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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 03-19-2011



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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 03-19-2011

Made it invisible.

Looks like organized by Imran group.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - HareKrishna - 03-19-2011

[quote name='Mudy' date='18 March 2011 - 10:00 AM' timestamp='1300422129' post='111175']



And she still want to return in Afpak after this?

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 03-20-2011



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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 03-20-2011

Wow , very interesting. Very sorry state of Pakistan.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 03-20-2011


[quote name='Mudy' date='20 March 2011 - 07:30 AM' timestamp='1300585940' post='111195']

Wow , very interesting. Very sorry state of Pakistan.


Muddy Ji :

Watch it on [url=""][size="5"][color="#006400"]YouTube[/color][/size][/url] and you can see all the Five Parts.

Vry, Very Interesting and Breathtaking!

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 03-20-2011


[url=""]1. Rice exports in crisis[/url]

Quote:REAP demands single tax

KARACHI : Rice export is in hot waters as the exporters are facing huge difficulties in tax paying due to its procedure.

The commodity export target set for current fiscal year is not likely to be achieved, Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) said Saturday.

[url=""]2. ‘Wheat crop in Punjab far below potential’[/url]

Quote:LAHORE : Average production of wheat crop in Punjab province is only one third of its potential due to knowledge gap and the per acre yield can be doubled within a few years by re-establishing linkages between agricultural education, research and extension activities, Vice Chancellor University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF), Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan said while talking to delegation of Agriculture Journalists Association (AJA).

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 03-22-2011


[url=""]11 NHA, FWO shot dead in Pleri, Gwadar[/url]

GWADAR : Unknown gunmen shot dead 11 workers of the National Highway Authority (NHA) and Frontier Works Organization (FWO) and a passer-by in Pleri area of Gwadar, SAMAA reported Monday.

Police reached the spot after the incident and taken bodies to the hospital.

The miscreants behind the attack and motive of killings are yet unknown. SAMAA

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 03-23-2011


[url=""]Militants attack Kurram festival; 24 kidnapped[/url]

PESHAWAR : Militants kidnapped 24 tribesmen along with their 15 vehicles from the Baggan area of Lower Kurram Agency and shifted them to their hideout in the central Kurram on Tuesday, DawnNews reported.

A weekly festival was going on in Baggan when rebels attacked the festival and abducted 20 people along with their 14 vehicles.

Sources claimed that the rebels belonged to the Sattar group from Waziristan.

Later, in the same area four more people were picked up by militants along with a vehicle.

Tribesmen termed the recent incidents of terrorism tragic and demanded the government to take notice of the violation of a peace agreement in the region.

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Capt M Kumar - 03-25-2011

Speaking on the issue 'Challenges faced by Muslim Ummah and their solutions' at Hameed Nizami Hall in Lahore on Thursday, Saeed said that India was facilitating terrorist activities inside Pakistan and "we have every right to use Kashmir door to teach India a lesson".

Calling for India to quit Kashmir as early as possible, he said that any delay would prove harmful for the country, 'The Nation' reports.

Saeed, alleged to be the 2008 Mumbai terror attack mastermind, also claimed that the United States pressurised Pakistan and gave India a free hand to erect fences along the Line of Control.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 03-26-2011

[url=""]Persona non grata: US agrees to recall 331 ‘diplomatic staffers’[/url]

According to a deal reached between relevant officials of Pakistan and the US in exchange for the release of US national Raymond Davis, as many as 331 US officials, most of whom are suspected of being engaged in espionage under diplomatic cover, have been identified to leave the country.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 03-26-2011


[url=""]Why Nayyar need not worry[/url]

Zafar Hilaly

Kuldip Nayyar, the eminent Indian journalist and tireless protagonist for better India-Pakistan relations, told an audience in Islamabad the other day that peace between the two countries was vital. Otherwise, he added, “I feel Pakistan will move towards Arabs in the absence of an opening with India.” Mr Nayyar need not worry. Pakistan has been trying to befriend Arabs (mostly the Gulf Arabs), but in spite of our best efforts the vast differences in our mental equipment and outlook has ensured we remain apart, and this is not about to change.

There is very little that Pakistan has not done to earn Arab favour. We have gone so far as to place Pakistan at their disposal; we have offered our land to feed them; our army to defend them; our labour to build their infrastructure, at trifling salaries and in living conditions which a conscientious slave trader would have difficulty in accepting; we have offered our wildlife and fauna as a free range for their falcons; and God knows much else, some of which can never be mentioned.

If that were not enough, we named Faisalabad, Faisal Mosque, Faisal Avenue, Sharah-e-Faisal, Shah Faisal Colony, Faisal this and Faisal that, as further signs of our regard for them, and especially the richest of them, the Saudis. But so unrequited has been our love in this respect that not a single street or highway, to say nothing of a city, was named after the Quaid in any of these Western petrol stations of the Gulf.

Z A Bhutto blazed the trail by offering up “the army of Pakistan as the army of Islam, in 1974 at the Lahore Islamic Summit; although Bhutto was being Bhutto, mostly promising what he could never deliver. In September 1970, the man who was to be his nemesis, Ziaul Haq, had already led a Jordanian army division in a war, not against infidels who coveted Arab land, mind you, but against fellow Muslims – the hapless Palestinians. He did such a good job in routing them that he received Jordanian accolades and a bauble from King Hussein. And, of course, he earned Pakistan the enmity of the Palestinian leadership.

In return for their cringing, our leaders also obtained from the Gulf Arab ruling families a safe haven, money and land for themselves and their relatives to enable them to start businesses and homes, whether or not they were in exile, so that they can live and spend their ill-gotten gains in comfort. In return, the Arabs claimed and obtained for themselves the right to be not merely an observer but a participant on the Pakistani political scene (Wikileaks).

Needless to say, they used this valuable entree for their own benefit. They funded religious political parties by buying up all the literature these organisations published and which no one else would bother to read; and when that ran out, they simply handed out sackfuls of rupees. They financed the publication of religious textbooks for schools which insinuated their own take on Islam to the exclusion of others’ and funded madaressahs that spewed sectarian venom.

Gulf Arab leaders are in the habit of summoning our rulers and heads of our lay political parties to their palaces and desert hunting grounds to impart instructions. And, just so they are listened to attentively and obeyed, give a mite or so of their astronomical earnings every now and then to earn our gratitude and help the army purchase upmarket American weaponry. As for the Pakistani awam, they prefer to keep them at arm’s length.

In an earlier article I had described the incarceration and expulsion of a Pakistani worker in the UAE merely for making a rude finger gesture to a local who had insulted him, which, at most, should have drawn an admonition. I had further recounted how I had personally witnessed a bewildered Pakistani labourer on arrival at Jeddah airport having the “taweez” worn on his arm prised off by an iron comb and thrown to the ground and stamped on by a furious Saudi security official. In Pakistan such an act would have had hordes of baying fundos demanding his head.

Regrettably, this trend of hostility against Pakistani people, which is so pervasive in the Gulf states, continues unabated. The latest example is the harrowing accounts on the internet of the treatment meted out to Pakistanis by their Arab “brothers” in Bahrain during the ongoing civil unrest there. According to an eyewitness in Manama, “the medical staff of a hospital, including doctors, took out bleeding Pakistanis from the ambulance as though animals, with hands tied behind their backs, and kicked and beat them,” only because they were Pakistanis. This was preceded by the killing of four Pakistani-origin members of the Bahraini police, while their Bahraini officers were left unmolested.

Sadly, these incidents received scant attention in our press, whereas intrusive questioning or a body search by a Western official of some Pakistani official at, say, Paris or Washington airports, raises a howl of protest. It may be part of human nature to hate the man you have hurt, but to hate a man before you hurt him, purely because he is a Pakistani, amounts to xenophobia and racism.

Some will say such atrocities these days are the exception, and not the rule, in the Gulf, and explain it away by putting it down to the exceptional times and the historical changes that the Arab world is witnessing. But nature, though often hidden and sometimes overcome, is seldom extinguished. Besides, Arab history is a long and virtually uninterrupted saga of Muslims killing Muslims on account of differences in race, sect, creed and colour, notwithstanding the Quran, which abhors such practices. In fact, Arabs have killed fellow Muslims with greater glee and ferocity than the infidel. In just about every Arab country today, not excluding Palestine, a fellow Muslim or a foreign Muslim is the greater enemy. Whether it is the Shia-Sunni, Arab-Persian or secular-religious divide, they are all hand-me-downs from the early days of Islam when the Abbasids, Fatimids, Umayyads and subsequently the Ottomans and the Arabs were busy slaughtering each other.

In the circumstances, Mr Nayyar has no need to be concerned or in a hurry. He should continue his work in bringing Pakistan and India closer together. Whether or not the “opening to India” takes place, he can rest assured that [color="#FF0000"]the Arabs will continue to bristle with prejudice when it comes to dealing with the poor people of Pakistan.[/color]

The writer is a former ambassador. Email:

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 03-29-2011

[url=""]Fourteen troops killed in Khyber Agency ambush[/url]
Quote:Official sources said that the militants attacked security forces in the area of Akakhel and 14 soldiers, including a captain and colonel, died when a mortar shell landed near them.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Naresh - 03-29-2011


[url=""]Pakistan to allow Indian team to probe 26/11 terror case[/url]

NEW DELHI : Indo-Pak home secretary level talks ended here on Tuesday with Pakistan conveying its readiness, in principle, to entertain a commission from India with respect to the Mumbai terror probe. Dates for the visit of the judicial commission from Pakistan in connection with Mumbai attack trial will be conveyed by India within four to six weeks.

Pakistan showed its willingness for an Indian commission on Mumbai terror probe on the principle of comity and reciprocity. The modalities and composition in this connection will be worked out through diplomatic channels.

On India's demand of getting voice samples of the jailed Mumbai terror attack perpetrators, Pakistani side said that they had already moved high court after their trial court rejected the demand of handing over voice samples to India. They said their high court may soon take a decision and the Pakistani government would act accordingly.

Dates for the visit of the judicial commission from Pakistan in connection with Mumbai attack trial will be conveyed by India within four to six weeks. Indian National Investigating Agency (NIA) and Pakistani Federal Investigating Ageny (FIA) will continue to cooperate in the Mumbai attack probe, both home secretaries agreed. A hotline between Home Secretary of India and Interior Secretary of Pakistan would be set up to facilitate real time information sharing on terror threats.

India and Pakistan also agreed for a liberal visa regime proposal. The guidelines related to visa liberalization programme will be decided soon. So far they have agreed to set up a joint working group to examine the modalities for streamlining the visa procedure/modalities and for giving a final shape to revision of the bilateral visa agreement. The proposal is meant for liberal visa regime for doctors, senior citizens, journalists and businessmen.

Besides, India provided information to Pakistan on the Samjhauta Express blast case probe. Both the countries agreed that after India filed the report in the court, updated information would be shared with the concerned Pakistan authorities.

It was decided that CBI and FIA will schedule a meeting to work out the technical details of moving forward in issues of human trafficking, FICNs, cyber crimes and RCNs. The technical details on Red Corner Notices (RCNs) will include modalities to work on details of deportation of India's most wanted criminals.

Both sides shared the concern of the growing menace of narcotics/drugs and agreed that cooperation between NCB of India and ANF of Pakistan should be enhanced to ensure an effective control on drug trafficking. It was further agreed that Talks between DG, NCB and DG ANF would be held annually. Indian side accepted the invitation for DG NCB to visit Pakistan in May 2011 for talks with DG ANF.

It was agreed that both sides by April 15th would release those civilian prisoners/fishermen who have completed their sentence, whose nationality status has been confirmed by the respective governments and whose travel documents have been received.

India and Pakistan agreed that it was important for them to remain engaged on outstanding issues and henceforth the home/interior secretary level talks would be held bi-annually.

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 03-30-2011

[url=""]Half-day holiday[/url]
Quote:ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani announced on Tuesday a half-day holiday on Wednesday to enable people to watch the Pakistan-India World Cup semi-final.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 03-30-2011

[quote name='Mudy' date='29 March 2011 - 08:42 PM' timestamp='1301445274' post='111281']

[url=""]Half-day holiday[/url]


Hope the holiday was worth it <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lol:' />

India won by 29 runs

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 03-31-2011

[quote name='Viren' date='30 March 2011 - 11:06 PM' timestamp='1301506139' post='111283']

Hope the holiday was worth it <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lol:' />

India won by 29 runs


Pakis are on suicide watch.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 03-31-2011

from dumb fora

Enjoy it

Quote:Ofcourse nothing happen without Allah consent. We lost because it was what Allah wanted, despite all our prayers and namaz, and in this is the big lesson. We may elevate ourselves in front of Allah on individual basis, but as a nation, a collective group, it is only logical that Allah would demand collective response from the nation and in that we are beyond pathetic. Morally corrupt, waaayyyy off from the path of Allah. Few days before the match, a "bookie" came on ARY and he mentioned some mind boggling figures of 4-5 billion ruppees being spend on betting (juwa) just in the city of Rawalpindi, in one day alone. When the masses are involved in this HARAM, yet we want our team to win and ask Allah for help. Allah must be saying " are you having a laugh , you deviate from my ways, morally, ethically corrupt people". If kuffars are over powering us, RD and now in cricket, it is crystal clear that Allah has left us on our own. Why would Allah bring us success and glory on national level when we ignore his way. Right from the toss to the end, nothing went our way, not even so called luck.

We will achive nothing, keep on banging our heads against the wall, unless and until, as a nation, we subject ourselves to the way of Allah, only then we will qualify for his divine help.
<img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' /> <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />
Quote:###### have to go face so many indians in the office tomorrow..
Quote:ok people it was fun having you here.................................................. if you have indian friends then avoid them until final.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 03-31-2011

Quote:According to Dunya News: people have destroyed their tv in Sialkot and Peshawar. Two died of heart attack after losing match.

one youngster took some pills and commited suicide!

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 6 - Guest - 04-01-2011

[url=""]Pakistan: Ten die when bomber hits Fazlur Rehman convoy[/url]
Quote:At least 10 people have been killed in north-west Pakistan after a suicide bomber hit the convoy of a radical religious leader, police say.

At least two of those who died in the blast near Charsadda were police guarding Maulana Fazlur Rehman, who was unharmed. Thirty others were injured.

It is the second time in as many days that Maulana Rehman has been targeted. An attack on Wednesday killed 10.

Who is after him?