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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - agnivayu - 05-29-2010

[quote name='Viren' date='27 May 2010 - 02:32 AM' timestamp='1274907243' post='106589']

Isn't it a oxymoron? Like 'Pakistani Intelligence'

Would these so called 'secular' groups support a ban on M F Hussain? Wonder why not?


Let me quote the mafia boss of the the Catholics, the Pope:

"Today there arises the risk of a serpentine secularization even within the Church, which can convert into a formal and empty Eucharistic worship, in celebrations lacking this participation from the heart that is expressed in veneration and respect for the liturgy,"

Read more:

So their boss is saying secularism is evil and an enemy of their church, so would the Catholic leaders of India please explain what they mean by secular? Because right now it looks like they want a Catholic theocracy and are using secularism as just a front to oppress Hindus (who are far more secular than them)

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 06-03-2010


Erode (Tamilnadu) May 31–

The Friday (May 28) Bandh at Erode was unique. It was "total and without any

untoward instance", as the media reported the next day. The Bandh call was

given by no political party or organisation, but by a struggle group

'Movement for Retrieving Periya Mariyamman Temple Land', comprising devotees

of a Kali temple centrally located in the bustling commercial town. The

town being the birth place of E V Ramaswamy Naicker who ran a bitter anti

god campaign for over 6 decades across the state, wore a deserted look that

day, indicating the total solidarity of the town for devotees' demands. Over

120 outfits of traders and workers as well as Hindu organisations expressed

solidarity for the bandh call. It was natural that even the tea shops downed

their shutters as did the multi crore mega malls -- all to augment the cause

of a Hindu temple.

The demands of the Movement include retrieval of more than 15 acres of

temple land that Church of South India (CSI) possesses illegally. During

British Raj it was snatched from Hindus and handed over to London Mission,

that became CSI later on. The temple itself was relocated to a roadside to

accommodate CSI school and hospital. As if to add insult to injury, the

highways department last week started work on a flyover running above the

centuries old temple.
The devotees were "enraged" as a media report goes.

They were afraid of the wrath of Mariyamman and arranged for the

mahabhishekham for the Divine mother on the Bandh day. Over 1,500 woman

devotees brought pots of milk as well as water in a procession that

culminated in a public meeting in front of the temple. Speaking on the

occasion, Shri. E.R.M Chandrasekar, convener of the Movement and saha jilla

sanghchalak of RSS, asked the government to see reason and stop forthwith

the flyover project. Eventually it stopped - with the men and machines at

work absenting themselves the next day onwards. "It reminds me of the fate

of the Setu samudram project", quipped a trader. "Rather the Amarnath Temple

Movement", said another.

The expert opinion is that instead of the Rs 19 crore flyover, the

government would do well to ask the CSI to vacate the temple land that would

pave the way for an unfinished 80 feet road to be completed at the cost of

a few lakhs to ease traffic snarls. Moreover, the flyover (via the temple)

was not at all needed there, but elsewhere in the town - near the Govt

Hospital junction - because the traffic is much heavier there.

Quote:I have a direct account of this bandh.. In tamilnadu, the mariamman is held in

highest accord by the people, even more than the shiva and vishnu.. this is

because the mariamman temple has rich participation from women rather than men..

Infact, every amman/devi temple in south india is the temple of the women, but

poojas done by bandarams..

Coming to the Erode maariamman temple, the protest was NOT that much easy.. The

Hindu Munnani wanted to organise the protest under its banner, but a group of

youths persuaded them not to do that foolish act.. rather, they invited publics

along with the hindu outfits, created a common forum under the name "Mariamman

Nilam Meetpu peravai" ( Forum for retreival of mariamman temple land), which

insulated this movement from the Hindutva brand..

The team under the new banner, distributed notices to all the public people who

depend on the temple, and to their surprise, all shops and all auto drivers

offered their full co-operation and support.. the public has the anger in them

on the CSI occupying temple land, but so far there was no one to channelise this

public resent.. Infact, the team went to chennai to trace the old records from

the gazette, and found that the land occupied by CSI was indeed a public land

belonging to the temple..

Some learnings from this successful protest are:

1. The hindu groups should learn to be objective enough and purpose oriented.

Instead of forcefully holding to an identity, we should be dynamic enough to

reinvent ourselves under different brands.. This is what the communists often

successfully do..

2. The Hindu outfits have to stop thinking themselves as the saviour of Hindu

community.. This attitude developed because part of the ideology of the RSS are

from the catholic church, as evident in the manner RSS is operating now.

instead of asking everyone to attend the shakas, the organisation should first

understand the diversities of the hindu society, and cater to the localised

needs and issues..

For example, i can challenge, any pracharak posted in tamilnadu, will not have

any idea about the region, nor the social links needed to operate effectively..

Mostly pracharak will not be posted in their native area, and are transferred

every three years.. i dont understand this logic..

3. For any social issues we take on, we have to first grasp the mood of the

people, and connect with them in order to lead them to protest. A typical case

is that few years before, when christians and muslims are given exclusive

reservation from BC quota, the hindu munnani and hindu makkal katchi organised

protest, without the participation of any of the BC communities. I could see

only high pitched emotional slogans, which will get nothing out of this street


4. I have to point you out, that the youths who organised this protest are all

once swayam sevaks, but now dis-illusioned by the way RSS functions. Now they

dont used to attend shakas, nor they participate in any RSS meetings, because

they feel they are waste of time..


Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - HareKrishna - 06-09-2010

The Christian Fascists Are Growing Stronger

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Guest - 06-10-2010

A news from Jharkhand :

In 2009 when there was President rule in Jharkhand, the central government through the governor brought the Christian Church into the Food distribution , slowly bypassed PDS. Bascially the state abdicated its role in Food Supply and let a religious organisation to manage food distribution in many parts of the state.

Some related new article:

After Shibu Soren took over as Chief Minister with BJP support on 30th December 2009, officials of the Church met with him and asked him to keep BJP away from ministries like Education, Health etc.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 06-11-2010

Quote:[Image: 5-rupee-saint-alphonsa.JPG]

After the two Rupee coins with Christian cross, now comes coins which propagate and glorify only Christian Religion

Why the hell is that dumb b*tch Alphonsa on the coins?

Do you see any European or other Western countries issuing coins with Hindu saints?

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - agnivayu - 06-11-2010

[quote name='Bharatvarsh2' date='11 June 2010 - 06:51 AM' timestamp='1276218781' post='106843']

Why the hell is that dumb b*tch Alphonsa on the coins?

Do you see any European or other Western countries issuing coins with Hindu saints?


It appears to me like the Jesus Jihadi's have slowly infiltrated the Congress party since the mid 1990's. However their medieval tactics to convert the infidels won't work because we are well aware of them. Sonia is a stooge of the Pope (head mafia boss). They want to expand their decadent Catholic Empire into the belt of resistance and create a "casta" system, where Whites from Europe (like Sonia) can rule over the "subcontinentals" like they do in Central and South America. In this rigid age old Euro-Christian tradition, social mobility is not allowed and only fair skinned Whitey's can be the ruling class.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Guest - 06-12-2010


Loan Waiver Scheme for Christian converts

The State has been witnessing an unprecedented scale of relief measures under the present Government, said Minister of Welfare of Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes A.K. Balan.

In his address at the inauguration of the loan waiver scheme, undertaken by the Kerala State Development Corporation for Christian Converts from Scheduled Castes and the Recommended Communities Ltd. here on Thursday, Mr. Balan said the current loan waiver scheme would write off Rs.159 crore and this would benefit nearly one lakh people, mostly belonging to the poorest sections of the society, he said.

“This government has been, wholeheartedly, supportive of those who have been deprived of their basic needs and the State has led the way in terms of relief measures for the poorer sections of the society,” added Mr. Balan.

Under the debt waiver scheme for the Christian Converts, loans up to Rs.25,000 maturing on 31 March 2006 would be written off fully. In cases where the loan amount exceeds the stipulated amount, penal interest part would be written off, providing the persons with an opportunity to avail a one time benefit.

V.N. Vasavan, MLA, in his presidential address, highlighted the efforts of the State Government in protecting the needy. Commending the initiatives of the Government, Archbishop Vattappara of the Anglican Church of India requested those who avail the relief measures to reduce dependency on the assistance and to fully utilize the opportunities provided to improve living standards.

Non-liability certificates were distributed to the debt-ridden during the function.

The event was also attended by Jose K. Mani, MP, District Panchayat President T.N. Rameshan and Municipal Chairperson Bindu Santhosh Kumar

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Pandyan - 06-12-2010

Hindus are just dumb and pathetic ignoramus's who seem to have no shame or self-respect. Commie gubmint is straight up giving money to xtians on the basis of helping "poorer sections of society", as if there's no poor Hindus. Coins are getting minted with xtian crosses and images of xtian church prostitutes. If this was some other country, there would be a massive uproar, but of course the meek and cowardly Hindu does nothing. Doesn't surprise me, considering that even in this forum which is supposed to be pro-Hindu, we got traitorous pimps who advocate the bastard-tongue urdu. So naturally the general Hindu population, which doesn't seem to care about anti-Hindu activities, isn't going to bat an eyelid upon hearing this news.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - G.Subramaniam - 06-22-2010

THE last time we saw Rachel Weisz in an Egyptian setting, she was cast as the earnest librarian-turned-archaeologist Evelyn Carnahan in “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns.” In “Agora,” her latest film, she returns to the Nile to play another woman of a scholarly bent — but that is where any similarity to the archly comic-horror “Mummy” series ends.


Trailer: 'Agora'

Enlarge This Image

Todd Heisler/The New York Times

Ms. Weisz portrays Hypatia, a philosopher and mathematician who lived in fifth-century Alexandria.

Enlarge This Image

Teresa Isasi/Newmarket Films

Oscar Isaac and Rachel Weisz in a scene from “Agora,” a historical drama set in Alexandria about a scholar who enraged Christian fundamentalists.

“Agora,” which opens in New York on Friday, is a big-budget two-hour Roman epic that features Ms. Weisz as Hypatia, the Neo-Platonist philosopher and astronomer-mathematician sometimes credited with inventing the hydrometer and the plane astrolabe. Instead of being set in the 20th century among the pharaohs’ tombs and temples, like “The Mummy,” much of the story takes place in fifth-century Alexandria, when the rising faith of Christianity is aggressively challenging traditional Greco-Roman learning and values.

“The hot topic these days is Islamic fundamentalism,” Ms. Weisz said recently over tea at an East Village restaurant near her home. “But in ‘Agora,’ it’s the Christians who are the fundamentalists” whose zealotry leads them to destroy one of the libraries of Alexandria, perhaps the greatest center of learning in the ancient world.

Some of those scenes evoke the Taliban’s demolition of statues of Buddha in Afghanistan in 2001, and Ms. Weisz, British born and educated at Cambridge, said such parallels were deliberate. In another scene, Hypatia has a veil put over her head, “and it said in the script that this should be reminiscent of the burqa,” she recalled.

“The very first thing I thought when I read the script was that this is a story about today, a very contemporary, 21st-century story,” she said. She mentioned opposition to stem cell research and to the teaching of evolution as examples of “a wall between science and religion” that still stands, and then concluded her thought: “That we’re still killing people in the name of God is primitive but true.”

“Agora,” whose title refers to the public square and marketplace where ideas were debated in the ancient Greek world, is directed by the Spanish-Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Amenábar, who wrote the screenplay with Mateo Gíl. He originally envisioned a movie about the history of astronomy from Aristotle to Einstein but changed direction when his research brought him to Hypatia and the period just before the start of the Dark Ages.

“She was an exceptional woman, a virginal intellectual who managed to impose herself as an important figure, a reference point in the philosophical and political life of Alexandria during a crucial epoch” Mr. Amenábar said. “We are accustomed to seeing lions devouring Christians in films, but not the transformation of Christians from a persecuted group to one that is powerful and armed.”

For Mr. Amenábar, “Agora” also represents a notable change in style. The two films for which he is best known, “The Other” and the Academy Award-winning “Sea Inside,” were both intimate pieces set in small spaces. “Agora,” on the other hand, required the construction of virtually an entire city in Malta for filming early in 2008 and also features a large, cosmopolitan and polyglot cast, including actors from Britain, France, Latin America, Israel and the Arab world who are Christian, Muslim and Jewish.

“That set was a wonderful gift, because all of us immediately felt like we were in a different world and time the minute we arrived for work each day,” said Max Minghella, who plays Davus, Hypatia’s young slave. “Most actors these days have to play to a green screen” instead of a real set, “but we didn’t have to work as hard to believe all the things we were doing. And I’d be lying if I said there was not a fair amount of religious debate on the set, which was really stimulating.”

Since “Agora” is a commercial enterprise, it also includes a romantic subplot. Though Hypatia never married and once publicly displayed a cloth clotted with menstrual blood to argue against the attractions of carnal love, an episode reproduced in “Agora,” the film places her at the center of an unrequited love triangle: both Davus and an admiring student who becomes imperial prefect of Alexandria pine fruitlessly for her.

Ms. Weisz, who in 2006 won an Academy Award as best supporting actress for her role in “The Constant Gardener,” describes herself as “extremely passionate about what I do” and initially found Hypatia’s cool rationality hard to fathom. Early on, she said, she “half-jokingly” suggested a masturbation scene for Hypatia to Mr. Amenábar, who demurred.

“My fear was that she would be a brain on legs, and that is not interesting to watch,” Ms. Weisz explained. “My hope was that she would be passionate and emotional and full of feeling, even though it was not being channeled into the sexual, personal, human realm. She is in love with science, with learning. It turned her on; that was the only way I could think of it.”

Gaps in the historical record allowed the filmmakers to take other liberties for dramatic effect. Mr. Amenábar brought a British historical consultant, Justin Pollard, author of “The Rise and Fall of Alexandria: Birthplace of the Modern Mind,” and a Spanish astronomer onto the set, but also simplified or diverged from the facts when it suited his purposes.

The historical Hypatia, for example, may have been much older at her death than the age suggested for her in “Agora.” The film also shows her theorizing that our planetary system is heliocentric more than a millennium before Copernicus and Galileo argued that the earth is not the center of the universe, but the historical record, while full of references to her brilliance, is sketchy on that point.

“Because there are so many holes in the story, you have a lot of scope for putting in your own drama,” Mr. Pollard said. “No works of Hypatia survive, and her story is one told in fragments written by various authors in smaller pieces in other books that are now lost, translated into Arabic and which then came back to the West. So you have to take it all with a pinch of salt.”

The film also glosses over some of the distinctions between the library and museum of Alexandria, founded in the third century B.C., and what befell them afterward. Roman-era chronicles, as well as later works, suggest that at least part of the library was destroyed when Julius Caesar invaded Egypt in 48 B.C., and that Christians were responsible only for the damage done in Hypatia’s time to a secondary “daughter library,” which may also have been attacked by Muslim conquerors in the seventh century A.D.

“There is always license,” Mr. Amenábar said when asked about his focus on Christian depredations. “But in comparison to cinema today, we tried to be very rigorous and faithful to reality.”

In Europe, where “Agora” was released last year and became the box office champion of 2009 in Spain, that portrayal of Christian zealotry has provoked controversy. Hoping to head off trouble with the Vatican, the film’s Italian distributor, for example, invited Roman Catholic clergy members to an advance screening but described their reaction as “all on edge.” And fearing attacks on its Coptic Christian minority, Egypt has restricted showings of “Agora” there, according to news reports.

“Fundamentally, this is a very Christian film about the life of a martyr,” Mr. Amenábar said. “It denounces intolerance and pays homage to those voices that favor serenity and dialogue. Jesus would not have approved of what happened to Hypatia, which is why I say no good Christian should feel offended by this film.”

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 06-22-2010

[quote name='G.Subramaniam' date='22 June 2010 - 07:48 AM' timestamp='1277172640' post='107116']“Agora,” [...] also features a large, cosmopolitan and polyglot cast, including actors from Britain, France, Latin America, Israel and the Arab world who are Christian, Muslim and Jewish.[/quote]

Huh, what? What do islamaniacs have to do with Hypatia's life and times? Christists, yes: they were the terrorists. And while Jewish people certainly existed at the time, how are they relevant to this case?

[In contrast, all three monotheisms (<- it's their term for themselves, so can use it; it's the Other that does not self-identify: heathens don't have a worldview that necessitates the forging of ideas like polytheism for contrastiveness, heathens' traditions/books don't boo at one-gawd-isms)

- in contrast, all 3 monotheisms have a place in that absurd Ridley Scott film "Kingdom of Heaven" - the movie about the crusaders and the islamaniacs illegally taking Jewish land that was illegally-occupied by christomaniacs. (I expected better of Scott who IIRC had directed the brilliant BladeRunner. Although, the brilliance there was not in the direction but in Sid the Visual Futurist, the composer Vangelis and Philip K Dick, who authored Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.)]

But note how there's no representation of the actual (only) people who matter here: the Hellenes. They are not allowed to represent themselves. it's christoislamaniacs and other unrelated persons playing them. (It's non-Hellenes who wrote this script, so it's not a Hellenistic viewpoint at all. In fact, matters are worse.)

The christists hired ought to play the villains only: as was their historical role. But I bet that's not the case in this film: bet some of the terrorists played the Hellenes, the very people their religion victimised. Even the director sounds decidedly christist (see final para of the NYT article).

Quote:(Max Minghella, who plays DavusSmile "And I’d be lying if I said there was not a fair amount of religious debate on the set, which was really stimulating.”
Ja ja, sounds vastly stimoolating. (Ben ik blij dat ik niet intellectueel ingesteld ben.)

Again, how is this relevant? There's no Hellenes. Those present were all debating to the air.

What do christoislamania - or even Judaism and atheism/agnosticism - have to do with Hellenismos? Nothing. Zilch. These entitites on the set can debate all they want, but there's no representation of the legitimates here, so the 'religious debate' can be no more than some irrelevant babbling between Judaism and its unwanted unintended heresies.

And how "stimulating" can a "religious debate" be between monotheists - *especially* when it involves christoislamanics?

And later come the paras that say it all:

Quote:“There is always license,” Mr. Amenábar said when asked about his focus on Christian depredations. “But in comparison to cinema today, we tried to be very rigorous and faithful to reality.”
What a lie. (Or self-delusion. Call it what you will.)

Quote:In Europe, where “Agora” was released last year and became the box office champion of 2009 in Spain, that portrayal of Christian zealotry has provoked controversy. Hoping to head off trouble with the Vatican, the film’s Italian distributor, for example, invited Roman Catholic clergy members to an advance screening but described their reaction as “all on edge.” And fearing attacks on its Coptic Christian minority, Egypt has restricted showings of “Agora” there, according to news reports.
To worry about - and act around - catholic opinion on historical truth implies christist tendencies in the creators of the film.

And most especially this:

Quote:“Fundamentally, this is a very Christian film about the life of a martyr,” Mr. Amenábar said. “It denounces intolerance and pays homage to those voices that favor serenity and dialogue. Jesus would not have approved of what happened to Hypatia, which is why I say no good Christian should feel offended by this film.”
If that para doesn't prove that this film is just pre-emptive christian apologetics - trying to hijack the voice of the legitimates (the Hellenes) and put words in their mouths and give the christist slant to historical events - then I don't know what could further set alarm bells off in heathen heads the world over of how this movie is but more christism afoot.

Enough with the lying ("apologetics"). It wasn't "bad unchristian so-called christians" who killed hypatia and destroyed the many libraries. It was True Christianism - hence True Christians - who did it. It is the one-and-only christianism which has therefore been oft-repeated the world over.

Genociding heathens, destroying their Temples, burning their books and libraries - it's what christos=arch-terrorists DO. It's their way, their ideology.

But all this destruction is not enough for christos. Because once it's over, they insist on lying about it too: they lie about history. When they get caught and are facing exposure (such as now, when more people in the world know about Hypatia and the Lib of Alexandria, despite the 'holy' church doing its best to keep it all covered for so long), christists make an Apologetics Film about it. The world knows it's the christians that did it. So they are now playing the "Good Christians Didn't Do it (Wouldn' Have Done It) Because Jesus Wouldn't Have Done It" card. [Of course jeebus would have done it had he existed: it is *commanded* in the OT, and as the non-existent jeebus is made to say in the babble: he came to uphold the Law (i.e OT).]

And so the latest apologetics too: what A LIE. The christo Lies never end.

They are killing Hypatia all over again: maiming the accurate memory of her. This movie is just another subversion of actual history: of actual events AND voices.

I can't work out why they're recommending it at

(Hmmm, the comment there mistakes Agora as referring to some Hindu word - the comment can't mean Aghora, since in Samskritam gh is obviously an entirely different letter/sound from g.

Plus: Agora is just 3 syllables for goodness sake, is it beyond conception that the Greeks could have such a word too? Here, Agora is referring to a very Greek term, which in this age has also gained the derived meaning of internet forums. Hence the forums at are called.... Agora.)

This movie is just the christianism of the 20th/21st century. Initially, the christists were jubilant about having massacred Hypatia. Eventually they figured they better make up some 'learned' santa woman to compete with Hypatia:

Quote:St Catharine of Alexandria:

"To remove Hypatia from our collective memory, the Church made up a new Saint: Catharine of Alexandria. More than 100 years before Hypatia, this "intelligent, beautiful and very conscientious young woman" (fansite) in Alexandria was to have converted pagans to Christianity and had supposedly been murdered for this. Since there's no evidence for her existence, she was stricken from the General Roman Catholic calendar. For six hundred years, she had been one of the most beloved of all the saints, and many Christians revere her still. It is but a beautiful story."

Translated from the final paragraph of the German article Zur Seligsprechung von Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, alias Mutter Teresa.

So now that the santa christist woman has been exposed as one-more convenient cover-up christofiction, and the church has to admit to the murder of Hypatia without being able to resort to their equal-equal using the non-existent Santa Catherine of Alexandria, the pious sheep have jumped to making a film on Hypatia before anyone else does it. So as to give the christian spin first ("it wasn't 'true christians' and jeebus didn't do it") and thereby imprint their own views on the world (audience) beforehand, however subtle the christianism in the views may be. After all, this is the Last Stage Of Apologetics: admit to the crime, but deny that true christians had done it ('christianism is incapable' argument).

Aren't people sick of the christist subversion (such as through apologetics=excuses=lying) already? Why support this mental subversion with money? The people who made it have laid bare their motivations. What else is there to know.

Better for heathens to spend money on heathen cinema instead. There are nations which still produce excellent, excellent *heathen* films. (Not India, of course. Indian cinema has been christoislamised but has a secular veneer in order to make the gullibles in the Hindoo target audience swallow it. A few decades ago, Hindus still made their own films: films for their own people. Now, those individus with Hindu ancestry make secular junk - a lot christoconditioned and islam-hindu bhai bhai. And the christoislamis make christoislamic/anti-Hindu movies: islamania now owns 'bollywood', may as well call it pak/puke cinema unless the audience agrees that urdu is the Hindi region's language. Christomania is going to make a bid to take over Indian cinema in southern regions. And then there's commie cinema. No doubt it's all secular coincidence again. Government. Education/History. Awards. Media. Cinema. The whole brainwashing system in place. Yes, what a coincidence.)

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 06-22-2010

And about the following:

[quote name='G.Subramaniam' date='22 June 2010 - 07:48 AM' timestamp='1277172640' post='107116']The film also glosses over some of the distinctions between the library and museum of Alexandria, founded in the third century B.C., and what befell them afterward. Roman-era chronicles, as well as later works, suggest that at least part of the library was destroyed when Julius Caesar invaded Egypt in 48 B.C., and that Christians were responsible only [color="#800080"](!!!!)[/color] for the damage done in Hypatia’s time to a secondary “daughter library,” which may also have been attacked by Muslim conquerors in the seventh century A.D.[/quote]Bij Donar, look at their lying (deception by misleading)! It's amazing how brazen they are.

People would already know, but still - in case someone who read the article in G Sub's post doesn't:

1. About the Alexandrian Library.

From the timeline "Summarised from Vlasis Rassias' book "DEMOLISH THEM..", published in Greek, Athens 2000 (2nd edition)":


On 24th February, a new edict of Theodosius prohibits not only visits to Pagan Temples but also looking at vandalised statues. New heavy persecutions all around the Empire. In Alexandria, Egypt, the Gentiles, led by the philosopher Olympius, revolt and after some street fights, finally lock themselves inside the fortified Temple of God Serapis (The Serapeion). After a violent siege, the christians occupy the building, demolish it, [color="#0000FF"]burn its famous Library[/color] and profane the cult images.

Now what are they saying (in very clear English) has happened? In 391, christos demolished the Temple of Serapis in Alexandria and desecrate its Images AND burnt its library. That's just one of those of Alexandria. But that's not all the christos=christoterrorists did.

But there's more, as confessed by early christios and confirmed by the later Gibbon:

Quote:The Library of Alexandria

There were many great collections of books in the ancient world. Most were open to any scholar from anywhere in the world. None of them survived the Christian Dark Age.

The most famous, of course, was the Library at Alexandria. [color="#0000FF"]In fact, there were at least three different libraries coexisting in the city.[/color]

The main or [color="#0000FF"]'Royal Library'[/color] was in the Brucchium (northeast sector of the city), close to the palace grounds and forming [color="#0000FF"]part of the Museum, a 'temple'[/color] dedicated to the nine Muses (in the style of Plato's Academy, Aristotle's Lyceum, Zeno's Stoa and the school of Epicurus). The library was surrounded by courtyards, gardens, and a zoo. The gathering of books and scrolls had begun with Ptolemy I Soter (304 - 284 BC) using the Greek scholar/politico Demetrius as his agent. Works were translated into Greek, most famously the Septuagint – Jewish scripture – supposedly the labour 72 rabbis. (Letter of Aristeas, 9 -10 (180 -145 BC) Ptolemy's ambition had been to possess all known world literature.

Scholars – perhaps as many as a 100 – were invited to residency at the Museum and to analyse critically observations and deductions made in mathematics, medicine, astronomy, and geometry. They were fed and funded initially by the royal family, and later, during the Roman period, by public money. Most of the western world's discoveries were recorded and debated there for the next 500 years.

The evidence of Plutarch, Gellius and Seneca strongly indicates the Royal Library had suffered considerable fire damage at the time of Julius Caesar's expedition when Caesar torched the fleet of Cleopatra's brother and the fire spread to the harbour area.

[color="#800080"](Be that as it may, christists of the 4th century burnt it. So no need for NYT obfuscations.) [/color]

Plutarch informs us that Mark Anthony, making good the loss, gave Cleopatra the entire contents - some 200,000 rolls - of the rival Pergamon library as a gift.

A 'daughter Library' was located in the nearby temple of Serapis in the south-western quarter (Epiphanius of Cyprus (c. 402 AD) Weights and Measures). The Serapeum – in honour of the new god – had begun with Ptolemy II Philadelphus and was completed by his son.

The Emperor Claudius, in the mid-1st century, set up the Claudian Library to be a centre for the study of history. Hadrian, following a visit to Alexandria in 130, restored the city and founded a new library in the Caesareum. Sophists, such as Dionysius of Miletus and Polemon of Laodikeia, where attracted to the city in what was a second century revival of Alexandrian scholarship. This brief flowering ended with the "rapine and cruelty" which Caracalla visited upon the eastern provinces early in the third century.

We may never know precisely the fate of reputedly 400 - 700,000 priceless scrolls. The civil commotions of the 260s and 270s, when much of the city was damaged, would not have been happy days for the libraries.The cutting off of imperial revenue by 4th century Christian Emperors sent the [color="#0000FF"]Museum[/color] into terminal decline. Writing early in the 5th century, Orosius, Christian author of History against the Pagans, admitted fellow Christians had plundered temples and emptied book chests. [color="#0000FF"]Gibbon was in no doubt:[/color]

"The valuable library of Alexandria was pillaged or destroyed; and near twenty years afterwards, the appearance of the empty shelves excited the regret and indignation of every spectator whose mind was not totally darkened by religious prejudice." (Chapter 28).

[color="#800080"](^ From British historian Edward Gibbon's Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire.

The intro to the work at states:

"Gibbon was one of the leading figures of the Enlightenment, and his unvarnished take on the early Church has led to the book being banned sporadically. The Decline and Fall has had a massive cultural impact, including being an inspiration for Isaac Asimov's Foundation series."

Why do people think it was banned? Same reason the church is hyper edgy about even this christist apologetical movie.)[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]Gibbon placed the blame squarely at the door of Theophilus.[/color] That Bishop Theophilus had led the destruction of pagan temples, most famously the [color="#0000FF"]Serapeum[/color], is certain. Socrates Scholasticus reports [color="#800080"](admits!)[/color] the following:

"Demolition of the Idolatrous Temples at Alexandria, and the Consequent Conflict between the Pagans and Christians.

At the solicitation of Theophilus bishop of Alexandria the emperor issued an order at this time for the demolition of the heathen temples in that city; commanding also that it should be put in execution under the direction of Theophilus.

Seizing this opportunity, Theophilus exerted himself to the utmost ... he caused the Mithreum to be cleaned out... Then he destroyed the Serapeum... and he had the phalli of Priapus carried through the midst of the forum. ... the heathen temples... were therefore razed to the ground, and the images of their gods molten into pots and other convenient utensils for the use of the Alexandrian church ... "

It may well be that that the noble Hypatia was the 'last member of the Library of Alexandria.'

So, to remind oneself, where did Hypatia fit in all of this? Well, she was murdered some years afterwards - in 415 - by another christomaniac (I mean: True Christian, On Fire For non-existent Jeebus): bishop Cyril of Alexandria, nephew and successor of bishop True Christian Theophilus who was already seen above:


In Alexandria, Egypt, the mob urged by the bishop Cyrillus, attacks a few days before the judaeo-christian Pascha (Pesach-Easter) and hacks to pieces the famous and beautiful philosopher Hypatia. Pieces of her body are paraded by the christian mob through the streets of Alexandria, and are finally burned together with her books in a place called Cynaron. On 30th August, new persecutions start against all the Pagan priests of North Africa, who end their lives either crucified or burned alive.
By the way, remember that Bishop Cyril was sainted: it's *Santa* Cyril <- so that gives one an additional appreciation of the degree to which the Roman church is hyper-uneasy about even this movie. (Wasn't Cyril a Church Father to boot? If so, would makes him even more extra important.) I'm going to just print my long-standing assumption that there's only one famous Bishop Cyril in all the 4th/early 5th century story: the same guy who tried his Most Ultimate Bestest christist apologetics on (as he admitted) only the easiest of points raised by the earlier Emperor Julian in said Emperor's work which debunked christianism.

There's a bit more on Hypatia at in the section "Alexandria: its temples, its Great Library and Hypatia".

The section that ends with:

Quote:After Hypatia's murder the scholars left en masse and Alexandria became steadily less stable. It was overrun by those monks who evolved into the Copts and who were opposed to scientific and classical knowledge. Some time later, Alexandria revolted against Constantinople. It splintered into two factions contending between two Patriarchs, and eventually Alexander's city fell to Moslem conquerors who, of like mind to their Christian predecessors, had the last of the library burned in 686 CE - as fuel in the bath-houses.

See more: Chapter II - Athanasius to Hypatia from Crimes of Christianity by G W Foote and J M Wheeler
So islamaniacs destroyed the last library of ancient GR (or whatever remained of it at the time), but christos had completely destroyed all the other ones.

(One notes that Foote and Wheeler have aptly titled their book Crimes of christianism, instead of excusing the inexcusable "christianism".)

Quote:With pious enthusiasm the ancient pagan temples, works of art and libraries (note the plural) were destroyed, and trampled by rampant Christians in a frenzied religious demolition craze. Under the command of bishops and abbots Christian monks were often the most active. The Greek called them “swinish black-cloths”, because “they looked like men but lived like pigs”. A contemporary writer tells us “armed with clubs or stones and swords they ran to the temples, some without these weapons only with their bare hands and feet” (Libanios “Pro temples” 389 AD). As soon as they had destroyed one temple, they dashed away to the next. They toppled over walls, smashed idols, statues and art-objects and altars, and stole the temples wealth for themselves.

Bishop Theophilius of Alexandria participated personally in levelling pagan temples and altars. This busy bishop is personally credited with destroying a huge statue of Sarapis with an axe in 391 AD, a statue made by the great Athenian artist Bryaxis. The Christian demolition craze destroyed a huge parts of antiquity’s religious artworks and written texts. Numerous priests and bishops made a name and a career for themselves as temple-destroyers. A bishop named Marcellus distinguished himself in this area, he demolished among other things the big Zeus temple in Apameia. Among the ravaging Christians it soon became popular to gather souvenirs and trophies from the holy pagan places they levelled. Bishop Theophilius organised boisterous mocking-processions with these trophies through the streets of Alexandria.

2. As already mentioned in the above quoteblock, the christoterrorists demolished many GR libraries. Practically ALL the libraries of GR (the islamaniacs got the last one).

E.g. here's the comparatively 'benign' christian (i.e. christoterrorist) Emperor Jovian, who succeeded the assassinated Emperor - and Hero of Hellenismos and ultimately all heathenism - Julian:


Emperor Flavius Jovianus orders the burning of the Library of Antioch. An Imperial edict (11th September) [color="#0000FF"]orders the death penalty for all Gentiles that worship their ancestral Gods or practice Divination[/color] ("sileat omnibus perpetuo divinandi uriositas"). Three different edicts (4th February, 9th September, 23rd December) order the confiscation of all properties of Pagan Temples and the death penalty for participation in Pagan rituals, even private ones.
See, that's before bishop Theophilus destroyed the Alexandrian Grand Library/ies. And before Cyril's christomob massacred Hypatia.

Remember that there were a great many more libraries in GR - all burnt down in time by christists. Christists today, having become cornered on what christianism did to Alexandria's Libraries, have resorted to pretending that Alexandria's lib was the only "one" - conveying this convenient myopic view of the issue, they adjust the angle of their apologetics/excuses for christianism to dealing with just this one case. It's akin to how christoislamaniacs make up lie after lie to deny what happened to the Kovil at Ayodhya, by systematically ignoring, hence hiding, how islamania (and christomania) destroyed a great many Hindu and other Dharmic Temples all over India.

The fact is, what befell Alexandria's library was part of a christist pattern that had started earlier and would continue after. (Just like the Kovil/Mandiram at Ayodhya and Somnath was just one in thousands of Hindu Temples destroyed by the islamaniacs. It is an instance.)

E.g. other libraries the christists famously burnt down include not just the one in Antioch that the christian emperor Jovian ordered burnt, but the Julian Library. So the burning of GR libraries continued past the 4th century into the 6th at least: and tells not about a 'holy' bishop like Theophilus, or a sainted church father like bishop Cyril, but of a famous pope:

Quote:Gregory I 590-604 Greatest slave owner of his century, also burnt libraries, and was the first Pope to sell relics

After Gregory's death there was a tradition in the Church, reproduced in the "Polycraticus" (ii, 26) of John Salisbury, that the Pope had burned the old Roman libraries which still remained on the Capitoline and the Palatine Hills. I have little doubt that the tradition is correct.

... The Julian library at Rome (which, with others, the Pope is said to have burned) contained one hundred and twenty thousand books.

-- The Story Of Religious Controversy, by [color="#800080"](encyclopaedic brain!)[/color] Joseph McCabe, historian and former Franciscan monk
And, as has been mentioned often enough, the works by the ex-catholic-turned-atheist McCabe were on the Catholic Church's list of forbidden books (i.e. the papist sheep weren't allowed to read them).

The Hellenistic GrecoRomans liked and valued books (which is why their libraries and museums were attached to Temples/their Gods). Of course, as people know, the Hellenes at least weren't into the pretty-only-in-theory idea of free speech (=in practice always "Freedom To Christolie, but Heathens Shut Up". Blasphemy laws are always against non-christoislamics and after that against heretics. Such 'laws' made by secularism are at the expense of heathenism only while it is in the majority. When christoislamism gains power, Free Speech sentiments vanish into thin air). While Celts didn't write down their stuff, and early Persians apparently disapproved of writing *because* lies are long-lived, Romans for example didn't like junk works and so didn't remotely approve of all books blindly. They weren't all for works that disparaged their Gods either (in English need to use the term "blasphemy" again, but the distinction is that the GrecoRomans disproved of lies against their True Gods. Whereas blasphemy in christoislamism is a charge directed against revealing facts about christoislamism's non-existent nasty entity jeebusjehovallah. Note the massive distinction - it's one that heathens automatically make). And, as always, that incomparable Julian was X steps ahead: as I would no doubt have stated several times, even in that ancient age he was against works-that-pretended-to-be-history-but-were-fiction-and-didn't-say-they-were-fiction. I.e. he was after the Gospels in particular, since such works were at the root of such problems: historical fictions which used actual settings to peddle the lies they contained among the gullibles who couldn't/didn't know to sift the truth from the delusional makebelieve they were being sold. So very different from the sort of people today, who, without thinking through implications (no independent thought), blindly support frequently-peddled simplistic (but popular!) notions like "Freedom To Speech/Screech": i.e. Freedom To Lie, which is the situation whereby lies are essentially automatically given the same weighted value as truth, since there's no mandate that goes with the Free Speech thing insisting that people write disclaimers indicating exactly what is just fiction (i.e. a lie) or mere supposition (i.e. opinion) vs what is verifiable truth (i.e. fact).

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 06-26-2010

Still on Alexandrian libraries. I forgot about the following last time...

Repeat of some old stuff collated by Michael Kalopoulos. Belongs here because it's more of "Christoterrorism Caught With Red Hands: Back When It Was Still Proud of It" -

Relevant bit in blue. (My insert in purple.) Also replaced angle brackets used in the original for content quoted from ancient sources with italic bookends and/or with embedding quotes.


Saint Basil the Great, Bishop of Caesarea (alias Santa Claus)

"The Greeks are enemies, for they delight in devouring Israel with their mouth wide open"

"By mouth the prophet means (see Isaiah 9.11) the power of the sophists speech that will use every argument to confuse the simple believers"

> Saint Basil of Caesarea ON PROPHET ISAIAH

My Order is, (!!!) Show no cowardice when you are faced with the Greeks hypotheses, which resemble wood, or rather a used up torch that has lost its liveliness and all power of the wood, and neither does it display any more the torches glow. Indeed like extinguished, smoking torches they will stain black and dishonor he who would reach for them and bring tears to the eyes of those who would venture near them. The same effect has (The Greeks ) falsely named knowledge to the people who would use it

JOHN CHRYSOSTOM Archbishop of Constantinople

Should you look into (Greek ideas) you will see ashes and dust and nothing wholesome but a gaping grave that is the larynx (Of the Greek philosophers) and everything filled with impurities and pus, their doctrines swarming with vermin this is what the Greeks begot and expanded, taking over from the philosophers as for ourselves we will not resign from the fight against them.

> John Chrysostom (344-407AD) ON SAINT JOHN THE APOSTLE (SPEECH Ξ΄Σ΄) 59.369.12-370.11

Note the philobarbarian attitude of Saint John Chrysostom:

The more a nation looks barbaric and is estranged from Greek culture, the more our teachings shine this (faithful) barbarian has conquered the entire world and while all Greek culture is extinguished and destroyed, his (the barbarian s) shines brighter every day.

> Saint John Chrysostom TO JOHN 59.31.33

Saint John Chrysostom undermines the status of the library of Alexandria with torching statements:

Why therefore, should the Temple of Serapis (The Library of Alexandria) be considered sacred on account of the books? It should not be! but demons occupy the place rather these are ( the Greeks) demons themselves an invisible altar stands next to them on which human souls are sacrificed so understand and spread the word that demons occupy the place.

> John Chrysostom ADVERSUS JUDAEOS 48.851.38 to 852.35

Demons according to the wise Archbishop were the books of the Library of Alexandria and soul-sacrificing altars the Greek Libraries!

Accordingly the PATRIARCE OF ALEXANDRIA THEOPHILUS finally demolished the Library in 391 A.D.:

In Alexandria all the buildings of the Temple of Serapis had a fate similar to the poetic tales of the Giants during the Kingdom of Theodosius and presiding of Theophilus, the votive offerings were destroyed-And they fought the statues and the votive offerings so "valiantly" that they not only triumphed but stole them as well of the Temple of Serapis it was only the foundation stones they did not remove, and that because of the weight of the stones, that (the foundation stones) were immovable. These militant and avaricious "braves" considered the desecration to be a commendable act. Then we were invaded by so called monks, a sort of people, who lead a pig s life and are obviously deranged, perpetrating millions of unheard of evil acts, thinking these were acts of devotion.. At that time any man wearing a black robe had a tyrant s power and could perpetrate any ugly act in public. To this "virtue" were people transformed by the new religion.


(In the above, note the description of christianism and christians (=people possessed by christianism/jeebus) which the Hellene Eunapios has left us. Nothing has changed. It is the same today: e.g. the christoterrorist Deivanayakan who threatens to storm Kapaleeshwarar Kovil. Or compare the subtle "secular"-looking but very christist destruction of Hindu temples and sacred sites like Ramarsethu, Amarnath, Chidambaranatha Kovil and other Mandirams under the christist HR&CE 'temple' board <- compare that with the way the christoterrorist emperors of the 4th century systematically destroyed the Alexandrian Museum which contained the Royal Library of Alexandria: "The cutting off of imperial revenue by 4th century Christian Emperors sent the Museum into terminal decline."

No, it's *not* coincidence. It is the proverbial frog being slowly boiled: the anti-Hindu process is so 'slow' and of such a vast scale and there's so much media-fog and secular-fog that the general Hindu is unable to add 2 and 2 together, since they first don't see that there are numbers to be added. And when they finally note one or two things happening - some blatant, some random-looking - they don't tie it to other similar events going on in the nation to notice that it is not a one-off, but part of a larger pattern. When they finally notice the larger trend, they blame some 'secular anti-Hinduism'. But anti-Hinduism, like all anti-heathenism, has a name. It's christoislamicommunism. But in cases like the systematic, secular-looking destruction of our temples and Hindu education centers etc, it is called CHRISTIANISM. But I forget: seculars are too sensitive to name the beast.)

[image caption (image not in archive page):] Library of alexandria


Your poor and wretched people, you have raised from the manure of the Greek excrements and you have seated him among the Lords of Israel, his own people.

> Eusebius Praep Evang./ON PSALMS / HALLELUJAH. ΡΙΒ΄(23.1352.34)

Relevant passages from the Writings of Eusebius:

"Abandoning the Greek follies is an act of wisdom."

"Abandon all the Greeks philosophers have proposed on the beginning of things."

"(The Greeks) perform witchcraft and therewith force the minds of persons".

"Their statues are created with witchcraft and they lead you to sorcery."

"Of ancient Hebrews and why we preferred their Scriptures over the Greek words."

"The Greeks benefited in everything from the barbarians."

"Thieves of ideas are the Greeks."

"Why after reasonable judgment and wise deliberation we admitted the truth of the Hebrew history."



As for myself I consider the Greek culture nonsense, uttered by an evil demon and the saddest of affairs


JOHN CHRYSOSTOM forbids use of Greek names

None must call his children the (Greek) ancestors names, be that of their father, their mother, their grandfather or their great grandfather, but instead you must use those of the righteous (of the Old Testament)

> John Chrysostom De inani gloria et de educandis liberis (690) 641.65

John Chrysostom recruited mercenaries to systematically demolish the Greek majestic buildings:

John the Great (Chrysostom) gathered monks inflamed with the zeal of the Lord (fanatical monks), armed them with royal mandate and sent them against the heathen (Greek) shrines. The money paid to those working in demolition and to their assistants he did not obtain from the royal treasury (!) but from wealthy ladies he convinced to contribute so they would obtain the blessing of the Lord with the splendor of their faith. In this way he razed to the ground the rest of the buildings (Temples, monuments, graves, houses).

The bits above that aren't about the Alexandrian lib are included so that anyone unfamiliar will learn that the christians HATED all of Greek religion (including, as you see, Greek philosophy - which was part of Hellenistic religion). Christianism's hatred of Hellenistic religion (dubbed merely "Greek culture" as Indians do of Hindu Dharmic tradition) is important to remember because:

1. The christians did NOT preserve it. But they destroyed it. Examples of evidence are in the above quoteblock and the preceding post.

2. Early christianism (and its corporeal body, christians) sucked out the Hellenistic host. It stole from Hellenismos and killed it. Completely. It was achieved through the process of inculturation: appropriation.

3. A great many centuries later, christians once more stole and stole and then stole again from Hellenismos (e.g. the philosophical aspect of Hellenismos, which is actually intrinsic and inseparable from it). And then christianism started claiming they preserved Greco(Roman) "culture".

So when christists today are inculturating (appropriating from) Hindu Dharma, it really ought to be a deafening wake up call for Hindus. Because this is exactly what christianism did to Hellenismos. Every aspect of the religious Hellene's life was copied and perverted, trivialised, inverted. All of these were mimicked in an ugly distorted mirror by the christoterrorists. Because christoism is not a religion (jeebus never existed) it has no creativity. Christianism can therefore only inculturate parasitically to gain what it does not have: a culture shell to surround its ideology with (acquired by first divorcing *heathen* culture from the very heathen religion it is innately part of) - and then kill the host heathenism.

Every single encroachment of christoism on Hindu religion should be recognised by Hindus for what it is: a step in christianism's process of destroying Hindu Dharma by first stealing from it. I.e. inculturation forms part of christianism's Replacement Theology.

- Hindus should stop feeling "complimented" by christists' thievery.

- They should stop feeling "glad" in their blind nationalism that christists are "integrating" and becoming more 'Indian'/'indigenous'. This is NOT integration, it is inculturation. It is a fatal stab wound administered by a dark-alley mugger/serial-killer. Then there's also church-mandated infiltration (not just inter-marriage, but also christian insinuation into Hindu events and into Hindus' company: they go out looking for events of heathens congregating, to insinuate themselves=their christianism into Hindus' lives. This too is church mandate by the way. And apparently missionaries' PhDs as well.)

- Hindus really ought to stop pretending that deeply Hindu (i.e. religious) things are merely 'Indian' or some unaffiliated 'culture' with a token Hindu prefix (or "Indian culture"), let alone something 'universal' to be shared with the rest of the world (Yoga etc).

Hmmm. There was one more thing on Chrysostom, the archbishop of Constantinople and a "Father of the Church" (= one of those early important christians who defined what christianism was) - who had railed against Alexandria's Temple of Serapis and its Library to further inflame his faithful christo sheep into destroying it. Like bishop Cyrillus, Chrysostom is yet another revered Santa:

Quote:St John Chrysostom: He hated Greek civilization and was bent upon its destruction. He gathered monks to destroy ancient Greek buildings and their "idols". Like many another Churchfather, he was a great anti-semite who added much to the Church's teachings on the matter. He was also an advocate of slavery. And like Bishop Eusebius, John was a well-known author of outrageous Christian fiction which he passed off as fact. He was also a self-confessed proponent of lying:

Quote:"Do you see the advantage of deceit? ...

For great is the value of deceit, provided it be not introduced with a mischievous intention. In fact action of this kind ought not to be called deceit, but rather a kind of good management, cleverness and skill, capable of finding out ways where resources fail, and making up for the defects of the mind ...

And often it is necessary to deceive, and to do the greatest benefits by means of this device, whereas he who has gone by a straight course has done great mischief to the person whom he has not deceived."

-- St John Chrysostom, in Treatise On The Priesthood, Book 1"

So Chrysostom is anti-semite, pro-slavery, destroyer of Temples and images of Gods and heathen libraries, and liar for gawd? Of course he's a christian saint.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 06-27-2010

Read after the opening quoteblock of the ^ previous post ^



On longest day, Assam witnesses largest confluence of [color="#0000FF"]holy[/color] men


....Sangam, the confluence of the Rivers Ganges, Yamuna the mythical Saraswati, in Allahabad.
("Mythical Saraswati" repeated on most every page.)

Either converts or cowards (pick one) wrote the story. It reads like an erstwhile christobrit wrote it - but it's probably an 'Indian' who did. Totally alienated from Hindu Dharma, like most are.

Indian christoised ignorants, so proud of their bad - usually deeply bad - English (the only language they 'know', I'm betting), usually have to follow their mention of "Sadhus" with an explanation for their fellow 'Indian' ignorants: "Sadhus (Indian holy men)". You know you're in for total loserness.

Note the infinite repeat of the "mythical Saraswati". If that isn't penned by a christobrit's illegal offspring...

(But nice to see images such as of how there still exist Hindus who continue to do pooja to the Cow, without remotely needing to resort to excuses which the angelsk-speakers always have to come up with when they feel divided inside. But then, cowards are a class apart.)

Oh and the comments section has full-on christoterrorist gems like -

a) the almost - almost - "secular"-sounding:


Tuesday, 22 June 2010 18:09:17

Well another day is chosen to mess up the river Ganges (Ganga) where so called Sadhus & sanyasis leave their filth & destroy the serenity of the name of Ganga which is already polluted to the brink. Not even the ddevil could attain the hights the hauan race has attained in ruining the environment in the name of GOD. God wants you to be clean internally first, & then in your deeds that you do should be acceptable in the society thats when you reach the holy level Not just by making a big show off of making a GOD to be pleased as if he is sleeping. Please do not spoil the [color="#0000FF"]God[/color] given nature in the name of [color="#FF0000"]GODS & GODS & GODS.[/color]

b ) And then comes a comment with overt christianism:

Quote:at his own hands

Tuesday, 22 June 2010 20:00:23

[size="6"][color="#0000FF"]satanism, demonism & paganism at its best[/color][/size]

ReplyReport Abuse
reminds one of the verbal christianism=terrorism of the christoterrorist church fathers which preceded the christomobs in Greece and Rome, nah?

First comes the violent christoterrorist words, then comes the burning of all things heathen.

Note that this christoterrorism against Hindus is happening on an Indian MSN site. (Again, one more example of how islam=christianism=islam=christianism=..., etc.)

No, christianism doesn't change: This is all there is to christianism.

2. To the right of the same MSN "india" page linked above, can see a video "The Indian Rupee to get a makeover" where the opening frame shows the image of the new 1 and 2 Rupee coins.

No crosses or santa women this time (that's going by the heads end of the coins visible in the video frame). But before one cheers too soon, can see how [color="#0000FF"]the coins sport meaningless psecular 1 finger and two finger engravings on them[/color], respectively. No doubt the initial ideas that were floated of santas and crosses were deemed too ... too premature for a nation that still has more non-christians than christoism (including crypto-christianism) is ready to openly antagonise at present.

So christoism has resorted to laying more of the necessary groundwork, by doing what communism in China does best (and Russia did): pretend the nation is uniformly secular/unreligious/atheist and has no indigenous religions. 'All religions equally ignored.' Not just the illegitimate ones of christoislamania, but the native, ancestral ones too. It is the beginning: "India is a secular nation" (where, in practice, "secular" translates to "anti-Hindu" in matters like temple management to govt subsidies to media reporting).

But later, when christoism has secured a better/more powerful position, the crusading crusader crosses will be back. And not just on the coins.

- Because, at that point there will be more than merely christoterrorist comments calling Hindus who practise Hindu Dharma (like our rituals/festivals) "satansim=demonism=paganism" (<- see that is the definition that "paganism" has in English and other languages formed by christo-influence. It's why the Hellenes don't like it either. They know what it means, what it has always meant since christianism. Angelsk-speaking Hindus keep using that word. But it doesn't mean what Indians imagine it does.)

- Because, at that point christos will be actively preventing Hindus from worshipping the Hindus' Gods. Christos in India have long been preventing Hindus already by taking over Mandirams, destroying sacred Hindu sites like Ramarsethu and by making festivals and Yatras exceedingly difficult to carry out (and the christist reasoning and planning behind such goings-on is not entirely unknown or undeclared), but christos=terrorists have usually been doing so from behind secular cover so far. But when the time is ripe, they will do so quite openly - as openly as the comment at indian MSN above expresses christoism's biblical views in words. But when the words turn to actions (as they are intended to in time)...

Rome and Greece may seem too remote for people to contemplate. But there are nearer instances. South Korea is not far away. Nor are the christoterrorist events that recently transpired there (and continue to, btw): destruction of Buddhist and native Korean religious temples and gradual suppression, even prohibition, of practising the Korean religions.

So, it really is extremely ostrich-like to imagine that "such things could not happen in India", especially when quite regularly some Hindu temples and vigrahas have already been desecrated, vandalised and burnt by christoterrorists, and others have more recently been openly threatened by christoterrorists (Kapaleeshwarar Kovil). Not to mention the entire genocide of Hindu and other Dharma that christism has inflicted and continues to inflict in the NE like Nagaland, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh and spilling over into Assam too.

South Korea, christist deacon (priest) comments on the string of incessant christian attacks against Buddhist temples:

Quote:Deacon Lee Bahn-Sung - a former Buddhist turned Christian declares on BBC-World (TV), Asia Today, May 21, [color="#FF0000"]1999[/color] [color="#800080"](=practically yesterday)[/color]:

"If I acted on what I believed I, too, could have vandalized temples. When I consider those who commit such acts I think to myself that they have a much stronger faith than me."
A man who knows his bible=word of gawd/jeebusjehovallah. It commands the demolition of heathen temples (in Deuteronomy, I think it was).

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 06-27-2010

And in other news:

Quote:Jharkhand Bishop openly backs Maoist cause

Posted June 21, 2010

May 28, 2010

The Daily Pioneer

Source Link
- Like cryptochristian Suzanne 'Arundhati' Roy. (Who described maoists as "gandhians with guns" - which would be her psecular way of saying "followers of jeebus, prince of peace".) See "Arundhati backs Maoists, dares authorities to arrest her" 03/06/2010 (great, arrest the ancient harpy already. As if her perpetual whining and support for islamoterrorism was not enough, now she has to support christocommuniterrorism as well)

Quote:Mumbai: Criticism for romanticising Naxalism notwithstanding, Booker Prize winning author Arundhati Roy has justified the armed resistance by Maoists and dared the authorities to arrest her for supporting their cause.


[color="#800080"](The one instance where christoislamicommuniterrorists always drops the gandhianism motto is when its supporting armed, violent christoislamicommunism. Else they always preach gandhianism ("Be gandhian towards mohammed afzal", etc). I.e. the gandhianism lecture is only given to the heathen, victimised population of course. Rather like Freedom to Screech=Heathens Shut Up, Gandhianism=Heathens Roll Over And Die.)[/color]
- Like IIRC journalist-turned-Santa-Sonia-govt-appointee John Dayal too.

- Like a vast number of other christians in India too, including the many maoist-christian murderers of Swami Lakshmanananda.

Communism incl. maoism are used as a cover for the real ideology. (Christianism hasn't really 'hijacked' communism, the two meet anyway: communism is the precursor. But the difference is that in India, communism is frequently a conscious cover used by christianism. Parroting oneself is not really meaningful, already stated something to this effect earlier.)

1. Confirmation on Dayal:

via originally this post

Quote:"How can you stop from listening to your conscience? I was a Christian, then a non-believer Marxist for 25 years and now I am Christian again," said Dayal, on the occasion of World Religious Freedom Day, and called for a ban on saffron groups like VHP and Bajrang Dal.
Am sure he made early maoist connections for the True Religion and its church in those 25 years. And his declaring that he merely 'hopped' from one christianism to another during this stage makes for a convenient cover (must have deniability after all: "I was a non-believer marxist in the crucial period of making marxist buddies").

He also "predicted" (i.e. sinisterly alluded to/threatened) grave consequences for Swami Lakshmanananda - reminiscent of the usual christian assassination 'prophecies' which have a very, very long track-record. What a miracle that christian maoists obliged. And of course Dayal helped cover for christoterrorism in Kandhamal with his christist reporting dubbed "fact finding".

2. Plus as was already known after Swami Lakshmanananda's brutal murder by christians=terrorists, it's a lot more than mere christist 'sympathy' for 'maoists'/communists. The christists ARE the maoists/communits:

Quote:Saturday, June 05, 2010

Government official admits Maoist links to Christism

So, it's official now. The culpability of anti-national christist evangelicals in the so-called "Maoist" insurgency was long suspected. The nefarious role of the church funded "human rights advocacy" groups

in fanning the "Maoist" war against the nation gets exposed periodically due to propagandists like Susan "Arundhati" Roy and John Dayal

open sympathy for the terrorist scum.

Recall how the Christian church orchestrated an international campaign championed by several Nobel laureates - to armtwist GOI (if that were needed) into releasing the incarcerated Naxalite courier/doctor/ideologue

Binayak Sen.

Also recall the brutal murder of Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati by "Maoists" in

Kandhamal district, Orissa - where Christist proselytisation is running rampant - for the sole crime of social work in resistance of the predatory missionaries.

The so called "Naxalite" insurgency is simply the Christist church operating under a Maoist Burka, practising their doctrine of "Liberation theology" and attempting to replicate on Indian soil, the CIA/Vatican architected insurgencies in Latin American

banana republics, where the Christian insurgencies were directed against actual communist regimes!

Posted by karyakarta92 at 6/05/2010 11:19:00 PM

3. And then there's also christists working with/hiring communism:

Quote:vatican's hands are bloody -- they supported genocide in rwanda

may 29th, 2010

RajeevSrinivasa vatican godmen/women complicit in tutsi genocide in rwanda. church also implicated in other genocides

they branded the tutsi as 'different' from hutus and incited the latter to massacre the former.

sounds exactly like what godman + DMK are doing in tamil nadu, inciting random tamils to attack and harass brahmins.

[color="#0000FF"]similarly they are paying/inducing the so-called maoists to kill random people in tribal areas, like the train that was derailed.[/color]

this is standard church maneuver.

it is unclear who is more bloodthirsty, the church or the jihadis. both have killed off 100 million people in their bloody history. the communists have tried valiantly but haven't quite made those numbers. yet.

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 5/29/2010 11:37:00 AM 0 comments Links to this post


4. And then there's islamaniac supporters of communism, and the other communist heresies (here marxism) supporting maoism. And supporting the christists who are supporting communism. (I.e. all the "seculars" gathered for one cause.)

Quote:Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Marxists and Islamists gang up in favor of Maoists


A bunch of Marxists, Islamists and p-secs have come together to support Arundhati Roy, who has emerged as a spokesperson for the violent agenda of the Maoists.

It never ceases to amaze me how these 'eminent' people are always ready to team up for each other's cause. Especially if the cause is against the interests of Indians in general, and Hindus in particular. These knaves form a tightly-knit, incestuous group, who will go to any lengths to defend people and groups who kill innocent Indians.

The list includes the usual suspects:


Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - HareKrishna - 07-04-2010

The pope launch the re-evangelisation of the West and express worries about the progressive secularization of these areas.

The russian patriarch salute the catholic plan and latter say that Europe need the collective efforts of all european christians against secularization forces that try to force anti-christians feelings and protect christians from discrimination.The russian patriarch express his support for catholic tentative against italian CEDO initiative to remove the crucifixes from the italian schools.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 07-05-2010

Quote:Saturday, July 03, 2010

Proof that Nepal's Maoist terrorists are all Christians

jul 4th, 2010

courtesy of american baptists, christism comes to nepal.

happy july 4th, indeed.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Ravi

[color="#0000FF"]A Nepali attending a meeting was shocked to see the pujari of the Nepali mandir in Baljit Nagar, Mr Puran Sharma, who is close to the Maoists, leading Christian prayers in Moti Nagar! This kind of subterfuge permeates the movement.

While second-in-command Baburam Bhattarai and his family are openly Christian, Prachanda does not proclaim his religious affiliations but his wife's entire family is Christian. His guru, Chandra Pradesh Gajurel, was a Christian preacher.

Sources estimate that the 42,000-strong Maoist army would be 30 per cent Christian, but the cadre are kept in the dark that the top leadership is predominantly Christian.[/color]

Anti-India axis in Nepal

December 26, 2006, Sandhya Jain

Nepal Prime Minister GP Koirala must be ruing the day he allowed his Seven-Party Alliance to be conned into negotiating with Maoist leader Prachanda. Mr Koirala has given respectability to a bunch of armed thugs, agreeing to bring them into an interim regime and allowing them to dictate an interim Constitution along with the timetable for the election of a new Constituent Assembly to decide the monarchy's future. Unease over the implications of such fundamental changes in the Nepalese civilisational template are now spreading, as evidenced in the rise of pro-monarchy sentiment.

The suspicions are not misplaced. The December 18 wildcat strike in which Maoists unleashed six hours of terrible violence in Kathmandu to protest against the appointment of envoys to 14 countries, indicates that Prachanda intends to dominate the Himalayan kingdom through the barrel of the gun. Any doubts on this score were settled three days later when 5,000 armed rebels walked out of their camps in Ilam and Morang districts in a show of strength that rattled the aged SPA leaders, who have realised that the forces that instigated them to unseat King Gyanendra have used them like a railway service to reach another station.

Those forces want the political dominance of Prachanda through the 'good offices' of an obliging United Nations, which helped the US break up Indonesia and create Christian East Timor. Their success is likely because of Ms Sonia Gandhi's total commitment to the intrinsically anti-Hindu Western agenda. Thus, a civilisationally Hindu India has abandoned a civilisationally Hindu Nepal, because a White Christian dominates an effete Indian Government and wants to help a covert Christian illicitly ascend the throne of Nepal.

Like India today, Nepal tomorrow will have a ruler who does not share the dharma of the people and does not respect their traditions and culture. Unlike Ms Gandhi, Prachanda is an ethnic Nepalese, but his ascension puts Nepalese civilisation in peril. The Bharatiya Janata Party, which has finally got its national agenda together under the promising leadership of Mr Rajnath Singh, would do well not to neglect developments in our neighbourhood. Prachanda is pressurising Mr Koirala to implement the interim Constitution in just 10 days, dissolve the SPA and form an interim Government with Maoist participation, failing which he will unleash mayhem in the Himalayan nation.

Under the November 21 peace accord, Maoists agreed to confine their cadres to 28 camps and lock up their arms under UN supervision. But the sudden violence of the past few days prevented a UN-Maoist joint monitoring team from beginning inspections, and now reports of extortion and intimidation are pouring in from all over the country. The most bizarre aspect of the truce is the SPA's agreeing to let UN monitor the arms of both the Maoists and the Nepal Army, putting the nation's legitimate security force on equal footing with a gangster mob. There is no justice in the demand to confine the Nepal Army to barracks, and obviously a dubious foreign hand is behind this mischief, which will deny Nepalese village folk the sense of security needed to vote freely in the elections.

Elimination of the Nepal Army from the national scene will give the Western-dominated UN a free hand to do as it pleases in the polls, a situation New Delhi must resist. India's Election Commission will not be able to ensure free and fair elections there unless the Nepal Army or the Indian Army keeps Maoist arms and cadre under lock and key; by current estimates Maoists can win just about 10 out of 205 seats in a fair election. The UN must either be kept out or its mission manned exclusively by adherents of non-monotheistic faiths. As the main Opposition party, the BJP must speak up for the civilisational integrity of Nepal and resist Ms Gandhi's subversion of our traditional foreign policy.

Given the steep rise in conversion activity in India since Ms Gandhi's ascent, the BJP would do well to scrutinise missionary activism among the capital's Nepalese population as well. According to reliable sources, Maoists in New Delhi have close links with Christian groups. In Baljit Nagar, Moti Bagh and Mehrauli areas, secret churches have been established in houses occupied by Maoists. One church, with a banner proclaiming 'World Unification Movement', was visited by an unidentified White man who spoke about the political situation in Nepal.

[color="#0000FF"]Sources suggest the gentleman could be from the US-based Republication International Movement (RIM), which is active in Asia. This seems likely because a Meerut school, Thomas Child Academy, which is caring for the orphan children of Nepalese Maoist cadre, is known to display the RIM flag on occasions. Nearly 100 Nepalis have been provided employment in Indian churches and are luring fellow Nepalis to the congregations every Sunday, where the Maoist newspapers, Dishabodh and Dishanidesh, are distributed free.

A Nepali attending a meeting was shocked to see the pujari of the Nepali mandir in Baljit Nagar, Mr Puran Sharma, who is close to the Maoists, leading Christian prayers in Moti Nagar! This kind of subterfuge permeates the movement. While second-in-command Baburam Bhattarai and his family are openly Christian, Prachanda does not proclaim his religious affiliations but his wife's entire family is Christian. His guru, Chandra Pradesh Gajurel, was a Christian preacher. Sources estimate that the 42,000-strong Maoist army would be 30 per cent Christian, but the cadre are kept in the dark that the top leadership is predominantly Christian.

Nepal's temporary Constitution recognises all religions, but Hindus are apprehensive about the changes desired by the rebels. A US-based organisation, Global Recordings, has intensified its conversion activities and is propagating the Gospel in all tribal dialects. Nepalis ask that if the Maoists are not Christian, why would they [size="5"]attack and close down all Sanskrit pathshalas[/size] (only a couple survive) and stop compulsory Sanskrit education in school? There is harassment at Hindu festivals and Brahmins have been [size="5"]forced to eat beef;[/size] who would [size="5"]kill the cow[/size] in a Hindu kingdom? Then there was the attempt to make the rhinoceros the state animal, instead of the holy cow. Unnerved, religious groups want Nepal to be declared a Hindu state again, and to retain the Hindu King, a demand India should heartily support in its own interests.[/color]

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 7/03/2010 07:51:00 PM 0 comments Links to this post
The indicators are constant.

LTTE in SL, Dravoodianism (=cryptochristianism in TN), Maoism in Orissa, Maoism in Nepal. All cryptochristianisms.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - HareKrishna - 07-05-2010


Uploaded with

Christo-islamo-communism under a single sign <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lol:' />

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 07-11-2010

Two things to do with some things in post 301

1. On Roncalli, Vatican II, heresy, anti-pope, automatic ex-communication, allegations of freemasonry, etc.


John Paul II did not get all his last requests. It was said he had asked to be buried in the earth; however, the cardinals decided that a choice spot in the Vatican grotto was more appropriate to their latest superstar and he was given the favored spot occupied by John XXIII, who was moved to another location. Truly do the Romans say, "There's nothing so dead as a dead pope."
Like I had stated, there were two John XXIIIs, the later one being Angelo Roncalli of Vatican II who had loosened up the catholic church a little with his Vatican II reforms. I'd said I suspected that it would be Roncalli whose remains were 'disturbed' to plonk JPII down in his place (since the other, earlier, Pope John XXIII was a declared anti-pope and therefore not likely to have been given such an important burial spot). Also said that the choice to move Roncalli wasn't mere coincidence: JPII and Ratzy both rolled back a lot of the stuff in Vatican II - such as how JPII brought back exorcism which Roncalli had got the church to abandon - and have been privately intent on undoing all of Roncalli's reforms.

Because Roncalli is popular among the liberal catholic crowd, the Catholic Church can't officially get the deceased pope for heresy. (Remember that in early catholic history, some deceased popes who were adjudged heretics by later successors got dug up, excommunicated, and burnt for their heresy. <- No body, means can't resurrect on Day of Judgement, means no heaven, implies hell. It's why "witches" got burnt. Even exhumation/disturbing the remains is considered fearful in christianism - it's why there was such a condemnation of autopsies for a long time.)

So, the fact that:

a) it was probably Roncalli's corpse that got dug up to make way for JPII's corpse,

b.) JPII and Ratzy have been undoing his Vatican II reforms (obviously they don't like his policy, i.e. consider it uncatholic), and

c) they can't show this disapproval of Roncalli and what they think is his anti-catholicism in public, because of catholics in the northwest of Europe remembering him so fondly,

^ All those things made me think that the last two popes consider Roncalli a heretic. This is entirely but a suspicion of course. But consider: they can only silently make him go into the annals of the forgotton, precisely because he is popular with a section of modern catholicism. They can't publicly dig him up, try his corpse (as happened to at least one pope long ago) and burn it for heresy (as happened to I think more than one pope long ago). Instead, they achieve Posthumous Demotion of Roncalli by moving his remains, for such seemingly random and inconspicuous reasons like putting the more popular (because more recent) JPII in his place. Playacting like: "The burial spaces in the Vatican Grotto are full. Oh look, why don't we move Roncalli/John XXIII out of the way? Good idea."

The following page makes me think it not unlikely: the voice of a less liberal, hence Truer catholic section of the holy sheep suspects Roncalli of being a Freemason. (It's a page by catholics who, though suspicious of opus dei, are very catholic in many another respect.)

Anyway, what is important is that they consider Roncalli an anti-pope. And based on the following, one has more reason to think the last two popes and their Vatican privately regarded Roncalli an anti-pope too.

Documented Evidence that Angelo Roncalli a.k.a "pope" John XXIII was a Freemason

Starts with this interesting bit:

Quote:The following article (below) was originally printed in the Portugal Daily News on November 11, 2002. It provides documented evidence that "Cardinal" Angelo Roncalli was a practicing Freemason, which incurs automatic excommunication from the Catholic Church. Also, Roncalli's illegal usurpation of the papal throne by force, at the 1958 Papal Conclave, from the lawfully elected and true Pontiff, Gregory XVII formally Cardinal Giuseppe Siri of Genoa, Italy (Click here for information, including recently declassified FBI documents pertaining to this sinister crime) makes the use of the term "Pope" in this article, in reference to this gluttonous agent of Satan [Roncalli] an impossibility.

Then follows a B&W photo of Roncalli with Freemasons, with the caption:

[color="#0000FF"]"Cardinal" Angelo Roncalli a.k.a Anti-Pope John XXIII, was a Documented Freemason[/color]

And then this bit:

Quote:The implications of FI’s disclosures are of tremendous importance to Catholics worldwide. Under Canon Law any Catholic who [...] becomes a Mason is ipso facto excommunicated from the Church. The consequence regarding Angelo Roncalli, would have been that as an excommunicate it would have been impossible for him to be elected pope. FI also points out that any decrees issued by Roncalli under the mantle of the Papacy would therefore be null and void, including the convoking of the Second Vatican Council in 1962.

Hmmm, I'm almost sure the Vatican thinks Roncalli is an anti-pope. An excommunicate certainly.

And that explains the rather weighty decision to "lightly" move his remains to make way for JPII. <- Moving bodies of important christist bureaucrats - like Popes - is NOT a simple decision, even if they make it look that way.

And then this interesting bit:

Quote:Long-standing suspicions regarding John XXIII’s links to Masonry were further aroused in 1977, fourteen years after his death. Of particular interest was an advertisement published in the USA, Boston Pilot Magazine, which was offering for sale replicas of John XXIII’s pectoral cross. [color="#FF0000"]The cross was decorated with several Masonic symbols and had been authorised for sale by Archbishop Capovilla of Loreto, Italy, with the backing of the Vatican.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Demoting Roncalli: Vatican selling away/disposing the heretic's heretical cross. Like it disposed of the body by moving it from its important location.)[/color]

The Australian Robert Bergin, a founder member of FI who died in 1996, spent the last years of his life in Portugal, where he financed several publications detailing the facts linking the plight of Roncalli to the prophecies given by the Virgin Mary at Fátima in 1917. His efforts to persuade the Vatican to investigate Roncalli’s Masonic connections were unsuccessful. This was of little surprise, as in 1976 the Vatican had failed to respond to the Italian journal, Burghese, which had published a list of over one hundred bishops and cardinals who it claimed were Freemasons. The list was purported to have been taken from the Italian Masonic Register and included the initiation dates and code names assigned to each of the clerics involved.

How quaint: the Infiltrati got infiltrated. And they're fretting about the damage done and doing their best to stem it.

Not that they should be shocked. After all, several popes in history were regarded as satanists both by entourage and papal successors, weren't they (e.g. look for the words "satan" or "devil" in this list of famous Popes in history). Note that satanism is a branch of christianism (it only exists in christianism and among the christo-conditioned, the free world doesn't believe in satan/jeebus/gawd) that the rest of christianism doesn't get along with. As stated once before, the satanic/luciferian church has the same structure and model as the christian church. Christianism is a dualist religion: one side loves jeebus, the other side loves satan - both are fictional characters from the bible and, going by what critical de-converts from christianism say about the bible/jeebus/gawd/satan, are indeed equated in the biblical text.

And remember that next to jeebus/gawd fiction, the greatest pre-occupation of all christians is with the "devil/satan" makebelieve.

2. Remember that movie "Passion of the christ", which news outlets said the Pope had seen and about which he had declared it was 'how the christ fiction actually happened'?

Here's recent news on the faithful catholic that made it, Mel Gibson. (Recall that, like the angry Goan faithful Lucio Mascaren~has, Gibson is part of the breakaway True Catholic Church, the Society of St. Pius X. It broke away because the official catholic church had become too lax. But the Vatican has recently reconciled with it, even as it has disassociated itself with the objectionably lax things like Vatican II.)

Quote:Jul 7, 2010 06:09 AEST

Mel Gibson struggles to save career after racist remarks

Dad-of-eight and devout Catholic Mel Gibson is striving to save his career after his racist outburst against the mother of his child, Oksana Grigorieva.

Hollywood bosses last night said his vile actions make him an outcast. Civil rights and women's groups campaigned for a boycott of his films.

The actor is reported to have been caught on tape telling Ms Grigorieva, "If you get raped by a pack of n******, it will be your fault."

This new controversy comes after Gibson's anti-Semitic jibe at a Jewish police officer four years ago.

Veteran campaigner Rev. Jesse Jackson yesterday said the Braveheart actor must "seek help".

"His penchants for anti-Semitic and racist diatribes reveal the actor's fundamental character flaw." Glenn Selig, founder of PR firm The Publicity Agency, said: "The public can overlook a lot, but this is not something they will tolerate or stomach. This will spell the end for Mel Gibson.

"If true, not only will he be rejected by the public but by Hollywood," according to Mr Jackson.

One studio boss said, "Last time he just managed to claw back his career. This time he will be a pariah.

"He offended not only women but a huge swathe of the public. Any Hollywood exec will fear a backlash if they use him."

In his despicable raves, Mr Gibson is understood to have called his Russian musician ex-lover "a whore". The couple separated in April after Ms Grigorieva obtained a restraining order against the actor, claiming he had hit her in the face and knocked out two teeth.

Ms Grigorieva, 40, is reported to have given a recording to court officials as evidence in their custody fight over their nine-month-old daughter. The tape, which lasts 30 minutes, consists of phone messages and secret recordings.

Mr Gibson's spokesman said, "I have no comment on and furthermore no knowledge of the credibility or authenticity of any alleged audio tapes."
Arch-racist, misogynist and anti-semitic. How very catholic of him.


His racism against Africans sounds so very KKK. Although KKK are faithful christians too, they're protestant. Whatever, all the same.

The only good thing in all of this is that maybe arch-catholic Mel and his very christist movies (i.e. hate movies) - such as the anti-Mayan christist propaganda film "Apocalypto" and "Passion of the christ" which repeated the long-standing christian anti-Semitic libel against Jews - will be forever avoided by all decent people.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - dhu - 07-12-2010

[url=""]US couple try to sell baby for $25[/url]

Quote:An American couple have been arrested for trying to sell their six-month-old baby for $25 outside a department store, police said.

Patrick Fousek, 38, and Samantha Tomasini, 20, were detained after Fousek allegedly approached two women outside a Walmart store and asked if they would like to buy his child.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Guest - 07-15-2010

Check out this evanjihadi blog.

They are touring Hindu temples, taking advantage of gullible priests to gauge where the faultlines lie. Such deceit.