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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Guest - 12-05-2010

Quote:If you were interested*, in your place, I'd ask the grandparents/parents/any relative a generation or two older, press them for details. Hindus don't always tell you everything about the religion, sometimes you may have to you ask them in order to remind them that you don't really know enough. (They might just go about assuming someone else would have already explained it to you or that you already understood it by ... osmosis or something.)

I disagree. One does not need to know the theory and origins to hand over traditions.

Quote:Clearly, I am not poised to tell you why the pottu/bindi is Hindu - if that's what you were fishing for.

Naah, I do not have to fish for knowledge. But I stay away from asking "arrogant" people as much as possible, thanks for the Internet it is easier these days. My wife, and several, women who wear pottu do not wear it for any other reason than that they are used to wearing pottu; one could call it as a accessory to their attire too.

You are free to continue to froth and judge others, let me not get in your way.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 12-06-2010

[quote name='Swamy G' date='05 December 2010 - 11:27 PM' timestamp='1291571379' post='109680']

Quote:Husky said: "Clearly, I am not poised to tell you why the pottu/bindi is Hindu - if that's what you were fishing for."

<snipped irrelevant response/reproach>[/quote]

That line was not meant for you. The line was obviously in the section labelled for the Romanian - the one known variously by handles like "Romani"/"Honsol"/"HareKrishna". And he's the one who asked me something concerning it: to explain why I 'claimed' it was intrinsically Hindu (i.e. religiously Hindu). But why the mark IS Hindu - i.e. why Hindus wear the mark - does not concern him.

So the rest of your response to my statement which was not directed at you can't apply.

[quote name='Swamy G' date='05 December 2010 - 11:27 PM' timestamp='1291571379' post='109680']

I disagree. One does not need to know the theory and origins to hand over traditions.[/quote]It is a religious observance. It is meaningful to know why the old Hindus consciously observe it - including useful to know for handing down - because

1. it is a very important aspect of their religion

2. and because otherwise, due to loss of knowledge, an important religious observance such as wearing our sacred marks - important in a way that the sacred threads are - deteriorates into "fashion" (=cultural hinduism). And fashion, as you know, is prone to becoming passé (=onset of secularism). But these things are inevitable I guess.

(Edited for length.)

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 12-09-2010

Quote:Great Bipin (Mumbai)

3 hrs ago (01:15 PM)

It must be stopped doing poja and aarti and offering flowers and leaves from the all the Ghats of the river to maintain cleaning and purity of the river. Becuase it makes mind and river dirty. Bomb blast in Varanasi is the consequnce of dirty mind and dirty river. Making dirty river must be stopped anyhow. Otherwise the terrorist will get advantage to do more blast in India. Actually these dirty minded people are responsible for any untoward incident in India. So these people stop all the ghastly rituals to stop terrorism in India. and clean thier mind instead of making dirty everthings.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - HareKrishna - 12-10-2010

A passage of the The Passion of St Saba demonstrates that some harmony existed between Gothic Christians and their Gothic non-Christian neighbors who “intended while offering sacrifices to the gods to swear to the persecutor that there was not a single Christian in their village.

The claim that the apostle St Andrew preached in Dobruja, is based only on a late legendary tradition, which, in any case, refers to Scythia (southern Russia), and not specifically to Little Scythia (Dobrogea).But beginning with the age of the tetrarchy, Christianity made important progress in the province. Most of the large numbers of Christians who became martyrs, in about 300, during Diocletian's persecution remained anonymous, but some names exist in the so-called 'martyrdom acts'.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 12-10-2010

Stolen from Bharatavarsha's #403:

Quote:Great Bipin (Mumbai)

3 hrs ago (01:15 PM)

It must be stopped doing poja and aarti and offering flowers and leaves from the all the Ghats of the river to maintain cleaning and purity of the river. [color="#0000FF"]Becuase it makes mind and river dirty. Bomb blast in Varanasi is the consequnce of dirty mind and dirty river.[/color] Making dirty river must be stopped anyhow. Otherwise the terrorist will get advantage to do more blast in India. Actually these dirty minded people are responsible for any untoward incident in India. So these people stop all the ghastly rituals to stop terrorism in India. and clean thier mind instead of making dirty everthings.

The quoted character - "great bipin/buffoon" - is a typical christo(islami)terrorist. What's "interesting" is that the christoterrorist openly argues in a 'secular' space like TOI for the full-scale genocide of Hindus - i.e. the given christo-argument that "Hindus deserve the christoislamic terrorism/ethnic cleansing, for the crime of being Hindu". <- In that, note how - in parallel to such vocalised christo-thoughts - christianism in reality=in practice also uses (piggybacks with) islamism to genocide Hindus. The christogovt that's installed in India is an obvious case in point.

But except for the more 'novel' bit of advocating genocide of Hindus in such a context, the quoteblock's content does seem to be a common sort of christian argument. There was that earlier christoterrorist comment at which was brought up in post 333. Hmmm, I notice that both the christoterrorist comments at the original link, which were back then copied and pasted into #333, are no longer hosted at now - probably someone reported it for the christoterrorism=christo-abuse=christo-filth that it IS (though the christo-editors of are not unlikely to have written the abuse themselves). A few other comments remain there now, some of which seem to still be in response to the missing christoterrorist ones.

The first of the now-removed comments reproduced below uses the same sort of christist line of 'argumentation' as the stuff pasted in BV's post (minus the overt christoislamic-advocacy of christoislamic genocide of Hindus). Note that the following christoterrorist comments were in response to an slideshow of Hindus of Assam etc celebrating a Hindoo holy day:

Quote:Oh and the comments section has full-on christoterrorist gems like -

a) the almost - almost - "secular"-sounding:


Tuesday, 22 June 2010 18:09:17

Well another day is chosen to mess up the river Ganges (Ganga) where so called Sadhus & sanyasis leave their filth & destroy the serenity of the name of Ganga which is already polluted to the brink. Not even the ddevil could attain the hights the hauan race has attained in ruining the environment in the name of GOD. God wants you to be clean internally first, & then in your deeds that you do should be acceptable in the society thats when you reach the holy level Not just by making a big show off of making a GOD to be pleased as if he is sleeping. Please do not spoil the [color="#FF0000"]God[/color] given nature in the name of [color="#FF0000"]GODS & GODS & GODS.[/color]

b ) And then comes a comment with overt christianism:

Quote:at his own hands

Tuesday, 22 June 2010 20:00:23

[color="#FF0000"]satanism, demonism & paganism at its best[/color]

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http://reminds one of the verbal christianism=terrorism of the christoterrorist church fathers which preceded the christomobs in Greece and Rome, nah?

Then again, these things can hardly be something to complain about when absolutely no one complained about something much closer (the bold bit):

[quote name='G.Subramaniam' date='11 September 2010 - 09:58 PM' timestamp='1284222028' post='108244']

The key thing to remember is that the RSS-VHP in West Bengal at least has atrophied and is incapable of protecting Hindus

Apparently the VHP in Kolkata was more interested in Hanuman Chalisa chanting than Hindu protection

Shri Tapan Ghosh, was an ex-RSS pracharak, who left RSS to form Hindu Samhati

RSS still does a lot of good work, but it is no longer effective as Hindu riot protection, and Hindu riot protection was the

sole reason for starting RSS in 1925

I would urge all Hindus, especially bengalis to join Bharat Sevashram Sangha

This predates RSS and is a more militant form of RK mission

Bharat Sevashram Sangha is often the main resistance to islam in rural WB

So to all bengalis, please give up Saraswati Puja, Durga puja, Rabindro Sangeet and Kali temple and instead

just join Bharat Sevashram Sangha for both religion and self defence

And please do contribute to BSS locally[/quote]

- While christoislamism demands that Hindus give up worshipping Hindu Gods for the reason of christoislamism (even when such reasoning is couched under bad christoislamic taqiyah subversion attempts like "Hindus' worship of their Gods makes the river dirty and is asking for terrorism"),

- on the other hand, there are and have been nationalists - on fire for nationalism - that demand that Hindus do the same, though for "nationalist" reasons (one is told). E.g. for "Hindus own sake", if not for "the sake of the nation", or else some elusive future.

My favourite bit though is the incredibly inane "for your religion" suffix that IF's own member dropped in as an afterthought to his request/demand to Hindus to "abandon the Gods". (To ask people to abandon the Hindu Gods "for the sake of" Hindu religion IS inane.)

Giving up worship of the Hindu Gods and the celebration of the sacred festivals to the Gods is the same as abandoning the Hindu Gods.

So both christoislamism and G Subs/other such (he's not the only one) have made such demands. It's all the *same* anti-Hindu-ism. It's just that different voices are expressing the same, and for their own reasons. (I.e. the reasoning is different, the fundamentally anti-Hindu demands are the same.) Christoislamics are determined that their way (christoislamism) is the best way/the solution for Hindus, whereas a peculiar type of ...nationalists (it's the only identifier they have) are determined that their way is the best way/the solution for Hindus. Both require that Hindus abandon their Gods=religion to satisfy the ones (the ideology) making the demands.

Now, if any cheap 'Hindus' exist who could be swayed by any of these parties: if they had any sense, they would sooner satisfy islam's demands. Because, all else being equal - and they are equal in this case, as one can see from the impossible nature of the demands (even when phrased as 'requests') - at least islam could win. I mean, if you're going to betray=denounce your religion by abandoning your Gods, you may as well go all the way and do so for the winning team, right? <- Sorry, I phrased that wrong. It was not a question. It was just a statement of fact.

The final note hardly needs to be stated as it's a very common Hindu POV, but it can't hurt to be unnecessarily explicit:

Abandoning the Gods/observances concerning the Gods (temples, festivals, puja - even the consideration/perception of the Gods) and abandoning the protection of the Temples is a certain sign of misfortune to Hindus. (De-Hinduisation is certain misfortune to Hindus. Not to seculars and others, mind.) Just as it was in the GR case. But I can't be bothered quoting from Hellenistic examples again.

Ugh fine, an example is this bit again:

Quote:Julian did not arrive at that conviction at Antioch, however. It is plain to see in two works composed in close proximity122 in the early spring of 363. The Helios myth in the Against Heraclius casts Constantine and his sons as [color="#0000FF"]the sowers of monstrous discord: 'there was a general slaughter ... and everything was thrown into confusion. The sons demolished the ancestral temples which their father had dishonoured ... and the laws of the gods and men alike were profaned.'123 The Fates foretold that if nothing were done, 'this wicked zeal for impious deeds will prevail universally.'[/color]124 The criticism elsewhere in the same work of men who 'subvert the common customs' we have discussed much earlier. Ostensibly, it was a description of Heraclius and his friends, but I have argued that they hardly merited the title and that Julian was well aware of the fact. For the sake of an argument and a vivid image, Julian had likened the Cynics to subversive 'pirates': his audience, I suggested, will have known how to take that remark, but to help them he went on to deride Heraclius as 'very like a monk': the men who 'subvert[ed] the common customs' for real were not the hairy Cynics who hung about the imperial court but the Christians in the cities of the Empire.125 The prayer which closed the hymn to the Mother pointed the same way: 'Grant all men knowledge of the gods, and grant to the community of the Roman people that they may cleanse themselves of the stain of godlessness.'126


About Julian, at least, that judgement is utterly wrong. On the second count, too, it claims a lot: in fourth-century Egypt, at any rate, the monks told a different story. A pagan priest was interested to ask one Abba Olympius if he still received visions from his God since taking to the cells. 'No', he was told. 'What?' said the priest: 'When we sacrifice to our god, he hides nothing from us, but discloses all his Mysteries.' 178 Julian would have assuredly applauded that. His world was full of ever-present helpers, 'manifest gods',179 and they lived in the cities' temples as much as in the caverns of the theurgists. They had been neglected, and [color="#0000FF"]Augustan verse had warned long ago that neglect had its consequences. 'Guiltless you may be, O Roman, yet still shall you expiate your fathers' crimes until you have rebuilt the ruined shrines and temples of the gods.'[/color] Julian looked on Constantius' reign as proof enough of that. Temples had closed and oracles had failed: to restore them was his duty to the Empire and the gods. For himself, an oracle promised that a chariot would bear him to Olympus and 'the halls of heavenly light',180 and the private man could look to a gentler mood in the poet: 'Bits of me, many bits, will dodge all funeral ...'
Julian, with reason, regularly states these things indirectly. But they are no less true for his way of unfolding the general viewpoint in this manner.

Anyway, the core view expressed therein is actually similar to the Hindu (and E Asian heathen) POV as well.

It's also why the christists knowingly try to break that which must not be broken (RamarSethu) and meddle with sacred Hindu rituals in our temples that must not be tampered with.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 12-10-2010

a) People did this to themselves (it's what happens when attempting to peddle the non-shareable. Hindu religion is only to be practised and passed down, not peddled to others who have nothing to do with it).

Quote:The true purpose of yoga, as espoused by Patanjali, is to transcend all distinctions, including those between individuals, which would seem to include especially religious distinctions (i.e. this one is better than that one).

[color="#800080"](Isn't it cute that the christoterrorist would claim to know what Adishesha "actually" meant (the usual claim)? Meanwhile, Adishesha - itself a Divine Nagapambu - worships his Hindu Gods.)[/color]

That the author fails to recognize this suggests rather strongly that he is not worthy of claiming the 'theft of yoga', for the simple reason that he has not yet understood, let alone 'realized', the true meaning of 'yoga'.

Yoga is NOT about Hinduism - it's much bigger - once realized, everything is transcended, including one's religious attachments.

To honor Hindusim for the significance of it's historical contribution (to yoga) is proper.

[color="#0000FF"]To claim that yoga without Hinduism is somehow wrong (as in 'theft') is the worse sort of religious condescension, and more importantly, to do so defies the fundamental teachings of yoga itself![/color]

One does NOT need Hinduism to realize the highest teachings of yoga. Indeed, [color="#0000FF"]one must drop religio[/color]us trappings to do so.



[color="#800080"](And of course there would be a christoterrorist attempt to steal the Namaste too.)[/color]

Posted by: cfmsp | April 20, 2010 11:01 PM

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Even more openly christoterrorist comments at the link.

Like I said: the west doesn't know anything about Yoga. It obviously doesn't work for them. (Since if it had worked for them they could never declare in such impossible ignorance that Yoga is not Hindu - the Hindu Gods intrinsically belong to Hindu religion.)

Anyway *that* is what one gets when one tries to peddle 'Hinduism' (Lite onlee of course) in the west. No doubt one will hear more Hindus of the era declare how much of a 'hindu success' it is that something called "Yoga" is being practised "all over the west".

b ) From the same link. Both the following excerpts are taken from the main article by Dr. Aseem Shukla, of the “Take Yoga Back Movement", a "urologist and a second-generation Indian-American":

Quote:“When our kids go to school and say they are Hindu, nobody says, ‘Oh, yeah, Hindus gave the world yoga.’ They say, ‘What caste are you?’ Or ‘Do you pray to a monkey god?’ Because that’s all Americans know about Hinduism.”

Quote:Why is yoga severed in America’s collective consciousness from Hinduism? Yoga, meditation, ayurvedic natural healing, self-realization–they are today’s syntax for New Age, Eastern, mystical, even Buddhist, but nary an appreciation of their Hindu origins. It is not surprising, then, that Hindu schoolchildren complain that Hinduism is conflated only with caste, cows, exoticism and polytheism–the salutary contributions and philosophical underpinnings lost and ignored.

Before moving on:

1. declaring that "Hindus gave the world 'yoga'" is *not* how you take Yoga back. One demonstrates ownership by publicly correcting the entirely false perception - propagated by various Indian cultists peddling something dubbed 'yoga' in the west - that what has been peddled there was never Yoga to begin with. Because it really isn't.

The west (factually) doesn't have it. So they can't speak of any Yoga - not knowing of it.


2. Note: Ayurveda and Hindu Yoga are Hindu. Not Buddhist. Just like Tai Chi and acupuncture - etc etc - remain Taoist, *not* Buddhist (nor any generic Chinese nationality/ethnicity/whatever either).

Onto what's wrong with the above 2 quoteblocks:

There was NO reason for Aseem Shukla to list the christo-question on Hanuman with the one on caste - which implies both are equally offensive/matters of insinuated shame to a Hindu - nor to mention "polytheism" (and cows) alongside caste etc. And no reason to contrast either with (an invented) hinduism: a 'pure' spiritual .... "philosophy" as some today would have it, devoid of the Gods except as decoration.

- Forgotten is that the Gods through their rushis (being the knowers of the Gods) gave Yoga to the Hindus. (Numerous Hindu texts to give as an example. Including Agamic ones like Tirumantiram by Tirumoolar, etc, etc.) And oh yeah, no one gave the right to 'Hindus' to "give" Yoga to the world. Like all Hindu things it is non-shareable and doesn't concern others.

- After crediting *themselves* with Yoga instead (with the line "Hindus gave the world Yoga"), they then feel offended to stick by the very Gods (who are also the very centre for the Hindu Teachers devotedly attached to the same) who gave Hindus all the good things of the Hindu religion.

I.e. on one hand they want to be known to the world for the "positive" of "Hindus gave the world Yoga", while they easily, unthinkingly contrast this against "Do you pray to a monkey god" <- At the very least a source of discomfort to even the adults, as they choose to list it alongside the offensive "what caste are you?" Same with the similar listing of the Gods (under "polytheism") and Cows together with "exoticism and caste".

I refer only to the following extract in McCabe's statement, used as secondary support for a statement I wish to make thereafter:

Quote:The Story of Evolution / McCabe, Joseph, 1867-1955


to recognise culture, like the early Chinese, as a gift of the gods.
I.e. Joseph McCabe admits that the early Chinese - he is speaking of the Taoists, i.e. the traditional Chinese - recognised that (their) culture was a gift of their Gods. (Even if he doesn't accept that their perception could be true - since he is unreligious/knows no Gods - he acknowledges that they held this view. Certainly, the traditional Chinese attribute a lot/all to their Gods=their religion. And they can demonstrate it.)

And it holds true not just for the early Chinese religionists, but to this day. They're heathens.

The traditional Taoists from the past until today, as well as the GrecoRoman Hellenes of the past (and from what I can tell also those today) and the Hindus of the past and the elderly Hindoos remaining - being *actual* heathens - still (vocally) recognise their Gods as the origin of all their religio-culture ("civilisation"): from arts and artistic inspiration - the very motivation and source for it (e.g. Kalidasa again) - to skills to sciences, including of course the great sciences of their Gods. Hindu Yoga is a science of the Hindu Gods. And despite modern Indian presumptions, Hindus' Yoga derives from their Gods and intimately concerns the Hindu Gods. It is one of the means that traditional Hindoos practice to reach their Gods, once they get - what's a good word - deekSham in it.

To rephrase Shukla's question (the one that mentioned "polytheism"):

Quote:Why is yoga and all of Hindu religion severed in modern Hindus' collective consciousness from the Hindu Gods? Yoga, meditation, ayurvedic natural healing, self-realization (kalaripayatt, literary works by Hindus*, etc.)–they are today’s syntax for New Age "hinduism lite", but nary an understanding and recognition of their origins in the Hindu Gods, due to a loss of proper perception and appreciation of the Hindu Gods who are central to it.
*E.g. Kaalidaasa is usually described as merely "the greatest Sanskrit poet" - even by Indians, presumably because they think he's another claim for some generic "Indianness". But he is Hindu. That is his identity: he doesn't have to say the word "Hindu" (the modern identifier merely describes the state of who/what he is and is superfluous), as his state of being a Hindu is more than explicit in how he refers with love to his Hindu Gods, seeing in them his All - which is exactly what they are.

For all those Hindus whose ancestors worshipped Hanuman and who still follow their heathen religion (as opposed to being de-heathenised into conceiving of their ancestors' religion as alien), the answer to "Do you pray to a monkey god?" can be anything as simple as:

Yes *of course* I do. He is a Monkey, he is certainly a God, he is most definitely real, and he is the confluence of all that is most good and great, and is one well-known for being seated/standing in Yoga meditating on my other Gods Shri Ramachandra and his Wife Sita=my Mother Shree Devi. So it is but natural that I worship him. This Divine Monkey was correctly recognised as one of their own dear Gods by the great Hindus of the past and by the remaining traditional Hindus of the present - of whom I am (because I choose to be, and in gratitude) a natural product - and whose expert first-hand knowledge on these important matters I *know* to value greatly.

(That is the heathen answer.)

^ But, obviously, that can only be the answer if one *does* worship Hanuman the Kapi, who is a great God indeed.

(And to christist interrogators, one can add:

"Whereas of course I don't worship any invisible, non-existent - and therefore specifically non-imageable - mono-gawd. <- Now *that* would clearly be ridiculous, as any sane person will have to agree.")

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 12-13-2010

No bold highlighting. No colours. But all of the following is important.

Why it is important can be found at The Vatican's Ratlines and Nazi funds: helping war criminals to escape justice and its links.

Quote:Posted on Sat, Dec. 11, 2010 05:24 AM

Vatican Bank mired in laundering scandal


Associated Press

Quote:[Photo caption:] File -- This 1982 file photo shows US Archbishop Paul C. Marcinkus, a former head of the Vatican Bank. Behind the centuries-old facade of the Institute for Religious Works _ better known as Vatican Bank _ is a history of secrecy and scandal. Italian investigators were able to move against Vatican Bank as the Bank of Italy classifies it as a foreign financial institution operating in Italy. However, in one of the 1980s scandals involving the death of bankers, prosecutors were unable to arrest then bank head Paul Marcinkus, an American archbishop, because Italy's highest court ruled he had immunity. Marcinkus, who died in 2006 and always proclaimed his innocence, was the inspiration for Francis Ford Coppola's character Archbishop Gilday in "Godfather III."

This is no ordinary bank: The ATMs are in Latin. Priests use a private entrance. A life-size portrait of Pope Benedict XVI hangs on the wall.

Nevertheless, the Institute for Religious Works is a bank, and it's under harsh new scrutiny in a case involving money-laundering allegations that led police to seize euro23 million ($30 million) in Vatican assets in September. Critics say the case shows that the "Vatican Bank" has never shed its penchant for secrecy and scandal.

The Vatican calls the seizure of assets a "misunderstanding" and expresses optimism it will be quickly cleared up. But court documents show that prosecutors say the Vatican Bank deliberately flouted anti-laundering laws "with the aim of hiding the ownership, destination and origin of the capital." The documents also reveal investigators' suspicions that clergy may have acted as fronts for corrupt businessmen and Mafia.

The documents pinpoint two transactions that have not been reported: one in 2009 involving the use of a false name, and another in 2010 in which the Vatican Bank withdrew euro650,000 ($860,000) from an Italian bank account but ignored bank requests to disclose where the money was headed.

The new allegations of financial impropriety could not come at a worse time for the Vatican, already hit by revelations that it sheltered pedophile priests. The corruption probe has given new hope to Holocaust survivors who tried unsuccessfully to sue in the United States, alleging that Nazi loot was stored in the Vatican Bank.

Yet the scandal is hardly the first for the centuries-old bank. In 1986, a Vatican financial adviser died after drinking cyanide-laced coffee in prison. Another was found dangling from a rope under London's Blackfriars Bridge in 1982, his pockets stuffed with money and stones. The incidents blackened the bank's reputation, raised suspicions of ties with the Mafia, and cost the Vatican hundreds of millions of dollars in legal clashes with Italian authorities.

On Sept. 21, financial police seized assets from a Vatican Bank account at the Rome branch of Credito Artigiano SpA. Investigators said the Vatican had failed to furnish information on the origin or destination of the funds as required by Italian law.

The bulk of the money, euro20 million ($26 million), was destined for JP Morgan in Frankfurt, with the remainder going to Banca del Fucino.

Prosecutors alleged the Vatican ignored regulations that foreign banks must communicate to Italian financial authorities where their money has come from. All banks have declined to comment.

In another case, financial police in Sicily said in late October that they uncovered money laundering involving the use of a Vatican Bank account by a priest in Rome whose uncle was convicted of Mafia association.

Authorities say some euro250,000 euros, illegally obtained from the regional government of Sicily for a fish breeding company, was sent to the priest by his father as a "charitable donation," then sent back to Sicily from a Vatican Bank account using a series of home banking operations to make it difficult to trace.

The prosecutors' office stated in court papers last month that while the bank has expressed a "generic and stated will" to conform to international standards, "there is no sign that the institutions of the Catholic church are moving in that direction." It said its investigation had found "exactly the opposite."

Legal waters are murky because of the Vatican's special status as an independent state within Italy. This time, Italian investigators were able to move against the Vatican Bank because the Bank of Italy classifies it as a foreign financial institution operating in Italy. However, in one of the 1980s scandals, prosecutors could not arrest then-bank head Paul Marcinkus, an American archbishop, because Italy's highest court ruled he had immunity.

Marcinkus, who died in 2006 and always proclaimed his innocence, was the inspiration for Francis Ford Coppola's character Archbishop Gilday in "Godfather III."

The Vatican has pledged to comply with EU financial standards and create a watchdog authority. Gianluigi Nuzzi, author of "Vatican SpA," a 2009 book outlining the bank's shady dealings, said it's possible the Vatican is serious about coming clean, but he isn't optimistic.

"I don't trust them," he said. "After the previous big scandals, they said 'we'll change' and they didn't. It's happened too many times."

He said the structure and culture of the institution is such that powerful account-holders can exert pressure on management, and some managers are simply resistant to change.

The list of account-holders is secret, though bank officials say there are some 40,000-45,000 among religious congregations, clergy, Vatican officials and lay people with Vatican connections.

The bank chairman is Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, also chairman of Banco Santander's Italian operations, who was brought in last year to bring the Vatican Bank in line with Italian and international regulations. Gotti Tedeschi has been on a very public speaking tour extolling the benefits of a morality-based financial system.

"He went to sell the new image ... not knowing that inside, the same things were still happening," Nuzzi said. "They continued to do these transfers without the names, not necessarily in bad faith, but out of habit."

It doesn't help that Gotti Tedeschi himself and the bank's No. 2 official, Paolo Cipriani, are under investigation for alleged violations of money-laundering laws. They were both questioned by Rome prosecutors on Sept. 30, although no charges have been filed.

In his testimony, Gotti Tedeschi said he knew next to nothing about the bank's day-to-day operations, noting that he had been on the job less than a year and only works at the bank two full days a week.

According to the prosecutors' interrogation transcripts obtained by AP, Gotti Tedeschi deflected most questions about the suspect transactions to Cipriani. Cipriani in turn said that when the Holy See transferred money without identifying the sender, it was the Vatican's own money, not a client's.

Gotti Tedeschi declined a request for an interview but said by e-mail that he questioned the motivations of prosecutors. In a speech in October, he described a wider plot against the church, decrying "personal attacks on the pope, the facts linked to pedophilia (that) still continue now with the issues that have seen myself involved."

As the Vatican proclaims its innocence, the courts are holding firm. An Italian court has rejected a Vatican appeal to lift the order to seize assets.

The Vatican Bank was founded in 1942 by Pope Pius XII to manage assets destined for religious or charitable works. The bank, located in the tower of Niccolo V, is not open to the public, but people who use it described the layout to the AP.

Top prelates have a special entrance manned by security guards. There are about 100 staffers, 10 bank windows, a basement vault for safe deposit boxes, and ATMs that open in Latin but can be accessed in modern languages. In another concession to modern times, the bank recently began issuing credit cards.

In the scandals two decades ago, Sicilian financier Michele Sindona was appointed by the pope to manage the Vatican's foreign investments. He also brought in Roberto Calvi, a Catholic banker in northern Italy.

Sindona's banking empire collapsed in the mid-1970s and his links to the mob were exposed, sending him to prison and his eventual death from poisoned coffee. Calvi then inherited his role.

Calvi headed the Banco Ambrosiano, which collapsed in 1982 after the disappearance of $1.3 billion in loans made to dummy companies in Latin America. The Vatican had provided letters of credit for the loans.

Calvi was found a short time later hanging from scaffolding on Blackfriars Bridge, his pockets loaded with 11 pounds of bricks and $11,700 in various currencies. After an initial ruling of suicide, murder charges were filed against five people, including a major Mafia figure, but all were acquitted after trial.

While denying wrongdoing, the Vatican Bank paid $250 million to Ambrosiano's creditors.

Both the Calvi and Sindona cases remain unsolved.

AP reporter Martino Villosio contributed from Rome.

Posted on Sat, Dec. 11, 2010 05:24 AM

Other related reading:

(Next to the aforementioned page The Vatican's Ratlines and Nazi funds: helping war criminals to escape justice) -

- If anyone hasn't read it yet, also relevant is: What is the Vatican Hiding? The Vatican's Complicity in Genocide in Fascist Croatia - by Barry Lituchy

- Can't be bothered copying out the the pages on Calvi from the American Atheists site (which apparently expired from FlashLine, their 'current news' section). They were already copied once before into a post at IF as also the relevant article "Good Americans" by John Judge, 1983 (documentation on the nazis that escaped, and their very High Up connections - with lots of connections to the Vatican of course).

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 12-15-2010

Joseph McCabe - the ex-catholic priest and "encyclopaedic brain" (well, when it comes to *christianism* and christian history) - declares knowingly and frankly:

Quote:I doubt whether any of these Catholic writers who enthuse about Dante ever read him. The third part of the "Divine Comedy" is, as Goethe bluntly said, "insipid." It is precisely a proof that pure Christian doctrine cannot inspire poetry. The other two parts are made interesting -- Goethe says "repulsive" -- by their material setting, but they are absolutely heretical from the Catholic point of view.
No culture. Insipid is a good word. Non-existent jeebusjehovallah inspires nothing. Except death and destruction=sole 'achievements' of christianism = all the 'culture' christianism has.

- Dancing forbidden in christianism. (They pretend otherwise now. But it was banned even late in Polynesia back when it was attacked by missionaries. Now christoterrorism is busy trying to steal all the deeply religious Hindu dance forms.)

- Acting forbidden in christianism. It was part of christian norms until down to early 20th century. "Acting is a sin" declared by faithful church-goers was a common phrase. Christianism's ban started in Greece/Rome where acting was recognised again as a divine craft of Hellenismos, and which had its own patron Gods. All arts and culture had their patron Gods in Greece and Rome.

- Maths used to be banned by christianism too, back when it was still recognised as belonging to the religion Hellenismos. Christianism declared it "paganism" (well, it certainly is Hellenistic and unchristian) and "demonic" (because it was religious Hellenismos - and not just to the Pythagoreans, note).

I think there were some quotes on christianism's ban of maths at "Age of ignorance"

Cultureless. Culture-ban. Culture-death.

Christianism is rather like islam (where music, singing to *music*, poetry, dancing, acting, drawing anything except pure-shapes is banned, etc.)

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Guest - 12-19-2010

Quote:[url=""]Foreign hand: Christian bodies top donors, receivers[/url]

December 19, 2010 2:01:49 AM

J Gopikrishnan | New Delhi

NGOs in India received almost Rs 10,000 crore as contributions from foreign donors in 2007-08. And if Christian organisations continued to dominate both the lists of top donors and receivers, Delhi-based organisations emerged as the biggest beneficiaries. The United States, the UK and Germany bagged the top three ranks respectively in terms of being the biggest donor countries.

According to Home Ministry’s figures, out of 34,803 NGOs, registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, as many as 18,796 organisations received Rs 9,663.46 crore during the period 2007-08.

“Among the States and Union Territories, the highest receipt of foreign contributions was reported by Delhi (Rs 1,716.57 crore), followed by Tamil Nadu (Rs 1,670.93 crore) and Andhra Pradesh (Rs 1,167.21 crore). Among the districts, the highest receipt of foreign contributions was reported by Chennai (Rs 731.22 crore), followed by Bangalore (Rs 669.76 crore) and Mumbai (Rs 469.90 crore),” says the report.

The top three receivers of foreign funds are Christian missionaries-supported organisations. “Among the associations which reported receipt of foreign contribution, the highest amount of foreign contribution was received by World Vision of India, Chennai, Tamil Nadu (Rs 211.62 crore), followed by Rural Development Trust, Ananthapur in Andhra Pradesh ( Rs 124.79 crore) and Believers Church India, Pathanamthitta, Kerala ( Rs 101.68 crore),” the report said.

USA tops the list of donor countries with Rs 2,928.30 crore, followed by the UK with Rs 1,268.59 crore. Germany is placed third. It provided donations worth Rs 971.02 crore to Indian NGOs. Italy (Rs 514.89 crore) and the Netherlands (Rs 414.12 crore) follow the top three respectively.

Interestingly, among the top 15 donors, only one Islamic country — UAE (Rs 78.84 cr) — figures in the list. It ranks 14th. Individually, a Hindu organization, Brahmanand Saraswati Trust, UK, donated Rs 208.57 crore and is placed fourth among the list of individual foreign donors.

It is interesting to note the top three individual donor organisations are evangelical institutions. Noted Christian organisation World Vision International of USA with Rs 578.49 crore is the biggest single donor. Another organisation from USA, the Gospel For Asia Inc pumped in Rs 365.37 crore into India in 2007-08. The third biggest donor is also an evangelical organisation from Spain. The Barcelona-headquartered Fundacion Vicente Ferrer donated Rs 248.28 crore to its Indian associates.

The funds flow, however, witnessed a dip in 2007-08. It was Rs 11,000 crore in 2006-07.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - dhu - 12-22-2010

[url=""]Christmas procession taken out[/url]

Quote:ALLAHABAD: A Christmas procession depicting showcasing the birth of Jesus Christ was taken out in the city on Sunday.

The procession started from Naini after the prayer led by Bishop Rajendra B Lal. The bishop said the procession sends across a message of peace. The director administration of SHIATS Vinod B Lal and the registrar Prof AKA Lawrence guided the procession.

The chairman and pro vice-chancellor of SHIATS Prof SB Lal said that different exhibitions-cum-skit on birth of Jesus Christ at a goatary house, Yeshu crucified, Bhajan Mandali, Justice of King, Angel with Marium, Christmas Father etc were performed during the procession. The rally was taken out from New Yamuna bridge and passed through CMP, Medical crossing, George Town, Police Lines, Civil Lines and returned to Naini from the same route. The employees and students of Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences were present in the procession.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - dhu - 12-23-2010

[url=""]A Nazi Christmas Party: Rare Pictures From (PHOTOS)[/url]

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - dhu - 01-01-2011

An Army of Jeebus leaflet sent to the VHP from Hyderabad, threatening to burn hundreds of copies of the Gita and Mahabharata on 2nd January. The videos will be posted on youtube.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - dhu - 01-01-2011

[url=""]Govt lifts PAP in three NE states[/url]

In a New Year gift to Manipur , Mizoram and Nagaland, the government has decided to do way with the requirement of Protected Area Permit (PAP) for foreigners visiting the three states

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - dhu - 01-02-2011

Congress releases ULFA chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa from jail

[url=""]Out of jail, Ulfa boss hits road with talks on lips [/url]

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Guest - 01-04-2011


Christian missionary behind Nithyananda sex scandal: Ranjitha

Published: Saturday, Jan 1, 2011, 8:41 IST

By Rakshita Adyanthaya | Place: Bangalore | Agency: DNA

Ten months after the sex tape allegedly involving Nithyananda and cine star Ranjitha hit the internet, the actress finally broke her silence on Friday.

Addressing a packed press conference, the actress denied all the allegations against her. “It’s not me in the video,” said Ranjitha. “I was scared, I was threatened, blackmailed, and that forced me to abscond.”

The actress said she had been hurt by the allegations. “I was scared to face anybody, so I had moved out of the country; I came only for the CID inquiry. I was in the US all this time. I have registered a complaint with the magistrate's court in Ramanagara,” she said.

But then came the bombshell. Ranjitha said a Christian missionary was behind the episode.

“I was being blackmailed and threatened by the accused and also by another man who belongs to a Christian mission,” said the actress. “I want to live, so I shall not name them. If the CM of Tamil Nadu promises to protect me, I shall reveal the names.”

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - dhu - 01-05-2011

Christist holy deeds glossed over as "ethnic" conflict


Curfew continues parts of state, situation tense[/url]

Quote:With the situation still tense along the Meghalaya-Assam border following ethnic violence in the area, the authorities on Tuesday decided against relaxing the curfew imposed there. Curfew was imposed in Mendipathar and its adjoining areas of East Garo Hills district Monday night after an ethnic

clash between the Garo and Rabha tribal groups.

More than 30 houses belonging to the Rabha community were allegedly torched by Garos at Mendipathar Rabhapara village in retaliation for the recent attacks on Garos by Rabha youths, police said.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 01-15-2011

3 items


Quote:Vatican stooge K G Balakrishnan Exposed by Kerala SC – ST federation

31/12/2010 10:22:08 HK

Kochi: Kerala SC – ST federation Advocate K V Kumaran, revealed explosive information about former Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan and his family. As revealed K G Balakrishnan is a Crypto Christian planted by Vatican as part of their global evangelisation agenda.

K G Balakrishnan's daughter and son in law Sri Nijan was sponsored by World Council of Church to complete higher education in law in London. World Council of Church is a Vatican sponsored organisation with an annual budget of 145 Billion dollar and their aim is global evangelisation.

K G Balakrishnan's father was one Mr Lookose who changed his name as Gopinathan to usurp the benefits of SC-ST Hindus.He later got retired in a high post from Kerala High court.

K G Balakrishnan was a pawn planted by Vatican to take favourable verdict for converted Christians in a case registered in 2004 with case number 180. Once get a favourable verdict converted Christians can get all benefits granted by Constitution to SC-ST Hindus. By this Vatican can intensify their conversion agenda. The forces who stand for Ranganatha Mishra report is also sponsored by Vatican and aims to bring constitution amendment to extend reservations to converted Christians.

A Memorandum was submitted by Kerala SC-ST Federation in 2006 to Indian President and copy of it were given to Prime Minister and CBI Director with full evidences that K G Balakrishnan is a Crypto christian who grabbed the benefits of genuine SC-ST Hindus.

Sri Nijan who is now exposed by Asianet was a Congres candidate in Njarrakkal in a SC-ST reserved seat. Sri Nijan is a practicing Christian who even openly went to worship in Church even on poll day making mockery of law of land. These fake name sake Hindus should be exposed and is doing more harm to SC- ST Hindus.

K G Balakrishnan was made High Court judge with special recruitment by former president K R Narayanan. K G Balakrishnan's brother another Crypto Christian Advocate K G Bhaskaran was earlier suspended from practice for taking bribe when his wife was Magistrate.Later this suspension was revoked following the interference of K G Balakrishnan. This tainted Advocate K G Bhaskaran was made Government pleader by Achuthanandan Government in Kerala. The complete silence of CPM over this KGB episode owe to their links with this tainted family.

Kerala SC-ST federation Executive Member C C Gangadharan was also present during the press meet called by advocate K V Kumaran.


Quote:Forsaken by the Government, Goa Temple Panels Unite to tackle thefts, desecrations

08/01/2011 01:51:39

300 temple panels unite to tackle thefts, desecrations

PANAJI: Around 300 temple managements across Goa, from all eleven talukas in the state, have organized themselves under the banner of Gomantak Mandir and Dharmik Sanstha Mahasangh to tackle cases of temple thefts and desecrations.

[color="#FF0000"]Speaking to reporters on Thursday, the Hindu leaders likened the state government's approach to the cases of desecrations of Hindu places of worship to that of the Portuguese regime in Goa during the colonial rule.[/color]

Co-coordinator of the Mahasangh, Jayesh Thali said, "In the past six years, more than 50 idols in temples have been desecrated. More than 250 temples have been looted. The government has shown apathy towards this issue and not worked out any effective solution to stop the attacks on temples."

Rajkumar Dessai, who is part of management of a temple located at Porvorim, said, "Portuguese laws are still in force in Goa to deal with temple thefts, only the name of the act has been changed. Under the act, there is no difference between a cupboard that is damaged and an idol in a temple that is desecrated. We want such laws to be discontinued."

The Mahasangh has mobilized the faithful from across the state for a joint meeting to be held on January 8, 2011 at the Sri Sant Gadge Maharaj hall at Porvorim starting 4pm.

During the meet, free of cost legal assistance will be provided to temple committees with regard to cases of thefts and desecrations and participants will be mobilized "to compel the government to work out effective measures to curb the desecration of idols of deities and the increasing temple thefts."

The Mahasangh is also against the state move of demolishing temples and Hindu shrines existing in government land.

Ramesh Shinde, head of the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti for the regions of Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra, said, "The Goa government should draw a concrete plan to stop these attacks on temples. The Sateri temple in Curchorem has been looted five times. In the last one year, there were 13 cases of temple thefts in Mapusa. This means there is no fear of law and order in the state. If there was patrolling following the thefts, these incidents would not have occurred over and over again."


Quote:'De-baptism' - The new buzz word

11/01/2011 11:30:07

'De-baptism' in Belgium in wake of child abuse scandal

BRUSSELS (AFP) – The child abuse scandals rocking Belgium's powerful Catholic Church are also shaking the faith of followers, with more and more people asking to be struck off baptism registers -- a global movement known as "de-baptism".

"When you don't agree with an organisation that you never chose to join in the first place, the healthiest thing to do is to leave," Damien Spleeters told AFP.

In this mainly Catholic country of 10 million people, the 24-year-old is among a growing crowd exasperated by church policy on issues such as AIDS, and angered by revelations last year of massive child abuseby priests and lay workers.

Read full Report at

This had happened earlier in Catholic Austria (maybe a decade ago), where there was a mass exodus out of catholicism too, also related to the constant christist abuse of the converted Europeans.

At that time, the evangelical vultures thought the Austrian bid for freedom was an invitation to go peddle jeebus again among those who had freed themselves of the unholy unroman church.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 01-16-2011

Quote:What's in a name ? For the Pope, a lot

15/01/2011 15:55:22 GSK menon

The newspaper Asian Age has carried a news item on Page 12 "What's in a name ? For the Pope, a lot". "The Pope, who baptised 21 children on Sunday at a traditional annual ceremony at the Vatican, said afterwards that every new member of the faith acquires the character of a son or daughter of the Church "starting from a Christian name".

Italian newspapers had a field day with the story on Monday with headlines such as "Give your children Christian names".

[color="#800080"](Yeah, christians shouldn't give their spawn heathen Roman family names either, like the aristocratic names Antonius and Emilius -> from which the hyper-ignorant Indian catholics start giving traditional Roman names like Anthony and Emily.

Which is why early christian saints - despite some of them having heathen names themselves, which they couldn't help - banned heathen Greek and Roman names for all future christians. The same is doubly true for Hindu names since Bharatam is not even associated in terms of geography with the disease called christianism.

Christianism has always insisted that ONLY BIBLICAL NAMES - i.e. from the OT and esp NT - are acceptable for christians.)[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]So what should our local converts be doing ? What should the Hindu rituals fascinated Padres be doing ? What should Hindu name sporting Desert gods do ?

Does the Pope's(chief converter) clarion call for christianisation of names lead to revival of traditional christian names like Varkey, Verghese, Pothen, Rapai etc ? Will the desert gods relinquish Hindu names like Amala, Vimala and the all time hot favourite Nirmala ?[/color]

The Pope wants complete Christianisation, that means all Nilavilakku, Kodimaram, Muthukuda are all debarred from the Church. Does it mean a full stop to all imitations ?

But GSK Menon and other Hindus don't understand. In Europe, the Pope bans Yoga. Just like in Europe he insists on christian names.

In India, the crypto-catholics most certainly have christian names which they are baptised with, which they consider their real names. But for the *sake* of crypto-christianism, they have to have Hindu cover names - which they revile, but they have no choice: if they want to destroy heathen India, as the Pope commands them to, they have to first get under the heathens' skin, into the heathen society. They will do anything to peddle the non-existent character of jeebus, including taking on heathen externals.

In India, catholic and some other christian churches tell their sheep to take over all things Hindu for *this* purpose. The church has no intention of continuing with appropriated Bharatanatyam, sarees, let alone Bindis and Tilakas, *deeply* Hindu lamps, aartis and Hindu names later. These are profoundly heathen things - which the catholic church is only all-too-aware of. But it needs its sheep to think they still have some "indian culture" at first. In their plan, when the country has been conquered, *then* they will exterminate all these traces of heathenism from their flock - and will kill stubborn elements in their flock to do it if need be (just like it had done earlier).

The early church, like the later protestants (e.g. Calvin), rose up against non-christian names among the sheep, the same way several evangelical churches today do: it is patently unchristian. They hate these unchristian inculturation tactics of the catholic church. The catholic church, though, has no principles in making converts (the ends justify the means). That's the same reason they decided to no longer insist on Latin-only mass. It is still considered heresy in catholicism (this remains the view of the Vatican) to have non-Latin mass. But their stupid sheep need to first be consolidated for christ. Later the church can impose its will on them. It's the *appearance* of leniency. In reality, there is no such thing. The church is willing to have a few early generations of damned sheep (christianism damns them for their heretical heathen elements) so that later sheep can be made purely christian.

Even the blind Indian 'patriots' who cheer the "indigenisation" of the christian church (which they ignorantly call "indianisation" - but there's nothing 'plain' "Indian" about Hindu religion) are totally mistaken in their assumption. The supposed "indigenisation" is not taking place. It is a war-tactic, it is temporary and the church very much keeps its eye on it and plans to tackle it later. (It's done this before. You don't see many christians worshipping the Roman Gods as 'saints' anymore. The church put these on its "not a saint" revelation-list long ago.)

Like the evangelicals, the Renegade catholic church too severely disagrees with the fact that the catholic church in foreign lands tells its catholic sheep to give their spawn heathen names (for cryptochristianism, no other purpose). In the opinion of the renegade (considered authentic) catholic church, this dilutes and 'paganises' the True Christianism. Which is entirely true. Association with "paganism" is considered (flirting with) damnation.


Anyway, the *True* christian opinion is here - this is what all christians including Indian christoterrorists should be doing AT ALL TIMES (i.e. not having heathen names even for cryptochristian purposes):


Quote:«As for myself I consider the Greek culture nonsense, uttered by an evil demon and the saddest of affairs»


Note the philobarbarian attitude of Saint John Chrysostom:

«The more a nation looks barbaric and is estranged from Greek culture, the more our teachings shine - this (faithful) barbarian has conquered the entire world and while all Greek culture is extinguished and destroyed, his (the barbarian's) shines brighter every day».

JOHN CHRYSOSTOM forbids use of Greek names

«None must call his children the (Greek) ancestors' names, be that of their father, their mother, their grandfather or their great grandfather, but instead you must use those of the righteous (of the Old Testament)

John Chrysostom De inani gloria et de educandis liberis (690) 641.65

-- Extracted from Were The Fathers Of The Christian Church Philhellenes? at Michael Kalopoulos' site

John Chrysostom is a saint and 'father' of the early church (i.e. one of the founders of the ecclesiastical tradition). His surname is IIRC Hellenistic (e.g. the GrecoRoman orator Dion Chrysostom was a heathen). And although santa John insists on the OT for names, we know that at least the Protestants over a millennium later included the christian characters in the NT for a source of names. (Santa John's first name at least occurs in the NT.)

And Calvinistic protestantism.

Quote:Calvinist Geneva, the "Protestant Rome," was a police state.

Calvin was a strict literalist, and believed that Biblical scripture was the absolute authority.

When Calvin came to power in Geneva, he first established a set of "Ordinances," and a committee called the "Consistory" to oversee adherence to the rules. These "spiritual police" would knock on doors and ask questions, go through people's books and letters, and were not to be resisted. Once a month, everyone in town, old or young, rich or poor, was required to submit to questioning, as to whether they knew their prayers, or why they had missed one of Master Calvin's sermons.

Prohibition extended to theater, festivals, dancing, singing, cards, fancy clothing, jewelry, lace, extra buttons or bows, iceskating, and sports in general. More No-Go-zones in christianism.)[/color]

Any sculpture or public art was forbidden. A special permit was required to print anything for publication. It was forbidden to write letters abroad, and local mail was all read by the committee, coming and going.

The naming of children was under strict church control. Only Biblical names were allowed. Feasting was prohibited for Christmas and Easter.

[color="#800080"](True Christians take names SERIOUSLY, same as with how they take burial SERIOUSLY. Absolutely no non-christian names allowed, just like cremations are absolutely forbidden. It is a matter of heaven-and-hell after all.

In that respect, evangelical protestants care more for the flock's afterlife than the catholic church does, which is more concerned with gaining sheep. It's curious how Indian catholics blindly trust their church even when it's deliberately leading its faithful astray just so it can make more converts. But Indian catholics are quite ignorant of their religion.)[/color]

Everyone was encouraged to spy on everyone else, children on their parents, workers against each other, servants against their masters.

Thousands of people were imprisoned, tortured, and burned to death during Calvin's reign, but he never attended the final Autos de Fe.

"Most savagely of all were punished any offenders whose behavior challenged Calvin's political and spiritual infalliblity. A man who had publicly protested against the reformer's doctrine of predestination was mercilessly flogged at all the crossways of the city and then expelled. A book printer who, in his cups, had railed at Calvin was sentenced to have his tongue perforated with a red-hot iron before being expelled from the city. Jacques Gruet was racked and then executed merely for having called Calvin a hypocrite."

-- "The Right To Heresy" by Stephan Zweig

Calvinism has spread far and wide, coloring many strands of Christianity, including American Bible-Belt Fundamentalism.

From: Calvin - 16th Century Hitler/McCarthy

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 01-16-2011

Quote:The redoubtable Digvijay Singh [color="#800080"](known to be a crypto-christian)[/color] recently remarked that it was futile to ban the Sangh Parivar whose leader is the RSS. Instead, [color="#FF0000"]he suggested a carefully crafted ideological defeat[/color]. Needless to say, he and his protégé Rahul Gandhi

The ideological defeat referred to = the character assassination of the Hindu org to the larger Hindu public, using such things as the Christian Inquisition Of The Hindus Project (publicly referred to with the christian-concocted libel "Hindu Terror").


An example of the intended effect/achievement of such character assassination of Hindu orgs by christists orchestrating events can be seen in the example:

From post in "Progressive Duplicity and moral policing" thread on the very staged Karnatakan Pub incident:


Wednesday, Jan 28, 2009

The man who took on the mob

Sudipto Mondal

Shetty, an ex-Bajrang Dal member, says he is now reformed

Pawan Kumar Shetty

MANGALORE: �It is not that I am very brave or some sort of a hero,� says 24-year-old Pawan Kumar Shetty who single-handedly took on the over 40-strong Sri Ram Sene brigade when it attacked women guests at the Amnesia Pub here last Saturday.


Mr. Shetty was in the parking lot of the pub just before the attack took place. He was �stunned� by the preparations for the event. �Cameramen came around 15 minutes before the attack began. They positioned themselves at strategic points,� he says. �Someone shouted �action� the moment the mob entered the compound.�

Mr. Shetty says he was a member of the Bajrang Dal till a few weeks ago. �But now I am reformed� I cannot hate anybody. That is why I quit the Bajrang Dal.�

- the dude was paid to declare he "deconverted" (i.e. like christian 'witnessing testimonies'),

- or he really got brainwashed into thinking the obviously set-up event (was it the christo-NDTV that got the initial "exclusive"?) was for real, and that some Hindu org had gone about attacking Hindu women.

If the latter: shows the power of christianism's pointed character assassination plots to effect the change in bystanding Hindus like Shetty. And it's not just Hindu individuals like the TN Shankaracharya but entire orgs that can be tarred by christian lying. And thereafter, the brutal bloodthristy and hyper-sadistic* christianism gets the bonus of enjoying its most famous hobby: Inquisitioning, by torturing innocent Hindus which it has falsely apprehended - and from whom it always forces a false confession (that's what inquisitions are famous for) - after which it will silently kill...I mean disappear them. (Where is Dara Singh...? Where is Swami Amritaananda, still alive? Where are all those many innocent Hindus of Karnataka brutalised, thrown into prison and disappeared by that christian cop Sangliana from the NE for protesting christian demolition of Hindu Temples?)

* Hyper-sadistic: christianism enjoys the suffering of others. Not just in this world, it looks forward to the suffering of heathens in its non-existent hell:

Quote:That the saints may enjoy their beatitude more fully, a perfect sight is granted them of the punishment of the damned.

-- St. Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church, 13th century

Anyway, the rest of the above HK article "Can Christian missionaries succeed in defeating Hindu India ?" by one Vijaya Rajiva is optimistic about the answer without providing remotely sufficient reason. She shows no knowledge of how christianism brought down Rome and Greece - the Hellenistic religio-civilisation which had lasted for such a long time until then. And the GrecoRomans at least could see (eventually) the Very Real Threat that christianism posed to them. (While many Hindus and all de-heathenised secular ex-Hindus remain blind to it.)

Also, Rajiva makes this erroneous statement, which seems to claim the stated things exclusively for Hindu religion:

Quote:Proabably no other religion has so much festivity associated with its religious worship.

Music, dancing, flowers, water, fruit are lavishly present in every ritual.

Why do so many make such sweeping statements ("probably no other religion")? Daoism has ALL those above-listed things and more: dancing (e.g. Lion, Dragon), music (traditional Daoist='Chinese' music is glorious, their Daoist instruments are literally Heavenly - for a reason), flowers+water+fruit are "lavishly present in every" Daoist ritual.

People either bother to know or don't. But if one can't be bothered, shouldn't make such universal statements, it just perpetuates ignorance of "uniqueness/specialness".

By the way, the fact that there is "so much festivity (deeply) associated with Hindu religious worship" does not imply that Hindu religion is immune to christianism's bid for its destruction. What do people think GrecoRoman religion was like?

<snipped listing of known obvious similarities>

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Pandyan - 01-17-2011

Does anyone know if any foreign evangelical orgs furnish NE militants with weapons? Some of them have US made weapons -


M-16 with 203 grenade launcher