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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Printable Version
Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Printable Version

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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 02-27-2010

Previous two posts (Lalitaditya and Bharatavarsha) important, more directly relevant to India.

The article below (2nd quoteblock) is christianism.

As an introduction to it, the matter is also discussed at:

Quote:More biased reporting in the press:

In June 2005, many UK and international newspapers had inaccurate headlines about "Witchcraft Abuse" in Britian. However, the actual situation was that African Churches in the UK and their Christian members were inhumanely abusing their own children, on suspicion that the latter were witches (or possessed).

"Churches blamed for exorcism growth" was the more accurate headline, which the UK newspaper Observer carried.
Useful to read that Observer article.

And 5 years on - February 2010 - in the DRC:

Quote:BBC News - today - Child sorcery in DR Congo

Page last updated at 08:35 GMT, Friday, 26 February 2010

Crisis in DR Congo

By Mike Thomson

12 year-old, Henri, which is not his real name, points at a large fresh looking scar on his midriff.

[color="#0000FF"]"People accused me of sorcery and my mother believed them," he says.

"Look, here on my stomach. She tried to kill me with a knife. It really hurt and I cannot understand why my mother did it."[/color]

[color="#800080"](Such a pity that one doesn't know where she lives.)[/color]

Henri, who is now being given help by a children's charity, had been playing outside his home in Goma, eastern Congo, when the accusations began.

[color="#0000FF"]His eyes begin to water as he remembers pleading with his mother, telling her that the claims were completely untrue. Not that this made any difference.

"She threw me out of the house and told me to go away," he says.[/color]

Henri was then forced to live on the streets until charity workers convinced his mother that the allegations were untrue.

Growing problem

His is just one of a fast growing number of children accused of sorcery to come to the attention of Unicef's head of child protection in Congo, Alessandra Dentice.

[color="#0000FF"]"Children accused of witchcraft is unfortunately one of the major increasing child protection issues in the country," she says.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Image captionSmile[/color] Even some government officials believe in sorcery

Antonie Famber, Lawyer

Unicef's latest available statistics show that around one hundred cases of child sorcery allegations were referred to them in 2008 in the North Kivu province of Eastern Congo alone.

That number increased nearly fivefold to 450 in the same area last year.

[color="#800080"](And now you can see firsthand how christianism in Europe worked itself up into a "witches" frenzy and murdered upwards of 9 million women - including children - and a great number of men. Witnessing a smaller-scale version of it happening in the DRC now. But with almost uniformly petits enfants as the victims instead.

It's what christianism does. Preying on the innocent and the defenceless. By turning people against their own.)[/color]

Alessandra Dentice believes this may be explained by a growing awareness of the problem that has led to more reports rather than more cases.

But, she says, recent events in violence-plagued Eastern Congo might also explain the rise.

[color="#800080"](What? Violence is on the rise in many places of the world. They don't go burning their kids for witchcraft.)[/color]

"This is a country where is no social cohesion any longer, there is no sense of community, no sense of family," she says.

[color="#800080"](Yes. Because non-existent jeebus comes to divide families. Turn brother against brother. Parent against child.)[/color]

"So, whenever anything happens at family or community level it is very easy for them to blame someone who is powerless and seems to have no rights."

Ms Dentice went on tell me how serious sorcery allegations can be for the children concerned.

"A lot of these children are beaten up or [color="#FF0000"]burnt[/color]. Unfortunately it is very common," she says.

[color="#800080"](image captionSmile[/color] The head of the authority beat me with a stick and told me to say that I was a sorcerer. He forced me to say it. People were waiting outside to kill me


"I have just received this morning a report about a girl of 12-years-old who has been [color="#FF0000"]burnt[/color] because she was accused of witchcraft."

[color="#800080"](And that's the christian Witch hunts transplanted from christianised Europa to christianised Africa. You can tell it is christianism, despite BBC carefully avoiding the word, because burning is the christian consequence for when someone is accused of witchcraft. Just like this little 12 year old. Ja! Sie soll brennen! <- BTW, that's the call for when they decided to burn a "witch" in Germany.)[/color]

The Anglican Bishop of Bukavu, Josue Bulambo Lembelembe, is also very concerned by the apparent increase in sorcery allegations against children here.

"It only takes somebody in a family to fall ill and a child can be accused of sorcery," he says.

[color="#800080"](Just like in christian Europe in the "Good Old Days".)[/color]

"Particularly if the youngster accused lives on the street. Then they point to him or her and say they caused the illness or other problem."

[color="#800080"](Like the Salem witch insanity. A witchery frenzy where christomaniacs start accusing people for anything and everything. That itself was a replay of Europe. But this is now. Because Congo is very christian now.

And touching concern by the Anglican bishop - he is oh so innocent. Didn't he do any converting? Doesn't he follow the True Religion himself? Doesn't he preach from the babble? And what does the babble say about witches? That's right! It says to burn them. And the consequence has been to burn every last man, woman and child for witchery.)[/color]

Death threat

[color="#800080"](image captionSmile[/color] We know that if our message fails to get through, some children will die

Monossay Bodween Odette, Children's Voice

Not far across Goma, I approached the offices of the charity, Childrens Voice.

Having heard that I was coming, more than 200 youngsters, standing in long neat lines, burst into song as I drove through the gates. In charge was the charity's local Director, Monossay Bodween Odette.

"We found many of these children on the streets without parents or any kind of support," she says.

"When children accused of sorcery of sorcery are abandoned on the streets life is very hard for them. People throw stones at them and many get badly hurt.

"That is why we go from house to house telling people not to listen to claims of child sorcery. We know that if our message fails to get through, some children will die."

[color="#800080"](The message should be: do not listen to christianism. Abandon christianism.

Wherever there is christianism there will be accusations of witchcraft. Especially when a nation has just been converted and is in the throes of pre-enlightenment full-on christianism. And even more so if any heathenism remains that can be accused.

Poor Africa. How it has been infected by the christian disease.)[/color]

It is here that I met 14 year-old, Jean, though I have been asked not to give his real name because of past threats against him. A tall sullen looking boy, Jean seems nervous and withdrawn.

But when I ask him to tell me about the witchcraft accusations against him he sits up straight and begins to tell me his story.

It all started, he says, after he went to see a Nigerian horror film about zombies.

[color="#800080"](What? The christian anti-heathen Nollywood films that some IF member posted about a while back?)[/color]

"In this movie one person was raising the dead with a stick. I was with a friend and we went to a cemetery to play and try and act out the movie," he says.

"But when my friend saw me doing this he ran away and [color="#0000FF"]accused me of being a sorcerer to his parents."[/color]

Jean goes on to tell me that [color="#0000FF"]his friend's parents came to his grandparents house where he was living and told them that he was a sorcerer and [color="#FF0000"]would have to be burned[/color].[/color]

Then, he says, his grandparents gave him a beating before taking him down to the offices of the local authority.

"The head of the authority beat me with a stick and told me to say that I was a sorcerer. He forced me to say it. People were waiting outside to kill me," he says.

[color="#800080"](Oh look. It's the 1st Inquisition against the witches again: extracting forced confessions from innocents. The hysterical faithful public clamouring to see the fires consume the accused. My, how "christianism has changed". <- Hindus keep saying this all the time everywhere, advertising for christianism "which has improved since That day" versus the Uniquely Medieval Islam. What?? And no. It has nothing to do with the medieval period. This ongoing mass-murder has to do with christoislamism.)[/color]

[color="#FF0000"]Jean was then brought before a local priest who confirmed that he was a sorcerer[/color].

[color="#800080"](See. Jeebus said so. The holy spook told the priest that the petit was a sorcerer. Never mind that the jeebus-holyspook is non-existent. The local priest channeled His Non-existence and determined that the little boy was A Sorcerer. A witch. Er soll brennen! Come on everyone, let's burn him. The biblical gawd demands sacrifices. Not the Roman kind. The biblical kind: human sacrifices.)[/color]

It was only after the Children's Voice charity visited his grandparents and warned them that making witchcraft allegations against children is now illegal, that the matter was finally dropped.

But the existence of a recently introduced law under the Child Protection Code is one thing. Enforcing it can be quite another, according to local lawyer, Antonie Famber.

"The trouble is that most people here still believe in witchcraft so this makes the law very hard to enforce," he says.

[color="#800080"](That's because most people there are still christians.

But do those people accuse remnants of heathenism of "witchcraft" too, one wonders.)[/color]

"To make matter worse even some government officials believe in sorcery themselves. Take the case of a colleague of mine who is also a lawyer. He knows that the law does not recognise sorcery be he has accused his own children of witchcraft."

But Unicef's, Alessandra Dentice says the new law, which took eight years to get on the statute books and carries a maximum penalty of three years jail, is helping .

She believes that it has helped make people take a current radio and television campaign seriously and may also have prompted more people to report accusations made.

Not that such legal threats are making everyone here contrite.

[color="#0000FF"]12-year-old Henri, who revealed how he was stabbed by his mother after neighbours accused him of sorcery, told me how she responded after accepting that he was not guilty after all.

"She didn't say sorry to me. She didn't say anything."[/color]
I don't even know what to say. Christianism has robbed petit Henri of his mother. It has robbed all these children of their parents. In place of their parents these kids have to face torturers, murderers: their tormentors. Instead of a responsible community of adults interested in the welfare of its children, are people who recommend the burning of children.

It is what christianism does. It manufactures terrorists: that's why christians are terrorists. Because they believe babblical nonsense - because they follow christianism=terrorism, which makes them torture and massacre their own children. Without any second thoughts in their minds, nor any remorse after the event. It's all for jeebus, who's the "highest end" in christianism, after all.

Note how this insanity that christianism produces is VERY LIKE how islamaniacs callously murder their daughters for "listening to pop music" or "talking to boys" or "running away" with non-islamics. The consequences for the kids are the same - though the excuses (commandments) may differ slightly between the babble or koran. But really, is "witchcraft" any more of a sane excuse than "talking to boys"?

All this is what people are defending and fostering when they remain silent about christianism. And when they do not identify the christian ideology (due to protectionism).

Little bright-eyed babes in Africa get burnt by their jeebus-mind-virus brain-fevered parents, grandparents and neighbours. By gawd-possessed priests and officials.

Silence means no protest. The absence of resistance becomes an invitation for christianism to continue. Unlike the Hellenes who at least carry that map of an Africa staked by a cross and bleeding, modern Hindus pontificate about the "unique" evils of some figment called "white christianism" - that's if ever they mention christianism. But No. No such thing as "white christianism". This is Africa where African christians are the perpetrators. And why? Because it's the SAME christianism infecting them as had infected Europe. So the only common thread is... is... CHRISTIANISM.

All this torture, death - all this murder - will never end. Because the bloodlust of the retrovirus is insatiable. It will be forever night. Once night falls.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - agnivayu - 02-27-2010

Good lesson for us. Never trust a dirty Abrahamic fascist.

We need to ratchet it up a couple notches. The West is fast becoming bankrupt which will help (but not eliminate) reduce the flow of Christian militant money into India.

How is the situation in South India as far as Christian militancy. Is it the European and American church money that's really the backbone of their power? Has the financial crises in the last 2 years help weaken Indian churches?

The Islamic-Christian war will continue to expand (esp. in Europe) which will prove to be a great opportunity for Hindus to recover strongly in the future.

[quote name='Bharatvarsh2' date='27 February 2010 - 09:13 PM' timestamp='1267284925' post='104590']

Malayali Xtians are another group with a history of treason.

While the current crop has many converts the original Xtians were the so called Syrian Xtians escaping persecution. They landed in Kerala in 3rd cent CE and found refuge under Hindu rulers.

When Vasco Da Gama came over they went over to him and urged him to destroy the same Hindu rulers who gave them shelter. After they served the Portuguese turned on them since they were not Catholics.

They also made up that bullshit about St. Thomas visiting Kerala and Brahmins killing him.

This is the thanks Hindus got from them for giving them shelter.


Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 02-27-2010

Of the 4 Southern states only Karnataka can be called secure.

TN & AP have the missionary scum running amok mostly among the so called dalits.

In Kerala due to lower birth rate among Hindus we will soon be a minority with the Muslims gaining the most. We are barely a majority right now at 56% or so and this will change soon.

North East is being flooded with illegal Bangla Muslims, especially Assam.

To rectify this situation a temporary solution is to settle Hindus from states where we are a large majority (eg: Orissa, Himachal) in states that are under threat of becoming Hindu minority like Kerala and Assam.

Make no mistake about it once Assam becomes Hindu minority you can expect a Kashmir like situation to develop there also.

I have also previously suggested that in case the motherland ever falls Hindus need backup outposts and there are a couple which suit this purpose. Mauritius for example is about 48% Hindu (down from 52% at independence) and 68% desi, it's about 1300 sq. km larger than Singapore and Singapore has like 5 million people. Mauritius is middle income (PPP is 12k) and has 1.2 million people so it could easily hold another 4 million people. Surinam is about 27% desi and is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, it could also hold millions.

As for Europe they are trying to fight back Islam by banning minarets etc but I hope they fail as they are always lecturing Hindus about human rights.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 02-27-2010

Quote:While the current crop has many converts the original Xtians were the so called Syrian Xtians escaping persecution. They landed in Kerala in 3rd cent CE and found refuge under Hindu rulers.
The Syrian christoterrorists came in mid 4th century. Somewhere in 350s CE, not in 200s.

(Unless you're like me and call the 300s as "3rd century" when it is actually the 4th... I do that all the time.)

Quote:Sindhi conversions in Ulhasnagar raise a storm

feb 27th, 2010

soon we'll hear of sindhis starving their children to death because some non-existent arab spoke to them.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Third

Sindhi conversions in Ulhasnagar raise a storm

Kiran Tare / DNA

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 1:25 IST

Mumbai: The close-knit Sindhi community in Ulhasnagar, north-east of Mumbai, is undergoing a social upheaval of sorts. Over the last two years, a sizeable number in the township — primarily created for Sindhis who came in as refugees from Pakistan's Sindh province after partition — have drifted away from Hinduism and embraced Christianity.

The "conversions" have sent shockwaves among the community elders, specially since Indian Sindhis, weighed down by the scars of partition, are known to be staunch followers of Hinduism.

Most of those who are shifting their faith allegiance to Christianity are in their 40s and, in fact, had been devout followers of Hinduism.

[color="#800080"](Christianism must have tested the waters and implemented a targeted plan. They're good at that.)[/color]

Out of four lakh Sindhi-speaking Hindus in Ulhasnagar, around 7,000 (1.75%) have changed their faith in the last two years, according to a rough count. The growing number of "conversions" has scared the Sindhi-speaking Hindus to such an extent that they are contemplating a social boycott of the neo-Christians.

[color="#800080"](Just do it. Don't contemplate. TOTAL boycott. Of all christianism ideally.)[/color]

Those who are taking to Christianity are not branding it as a conversion; instead, they say they have only changed their faith. Most have not even changed their Hindu names, which is turning out to be a major bone of contention with the Hindus.

[color="#800080"](Cryptochristianism is a mandate in the catholic church for those without christian antecedents of several generations/for those whose christianism is not already public news.

Cryptochristianism is a Trojan horse tactic. If you can't see the enemy or count it - it can multiply unnoticed and undisturbed until the numbers are sufficient. They leverage the government, they steal Hindu money earmarked for Hindu communities. They infiltrate and subvert Hindu families. Catholic church also uses strategically placed cryptochristists to badmouth Hindu Dharma from behind Hindu names, to gain access to Hindu audiences and brainwash them from the position of trust that the Hindu names provide.

Protestantisms also use cryptochristianism for not showing numbers and for getting money for their dalits. Since the law only provides for Harijan - that is, Dharmics.)[/color]

"We are not against any religion but if they do not believe in Hinduism and are drawn closer to Christianity, they should adopt Christian names. We have called a meeting of the saints in our community in July. In that meeting, we will take a decision to boycott the converted Sindhis socially if they do not change their names," said Sai Balram, general secretary of the All India Sindhi Samaj, one of the prominent organisations of the community.

Global recession is to blame, say Hindu leaders in the community. Ulhasnagar is largely a business township, full of small scale industries and traders.

Balram said, "The Christian missionaries helped the small businessmen rebuild their businesses. Since then, there has been a wave of conversion."

But Ram Budhwani, a resident who follows Christianity, rubbishes the argument.

[color="#800080"](Christian deflection kicks in - always happens when they're worried the heathens have noticed their silent multiplying/cryptochristianism. Watch the desperate denial + advertisement-for-christianism to followSmile[/color]

"I started visiting the chapel to get peace of mind. I lost my wife in an accident two years ago. I became an alcoholic. I suffered heavy losses in my business and had to close down my shop. [color="#0000FF"]But since I am visiting the prayer house (known as Prarthana <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':o' /> Ghar in Ulhasnagar) I am making progress in my business. I set up my shop again and am doing well.[/color] [color="#FF0000"]I have changed my faith, not the religion," he said.[/color]

[color="#800080"](What? What does that mean? Is this the new argument, that christianism is a subsect of "hindooism"? Since when is changing one's faith not the same as changing religion?

These terrorists are instructed on every excuse and ruse to use to lull Hindus back into oblivion.)[/color]

The Sindhi-speaking Hindus in Ulhasnagar feel people like Budhwani have betrayed the community. "Sindhis are known for their loyalty to Hinduism. We preferred to leave our places (in Pakistan) during the Partition but refused to convert into Islam. Now, we are confused how to face the situation," a senior citizen from the community said.

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 2/27/2010 08:30:00 AM 0 comments Links to this post


Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - acharya - 02-28-2010

In England, Catholics are integrating with the Anglican church. In the US, they have now started praising the Mormons. And now this. Calculated integration indeed. I think it is a sign of desperation. The catholics have not been doing that well these days. They are violating their own dogmas so blatantly. What will be left of catholicism for them to defend? Catholicism is dying.

These so called 'Indianized churches' are not just places where Indians discover Christianity. These are also places where Christians re-discover their Hindu roots. That is the way it is going to happen.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - agnivayu - 02-28-2010

I hope Europe loses part of it's land like India and get's it's own Pakistan as well. Obviously if the Castist Europeans have time to lecture Hindus then they need more things to do and the worshipers of the angry desert god will gladly oblige.

I think Guyana, Suriname and even Australia will make good Hindu outposts. I believe Singapore get's part of it's water supply from Malaysia. I don't know how the water resources are in Mauritius.

[quote name='Bharatvarsh2' date='27 February 2010 - 10:35 PM' timestamp='1267289861' post='104597']

As for Europe they are trying to fight back Islam by banning minarets etc but I hope they fail as they are always lecturing Hindus about human rights.

I have also previously suggested that in case the motherland ever falls Hindus need backup outposts and there are a couple which suit this purpose. Mauritius for example is about 48% Hindu (down from 52% at independence) and 68% desi, it's about 1300 sq. km larger than Singapore and Singapore has like 5 million people. Mauritius is middle income (PPP is 12k) and has 1.2 million people so it could easily hold another 4 million people. Surinam is about 27% desi and is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, it could also hold millions.


Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 03-01-2010

After Kashmir (islamania), now:

giving christianism the first item in its wishlist -

Quote:Nagalim for Christ and more than thirty pieces of silver

feb 28th, 2010

can't say no to any demand from any random chrisist. eg. the jailing of pritpal singh for a mild caricature of jesus (cf. indifference to pornographic images of hindu goddesses by the well-named mf hussain)

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: K

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 2/28/2010 08:57:00 AM 0 comments Links to this post

The lesson christoislamania takes from this is: if it converts-and-kills enough Dharmic people through its never-ending christoislamaniac terrorism, then it will not only get away with the genocide, but also be rewarded with stolen Dharmic land given to non-existent allah/jeebus and its zombies.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 03-01-2010

^ Nagaland gets increased "autonomy", for non-existent christ.

[quote name='Bharatvarsh2' date='27 February 2010 - 10:35 PM' timestamp='1267289861' post='104597']I have also previously suggested that in case the motherland ever falls

[/quote]Serious miscalculation. You're just postponing to a worse time (when you will be outnumbered).

Need to completely understand christoislamania, read babble-koran:

Christoislamania will get the heathens ANYWHERE. Even if you hide in a hole in the ozone, when they spot your heathen infidel person they will claim you for jeebusjehovallah (or otherwise kill you <- I must admit they give you that sporting alternative).

Remember: It's *you* - the heathens - they want. Because non-existent jeebusjehovallah wants the unconverted - it wants your 'souls'. "Go forth and convert all nations" doesn't mean geography. It means the populations of the geography. Land is just a consequence, it's where the populations live: dar-ul-harb means where kaffirs live. To make that dar-ul-islam is to convert or wipe out the kaffirs. Because the unsaved kaffirs are an eyesore, an offence, to jeebusjehovallah. It's "kill the idolators wherever you may find them". Wherever. As in whatever land, whatever nook, whatever cranny. It's kaffirs they want. It will ALWAYS be the unsaved kaffirs that they want, wherever the heathen is hiding. Because unsaved kaffirs is what jeebusjehovallah wants.

It's NOT land the zombies are actually after: land means nothing to the non-existent demon, it's the humans - the heathens (and later, the heretics).

And the non-existent demon's will=christoislamania ("god's word", babble-koran) is all they serve.

The sooner the unsaved infidels realise this, the sooner they will try to make a stand when they are still in decent numbers.

Why do you think the christomaniacs went out of the way to baptise Native American babies before dashing the heads of said babies? What possible point could there be to this pointless, inhumane - and very christian - exercise? Because it is christian. Think like a christian and you will understand: because gawd wants the souls of the heathens. The christomaniacs didn't need the babies, but the gawd-thing wanted the babies: and it gets them by baptism.

Quote:"The [Catholic] Spaniards in Mexico and Peru used to baptize Indian infants and then immediately dash their brains out; by this means they secured that these infants went to heaven."

-- Bertrand Russell
Why did they want the heathen babies to go to "heaven" (=christo afterlife)? Because jeebus-gawd wants all to go to heaven: wants all to belong to him (he's a jealous gawd remember). How can one go to "heaven"? By accepting jeebus. This is achieved by baptism (including forced baptism, which christians used to do on Jews and other heathens, while they tried to ensure that baptised heretics went to hell). [NOTE: with-holding baptism spells certain hell -> christians' babies that died before baptism were subject to "infant damnation". Modern christians want to deny that all this holds. And since christianism is false, it can be reduced to matter of opinion, but the authoritative opinions in christianism are those of the church fathers who *defined* christianism*, just as Nicaea and other councils defined the christianism/babble.]

What marks the 10-40 window for evangelism's harvest? Heathenism.

Why Asia in the third millennium (pope's Time For Conversion Overdrive speech)? Because heathenism still lives there in its last outpost.

Heathenism still lives.

So christoislamania can't rest because it hasn't fulfilled the memetic virus' purpose/jeebusjehovallah's commandment yet.

So if your heathen self were to live seul, comme un ermite, dans une grotte d'une montagne ("alone, like a hermit, in a mountain cave" - probably with spelling and grammatical faux-pas like I do <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/unsure.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':unsure:' />), non-existent jeebusjehovallah wouldn't be happy. And its zombies will make you feel it:

the zombies will come to convert-or-kill you for gawd/the memetic disease. Like they did the heretic Catharan Albigenses - all heretical as they were, and living in remote parts of France - in order to secure all of France for Gawd's True Faith (catholicism, then).

Quote:This decades-long murderous Crusade left the south of France severely depopulated.

- In Toulouse 10,000 were murdered, in St. Nazaire 12,000.

- In 1209, Beziers was sacked and burnt and Papal legates were responsible for murdering between 60,000-100,000 people there. In the same year, the Crusaders took Carcassonne.

- In 1215, the Inquisition took off on the decision of the Council of Lateran. Within 50 years, it had killed one million of the French heretics - a greater number than all other heretic sects done to death by the Crusades put together.

- In 1244, the besieged Cathar at Montsegur, the last Cathar stronghold, were betrayed. They were burnt to death.
And the Waldensians, etcetera.

Why am I saying all this, when it's christo hocus-pocus which none of us believe in? Because it does not matter that you (heathens) do not believe in christoislamism. It matters what the enemy ideology believes about its gawd and therefore about itself and about you heathens: it's the reason they do what they do. So heathens need to understand it. And to understand christoislamania, don't think like a Hindu. Think like a maniac. I mean, a christoislamaniac. Same thing.

Not fun is it, christoislamoronism. It's a Stalking Serial-Killer Ideology. Wherever you free humans go, it will relentlessly stalk you. That's what it is programmed to do. (Like the American christo-cults have landed here and are now successfully stalking the local atheists and secular Asians, even at university. I can't tell you how scary it is to see its effectiveness: it is spreading uniquely *amrikkkan* christocults churches and invitation pamphlets all over.)

And even conversion to christoislamania to appease it won't free you from its relentlessness. Because at any point you may look like some heretic flavour to the then-presiding christian/islamic cult. Or you may not wear your full-on bodysuit-burkha correctly that day, or your nailpolish might be visible to the Taliban who will then beat you up. You see, jeebusjehovallah is never happy. Read the bible. He always needs to smite people. For something. For anything. He must have sacrifices. First your foreskin/baptism, then your full obedience (depending on the ruling variant of heresy) or your blood. He seems to prefer blood to obedience, considering how many True Christians of all sorts of mutual exclusivisms were murdered by each other, starting from Ze Very Beginning of the christoclass meme.

Parrot: Christoislamania doesn't want your land, your money or your stuff. That's collateral. It wants your life. (You can keep all your stuff if you give it your life.) Christoislamics believe that if you give yourself to it in life, your soul will belong to jeebusjehovallah - the non-existent soul-eater - once you're dead. And if you don't give your life to it, they'll give your life to it: i.e. they will kill you. (And they believe you've thereby gone to hell, meaning you still belong to jeebusjehovallah as per their delusions.)

Either way, christoislamism wants your life to do with as *it* pleases. Christoislamaniac doctrine given by jeebusjehovallah: Heathen's life is not his own, but belongs to christoislamania -

Quote:"Unbelievers deserve not only to be separated from the Church, but also... to be exterminated from the World by death."

- Saint Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, 1271
Any unbelievers. Wherever they are.

Note that it's the inconvertibles and heretics are the ones "to be separated from the Church". Not the convertibles.

[quote name='Bharatvarsh2' date='27 February 2010 - 10:35 PM' timestamp='1267289861' post='104597']I have also previously suggested that in case the motherland ever falls

[/quote]We run away?

Think Hindus will be safe hiding in Suriname or Mauritius when they're not even safe in numbers in Bharatam now? Hindus in Bali, Fiji, wherever, are being targeted to convert to christianism. Harvest is on in Trinidad I think it was too. Wherever you go.

It doesn't matter where you run. Christoislamania is like a combination of the Borg ("You WILL be assimilated") and the Terminator: you can't escape it, it will get you (I mean the 1st Terminator movie. Actually everyone at IF has to watch the Terminator. Great movie. Michael Biehn's classic speech to Linda Hamilton explaining the Terminator's sole purpose: "It's what he does. It's *all* he does." And watch the realisation dawn on Hamilton.)

Eventually you'll have to face christoislamism, when you can't run any more. Better for the heathen to face up to it when still in numbers and stand some chance. Better for christoislamania that you make your stand when you are alone and it can Overpower You All The Better My Dear, which is why islam uses infiltration and christianism uses cryptomania: to multiply in silence until it reaches the point where it can overpower the heathen population -

Quote:Pradeep Kumar TKV

27/02/2010 06:04:44 Christianity -A bundle of fabrications and imitations

To add to the above, christians has started the ritual of eyuthiniruthal on MahaDeshami day and recently I heard that Eedavaka has asked their belivers to read Bible during the holy Ramayana masom. It looks like a calculated integration project. In north Kerala they have purchased large properties encircling hindu families which again is a dangerous phenomina.
Not to forget christoislamania is taking over the southern coast.

Running away merely delays the evil day. Ultimately it's the meme you have to fight.

The important question: How do you successfully fight the christoclass meme?

Then you have to deprogram the zombies - after all, they were programmed into it. Is it reversible? (Can the reversal be replicated?)

Alternatively, if it's too much of a brain-teaser, can consider who else had pondered those questions.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 03-01-2010

Where did I say run away?

I was saying before that even happens lets export some Hindus to new territories which can be used as the base to attempt to retake our former territory if it should ever come to that. That is the reason why Shivaji went south to conquer Karnataka and Thanjavur in case his kingdom in Maharashtra itself ever fell to the Muslims. He rightly saw that in circumstances like that the Southern territories could be used as the new base to operate and attempt to recapture his kingdom. Indeed after Shivaji's death when the Mughals swooped down on his kingdom and routed the Marathas his son Rajaram used Jinji in Tamilnadu as his base to stay safe and operated from other southern territories of Shivaji to recapture the main areas in Maharashtra when Jinji fell after a 7 year siege.

Look how Europe is being Islamized, all the Muslims do is export their surplus pop to Europe while the Hindu fools have retreated from Afghanistan, Pak & Bangladesh in the last 1000 years.

And Hindu losers in Trinidad, Guyana and Fiji get attacked because they left all the military matters to the Blacks (or in Fiji's case Melanesians) who hate the fact that desi's control the economy. Religion is a secondary matter just like in Lanka where the primary factor is ethnicity not religion. Idi Amin kicked out desi's from Uganda primarily because they controlled the economy not because of religion, same reason why desis were massacred along with arabs on Zanzibar in 1964 or why the Zulus attempted to massacre desis in Durban in 1949 (prevented by the gora gov't shooting the Zulu rioters).

Where Hindus are a majority (eg: Mauritius) or where the country is too splintered (eg: Surinam) there aren't many attacks on Hindus.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 03-01-2010

[quote name='Bharatvarsh2' date='01 March 2010 - 08:47 PM' timestamp='1267456163' post='104675']

Where did I say run away?[/quote]Then I have nothing to complain about.

(But I have seen others suggesting we give up on India. A comment at HK comes to mind.)

Quote:And Hindu ... in Trinidad, Guyana and Fiji get attacked because .... Religion is a secondary matter
The Fijian anti-Indian activities is a separate issue and wasn't something I brought up.

I was talking specifically about the proselytisation going on in Bali, Fiji, Trinidad,... - which has resulted in conversions of Hindus to christianism.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 03-05-2010

Quote:Friday, March 05, 2010

one more sister-abhaya type case involving christist godmen

mar 5th, 2010

this potential murder charge does not get anybody excited enough to attack the churches, why? amazing there are always 'enraged citizens' (read mercenaries) congregating against hindu interests, ready with inflammable material (as in godhra) just waiting to be enraged.

the answer: the case of swami nityananda allegedly having sex with a woman is a conspiracy by christists/DMK. they were worried that nityananda, a lower-caste person himself, was preventing a lot of conversions. so naturally they had to destroy his reputation and for good measure his ashram.

of course, this was the reason the kanchi swami was attacked by the christists/DMK also.

nobody in the media is saying 'let the law take its course'. the media has decided that the swami was guilty, although it is entirely possible to doctor up videos using photoshop-like techniques.

and in any case, even if the swami had sex with a woman, he didn't kill her, right? unlike sister abhaya and now this young girl (by the way, she's a christist girl too -- and of course christist girls under their control are irresistible pieces of meat for padres). let us also remember the 'vampire of cochin', the bishop john thattunkal, who had a nubile 25-year-old girlfriend aka adopted daughter. thattunkal has been spirited away to the vatican. no conviction for incest?

from, which has a picture of the felon: he must be at least 60 years old, the old goat, still pantering after teenagers!

Anu's mysterious death: Priest arrested

KOZHIKODE: Priest Fr. K J Joseph alias 'Habeeba Achan' of Pathanapuram Mount Tabor monasty has been arrested by the Crime Branch in connection with the mysterious death of Anu, an inmate of Pothukal Christian Hostel near Nilambur.

Anu, native of Kannur, was a plus one student at Catholicate Higher Secondary School. Anu's sister who was also an inmate of the same hosel has provided statement to the police that two priests including Habeeba Achan sexually harassed Anu, and the case was handed over to Crime Branch as allegation came that the police was extending hand to accused.

The police has not yet revealed about the case charged on the priest. The arrest was carried out by Crime Branch Inspector P T Vasudevan. Later the priest was handed bail. The police hint that more arrests would happen.

The post mortem report says the consumption of rat poison. Anu's family and relatives believe she was forced to consume the poison.

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 3/05/2010 12:27:00 AM 0 comments Links to this post


I can't find the picture on (is it on their Malayalam-language pages?), but what I can find is:

Quote:Priest held on molestation charge

KOZHIKODE: The Kozhikode Crime Branch- Criminal Investigation Department yesterdayarrested a priest on the charge of sexually molesting a minor girl of an educational institution at Nilambur in Malappuram district. A special team led by the Detective Inspector P.J. Vasudevan arrested K.G. Joseph alias Father Habib, 61, hailing from Pathanapuram, for outraging the modesty of the 15-year-old inmate of home for children more than a year ago.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 03-06-2010

Two funny - and all true - news articles on the 'holy' catholic church.

1. News snippet on the right side of Guardian news article:

Quote:Nun 'cured' by Pope reported ill again

[color="#0000FF"]John Paul II's beatification in jeopardy[/color] after reports that 'miracle' sister's Parkinson's disease has returned

That goes to:

Quote:Pope's sainthood setback after 'miracle cure' nun reported to be ill again

Hopes John Paul's canonisation would be fast-tracked by Sister Marie Simon-Pierre's recovery from Parkinson's receive set back

Sister Marie Simon-Pierre claimed she was cured of Parkinson's by the then recently deceased Pope John Paul II Photograph: Paolo Cocco/AFP/Getty Images

It was the miracle that set Pope John Paul II on the road to sainthood and provided faithful followers with proof of his holy powers. But hopes that the former pope's canonisation would be fast-tracked by Sister Marie Simon-Pierre's recovery from Parkinson's disease have been set back by reports that the French nun has fallen ill again.

[color="#0000FF"]Simon-Pierre described three years ago how she regained her health after a night of prayer to the then recently deceased Polish pontiff. John Paul also suffered from Parkinson's disease, which is incurable.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Please. He supposedly cured her of a disease when dead which he couldn't cure himself of when living? And catholics believe all this nonsense? The only miracle here is the depths of christian stupidity...)[/color]

"It's like a second birth," she said at the time. "I feel like I've discovered a new body, new limbs."

[color="#800080"](aka the "It's a miracle!" slogan)[/color]

In 2007 Simon-Pierre could barely move her left side, could not write legibly, drive or move around easily and was in constant pain.

Her disease worsened after the pope's death, and her order prayed for his intervention to ease her suffering. Then after writing his name on a paper one night, she woke up the next day apparently cured and returned to work as a maternity nurse with no traces of the disease.

[color="#0000FF"]But according to the Polish daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita, one of the doctors charged with scrutinising the nun's case believed she might have been suffering from a similar nervous disease, not Parkinson's, which could go into sudden remission. A report on the paper's website went further, saying that the 49-year-old nun had become sick again with the same illness.[/color]

[color="#800080"](So it's some other disease. And there's instances of remission. Nothing miraculous about her temporary 'recovery' then.)[/color]

The Vatican was making no comment on the grounds that the late pope's case was still under examination.

Although no date has been fixed for the late pope's beatification, there had been an expectation that it would be announced in mid-October. His case was fast-tracked by his successor, Pope Benedict, and the anniversary of John Paul's election falls on 16 October.

[color="#800080"](<img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lol:' />

Guess that means it's time to manufacture another JPII miracle in order to still make the mid-Oct deadline. I'm sure some lying Indian cannibal sheep will oblige and go on record with an "It's a miracle!" declaration. Maybe Suzanna Margaret 'Arundati' Roy or John Dayal - both used to lying in public - will perjure themselves for the christian cause yet again by offering themselves as personal witnesses to JPII's spook doing some hocus-pocus 'miracle' on them? I don't know, maybe by giving Roy some writing talent and Dayal a brain. <- But mustn't ask for the moon, only miracles. Ooooh, oooh, oooh, I know: a faithful could resurrect AP's christian tyrant Samuel Reddy and declare "JPII did it." Easier to accomplish than giving Suzanna Roy talent etc.)[/color]

The first sign that all might not be as it should be came when the Vatican fixed the canonisation of six new saints for the following day, a Sunday, making a beatification the same weekend impossible.

Vatican sources stressed that the panel of doctors which will examine the evidence relating to Simon-Pierre's recovery was not due to meet until April, when it will consider a report by two medical experts.

Beatification is an intermediate step on the road to canonisation, though not all of those declared "blessed" go on to become saints. Beatification requires at least one miracle. A second is needed for sainthood.

[color="#800080"](Wasn't the requirement 3 miracles for sainthood...? Am I imagining again <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':blink:' /> or have they reduced it by one now merely to get more sainted ASAP?

Anyway: Too bad for JPII, those puppeteering him posthumously have to start all over again.)[/color]

The Vatican, whose congregation [department] for the cause of saints deals with canonisations and beatifications, has been under relentless pressure to speed up John Paul's progress. On the day of his funeral in 2005 there were unparalleled scenes in St Peter's Square, when the crowd took up a chant of "santo subito", or "saint straightaway".
False religion breeds infinite number of fake relics and miracle hoaxes. Not surprising, when even their main claim (jeebus) never existed.

2. Predictable but nevertheless hysterical.


Quote:Vatican hit by gay sex scandal

[color="#FF0000"]Vatican chorister sacked for allegedly procuring male prostitutes for papal gentleman-in-waiting[/color]

John Hooper in Rome, Thursday 4 March 2010 19.59 GMT

Article history

Pope Benedict XVI greets cardinals in the Clementine Hall at the Vatican. Photograph: Max Rossi/AFP/Getty Images

The Vatican was today rocked by a sex scandal reaching into Pope Benedict's household after a chorister was sacked for allegedly procuring male prostitutes for a papal gentleman-in-waiting.

Angelo Balducci, a Gentleman of His Holiness, was caught by police on a wiretap allegedly negotiating with Thomas Chinedu Ehiem, a 29-year-old Vatican chorister, over the specific physical details of men he wanted brought to him. Transcripts in the possession of the Guardian suggest that [color="#0000FF"]numerous men may have been procured for Balducci, at least one of whom was studying for the priesthood.[/color]

The explosive claims about Balducci's private life have caused grave embarrassment to the Vatican, which has yet to publicly comment on the affair.

While Catholicism does not condemn homosexuality outright, its teaching is that homosexual acts "are intrinsically disordered". The Catechism of the Catholic church states unequivocally: "Under no circumstances can they be approved."

Balducci was arrested on 10 February, suspected of involvement in widespread corruption. [color="#FF0000"]A senior Italian government official[/color], he is alleged to have to steered public works contracts towards favoured bidders. He has not been charged.

It was during this investigation into corruption that wiretaps revealed his alleged sexual activity. In one conversation, Ehiem tells Balducci: "I saw your call when I was in the Vatican, because I was doing rehearsals … in the choir … in St Peter's." He then suggests Balducci meet a man who he describes is "two metres tall … 97 kilos … aged 33, completely active."

[size="6"]Balducci is also a senior adviser to the [color="#0000FF"]Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples[/color], the department that oversees the Roman Catholic church's worldwide missionary activities.[/size]

[color="#800080"](By any chance procuring converted foreign males for the activities of the papal household such as Balducci's own?)[/color]

Since 1995, he has been a member of one of the world's most exclusive fraternities – the Gentlemen of His Holiness, or Papal Gentlemen, the ceremonial ushers of the papal household. In the words of a 1968 ordinance, they are expected to "distinguish themselves for the good of souls and the glory of the name of the Lord".

According to a report by the Carabinieri for prosecutors in Florence investigating the corruption scandal, there was a hidden side to Balducci's life. "In order to organise casual encounters of a sexual nature, he availed himself of the intercession of two individuals who, it is maintained, may form part of an organised network, especially active in [Rome], of exploiters or at least facilitators of male prostitution."

[color="#0000FF"]It named one as Ehiem, a professional chorister born in Nigeria. According to Italian press reports, Ehiem, a member of the choir that sings in St Peters when the pope is not officiating, lost his job on Wednesday after details of the Florence investigation became known to the Vatican.[/color]

In an interview to be published tomorrow by the news magazine Panorama, Ehiem said he [color="#0000FF"]had been introduced to Balducci more than 10 years ago.[/color] He claims: "He asked me if I could procure [color="#0000FF"]other[/color] men for him. He told me he was [color="#0000FF"]married[/color] and that I had to do it in great secrecy."

[color="#800080"]("other": that would mean Ehiem himself was one of those earlier approached by Balducci)[/color]

There were conflicting accounts of how the Vatican might respond. According to one source, there was no provision for the dismissal of a Gentleman of His Holiness. Another said: "We shall wait for the judiciary's definitive verdict."

[color="#800080"](Like how paedophile priests can't get excommunicated by the 'holy' church - because: once a catholic priest always a catholic priest, as per the church's own religious rules.)[/color]

The transcripts imply that over a period of around five months in 2008, Ehiem procured for Balducci at least 10 contacts with, among others, [color="#FF0000"]"two black Cuban lads"[/color], a former male model from Naples, and a rugby player from Rome.

[color="#800080"](See the advantages for catholicism of missionising the world? And who said the Vatican is still racist? It's now got a taste for "ethnic" men too. Eeeeewwwww. Isn't it Scary?)[/color]

Balducci's lawyer, Franco Coppi, said tonight: "I have no comment. First, because we have more serious questions to tackle. Second, if these claims are correct, they regard his private life. It is disgraceful that these transcripts, which have nothing to do with the case, should have been spread about."

[color="#800080"]("How dare you reveal the seedy truth about Papal Gentlemen? It's the Vatican's private orgy ... I mean private communion with christ.")[/color]

In January this year, the Carabinieri [color="#0000FF"]recorded an exchange in which Balducci and Ehiem discuss a seminarian, or student for the priesthood. Balducci is said to have asked: "Listen, have you spoken with the seminarian by any chance?" Ehiem says he is "probably at mass or something". On 11 January, Ehiem calls again to recommend "a colleague, a friend" of the seminarian because the latter is unavailable. He says the colleague is "better, taller, a bit taller than you". Later, Ehiem asks: "Can I send [him] around straight away?"[/color]

He asks where Balducci is. The adviser says: "Up at the seminary … [color="#0000FF"]where the cardinal lives.[/color]" Ehiem replies: "He could get there within half an hour … the time it takes to catch a taxi and get there."
Don't know why we persist in misspelling "hypocrisy", when it should obviously be spelled "catholicism" or "christianism". Didn't the catholic church publicly declare an intended purge of gay priests in various countries some years back? And now the Vatican wants leaks about its private gay orgies on its own premises hushed up.

One notes that the same old reasoning behind appointing Papal hierarchy is still in effect in the Vatican. E.g. from the 16th century:

(and Papal impropriety)

Quote:JULIUS III 1550-1555 Pope Julius III, like other Popes before him, was also a paedophile. He abused young boys, of which one was his own illegitimate son and another was his adopted son Innocenzo del Monte, whom he had picked up in the streets of Palma. This caused a grave scandal especially when Julius made the 17-year-old Innocenzo first a cardinal and then head of the Secretariat of State.

Besides Innocenzo, he also appointed several other handsome teenage boys as cardinals. Cardinal della Casa's famous poem In Praise of Sodomy was dedicated to his Holiness, Pope Julius III.

Homosexuality in the Vatican and the churches of christendom as at the 11th century:

Quote:LEO IX 1049-1054 A gay supporter (although this is a good thing, it isn't for a Catholic Pope). When St Peter Damian, church reformer and author of a book railing against homosexuality, wanted Leo IX to expel homosexuals from the clergy, Leo flatly refused. [color="#0000FF"]Sex Lives of the Popes states the following about this: "If he got rid of the gays, perhaps he feared he would have had no one left".[/color]


And then, in a later century, there was Pope Leo X who is known as IIRC the "gay pope", though there were others who fit that title. Moreover, I think Leo X sounds like yet another papal paedophile instead, since the following mentions "boys", not men:

Quote:LEO X 1513-1521 "How much we have profited by the legend of Christ" - Leo X, in a position to know.

He embarked on a Papal life of unimaginable extravagance, indulging in expensive carnivals, bull-fights, banquets, theatrical performances and the like. Like many of his Papal predecessors, he was also widely known to have had illicit relations with boys. [...]

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 03-07-2010

While I'm being a little not-so-serious in this post (esp. to do with the pictures), some of the text I highlight and which I link to is [color="#FF0000"]important[/color]. So don't take everything in this post lightly merely because of the light way in which I present items here.

1. (Blog belonging to the revamped version of that old Priests Of Darkness site where a catholic author, who was abused by catholic priests as a child, writes about how he asked to be released/excommunicated from the church, etc.)

Quote:What’s wrong with this picture?

[color="#800080"][main image from's news article "Vatican hit by gay sex scandal"][/color]

What’s wrong with this picture?

I’ve neglected this blog a lot.


But the Church just won’t let me be. Every time I think, Okay, I can walk away now, they come up with something even more outrageous. I’ve stoically ignored the meltdown in the Irish Church, even failed to mention the choirboy scandals in Germany. But now…

Well, now there’s a new scandal brewing in Rome. And thus the cause for the irony between the headline and the picture above. Those are Irish cardinals who’ve been called in on the carpet for the sex scandals there.


Where he discusses the Guardian article. The last point agrees with what I said in the previous post:

Quote:The timing couldn’t be worse. Here’s the story from the Guardian, where the above headline and picture come from, too:

[color="#800080"][Here the blog entry excerpts from the Guardian article - already pasted in previous post. But to see the blogger's own emphases go to his blog-entry.][/color]

(Emphasis added.) Original story here.

Let’s connect some dots:

- An usher, it seems to me, would be ideally placed to be a pimp to the Pope’s elite visitors: cardinals, archbishops, heads of religious orders dignitaries, ambassadors, etc., etc.

- This arrangement between the two may have gone on for a decade, and is part of a larger operation.

Choirs — as is evidenced by the current scandal surrounding a school choir in Germany later run by the pope’s brother — have long been used as pools for predators.

- The timing — the Irish cardinals appearing in Rome for a private meeting with the pope.

[color="#800080"](I'm not sure what the implication of this is...)[/color]

[color="#FF0000"]- Finally, the procurer worked for the missionary arm of the Church! Imagine the possibilities there, for not only procuring victims, but placing predators.[/color]

[color="#800080"](See, the ex-catholic agrees with me on the dangers of the church's mission in the world. They are spreading their disease of sex-slaves as well as paedophilia.)[/color]

Suddenly, the headline and the story seem to go together all too well!

More to come, almost certainly…

March 06th 2010 Posted to Heretic's Pulpit, Roman Circus


[quote name='Husky' date='19 February 2010 - 06:47 PM' timestamp='1266584988' post='104366']

Jeebus keeps morphing and morphing: since the babble is open to re-interpretation for the times and the (target) audience, jeebus can be transformed into whoever the Maddening Crowd wants him to be.


Done. Next. Jeebus the E.T. Oh wait, nothing novel, Contact etc. already touched on that.[/quote]Told ya:

Quote:I’ve neglected this blog a lot. Believe it or not, I’ve wanted to turn my attention to topics other than clergy sex abuse in the Catholic Church. As a gnostic, heretic, and long time sci-fi fan, the religious implications of UFOs, what the Church knows about Roswell, and even the possibility that Christ could be seen as an extraterrestrial have long intrigued me.

Why doesn't he (this person from the Priests of Darkness site) just leave christianism? Why on earth do these abused people still hang on to christ and christianism which is the root cause of his having been tormented in the first place. There's not a single redeeming feature in christianism/christ.

His inability to see christianism for what it is, is exactly how people abused by their spouse always defend said spouse: "it's not my spouse. They're such a sweet person when they're not battering me... which they do most of the time..."

3. Do not miss! Pictures of his Papal Infallibleness, catholics' very own Nosferatu (=unDead, vampyre), Herr Head Inquisitor Ratzy: (This is the new version of that same person's Priests of Darkness site. It's connected to the blog)

Quote:One Scary Pontiff

A Photo Gallery of Pope Benedict XVI

Would you buy a used religion from this man?

Timeline of the Sex Scandals

Yes, anyone can have a bad hair day. Anyone can have fun with a silly hat.


But how is that someone who is supposed to be the representative of God on Earth can look so consistently evil?

True story: the day Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope, someone replaced his picture on his page at Wikipedia with this one of Senator Palpatine from Star Wars. It went unnoticed for some time. It's an appropriate comparison, seeing as both started off as champions of the underdog and became spooky-looking, power-mad tyrants. And indeed, the graphic comparison to the evil Emperor is uncomfortably apt.

[color="#800080"](I always - independently - thought Ratzy reminded me of Darth Sidious too.)[/color]

[color="#800080"][See Wackypedia image of Ratzy-as-Sidious at link.][/color]

Before he became Pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger served as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), which at one time had been called the Holy Office of the Universal Roman Inquisition. Yes, that Inquisition. The one that silenced Galileo and burnt Bruno. It was also the one that kept the lid on clergy sexual abuse for over 400 years.

As head of the CDF, Ratzinger deliberately cranked the clock back to the Middle Ages. Or at least long before the Second Vatican Council. He personally helped squash most of the progressive hopes that he himself had promoted during the Council. It reads like a litany of the damned. Among them are:

- Liberation theology, taking the "preferential option for the poor" of the Gospel seriously, was condemned. Along the way, so too were his old friends and allies from the Council, including Leonardo Boff, Hans Kung, and Karl Rahner.

- Women's ordination hopes were dashed by raising [color="#0000FF"]the doctrine of verismilitude[/color] – that possession of a penis like Jesus, even if unused, was somehow vitally important to the office of priest – to near-dogmatic status.

[color="#800080"](Clearly shows who actually worship the phallus: christians. Here: catholics.)[/color]

- Gays were denied any participation unless totally celibate. Quite a bit of hypocrisy there as many experts reckon that well over half of the clergy itself is homosexual, and most of them are [color="#0000FF"]active[/color].

- Ecumenical flowerings withered on the vine by suggesting that any Christian denomination [color="#0000FF"]denying the pope[/color] were somehow lacking. It is, by the way, now [color="#0000FF"]an offense worthy of automatic excommunication and a secret trial for any priest who participates in a Mass with non-Roman Catholics[/color] – on the same level as a Black Mass or sexual abuse.

- Inter-religious relations haven't flourished either, especially with the Muslims, whom Benedict managed to insult by calling Muhammad an evildoer. Nor have the Jews been pleased by his promotion of the idea that Catholics continue to pray for their conversion.

And the main reason: Clergy abuse cases are once again handled secretly, with automatic excommunication incurred by anyone who violates it. For more information see Timeline of the Sex Scandals

Not only that, he is simply one scary-looking dude.

Of course, it's easy to exagerate the look with Photoshop...

But below are a series of photos of Benedict collected from the Internet. Judge for yourselves if they are fake or real.

Hindus must absolutely see the images on that page and read the text. Really. It's AMAZING: the iniquitous mass is scary as hell - and people actually let this guy put his claws on the heads of their kids? Won't that cause permanent trauma?


Here he's Doing The Nosferatu:

[Image: pope-wings.jpg]

Nazi-pope siegheils:

[Image: pope-blessing1.jpg]

"I'll get you, my pretty"

[Image: ratzi-reach.jpg]



Quote:Omen of Christmas Future?

[color="#800080"][image of the recent event where a woman shoved his papal infallibleness][/color]

Sometimes the best gifts are those you never ask for, but are given anyway.

For instance, I would never, ever have thought of writing to Saint Nick,

“Dear Santa,

“This year, could you somehow have the pope tackled during a procession? I don’t want anybody really hurt, but it would sure brighten up my Christmas.”

But guess what? It happened anyway! Well, although an elderly cardinal broke his leg, the pope himself wasn’t hurt in the commotion, and that’s just fine with me. (Seriously, the last thing I’d want is Ratzi to become a martyr — and the incident wouldn’t have been at all funny, either.)

But having him taken down with a flying tackle by a woman in red? Priceless.


December 26th 2009 Posted to Heretic's Pulpit

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“I’m shocked, shocked” says the Pope…

[color="#800080"][photoshopped image from Casablanca][/color]

Behind the mask

I had a rather peculiar feeling when reading how shocked and dismayed Pope Benedict XVI said he was over the report on Irish abuse. I was reminded in fact of a scene from the classic film Casablanca (1942). You know the one — the refugees in the bar beat the Germans in the “Battle of the Anthems” and so the head Nazi, the evil Maj. Strasser, orders the corrupt French cop Capt. Renault to shut the place down.

Rick: How can you close me up? On what grounds?

Capt. Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

[a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]

Croupier: Your winnings, sir.

Capt. Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much.


Capt. Renault: Everybody out at once!

[color="#0000FF"]Yes, caught between admitting that abuse was due in large part to the Vatican’s culture of secrecy and cover-up which he himself has restored and having to do something about it, the Supreme Pontiff’s response of “outrage, betrayal, and shame” is predictable. Since, however, as the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith , Ratzinger is more likely outraged by the revelations of abuse rather than its actual happening.

For if anybody knew what was going on it was him. And if the Grand Inquisitor didn’t know, that in itself is a major scandal!

But rather than confess any faults of God’s Holy Church, he places the blame squarely on the perpetrators and the bishops who enabled them. Like Capt. Renault,[/color] [color="#FF0000"]the Holy See profits from the cover-up and also by the abuse.[/color]


[color="#0000FF"]Let’s face it: Abuse, or even homosexual acting out with their peers keeps some of the remaining clergy — mainly men who cannot survive in the “real world”, content. The cover-up is necessary to keep a lid on things and the papal hands as white and unblemished as his robes.[/color] And the corruption in the sacred premises is every bit as seedy and degenerate as that in a refugee hellhole.

December 12th 2009 Posted to Clergy Crime, Heretic's Pulpit, Roman Circus


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5. Hindus should familiarise themselves with catholicism. E.g. by reading the Priests of Darkness site:

(Need to learn about this, because: what you don't know about christianism *can* kill you)

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 03-08-2010


Quote:Nigeria's 65 million mainstream Muslims, who make up about [color="#0000FF"]half[/color] of the population.
The other half is christian.

- In November 2008, christomaniacs and islamaniacs clashed with arms and machetes: more than 700 dead. Followed by deaths due to intermediate skirmishes between the 2 strains of human rabies.

- July 2009: More than 150 feared dead in Islamist attacks in Nigeria and Dozens of Nigerian pro-Taliban Islamists killed after police station raid

- Then in January 2010, christians massacred islamics and vice-versa (crusade + jihad), leaving around 550 dead. That was followed by intermediate clashes again: like killings of 4 islamic Fulani herdsmen by christian Berom in February.

- [color="#FF0000"]Now[/color], March 2010: muslims took revenge and went on a killing spree in christian villages, mainly little children and women hatcheted to death. Again, the toll has been variously estimated to between 200-500 (as at present).

Note how Nigerians are losing all round (1000s of Nigerians dead) and only christoislamania has won: 1000s of human sacrifices for bloodthirsty jeebusjehovallah who - though non-existent - is an idea ("artifice for aggression" as SR Goel said) that still manages to incite its zombies to sacrifice other humans.

Why do Nigerians (all of Africa actually) continue to stand christoislamania? It is entirely alien to them. They should dump the christoislamic disease - all variants of it - and go back to their Gods.


Quote:Nigeria sends in troops after 500 killed in attack

AFP – File photo shows residents carrying possessions past a burnt building following violent clashes in the …

by Aminu Abu Bakr – 1 hr 17 mins ago

JOS, Nigeria (AFP) – Nigeria's government sent in troops to the flashpoint northern Jos region Monday after attacks by machete-wielding gangs on Christian villages that officials say killed at least 500 people.

Under fire for failing to prevent another outburst of sectarian violence only weeks after hundreds died in Muslim-Christian clashes, authorities said they had arrested scores of people in connection with the attacks.

Witnesses meanwhile described how the mainly women and children victims in Sunday's three-hour systematic orgy of violence were caught in animal traps and fishing nets as they tried to flee their attackers, who hacked them to death.

[color="#0000FF"]The official death toll was initially put at a little over 100 but Dan Manjang, an advisor to the Plateau state government, said the toll had now been raised substantially.[/color]

"We have been able to make 95 arrests but at the same time over 500 people have been killed in this heinous act," Dan Manjang said in a telephone interview.

Government-run radio also reported that 500 people had been slaughtered in a night raid on three villages on the fringes of Jos, capital of Plateau state.

Witnesses and local rights activists put the figure at more than 200.

"By our latest count there are 202 bodies," said Shamaki Gad Peter, head of the League for Human Rights in Jos.

Shehu Sani, another leading rights activist, spoke of 250 people having been killed.

Much of the violence was centred around the village of Dogo Nahawa where gangs from the mainly Muslim Fulani ethnic group set fire to straw-thatched mud huts before embarking on the killing rampage in the early hours of Sunday.

Frank Tatgun, a resident of Dogo Nahawa, said that he had seen two armoured vehicles and three military trucks arrive in the village and scores of troops were now on patrol.

He reported no new clashes overnight amid the tightened security.

[color="#0000FF"]Locals said that the attacks on Sunday were the result of a spiralling feud between the Fulani and the rival Berom clan which had been first ignited by a theft of cattle and then further fuelled by a deadly revenge attack.[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]Many of the victims in Sunday's attacks were hacked to death as they tried to flee into woodland around their villages.

Witnesses said that armed gangs had scared the victims out of their homes by firing into the air but most of the killings were as a result of machete attacks. Those killed were mainly women and children.[/color]

"Gunshots were fired just to scare people out of their houses only to be macheted as they fled into the bush," Peter Gyang, who lost his wife and two children, told reporters in Dogo Nahawa.

A curfew which was imposed after January's violence was supposed to be still in place but Gyang said that the authorities had done nothing to prevent the bloodshed.

"The operation started around 3:00 am (0200 GMT) and lasted till 6:00 am and there were gunshots, but we did not see a single policeman.

"We no longer have confidence in the security agencies," added Gyang.

[color="#FF0000"]The explosion of violence between rival ethic and religious groups in January left 326 dead in Jos, according to police although religious and human rights activists put the overall toll at more than 550.[/color]

Acting President Goodluck Jonathan's office said that the security services in Plateau and neighbouring states had been placed on red alert to ensure that the violence did not spread.

"He has also directed that the security services undertake strategic initiatives to confront and defeat these roving bands of killers," it added.


Quote:Central Nigeria on red alert after 500 killed

March 8, 2010 - 6:59PM

At least 500 people were killed Sunday in communal clashes near Nigeria's central city of Jos, a state governor's advisor told AFP Monday, revising a previous toll of around 100 dead.

"We have been able to make 95 arrests but at the same time over 500 people have been killed in this heinous act... by Fulani herdsmen," Dan Manjang said in a telephone interview.

Earlier the country's acting president put security forces on alert after machete wielding gangs carried out the massacre close to the city, officials said.

Witnesses described how victims were caught in animal traps and fishing nets as they tried to flee their attackers, who hacked them to death in what appeared to have been a well-organised attack.

Much of the violence in the early hours of Sunday was centred around the village of Dogo Nahawa, near the Jos, where a journalist counted a total of 103 bodies amid the smouldering embers.

But the raiders also set fire to dozens of houses in the nearby villages of Ratsat and Zot, all less than 10 kilometres (seven miles) from Jos and home to members of the Berom ethnic group.

"These villages were attacked by Fulani herdsmen killing scores of people and burning houses," Ratsat resident David Daniel Daniel told AFP.

Other residents and local rights activists also blamed the attacks on the Fulani ethnic group.

[color="#0000FF"]In Jos, Yusuf Alkali, a member of the Fulani ethic group, said he believed the attacks were a reprisal for the killings of four herdsmen two weeks ago when a Fulani settlement was attacked by ethnic Berom youths.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Fulani are an islamised Nigerian community. Berom are a christianised one. Religion Of Eternal Strife kills members of Religion Of Infinite Hate in reprisal.)[/color]

Officials displayed another 18 bodies at the morgue in Jos -- the scene of inter-religious riots in January that left several hundred people dead.

Acting President Goodluck Jonathan "has placed all the security services in Plateau (State) and neighbouring states on red alert so as to stem any cross border dimensions to this latest conflict," his office said in a statement.

"He has also directed that the security services undertake strategic initiatives to confront and defeat these roving bands of killers," it added.

Dan Manjang, an advisor to the Plateau state government confirmed that troops had been deployed to the area.

But traumatised residents accused local officials of having turned a blind eye to the bloodshed.

"The operation started around 3:00 am (0200 GMT) and lasted till 6:00 am and there were gunshots, but we did not see a single policeman," Peter Gyang, who lost his wife and two children, told reporters in Dogo Nahawa.

"We no longer have confidence in the security agencies."

Many of the victims had been hacked to death as they tried to run for their lives, he added.

"Gunshots were fired just to scare people out of their houses only to be macheted as they fled into the bush," he said.

"It seems the attacks were well coordinated as the attackers launched ... (them) simultaneously," Shamaki Gad Peter, head of League for Human Rights in Jos, told AFP as he toured Ratsat village.

Houses and food granaries were still smouldering more than 12 hours after the attacks.

Parts of Jos and its environs are still under a dusk-to-dawn curfew since the January religious clashes.

This central region of Nigeria had been a regular ethnic and religious flashpoint.

An explosion of violence between rival ethic and religious groups in January left 326 dead in Jos, according to police although other human rights activiets put the overall toll at more than 550.

[color="#FF0000"]In November 2008, the federal government sent in the troops after Christians and Muslims fought each other using firearms and machetes in clashes that followed a contested election in Jos.[/color]

© 2010 AFP


Quote:500 dead after violent clashes in Nigeria

[color="#0000FF"]At least 500 people[/color] were killed Sunday in communal clashes near Nigeria's central city of Jos, an official has confirmed.

Published: 7:21AM GMT 08 Mar 2010

Residents carrying their luggage on their heads walking past a burnt building following a violent clash at Kuru Karama, 30 kilometres from Jos Photo: AFP

"We have been able to make 95 arrests but at the same time over 500 people have been killed in this heinous act ... by Fulani herdsmen," Dan Manjang, a state governor's adviser, said.

Nigeria's central Plateau State was also quoted on state radio saying 500 people had been massacred in a night raid on three villages on the fringes of Jos.

Witnesses, reporters and local rights activists had put the figure at slightly over 200.

Shamaki Gad Peter, head of the League for Human Rights in Jos, told AFP news agency: "By our latest count there are 202 bodies."

Shehu Sani, another rights activist spoke of 250 people killed. "So far we understand there are about 200 people dead in the three villages," a resident of Dogo Nahawa, Frank Tatgun said. Tight security measures have been put in place and troops sent to the area to restore order.

The attacks, blamed on mainly Muslim nomadic cattle rearers, targeted the local Berom ethnic group, which is predominantly Christian.

[color="#800080"](None of them are indigenous religions to Africa. Both communities are converted/infected by the christoislamic disease. Like how communities in Orissa and Burma have been converted to christomania and so similarly act out like they're rabies-infested.)[/color]

An explosion of violence between rival ethic and religious groups in January left 326 dead in Jos, according to police although religious and human rights activists put the overall toll at more than 550.


Quote:Nigeria religious clash 'kills 500' near Jos

Page last updated at 09:51 GMT, Monday, 8 March 2010E-mail this to a friend Printable version

[color="#800080"][caption][/color] Many of the victims were hacked with machetes, doctors said

Some 500 people are now reported to have been killed in a weekend revenge attack following religious clashes near Nigeria's city of Jos, officials say.

The figure had previously been put at about 100 but it is always difficult to verify casualties. Local officials said dozens of arrests had been made.

They said three mainly Christian villages near Jos were attacked from nearby hills by people with machetes.

There is a long history of local tension between Muslims and Christians.

The attacks are said to have been in revenge for the killing of several hundred people around Jos in January.

Although sectarianism is blamed for such clashes, correspondents say poverty and access to resources such as land often lie at the root of the violence.

[color="#800080"](Yeah right.)[/color]

'Heinous act'

Acting President Goodluck Jonathan has put security forces on alert to stop the flow of weapons to the area.

Quote:[color="#0000FF"]JOS, PLATEAU STATE[/color] [color="#800080"]["Factfile"][/color]

[color="#0000FF"]- Deadly riots in 2001, 2008 and 2010

- City divided into Christian and Muslim areas

- Divisions accentuated by system of classifying people as indigenes and settlers

- Hausa-speaking Muslims living in Jos for decades are still classified as settlers

- Settlers find it difficult to stand for election

- Communities divided along party lines: Christians mostly back the ruling PDP; Muslims generally supporting the opposition ANPP[/color]

The AFP news agency reports that troops and military vehicles have entered the villages, which are now said to be calm.

An adviser to the Christian-dominated Plateau state government, Dan Manjang, told AFP: "We have been able to make 95 arrests but at the same time over 500 people have been killed in this heinous act."

Another Plateau state official, Gregory Yenlong, urged people to "remain calm and be patient as the government steps up security to protect lives and property in this state".

Many of the dead in the villages of Zot and Dogo-Nahawa are reported to be women and children.

Mark Lipdo, from the Christian charity Stefanus Foundation, said the village of Zot had been almost wiped out.

[color="#800080"](Compare with when catholics and protestants went for each other in Europe and left entire villages and regions depopulated and Germany down to IIRC 1/4 its population size.

Christoislamism = 1 religion. Same disease.)[/color]

He said: "We saw mainly those who are helpless, like [color="#FF0000"]small children and then the older men[/color], who cannot run, these were the ones that were slaughtered."

A resident of Dogo-Nahawa said the attackers had fired guns as they entered the village before dawn on Sunday in defiance of a curfew.

"The shooting was just meant to bring people from their houses and then when people came out they started cutting them with machetes," Peter Jang told Reuters news agency.

Some witnesses said villagers were caught in fishing nets and animal traps as they tried to escape and were then hacked to death. Mud huts were also set on fire.

Scores of bodies have been laid out in the streets of the three attacked villages, awaiting mass burials on Monday.

[size="5"]Jos lies between the mainly Muslim north of Nigeria and its largely Christian south.[/size]

[color="#800080"](Reminiscent of how Thiruvananthapuram - Hindu land - is significantly taken over by christoislamaniacs who are now bent on killing each other.)[/color]

Analysts say the latest attack seems to be in reprisal for the clashes between Christians and Muslims in [color="#FF0000"]January[/color], which claimed the lives of at least 200 people and [color="#FF0000"]displaced thousands of others[/color].

[color="#0000FF"]Hundreds of people have fled from Jos in the aftermath of the fighting, the International Committee of the Red Cross says.[/color]
It's a flash-forward to what will happen to converted India. This Great Disease - all strains: christianism, islamism, communism etc. - must be removed from Africa, from India, from the world.

Converted Nigerians should burn down all their churches and mosques. All of Africa should kick out this killer disease that leaves so many of their own dead and which intends to keep sacrificing people to jeebusjehovallah as long as christoislamism is allowed to exist.


Some background is given in the following:

5. In November 2008: Christians massacred some 300-400 muslims. The total toll was 700, so presumably the islamics would have massacred some 300 christians.

10,000 christoislamaniacs had to flee their homes/each other:

Quote:Nigerian army takes over city hit by Muslim-Christian clashes

The Nigerian army took over the stricken city of Jos on Sunday to enforce calm after two days of Muslim-Christian clashes that left hundreds dead.

Published: 10:01PM GMT 30 [color="#FF0000"]Nov 2008[/color]

Link to this video

"The situation this morning is gradually returning to normal. There have not been any cases this morning of any destruction or violence," Brigadier Emeka Onwamaegbu said.

Residents reported troops patrolling the streets and calm returning to the city. Offering the first official toll, Plateau State's information minister Nuhu Gagara said about 200 people died during fighting on Friday and Saturday between the rival communities over the results of a local election in the state capital.

Other sources have given a toll twice the official figure.

"This figure is just preliminary, as a search and rescue committee has been inaugurated by the government to go around the city and recover dead bodies," Mr Gagara told reporters. He did not give a figure for the injured.

Police arrested 500 people on Saturday alone, carrying "all sorts of lethal weapons," he said.

A Plateau State government spokesman was quoted in newspapers as saying that 1,500 youths had been arrested over the two days in connection with the violence.

Jos was under tight police and army surveillance on Sunday, military spokesman Onwamaegbu said, while declining to say how many troops had been deployed in the city.

"There have been no reports of violence this morning, the army has taken over the capital but the only fear is what might happen at the outskirts of the town," Muslim cleric Adamu Tsoho said.

Relief workers and observers offered markedly higher death tolls than the government's preliminary estimates.

[color="#0000FF"]"Well over 300 people have been killed in the last two days of violence," one Nigerian Red Cross official told AFP, asking to remain anonymous.

Khaled Abubakar, an imam from the central mosque in Jos said Saturday that "close on 400 bodies" had been laid out in the mosque.

"Muslim prayers were observed on 351 dead bodies at the central mosque and then taken to the cemetery where they are being buried," Tsoho, the other cleric, said.

Another 30 bodies had been removed from the mosque Saturday night by relatives and had been buried.

Earlier that day a local journalist said he counted 381 bodies in the mosque.[/color]

[color="#FF0000"]The Nigerian Red Cross reported as early as Friday night that 300 people had been injured and that more than 10,000 people were forced to flee their homes, seeking refuge in churches, mosques and army and police barracks.[/color]

[size="5"]The clashes were triggered by a rumour Friday that the [color="#FF0000"]majority-Muslim All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP)[/color] had lost in a local election to the [color="#FF0000"]mainly Christian Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)[/color], according to a police spokesman.[/size]

[color="#800080"](This is what will happen if christoislamism is allowed to divvy up Dharmic Bharatam as well. After all the Dharmics have been converted-or-killed, the christoislamaniacs will kill each other. While no one could care about the Indian christoislamaniacs crusading/jihading each other after having destroyed the indigenous Dharmic traditions, the point is to not let it get that far. Because it is a point of no return.)[/color]

Witnesses gave graphic accounts of the mayhem and violence.

"In some areas, people were coming shouting because of what was going on. People were running for their lives," said Mohammed Sani, a religious official.

[color="#0000FF"]"I saw one case where a policeman shot somebody to death. The police were taking some people away, the man was inquiring where they were taken, and the policeman turned around and shot him.[/color]

6. As everyone knows, Islamism had brought in Sharia into Nigeria. (Just like christianism had brought in its own disease)

Quote:More than 150 feared dead in Islamist attacks in Nigeria

More than 150 have been killed in northern Nigeria in [color="#0000FF"]violent attacks carried out over two days by Islamist insurgents styling themselves on the Taliban[/color].

By Mike Pflanz, West Africa Correspondent

Published: 9:32PM BST 27 Jul 2009

Trouble began on Sunday when militants attacked a police station in the northern city of Bauchi, leaving dozens dead in gunbattles with police.

Armed fundamentalists staged further shootouts with security forces on Monday, setting alight two police stations, a church and a customs building in three towns in the country's majority Muslim north.

A BBC reporter counted 100 bodies in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state, where police were still fighting militants late on Monday night.

Nigeria has been sporadically wracked by sectarian clashes since 12 of the country's 36 states began adopting Islamic law, or Sharia, in the north in 1999.

[color="#0000FF"]This week's co-ordinated attacks were carried out by a hardline Islamist group of former students calling itself Boko Haram, loosely translated as "education is sin", which models itself on the Taliban.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Rather like how the early christo-converts in the Roman Empire and their successors claimed that education being paganism was hence 'satanism', sciences/maths were the devil and mathematicians were sorcerers.

Spot the difference. What difference? Exactly.)[/color]

Its leader, Ustaz Muhammed Yusuf, said the raids followed arrests of his supporters during the last week.

"We will not agree with this kind of humiliation, we are ready to die together with our brothers and we would never concede to non-belief in Allah," he told Nigeria's Daily Trust newspaper.

[color="#0000FF"]He and his followers are fighting for strict Islamic sharia law to be expanded from Nigeria's 12 northern majority-Muslim across the whole of Africa's most populous nation.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Africa for christ vs Africa for allah.

Heathens can't tell the difference: mass-genocide in Uganda by the Lords army (christist) vs mass-genocide in Sudan by the new commanders of the faithful (islamist).

Plus christoislamaniacs murder each other in Nigeria.)[/color]

Western-style education should be scrapped or the attacks would continue, Mr Yusuf warned. There is no known connection between his group and Islamist insurgents in Afghanistan.

"Democracy and the current system of education must be changed otherwise this war that is yet to start would continue for long," he said.

The organisation has very little support among Nigeria's 65 million mainstream Muslims, who make up about half of the population.

Mr Yusuf and his followers have been barred from neighbourhood mosques.

[color="#FF0000"]But there is a history of religious clashes in northern Nigeria, including riots last year in Jos city after local elections which left as many as 700 people dead.[/color]

A Foreign Office spokesman said that travel advice approving visits to northern Nigeria had not changed.


Quote:Dozens of Nigerian pro-Taliban Islamists killed after police station raid

[color="#0000FF"]Clashes between police and a pro-Taliban Islamist sect in northern Nigeria left at least 50 people dead on Sunday. [/color]

By Mike Pflanz, West Africa Correspondent

Published: 4:59PM BST 26 Jul 2009

Around 70 fighters from the fundamentalist group armed with guns and grenades attacked a police station in Nigeria's northern Bauchi state early on Sunday, but retreated after officers opened fire.

"Our men succeeded in repelling the dawn attack by the Taliban," Mohammed Barau, Bauchi state police spokesman, told AFP, adding that it appeared the assailants "wanted to steal weapons from the police station".

"We have launched a manhunt for other members of the group that have fled," Mr Barau added.

Hospital sources and witnesses said more than 50 people were killd in the fighting. Police arrested up to 200 people living close to the targeted police station.

The Nigerian Taliban is inspired by the Afghan militia but has no known direct connection.

[color="#0000FF"]The group is made up of former students who want hardline Islamic sharia to be the dominant legal system across all of Nigeria.[/color] [color="#FF0000"]Africa's[/color] [color="#0000FF"]most populous nation[/color] [color="#FF0000"]is made up of roughly equal numbers of Christians and Muslims.[/color]

A member of the gang who was wounded during the initial attack on the police station told Reuters the group wanted to "clean the (Nigerian) system which is polluted by Western education and uphold sharia all over the country."

"The police has been [sic] arresting our leaders that is why we decided to retaliate," said the man, who gave his name only as Abdullah.

The north of the country is majority Muslim, and has progressively ushered in a stricter enforcement of Islamic law since 2000.

[color="#0000FF"]But this has resulted in increasing tensions with Christians, including in Bauchi where five people died during religious clashes in February.[/color]

[color="#FF0000"]A Muslim mob attacked Christians and burnt churches in reprisals over the burning of two mosques, which Muslims blamed on Christians.[/color]

[color="#800080"](They got it the other way around: I want christian Nigerians to burn their churches and muslim Nigerians to blast their mosques. And that thus, having destroyed the alien mental disease - christoislamism - afflicting them, they return to their ancestral Gods/religion.)[/color]

More than 700 people died in November in Jos, capital of Plateau state, when a political feud over a local election degenerated into bloody confrontation between Muslims and Christians.

Mad human disease (MHD). Note how animals don't catch this (for once they are more fortunate than us).

The mindvirus affects only human brains, causing rabies and zombieness and vampiric tendencies that result in acts of human sacrifice to a non-existent (imaginary) demonic fiction variously called "jesus, god, allah".

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - HareKrishna - 03-09-2010

"The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully."

— Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion)

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 03-10-2010

x-post [color="#800080"](my inserts into Rupee's post in purple)[/color]

[quote name='Rupee' date='07 March 2010 - 03:23 PM' timestamp='1267955130' post='104931']

[center]Singapore denounces pastor for ridiculing Buddhists

Posted March 6, 2010

Feb 9,2010

[url=""][color="#576389"]Source Link[/color][/url]

[/center]SINGAPORE (Reuters Life!) - Singapore has warned a Christian pastor that his online videos are offensive to Buddhists and Taoists, underlining the city-state's concerns that religion is a potential faultline for its multicultural society.

Pastor Rony Tan, of Lighthouse Evangelism, apologized and pulled the video clips off the internet after being visited by the government's Internal Security Department on Monday, the pastor and the government said on their websites.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said in a statement on Tuesday Tan's comments were "highly inappropriate and unacceptable," and could "give rise to tension and conflict between the Buddhist/Taoist and Christian communities."

The clips are no longer available online, but the Straits Times said they involved ridiculing beliefs, including Buddhist concepts of rebirth, karma and nirvana, drawing laughter from Tan's audience.

Singpore's move comes after rising religious tensions in neighboring Malaysia, where churches and mosques have been hit by arson and vandalism in recent weeks amid a row over the use of the word "Allah" by Christians.

Singapore last week arrested three youths aged between 17 and 18 for posting remarks on Facebook that have been deemed to be racist, local media reported.

[color="#0000FF"]They are likely to be charged under the Sedition Act, under which anyone found guilty of promoting feelings of ill will or hostility against other races or religions faces fines of up to S$5,000 ($3,520) as well as the possibility of being jailed for up to three years.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Doesn't work with christianism/islamism. Can read on GrecoRoman attempts at enforcing tolerance of christianism on the empire, even though it was the christians that regularly instigated vandalisms of Temples and verbal terrorisms. Later, christianism would take over the empire and destroy Hellenismos. End of tolerance.

Secularism/tolerance for intolerance is manufactured to infect only the heathens and make heathens nurture christianism in their midst: to make them give christianism a sheltered environment to fester successfully. Instilling secularism/extreme tolerance in heathens is used by christianism when it's not yet in majority/not yet in power. But after that: all bets are off.)[/color]

Singapore, which saw deadly racial riots in the 1950s and 1960s, is a base for many multinational companies which value its stability, infrastructure and proximity to fast-growing Asian markets.

Buddhists and Taoists account for half of Singapore's nearly 5 million population. Muslims and Christians account for 15 percent each.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in a speech last August that religious and racial tensions were the country's biggest potential social faultlines.

(Reporting by Nopporn Wong-Anan; Editing by Neil Chatterjee)


Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - dhu - 03-11-2010

[url=""]Church abuse scandal reaches pope's brother[/url]

Italian govt needs to ban this pedophile outfit.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - HareKrishna - 03-12-2010

Orthodox Policeman is beating up Hare Krishna's

in the minute 1.28 th epoliceman make the sign of holy cross.

[url=""]My link[/url]

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 03-13-2010

And the inevitable christian taliban. Echoes of their islamic brethren over the Danish Cartoons incident.

I'm sure everyone knew to expect this (that's why I posted the item the first time around): christianism behaving christian. "What would jeebus do".,0,1789300.story

Quote:US man who posted 'Elton John must die' arrested

By Kate Brumback

The Associated Press

9:17 a.m. EST, March 12, 2010


A man who posted a video of himself on the Internet holding a sign that said " Elton John must die" has been arrested for making terroristic threats.

Neal Horsley, 65, was arrested early Wednesday in Carrollton, Georgia, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) west of Atlanta, said Atlanta Police Sgt. Curtis Davenport. He would not say whom Horsley is accused of threatening, but Horsley's son, Nathan, said he thought the arrest was connected to the video about the musician.

[color="#FF0000"]In the video posted Feb. 28 on YouTube, Horsley held the sign in front of a building where he said John has a condo.[/color] John's publicist, Fran Curtis, confirmed that John has an Atlanta apartment but declined further comment.

[color="#800080"](He's telling other faithful christian cannibal sheep where to come to kill Elton John.)[/color]

Horsley was upset that John, who is gay, told Parade magazine in an interview last month that he thought Jesus was a "compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems."

[color="#0000FF"]"What Elton John has done is desecrated the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, blasphemed the Lord Jesus Christ," Horsley said in the video.[/color]

[color="#FF0000"]Horsley founded the Creator's Rights Party and has declared himself a candidate in the 2010 governor's race.[/color] He kicked off his campaign July 4, 2008 in downtown Carrollton, wearing a placard showing the head of an aborted fetus while singing an anti- abortion song.

The state ethics commission, which oversees election filings, has no record of Horsley's campaign.

He previously gained notoriety in the late 1990s for his role in establishing a Web site that published the names and addresses of doctors who performed abortions. Planned Parenthood officials called the site a "hit list for terrorists."

[color="#800080"](Note how, again, he was instructing other faithful christian cannibal sheep on where to find the targets to kill them. Same as he has done with fingerpointing the location of Elton John to fellow christians=terrorists.)[/color]

Fulton County jail records showed Horsley also faces charges of criminal defamation and disseminating terroristic threats over the Internet.

He was being held Thursday in the Fulton County jail on $40,000 bond. As conditions for his release, a judge said he must live with his son in a house with a phone landline and must pay 10 percent of his bond in cash.

Horsley's son said his father doesn't have an attorney.

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Islamics' "Allah will destorey Amrikkka" vs christist "Elton John must Diet". Etc.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - agnivayu - 03-14-2010

I have a request for everyone. Starting using the term "Jesus Jihadi" or that they are waging a Jesus Jihad. If this term catches on, it will be a great propaganda victory as it will firmly establish the link between abrahamic religions.