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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Printable Version
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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 07-25-2010

[quote name='dhu' date='12 July 2010 - 09:38 AM' timestamp='1278907222' post='107409']

[url=""]US couple try to sell baby for $25[/url]


Don't know if the following was posted already, but it's one where "the word of gawd" murders a baby - it was both the instigator and one of the murder weapons:

Quote:Six-week-old girl died after religious fanatic mother stuffed Bible pages in her mouth and then sat on her

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 11:08 PM on 17th June 2010

A six-week-old girl being monitored by social workers died after her mentally-ill mother sat on her, a court heard.

Julia Lovemore, 41, had torn out pages of the Bible and stuffed them into baby Faith's mouth before smothering her.

She was yesterday detained indefinitely under the mental health act after admitting the manslaughter on the grounds of [color="#FF0000"]diminished responsibility[/color] , which happened in June 2009.

Cambridge Crown Court heard she was a religious fanatic who had been in a 'florid state of psychoses' at the time of the killing.


A health visitor and a psychiatric nurse had been concerned about the behaviour of Lovemore's husband David, 39 - also a mentally-ill religious fanatic, the court heard.

When they arrived at the house in June last year they found Mr Lovemore praying loudly and shouting 'Take the devil out of Julia.'

[color="#800080"](Take the babble/gawd's word from both of them. They're possessed by the gawd/jeebus/holy spook.)[/color]

He refused to answer questions and they left to consult with experts, fearing their presence was making him more agitated.

Later that day, Mr Lovemore turned up at his GP's surgery carrying the child's lifeless body.

He was accompanied by Faith's older sister who had been doused in white spirit but was otherwise unharmed. It is believed Faith was dead or dying when the social worker visited.

Etc. Etc.

What is there to say.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Guest - 07-26-2010

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By Brannon Parker

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“Orissa in the Crossfire’ provides many vital details related to the Hindu-Christian violence that has swept Orissa's Kandhamal district. The book also highlights the history of Orissa and its tribes. While many have familiarized themselves with the propaganda that has fictionalized the events surrounding the Kandhamal crisis, few have had access to the facts. The true history of Kandhamal and the struggles of its people deserve a fair hearing in the court of public opinion. Is the Kandha religion sinister or sacred? Are they bloodthirsty savages or a people of a noble and ancient heritage? Can the tribes people of Kandhamal rise up out of their undeserved shame and be seen for who they really are? Long labeled as ‘a cruel human sacrificing tribe of ruthless savages’ it is time the truth be revealed. It is time for the world to learn about the Kandha ‘God of Light’ and their Culture of Life.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 07-27-2010


1. Christist TOI paper - parroted everywhere blindly - is insinuating "Hindoooism" in the case of a muslim who did human sacrifice of a baby (isn't that what muslims regularly do - when they're not sacrificing adults?).

Note the TITLE.

Quote:Tantric arrested for beheading boy

PTI, Jul 24, 2010, 04.27pm IST

RAMANATHAPURAM: A tantric was arrested today for allegedly sacrificing an 18-month-old baby, police said.

Abdul Yousuf was sleeping with his father Ghouse Basha at a Durgah in Goripalayam in Madurai district yesterday when the tantric Abdul Gafoor took away the child.

[color="#800080"](A Dargah. I.e. an islamaniac mini-shrine.) [/color]

Police said Ghafoor beheaded the boy and drank his blood before burying the head at Tiruchendur in Tuticorin district. The torso was buried at a [color="#FF0000"]Durgah[/color] in Ervadi in Ramanathapuram.

[color="#800080"](1. But that's just islam: islamaniacs regularly Behead The Infidels for allah. It happens all the time. See Thailand where islamaniacs continue to behead Buddhist monks and laity.

2. Again, another Dargah: islamaniac mini-shrine. More proof that Abdul - the islamaniac - is what he is: islamaniac.

Christoterrorist paper is deliberately misspelling Dargah to sow confusion.)[/color]

Police today exhumed the head and the torso. They said Gafoor had told them he had a dream in which he envisoned getting "extraordinary powers" if he drank the blood of a male baby.
Fortunately, someone sensible added this comment:

Quote:SUMAN (US)

27/07/2010 at 12:39 am


2. Meanwhile, christists forgot to mention a case of human sacrifice done by christians - no doubt they'll try to blame Hindoooism for this too. Sadly, since it's in Moldova, christoterrorist papers in India are finding it hard to spin it in such a way that it can be blamed on Hindoos/Hindooism and declared a Hindoo practice.

Quote:Baby drowned during baptism

[color="#800080"][image caption:][/color] Tragedy ... Father Valentin baptises baby


Published: 26 Jul 2010

A PRIEST has been accused of drowning a baby as he BAPTISED the tiny tot.

The holy man is being quizzed after the baby's parents claimed he accidentally drowned their son at the ceremony.

Witnesses claim Father Valentin did not cover the six-week-old tot's mouth before immersing him in the font.

The priest denies being to blame for baby's death after the baptism in the Rascani district in north-western Moldova, Eastern Europe.


The baby's dad Dumitru Gaidau, 36, said: "We all saw it, the priest didn't put his hand over the baby's mouth to stop water going in as he should have done and as they do at every other baptism.

"We couldn't believe it that he just put his hand over his belly and over the head and submerged him three times in the water."

The baby's godmother Aliona Vacarciuc, 32, said: "The baby was crying as he went into the water.

"We couldn't believe it but we thought the priest must know what he's doing, but he didn't. When we got him back there was nothing that could be done anymore."

She said that she and the other godparents had challenged the priest and asked him: "What have you done."

She added: "He just told us that he knew better than we did what should have happened and that it was not his first baptism — he was experienced and knew what to do."

Doctor Sergiu Raileanu who examined the tiny tot however, told Romania's Publica TV that his examination confirmed that the baby had drowned.

Local police said they have launched a manslaughter investigation. If found guilty, the priest faces up to three years in jail.

So what do we have?

- Islamaniac performs human sacrifice of a baby of muslim parentage.

- Christomaniacs perform human sacrifice of a baby of christian parentage.

Sum Total: Religions of Human Sacrifice at it again.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - HareKrishna - 07-29-2010

Christianity is the fusion between judaism and greek mystery cults.

All region member of the hellenistic empires share their contribution in making new mistery cults.

Egypt share the cult of Serapis(Osiris-Isis-Horus).

Antolia share the cult of Mithra.

Thracia share the cult of Orpheus.

Greece share the cult of Demeter.

So Judeea also produce a hybrid cult between judaism and greek.

The mistery cults were also considered the first churches occupied whit soul-saving.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Guest - 08-02-2010


My friend said this to me

Quote:met a cousin of mine yesterday who is in insurance buisness...travels a lot within Andhra..was saying..that not just the poor but even the rich among the kammas, chodrys in andhra...every 3rd person is getting X big time in vijaywada, rajhmundy areas..itseems priests are selling dilapitated temples in villages to xians..since they are in provery and govt. does not pay them like the ellai amman temples..xian ones are coming in villages

Note: ellai amman temples -> Are Shakti temples in TN that villagers believe protect their villages, usually such temples are constructed at village boundaries (ellai).

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 08-02-2010

That is true, a church has come up in my own village 1.5 hrs away from vijayavada.

The xtian plan seems to be to convert AP and TN first and then goad them into secession.

Xtians are much more devious and sly than the Muslims, there have been Muslims in my village for a long time near the highway but almost no converts in recent memory from among Hindus. Contrast that to the xtians who have established a church and converted quiet a few dalits.

Do not associate with these scum, don't buy anything from xtian owned stores etc. "Indian" is just a meaningless word today, what good is it if you have a paper citizenship, is this what our ancestors fought for with their lives?

People who call themselves "Indian" but claim Mahabharata and Ramayana are the "devils" work?

Samuel Reddy is my "brother" but Disathan Nageswaran from Nallur is a stranger because he doesn't have a worthless paper saying he is an Indian citizen?

How does that work?

Those who try to destroy our culture and dharma are enemies no matter what man made papers they hide under.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 08-05-2010

1. On that ^ topic. One of the comments at

Quote:I have badly effected in this religious conversion, my whole family (Dad, Mum, Sister, and her husband) is being converted now!!! They tried to convert my wife and some of other relations too.... Some severe action should be taken on this CASE, otherwise in another few generations total HINDUISM will goes off.....


17 Apr 2010

Quote:The xtian plan seems to be to convert AP and TN first and then goad them into secession.
Their objective is simply India For Christ. (Just like already claimed about the NE.) They have said this repeatedly: to plant the cross on ALL of India. And can see this again in the red bit highlighted in quoteblock in #4.

India converted bit by bit if necessary.

Eventually the intention is to re-band. The Oryan-Dravoodians and other such christo-inventions all forgot. "We're all one under chwist now. Jeebus has unified us. It's a miracle!" (They're the ones who had to first divide the indigenous population with their inventions in order to convert them into unified cannibal sheep.)


From "Jesus Christ: Myth & Reality", the chapter "The Pagan Evidence" by Sita Ram Goel

Quote:The Greeks and Romans have left to posterity a vast historical and philosophical literature written in or referring to the time-bracket when Jesus is supposed to have lived. But it is unaware of him. Seneca (2 BC-66 AD), Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD), Martial (40-102 AD), Plutarch (45-125 AD), Juvenal (55-140 AD), Apuleius (d. 170 AD), Pausanius (d. 185 AD), and Dio Casius (155-240 AD) do not mention any Jesus or Christ. Epictetus (50-100 AD) refers to Galileans starting with Judas the Galilean who led the Jewish revolt against Rome in the first decade of the first century, but not to Jesus of Nazareth who is supposed to have come from Galilee shortly afterwards.

Much has been made by Christian apologists of a few words or stray passages referring to "Chrestus" or his worshippers in Pliny the Younger (60-114 AD), Tacitus (55-120 AD), Suetonius (70-120 AD) and Sulpicius Severus (d. 400 AD). But critical scrutiny has shown that all these references either do not relate to Jesus of Nazareth, or are influenced by Christian tradition, or are clever Christian fabrications. Ian Wilson concludes that "in all this there is scarcely a crumb of information to compel a belief in Jesus' existence".4 Paul Johnson comments that fabrications "occur throughout the history of Christianity up to Renaissance and even beyond".5

The word "Chrestus" which occurs in some of these Pagan sources and which has provided grist to the mill of Christian apologetics, did not mean in the ancient world the same as the word "Christus" or "Christos". This appellation simply meant "good" or "agreeable" and was claimed by characters belonging to several sects which practised initiation by anointment. That alone can explain the attempt by a Christian scribe to scratch the "e" in Chrestus and replace it by an "i" in a manuscript of Tacitus.6 What clinches the argument is that the word "Christian" does not appear in the Christian literature itself before [color="#FF0000"]140 AD[/color]. On the other hand, anti-Christian polemics which appears for the first time around [color="#FF0000"]160 AD, starts by questioning the existence of a character called Jesus Christ.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Which is why Julian consistently called them "galilaeans", instead of "christians". He refused to pretend they/their religion had any history or legitimacy. To use "christians" would mean he had assented to (hence recognised) their ridiculous claims of "christians" having existed for longer than they actually had.

Julian did not merely deny and refute jeebus' historicity, as others had before him, he also denied any reality to christians' claims to a greater ancientry than they actually had.)[/color]

The Roman philosopher Celsus is quoted by Origen (185-254 AD), the great Christian theologian from Alexandria, as saying in 178 AD that "you [Christians] relate fables and do not even give them verisimilitude". Typho, another Roman polemist, wrote to Justin Martyr, the Church Father from Palestine (100-160 AD), that "you follow a vain rumour and are yourselves the makers of your Christ", and that "even were he born and lived somewhere none would know of him". As late as the last quarter of the fourth century, St. Jerome (340-420 AD) was complaining that the Gentiles doubted the very existence of Jesus, and that "in the time of the apostles even, when the blood of Jesus Christ in Judea was not yet dry, it was pretended that the body of the Lord was merely a phantom".7

Gibbon confirms that Christians were little known in the first two centuries of the Christian era, or, if known to some notables in the Roman Empire, were despised as dismal fanatics. "The name of Seneca," he writes, "of the elder and the younger Pliny, of Tacitus, of Plutarch, of Galen, of the slave Epictetus, and the emperor Marcus Antonius, adorn the age in which they flourished, and exalt the dignity of human nature. They filled with glory their respective stations, either in active or contemplative life; their excellent understandings were improved by study; philosophy had purified their minds from the prejudices of the popular superstition, and their days were spent in the pursuit of truth and the practice of virtue. Yet all these sages (it is no less an object of surprise than of concern) overlooked or rejected the perfection of the Christian system... Those among them who condescend to mention the Christians consider them only as obstinate and perverse enthusiasts who exacted an implicit submission to their mysterious doctrines without being able to produce a single argument that could engage the attention of men of sense and learning."8
Why can't Hindus be like the Hellenes: SAY IT. Keep saying it.

Jeebus never existed.

3. Inculturation

Quote:Christian Bhajans - A "cut & paste", job

11/05/2010 15:09:29 GSK Menon

[color="#0000FF"]There was an article in The New Indian Express, Sunday , May 9th 2010, about a Christian priest, Fr.Joseph T, who was inspired by Hindu Bhajans and has been compelling his parishoners to imitate the same and do Bhajans in Churches. Whatever lines that have been quoted in the article appears to be a "cut & paste", job. The names of the Hindu Gods have been substituted by the Christian God.[/color]

(Now they are stealing even the lyrics of Hindu songs.)

What appeared very odd to me was the mention that there was resistance from the Parishoners against this move, and the clergy had to convince them that there was nothing Hindu about it ! Today we are witnessing wholesale photocopying of Hindu temple rituals, customs and rites by the Christians. Are these parishoners not aware of this. See the Kodimarams that are emerging in front of every church. It is an exact replica of the Hindu temple Kodimaram in every respect. The black rock base, gold mast engraved with images. Those who have in depth knowledge of the Christian religion will vouch that these are all allergic to the Christian faith. Francis Xavier the architect of the Goan Inquisition had a deep hatred for black rock which he identified as a favourite Hindu temple material. Gold was anathema to Christ, heard about Mammon worship ? Engraven images are another prohibited item.

Are these Parishoners not lighting the traditional Hindu Nilavilakku, which represents the Hindu trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva ? When I was young, my Christian friends would stand far away if a Nilavilakku was being lit in any function ! Today, there is not a single Christian function without the Nilavilakku, how ?

Are these Parishoners not putting Hindu names for their children ? I am writing this because the Article mentions that the Parishoners objected to the use of the word "Saranam" in the imitated Bhajans ! It was identified as a Hindu term. Modern day Christians want only Hindu names for their children. Even the clergy, especially in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh [color="#0000FF"]insist upon the converts to retain their Hindu names and caste identities[/color] !

[color="#800080"](for cryptochristian. Church insists crypto christos marry into Hindu families and convert the family.)[/color]

Why, even the Christian gods & goddesses are adopting Hindu names ! Names used like Amala, Vimala, Nirmala, Parameshwar, Mahesh are 100% Hindu. How come the Parishoners do not object to all this ?

The Church has always maintained a double face. On the one hand it ridicules Hindu customs, rituals and rites for gaining converts. Once converted the pressure to imitate is thrust upon them.

[color="#800080"](There are no Gods and Goddesses in christianism.

The writer is probably referring to the various mary dolls and jeebus-on-a-stick scares in various churches that are being paraded around on the streets. Probably in areas were Hindus Temples were squeezed by the christogovt into poverty so these could be purchased by christoterrorism and converted into churches.)[/color]

The Church and its flock should willingly accept the Hindu faith as integral to their society.

[color="#800080"](No. Christianism is not a society, it is an ideology mutually exclusive to Hindu religion, it spells death to the Hindu Dharmic religion and all heathenisms. Christians MAY NOT "accept" the "Hindu faith" as some part of their "society", without denouncing christ, christianism, the church and all christianism and christoclass mindviruses. I.e. when they are conscious ex-christians, they may come back.)[/color]

There is no need to make the converted people to renounce and denounce their ancestral faith. Otherwise anomalies like the above mentioned is bound to emerge making Christianity as a distorted religion.


Christianity -A bundle of fabrications and imitations

by GSK Menon

4. More on inculturation. Probably a repost, still:

Quote:Inculturation: Fooling the Hindu Masses

Nithin Sridhar

15 Jun 2009

Early in 1982, Father Joseph Parekatil of the Catholic Church of Parasahi, Madhya Pradesh, destroyed the sacred murti of Goddess Visveshwari Siddheswari, enshrined on the nearby Nawain Tekdi hill, and erected a small wooden cross.Later, on 18 February 1983, a 31-foot high concrete cross was illegally erected on the hill. A month later, enraged villagers destroyed the cross.

On 20 February 1985, intent on regaining possession of the hill, Father Parekatil put on the orange robes of a Hindu sannyasin, built a hut on the hill, sat on a tiger skin and began performing worship in the Hindu style. As a result, thousands of simple Hindus came to the hill on Fridays, unaware of the deception going on before their eyes.

On 18 May, a complaint was registered, but to no avail. Again there was agitation in the area, and this time, on 1 October 1985, the villagers tore down the priest’s hut and tossed away the remaining pieces of the concrete cross. Father Parekatil gave up only when he was arrested a week later for breach of peace (1).

Father Parekatil’s tactic of adopting Hindu symbols to further his missionary goals is known as “inculturation” or “indigenization.” Swami Jayendra Saraswati, Sankaracharya of Kanchi Matham, made a valid point at the “Interfaith Dialogue” with Cardinal Jean-Louis Pierre Tauran, president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, and others, in Mumbai on 12 July 2009.

The statement released to the media elaborates: “The Church in India must stop forthwith the use of Hindu religious words, phrases and symbols like Veda, Agama, Rishi, Ashram, Om and other such in what is referred to as ‘inculturation’ tactics, but which are only intended to deceive the vulnerable sections of our people who are the intended targets for religious conversion.”

He further challenged the church: “In 1999, Pope Johan Paul II had stated that the mission of the Vatican was to plant the Cross in Asia in the third millennium to facilitate the Christianizing of the world, which alone would cause the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The Pope must tell us the rationale for the First Coming of Jesus Christ when there was no Christianity or the Church to undertake the mission to Christianize the world.”

[color="#0000FF"]The points raised are timely. Christianity has always followed a policy of ‘inculturation.’ It adopted Pagan elements in christianized form to pave the way for transition from Paganism to Christianity. Pagan gods became Christian saints and Pagan festivals became Christian festivals. In this process of inculturation, the Christian Church suborned old forms to its new message, making sure that the Pagan foundation was submerged under Christian doctrine (2).[/color]

“Indigenization is evangelization,” says Kaj Baag. “It is the planting of the gospel inside another culture, another philosophy, another religion” (3). In the case of India, ‘inculturation’ or ‘indigenisation’ means ‘the incorporation of Jesus in Indian spiritual tradition.’ Fr. Bede says, “In India we need a Christian Vedanta and a Christian Yoga that is a system of theology which makes use not only of the terms and concepts, but also of the whole structure of thought of Vedanta” (4).

Shantivanam Ashram on the banks of the sacred Kaveri River near Trichy in South India appears Hindu. It has a Hindu shrine, saffron-robed “swami” seated cross-legged on a straw mat, devotees practicing yogic meditations, even chanting Hindu scriptures. But these impressions gradually prove false. First, the eye detects that the courtyard shrine is for Saint Paul and that “puja” is actually, a daily Mass, complete with incense, lamps, flower offerings and prasadam. Finally, one meets the “swami,” Father Bede “Dayananda” Griffiths, a Christian “sannyasin.”

This is a Christian ashram, one of more than fifty in India, which are described as “experiments in cross-cultural communication,” or as “contemplative hermitages that revolve around both Christian and Hindu ideals.” [color="#0000FF"]Fr. J. Monchanin, one of the founding members of the ashram, defines his mission: “I have come to India for no other purpose than to awaken in a few souls the desire (the passion) [size="6"]to raise up a Christian India.[/size] It will take centuries, sacrificed lives and we shall perhaps die before seeing any realizations. [size="5"]A Christian India, completely Indian and completely Christian[/size] will be something so wonderful the sacrifice of our lives is not too much to ask” (5).[/color]

Sita Ram Goel, in his book “Catholic Ashrams,” lists 108 such Christian ashrams in India, 4 in Nepal and 8 in Sri Lanka. These ashrams include Asha Niketan, Bangalore, Karnataka; Bethany Ashram (1938), Channapatna, Karnataka; Christa Sevakee Ashram (1950), Karkala, Karnataka; Christian Institute for the study of Religion and Society, Bangalore, Karnataka; Yesu Karuna Prarthanalaya, Kote, Mysore District, Karnataka, and others (7).

Lausanne Movement (for world evangelization) published a paper titled “Christian witness to Hindus” (1980), listing some of the methods to be implemented to convert Hindus:

[color="#0000FF"]1] We should enunciate theology in Indian categories so that the Hindu can understand the gospel.

2] We must develop a truly Christian worldview consistent with the Indian context.

3] While presenting the gospel, we must be aware of the fact that the Hindu understands the doctrine of God, man, sin, and salvation in a way entirely different from the biblical doctrine.

4] Communicate the gospel through indigenous methods such as bhajans, drama, dialogue, discourse, Indian music, festival processions, etc. (6)[/color]

The present Catholic ashrams have inherited a history of intrigue and subterfuge. The Niyogi Commission report on Madhya Pradesh, 1956, noted: “Robert De Nobili (a Catholic Jesuit priest) appeared in Madura in 1607, clad in the saffron robes of a Sadhu with sandal paste on his forehead and the sacred thread on his body. He gave out that he was a Brahmin from Rome. He showed documentary evidence to prove that he belonged to a clan that had migrated from ancient India. He declared that he was bringing a message which had been taught in India by Indian ascetics of yore and that he was only restoring to Hindus one of their lost sacred books, namely the 5th Veda, called Yeshurveda (Jesus Veda). It passed for a genuine work until the Protestant Missionaries exposed the fraud about the year 1840. This Brahmin Sannyasi of the ‘Roman Gotra,’ Father De Nobili, worked for 40 years and died at the age of 89 in 1656. It is said that he had converted about a lakh of people, but they all melted away after his death” (8).

This is the situation the Hindu finds himself in today. Christian missionaries have adopted Hindu ways of life, Hindu religious symbols, architecture, worship forms, and even declare themselves as Swamis. A Catholic priest who calls himself “swami” instantly attains the status and authority of a holy man in Hindu society, which he can use to convert individuals.

By using Sanskrit terminology in his sermons, he implies a close relationship of Hindu theology to Catholic theology, a relationship which does not really exist.

[color="#800080"](The dravoodianist cryptochristos employ Samskritam too. You know they are not anti-Samskritam. Not at all. They just want to steal it from Hindu Dharma - by making Hindus themselves kick it - and gift it to christianism, as if christianism salvaged it.)[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]Such missionaries speak authoritatively on Hindu scriptures and argue that their [Christian] teachings are consonant with everything Hindu, but add a finishing touch, a “fullness” to the traditional faith.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Which is why today's subverted angelsk-speaking Hindus are so dangerous with their sacrificing what is HINDU in Hindu religion - the Gods - and making it that much easier for christianism to take what the subverted Hindu has already foolishly and ignorantly separated from the "polytheistic idolatry" that is Hindoooism and stick it onto christianism instead.

And today's Hindus are so alienated from their religion, they need to attend western lectures on what ardhanAreeshwara "means". Apparently they can't be bothered asking their expert parents/aunts/uncles or grandparents who would know. Instead, they have to resort to the speeches of some western person who has never even seen Ardhanaareeshwara.

You know Hindus are doomed when that happens. (Yet another sign that today's "heathens" are no longer heathens, but just people who hold onto the label.)

What ignominy to be reduced to this. Why can't Hindus be like the Taoists and Shintos, or the Hellenes: stick to their religion, instead of mouthing platitudes about it.

But might as well ask for the moon.)[/color]

Under such situation, no inter-faith interactions will bring any fruits unless the “church” mends its ways. As the Kanchi Perivaar rightly affirms: “After such inter-faith meetings, the points agreed have to be faithfully abided. Otherwise the will be no point in holding such meetings. Unless the Church reassures Hindus that it will not conduct itself in a manner that wounds Hindu sensibilities and follows up on those assurances, such inter-faith meetings, no matter how frequently they are held, will be futile and will not serve any meaningful cause.”


1] Hinduism Today, Indian Ocean Edition, December 1988.

2] Salvation: Hindu influence on Christianity by Dr. Koenraad Elst.

3] Kaj Baago, Pioneers of Indigenous Christianity, Madras, 1969, p. 85.

4] Bede Griffiths, op. cit., p. 24.

5] “Liberal” Christianity, Ram Swarup.

6] “Christian Witness to Hindus”, 1980, Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization.

7] Catholic Ashrams: Sanyassins or Swindlers, By Sita Ram Goel.

8] Niyogi Commission Report on Christian Missionary activities.

The author is a student of civil engineering, Mysore

Not only do they plan to make all of India christian - <- that is their goal, nothing less - but the inculturating kind wants to peddle the impossibility that Hindu religio-culture is some universal "Indian" "culture".* Hence the christian inculturist's statement "(1) A Christian India, (2) completely Indian and completely Christian".

And so you read Indian christos today declaring that vidyaarambham is "Indian" "culture" and "therefore" a part of their religion.

When it is actually core Hindu ritual: it concerns the Hindu and its Hindu Gods.

[* Treacherous 'Hindus' are the ones that started this mess from another angle and continue to facilitate it by selling subverted Yoga (there's no real Yoga in west), "Vedaanta Lite", really baaaad "keertanas" and other stuff in the west as being "universal". Is it any wonder then that crypto christos like Deepuke Chopstick do the same. While overt christos simply declare it all "christian" - from the Gayatri mantram on.]

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 08-05-2010

Quote:Their objective is simply India For Christ. (Just like already claimed about the NE.) They have said this repeatedly: to plant the cross on ALL of India. And can see this again in the red bit highlighted in quoteblock in #4.

India converted bit by bit if necessary.

I know the eventual plan is all of India but in the short term they seem to be focusing certain strategic areas like AP, TN, Eezham, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Orissa. All these areas have tribals or the so called "Dravidians" so once they can achieve critical mass here they can try to goad them into secession like in the North East. You don't see the same level of missionary activity in states like UP or Bihar.

But yes the eventual goal is a Christian India.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - shamu - 08-06-2010

[url=""]A conspiracy unravels[/url]

Sandhya Jain

Was the alleged rape of a nun, following the assassination of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and four sanyasis in Kandhamal on Krishna Janmasthami, August 23, 2008, an afterthought by missionaries targeted by enraged Hindus? Was it a planned vengeance, aimed at garnering the international spotlight and forcing Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to break his alliance with the BJP, which empathised with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s anger at the murder of its octogenarian leader?

The questions are legitimate given Fr Thomas Chellan’s admission in court on July 26 that he did not report the alleged rape of the nun when filing the first information report with the police on August 26, 2008. The Baliguda Catholic Church pastor, a key witness in the case, admitted during cross-examination before Cuttack district and sessions judge Bira Kishore Mishra that he had not mentioned the alleged rape in the FIR filed a day after the incident is said to have occurred. His complaint caused the arrest of 23 people.

The alleged rape of the 29-year-old nun from Sambalpur is said to have occurred on August 25 in Kandhamal district, a day after agitated Hindus went on the rampage to protest the gunning down of Swami Laxmanananda and his disciple-monks in the precincts of his own ashram. Swami Laxmanananda had previously escaped several attempts on his life and had received death threats from missionaries infuriated by his anti-conversion activities.

The nun worked at Divyajyoti Pastoral Centre at K Nugaon block. She was reportedly dragged out of a retired head clerk’s house by 40-odd armed men who chanted “Bharat Mata ki Jai,” taken to the office of an NGO, Jan Vikash, where one man allegedly raped her. At that time, 12 policemen of the Odisha State Armed Police were camping in a school in front of the NGO’s office. The nun identified the main accused as Santosh Patnaik, alias Mitu.

Fr Chellan was reportedly beaten and paraded half-naked on the road the same day. He identified two accused in court as being part of the mob that attacked his church, but had failed to identify either man during the test identification parade held at Choudwar jail last year. The case was initially committed to a fast-track court in Kandhamal that was trying all riot cases, but was transferred to a sessions court in Cuttack after the nun petitioned that she felt unsafe in Kandhamal. (This is now the standard refrain in all anti-Hindu cases; Gujarat’s former Minister Amit Shah is only the latest victim.)

Interestingly, Dr Chotray Marandia, who first treated the nun after the alleged assault-cum-rape, testified on August 28 that she had only complained of swelling on her face. “I only treated the swelling on her face and she did not complain of anything else,” he replied when asked by defence lawyers about other injuries on her body. So we have no evidence of rape.

The then block development officer, Mr BB Mishra, testified that he had accompanied the nun and priest to the local police station to file their complaint about the mob attack. Both thus had full official protection while filing the complaint, and cannot claim that the police did not record the FIR properly, or that the rape charge was ignored by the police. These testimonies are damning.

That the rape is most likely a fabrication can be seen from the nervousness of the prosecution. Earlier, her lawyers had sought a month’s time for the nun to appear before the court. This is suspicious to say the least, but fits in with the church’s hiding the nun from the local people and producing a veiled woman with a thick Malayalam accent at a Press conference in Delhi. Interestingly, last Saturday the nun failed to identify the key accused at a test identification parade.

The Church-prosecution embarrassment has been aggravated by the June 12 arrest of Pandit Bishimajhi for allegedly plotting to kill the nun and priest to prevent them from testifying against the mob. It was alleged that Bishimajhi led several mob attacks, one of which stripped and paraded the nun and Fr Chellan, and is thus complicit in the fast-disintegrating rape case.

It may be appropriate to put the anti-missionary violence in context. The Kandhamal violence erupted after the murder of Swami Laxmanananda, whose tireless efforts to uplift the tribal communities and protect their religion and culture against aggressive proselytisation infuriated the evangelists and Maoist goons (mostly converts). The Swami was severely injured in an attack on Christmas eve in 2007, and had then accused a Congress MP and World Vision chief for the attack. He alleged a nexus between Maoist terrorists and missionaries; which is why when Maoists claimed responsibility for the killings, public ire was directed at the missionaries. Certainly the murders had a purely religious motivation; Odisha has in recent years seen an influx of rich American Baptists for soul-harvesting purposes.

Beginning on December 26, 1970, Swami Laxmanananda was attacked eight times before he was finally struck down by AK-47-wielding assailants in 2008, according to the fact-finding commission chaired by Additional Advocate-General of Rajasthan, GS Gill. Soon after the multiple murders in the ashram, the State police arrested World Vision employee Pradesh Kumar Das while escaping from the district. Later, two men, Vikram Digal and William Digal, were arrested from the house of a local militant Christian, Lal Digal, at Nugaon; they admitted having joined a group of 28 assailants. Then, in July 2009, a Maoist couple, Surendra Vekwara and Ruby, also allegedly involved in the killings, surrendered to the Odisha Police. One does not know how the State Government intends to prosecute the cases against these persons, especially as the sensational rape case is silently falling apart.

However, as I have previously argued, the murder of Swami Laxmanananda closely resembles the murder of Swami Shanti Kaliji Maharaj in Tripura in August 2000. The latter was also shot in his own ashram by gun-wielding goons after several dire warnings against his anti-conversion activities in the tribal belt were ignored. Swami Laxmanananda’s murder prompted Biju Janata Dal MP Tathagata Satpathy to insist that there was an urgent need for an anti-conversion legislation as aggressive proselytisation was hurting the social fabric.

Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati had, just before his murder, demanded a national debate on conversions and an end to the foreign funding of NGOs. This is an urgent imperative.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 08-08-2010

Small part of a review "The Passion of the Greeks: Christianity and the Rape of the Hellenes" by Evaggelos G. Vallianatos:

Quote:An edict of Zeno, published in 484,

reads thus: “Bishops and government agents should find and punish teachers of Hellenic studies. They should not be allowed to teach, lest they corrupt their students. But,

above all, Bishops and government officials should put Greek teachers out of business,

bringing the ‘impieties’ of Hellenism to an end. No one shall leave a gift or bequeath

anything to Greeks or to schools and other institutions supporting the ‘impiety’ of Hellenism.

All previous legislation against the ‘error’ of the Greeks is reaffirmed.”

Vallianatos comments on the imperial order that brought an end to the Olympics as


Here was a millennial tradition of athletic competition for arete (courage, virtue,

equality before the law, goodness, manliness, nobility and excellence) started by

Herakles, son of Zeus and the Greeks’ greatest hero, and Theodosios, thinking like a

barbarian, brought it to an end.

The Olympic agon (contest) was much more than a struggle between outstanding

men for physical excellence. It was, above all, a Panhellenic honoring of the gods.

It was an extraordinary effort to rein in the Hellenes’ passions for war and bring

them together from all over the world for the celebration of their common culture.

The overwhelming idea behind the Olympic contest was political. The Olympic contest

was an effort to build a Panhellenic polis and commonwealth, a united Hellas

under democratic governance. The Olympic agon was also building better and

nobler human beings. And yet the Hellenes’ greatest athletic contest and celebration

of national identity were buried . . . by a barbarian king who knew no better than

listening to the fanaticism of his Christian advisors.

The destructive work of Theodosius against the Greeks and their culture continued

by his successors and, with real zest, by Justinian, who closed down the schools of

philosophy in Athens in 529 and “brought barbarism to Greece.”
According to John

of Ephesus, “In 546 Justinian’s agents discovered several illustrious and noble men,

grammarians, sophists, and doctors, who were worshiping the Greek gods. The government

of Justinian tortured, beat, flogged, and imprisoned these men who then rushed

to denounce each other. Some of them admitted their ‘false beliefs’ and became Christians.

One of these rich and powerful men, Phokas, committed suicide in prison rather

than face Justinian, who ordered that he ‘be buried like a donkey.’ ” Together with the

pagan Greeks, the Jews were targeted. For instance, St. John Chysostom considered

them, long before Hitler, as a “disease that had to be eradicated.”

Chapter 9 is titled “What Has Athens to Do with Jerusalem?” The question has

been borrowed from Tertullian, a Christian fundamentalist and bigot, who represented

an extreme version of Christianity. He expressed deep suspicion and hatred of Hellenic

philosophy, which he considered the seedbed of heresy...

Also an interesting remark in the review on page 7:

Quote:He iscritical of Polymnia Athanassiadi who, following the line of St. Gregory, sees in Julian a

fanatic man and “the very incarnation of evil.”3

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 08-08-2010

Quote:The Parthenon has always been the soul of Greece

By Evaggelos Vallianatos

May 4, 2010

There’s little doubt that the Greeks became the corner stone of the edifice of the West. Their philosophy, science, technology, political theory, democracy, art, dramatic theater, architecture, literature, athletics and mythology gave rise to Western culture, a living and aspiring way of life for much of humanity.

I am also a Greek, so the Greek achievement is much more than speculation or pleasant thought for me. I feel it and live it. I am often angry with the Westerners because of their ambivalence and, sometimes, hatred towards their Greek benefactors. I hasten to add that there have always been exceptional Western scholars and philhellenes who devoted their minds and lives to the Greeks.

I want to illustrate this mixed feeling with the Parthenon. The occasion for this reflection came from a lecture I attended, 8 March 2010, at the University of Southern California. Dyfri Williams, Research Keeper of Greek and Roman Antiquities at the British Museum, delivered that lecture, “The Parthenon Sculptures: Ownership, Display and Understanding.” Williams, as if by rote, justified the holding by the British Museum of the plundered Parthenon treasures. I enjoyed seeing pictures of the Parthenon sculptures, but I found the reasons why the British government refuses to return the Parthenon “marbles” to Greece unacceptable — and not a little insulting.

But before I focus on the British looting of the Parthenon, and the continuing cultural imperialism of the United Kingdom, some background throws light on more than the British rape of the Parthenon. The Athenians erected the Parthenon in 447-432 BCE on their Akropolis for two reasons: honoring their patron goddess, Athena Parthenos, the virgin daughter of Zeus, and thanking the gods, particularly Athena, for their victory over the Persians.

Athena was Athena Polias, the protector of the polis. Athena was the goddess of wisdom, arts, crafts and war.

For the first millennium of its life, the Parthenon was the shining light of Hellenic culture: a religious, democratic, architectural, and artistic jewel unsurpassed in beauty and craft. Ploutarchos, a priest of Apollon and a prolific writer who lived about five centuries after the founding of the Parthenon, said the Parthenon, untouched by time, was created for all time.The Parthenon, however, did not exist in isolation. The temple did well only when the Greeks were masters of their country, a political reality that had changed dramatically by the time when Ploutarchos was admiring the grandeur of the temple of Athena.

The Romans incorporated Greece into their empire in 146 BCE. The Romans, like later “protectors” of Greece, loved and hated the Greeks. But the Roman crisis in Greece became acute in the fourth century when the Roman Emperor Constantine made the one-god religion of Christianity state religion, overthrowing the millennial polytheism of the Greeks and Romans. Christianity immediately marched into Greece and declared war against the many gods of the Greeks, including Athena honored in the Parthenon.

In 484, the Christian Emperor Zeno inflicted the first major blow against the Parthenon. He pillaged the chryselephantine (gold and ivory) statue of Athena created by Pheidias. In the sixth century, the Christians were responsible for unfathomable sacrilege with their conversion of the temple of Athena to a church. They also caused irreparable damage not merely to the structure of the building but to its sculpture as well.

The Parthenon had 92 high-relief metopes or decorated slabs above the colonnade. The art of the metopes represented in beautiful marble sculpture the mythic origins of the divine and secular world of the Greeks: the battles of the gods and the giants; the victory of the Greeks over the Amazons; the struggle of the centaurs and the Lapiths and the Trojan War.

On the triangular pediments one could see the birth of Athena from the head of Zeus and the contest of Athena and Poseidon for Athens. There was also the low-relief, 160-meter long, frieze decorating the inner building of the Parthenon with the exquisite procession of the Athens’ best at the Panathenaia, Athens’ Olympics in honor of the birthday of Athena. All in all, the sculpture of the Parthenon was a pictorial history of Athens, a proud message of Greek origins and a celebration of freedom.

The Christians, like other barbarians that attacked the Parthenon sculptures, scratched out Greek history and wrote their own. They hacked Parthenon statues to pieces and defaced, mutilated, and smashed the sculpture of a number of metopes and other sculpture in other places of the temple. They punched windows through the frieze. When the Turks captured Greece in 1453, they also added sacrilege and destruction to the Parthenon, which they made into a mosque. In 1673, the Venetians bombarded the Parthenon, wrecking the building.

The next attack against the Parthenon came in early 1800s from the “civilized” Christian Europeans, especially Lord Elgin who served as the British ambassador to the Turks.

Elgin and his agents bribed the Turks to give them a free hand with the surviving sculpture of the Parthenon. The Turks cared less about the Parthenon, so the agents of Elgin, furiously and with extreme violence, sawed off just about every sculpture in the metopes and frieze, smashing in the process plenty of sculpture and damaging the building even more. They took intact slabs of metopes and frieze, including a caryatid from the Erechtheion, to England where they are now in the British Museum.

Edward Dodwell, a traveler who witnessed how the agents of Elgin removed the sculpture from the Parthenon in 1801 and 1805, spoke about the despoliation of the Parthenon of its finest sculpture, the smashing of a magnificent cornice and a pediment and other statues crushing to the ground; the Parthenon, he said, was reduced to “a state of shattered desolation.”

Lord Byron also denounced Elgin’s plunder of the Parthenon, calling Elgin a spoiler who rivaled the Goths and the Turks. The looting and destruction of the Parthenon by Elgin sparked a more widespread stealing of Greek culture. European missionaries and other visitors to Greece, armed with hammers, roamed the country and grabbed whatever piece of art they could find, steal or buy from Greeks and Turks.

During the Greek Revolution in the 1820s, general John Makrygiannes stopped a couple of Greek soldiers from selling ancient artifacts to foreigners. He told them “we fought for these antiquities.”

Once Greece won her independence from the Turks in 1828, foreign plunder of Greek sculpture around the Akropolis and elsewhere continued but at a slower pace. Finally, by the late nineteenth century, the Greek archaeological service had cleared the Parthenon and the Akropolis from all alien additions from Christians and Moslems.

In the twentieth century, the Greek government started asking the British to return the sculpture Elgin had pillaged from the Parthenon. Melina Merkouri, Greek Minister of Culture in the 1980s and early 1990s, was right saying the Parthenon sculpture was “the soul of Greece.”

This language offended the British who disputed Greek cultural continuity and resented Greek nationalism. After all, the British remembered the Greeks of the Ionian Islands and Cyprus who revolted against them. In the case of Cyprus, the British encouraged the Turks to nullify Cypriot independence. The Turks obliged and, in 1974, invaded Cyprus with British and American blessings and military support.

The British also like to quote a Turkish order giving Elgin “legal” ground for his cultural atrocity, the violent removal and destruction of Parthenon sculpture. They conveniently ignore that the Turks had no legal standing in Greece, at least no more legal standing than the Nazis enjoyed in the 1940s in occupied Europe.

Second, British officials pretend that the Parthenon sculpture in their possession receives great care, which Greece, they claim, could never give.

This is false.

During 1937 – 1938, the caretakers at the British Museum inflicted irreparable damage to the Parthenon sculpture. They scrubbed the statues with chemicals and equipment to make them “more white.” And rather than revealing what happened, the British Museum covered up the truth for decades.

William St. Clair, British author of “Lord Elgin and the Marbles,” a 1998 book on “the controversial history of the Parthenon sculptures,” concluded that the “stewardship” of the Parthenon sculptures by the British Museum for more than half a century was “a cynical sham,” which forfeited “the British claim to a trusteeship.” He is right.

Time has come for the Parthenon sculpture of the British Museum to join its other half in the new Akropolis museum the Greeks built just for that purpose. In the celebrations during the dedication of the Akropolis Museum in 2009, the Greek Minister of Culture Antonis Samaras spoke about the “hostage” of the Parthenon sculpture at the British Museum.

Yes, returning the Elgin marbles to Athens would be the right thing to do. It would be the only path to reconciliation between the British and the Greek people. Indeed, the Parthenon means a lot to the Greeks. They love it as a concrete example of the greatness of their ancient culture.

Reuniting the sculptures of the Parthenon would also be an act of respect for the integrity of the Greek culture, which, like the other Europeans, the British have used successfully for building their own civilization.

At a time of tension and violence, the return of the Elgin marbles to Greece would be an act of Renaissance humanism that may sow seeds of peace and philhellenism in the Mediterranean and the world.

Besides, in 2012, the Olympics that are as Greek as the Parthenon will be celebrated in London. What more of an opportune time for the United Kingdom to return the Parthenon treasure to its Greek home and show the world its appreciation for all it has benefited from Hellenic culture.

Evaggelos Vallianatos, Ph.D., is the author of several books, including “The Passion of the Greeks.”

Quote:Christians and the Classics: War against Reason

Evaggelos G. Vallianatos

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 08-08-2010


[quote name='Bharatvarsh2' date='06 August 2010 - 12:03 AM' timestamp='1281032702' post='107773']

I know the eventual plan is all of India but in the short term they seem to be focusing certain strategic areas like AP, TN, Eezham, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Orissa. All these areas have tribals or the so called "Dravidians" so once they can achieve critical mass here they can try to goad them into secession like in the North East. You don't see the same level of missionary activity in states like UP or Bihar.

But yes the eventual goal is a Christian India.


They seem to have a deal with islamism. Privately islamism is on a jihad against all of India to convert the entire dar-ul-harb into a dar-ul-islam. Likewise christianism wants all of India for christ.

But generally the organised christian groups doing the terrorisms on the ground speak only of certain regions (Nagaland, other parts of the NE, TN - or, as you say - TN as part of a larger territory like Eelam, etc). And this fits in with the islamaniac Pukestani, AQ, Talibani maps regularly emerging on the islamic visions of the future of India: "dravoodian" land is specifically marked as not being part of any dar-ul-islam (mughalistan). And the NE is also generally left open (for christianism), except for IIRC Assam.

Christomoronism and islamania may intend to later take from each other the territory they'd by then have stolen from the heathens, but that - for now, officially - christoism and islamism have a deal to cut up India between themselves and keep off from each others' marked territory is not only evident from how organised christoislamic terrorist outfits claim mutually exclusive territory, but is further underscored by the fact that even in the very early 90s, one of the more rabid international christist missionary groups was seen going about declaring that Kashmir was islamaniac territory and belonged to TSP, and was talking about the "poor islamaniac terrorists of Kashmir" and "the evil Hindu India oppressing/colonizing them".

This was the early 90s by which time they had already gone public. But the plan would have been longer in the making.

So too was the plan for a christian eelam - a plan which has existed since the 50s I think - and which has been regularly exposed by both Sri Lankan Buddhists as well as Hindus of both SL and India.

Christoism is helping islamism in a mutually-beneficial plot to take over India/kill heathenism and divide the spoils. Brainless islamism could never have done it on its own. And christoism didn't/doesn't have the numbers on its own to accomplish the takeover by itself either.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 08-09-2010

Quote:Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Link: Myth of Christian contribution to Tamil - Thamizhchelvan

aug 4th, 2010

[color="#0000FF"]the DMK-christist project for de-hinduizing[/color] the most devout hindu population of india -- the tamils.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Swami

Myth of Christian contribution to Tamil –Thamizhchelvan

All Christian missionaries from Robert De Nobili to Robert Caldwell, all Christian priests like Thaninayagam and evangelists like Deivanayagam, worked and are working for the same agenda of hijacking Tamil language, erasing its Hindu identity, destroying the native culture, converting the natives and ultimately forming a Tamil Christian Nation comprising Tamil Nadu and North and East of Sri Lanka.–thamizhchelvan

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 8/04/2010 10:37:00 AM


Very important article. Too long (and with too many uses of emphases) to repost here. Well worth reading, IMO.

Scary how much christianism is encroaching on Hindu works by first trying to delink them from the Hindu Gods/religion and then claim a christian contribution if not origin for them.

The piece ends with:

Quote:Tamil is Hindu; Tamil culture is Hindu culture; Tamil tradition is Hindu tradition; Tamil heritage is a continuity with the Vedic civilisation which evolved on the banks of Sindhu-Saraswati and flows down to Kanyakumari.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 08-11-2010

Quote:Missionary Impossible

By Rakesh Krishnan Simha

For OpEdNews: Rakesh Krishnan Simha - Writer

To the casual observer, it's business-as-usual in Afghanistan. On August 6, in remote Nuristan province, 260km north of Kabul, Taliban terrorists gunned down 10 foreigners, all non-combatants, adding to the steadily climbing body count in the West's War on Terror.

Only this time, the victims weren't as innocent as the media headlines screamed. The dead included six Americans, a German and a Briton, and were members of the International Assistance Mission (IAM), which is registered as a non-profit Christian organization.

The intentions of the 10 workers are clouded in the fog of war but their ostensible mission was charity. That, however, is challenged by the Afghans. A Taliban spokesman said they killed the foreigners because they were "preaching Christianity". The Taliban also said the team was carrying Dari language bibles and "spying gadgets".

While the Taliban are no angels, Christian missionaries clearly don't belong in a war zone, especially in a country that has such a deep rooted aversion to Western mores. But that doesn't faze IAM because according to them, they are simply going by the book in this case the Bible.

IAM videos, now available on YouTube, contradict the group's claim that they do not proselytize. One video shows a room full of scruffy, unwashed Muslim kids being taught Christian verses by a hysterical-sounding woman in the background. It would seem to the viewer these "aid workers" are more interested in the children's souls than their hygiene. Cleanliness doesn't rank next to godliness any more. How times have changed.

While the Afghans are not being converted at gunpoint, it can be safely assumed that without the cover provided by Western armies, there wouldn't be any Christian missionaries in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Indeed, missionary activity in the Middle East seeks to transform the West's War on Terror into a war for souls.

In 2003, John Brady of the International Mission Board, the missionary arm of the Southern Baptists, the largest Protestant denomination in America, appealed in his church bulletin Urgent News: "Southern Baptists have prayed for years that Iraq would somehow be opened to the gospel. (We) must understand that there is a war for souls under way in Iraq."

Christian groups are treating the window of occupation as a god sent opportunity for them to ship in as many copies of the Bible as they can. Urgent News proudly reports aid workers handing out copies of the New Testament and praying with Muslim recipients.

Missionary activity is also rampant in the American armed forces. The United States Military Ministry has chapters at every major military installation in the country. According to the Ministry, attempts to inculcate into the ranks of the "saved" start as early as ROTC training.

Says Aseem Shukla, co-founder and board member of Hindu American Foundation: "As a project of the supremely well-funded and powerful Campus Crusade for Christ International, the Military Ministry and similar organizations have created a network of access to fresh recruits and military officers that threatens the very fabric of the institution."

Shukla, who is also associate professor in urologic surgery at the University of Minnesota medical school, adds: "When ministering turns to proselytizing and privileging one faith over another, and when the tens of thousands of Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists proudly serving their country are rendered the "other,' highly imperative troop cohesion and morale is compromised."

Indeed, many American soldiers have stepped off the plane in Iraq and Afghanistan armed with bagfuls of Bibles provided by their churches back home. Is it any surprise then that some Western soldiers have come to see their mission in Iraq and Afghanistan as yet another Crusade?

There seems to be plenty of backing for a crusade from the very top. According to a report in GQ magazine in May 2009, Donald Rumsfeld, the former US defence secretary, provided US President George W. Bush with top secret intelligence briefings on the Iraq war that featured cover pages adorned with Biblical quotes.

On April 1, 2003, as US troops were heading for Iraq, Rumsfeld's "World Intelligence Update" featured a line from Proverbs 16:3: "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed".

Two days before Saddam Hussein was toppled on April 9, 2003, the cover sheet showed a picture of the Iraqi leader and a quotation from Peter 2:15: "It is God's will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men."

Evidence of the military-missionary nexus is found in virtually every country that suffered colonialism and Western invasion.

South Korea is the perfect example of American armed intervention preceding a massive missionary influx. Before the Korean War of the 1950's, the Christian presence in that country was negligible. Today they are the majority, and their congregational culture along with the power that ensues from it has pushed South Korea's Buddhists, Confucians and non-believers to the ranks of the marginalized.

Indeed, South Korea is the jewel in the crown of Christian evangelism. Not only does the wealthy country provide vast funds for conversions worldwide, it also has a huge supply of eager beaver Korean missionaries willing to do their Lord's work in every danger spot in the world, including Afghanistan and Iraq.

Kenya's Jomo Kenyatta said about British missionaries who poured in after British forces colonized the east African country: "When the missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the missionaries had the Bible. They taught us how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible."

India was one of the first countries in the world to be hit by the pincer movement of western colonial armies and missionaries. Thomas Babington Macaulay, Head of the Education Department of British India, was of the firm opinion that British evangelists should be allowed to convert Hindus to Christianity. In 1834, he said, "No Hindu who has received an English education ever remains sincerely attached to his religion. Some continue to profess it as a matter of policy but many profess themselves pure deists and some embrace Christianity. It is my firm belief if our plan of education is followed up, there will not be a single idolater among the respectable class in 30 years hence."

In 1878, Monier Williams, professor of Sanskrit at Oxford University, said the enormous territory of India has been committed to England for a great purpose that every Indian man, woman and child may be elevated, enlightened and Christianized. His frustration at the lack of progress in that mission can be gauged from this statement: "The chief obstacle to spread Christianity in India is that these people are proud of their tradition and religion." Why, thank you Mr Williams!

While the British had to contend with a proud Indian race, the other colonialists, Spain and Portugal, were more "fortunate' in that they encountered less organized nations, especially in South America, where they easily conquered, pillaged, enslaved and then converted entire kingdoms to Christianity.

The arrival of Portuguese missionaries in India is a story of deceit, perfidy, and unspeakable cruelties. After the local Hindu ruler gave their chief proselytizer, Francis Xavier, land to build a church, this is how the saintly Xavier repaid his generosity: "I order that everywhere the temples of the false gods be pulled down and idols broken. I know not how to describe in words the joy I feel before the spectacle of pulling down and destroying the idols by the very people who formerly worshiped them."

From the tiny Portuguese enclave of Goa on India's western coast, Xavier launched the Inquisition, during which over a million Hindus are reported to have been murdered.

While not condoning the acts of the Taliban, it is worth wondering if the world would have been better off had local rulers everywhere given these barbaric missionaries similar treatment.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 08-17-2010

Quote:The making of identities

It is important that Hindus as a part of their defensive strategy anthropologize their rivals – this act of reverting the gaze on them is also critical to redress the balance of power. An important aspect of this is the analysis of the formation and the deconstruction of identities. Identities take a particularly important role in the analysis of the West, the Mohammedans and China. In particular, “soft” power-projection by the West revolves around deconstruction of others identity while reinforcing and remodeling their own through selective historical narratives. So an analysis of these processes is critical to understand the framework of the dangers confronting the Hindu. Firstly, it should be noted that Hindus are a key target for identity deconstruction. The strategy being used for this is one of cognitive dissonance. On one hand Hindu modal behaviors, tendencies and physical appearances are caricatured and discouraged as being “uncool”, whereas there is strong projection of the mlechCha mode being the “in thing”. Not unexpectedly there is some reaction to this from the Hindu masses in the Occident. Hence, on the other hand, this reaction is given official recognition via an allowed channel namely that of South Asianism. This South Asian identity is primarily aimed at deconstructing the powerful and ancient Hindu identity and replacing it with something shallow. By its very name the despicable term “South Asian” also effaces the centrality of the predominantly Indo-Aryan (Hindu) culture emanating from India to the distinct identity of Asia itself. Instead, it tries to equalize India with with many other modern states in the subcontinent and place the high Hindu culture on equal footing with the barbarisms passing under the name of the religion of peace. Hence, it is strongly advised that every self-respecting Hindu in the West eschew participation in anything that goes under the banner of South Asian and instead affirm his Hindu identity. Another point to note is that that South Asian identity has been further subverted to be used as a decoy or a means of subterfuge by the religion of peace to achieve its objectives of “stealth Jihad”. Thus, anyone adopting the South Asian identity is ultimately contributing in someway to the grand project of the marUnmatta-s.

Even as these deconstructionist forces are active on the Hindus, the mlechCha-s led by those from the madhyama mlechCha-varSha in the krau~nchadvIpa are embarking on reaffirming their own identity, which we have termed the leukosphere in these pages. At the heart of it lies a confluence of the race-based leukotestate identity with the kIlita-pretamata. The importance of this may be noted in the fact that the mlechCha-s helped the Qing ruler to annihilate the preta-mata lookalike started by the “Chinese brother of the preta” amongst the chIna-s. The mlechCha-s realized that if the demographic balance of the pretamata shifted from them to the chIna-s then it could potentially undermine their very identity. Another key aspect of this identity project is that it actually cuts across political lines in the west though its manifestations might look dissimilar to the undiscerning eye. Three major manifestations might be noted: 1) The manifestation based on the overt expression of the preta-mata. In this manifestation the superiority of the mlechCha-s is supposed to come from their adherence to the preta’s words, given their belief that the preta, when alive, was the parama-rAkShasa himself. 2) Another manifestation holds the view that the shveta-varNa-s are a superior people because they are the best in intelligence, beauty and strength of all the races. This is epitomized in the work of Charles Murray who holds that view that everything of worth in human endeavor was due to the mlechCha-s and the preta-mata. 3) The final manifestation is that of the liberals (overt or covert Marxists) who believe that they have a higher “moral standing” than everyone else. While the frank pretAcharin wishes to save the heathens by bringing the religion of love, the liberal wishes to bring to them the glories of democracy (or is it Marx and Engels gift-wrapped?) and biology-defying, society-rending egalitarianism. While these manifestations might strongly oppose each other they are rather united in their beliefs and characterizations of the Hindu and related organic civilizations (as opposed to those based on memetic diseases). So it is important to dissect this the emergence of this collective identity of the leukosphere.

Until as recently as world war-2 there were strong national identities – English, German, Dutch, American, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian. They had fought each other brutally, spilling much blood. There were several internal fault-lines in addition – in England the Anglo-Saxon British fought the Celtic peoples on island and eventually subjugated them with much brutality. In North America the slave-owning southern confederacy and the northern union fought with much ferocity. The Spanish and the Americans fought a major naval war resulting the loss of the former’s island possessions. When the European nations were attempting territorial claims in India they were at war with each other and lacked any unified leukospheric identity. The Hindu rulers clearly saw this situation as what it was – for instance, the peshva bAlAjI nAnAsaheb saw an opportunity in using the English to tie down French so that he could complete the crushing of the latter. Finally, there were the world wars which were essentially intra-European conflicts that spread over a wider theater. Even after that the West has still remained at war with the Russians to this date. This suggests that the leukospheric identity has a fractured foundation – much weaker than that of the Hindus. This is a point Hindus need to emphasize to turn the table on their detractors. This fractured identity of the leukosphere is also important when Hindus tackle the issue of unifying identity in the historical sense. Often Hindus whine that the mlechCha-s have divided them using the “Aryan invasion theory”, linguistics and philology and the like. Unfortunately, hardly anyone among these Hindus, who lead Don Quixotic charges at AIT and linguistics, realize that the the same linguistic gaze can be powerfully turned on to Europe. Firstly, while whole of India is unified by a single clearly defined lineage of Indo-European, i.e. Indo-Aryan, Europe has an whole assembly of IE languages which are rather distinct from each other – Romance, Celtic, Germanic, Greek, Slavic and Baltic in addition to some minor ones. So there is no common denominator for an “EU” other than being partially militarily unified under the Roman banner. Likewise, if a mlechCha tries to invoke the presence of other language families like Dravidian and Austro-Asiatic one simply needs to point to Hungarian, Finnish and Basque. After all the Basque are still fighting for their own state and want to retain a distinct identity! If the mlechCha considers the Austro-Hungarian empire a natural development in his lands then what is so surprising of Indo-Aryan and Dravidian coexisting for ages in bhAratavarSha?

In another direction they also want to imitate the making of identity in the UK by stating that “Indian” identity is the way to go, as in the assertion: “I am Indian before I am Hindu.” There is really no need for such artificial nationalism – after all an unified identity in the UK is still tenuous despite all the Anglo-Saxon attempts to subsume the Celts. Still Scotts, Welsh and Irish retain a significant strand of their ancestral identity. The Hindu does not need this — even in the periods of great regionalization, their identity allowed Hindus to crisscross bhAratavarSha as per their wishes. It should be realized that in comparison to the deep and organic roots of Hindu identity most of those which have developed in the west are relatively shallow and artificial. To apprehend their emergence let us take two examples:

1) The Germanic identity The Germanic people are one of the most expansive branches of all the Indo-European speakers. However, they developed late. When other Indo-Europeans like the Hindus, Iranians, Greeks, Tocharians and Romans were already rather advanced in their civilization the Germanic branch did not have much to show (other than the great southward invasion of the Teutones and Cimbri, a little before 100 BCE, to threaten Roman lands; the early history of the Germans is a fascinating topic which we shall attempt narrate on another occasion). However, after most of these former IE cultures aged the Germanic branch had so remarkable an efflorescence that one of their languages has become that of common usage throughout the world. But through much of the early historical period their identity was rather fractured. They appear to have identified themselves only by their tribe, though their larger phylogenetic unity was clearly visible to the external gaze of the Romans (e.g. as recorded by Julius Caesar and Tacitus). It was Tacitus who composed a famous tract the Germania giving an account of the Germans around 98 CE. Between 100-200 CE in mainland Western Europe (those of Scandinavia had not even entered the gaze of the rest of humanity) the following German tribes were recorded: 1) The northernmost were the Anglii from whom we have acquired the language of the current yuga. 2) A bit to their south west were the Frisii. 3) To their South were the Chauki, the Chasuarii, Chamavi, Tencteri, Ubii, Bructeri, Marsi, Chersuci. 4) To the southeast of the Anglii were the Langobardi (long beards) and the Reudigni. To the deep south were the Hermunduri, Marcomanni, Chatti and Mattiaci. 5) Further east, between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea were located the Rugi, Gotones (Goths), Venedi. 6) The south of the above closer to the course of the Danube were located the Burgundi, Quadi, Vandali, Cotini and the Bastarnae. Such was the throng of German peoples who terrified the Roman world. Based on Tacitus’ explanation it is clear that very name Germanus is a Roman coinage — it was originally the name of a group of Germanic tribes who invaded the Gauls from the east after crossing the Rhine and routed them in battle in what is now eastern Belgium. Having driven out the Gauls they settled there and came to the attention of the Romans, who applied that name to all the related tribes whom they were to soon encounter. Thus, the identity of most Germans of the age was that of one of the above tribes, rather than “Germanus”. The Latin Germania was rediscovered and published using the printing press in Nuremberg in 1474 CE and in 1519 CE Beatus Rhenanus wrote a commentary on it establishing the connection between the tribes of Tacitus and the medieval Germanic people. This led to the emergence of a unified German identity — in essence projecting the German commonality perceived by the ancient Romans on to the medieval people of the land. Tactitus was an objective observer and he noted the rough valor in battle of the German tribes and their generally honorable conduct. By 1848 CE these observations on the ancient German tribes were projected on the modern inhabitants of the land and became a part of their perceived glorious identity coming down unbroken from the ancient times. This found expression in constructions like the Valhalla of Ludwig-I where the artificially created pan-Germanic identity was reinforced by installing a Greco-Roman style shrine for great “Germans”. By the 1920-30s all this took an ugly turn with the political forces among the modern inhabitants claiming them to be the purest and the greatest of all races. The only evidence for an ancient Germanic identity came from a Latin manuscript of Tacitus (the Codex Aesinas) that was housed in Italy with an Italian nobleman. So the Nazi commandos tried to raid his residences to take the manuscript to Germany, but failed in the attempt. This incident in itself encapsulates the irony in the way the making of Germany identity proceeded in modern times. The English, though one of the original Germanic tribes, appear to have been shielded in part from the developments on the continent and seemed to have been left out of this creation of German identity – yet another illustration of the relative superficiality of this identity.

2) The leukosphere or white identity. In the 600s of CE the English king Oswald of Northumbria, a new convert to the religion of love decided to wage holy war on both other coreligionists like the British king Cadwalla and the heathen Saxon king Penda, a worshiper of Odin and Thor. Oswald was the victor of many brutal wars, killing Cadwalla in due course, though his holy war on the heathen Penda ended in him being hacked to pieces on the battlefield. His brutality notwithstanding he was made a saint as he had fought the heathens on behalf of the pretamata – a reminder of innate deception typical of these memetic diseases, the preta and the rAkShasa mata-s. About 100 years down the line came the dreaded German holy warrior Charles-I (Charlemagne) who imposed the religion of love with utmost brutality on other German people. Likewise, Charles waged holy wars to spread to spread the memetic disease of the pretamata to the western Slavs and the Avar khaganate. In the process practically exterminated the archaic Indo-European culture of the Germans and the western Slavs. He seems to have even found some kind of resonance with his fellow holy warrior from the religion of peace Harun al Rashid in Baghdad with whom he exchanged gifts. He is fondly remembered by the descendants of his victims as the “father of Europe” and his tall, fair, blond haired image still provides them with their ideal of a puruSha. These events encapsulate the emergence of the precursor of the identity under discussion. In essence, it was the artificial identity of the pretamata that was stuffed down the throats of the unwilling heathens of Europe. Subsequently, the same identity forged the European alliances against the Islamic Jihad. But over time it receded to the background with fragmentation and local identities taking precedence. Fast-forward several centuries ahead to when the United States was born. Its elite had their deep cultural moorings to England, despite seeking political independence from it. In its war of independence it had succeeded in no small measure due to the aid offered by France. Thus, in its very birth the US had links to European powers that had long been rivals. Within the North American continent it was at war with the natives and was being steadily settled by other European peoples. On the whole, the birth of the US was a success story – it had beaten the mighty English who were victorious against most other nations of the world. It had built a formidable navy in a short time and projected power far away in the North African coasts by smashing the Moslem fleet in the Barbary War. Its successes also lead to introspection about its own place in history and identity. Given its origins and peoples, it had no need to adopt a narrow identity pertaining to a particular European nation despite its links to Britain and France, but sought to forge a new one. In this situation, two things came to the fore – the sub-current identity of the pretamata, which had been submerged in fragmented Europe and the white racial identity. The former was particularly strong as they needed something to replace the regional allegiances of Europe to their respective kings. So the rAkShasa spelt with the capital G took the place of the king or Kaiser. The latter emerged as a result of their encounter with the “other” in the form of the natives of America who were locked in a life and death struggle with them and the slaves they had shipped in from Africa to ply on their fields. Their military triumphs against the natives, as well as elsewhere in the world, along with degradation of the Africans to a lowly position, gave them a feeling of a superior white identity. Indeed, even their great intellectuals like Thomas Jefferson, who advocated free-thinking on religion, upheld these core aspects of the developing identity. This becomes clear when one examines his “Indian Removal Plan”. His main idea was to enforce the pretamata on the natives at the expense of their own traditions and force them to adopt “Western European culture” and eventually assimilate into the white identity of the US. Failing this they were to be driven westwards or exterminated.

The events surrounding the American civil war, often acting in different directions, led to further strengthening and recalibration of the white identity. The civil war resulted in a strong sense of white identity being reinforced in the southern states. In the north while the prevailing mood was for universal rights it was not as if the white identity had been given up. In fact, non-English European immigrants, primarily Germans and Irish joined the union’s cause, providing it with the much needed manpower in the war against against the southern states. Now the important role played by these European immigrants meant that upon victory of the union they were to play a major role in the north. This again meant that the white identity was a more suitable one than an English one. In particular the Irish had earlier not been considered white enough, but now they slowly gained that status and reinforced a much wider identity based on generic adherence to the pretamata and being of lighter complexion. Even through the civil war battles to suppress and exterminate the natives of the land continued, further reinforcing the white identity as one of superiority, relative to the free tribes who refused to accept the white ways. The post-civil war rise of white movements that attacked blacks in the southern states. This resulted in blacks going north for finding better and safer work opportunities and fell in a competition with the Irish who occupied similar working class niches. This contributed to the strengthening of white identity further. Finally, with the failure of post-civil war reconstruction and rise of racial tensions the white identity strengthened greatly and now resonated with the ideas of supremacy, which were also current in the German identity movements. However, its American flavor, instead restricting glory just for the Germans, extended it to all light-skinned people of European decent who followed the preta-mata. The strength of this identity in the US is attested by the opinions and actions of the post-civil war American president Woodrow Wilson and the roaring success of the blockbuster movie during his reign titled the “Birth of a Nation”. It also explains why the apparently genuine efforts of the American presidents like Grant and Coolidge to improve racial relationships and non-white rights were not very successful. Eventually, with the American victory in world war 2 and the conquest of Germany, this white identity (of course with the pretamata subcurrent) also came to guide the European unification and establishment of the leukosphere through the recognition of the white colonies of Australia, New Zealand and some degree South Africa as brethren.

Thus, rather than being something very deep and ancient, as some Hindus mistakenly believe, this identity is a rather shallow one of recent provenance. The shallowness of the white identity, like the modern German identity, is revealed by its need to appropriate other peoples identities and achievements as their own. The tale of how both these groups appropriated the ethnonym of my people does not need any further elaboration here. But we may turn to some other examples, namely the appropriation of Greek and Roman achievements as their own. For instance, in his work Wisdom of the West, Bertrand Russell appropriates Greek scientific and mathematical achievements as collective property of the west, and this indeed is the norm in modern America. Hitler thought that the yavana warriors in Thermopylae certainly had some German connection. During the height of the battle of Stalingrad he hoped his field marshal would not surrender but die fighting as a fitting enaction of the Spartans being hammered by the Iranians at Thermopylae. The same yavana-s were also claimed by the Americans who made a movie to mark their hostilities with the Islamic nation currently occupying the land of the Iranians of yore. They use terms like senate and senator emulating the Romans. Yet, no where do we find the Greeks or Roman claiming such a grand white identity. If anything Hellenistic civilization was destroyed by the founding principle of white identity, i.e. the pretamata, despite the valiant efforts of Julian (To realize the importance of the pretamata to this identity note the fact that Panjabi Americans, who might barely make the cut on the skin color metric, were still able to gain the admiration of those with leukotestate identity by converting to the pretamata).

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 08-17-2010

Quote:Will chief minister Rosaiah continue the christianizing of Andhra Pradesh? – Ishwar Sharan

Posted on November 3, 2009 by IS

The following statement by AP chief minister Rosaiah appeared in the Deccan Chronicle, Chennai, on Oct. 28, 2009.

I believe in the Almighty. I am a firm believer in the existence of God. I believe that without the existence of God there would have been no creation of the universe. I cannot see the Almighty, rather I cannot imagine Him. But I can definitely feel his presence and strength everywhere.

I don’t believe in any particular God like Vishnu or Shiva. I also don’t worship a particular God. But at the same time, I don’t disown the rituals.

I understand that if one has compassion for every living creature, one can see the sacred light of divinity in everything. In a larger sense , this divine power is manifest in all that exists.

Whenever I visit temples in my capacity as a politician, I participate and perform the pujas. Everyday I pray to God as I believe there is an invisible power, shakti, that is responsible for the creation of this universe.

God it like a benevolent father for all of us. I have no doubt about his love for all. In return I love Him and am loyal and faithful to Him. Through my conscience, and my knowledge of His word [the Bible], I know what He wants and I try to do that? – K. Rosaiah as told to L.V. Reddy.

Is AP chief minister Rosaiah a Christian? It would appear that he is from a analysis of the interview above. Look closely at the terminology. It is a Christian politician’s carefully worded statement. Does this mean that the overt christianizing of Andhra Pradesh that took place under YSR’s corrupt regime will continue? Yes it does. A Christian can do nothing else but seek to create more Christians into perpetuity. It is his religious duty. It is how this alien theocratic system and its fanatic adherents perpetuate themselves.

Is Christianity a religion or spiritual system? No. It is an imperialistic political ideology that claims to have divine sanction. Its sole objective is world domination, based on an absurd and sinful world view.

The spread of Christianity is against the Indian national interest. And if it continues unabated, Hindus, now a second class majority in their own land, will soon become a persecuted minority in their own land. Do not ever doubt it. Christianity has 2000 years of political experience behind it when it comes to undermining and subsuming the civilization it wishes to overthrow. And today Hindu civilization is the target.

Quote:Podhigai’s Christian preaching

Let us have a look at the number of evangelical programs going on in Podhigai:

5.30 am – Victory Today (Daily)

8.30 am – Santhoshamaai Vaazha (To Live Happily) – (Daily)

9.30 am – Vaarungal Munneralaam (Come Let us Progress) – (Mon, Wed and Fri)

9.00 pm – Needuzhi Vaazhga (Long Live) – (Daily)

10.30 pm – Vetriyum Vaazhvum (Victory and Life) – (Daily)

10.30 am on Sundays – Araadhanai Umakkey (Praise The Lord)

8.15 am on Saturday and Sunday – Varalaatril Vaazhvor (Heroes from History) – a program by famous Evangelist Joyce Meyers (also dubbed in Punjabi and Telugu and telecast in the respective kendras)

Also at 10.10 pm – Punithathai Nokkiye (Towards Holiness) – a recording of Sunday Mass.

The telecast timing in Podhigai is from 5.30 am to 11 pm and the programs shown between 11 pm and 5.30 am next day are re-telecasts.

Shocking termination of Vande Mataram

The most important and outrageous aspect in the entire issue of Christianisation of Chennai Doordarshan is the shocking termination of Vande Mataram. The mandatory playing of Vande Mataram at 5.30 am has been stopped to please the evangelists. The channel straight away starts with “Yesu Bhakti” instead of “Desh Bhakti”! It means Podhigai starts with the Blessings of Jesus and viewers must either wake up by hearing the word “Sinners” or wake up to the God who forgives sinners! The channel has indirectly made the viewers sinners.

As examinations are going on in schools at present, the channel starts with a program called “Kaanbom Karpom” (Look and Learn) at 5 am without playing Vande Mataram. Sharp at 5.30 the evangelist comes. All the Doordarshan Kendras across the country are supposed to start their telecast at 5.30 am by playing the National Song Vande Mataram and the Chennai Doordarshan is the only Kendra which has stopped playing it. Instead of Vande Mataram, it starts with Yesu Mantram. Unfortunately the people of Tamil Nadu have not realized it, for they have lost their Desh Bhakti in the vicious spell of Dravidian Maya.

Impact of Christian Podhigai

The impact of the Christianisation of Podhigai is undesirable and the consequences seem to be threatening the secular fabric of the nation and its integration. It indirectly gives the government’s stamp of approval for Christian preaching, which helps pastors and evangelists to cheat the gullible masses with that dubious stamp of approval.

Evangelists create an impression in the minds of the gullible masses as if the government authorizes the Christian way of living through their programs. The titles of these programs bear testimony for this fact.

Doordarshan’s reach and impact in rural areas is more than that of the private channels. It has gained the trust and confidence of rural people through programs such as warnings on cyclone, epidemic, weather forecasts, propagation of Family Planning and other government policies, advertisements on Health and Education and agricultural programs. As the people believe the government takes care of their welfare through Doordarshan, they easily fall prey to Christian preaching too. Evangelical organizations clearly exploit the people’s trust and confidence on Doordarshan to have a heavy harvest.

Evangelists and pastors have already started touring the villages and telling the people that Christianity is the only religion authorized and supported by the government and that they stand to gain the concessions offered by the government in various sectors apart from the money and other benefits given by Christian organizations. By this kind of an orchestrated campaign, the evangelists make a killing...

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 08-21-2010

Quote:Friday, August 20, 2010

Christian terrorists threaten Hindu ashram in Orissa

That institution happens to have been founded by the late Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati of Orissa, brutally assassinated by Christist terrorists on Krishna Janmashtami day - after 8 previous attempts, solely motivated by a supremacist agenda of 1) conversion of Orissa to christism, 2) eliminating the Hindu monk who,

through his social service, was effectively deterring conversion activity among the Vanvasis, i.e. the "tribals".

Approaching the 2nd anniversary of Swamiji's brutal assassination, the Christian supremacist masterminds behind the act of terrorism are yet to be apprehended, leave alone subjected to any form of punitive action.

And - the intimidation of local Hindus and Hindu religious, cultural organisations continues

unchecked, under the benign gaze of uber Dhimmi - Naveen Patnaik, a collaborator in the destruction of his state's religious and civilisational heritage.

This violent intimidation constitues denial of religious freedom and basic human rights to Hindus, in their own land.

Will the USCIRF, Amnesty international etc take notice?

Of course, NOT. These institutions are the global church's "cat's paw", running interference in democracies like India, to undermine their sovereignty and further the evangelical agenda.


Posted by karyakarta92 at 8/20/2010 01:48:00 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Going to that rediff link, one can find at the top a banner ad for the christoterrorist org World Vision - yes, the same christoterrorist World Vision of which (at least) 2 members were behind the brutal murder of Swami Lakshmananda. The christo ad asks people to Sponsor A Child, featuring a picture of a cuddly little Hindu girl, complete with pottu/bindi. "Sponsor a child for christ": to turn another Hindu into a christoterrorist cannibal sheep.

And then, after "secular" rediff's christo-advertising for the murderous World Vision comes the actual article, complete with insinuating Hindus are to blame for the christothreat (note how Orissa is slowly being turned into the next Nagaland, with regular christoterrorist threats and brutalities against the indigenous Hindus):

Quote:Kandhamal: Slain swami's school receives threat

August 20, 2010 15:47 IST

A residential school for girls founded by late Swami Laxmananda Saraswati in Kandhamal district has received a threat that its authorities would meet the same fate as the Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader who was killed in 2008.

"The caller, who rang up yesterday (on Thursday), accused the management of the school, Shankaracharya Sanskrit Kanyashram, of beating up girls on the pretext of maintaining discipline," police said.

[color="#800080"](Rather like the christoterrorists earlier alleging that Swami Lakshmanananda had been "thrashing" Hindus into "accepting Hindooism", except for the fact that the Hindus the Swami worked with always spoke well of him and remembered him fondly. The only thrashing that really happened was the usual mob of christos - rather like the one that gathered to murder Hypatia - brutally beating the old Swami Lakshmananda and IIRC his chauffeur too and landing the 80-something-year old Swami in hospital a year before the christos then returned to finish him (and others with him) off for good.

But then, christos always lie. It's their thing: They lie. They murder. Then they lie. Then they murder. Then they lie and murder and lie and genocide and... Rinse Repeat. It's the christian pattern. It is all there is to christianism and it all derives from Jeebus The Lie That Genocides People All Over The World.)[/color]

"I received two telephone calls, one at 3:41 pm and another at 4:20 pm yesterday. The caller threatened me and the headmistress Rita Kesri to run the Kanyashram properly or face the fate of Saraswati," the school's Managing Secretary Kabi Chandra Nath told PTI over phone.

Superintendent of Police (Kandhamal) S Praveen Kumar [ Images ] said, "We have enhanced security around the Kanyashram after the school management lodged an FIR at Tumudibandha police station last evening."

Eleven personnel of the India [ Images ] Reserve Battalion has been deployed at the school, housing 187 girls, located at Jalespeta where Saraswati and four others were shot dead on August 23, 2008 leading to riots in the district.

Tumudibandha police station in-charge R K Jena said a case has been registered under Section 506 (criminal intimidation) and Section 507 (criminal intimidation by an anonymous communication) of the Indian Penal Code.
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no help

by sg sg (View MyPage) on Aug 21, 2010 03:22 PM

i dont think anyone is ready to help the school or the managers, as the bad publicity has been spread across the world by the biased media and even raised by a foreign leader to our pm singh. but the truth is being suffocated under the immence pressure of the so called secularist government and ngo's


by this that (View MyPage) on Aug 20, 2010 09:49 PM


Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 08-21-2010

There is one notable thing about our Christianity: bad, bloody, merciless, money-grabbing and predatory as it is -- in our country particularly, and in all other Christian countries in a somewhat modified degree -- it is still a hundred times better than the Christianity of the Bible, with its prodigious crime -- the invention of Hell. Measured by our Christianity of to-day, bad as it is, hypocritical as it is, empty and hollow as it is, neither the Deity nor His Son is a Christian, nor qualified for that moderately high place. Ours is a terrible religion. The fleets of the world could swim in spacious comfort in the innocent blood it has spilt.

- Mark Twain.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Naresh - 09-01-2010


[url=""]Ex-priest 'exposes' clergy's sex secrets[/url]

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : There seems no end to Church's woes as far as "God's own country" is concerned. After ex-nun Sister Jesmi's tell-all book on the dark side of the convent life, it's now the turn of a former priest to expose what he claims "sexual anarchy among the clergy and the faithful".

The book, 'Here is The Heart of a Priest' by K P Shibu, who left the Vicentian Congregation after 11 years, is autobiographical and slams the "indulgent and licentious life-style of a section of the clergy". Writing about his days with the congregation, Shibu (38) alleges, "Homosexuality and adult films had become a part of their lifestyle... a section of priests and nuns were driven by lust for power and money. Mismanagement of funds was also rampant in institutions under the order."

[color="#FF0000"]After listening to the confessions of priests,[/color] Shibu claims he concluded that 60% of them had had sexual encounters with nuns, widows, society ladies or other faithful women. [color="#FF0000"]"Most celibates indulge in [size="5"]self pleasure[/size],"[/color] he writes in one place. There were also those who took advantage of poverty of women, orphans and abused children, alleges the former priest, and says ragging of new comers to the order shamefully prevails in seminaries.

Sister Jesmi's book, 'Amen: Autobiography of a Nun', was similarly critical of convent life.

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 09-06-2010

Christian aggression in Bangalore, Karnataka. [Must See]

The president of the residential association explains the problem

in how the Christians in Bangalore changed the name of the estate

and road by giving foreign names. They planted a cross in front

of every Hindu house. Demolished a Jain Temple & constructed a




Orissa:- Christian Terrorism

on Hindus in India

BJP as to be in Karnataka & Orissa for next 50-years to fight the

fundamentalist Christian aggression