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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 10-19-2010


[url=""]Violence claims 19 more lives in Karachi [/url]

KARACHI: Violence in Karachi claimed another 19 lives on Tuesday, bringing to 64 the toll from a series of killings began ahead of a by-election in PS-94 (Orangi Town) on Saturday.

According to latest reports, unknown gunmen opened indiscriminate fire in Shershah Kabari Market, killing at least 12 people.

Seven people were shot dead in separate incidents in Orangi Town, Korangi, Malir, Saddar and other parts of the city.

So far police and rangers have failed to produce any of the target killing suspects before the media.

Police claimed it has recovered four persons who were abducted to be killed by unknown gunmen. The released persons were identified as Mansoor Raza, Syed Wajahat Ali, Mujahid Hussain and Muhammad Shoaib. SAMAA

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - acharya - 10-23-2010

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Husky - 10-23-2010

Related to the 4 Oct 2010 news piece "Dozens of [color="#FF0000"]Europeans[/color] (i.e European passport holders) in terror training" in Pakistan, that is already pasted at IF, I see (post #367).

The media used to hide them under the universalising yet unfounded "South Asian" label. Now the islamoterrorists are being camouflaged under the "Europeans" and "Germans", "Britons" etc tags. Logical development, and the irony of it is ... satisfying, or would be, except when you think straight and realise this works out bad for all in the long run.

Quote:US strike kills 5 German militants in Pakistan

By Melissa Eddy

11:00 AM Tuesday Oct 5, 2010

An American missile strike killed five German militants in the rugged Pakistan border area. Photo / AP

BERLIN - An American missile strike killed five German militants in the rugged Pakistan border area where a cell of Germans and Britons at the heart of the US terror alert for Europe - a plot US officials link to al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden - were believed in hiding.

The attack, part of a recent spike in American drone strikes on Pakistan, came as Germany said it has "concrete evidence" that at least 70 Germans have undergone paramilitary training in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and about a third have returned to Germany.

Authorities across Europe have heightened security at airports and other travel hubs as well as at main tourist attractions following the US warning of an al-Qaida-linked terror plot targeting London, Paris, Berlin and other European capitals.

Washington warned Americans over the weekend to use caution when traveling in Europe and imposed a curfew on some US troops based in Germany. On Monday, Britain, Japan and Sweden issued warnings of their own, advising their citizens traveling in Europe to be on alert for possible terrorist attack by al-Qaida or other groups.

Police officers with sniffer dogs patrolled subways in Britain on Monday, while soldiers and mounted police were dispatched to two major churches in Paris - Notre Dame in the heart of the city and Sacre Coeur on the Right Bank. Paramilitary troops were also seen patrolling the area around the Eiffel Tower - twice evacuated in recent weeks for unspecified threats.

The US missile strike in Pakistan killed five German militants taking shelter in a house in the town of Mir Ali in North Waziristan, a known hub for foreign militants with links to al-Qaida, Pakistani intelligence officials said.

The terror cell said to be behind the Europe plot -- eight Germans and a Briton -- were believed to have been in hiding in the region. A second Briton was killed in a US strike last month.[color="#800080"]

(The earlier 4 Oct news item mentions that the intended islamic attacks on European locales were apparently modelled on the islamic jihad on Bharatam's Mumbai. A testament to what christofunding from US/British/other European to TSP and to Indian christoislamania can accomplish. And AmeriKKKa arms them besides. Plus the protective coat is by christomedia in India and overseas.)[/color]

A German Foreign Ministry spokesman said Monday that his office was checking the report of the latest killings. He declined to be named in keeping with policy.

However, the German police agency responsible for terrorism investigations, the Federal Criminal Police Office, said as many as 220 people have traveled from Germany to Pakistan and Afghanistan for paramilitary training, and at least 70 have received it. A Pakistani intelligence official last week said there are believed to be around 60 Germans in North Waziristan now.

Despite the growing evidence of a terror plot, France, Britain and Germany -- the nations believed to be the targets of the scheme -- have not changed their terror threat levels. On Monday, the German government played down the fears by declaring there is "no reason to be alarmist."

The threat is being viewed differently by Washington and European capitals, and some analysts said it was a matter of approach. Such differences have played out repeatedly in the years since the 9/11 attacks on the United States, they said.

British intelligence prefers to keep targets under surveillance as they plan attacks, often waiting until the final stages to intervene -- hoping to gather evidence and to gain information about contacts in Britain and overseas.

"That cuts significantly too close to the bone for the United States. They are not happy to let plots run for too long," said Tobias Feakin, director of national security and resilience at London's Royal United Services Institute, a military think tank.

In Germany, the homeland security spokesman for the main opposition Social Democratic party said there is a different security culture in Europe and the United States.

"After 9/11 there were almost daily warnings of new threats in the US which -- thank God! - never became a reality" in Germany, Dieter Wiefelspuetz said.

In Washington, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Monday that the travel advisory was issued because of extensive evidence of a plot.

"We felt, having tracked intelligence over a lengthy period of time, it was appropriate to issue this alert at this moment," he said.

"We specifically have said continue with your travel plans, but just be cautious because we are aware of active plots against the United States, American citizens and other allies around the world."

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere insisted his nation had no concrete evidence of an imminent attack. "There is no reason to be alarmist at this time," de Maiziere said.

He said he had spoken with US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano about the travel advisory and that it is not "in keeping with our assessment of the situation."

In a rare public speech last month, MI5 director general Jonathan Evans warned that the risk of attacks can never be completely eradicated.

"We appear increasingly to have imported from the American media the assumption that terrorism is 100 per cent preventable and any incident that is not prevented is seen as a culpable government failure. This is a nonsensical way to consider terrorist risk," Evans said.

Many tourists said they planned to be vigilant but would not change their plans.

"I'm very happy to be here in France. I think we're very safe, and I trust the French government to keep us safe," said James O'Connell, 59, of Pittsburgh.

Hannah Haskins, an 18-year-old from Portland, Oregon, who has been in Spain for a month working as an au pair, said she is headed to Britain next week for a visit and will be on guard but not obsessed with the terror alert.

"I probably will be alert and it is going to be high on my mind, but it won't change my plans," she said.

"I will catch the subways, go to the museums and enjoy. There are so many threats and this one is very vague. There is always a threat, so what's the difference?"

- AP

By Melissa Eddy

Neither AmeriKKKa nor even Britain are very sensible in this matter, but I'm thinking at least Europe may still have the sense to realise to term the "islamic jihad" as such, instead of couching it under terms of unaffiliation (mere "terrorism"). Just like even the whole concealment of the driving identity of these muslim terrorists - i.e. their identity is the ideology of islam, all else is irrelevant - under non-identifiable terms like "South Asians"/Europeans/Germans/Britons (all of them, *including* the first) is going to have greater repercussions on their future than their naivete at present leads them to think. Simple measures like these, when implemented in timely fashion, can be surprisingly helpful in the fight against the islamic jihad and its growing hold on Europe. For one thing, it creates awareness and wakes people up from a stupour that has managed to get others in its grip.

Because if Europe goes down that other path - and hiding the identity of the attackers is among the most defining of the early steps - it will make itself the kind of standing target that Bharatam-secularised-to-India is now (much of the thanks owing to secular/sensitive Indians who will never point to christoislamism in anything and won't let others point out the all-important identity of its assailants either). India is useful as a lesson in Too Late and why nothing is a substitute for common-sense - especially not the kind of [christosecular] brainwashing Indians have been inflicted with and now inflict themselves with, pretty much like its some addictive drug. (Actually India - or rather Indians - are a tragic warning lesson in a great many things...) But in this matter, Europe isn't senseless yet; I still meet people daily who show up the stark difference.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 10-28-2010

[url=""]Paki origin Man charged with D.C.-area subway bomb plot[/url]
Quote:A naturalized U.S. citizen born in Pakistan was arrested Wednesday and charged with trying to help people posing as al-Qaida operatives planning to bomb subway stations around the nation's capital, the FBI said.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 11-05-2010

[url=""]Suicide attack at Pak mosque kills 50[/url]
Quote:A suicide bomb tore through a Pakistani mosque during weekly prayers on Friday, killing 50 people and bringing down the roof, trapping victims under pulverised rubble. The attack in the volatile northwest was the deadliest in the nuclear-armed country on the front line of the US-led war on al Qaeda

in two months. Dozens of people were critically wounded and officials feared the toll could rise.

The carnage wrought havoc in Akhurwall village, part of the semi-tribal northwest area of Darra Adam Khel about 140 kilometres (90 miles) west of Islamabad.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 11-06-2010

[url=""]Bomb, grenades hit two mosques in Pakistan; 70 dead[/url]
Quote:PESHAWAR: A suicide bomber struck a mosque frequented by anti-Taliban tribal elders in northwestern Pakistan during afternoon prayers Friday, killing at least 67 people in one of the deadliest attacks this year.

Later in the day, three grenade blasts killed three people at a mosque in another northwest area where an anti-Taliban militia was active.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 11-12-2010

[url=""]Bomb blast at CID building, at least 15 killed[/url]
Quote:KARACHI: A high-impact explosion occurred after a gun battle between militants and police at Karachi’s Crime Investigation Department (CID) headquarters on Thursday.

The CID HQ is situated opposite to the Sindh Chief Minister House and behind the building of the Pakistan Industrial Development Cooperation (PIDC). The reported death toll has reached 15 and at least 100 people have been wounded.
Quote:The CID had recently arrested a top commander for Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Yousuf alias Qari was arrested with weapons and ammunition in Orangi Town’s Mominabad area and was being interrogated by the CID, according to a Dawn report published last week.

Wow !!!

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 11-16-2010


[url=""]1. Govt’s domestic borrowing reaches Rs 6 trillion[/url]

ISLAMABAD: State Bank Governor Shahid Kardar on Monday informed the donor community [color="#FF0000"]that government borrowing from the banking sector has reached 56 percent or Rs 6 trillion,[/color] putting pressure on the exchange rate and resulting in an increase in inflation. Kardar told the Pakistan Development Forum that the Finance Ministry had piloted an amended SBP Act through the National Assembly, limiting government borrowing from the SBP to only 10 percent of previous fiscal revenues.

[url=""]2. External debt, liabilities rise to $58.41 billion[/url]

KARACHI: [color="#FF0000"]Pakistan’s external debt and liabilities (EDL) increased by $3.2 billion to $58.41 billion by the end of the first quarter of 2010/11[/color] against $55.21 billion during the corresponding period last year, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) said on Friday.

In the total EDL, the public debt mounted to $54.79 billion by September 30 against $51.62 billion during the same period last year.

The public debt includes government debt, from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and foreign exchange liabilities.

The government debt is around $44.78 billion at the end of the first quarter of the current fiscal year. The loan from the IMF grew to $8.91 billion from the previous figures of $6.44 billion. However, foreign exchange liabilities declined to $1.1 billion from $1.2 billion.

The guaranteed debt for the public sector enterprises (PSEs) increased to $151 million from $136 million, it said, adding that the non-guaranteed debt declined to $787 million from $892 million.

Pakistan’s total EDL have grown rapidly during the last couple of years.

“As against declining on average by 0.21 percent during 2001/05, the external debt and liabilities grew on an average by almost 10 percent during 2006/10,” the SBP said in the annual report on the State of the Economy 2010.

The central bank said that the rise in EDL was particularly sharp in 2008/09 when the stocks of external debt and liabilities increased by 13.8 percent. The central bank attributed it to a combined effect of drying up of non-debt, creating financial inflows and large current account deficit.

The external and liabilities has risen to $55.62 billion by the end of FY10. The increase in foreign debt and liabilities largely owes to the inflows from the IMF under the standby arrangement (SBA), the SBP said.

“Nevertheless, rapid rise in the EDL is a serious source of concern, especially when the financing needs are likely to increase in FY11, owing to adverse impact of the devastating floods and rising international commodity prices,” the central bank said.

The payment for debt servicing also increased with the rise of EDL. The country has paid $233 million as interest by the end of September, which was $205 million during the same period last year.

The payment of principal amount amounted to $1.43 billion during the period against $988 million by the end of September 2009, it added.


• Govt debt stands at $44.78bn in first quarter

• IMF loan grows to $8.91bn

• Guaranteed debt for PSEs up to $151m

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - acharya - 11-18-2010

Why do Indian writers have to be writing on an unimportant country like Pakistan? If the disparity is so great, just ignore it or is it that Indians cannot think independently of Pakistan? Has the cold war superiority of Pakistan too deeply infringing on their minds, its economic and military potential too nightmarish, wariness of neighboring countries like Sri Lanka, BD, Nepal, China towards their country reminding them of Jesus' saying "Only in his hometown and in his own house is a prophet without honor", rebellion in Kashmir and Maoist threat too unsettling, even such an innoccuous Pakistani talent as classical and pop-rock music infiltrating Bollywood too much of a threat to indigenous talent and glimpse of the beauty of Pakistani model girls on catwalk / runway too big a threat for their cosmetic industry?

On a side note, before someone mentions Pakistan and terrorism, let me remind you that according to Indian analysts and even your PM, real threat to India is from Mao rebels, that is, from within India.

My advice to Indians is simply ignore Pakistan and just move on. You are on a path to success. Why anchor on non-matters? It is only indicative of inferiority complex. Get over it.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 11-18-2010

[url=""]Pak Army quietly names 453 soldiers killed in Kargil War[/url]
Quote:Eleven years after the Kargil War, the Pakistan Army which has been denying its role in the conflict has quietly put the names of 453 soldiers and officers killed in the battle on its website.

Proof of the involvement of regular Pakistani soldiers in the 1999 Kargil War over a string of strategic heights in the Kargil sector of the Line of Control in 1999 has come from an institution that spent years denying its role in the hostilities with India – the Pakistan Army.

The 453 Pakistani soldiers were shown killed in Batalik-Kargil sector in Jammu and Kashmir.

The names of those who died in Kargil are tucked away in a list of thousands of personnel killed while on duty that has been posted in the "Shuhada's Corner" (Martyrs Corner) of the website.

The very first page of the long list of martyrs includes the names of Capt Karnal Sher and Havildar Lalak Jan, who were both killed on July 7, 1999 in Kargil and awarded Pakistan's highest military award, the Nishan-e-Haider.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 11-21-2010


[url=""][center][size="6"][color="#FF0000"]The economic catastrophe — Lal Khan[/color][/size][/center][/url]

An orgy of corruption, nepotism, hedonism and plunder goes on unabated. In such a harrowing crisis one has to be extremely insensitive and callous to be part of the state administration when there is so much pain and agony that the oppressed masses are being forced to endure

One of the biggest crashes in the history of capitalism in 2008 has created a new ‘normality’ across the planet. This has led to vicious cuts and severe attacks upon the workers in most countries. The welfare states in Europe and elsewhere are being aggressively dismantled. After the failure of Keynesianism, the neo-liberal model of capitalism known as trickle-down economics, Thatcherism or Reaganomics has been an even bigger disaster.

There have been the first stirrings of the working classes with massive strikes in Greece, France, Spain, and more recently Britain, against the drastic cuts being executed. But these are just the beginnings of a ferocious class struggle that impends. There is no solution on a capitalist basis on a world scale.

In Pakistan there has hardly been any respite for the working masses throughout its tumultuous history. Today the situation is far worse than it was at its inception. Pakistani capitalism has rotted to an extent where the whole of society has been plunged into an abyss of intolerable poverty and misery. [color="#FF0000"]Pakistan faces unprecedented levels of debt, trade and fiscal deficits, terrorism, unemployment, corruption, poverty, price hikes and lack of basic amenities for the vast majority of its population. The social and physical infrastructure has deteriorated. The flood disaster has exposed its extreme fragility.[/color]

During the Musharraf period when the growth rates were supposed to be an average of 6 to 7 percent, 10,000 people were falling below the poverty line every day. [color="#FF0000"]Now with growth around 1.8 percent the number of people falling below the poverty line has more than tripled. Sixty percent of children have stunted growth and 1,100 die daily due to malnutrition. Eighty percent of the population is forced into non-scientific medication. Sale of children, human organs and collective family suicides are spreading like an epidemic. Sixty-six percent of children can hardly receive primary education. About half a million women die during childbirth due to the lack of adequate healthcare. Electricity, fuel, gas and water shortages along with the rapidly increasing prices have made the life of the impoverished masses even more wretched. Inflation and the brisk depreciation of the rupee have made life a horror without end. The already debilitated agricultural sector has been further devastated by the floods. This has already exacerbated inflation. In reality Pakistan’s existence is now staked upon the informal or the black economy, which constitutes more than two-thirds of the total GDP.[/color] It is ironic that had there been no buffer of corruption and the black economy running the country’s economic cycle, the Pakistani economy would have collapsed by now.

Despite such an economic catastrophe, there is no sign of any relief or improvement on the horizon. The ruling classes seem to have given up any idea of developing a modern industrialised and prosperous Pakistan. Their indifference and incompetence is palpable. There is a feeling of doom and gloom amongst the intelligentsia and the experts of the state have hardly a clue about how to get out of this quagmire. Their reliance and subservience to imperialism and its financial institutions is complete. Except for a few years during Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s government in the early 1970s, every finance minister of Pakistan has been an employee of one or the other imperialist financial institution. They have slavishly carried out the dictates of their imperial masters and have been adopting policies that have sustained ever increasing imperialist exploitation and plunder.

In this democratic dispensation under the crushing domination of the financial oligarchy, the masses have no real choice that could serve their interests and improve the conditions of life for them. The differences posed on the political spectrum are frivolous to say the least. They are painted in the colours of ‘liberalism’, ‘conservatism’, ‘secularism’, ‘religious fundamentalism’, ‘nationalism’ and ‘communalism’ etc. But all these ‘political’ parties have the same economic agenda — ‘neo-liberal’ capitalism. The very essence of this economic policy is an all-out attack on the masses and subjugation to so-called supply side economics. With no fundamental differences on economics, they harp on endlessly about non-issues that have no relevance to the plight of the teeming millions who are being ruthlessly exploited by capitalism. Now even they have stopped issuing statements or making false promises about improving the lot of the masses and prosperity. Almost all the mainstream political parties are in power in the various federal and provincial bodies of the state. An orgy of corruption, nepotism, hedonism and plunder goes on unabated. In such a harrowing crisis one has to be extremely insensitive and callous to be part of the state administration when there is so much pain and agony that the oppressed masses are being forced to endure.

Lenin once said: “Politics is a concentrated expression of economics.” The chaos and anarchy that prevails in the present day politics of Pakistan is a reflection of the dire state of the economy. The circus that is in full swing has become nauseating and vulgar, considering the desperate and horrendous conditions of society. The alternative of a dictatorship is a remote possibility. Not only is it that the cohesion and discipline of the army has withered but also US imperialism has strategically switched its policy in Asia, Africa and Latin America from military regimes to tame bourgeois democracies whose formats it can manipulate. Hence this ‘conflict’ between ‘dictatorship’ and ‘democracy’ is more or less a façade and has lost its relevance.

The present crisis of our rulers was aptly described by Karl Marx in his epic work, The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte. He wrote: “Alliance whose first proviso is separation; struggles whose first law is indecision; wild inane agitation in the name of tranquillity; most solemn preaching of tranquillity in the name of revolution; passions without truth, truths without passion; heroes without heroic deeds; history without events; development whose sole driving force seems to be the calendar, wearying with the constant repetition of the same tensions and relaxations; antagonisms that periodically seem to work themselves up to a climax only to lose their edge and fall away without being able to resolve themselves; pretentiously paraded exertions, and at the same time the pettiest intrigues and court comedies played by the saviours of the world.”

[center][size="6"][color="#006400"]The oppressed masses in Pakistan shall not endure such tyranny for long.[/color][/size][/center]

The writer is the editor of Asian Marxist Review and International Secretary of Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign. He can be reached at

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - acharya - 11-29-2010

Check this video

The false deception and false history is taken for truth.

Check the bravado when the country is collapsing

Maybe this brain fervor of this bravado is required for forgetting the fallen and dying country.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 12-06-2010

[url=""]Twin 'Police' Bombers Kill Scores In Pakistan[/url]
Quote:Two suicide bombers dressed as policemen have killed at least 50 people at an anti-Taliban meeting in Pakistan.

The attack happened at a government compound in Ghalanai, the main town in the Mohmand district.

Tribal leaders were meeting at the site to discuss the formation of a local militia to fight insurgents.

Hospital officials said 60 people were also wounded in the bombing in the country's volatile northwest region.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 12-07-2010


[url=""]No entry for Pak players in IPL-4[/url]

New Delhi: No Pakistan player would able to represent any IPL team in forthcoming IPL-4. On the recommendation of ILP governing council, [color="#FF0000"]International Cricket Council (ICC) decided to ban them from mega Cricket carnival[/color].

After the ruling of ICC, it is absolutely clear that Cricket crazy Indian fans would not able to watch Pakistan players like Shaihd Afridi, Shoaib Akhtar, Umer Gul and others. Sources claim that IPL recommended against the participation of Pakistani players as most of them are 'tainted' due to their alleged links with march-fixers. Sources also say that due to strained relations between India-Pakistan,IPL governing council was not keen to anger Indian government.

It may be recalled that even last year, Pakistani players could not play in the IPL that created huge furore. [color="#FF0000"][size="5"]Pakistan captain Afridi vowed that he would never play in IPL.[/size][/color]

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 12-08-2010

Quote:ANALYSIS: Pakistan and the dehumanisation of minorities -Ishtiaq Ahmed

Professor Brij Narain was a famous Lahore-born academic whose books on economics were on the required reading list of the curricula of pre-partition universities. Enamoured by Jinnah’s English lifestyle and mannerism and himself strongly secular and idealistic, Brij Narain underestimated the morbid impact of the rabidly anti-Hindu and anti-Sikh rhetoric of the 1945-46 election campaign in Punjab. He developed a strong set of arguments to prove that Pakistan was economically feasible and viable. When partition took place in mid-August 1947 and Lahore was burning, he continued to believe that Hindus like him could be Pakistanis like any other community. A mob arrived at his door and mercilessly killed him notwithstanding his pleas that he supported Pakistan.

Miss Ralia Ram was a Lahore-born Christian lady who wrote letter after letter to Quaid-e-Azam warning him about Congress machinations. She too believed in the righteousness of Pakistan. Her letters are easily accessible in the several volumes of the Jinnah Papers. Fortunately in 1947, Christians were not a target group. Many Hindus and Muslims saved their lives by faking a Christian identity. Both in Amritsar and in Kasur thousands of Muslim refugees received medical aid from Christian volunteers.

Even more interesting is the fact that the majority of Punjabi Christians supported the Muslim League’s case for Pakistan before the Punjab Boundary Commission. Their leader, S P Singha, argued that the Christians would rather have a united Punjab, but if Punjab were to be divided they could expect better treatment in Pakistan than in caste-ridden India. The leader of the Anglo-Indians Mr Gibbon informed the Punjab Boundary Commission that the Anglo-Indians were happy to be in Pakistan. They regarded Lahore and West Punjab as their homeland.

I have already mentioned in an earlier op-ed that the leadership of the Ahmediyya community was deeply worried about persecution in a sectarian Pakistan. However, just before the partition of India it was decided to support the Pakistan movement (Munir Report 1954: 196-7). Thereafter the Ahmedis put all their efforts behind the Muslim League’s campaign. Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan, a leading member of the Ahmediyya community, presented the Muslim League case before the Punjab Boundary Commission with sterling competence. The counsel for the Congress Party, Mr Setalvad, could not restrain himself from publicly paying compliments to Zafarullah during the proceedings. In 1947, the Ahmedis were still included in government statistics among Muslims, and that alone had inflated the Muslim percentage of the Gurdaspur district to a bare majority of 51 percent.

All such stories sound unreal in the light of the Pakistan experience. The Hindus were naturally the first to flee from Pakistan. The next to exit were the Anglo-Indians. The Ahmedis started seeking refuge in the west in the 1980s. Only in Sindh a Hindu minority survived while in the rest of Pakistan mostly the poorest Christians stayed put because they had nowhere to go.

Ridiculing Sikhs as simpletons is a prejudice that still survives in Pakistani Punjab, but their leaders proved to be the most farsighted in anticipating the type of Pakistan that would emerge. In the second half of May 1947, the Sikh leaders met Jinnah in Delhi. Jinnah and Liaquat had come fully prepared to convince them to support the Pakistan demand. They told the Sikhs to write down whatever they wanted and it would be granted. The charm offensive, however, was too late in the day. Earlier, in March 1947, Sikh villages in the Rawalpindi, Attock and Jhelum districts had borne the brunt of mob attacks at the hands of Muslims. At least 2,000 Sikhs lost their lives.

No Muslim League leader, including Jinnah, issued a public statement condemning those attacks. I have looked in vain in the two main English-language newspapers of pre-partition Punjab, the Tribune and The Pakistan Times as well as in the Jinnah Papers for any evidence of the condemnation of that outrage.
In the event, Hardit Sikh Malik, who acted as the spokesperson for the Sikhs told Jinnah that they could not risk their future on his promises; the day he is gone things would change. He was right.

I have always held the view that the anti-minority stance took birth at the time of the 1945-46-election campaign in the Muslim-majority provinces of north-western India. Once it was born, it assumed a life of its own. Only someone totally naive can believe that Jinnah’s August 11, 1947 speech was a magic mantra that could suffice to make it vanish. Already in early 1951, the ulema of all Sunni sub-sects — including the Barelvis — and the Ithna Ashari Shias had signed the 22-point Islamist agenda for an Islamic state prepared by Maulana Maududi. Gradually that agenda encroached on the constitutional and legal machinery, culminating in the Islamisation measures of General Ziaul Haq.

The mindset that such measures generated percolated all sections of society, with a few honourable exceptions. In the current situation, while President Zardari and Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer are willing to spare the life of the Christian woman, Aasia Bibi, who most certainly has been wrongly framed on charges of blasphemy, federal Law Minister Babar Awan has made theatrical pronouncements in support of the draconian Blasphemy Law, thus undermining his own government. The legal fraternity remains badly divided. While the Lahore High Court has issued a stay order against the reprieve granted by the president, the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), Ms Asma Jahangir has boldly criticised that decision. The confusion is absolute.

How do we explain that despite several Sufi shrines being targeted by suicide bombers the Ahle Sunnat ulema are demanding that Aasia Bibi should be executed? How can the Ahle Sunnat ignore that fact that they themselves are on the hit list of extremists who consider them guilty of crimes no less serious than blasphemy? The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) is considered a ‘democratic, parliamentary’ party by some western academics. I have seen with my own eyes a doctoral thesis passed by the reputable Gothenburg University of Sweden in support of JI’s democratic credentials. Its leader, Syed Munnawar Hassan, has also demanded that Aasia Bibi should be put to death. That is the type of democracy the JI actually represents.

Can one seriously believe that all these people who are crying for the blood of a poor Christian woman are doing this for their love for Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)? Perhaps, but what a love!

The writer is Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Stockholm University. He is also Honorary Senior Fellow of the Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore. He can be reached at

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 12-12-2010


[url=""]PCB unhappy with BCCI over new FTP[/url]

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) are at loggerheads over the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) new Future Tours Programme (FTP) as the PCB claims that the Indian board is reluctant to give definite time frames for upcoming series. Sources in the PCB aware of the discussions at the ICC chief executives meeting held recently in Dubai to discuss the 2012-2020 FTP were quoted as saying on Saturday that India had agreed to play against Pakistan in this period but has not given specific dates.

“The PCB’s biggest issue is that India has said it would play twice against Pakistan at neutral venues but has given no dates. Secondly they are not willing to give enough time to Pakistan to play a full series,” one source said. “The time frame given by India means that Pakistan cannot play a full series against it and [color="#FF0000"]secondly the Indian board has made it clear any matches against Pakistan would be dependent on clearance from their government,”[/color] he said. The source disclosed that in the new FTP, India had suggested twice touring Pakistan for short series and host Pakistan twice.

“The PCB is not happy with the situation because it wants a longer series meaning more matches against India and confirmed dates. On other hand, India has just said they would play Pakistan in the periods they are free of other commitments in the FTP.” The source said PCB’s biggest concern is that less number of matches against India mean loss of valuable finances. [color="#FF0000"]“The cancellation of two series against India means a loss of around $70 million for the PCB which is a lot of money.”[/color] Pakistan’s next scheduled series against India is also in 2012.

[color="#FF0000"]India has not played a bilateral series against Pakistan since 2007.[/color] The Indians were due to tour Pakistan in early 2009 for a full series [color="#FF0000"]but the plan was cancelled due to the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.[/color] The source also disclosed that the [color="#FF0000"]PCB was unhappy that the ICC after earlier agreeing is now not willing to give Icon status to Indo-Pak series.[/color]

“Allowing Icon status would have meant that where Pakistan played two series against a particular team in the FTP against India it would have played three because of its icon status,” the source stated. The source said Pakistan was also not happy with other teams like Australia not giving a full series to Pakistan. “Basically the Australians and some other teams have scheduled split tours against Pakistan and that is not making the PCB happy as it means additional production costs in broadcasting the series.”

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[url=""][color="#0000FF"][size="5"]India[/size] - The world in figures : The World In 2011 – The Economist[/color][/url]

GDP growth: 8.2%

GDP: $1,832bn (PPP: $4,508bn)

Inflation: 5.8%

Population: 1,202.1m

[color="#0000FF"][size="5"]GDP per head: $1,520 (PPP: $3,750)[/size][/color]

[url=""][color="#006400"][size="5"]Pakistan[/size] - The world in figures : The World In 2011 – The Economist[/color][/url]

GDP growth: 3.2%

GDP: $188bn (PPP: $487bn)

Inflation: 9.9%

Population: 189.6m

[color="#006400"][size="5"]GDP per head: $992 (PPP: $2,570)[/size][/color]

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[url=",0,6538606.story"]CIA recalls Pakistan station chief after his name becomes public[/url]
Quote:On Monday, Karim Khan filed a police complaint saying that his brother and son, both government employees, were killed in a CIA drone strike on their home near Mir Ali in North Waziristan in December 2009. The complaint names the CIA station chief in Islamabad.

"He should be arrested and executed in this country," Khan said outside an Islamabad police station, according to news reports.

CIA spokesman George Little declined to address the matter directly, but said, "Our station chiefs routinely encounter major risk as they work to keep America safe … their security is obviously a top priority for the CIA, especially when there's an imminent threat."

Khan's lawyer, Shahzad Akbar, told The Times on Friday he got the name of the CIA officer from two Pakistani newspaper journalists, and put the name in legal documents because he believes the man should be held accountable for civilian deaths caused by drone strikes in the tribal areas.

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[url=""]Pakistani Role Is Suspected in Revealing U.S. Spy’s Name[/url]
Quote:The officials said there is strong suspicion that operatives of Pakistan’s powerful spy service, the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, had a hand in revealing the C.I.A. officer’s identity — possibly in retaliation for a civil lawsuit filed in Brooklyn last month implicating the I.S.I. chief in the Mumbai terror attacks of November 2008.

The American officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, did not immediately provide details to support their suspicions.

A senior Pakistani official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the Pakistani government “believes that the suit in New York does not have a sound legal basis, and is based on conjecture. We did not need to retaliate”


The relationship between the spy services has often frayed in recent years. American officials believe that I.S.I. officers helped plan the deadly July 2008 bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul, as well as provided support to Lashkar-e-Taiba militants who carried out the Mumbai attacks later that year.

The lawsuit filed in Brooklyn last month, brought by families of American victims of the Mumbai attacks, names the I.S.I. chief, Lt Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, as being complicit in the terror attacks.

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[url=""]'Dude! Where\'s my country?' wonders Jinnah on T-shirts[/url]

Quote:Agencies Posted: Dec 20, 2010 at 1438 hrs

Islamabad A new line of T-shirts, launched online just a few hours ago, has Founding Father of Pakistan Mohammed Ali Jinnah wondering: "Dude! Where\'s my country?" "Ashton just lost his car. This poor guy lost a whole country to mediocre half-wits. Imagine his plight," reads the caption put out by Uth Oye, the makers of the T-shirt, on their Facebook page.

The caption refers to Ashton Kutcher, the star of the Hollywood film "Dude, Where\'s My Car?" which inspired the slogan on the T-shirts.

Uth Oye is not just another T-shirt making company. They describe themselves as "a socially conscious, cause-based design initiative" and "actively devise and fund sustainable projects within the educational, human rights, renewable energy and developmental sectors of Pakistan".

In the recent past, "the caused-based clothing company" has provided solar lamps in a village in Thar district, provided a computer laboratory in a girls school in Lahore, and joined forces to engineer a sustainable, long-term solution for people who had no access to piped gas.

Other interesting T-shirts in the "Lookbook 2011" series include "Man on the moon" and "Devolution".

The first one has an American looking dazed as he witnesses a Pakistani truck\'s landing on the moon; in the second there is mention of "politicians" bribing Charles Darwin for leaving them undocumented.

"Charles Darwin first recorded the appearance of these strange seemingly human creatures in the Galapagos Islands, but they bribed him into leaving them undocumented.

"They look and feel just like real human beings, but they have no heart. Or a soul. Or a conscience. Or a sense of humour," reads the caption.

The T-shirts have got a thumbs-up from Pakistanis.

"I want all these Tees," wrote Maveen Zainab on Facebook.

Hammad Ali Hassan described the Tees as "mind blowing, absolutely awesome, different".