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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - acharya - 09-13-2010

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-14-2010


[url=""][center][size="6"][color="#006400"]Silencing Pakistan's Conspiracy Mill[/color][/size][/center][/url]

Earlier this summer, as U.S. Army helicopters began evacuating stranded people from Pakistan's flood-ravaged northwest, one Pakistani newspaper chose to focus on a more sinister dimension of American military activity in the country.

According to sources cited in an article in the Pakistani daily, the Nation, Washington is constructing a "huge base" in Islamabad to "control" South Asia. American soldiers and "personnel of Blackwater" will soon arrive, with a Guantanamo Bay-style detention camp to follow. The article noted that the base lies near Pakistani nuclear sites, offering "all kinds of opportunities" for Washington.

While many Pakistanis reject such talk, many others, particularly members of the country's free-wheeling media organizations, peddle it so frequently that it has inspired a joke: The only growth industry in Pakistan is the conspiracy theory.

The most troubling conspiracy theories are those that hold America -- and especially its security contractors, intelligence agents, and journalists -- directly responsible for Pakistan's violence and terrorism. Such accusations are deeply problematic for the United States, because they help drive Pakistan's virulent anti-Americanism. They also present a challenge to Washington's current efforts to build goodwill in Pakistan through flood relief efforts.

Observers attribute the omnipresence of conspiracy theories in Pakistan to a variety of factors, from the abysmal state of education to the realization that conspiratorial reportage sells. All of that is true enough, yet it is important to acknowledge that Washington is at fault as well.

First, consider that some of the conspiracy talk is based, however remotely, in fact. U.S. military forces do operate inside Pakistan -- mainly special forces that are training Pakistani security officers and helping implement development projects. Washington is expanding its embassy in Islamabad -- albeit to accommodate a surge of civilian aid workers, not soldiers. And Blackwater, now known as Xe Services, has had a presence in Pakistan. Until last year, for example, its employees loaded weapons onto unmanned drones at an outpost in Baluchistan province.

Second, Washington's diplomacy in Pakistan is highly opaque. Due to security concerns, diplomats conduct business behind the embassy's highly fortified walls. Visiting officials from Washington shuttle in and out, but are rarely seen. American officials do hold press conferences, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did during her last trip to Islamabad. Yet such events, along with the town hall meetings she conducted with Pakistani audiences, are tightly managed and heavily choreographed.

As a result, Pakistanis are left with fragmented images of Washington's relations with Islamabad: some photo ops here, an occasional sound bite there, and constant caravans of SUVs careening through the streets. In this information-poor environment, conspiracy talk breeds.

It is unrealistic to expect Washington to pull the plug on some of the policies that lend credence to Pakistani conspiracy theories. So long as the United States remains in Afghanistan, [color="#FF0000"]it will maintain a strong presence in Pakistan as well.[/color] Additionally, calls for U.S. diplomacy in Pakistan to become more transparent would surely be resisted by both Washington and Islamabad, given how delicate U.S.-Pakistan statecraft is for both nations.

This is not to say, however, that Washington cannot be more open about its activities and intentions in Pakistan. As a first step, American diplomats, from the ambassador down to the officer level, should do something they rarely do now : actively seek out the Pakistani media. They should do unscripted interviews and respond to questions from viewers in real time, as part of a broader effort to reduce the public's information shortage about U.S. actions in Pakistan.

Encouragingly, President Barack Obama did an interview with the English-language newspaper Dawn last year. While this marks a good start, it is critical that Americans also appear on Urdu-language (and other vernacular) television stations. Such outlets constitute most Pakistanis' chief news source, and they, and their viewers, are far more likely than their English-language print media counterparts to spin the conspiracy mill and believe what it churns out. In many cases, talking only to the English-language press amounts to little more than preaching to the choir.

If U.S. officials can appear on the Al Jazeera network, then there is no reason why they cannot appear on Pakistani television as well. The potential payoff is immense. By engaging openly and directly with the Pakistani press and its viewership, Washington enters the belly of the beast -- with a great opportunity to douse the conspiratorial fire that burns within it.

Additional steps that could help reduce the mistrust that enables anti-American conspiracy theories to flourish include strengthening U.S.-Pakistan cultural relations, from hosting more joint academic conferences to improving how U.S. border control authorities treat visiting Pakistanis.

Additionally, Washington must rethink the tone and substance of its official statements on Pakistan. Pakistanis resent how the U.S. repeatedly implores Islamabad to take more action against militancy. They find these demands bullying, insulting, and utterly ignorant of the many sacrifices Pakistanis have already made. Washington's public pronouncements should also be more emphatic about the U.S. commitment to carrying out aid initiatives on water and energy shortages announced over the last year. Resource shortages are a life-and-death matter for millions of Pakistanis, yet U.S. plans to help alleviate them are met with skepticism.

Indeed, flood relief is only the latest American aid effort to collide with Pakistani misapprehensions. Yet if the U.S. government takes the steps outlined above, demonstrating not just interest in engaging the Pakistani media, but also respect for the dignity of Pakistanis and empathy about their basic needs, then America's aid projects throughout Pakistan will start to be met with less acrimony and more appreciation.

Michael Kugelman is program associate for South Asia at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C. He can be reached at michael.kugelman AT

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-17-2010

[url=""]Prominent Pakistan politician murdered outside his London home[/url]
Quote:Dr Farooq, 50, was repeatedly stabbed in the head and neck during the assault in Edgware, north London.

He was a leading member of the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) party, which is one of the largest in Pakistan.

There were suggestions from Pakistan that he may have known his killer. When police arrived at the scene, they found Dr Farooq’s body outside his house.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said officers attended an address in Green Lane, Edgware, shortly before 5.30pm after reports of a serious assault. “On arrival, officers found a single Asian man aged 50 with multiple stab wounds and head injuries,” the spokesman said.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - SSridhar - 09-20-2010

[url="\09\20\story_20-9-2010_pg7_2"]Twists & Turns in the Lahore High Court CJ's Assassination Plot[/url]

Quote:The reports confirmed that all suspects had rifts with the PML-N or its leadership during different times and now they were declared suspects for hatching a plot to assassinate the LHC CJ.

So far all efforts, investigations and inquiries of this fiasco have proved that the Punjab government or its functionaries tried to settle old scores through this special report, but failed.

Now, the LHC's CJ is the jihadi judge who repeatedly released Prof. Hafeez Saeed for want of evidence, questioned the prosecution (the State) as to why it was so keenly pursuing the case of the UN when India was not implementing the UN resolutions etc.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-21-2010


SSridhar Ji :

Welcome on Board!

[url=""]1. Pakistan's Economy - Video : Edging Toward an Abyss or Pulling Back?[/url]

[url=""]2. Pakistan's Economy - Event Summary : Edging Toward an Abyss or Pulling Back?[/url]

Quote:Over the last few years, Pakistan’s economy has been in a tailspin. These economic struggles will undoubtedly deepen in the aftermath of this summer’s catastrophic floods. Pakistan’s government puts the economic losses from the deluge at about $43 billion, or more than a quarter of the country’s total economy. Islamabad’s estimates for gross domestic product growth in fiscal year 2010-11 have fallen from 4.5 to 2.5 percent. On September 13, the Asia Program, with assistance from the Program on America and the Global Economy, hosted an event to highlight the findings of a new report on Pakistan’s economy

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - SSridhar - 09-21-2010

[quote name='Naresh' date='21 September 2010 - 01:00 AM' timestamp='1285010568' post='108398']


SSridhar Ji :

Welcome on Board![/quote]

Naresh ji, thanks.

Regarding the economic tailspin, Pakistan has always been in that comatose state ever since its creation. It has never moved under its own steam. Even during Field Marshal Ayub Khan's days, which Pakistanis tirelessly refer to as the days of economic miracle when South Korea wanted to learn from it and when PIA was the darling-carrier of the whole world etc. etc., it was the munificence of the 3½ friends and some deft book-keeping that created the rubbishly hollow myth of a powerhouse in the making. Around the turn of this millennium, Pakistanis used to proclaim that TSP was economically stronger than India because Karachi Stock Exchange index was higher than the BSE ! The Pakistanis clutch at such straws in the wind to burnish their image. What wimps. Then came Shortcut Aziz who window-dressed the numbers and even tried to fool the World Bank with deliberately wrong data. Wolfensohn was so annoyed that he gave a sound thrashing to the Pakistani team which went begging to him. All the while, they buy gleaming war toys or the US gifts such toys without questioning the apparent incongruity of it all.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-21-2010

[Image: previous.gif]

SSridhar Ji :

Your #346 :

Pakistan has been born as a Beggar Nation in a State of Beggary!

In this respect I draw your attention to my post #309 of 20-November 04 Posted 01 September 2010 at11:34 PM on Page 16 :

[url=""][center][color="#006400"][size="5"]A nation in denial[/size][/color][/center][/url]

Here is an excerpt :

Pakistan’s founders were responsible for sowing the seeds of a client-state relationship with the US. As head of a newly-born ‘moth-eaten Pakistan’, to use Jinnah’s own words, and with little or no financial resources, [color="#FF0000"]he was wrong to seek a military solution to Kashmir with Pakistan completely dependent on Britain for its survival and so desperate that *it requested a two-billion dollar loan from America in October 1947* negating the very spirit of independence from colonial rule. The secession of former East Pakistan negated the assumption that religion alone could keep a nation or a country united.[/color]

[color="#FF0000"]* :[/color] This is as per the archived documents, more specifically the memorandum of conversation between Mir Laik Ali and the State Department officials, 30 October 1947., NO. 845F.51/10-3047. This has been cited in Ayesha Jalal’s book, “The State of Martial Rule”.

In 1950-51 the Indian GNP was INR 9678 Crores i.e. INR 96.78 Billion

At the Rate of US$ 1 = INR 4.7619 it equated to about US$ 20 Billion

I dare say that as in 1951 India’s Population was about Eleven Times the Present Day Pakistan so that Pakistan's GDP in 1947 would have been around US$ Two Billion.

As such US $ Two Billion was one huge and humongous Amount of “Dosh” as in today’s equivalent it would amount to may be US$ 125 Billion - if not more!

Such are the Powers of Pakistani Beggary and the USA’s penchant for being a “Sucker – Bar None!”

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-22-2010


[url=""]100,000 more displaced by lake burst in Pakistan : UN[/url]

KARACHI : Some 100,000 more people have been displaced after a lake burst in Sindh where massive floods have already affected millions of people, a UN spokesman said Tuesday.

The Manchar lake in Sindh overflowed on Friday, forcing people living in the area to seek refuge elsewhere, UN spokesman Maurizio Giuliano said.

"More than a hundred thousand (have) been displaced. Not only houses, but boats were also found in pieces (in the affected areas, and) crops are completely washed away," Giuliano said.

Jam Saifullah Dharejo, the provincial irrigation minister said: "The burst in the lake has affected a large population in Jamshoro district, but we cannot estimate the exact number of people affected, they are in thousands."

"Sindh continues to host the largest number of flood-displaced people, in addition to experiencing the worst of the current flooding," a UN statement said separately.

Cheerts [Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-22-2010

[url=""]Zee News Exclusive: Nuke equipment stolen from Pak[/url]
Quote:slamabad/New Delhi: In a shocking revelation, sources have told Zee News that a Radioactive Gamma Projectile has gone missing from Ghotki in Sindh province of Pakistan.

Sources have also revealed that the equipment has been missing since last three months.

ISI is investigating into the matter but no headway has been made in the case so far. Initially, the matter was being investigated by the local police but looking at the sensitivity of the matter, the Crisis Management Cell of Pakistan handed over this case to intelligence agency.

Radioactive Gamma Projectile is a device which is used to store ‘Dirty Bomb’ or nuclear bomb.

After the disappearance of the device, it has been widely speculated that terror oraginisations mainly al-Qaeda has gotten hold of it. This adds to the speculations that terror organisations now posses a nuclear bomb.

The security of radioactive materials in Pakistan has always been a matter of grave concern for security agencies across the world. After this disclosure, fingers will definitely be pointed towards China which has decided to open another nuclear power plant in Pakistan without getting the nod of IAEA or NSG.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-22-2010


[url=""]Universities suspend academics over no funds[/url]

KARACHI : The academic process is being boycotted in all the universities of the country, as these universities were denied any grants from the federal government, Geo News reported Wednesday.

Students and teachers boycotted the classes at Bahaud Din University Multan.

The boycotted has backing from Punjab Professors and Lecturers Association and the office-bearers of High Court Bar Association.

The teachers of Islamia University of Bahawalpur are observing Black Day with sporting black bands round their arms.

Also, the teachers at Faisalabad’s GC University continued the boycott of the academic process at the university

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-22-2010


[url=""]Country under Rs 90 trillion debt, PAC told[/url]

Quote:[color="#FF0000"]* NA body accuses government of not retrieving retired military officers’ pension into defence budget[/color]

ISLAMABAD : The National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Tuesday accused the democratic government of not retrieving the retired military officers’ pension into the defence budget, which is a major portion of civilian pension announced in the annual budget 2010.

The meeting held at the Parliament House under the rpersonship of MNA Yasmeen Rehman to the Finance Ministry’s acounts

Dealing with audit paras of the ministry, Finance Seretary Siddique informed the committee that out of the Rs 90 billion pension funds allocated in the current fiscal year, [color="#FF0000"]Rs 72 billion had been spent on the pension of retired military personnel.[/color]

This [color="#FF0000"]was equal to 78 percent of the total pension allocated under the federal budget.[/color] The amount of the funds for military pension had been becoming bigger, he said.

The amount for military pension allocation in 2001 was Rs 26 billion [color="#FF0000"]which had swelled to Rs 72 billion in the current fiscal year[/color], secretary said.

The committee’s members expressed surprise on finding that the Finance Ministry of releasing Rs 5 billion secrete funds under the head of lump sum relief during the financial year 2007 to intelligence agencies just before the general election were held in 2008. The committee ordered the ministry to come up with additional information on the issue.

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-23-2010


[url=""]For sale 50+ nuclear weapons – proceeds to disaster relief[/url]

This morning, I was asked to give money to the continuing disaster relief efforts in Pakistan. Apparently, 14 million people have been affected by the monsoon flooding. Although not that many have died, the damage to personal property and the infrastructure of the country is devastating. Notwithstanding my general dislike of charities, my response to this particular appeal is “fuck ‘em”.

Pakistan has nuclear missiles; some 50 or 60 of them at last estimate. What kind of country puts nuclear arms before the welfare of its people? What’s more important: clean drinking water or nuclear weapons designed to escalate tensions with India? My attitude is that if a country decides it’s got the money and resources to spend on developing nuclear weapons, then it’s eschewing all aid. If you’re going to hold up a big middle finger to the rest of the world by sticking nukes in your arsenal, you shouldn’t be able to beg for help when it rains a bit much.

What confounded me the most was the manner in which I was asked to donate: as a deduction from my pay-cheque. Yup, it was my employer asking me to give money to Pakistan. I conduct media analysis, concentrating mostly on an insurance company that sponsors sporting events and the language used in the reporting of terrorism. There’s a lot of coverage of events and organisations in Pakistan in the latter project. I spend a significant part of my life writing about the various terrorist groups launching attacks from within Pakistan. And now I’m being asked by the same people I write those reports for to donate money to that country. Do they even read my work?

Pakistan is a dangerous place that represents one of the biggest threats to the world. It’s the sixth-biggest country and it has the second highest Muslim population of any country in the world (after Indonesia). It’s theoretically a democracy, but the government is highly unstable and the military has a massive say in the politics of the region to the extent that most of Pakistan’s rulers have been military men. Corruption is rife at all levels of society and all levels of public office. Poverty is the norm, with the average annual GDP income per head of population being just over US $1,000. Many extremist and terrorist groups are based in Pakistan including Al Qaeda and many Taliban groups (the Pakistani government were strong supporters of the Taliban until it became unfashionable). Despite only existing for sixty years, it has fought four wars with India. There have also been several border conflicts with Afghanistan. It has the seventh largest military in the world with over a million troops in its armed forces and a standing order in its constitution allowing for conscription at any time without an act of its parliament.

So whilst I feel some sympathy for the poor people whose lives have been blighted by the recent flooding, I have none for their country. When you’ve got a million-strong army and a whole bunch of nukes, it’s a bit of a fucking cheek to ask me to bail out the farmers and peasants that you’ve so studiously ignored. Every pound I donate to disaster relief is another pound that their corrupt government doesn’t have to spend, leaving them free to buy more weapons and support more extremist groups that threaten us all. Fuck ‘em.

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-23-2010


[url=""]UK paper claims Shoaib tampered with ball[/url]

LONDON : A British newspaper has claimed Thursday Pakistan pace bowler Shoaib Akhtar tampered with the ball in the final one-day international against England today.

The paper has pictures which it says show Akhtar running his left thumb along the ball's seam before dropping the ball on the ground and standing on it with his spiked right boot.

The pictures were taken in the 41st over of England's innings in Southampton as Shoaib prepared to bowl to Paul Collingwood.

England won the match by 121 runs to take the series.

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-27-2010

[url=""]Pakistani minister resigns after criticizing army[/url]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-27-2010

[url=""]30 killed in NATO airstrikes[/url]
Quote:It was a rare incident in which NATO troops launched military actions against the militants within the territory of Pakistan.

Should we call Pakistan under attack?

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 09-28-2010

[quote name='Mudy' date='27 September 2010 - 11:30 PM' timestamp='1285609933' post='108503']

[url=""]30 killed in NATO airstrikes[/url]

Should we call Pakistan under attack?


Mudy Ji :

No,No & No!

Please call it "The USA is making Love to Pakistan" <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lol:' />

[center][color="#006400"][size="5"]60 Dead as Helos, Drones Strike in Pakistan (But Don’t Call it a War)[/size][/color][/center]

U.S. officials don’t like calling what’s going on in Pakistan a war. [color="#FF0000"]But the American-led conflict, whatever name you give it, has never been this violent.[/color] The drone component of the campaign hit a new high over the weekend — 20 attacks in September alone, killing as many as 101 people. Today, NATO confirmed that a pair of its helicopters, based in Afghanistan, chased militant suspects across the border. [color="#FF0000"]53 more are now reported dead.[/color]

In the Beltway, it’s considered bad form to refer to the Pakistan “war.” The term is too loaded with geopolitical baggage, and raises too many questions about who should be overseeing the conflict at home. But when NATO helicopters kill more than four dozen in Pakistan in a single day; when the CIA-led drone campaign hits 20 targets in 23 days; when thousands of U.S.-trained Afghans cross the border to fight insurgents on Pakistani soil; when American troops ferry aid to Pakistan’s flood victims; when the U.S. Air Force flies surveillance sorties over Pakistan; when American security contractors operate on Pakistani turf; and when U.S. Special Operations forces school Islamabad’s army in counterinsurgency (and sometimes lose troops to firefights in the process), what else should we name this multi-pronged military campaign? What other term would possibly apply?

NATO’s International Security Assistance Force has long had authorization to follow militants in “hot pursuit” from Afghanistan into Pakistan. That was the situation Saturday, when Pakistani-based insurgents attacked Combat Outpost Nariza, a NATO base eight miles inside Afghanistan. When the attackers fled, the helicopters followed — and struck. The aircraft killed 49, ISAF estimated after examining footage taken by the gun cameras mounted on the helicopters.

“The ISAF helicopters did cross into Pakistan territory to engage the insurgents,” U.S. Capt. Ryan Donald tells The Canadian Press. “ISAF maintains the right to self-defense, and that’s why they crossed the Pakistan border.”

Later, there was a second skirmish. The “helicopters returned to the border area and were attacked by insurgents based in Pakistan,” according to Donald. Four more militants were killed.

[color="#FF0000"]Publicly, officials in Islamabad are criticizing the strikes.[/color] “No external force is allowed to conduct operations inside Pakistan,” Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani huffed. It’s reminiscent of the protests guys like him used to make, every time an American drone attacks another militant on their soil. These days, the unmanned strikes have become so routine, they hardly merit a peep. On Sunday, seven suspected militants were killed in a pair of strikes on the Al-Qaeda haven of Datta Khel, not too far from where the helicopters hit. Just another weekend in the Pakistan war.

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - HareKrishna - 09-29-2010

LONDON (AFP) – Western intelligence agencies have uncovered an Al-Qaeda plot to launch attacks in Britain, France and Germany by extremists based in Pakistan, security sources and media reports said Wednesday.

"The threat is very real," a European-based security official told AFP, after British and US media reported that militants were planning simultaneous strikes in London and major cities in France and Germany.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that France and Britain had been targeted in the threat, which first came to light last month.

Orders have been given at the highest level of Al-Qaeda to punish Europe, and France in particular, the source said.

US intelligence services identified the threat from various sources, including the questioning of suspects from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, which had been confirmed by information from other countries, the source added.

This tallies with reports by US broadcasters ABC and CNN that the source of the intelligence was a German suspect detained in Afghanistan.

However, the official could not confirm a BBC report that commando-style teams of militants planned to seize Western hostages and murder them, in a manner similar to the attacks in Mumbai two years ago.

In those attacks, 10 gunmen killed 166 people and injured more than 300 in three luxury hotels, a railway station and restaurants.

The European-based source said any threat would more likely take the form of a bomb.

The BBC described the threat as "one of the most serious Al-Qaeda attack plans in recent years" and said it was inspired by the terror group's fugitive leadership in Pakistan's tribal areas.

Britain's interior ministry refused to comment on the reports of a plot, but a spokeswoman said: "We know we face a real and serious threat from terrorism."

She told AFP there was "no change at all" to the national threat level, which since January has been at "severe", the second highest of five levels, meaning a terror attack is highly likely.

The German government meanwhile said it was aware of Al-Qaeda's "long-term" aim to attack Western targets, but its risk assessment of the security threat was unchanged.

"At the moment there are no concrete indications of any imminent attacks on Germany resulting from this. The current information does not change our risk assessment," an interior ministry statement said.

The United States was also a possible target in the reported plot and President Barack Obama had been briefed about the threat, ABC said.

Sky News said a recent surge in US drone attacks in Pakistan's border areas was aimed at eliminating the plot's leaders, and had killed some of them.

At least 21 US drone strikes have targeted Al-Qaeda and its affiliates in the tribal zone in September -- the highest number in any single month -- and the latest on Tuesday killed Al-Qaeda's operational chief in the region.

The investigation into the plot is reportedly ongoing, but the BBC said no imminent arrests were expected in Britain.

France has been on a heightened state of alert amid warnings of an imminent attack but a source with links to the intelligence service said these warnings were not linked to the latest reported Al-Qaeda plans.

Authorities in Paris evacuated the Eiffel Tower for several hours on Tuesday evening after a phone call to the landmark's operator warning of a bomb.

French officials said Wednesday they had no new information on a specific threat of a Mumbai-style attack, but last week government sources said US intelligence had warned of jihadi cells moving back to Europe from Pakistan.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-30-2010

[url=""]Obama: 'We need to make clear to people that the cancer is in Pakistan'[/url]

They need Chemo.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-30-2010

[url=""]Musharraf warns of new military coup in Pakistan[/url]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 09-30-2010

[url=""]Pak fumes at NATO strike, blocks supply route to Afg troops[/url]
Quote:Pakistan Thursday blocked a vital supply route for NATO oil tankers to Afghanistan, hours after a coalition force helicopter attacked a Pakistani border post killing three soldiers.

Senior security officials ordered the security forces at Torkham border to block oil tankers and trucks at a checkpoint sharing border with Afghanistan, Pakistan's Dunya TV reported.

The decision was taken after a NATO air strike hit Mandato Khando post in Pakistan's Kurram district Thursday morning, which killed three soldiers and injured three others.

NATO helicopters struck again in northwest Pakistan's Kurram tribal area, Xinhua said citing a local media report.

All those killed and injured were from the paramilitary Frontier Corps, which is deployed to guard the border.

"Our forces have taken up suitable security measures to respond to such acts of aggression, which will be known to the people very soon," DPA quoted a senior Frontier Corps official as saying.

<img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />