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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Printable Version
Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Printable Version

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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 02-11-2011

Quote:Christians blamed for Garo–Rabha conflict

Font size: morungexpress

Dimapur, January 22 (MExN): A surprising memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister of India seeking his intervention today blamed Christians and the Meghalaya government ‘in nexus with “Christian terrorist outfits”’ for the ongoing ethnic clashes between the Garo and Rabha communities in the Assam-Meghalaya borders.

The memorandum appended by leaders of “Garo-Rabha Peace Council” said the Christian churches are “very aggressive” and there is a “hidden agenda” of the church. The memorandum even went so far as to claim the area’s people are hapless and “they have to bear the brunt in silence due to fear of Christian terrorist outfits.”
The church “spying” on the communities and is providing “surveillance service and material help” to the “Christian terrorist outfits,” the statement claimed. The memorandum even called ‘unfortunate’ that majority of the Garo people are Christians. The memorandum was appended by Sikram Sangma, president and Jitendra Rabha, general secretary.

“Unfortunately, 85% Garos have been converted to Christianity in Meghalaya and Assam - both the states. A’chik National Volunteer’s Council (ANVC) and Garo National Liberation Force (GNLF) are two Christian militant outfits active in Garo Hills district of Meghalaya and Goalpara. Church is allegedly providing surveillance service and material help to these outfits.”The memorandum further said of the Bangladeshi Muslims most of whom have married Garo girls “mostly from Christian converts” and that they have an eye on the fertile cultivable lands “owned by Rabha Hindus.” According to the “Garo-Rabha Peace Council” the Garo and Rabha have been living together cordially. But “the people of the area talk of hidden agenda of church in organizing two consecutive Baptist church conversions in villages inhabitated mostly by Rabha Hindus. Garo Baptist church foresees a rich harvest in Rabha Hindu community. Rabha Hindus and Garo Hindus resist this church onslaught. But Church appears to be heavy over Rabha Hindus due to the hostile and unholy nexus between Church, militant outfits, Bangladeshi Muslims and selfish political leaders across the party line including Meghalaya government…’The “Garo-Rabha Peace Council” said the missionary mission of the church is “very aggressive and multipronged in this area.” Before and after the Christmas, the programs of the church and door-to-door contact by missionaries were aggressive “which Rabhas do not like” but “they are helpless and they have to bear the brunt in silence due to fear of Christian terrorist outfits.”

The social chaos and civil uprising is a “golden opportunity to Church for rich harvest” the memorandum said. The memorandum claimed that the church has a role in the Dimasa-Karbi clash in 2005 and Dimasa–Jeme upheaval in 2009.

“Similarly, the hostile role of church is also experienced in current clash between Garos and Rabhas. This opinion is strengthened by the fact that altogether 10 mandirs of Rabha Hindus have been burnt down in various Rabha villages whereas not even a single church is harmed,” the memorandum asserted.

“In present clash between Rabhas and Garos, Christianity plays a major role. On 30th October 2010, a temple of Rabha Hindus in William Nagar was attacked by Garo Christians while protesting against civic polls in Garo Hills. In this context, the Rabhas fear the dubious role of Garo Baptist Convention and Father S. Santiago, Director of the North-East Diocesan Social Forum.”The memorandum also cited the turn of events and an incident which the “Garo-Rabha Peace council” claimed led to the razing of some 40 houses “belonging to Rabha Hindus” by rioters who were “all” Garo Christians.

“By 5/1/2011, more than 2000 Rabha families (nearly 12,000 people) were displaced after 200 Rabha houses were torched by Garo miscreants. Within 10 days of violence up to 10/1/2011, reportedly, 27 people mostly Rabha Hindus have been killed, 1550 houses have been burnt and 50,000 people from 32 villages have been displaced living in 25 Rabha camps in Assam and 6 Garo camps and 2 Rabha camps in East Garo Hills (Meghalaya). Reportedly, 300 miscreants were arrested but their identities were not disclosed purposely.”

The Prime Minister is asked to deploy more security forces to restore normalcy in the area; deploy the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to “investigate the destructive role of nexus of church, militant outfits, Bangladeshi Muslims, political leaders across the party line and dubious Non-Governmental Organisations”

Rupees 1 Lakh in cash and 10 bundles of CGI sheets, “good quality”, should be given to each family whose houses have been burnt, while Rupees 10 Lakh should be given to family members of each killed persons, the memorandum demanded.

Other demands included sufficient food supply and healthcare facilities, utensils, stationeries and text books, exercise books, security arrangements; identification of the culprits and awarding punishment to them; resettlement of the displaced people and restoring their land to them; clean drinking water in all relief camps and sanitary facility to avoid the spread of diseases.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 02-12-2011

^ Important Hindu-related news in previous post.

To christians (=genocidal maniacs/terrorists) the following news is like waving the proverbial red flag in front of a bull.


Uncontacted tribe photographed near Brazil-Peru border 29 May 2008


Quote:First ever aerial footage of uncontacted Amazon tribe released

4 February 2011

Extraordinary film footage narrated by movie star Gillian Anderson has launched Survival International’s new campaign to protect some of the world’s last uncontacted tribes.
See FAQ at bottom of the page

Quote:Newly-released photos of uncontacted Amazon Indian tribe give us a glimpse of another world

An undated handout picture released January 31, 2011 by Survival International of what they say are uncontacted Indians seen from a Brazilian government observation aircraft in the Brazilian Amazon forest, near the border with Peru. The Indians appear be to healthy and could be running from Peru due to a invasion of their lands by loggers.

UPDATE: Survival International has confirmed the date of the photographs as June 2010.
See Q&A at bottom of the page.

Soon the christian terrorists will infiltrate some part of the Brazil/Peru govt - if they haven't already - and find out exactly where these innocent people are living and then go to convert-or-kill them.

It's what christianism does. <- The relevant section starts with:

Quote:Mission today.

IN A HOST OF COUNTRIES, from Southeast Asia to nearly the whole of Southern America, in countries such as Malaysia, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, U.S. funded missionary organizations and evangelists continue to bring destruction, unhappiness, and diseases to native peoples such as the Moï, the Maya-Quiché, the Huichol, the Yanomami, the Panaré, the Aché even today [LM]. Among the more notorious organizations are the Summer Institute of Linguistics and the New Tribes Mission (NTM), these two "virtually dividing the whole of Latin America, where tribal people remained to be reached, into their spheres of interest." [LM105].

Activities like these are supported with funds provided by zealous evangelist organizations in the U.S., such as the "Wycliffe Bible Translators of Arkansas."
And then the page goes into details.

([LM] N.Lewis, The Missionaries, New York: McGraw-Hill 1988.)

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 02-12-2011

< See especially the relevant last post on the previous page.

I think this following topic may well have been brought up before, but it can't harm to parrot it again:

Catholic monarchy ban 'to continue'

Saturday, 20 November, [color="#FF0000"]1999[/color], 05:10 GMT


Monday, 14 February, [color="#FF0000"]2005[/color], 17:54 GMT

Quote:Call to allow Catholic monarchy

The cardinal wants Catholics to be allowed to marry royalty

The leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland has called for Catholics to be allowed to rise to the monarchy.

[color="#800080"](Of course he would. He's catholic.)[/color]


21 [color="#FF0000"]January 2009[/color]

Quote:Fresh bid to reform monarchy law

Autumn Kelly gave up her Catholic faith before marrying Peter Phillips

A fresh attempt is to be made to reform a 308-year-old law which bars the monarch from marrying a Catholic.

[color="#800080"][Photo caption:][/color] Autumn Kelly gave up her Catholic faith before marrying Peter Phillips


00:54 GMT, Friday, 27 [color="#FF0000"]March 2009[/color]

Quote:Why the monarchy [color="#FF0000"]discriminates[/color]

[color="#800080"](Sadly, this particular discriminatory practice of Britian is not at all in Bharatam's interest to bring up at the UNHRC/UN-Human-Rights-Commission. Although it would spell doom and gloom for "anglican" britain, it would have a nasty fallout in Bharatam. Imagine: UK is bad for Dharmics in India. Catholicism is bad for Dharmics in India. Imagine a catholic UK. Aaaaah.)[/color]

By Nicholas Witchell

Royal correspondent, BBC News

There have been high-level discussions about reforming the rules of succession.

A BBC poll shows overwhelming public support for changes to the rules of succession to the British throne.


But why does the current law discriminate against women and Roman Catholics?

The monarchy in Britain is an ancient institution which, for more than a thousand years, has been dominated by men.


How surprising then in this 21st Century, when sexual equality is a legally enforceable rule in most walks of our national life, to find that when it comes to the rules of succession to the British throne, women are the victims of the most blatant [color="#FF0000"]discrimination[/color].

Put simply, a woman can only become Britain's head of state as a last resort; in effect, after every other male option has been exhausted.


Ecclesiastical worms

[color="#FF0000"]The other great disadvantage, other than to be female, is to be anything other than a Protestant, or to fall in love with someone who is a Roman Catholic.[/color]

To discover the origins of this particular rule one has to go back to the Bill of Rights of 1688, in which one finds that, in the language of the time:

Quote:"All and every person… who shall professe the popish religion or shall marry a papist shall be excluded and be for ever uncapeable to inherit possesse or enjoy the crowne and government of this realme and Ireland and the dominions thereunto belonging…."

So translating this 300-year-old declaration, which was later ratified in the Act of Settlement of 1701, into the language of the 21st Century, we find that [color="#FF0000"]Roman Catholics and those who marry Roman Catholics are excluded from the British throne.[/color]

[color="#800080"][Photo caption:][/color] "Would Britain be prepared to accept a King whose Queen Consort owed at least part of her allegiance to the Pope"

- PM and Palace 'discussed reform'

The situation is of course made more complicated by the fact that in England, but not in any other part of the United Kingdom, there is an official or established church: the Church of England, of which the monarch is the Supreme Governor - but not the "Head" as is frequently misreported.

But while it would unquestionably open a can of ecclesiastical worms to suggest that the British monarch should be anything other than a member of the Anglican church, is it really necessary any longer to insist that the sovereign cannot marry a fellow Christian who happens to be in communion with Rome rather than Canterbury?

[color="#FF0000"]Yet it is that potential connection with Rome that is the nub of the problem.[/color] And, perhaps surprisingly, the issue is not simply a question of faith. There is, after all, nothing to stop the heir to the throne marrying a non-Christian. It is a question of loyalty.

[color="#FF0000"]Would Britain be prepared to accept a King whose Queen Consort owed at least part of her allegiance to the Pope, and who might consequently insist that their children were brought up as Roman Catholics? The same question would arise in the case of a Queen Regnant whose husband was a Roman Catholic.[/color]

[color="#800080"](See, the British *aren't* stupid. They know catholicism well. First-hand. Ugly history there.

Well, I should say: British weren't suicidally stupid in the past. Don't know about today.)[/color]
Catholicism keeps trying. One day it may succeed.*

In the past, Anglican Britain knew to be scared - was very scared, and rightly so - to let a catholic marry its way near/into the throne. Because they knew - as Hindus now ought to know - what would happen. It's what's *always* happened. See Antonia Maino and kids. And then read the red bits above again.

Besides, catholics were known to be treacherous terrorists even by the Anglicans: the papists (i.e. catholics) famously tried to blow up the British Parliament in order to forcibly reconvert the nation back into papism.

Hindus should have had something in our Constitution of the same sort: christoislamicommunists and those who marry into them absolutely forbidden - even by proxy - from ruling the Indian nation. But India is the only country so foolishly secular as to not come up with something like that in pre-emptive defence. All we had is that aliens cannot rule India and even that has been so easily bypassed.

* 5.

17:11 GMT, Friday, 27 [color="#FF0000"]March 2009[/color]


Equal rights for royal women? - 89% yes

Heir allowed to marry Catholic? - 81% yes

[color="#800080"](Though I'm sure the catholic readership of BBC would have come out in full force to answer that one.)[/color]

British monarchy to continue? - 76% yes

1,000 people polled by ICM Research, 20-22 March 2009

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 02-13-2011

Quote:Sopore sisters murder an income generating tool for a Keralite Evangelist

11/02/2011 04:31:26 HK

Thiruvananthapuram:A cunning Kerala based pentecost evangelist , Paul Ciniraj Mohammad claims that two teenaged sisters were murdered by jihadis in Sopore, as they were were active participants of an underground Christian group.


This revealation by this evangelist, who claims to be a specialist in converting Muslims seems to be a move to raise his bussiness profile. The funds a missionary receives is based on the converted soul's religion. Price tag for a converted Muslim is double the amount than a converted Hindu.


Quote:Desert Fox

12/02/2011 01:12:02 Sopore sisters

Muslims will make this cross bearer into halal meat very soon.


11/02/2011 19:41:48 encourage

All Hindus must encourage this moron.It is a good solution for the country's population problem.IF he converts a few muslims ,very soon they will be put to death by jihadis as commanded in their terror manual.

So christoislamania converts-and-kills itself. There's a surprise.

But no heathen died. Making the story entirely irrelevant to me. I just posted it here for the "typical behaviour of christoislamania" factor.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 02-15-2011

Quote:Why 37 accused priests are still serving

A Phila. grand jury cited allegations of abuse and inappropriate behavior. Three cases show how the archdiocese rejected them.

February 13, 2011|By David O'Reilly and Nancy Phillips, Inquirer Staff Writers

A bomb was buried deep in last week's grand-jury report on clergy sex abuse in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia:

At least 37 priests accused of molestation and other inappropriate behavior toward children have been allowed to remain in active ministry.

"These simply are not the actions of an institution that is serious about ending sexual abuse of its children," the report said. "There is no other conclusion."

Cardinal Justin Rigali was quick to respond.

"I assure all the faithful that there are no archdiocesan priests in ministry today who have an admitted or established allegation of sexual abuse of a minor against them," he said in a short letter to all 267 parishes in the 1.5 million-member archdiocese, sent hours after the report's release Thursday.

Rigali's assurances did little to assuage concern among the many Catholics across the region reeling at the grand jury's other surprise: the indictment of Msgr. William Lynn, former secretary for clergy under Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, on charges of endangering the welfare of children, a felony offense.

Lynn, 60, is accused of putting children at risk by assigning known abusers to parishes. Through his lawyers, he has denied any wrongdoing. Also charged were two other priests, a defrocked priest, and a parochial-school teacher, accused of raping two altar boys, ages 10 and 14, in 1996 and 1998.

The grand jury's assertion that dozens of others facing abuse allegations are still in parish ministry brought angry demands from victim advocates for names and action.

"Suspend these dozens of priests immediately," said David Clohessy, national director of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, who led a small rally outside archdiocesan headquarters in Center City on Friday. "Suspend first, investigate later."

The archdiocese declined Friday to respond to additional questions from The Inquirer about the grand jury's finding on suspect priests.

Three members of the independent advisory group responsible for reviewing abuse accusations for the archdiocese said Saturday that they were perplexed by the allegations that dozens of abusive priests remain in ministry.

They said their board had considered allegations against more than 50 priests in the last eight years, that it most often had voted for the archdiocese to remove or take other action against the accused priests, and that its recommendations almost always had been adopted...a

Article continues at above link.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 02-16-2011

Quote:Who's That Knocking on the Door?

Author: Ven. S. Dhammika



A Buddhist's Guide to Evangelical Christianity'

Ven. Shravasti Dhammika, an Australian monk, is a regular contributor to newspapers and journals with perceptive observations on matters related to Buddhism, Buddhist culture and Buddhist practice. He is a distinguished lecturer who has spoken on Buddhism and Asian religions in universities and on television and radio in Australia and throughout Asia.

He is widely known for his thought provoking analysis on a number of issues. Ven Dhammika is the author of many popular books on Buddhism.

Ven. Dhammika's latest work is entitled ' Who's That Knocking on the Door? A Buddhist's Guide to Evangelical Christianity '

The Buddhist Times ( Vol. 2 No. 8 Unduvap 2546 - December 2003 issue ) has published an extract from the forthcoming book Who's That Knocking on the Door? A Buddhist's Guide to Evangelical Christianity.

We reproduce this extract below via courtesy of Buddhist Times:

"About six months ago there was a knock on my door and I opened it to find two evangelicals Christians there. I knew they were evangelicals because they had that fake friendly smile on their faces, which all evangelicals have when they are trying to convert someone.

This was the third time that month that evangelists had come knocking on my door and disturbing me so I decided to teach them a lesson. 'Good morning' they said. 'Good morning' I replied. 'Have you heard about the Lord Jesus Christ'? They asked. 'I know something about him but I am a Buddhist and I'm not really interested in knowing more' I said. But like all evangelists, they took no notice of my wishes and proceeded to talk about their beliefs.

So I said, 'I don't think you are qualified to speak to me about Jesus'. They looked very astonished and asked, 'Why not'? 'Because', I said, 'you have no faith'. 'Our faith in Jesus is as strong as a rock' they insisted. 'I don't think it is' I said with a smile. 'Please open your Bible and read the Gospel of Mark, chapter 16, verse 16, 17 and 18' I said and while they flicked through their Bibles I went quickly inside and came out again.

One of them found the passage and I asked him to read it out loud. It said, 'He who believes and is baptized will be saved but he who does not believe shall be condemned. And these signs will follow those who believe in my name. They shall cast out devils, they shall speak in tongues, they will handle snakes and if they drink poison it will not hurt them and they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover'.

When he finished I said, 'In that passage Jesus says that if you have real faith you will be able to drink poison and not die'. I took a bottle of Lankem from behind my back, held it up and said, 'Here is some poison. Demonstrate to me the strength of your faith and I will listen to anything you have to say about Jesus'.

You should have seen the looks on their faces! They didn't know what to say. 'What's the problem'? I asked. 'Is your faith not strong enough'? They hesitated for a few moments and then one of them replied, 'The Bible also says that we must not test God'. 'I'm not testing God', I said, 'I'm testing you. You love to witness for Jesus and now is your big opportunity'.

Finally one of them said, 'We will go and speak to our pastor about this matter and come back and see you. 'Ill be waiting for you' I said as they scurried away. Of course they never came back again. Here is a bit of advice.

Keep a copy of this Bible reference and a bottle of Lankem ready and every time the evangelists come to your door to harass you give them this test. You might like to have a polanga ready as well.

Evangelical Christians are often predicting that the world is going to end very soon and Jesus is going to come again. When I was 18, I remember very distinctly that the Jehovah's Witnesses came to our house and told me that the world was going to end in 1975. If you find any old Watch Tower or Awake magazines from that period you will see many articles about the world ending in 1975. Of course they were wrong, just as they were wrong when they predicted that the world was going to end in 1895 and again in 1914. In the 1990's many churches were claiming that the world was going to end in 2000.

Some naive and impressionable people were frightened enough to believe this nonsense and converted to Christianity.

In 1991 I was working in a particular place and every lunchtime, I would go to the restaurant on the ground floor. One day I met three young men who told me that they were doing part time work for a man on the 5th floor. One day as we sat having lunch together the subject got on to religion and they told me that their boss believed that the world was going to end in 2000.

One of them was obviously a little frightened by this possibility and asked me what I thought about it. 'It is complete nonsense' I said. 'I don't believe it and I guarantee that your boss doesn't really believe it either.' 'Oh but he does' the three boys said. They told me that he had books on the subject and he had showed them passages in the Bible proving that the world was going to end in nine years. 'I tell you, your boss doesn't really believe that', I said.

'Do you mind if we tell him that' they said and I told them that I didn't mind. The next day the man together with the three boys came to see me. We had a friendly chat about Christianity and then we got onto the subject of the end of the world. The man insisted that the Bible clearly predicted that the world was going to end and that he had utter faith in the Bible.

I laughed at him. 'You Christians are so confused and lacking in awareness that you don't know what you believe' I said. 'You have no right to doubt the depth of my faith' the man said, now a little annoyed. I said, 'I can prove that you don't really believe the end of the world and Jesus' return. 'Prove it then'! he hallenged.

The three boys were now listening to our discussion very intently. 'Alright'! I said. 'Do you believe that the world is going to come to a complete end in the year 2000'?

'Absolutely'! said the man. 'The Bible predicts it and I believe it will happen'. 'Okay' I said. 'I have a friend who is a lawyer. I will ask him to come here tomorrow and you and I will draw up a proper legally binding contract in which you will agree to give me all your property - your house, your business and all your assets - in the year 2001. Do you agree to do that'?

The man was flabbergasted. He didn't know what to say. 'Come on', I said. 'If you are right, and you insist you are, in 2001 I will be in hell and you will be in heaven with Jesus where you wont need all your worldly goods'. 'This is just silly' said the man now very flustered.

Now one of the boys joined in. 'Its does not seem silly to me. It seems like a good chance for you to prove you beliefs'. 'I agree' I said. 'Now is your big chance to demonstrate how genuine you and strong your faith is. These boys might be so impressed that they might become Christians. Put your faith where your mouth is'.

The man became very angry, got up and walked away. The three boys were smiling and the one who had been a little frightened about the end of the world was smiling the most.

Every non Christian should try this when they encounter Christian fanatics and don't forget to spread the message, especially to the naive trusting Hindus in the villages who would never suspect how vile this cult that passes for a "religion" truly is.

I tried this out right now online with some Christian fundaMENTAList female that I was debating with. Her response: "It is clear that you have decided to hate me." <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - HareKrishna - 02-16-2011

Priest teaching pupils that Sun revolve around the Earth because holy fathers say so

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 02-17-2011

Quote:Interactive Map of Direct Grants by U S Grantmakers to non US recipeints.

Grantmaker List for Christian Dalit Liberation Movement

Ford Foundation NY $400,000

Quote:Soumya’s Rape & Murder : Evangelist Charly Thomas suddenly become Govinda Chami

Download now or preview on posterous

Charly_thomas_Feb-04_2011_Page_10.pdf (225 KB)

feb 15th, 2011

isn't it amazing that when a christist rapes/murders someone, the media hurriedly covers it up?

similarly, the muringoor 'dhyana kendram' in the same area (which is being xtistized at a rapid rate) has had 975 unsolved deaths in 10 years, but there is no investigation. several of the dead are idiot hindus who have been conned into going there, there money stolen, and then murdered.

let us also not forget the sister abhaya murder case.

rape and murder are standard xtist tactics, it appears. just as they are for mohammedans in darfur.

the malayalam report in the attached says:

sowmya (23) was the only wage-earner in an impoverished family. a good student, she had been working in a small job in cochin, and commuting by train. she was pushed out of the women's cabin in the running train by charly, who then raped the severely injured girl. she had severe head injuries which could have been either from hitting her head on the concrete slabs of the rail, or because she was hit with a blunt instrument.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Third Eye

Date: Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 9:34 AM

Subject: Fw: Soumya’s Rape & Murder : Evangelist Charly Thomas suddenly become Govinda Chami


Please find attached herewith Mathrubhumi NewsPaper report dated 4-Feb-2011,clearly stating the culprits name Charly, Later the media changed to Govinda Chami -

Soumya’s Rape & Murder : Evangelist Charly Thomas suddenly become Govinda Chami

13/02/2011 23:53:59 HK

According to initial reports, the rapist who killed Soumya was Charly Thomas,All of a sudden Thomas become Govinda Chami.

Yes he was Govinda Chami, but presently he is Charly Thomas. He is one of the members of “Akasha Paravakal” a Christian wing who targets to convert beggers.

He got converted four years back. Secular media purposefully removed “Christian Name” and his missionary link,sensing the wide spread condemnation of this brutal incident.

So by mere name change media blacked out all further enquiry regarding his missionary links.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 02-17-2011

^ Important.

1. Remember how Wendy Doniger recently famously declared (with no proof of course, just a long essay parroted by inculturating new-ageist christians as "expert knowledge") that Yoga was actually universally known throughout the world and therefore also christian, and not just Hindu (therefore not Hindu at all, since it is universal)?

Well, here's christianism in India doing the same Replacement:

a. Now inventing a kristapurana in a catholic ashram

b. Desperately trying to steal the very Own Names of Hindu Gods for christian churches to use it on mary, the non-existent mother of jeebus the non-existent.

c. Apologist christians declare that christians "saved" Samskritam (<- if you DIDN'T SEE THAT CHRISTO-CLAIM COMING - like the Yoga claims - someone should revoke your tertiary/secondary/primary/kindy education certificates.)

Quote:KRISTAPURANA - Latest from the imitation series

15/02/2011 15:07:56 GSK Menon

Non stop imitation of Hinduism is the motto of the Desert Religion. Adding to the long list of imitations, is the latest one - KRISTAPURANA ! This fabrication is by one Fr.Nelson Falcao. He claims that he has been doing research (copying & imitating ) for the last 14 years at Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune. Don't be misled by the institution's name, it is a cross bearer's organisation doing cut & paste job.

The aim is as claimed by Nelson Falcao is to bring together colonial christianity and local population and [b][color="#FF0000"]culture[/color] (read: Hindus & Hindu culture ).[/b]

I ask my convert friends, why did you convert ? What spiritual benefit are you going to gain by converting and imitating ? Is it not more sensible to return to your roots and be a proud Hindu ?

Comments - more disturbing stuff:

Quote: M.R.Nair

16/02/2011 04:34:52 imitation.

Ambika is a word used to describe goddess in Hindu religion.

Near Ernakulam you can see [color="#FF0000"]Nirmalambika Church, Ambikapuram church[/color] etc. In Andhra, sometime back I had seen [color="#FF0000"]a stone in front of church for breaking coconuts[/color]. In Rajastan You can see [color="#FF0000"]achurch named as Rajarajeswar ki Devalaya.[/color] This deception goes on. Do not think that they all are patriots. Eastern Timore in Indonesia became independent only because the majority population is Christian. Now Sudan is going to be bifurcated as Christian area and Muslim area. Our own Nagaland is also not different.]


15/02/2011 18:44:36 Imitation series

Similar to this I have seen banners in front of many churches in Bangalore about weekend 'Satyavedha' classes. This is such a mischievous word coined by them. After copying our vedhas they have coined this word Satyavedha. Even in TV programmes one can see highly paid evangelists telling moral stories from our subhashitas


15/02/2011 15:22:48 Kristubhagavatham

"Kristubhagavatham (an epic poem or Mahakavyam)" written by the noted Sanskritam scholar P. C. Devasya in the Seventies won the Sahitya Academy award for Sanskritam. The book was introduced by literary icons and scholars like Prof. C. Kunjunniraja, K.S. Srinivasa Iyengar, and M. H. Shastri.

Sanskrit books of good scholarship have been rare in 20th century, and Kristubhagavatam is one of them. Kristubhagavatam is a labor of love. Such works keep the heritage of Sanskritam alive, making it a living language,in modern times.

J George

15/02/2011 15:23:11 Christianity is our Relegion & Hinduism our [color="#FF0000"]Culture[/color]

Dear Mr.Menon,

If you study the origin of Syrian Christians in Kerala. You will get the answer.

Is it an imitation or Not

See, christians have turned Hindu religion into culture (just like Yoga turned into some new-agey universal and now "therefore christian").

And you can see Hindus foolishly parroting the word "culture" everywhere with respect to Hindu religion. Culture does not mean what people think it means. It is used for stealing from Hindu religion. It's why the catholic missionary project is called inculturation - christianism wants Hindus to believe it is only "culture". So that then christian sheep can claim it too, for being "just" culture.

In reality, Hindu "culture" is Hindu religio-culture, i.e. Hindu religion.

Samskritam is a Hindu language. Hindus know that its very aksharas are the very Gods themselves. I didn't invent this of course, it's there in Hindu scriptures and stotras and even sahasranamas. (Many parallels, including how Greek language is considered sacred to the Hellenes.)

But in the above christocomments and reveals on what christochurches are doing, you can see christianism is going in for the kill now. It has shifted gear to doing Total Replacement already.

2. More on the 2nd part of the previous post:

How you can tell the christo 'Indian' media is christo:

Christorapist (and missionary!) who raped and murdered a Hindu woman is then suddenly projected by the media using his cryptochristian Hindu name.

Another reason why cryptochristianism ought to have been exposed.

Quote:Soumya’s Rape & Murder : Evangelist Charly Thomas suddenly become Govinda Chami

13/02/2011 23:53:59 HK

[color="#800080"][see previous post][/color]

- christians lie to protect christianism and criminalise Hindus and Hindu religion

- modern Hindus can't bring themselves to expose (crypto)christians by telling the truth about christianism, even though this is genociding Hindus.

A curious affliction.

Some of the comments at HK:

Quote: ThirdEye

16/02/2011 00:03:37 isn't it amazing that when a christist rapes/murders someone, the media hurriedly covers it up?

Please saw Print Edition of Mathrubhumi NewsPaper dated 4-Feb-2011 page No10,clearly stating the culprit name was Charly, later the Media changed to Govinda Chami -

more details,please visit

g k

15/02/2011 22:50:02 police not media

it is police who give the report to the is police who changed the name.we know the influence of christians in kerala police.dont blame media unnecessarily.

[color="#800080"](Christo-appointed police and christomedia. Not to forget christogovt. Is this S Korea. No no, it's India.)[/color]


15/02/2011 09:18:36 Being ruled by Mafia

Yes, as you mentioned, the name of the criminal was spelled as Charly on the first day by all media.Suddenly the name was changed as Govinda Chami.Wonderful magic by Govt-Christian Mafia-Police-Media combination.

India is being ruled by Christian Congress Mafia lead by Sonia.Don't expect any major action against Christian Criminals.It is evident from cases like Sr.Abhaya murder , murder of Paul Muthoot, Thachankiri case, corruption case against Manoj Abraham, illegal inspection of Narco-Analysis tapes by Syriac and so on.........The latest one is that of KGB.

[color="#0000FF"]We, Hindus, have to be ashamed of quick actions taken against the Priest of Sabarimala and against Shri.Jayendra Saraswathy Swamikal.It is very clear that ,at present, in India Hindus will not get Justice either from Judiciary or from Govt, since both are highly corrupted.This situation may force Hindus to neglect both these systems and fight for the independence of our Country. [/color]

[color="#800080"](The drowsy Hindu elephant waking up? On time? That would truly be a miracle.)[/color]


15/02/2011 08:48:49 GOVINDA

[color="#0000FF"]If he has donated his Kidney his name will appear as Charley. Both print and electronic media is competing to portray all good deeds are are done by people carrying christin names. How can a good samaritan commit such henious crime? It must be Govinda chamy![/color]Time is fast nearing GOVINDA to take his next avatar.Let us pray for it!


15/02/2011 06:53:35 Pastor Charly Chamy

I remember I saw the news in a malayalam news paper naming the culprit Charlie alias Chamy.He did a gruesome murder for which he is to be punished inch by inch slowly taking pains.

The second part the secular & corrupt medias always have bold big fonts reserved for spitting venom against Hindus or to blame Hindus.Well small thin fonts for good and accomplishments.Its just otherwise for other religions.

Dear christians need not be agitated - you need to learn condemning wrong doings keeping truth infront - When I say I know a prayer center in Palghat Dist functioning as a brothel where girls coming from distance for " Praying" with the priests.Priests coming on vacation from abroad are regular visitors there for " Prayers";you shall verify it dear jesus mongers.Jesus has only one way to escape from Church -become a Hindu we have no difficulty in taking him as another saint came on earth to transform the hooligans in a particular area.

K A Krishna

14/02/2011 07:50:33 Religion makes something for the media not for HK

[color="#0000FF"]In the evening Mathrubhumi news site, on the day the culprit got arrested, the name appeared was Charles thomas son of Antony samy (some thing like that). But, next day morning in Mathrubhumi print it appeared as Govinda sami.[/color] Thinking a mistake, i neglected the name. So called secular media has to hide a lot, they sell tears for money! not HK.
Special credits for christist infiltrati comments go to Sarge (he turns all christian crimes into "we must treat it as a secular issue", and recently declared in pretended innocence that Hindus have 'somehow got it into their heads' that govt controlled temples is a 'bad thing'.) People should go and read his multiple jesuitry style comments at HK. Typical infiltrati.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 02-17-2011

Quote:Final score on 'Jeopardy!': Computer 1, humans 0

By FRAZIER MOORE, AP Television Writer

Wed Feb 16, 6:49 pm ET

NEW YORK – Note to self: Never play "Jeopardy!" with a supercomputer.

That's a useful lesson for me or any mortal who has followed the Man vs.

Machine faceoff this week on the popular trivia game show, where on

Wednesday the second of two exhibition matches sealed the deal: Watson, the

IBM-created megabrain, officially buried his flesh-and-blood opponents,

veteran "Jeopardy!" champs Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

Watson's winning score was $41,413 for the day ($77,147 for both games),

while Jennings notched $19,200 ($24,000 overall) and Rutter reached $11,200

($21,600 overall).

For crushing his rivals, Watson gets a total prize of $1 million, which IBM

has said will go to the charities World Vision and World Community Grid.

The vanquished Jennings and Rutter get $300,000 and $200,000, respectively,

half of which each said they would be donating to charities...

500k dollars will go to World Vision. IBM CEO boasted that this is a

humanitarian organization, Indians know very well what humanitarian means for

world vision. Now IBM is partner in conversion activity in India.

India has a large IBM office. Will people living there protest against this?

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 02-18-2011

^ Again, important. (appears to be a Hellenismos site)

Quote:Accordingly the PATRIARCE OF ALEXANDRIA THEOPHILUS finally demolished the Library in 391AD:

«In Alexandria all the buildings of the Temple of Serapis had a fate similar to the poetic tales of the Giants…during the Kingdom of Theodosius and presiding of Theophilus, the votive offerings were destroyed-And they fought the statues and the votive offerings so «valiantly» that they not only triumphed but stole them as well…of the Temple of Serapis it was only the foundation stones they did not remove, and that because of the weight of the stones, that (the foundation stones) were immovable. These militant and avaricious «braves»…considered the desecration to be a commendable act. Then we were invaded by so called monks, a sort of people, who lead a pig’s life and are obviously deranged, perpetrating millions of unheard of evil acts, thinking these were acts of devotion.. At that time any man wearing a black robe had a tyrant’s power and could perpetrate any ugly act in public. To this «virtue» were people transformed by the new religion».



John Chrysostom recruited mercenaries to systematically demolish the Greek majestic buildings:

«John the Great (Chrysostom) gathered monks inflamed with the zeal of the Lord (fanatical monks), armed them with royal mandate and sent them against the heathen (Greek) shrines. The money paid to those working in demolition and to their assistants he did not obtain from the royal treasury (!) but from wealthy ladies he convinced to contribute so they would obtain the blessing of the Lord with the splendor of their faith. In this way he razed to the ground the rest of the buildings (Temples, monuments, graves, houses)».



Abstracts from the books of Michael Th. Kalopoulos, from the series BIBLICAL RELIGION: «The Big Lie», «Armed Malevolence» and «Abraham the Sorcerer»

Published in Greek Tel 30 31 770 100

The English translation of his book «The Big Lie» is in progress.

(Book's English translation was available since long ago in bookstores. I think it's called "The Great Lie", not "The Big Lie".)

Which also contains - in direct translation - The Codes Of Theodosius And Justinian (where christianism bans Hellenismos, the heathenism of the empire, on pain of death):

Quote:From the legislation at the height of the Romeo-Christian times (4th and 5th centuries AD) we can get an understanding of the method used to achieve violent conversion of the Greeks to Christianity and their compulsory «salvation»:

«We decree, that all sacred places and temples (of the Greeks) shall be demolished by order of the local authorities and shall be purged by virtue of raising the sign of the Christian Faith… If someone is brought before a competent judge with sufficient proof that he has not followed the letter of this law he shall be condemned with the death sentence».

Emperor Theodosius and Valentinianus to Isidorus Praetor of Praetorium 14 November 435

«All temples in the cities and in all locations (of the world) must be shut down.. Should anyone, whatever his authority may be, fail to observe (this law) he will be punished by decapitation.

Justinian Code 1.10

Emperor Constantius A to Taurus Praetor of the Praetorium December 354AD.

«Such acts, (anything not Christian was considered pagan) should they continue to be perpetrated (or should they be denounced) even in some meadow or home, that meadow or home will be confiscated and added to the property of those holiest of men (the priests of the Christian Religion ) whereas its owner who consented to the desecration of the place will be fired from (any) public office he holds, lose his belongings and, after physical torture with appropriate metal instruments, he will be led to exile for life».

Justinian Code 1.10.8

Emperor Leon and Anthemius to Dioskorus Praetor of the Praetorium. Delivered in 472 AD

«We order our magistrates, but also those instructed by our God-loving bishops to scrutinize according to the law all cases of disrespect related to the Greek religion so they are not allowed to occur, but should they occur, to be punished accordingly…None (no Greek) shall have the right to inherit by benefit of a will (their belongings) or to donate anything to people or places that have been noted to commit the desecration of Hellenism.. whatever is donated or inherited in such a manner will be confiscated. With this pious legislation (we decree) that all punishments be kept in effect, with which previous (Christian) kings had threatened to punish the Greek fallacies and which (punishments) were meant to secure the orthodox faith».

Justinian Code 1.10.9 also B1, 1,19) and Nomocanon 6,3

«Because certain individuals have been detected, (although they were baptized in Christ) to be possessed by the fallacy of the impious filthy Greeks and to be performing acts that justifiably enraged our philanthropic God…These will be subject to corresponding punishment in a spirit of leniency…(!) If they insist in their Greek fallacy they will be subject to the capital punishment. If they have not yet been worthy of the holy baptism they will have to present themselves at our holy churches, together with their spouses and children and all persons of their household, to be instructed in the true faith of Christ. After they have been instructed and have rejected the fallacy with which they were previously possessed, they will have to ask for the holy baptism. Otherwise, let it be known that should they neglect to ask (to ask themselves for the Holy Baptism) they will lose all civil rights, and will not be allowed to own property , in land or in goods.

ALL THEIR POSSESSIONS WILL BE REMOVED and they will be left in poverty and additionally will be subject to capital punishments.

We will hinder any lesson (by closing schools) taught by those suffering from the disease and mania (of learning) of the impious Greeks, so they will not be allowed any more

to pretend they are teaching, while in fact they are corrupting their pupils’ souls with false truths.

Should (therefore) such a person appear who will not come to our holy churches with all his relatives and household, he shall be punished with the aforementioned punishments.

We hereby decree that children must be baptized immediately, without postponement while they are of small age, (compulsory baptism of infants) while those of older age must spend their time in our holy churches and be instructed in the Scriptures and the (biblical) texts. When they have come to their senses and rejected the ancient (ancient-Greek) fallacies, they will be allowed to receive the holy baptism to secure the true faith of Orthodox Christians in the future. Those that hold military or other (public) Office, or posess great fortune and have come forward to be baptized (pretending to be faithful) to avoid the consequences but leave their spouses and children and other kin or members of their household (believing) in the Greek fallacies , we decree that their fortunes be confiscated (!) their civil rights annulled and that they will be subject to punishment worthy of their crime, since they have obviously attained the Holy Baptism without true faith. We bring these laws into effect on account of those rogue Greeks».

Justinian Code 1.10.10

A single choice for Greeks [color="#FF0000"]« Baptized or Dead»[/color] …Of course in theory «whoever wishes may follow me» MATHEW 16.24

[color="#800080"](AKA convert-or-kill, which christians still call "freedom to convert/human rights/religious freedom" in their 'secular' lingo. So, the biblical origin for that double-speak is Mathew 16.24).[/color]

Faced with these annihilating punishments of the «saviors», exile, decapitation, confiscations of all property, closing of schools, annulment of civic rights, the disgrace of compulsory catechism, torture and legal capital punishment of any of their followers, as well as the ingenious deprival of any possibility to feign conversion to Christianity, survival left as only choice the conversion to hristianity for the Greeks, who were persecuted like the worst of criminals.

Those (thus) was Hellenism converted to the Christian faith.




These are abstracts from the book:

«The antipagan legislation of the late Roman Empire through the Codes»

Published In Greek by the publisher KATARTI

Tel 01/3604793 & 360127

(References above to "orthodox faith"/"orthodox christians" is not to the post-schism eastern church that uses that name, but the original church of both the east and west of the Roman empire combined: it was declared the "orthodox Roman christianity" to set it apart from the myriad of heresies populating the period.)

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 02-18-2011

Quote:Mira Bhupathi’s Confession

I was born as a Christian, but a “sleeping” one, who had no time for church or even a Bible study. I spent years of my life being totally worldly and a man pleaser. I went to the lord only when I needed something. Most often I got what I wanted, but soon afterwards I forgot my blessings. I went to college and met with a Hindu boy married him and from then on my religion was forgotten, till one day doctor told me that I could not have a child due to several complications. I immediately started praying desperately and a while later miraculously my son Mahesh was born. After that God blessed my husband and me with Kavita, our beautiful daughter.

I know that when doctors say something is impossible, our Heavenly Father still says, “All things are possible”. After my children grew up we returned to India after spending 15 years in the Gulf. I felt a voice speaking to me, telling me to witness to the world that Mahesh is the Lord’s child. The voice was very clear, but I didn’t want to hear nor obey it. So the Lord had to force on me. He allowed me to feel very lonely and unwanted. One day, after a family feud, I ran out of our house in sheer frustration to kill myself. I was driving my car with the only intention of having a head on collision with a bus or truck. Little did I realize that the Lord had different plans for me.

Suddenly I realized that the steering of my car had turned in my hands and the next thing I knew was that I was parked outside of my church (which I had started attending weekly). I was crying bitterly. Suddenly I heard a knock on my car window and it was a lady who convinced me to come tot her home. I believe that she was an angel from the Lord sent to rescue me in my pain.

She ministered to me and prayed with me. That night she invited me to stay in her home, which I did. Since I was so hurt, I didn’t want to go home. It was that same night that the realization dawned on me that it was my Lord Jesus who had rescued me from death. I committed my life completely to Him and promised my Lord that from that day I would belong to Him.

The next day I went back home and was lovingly greeted y my family who were very worried about me. I realized that it was only the Lord’s intense love for me that had protected me. That was the day that my whole life changed.

I began testifying in the Churches about what the Lord had done for me. This was in March 1997. Although up until that time, my son had been only a national tennis player, on June of that same year Mahesh brought the first international Grand Slam title to India (our country of one billion people). This victory was won on Mahesh 23rd birthday.

From that day until now the fire of the Lord had been burning in me, and a tremendous passion for souls had been kindled in my heart. Since the Lord knows my heart and how much I love Him, He has begun to use me more and more. Already in five countries He has used me to share the Gospel. He had used me in every denominational church in India to challenge the biggest doctors, engineers, business people and even pastors and bishops.

The Lord has lifted me up from being just a very shy housewife to become a successful and confident evangelist for Him. The Lord is using me where no pastor or bishop can reach. As the celebrity mother of Mahesh Bhupathi, I have access to the highest officials in India. I have already been blessed to be able to give the Gospel to two chief ministers as well as to actors and to people in high positions. Mahesh is the only sportsman in India to bring 10 Grand Slam titles to our country, only because of the Lord’s grace and blessing. Today he is a born again baptized believer.

My burden is for India, since in this country we fight with about 33 million other gods. And the Lord is moving in such amazing ways. My walk with the Lord has not been easy. I’ve gone through the fire, but did not get burned. The Lord has always been holding my hand.

I am also very blessed to be associated with ADHONEP (The international association of Full Gospel Businessmen). I am really touched that ADHONEP has such a great burden for India. I am sure that the Lord will do great thing for them in return.

The Lord has blessed us with so much fame, name and position, that I feel I need to give Him in return as a family. Ever since I came to the Lord, He has blessed my children so much.

Right now I know that I am someone who loves the Lord so much that I can give up my life for Him. I was praying that before I reach heaven I will take at least 10,000 souls with me, but now with God’s grace, that number has increases since the Lord has helped me to be an instrument in the salvation of thousands. Praise Jesus! “Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us” (Eph 3:20).

Now when we pray I am blessed that so many deliverances take place and even cancers are healed. The Lord is really honoring me. It is four years since I consulted a doctor regarding any serious illness. I believe that the Lord always keeps His word. As I “seek the kingdom first” in my life, in return I am greatly blessed (Matthew 6:33).

The whole world may let us down, but our Lord Jesus will never ever let us down. This is my personal testimony. Not once in these past 10 years has the Lord Jesus ever turned His back on me. He has only lifted me higher and higher.

Mira Bhupathi is the mother of Tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi.

I posted the following as a comment but doubt that the Galilaean will let it through:

Quote:lol that’s what happens you get brainwashed into the jesus fairytale.

Your life becomes consumed with hate for non Christians.

That is why Christians started the Goan Inquisition where they tortured Hindus to death for refusing to convert and run a terrorist campaign in the North East through NLFT or NSCN (“Nagaland for Christ”).

That is why Christians have exterminated the European Pagans, the Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, plunged Africa and Asia into colonialism.

And why do you Christians shamelessly retain names like Rohini or Mira anyway?

Go get Biblical names instead and when I say Biblical I actually mean Biblical as many Indian Christians are deeply ignorant and think names like Diana are “Christian”, no they are of pre Christian origin. Diana of course being the Goddess of the Hunt among the Romans, her Greek equivalent being Goddess Artemis.

All Hindus who encounter fanatics like this should try this:

I said with a smile. ‘Please open your Bible and read the Gospel of Mark, chapter 16, verse 16, 17 and 18′….

When he finished I said, ‘In that passage Jesus says that if you have real faith you will be able to drink poison and not die’. I took a bottle of Lankem from behind my back, held it up and said, ‘Here is some poison. Demonstrate to me the strength of your faith and I will listen to anything you have to say about Jesus’.

You should have seen the looks on their faces!…

Spread the message.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 02-18-2011

Wonder who the actors and two CM's she is talking about are?

I heard that Jayaprada is a Galilaean which may well explain her "hats off" comment when that worthless retard Kamal Haasan said that he thought a school should be built at Babri and some other usual anti Hindu nonsense, this was in her program Jayapradam.

The CM could be that old senile retard Rosayya whose interview I had posted here before where he was banging on about how believes in the "God's word" not specific Gods like Vishnu or Shiva.

Perfect reenactment of Rome all over again, only this time the target for genocide are Hindus.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 02-18-2011

[quote name='Bharatvarsh2' date='18 February 2011 - 09:08 PM' timestamp='1298043021' post='110826']

Wonder who the actors and two CM's she is talking about are?

I heard that Jayaprada is a Galilaean which may well explain her "hats off" comment when that worthless retard Kamal Haasan said that he thought a school should be built at Babri and some other usual anti Hindu nonsense, this was in her program Jayapradam.

The CM could be that old senile retard Rosayya whose interview I had posted here before where he was banging on about how believes in the "God's word" not specific Gods like Vishnu or Shiva.

Perfect reenactment of Rome all over again, only this time the target for genocide are Hindus.


Jaya Sudha is apparently a confirmed number 2. I'm sure there are more.

Actually, I'd throw in Beef-eater-and-proud Kamal Haasan, whose relatives are non-beef-eating Hindoo Iyengars.

He regularly makes anti-Hindu movies. And when he plays a Hindu it is frequently to marry a christist woman character - in order to set the subversive example of "it's okay".

But recently his cine character has made a larger jump: married a western woman in a Hindu wedding ceremony - christist or not.

And whether they convert to Hindu religion or not, Hindu wedding rituals are NOT applicable. People can marry whoever they want, but one can't have the cake and eat it too. It's not "culture". It's religion. And non-shareable. Doesn't concern other people. Not even converts. It applies to Ethnic (ancestral) Hindus.

And the case of Myra Buhpati (above post) is a perfect example of what happens when a Hindu-origin male marries a christist.

A shout of thanks to all such secular traitors out there who have multiplied for christianism.

Of course, NO HINDU ever marries a christoislamaniac. And NO HINDU would ever accept into their families un-reverted christoislamaniacs married to relatives, or the relatives themselves who treacherously married christoislamaniacs.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 02-20-2011

The 2nd link lists success in conversion in %, by community

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 02-20-2011

Must read, IMO.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 02-20-2011

I don't know anything about Swami/Baba Ramdev. It's another point I'm getting at (it's in the 3rd quoteblock).



Cong MP calls Swami Ramdev a `dog'

The MP from Arunachal had misbehaved with Ramdev and called him a `bloody Indian'

New Delhi: Supporters of Swami Ramdev have said they will hold "shudhi yagna" (purification ceremony) on Sunday at the residence of Ninong Ering, Congress MP from Arunachal Pradesh, and not allow him to enter parliament for his "derogatory utterances" against the yoga guru at a camp held in the state.


[color="#0000FF"]"The local Congress MP, Ninong Ering, called Swami Ramdev 'bloody Indian' and 'a dog' and threatened him with dire consequences[/color] for his Bharat Swabhiman movement against corruption and black money," the statement said.


Quote:Anti corruption campaign irks Congress, Hurls abuse at Swami Ramdev

20/02/2011 02:52:56

BJP angry over Cong MP's slur on Ramdev

PNS | New Delhi

The BJP took strong exception to Congress MP from Arunachal Pradesh Ninong Ering “threatening” Baba Ramdev with dire consequences if he continued with his tirade against corruption.

Patanjali Yoga Peeth, Haridwar, media adviser SK Tijarabala claimed the MP also used abusive language.

“He is calling me bloody Indian.... In India I am being called a bloody Indian... This has happened for the first time,” said Ramdev, pointing to Ering, who stood near the dais.

“Ering’s comments are utterly irresponsible and seditious. He has abused Baba Ramdev. We condemn this outburst. Ramdev is a revered figure,” BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.

3. Surprise! (Well, it's in this thread - so it's no surprise):

Quote:Hindu Yoga guru Ramdev today alleged that he was called as a ‘bloody Indian’’ by a Christian Congress MP from Arunchal East Parliamentary constituencyof Arunachal Pradesh in public view during a yoga camp in the state, a charge denied by the lawmaker even as the incident drew condemnation from the BJP. This Congress MP, Ninong Ering is a Christian by faith.

“He is calling me bloody Indian…. In India I am being called a bloody Indian… this has happened for the first time,” Ramdev said pointing to Congress MP Ninong Ering, who was standing near the dais where the yoga guru was sitting during the camp at Pasighat in East Siang. This pro Christian MP of Congress party hails from Pashighat and connected with various Evangelical Programmes of North Eastern Hill Church Council.

(And then, the christist needs to save his skin and declares he's the one who was persecuted - shock! "That never happened before." Except ever since Rome. But everyone knows the christian lyrics, so can sing alongSmile

“This is very unfortunate. I never said anything against him… At the end of the session, he started speaking about politics.. so I said ‘Babaji, I think we should stick to yoga instead of going into politics’. I think he couldn’t hear me…. then his bodyguards came and pushed me,” Ering who represents Eastern Arunachal constituency said.
So it's now "his word against his word". Oh who to believe. My rule of thumb is: all else being equal, NOT the christoislamaniac.

Above is reminiscent of Gautam Sen's experience - but one step on (see below): "As one Mizo Christian woman in Delhi explained to me politely last year: 'they are uncomfortable with the Hindu ethos'."

1) "uncomfortable with Hindu 'ethos'"

2) "dog" and "bloody Indian" to Hindu (<- isn't that what the christoBritish called the Hindus in their own country too? So maybe it's a christian thing... Ya think?)

Elsewhere on MSN already saw the christoterrorists calling Hindus who were celebrating Hindu festivals as "pagans" doing "demonism".

n) <...>

n+1) Rome part II

Meanwhile, I predict, based on the constant that is self-delusion, that *even after* christoterrorists call the indigenous - i.e. Dharmics - of the country "dog" and "bloody Indian" and "pagans" doing "demonism", modern angelsk-speaking Indians - 'sensitive' to a fault - would still never expose christianism or crypochristianism. It's all just "random", unidentifiable, anonymous perpetrators - no ideology at all. Just like the christoBritish.

Think about the Future, as a logical progression of the present (and of the course maintained up to the present). Now, extrapolate on that and pick on one of the two following things, based on what people think/"predict" is going to happen:

1. extinction

2. not extinction

The exercise is not an actual question: obviously I don't care about people's opinion of the answer. (Anyone who picked 2 is wrong, by the way.) Am just saying the obvious - that anyone else with half a brain would say: that if Hindus are aiming for extinction, they're guaranteed to be on the right path and should by all means stick to the current course.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 02-21-2011

A heading in states that Mr Buhpati, son of rabid christist Mrs Buhpati, is now married to Lara Dutta.

No Hindu-origin person involved! It's a miracle.

- Wasn't Lara a catholic? In christianism, the wife decides the religion of the children (the dad determines the political leanings of the family/the way they vote). And catholics are more determined than other established christist cults in this matter. So catholic wife means kids will be catholic.

But the mother-in-law is a rabid born-again fundy...

"Who will win?" (Who cares.)

In general, Lara's church won't be pleased at all with her marrying a renegade christian sheep. (Unless she converts them - like a good papist - or at least ensures the kids are exclusively catholic.)

Interesting, though, that the sort of pairings that are never allowed to happen in the British Isles (e.g. marriage between catholic Irish and heretic/protestant Irish is a total taboo in church and faithful society, and is just not done; excepting backsliders) is happening in India. Then again, the same churches - who can't stand each other outside India and plot to steal-or-convert sheep from each other - unite in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka against the indigenous religions. "Curious".

*Not*. It's planned - an agreement between the various christian cults. It's no secret. Recently mentioned example. Another example:

Quote:World Council of Churches against converting Christians to other Christian denominations

The WCC opposes a certain form of proselytising: that of Christians converting other Christians to their denominations, which cause strife within Christianity.

It is noteworthy that this objection only holds in non-Christian countries, because it is otherwise quite a common spectacle in the US, where Baptists target Catholics and Mormons, who in turn target everyone. Likewise, the Pope has expressed consternation over Catholics in South America being converted by fundies from the US. On the other hand, members of the Eastern Orthodox Churches are hounded by the Catholics, and now by the Mormons too. And all traditional Christian forms in Europe (Anglican, Lutheran, Catholic, Orthodox, Presbyterian, etc) are seen as a grazing ground by America's born-again fundies. There's little to be wondered at that it's open season on non-Christians.

Quote:the World Council of Churches made the following observation in 1997:

"We decry the practices of those who carry out their endeavours in mission and evangelism in ways which destroy the unity of the body of Christ, human dignity and the very lives and cultures of those being ‘evangelized’; we call on them to confess their participation in and to renounce proselytism" (WCC 1997: 11).

But closer examination of the document Towards Common Witness (1997) brings out something different. The concern of the WCC has to do with the competitiveness among various Christian denominations such as what is going on today between evangelical groups and more established Christian denominations in Sri Lanka, or competitiveness among evangelical groups themselves. The WCC defines proselytizing in the following words:

Quote:"--- the encouragement of Christians who belong to a church to change their denominational allegiance , through ways and means that ‘contradict the spirit of love, violate the freedom of the human person and diminish trust in the Christian witness of the church" (WCC 1997: 7).

Thus, even the WCC is concerned with the appearance of inter-denominational rivalries and conflicts that may emerge from that, rather than from situations of proselytizing among non-Christian groups as is the case in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

...In the context of the preceding discussion, one would have to conclude that given the premises and general principles upon which contemporary evangelism in South Asia is based, the possibility of conflict is quite real. In fact we have already seen the emergence of such conflict in specific local contexts. For such conflicts to evolve into violence it may take more time. But then, such processes are never predictable unilineal processes. [color="#800080"](Actually, where christoislamism is involved, conflict is guaranteed. So is genocide, ultimately (genocide of the unsaved kaffirs; then eventually persecution of the heretics, etc). It's the one certainty people can bank on.)[/color]

They often happen as a result of a single incident. What is dangerous is that the hierarchical organization of evangelical groups, the power emanating from their resources and networks, their interest in church expansion and proselytizing, and the close correlation between service and religion has assured that evangelism has now become a contentious political issue in both Nepal and Sri Lanka. If this scenario is typical of South Asia in general, and if avenues are not explored to difuse the tensions and find alternate means of experiencing religious freedom, then the alternatives would be the addition of yet another conflict dynamic into the realm of inter-religious and inter-group dynamics in the region.

(I'm guessing a 'native' anthropologist wrote that. The utter lack of conception of what is on the verge of being lost is very palpable.)

Anyway, this "don't antagonise each other/steal each others' sheep/badmouth each other in public" is also extended to islam to a significant extent: "don't let the heathens curb islam, but promote islam among the heathens and protect its terrorisms". (This christian mandate of protectionism for islam holds only in the heathen parts of the subcontinent, of course.) After all, heathens are Enemy #1 and christianism will get absolutely nowhere in the subcontinent without islam's help. And islam really can't have Bharatam without christianism. Synergy.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Bharatvarsh2 - 02-21-2011

His 1st wife was born into some Tambram family, they are divorced now.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 02-21-2011

^ Well, here's hoping they didn't spawn any offspring.

Feb 18,2011

Quote:Demo today against religious conversion

Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Feb 18 – Protesting against the alleged forced religious conversions of the people of Hindu religion living in the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh and Assam-Nagaland bordering areas, the Hindu Jagaran Mancha, Asom would stage a demonstration here tomorrow.

The Mancha, through a statement, alleged that the tribes following Hinduism and other religions are being forced to adopt Christianity. It further charged that the vested interest groups are taking the help of separatist organisations to pressurise people for conversion.

“We have got the proofs that both NSCN (IM) and NSCN (K) groups are helping these vested interest groups to realise their goal. As a result, the Hindus and other people living in the bordering areas are facing the threat to their lives and property,” the Mancha statement released said.