with a lot else not going right has been driven into deep gloom.

The sad fact is that the evidence on the face of it is too damning against Mohammad Amer and Mohammad Asif, and by implication against Salman Butt. No-balls were bowled in the designated overs, as predicted by the crook Mazhar Majeed. And they were delivered by the bowlers he identified. This latter part implicates the captain because, how could Mazhar be sure that Amer and Asif would bowl these particular overs?

The reaction of the Cricket Board, whose chairman has been present in England most of the summer-incidentally, who has been paying for this long vacation?-has been disingenuous. Its stance is that it would wait for the Scotland Yard inquiry before it takes any action.

Why this is devious is because of the difference between a criminal inquiry and conduct against the laws of cricket. Scotland Yard is only concerned about the criminal side; that is, whether bookmakers have been defrauded under the UK's gambling act. For the police to prove this, bets need to have been placed on the suspicious no-balls. This would be difficult to prove, and there is little chance of a criminal prosecution of the cricketers under UK laws.

This does not, however, change the status of their misconduct. By bowling no-balls on demand, they may have been favouring bookmakers in India and other parts of the world, or just establishing Mr Majeed's credibility so that other, more lucrative deals for future matches could be arranged. Thus, for the board to hide behind the Scotland Yard inquiry and not take quick action against the players is evasive and deceitful.

We have reached this sorry state not just in cricket but in the country because there never has been any will for real accountability. Since the early nineties, the Cricket Board has been led by people who gave in to crooked players because they wanted to save their own jobs. The country too has suffered because no one has been willing to hold crooked politicians to account.

We cannot move forward as a nation until the crooks and deviants are punished. In cricket, had the-then board acted decisively on the 1999 Qayyum Report and banned all those mentioned, we may have been able to stamp out future dirt in the game. In politics, had one prominent alleged crook been punished, we may have been able to put the fear of God in others.

So, then, how do we move forward? For starters, the players being accused, including Kamran Akmal, should be made unavailable for selection in the Twenty20 and one-day matches. There is no need to suspend them. Just send them home if the British police allow it; and if not, hide them in a dinghy London flat.

Second, our own inquiry should be completely aboveboard. Various questions have been raised about the members of the FIA team being sent over. They should be changed, and others with greater credibility entrusted this responsibility. If we do the follow-up right, we will begin to rebuild trust in the world of cricket.

Obviously, in not too long a future, this board must also be changed. Not immediately, but after the conclusion of the England tour. The recipe for the nation and its cricket is the same. Pass the baton to a few good people and they will make all the difference.


Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-03-2010


[url=""]43 killed in Pakistan suicide bombing[/url]

QUETTA, Pakistan : At least 43 people were killed and more than 100 injured in a suicide bombing [color="#FF0000"]targeting a Shia Muslim rally in Pakistan's Quetta city on Friday[/color], police said. It was the second major attack this week, challenging the government already overwhelmed by floods.

Panic gripped Quetta after the blast as rescue workers shifted the dead and injured to the hospital. The death toll is feared to rise. Security officials have cordoned off the area.

A senior police officer said the processionists were asked to disperse before Meezan chowk but they didn't relent. Angry Shias fired gunshots in the air after the incident, creating a tense situation.

Emergency has been declared in Quetta hospitals. Because of planned Shia processions across the country after Friday prayers, security was on high alert.

The attack on the rally called to express solidarity with the Palestinian people came as the United States said that Pakistan's devastating floods are likely to delay army offensives against Taliban insurgents.

"Unfortunately the flooding in Pakistan is probably going to delay any operations by the Pakistani army in North Waziristan for some period of time," US defense secretary Robert Gates said in Afghanistan where he is visiting US troops.

[color="#FF0000"]Earlier the al Qaida-linked Taliban took responsibility for triple bombings at a Shia Muslim procession in Lahore on Wednesday,[/color] in which over 30 people were killed, was the first major militant attack since floods waters tore through the country over the past month.

The first blast occurred near Karbala Gamay Shah in Lahore's Lower Mall area while the second and third blasts were near Bhatti Chowk, just a few paces away.

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-03-2010



Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-04-2010


[url=""]Moody’s downgrade ratings of five top Pakistani banks[/url]

Quote:KARACHI: The Moody’s investor services downgraded the outlook ratings of top five Pakistani banks, including the state-run National Bank of Pakistan (NBP).

The other four banks are Habib Bank Limited (HBL), United Bank Limited (UBL), MCB Bank Limited and Allied Bank Limited (ABL).

[Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-05-2010

It means, beggars will get new AID from rest of world.

IT (International Terrorism) is working for Pakistan.