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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Printable Version
Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Printable Version

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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - G.Subramaniam - 09-01-2011

Goan xtians opted for Pakistan between 1946 to 1971 and now getting screwed

Long-term Indian visas for Pak Xians

Panaji, Aug 31, DHNS:

Christians of Indian origin who live in Pakistan will now be entitled to long term visas to India, Goa’s Commissioner for NRI Affairs Eduardo Faleiro said.

The Union Home Ministry recently added Christians and Buddhists to the list of Indian-origin minorities in Pakistan that would be allowed long-term visas (LTVs). Only Hindus and Sikhs were earlier entitled to this privilege.

In a letter addressed to Faleiro recently, the Joint Secretary (Foreigners) G V V Sharma said that after examining the request from the Goa NRI Commission, the government had decided to also include Buddhists and Christians from Pakistan in the category eligible for LTVs. The decision was being conveyed to all state governments, he said.

This significant decision will greatly facilitate the process for a large number of Pakistani Goans who want to return to Goa to acquire Indian nationality, Faleiro said. The former minister who was instrumental in convincing Home Minister P Chidambaram to extend the LTV entitlement for Pakistani Goans said Christians constitute a significant minority community in Pakistan. A large number of Goan Christians had settled in Karachi in pursuit of jobs long before the Partition. Many of them now want to return to Goa. Many have already migrated out of Pakistan. A number of Pakistani Goans who have been living in Goa before December 31, 2009 would now qualify for Indian nationality, Faleiro said.

In his website businessman Menin Rodrigues writes from Karachi: “The early Goans came here brimming with hope, conquered the very fabric of the society by their sheer hardwork and resolve to succeed, wielding great influence on the local community.”

When Pakistan was carved out in 1947, the prominence of Goans, he says, “was evident from the fact that one of Karachi’s first elected Mayors was Manuel Misquita; it was a time when the city’s judiciary, the armed forces, police, hospitals, educational institutions,

railways and the world of music and sports were ruled by this law-abiding community.”

Some 10,000 odd Goans still live in Karachi, but they are today “living in obscurity and marginalised due to the influx of cultures and communities who have no knowledge of the city’s glorious past,” regrets the Pak-based businessman.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Guest - 09-02-2011

Top brass of defense forces being filled with christians - Navy Vice Chief and Air Force Chief. A lot of subtle pressure in forces to convert

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 09-04-2011

Post 1/2

[quote name='Niki' date='02 September 2011 - 08:14 AM' timestamp='1314930998' post='112691']

Top brass of defense forces being filled with christians - Navy Vice Chief and Air Force Chief. A lot of subtle pressure in forces to convert

[/quote]What's the cause - e.g. the source article or event/observation - that led to that statement?

Of course christianism would be tightening the noose around Hindus' necks. But then, the Indian army is a secular institution - it describes itself as that. It's just one step removed from christianisation anyway. (Hindu -> Hindu nationalism -> Indian nationalism -> universal/secularism -> christianism. See end of 2nd post.) An old example rehashed in post 2.

1. Rome

a) Relevant is point 3 of the post 25 of (Had to go trawling through all the "McCabe" entries to find it: from 2006, which is why I couldn't find it under my username. Points 1 and 2 already implemented.)

Joseph McCabe writes:

Quote:(3) Bribery to convert (this was during Constantine's time, because Christian emperors after him issued severe decrees to persecute the Romans of the Old Religion):


From the first Constantine had, apart from his unsuccessful decrees, showered wealth and privileges upon the Church. A stream of gold flowed from the palace, and new churches, of a more attractive nature, began to rise. At court and in the army the best way, if not the only way, to secure promotion was to become convinced by the brilliant evidence of the religion. Even ordinary citizens were rewarded with a baptismal robe and a piece of gold. Villages were raised to the rank of cities if all their inhabitants exchanged Jupiter for Christ. In ten years imperial gold had done more than the blood of all the martyrs, the miracles of all the saints, and the arguments of all the apologists.

Except that wealth continued to reach the Roman clergy, the progress of the Church in the west was now suspended. The city of Constantinople was dedicated in 330. The world had at least a Christian metropolis; and it was a superb city. Already, as I said, more than three fourths of the Christians were in the ignorant east, and they were now encouraged to attack pagan temples and openly ventilate their scorn. Few pagans could get advancement in the east.

b ) The above was the initial encouragement / 'light' pressure.

Then the heat was turned up:


An Imperial edict (17th November) forbids Gentile officers of the army to command christian soldiers.


The inquisitor Hypatius, alias "The Sword of God", exterminates the last Gentiles of Bithynia. In Constantinople (7th December), all non-christian army officers, public employees and judges are dismissed.


Quote:We hereby decree that children must be baptized immediately, without postponement while they are of small age, (compulsory baptism of infants) while those of older age must spend their time in our holy churches and be instructed in the Scriptures and the (biblical) texts. When they have come to their senses and rejected the ancient (ancient-Greek) fallacies, they will be allowed to receive the holy baptism to secure the true faith of Orthodox Christians in the future. Those that hold military or other (public) Office, or posess great fortune and have come forward to be baptized (pretending to be faithful) to avoid the consequences but leave their spouses and children and other kin or members of their household (believing) in the Greek fallacies , we decree that their fortunes be confiscated (!) their civil rights annulled and that they will be subject to punishment worthy of their crime, since they have obviously attained the Holy Baptism without true faith. We bring these laws into effect on account of those rogue Greeks».

Justinian Code 1.10.10

The sort of things to look forward to. (Well, christianism IS in charge. Not likely to give up power as easy as Hindus did/were tricked into.)

2. South Korea

Excerpts from "Buddhism under Siege 1982-1996: A Chronology of Fifteen Years of Incidents Against Buddhism in South Korea" and "Buddhism under Siege in Korea: Chronology of Events January 1997-December 1998"

at and

Govt, army, police, media, other public institutions - they're all hijacked (relevant terms highlighted with blue below). India is just a copy of the same process, and required more pre-planning/organisation by christianism, and there's more factors - but ultimately, same thing.

Quote:1991 November.

Military reserves stationed in Kyôngnam Province (many of them Buddhist) are forced to attend a Protestant revival meeting, presumably by a superior officer.


President Kim Young Sam attends services at a Protestant church located on the nation's central military base at Kyeryôngsan Mountain. In an event which sends shock waves throughout Buddhist and Catholic circles in Korea, many troops based there are compelled to attend the service in order to create the appearance of a larger number of Protestant troops. (Many of the troops are not Protestant Christians, and many are not even Christian.) Moreover, people attending services at a nearby temple and Catholic church are placed under virtual "house arrest," their religious sanctuaries being encircled with troops while the President makes what is deemed a "preferential" visit to the Protestant chapel. ...

(Oh, poor catholics.... Had they been in power, they'd have done the same. Like they did in Rome. Like they do in India. They're just grieving that it's not them in charge and that 'the damned heretics' - the protestants - are imposing on them. "Aren't we all witnessing for christ in Korea?")

1996 May 12.

Arsonists attack the main Buddha statue in the Taejôkkwangjôn at Hwagyesa Temple in Seoul for the second time. A lit candle is placed in a box of papers and wisk brooms under the main altar. The fire is quickly extinguished by a passing monk. At the time, more than 30 police and army are patrolling the temple in plainclothes in broad daylight, but fail to apprehend the assailant. (2nd attack on Hwagyesa)

1996 May 14.

Two days later, again with over 30 police and military patrolling the temple, a massive fire is set beneath the main Buddha statue in the Taejôkkwangjôn at Hwagyesa Temple in Seoul for the third time.

Superb altar paintings, ornate woodcarvings and traditional wall paintings are lost. Damage estimated at about $775,000 according to the police.

(3rd attack, 1 building seriously damaged).

June 1997.

Human feces were scattered around the Dharma Hall in the Special Forces School under the Ranger-commando Force. Candidates for Noncommissioned officers who tried to attend dharma meeting had to write a letter of self-criticism. It was revealed that the officer in command forced the candidates without religion to believe in Christianity and applied unspoken pressure on Buddhist candidates. Buddhists organized Countermeasure Committee against Oppression of Buddhism and protested strongly. Defense Ministry issued an apology under the name of its minister.

(There's countless "apologies". Do Hindus want apologies? Or do they want their country back from alien tyrannies?)

February 16, 1998.

Marine Corps Commandant Tobong Chon says that he would make the Marine Corps soldiers of Christ at a ground-breaking ceremony of a church for the Second Division of the Marine Corps. Buddhists made a strong protest against the incident. Marine Corps Commandant sends a letter of explanation stating that the incident was found groundless through self investigation under the directives of the Chief of Naval Operations (March 13, 1998) and promises to prevent any recurrences of the kind (March 14, 1998).

May 16, 1998.

Police investigator following a tip without evidence about organized gangsters barge into a dharma hall where a special ritual is in progress, put handcuffs on a monk and take him to the police station without an arrest warrant using violent language in front of the worshippers. This case is now on trial.

June 27, 1998.

Thirty Christian naval men from the First Division of the Marine Corps missionize in front of Seoul Railroad Station after attending a spiritual retreat. Only three months before the Chief of Naval Operations promises to prevent recurrences of such incidents.

July 1, 1998.

Songsun Kim, ward chief of Sonpa-gu district and Chong-shik Chang, ward chief of Kangbuk-ku district are sworn in with their hands on a Christian Bible, which evoked public criticism. Kim apologizes later. Chang refuses at first but apologizes later when repeatedly demanded by Buddhists.

[color](Don't know what it is with people always demanding an "apology". Christians *will* do such things.

Apologies are not going to change anything: it's the easiest way out. If they extincted Hindu religion in India, will people be content with an apology?

"Oops. Genocide. Christians apologise. How did this happen, genocide again. Christians apologise again. And again...". See the pattern? For christianism, apologies are the most convenient things ever invented. They mean nothing in the hands of christoislamism.)[/color]

July 16, 1998.

Leader of the Grand New Party Hwa-gap Han stirs up trouble when he states, "if President Kim's reform fails, the future of the country will be grim. This government was given to us by God" in an interview with Sisa Journal dated July 16.

August 29, 1998.

Four policemen from Public Security Division of Seoul Metropolitan Police rough up Ven. Song Kwang at the entrance of Chogyesa Temple, the main headquarters temple of the order in Seoul at 9:30 am. The police had been blocking the driveway of the temple and he asked them to step aside so he could drive in and park. They hit him and used abusive language in response. Outraged lay people struggled with the police and a few people received injuries. The police escaped the scene when the protest by lay people escalated. Immediately after the incident, Police Chief Kim, Yonghwa and Kim, Hongjun, Director of the Public Security Division visit Chogyesa to make formal apology and to promise that police involved in the incident will be disciplined. The four perpetrators of the violence visited Chogyesa later that afternoon and apologized to the victim and laypeople involved and performed many prostrations in the temple.


However, a Christian non-denominational weekly newspaper published by the Rev. Kim Chul-young ran articles justifying vandalism of Buddhist property.


A page-two editorial, entitled "All religious idols should be eliminated," said, "The Buddhist community's criticism of the government over these incidents is unfair."

The editorial added, "The Buddhists' criticism of former President Kim Young-sam for holding Christian religious services in the Blue House led him to stop; and this refusal to allow the President to pray resulted in disasters.

"The recent flooding in Korea struck hardest those areas in which there were many Buddhist statues. There was no flooding on Cheju Island, where a Christian destroyed many Buddhist statues this summer."

In addition, the editorial said that "if people do not respect the one God, they will be subject to disasters." The editorial concluded that "it is unfortunate that it is illegal to destroy Buddhist statues."


Earlier, Kidok Shinmun (Christianity Newspaper) said, "Buddhists are overreacting to these incidents." The newpaper printed a cartoon and articles suggesting that Buddhists were overly sensitive."

September 14-16, 1998.

The Daily Sports Newspaper (Ilgan Sports) prints a cartoon series called Toshi-uhon with a sorcerer who tries to kill someone by using the mantra "Om mani padme hum" as an incantation for three days in a row from September 14 through 16. "Om mani padme hum" is frequently recited Buddhist mantra. Buddhists are shocked that this mantra was quoted as a curse to kill people. The newspaper prints a statement of apology on September 25 due to a strong protest by Buddhists.

December 15, 1998

A Kwanum statue carved on a rock in Pukhnsan National Park on the hiking route between Hwagyesa Temple and Sansong Am (both of which suffered serious arson attacks in 1996) is damaged by public employees of the Suyu Branch Office of the National Park Authority. They were ordered to remove an artifact of "folk belief." After investigating the case, the National Park Authority delivers an official letter of apology to the Chogye Order Headquarters and decides to provide training for NPA employees on Buddhism and national culture.

Christianism takes over all public institutions. It's the top-down strategy to conversion.

(The christian LTTE is another example. People will argue that the LTTE rite of passage (eating beaf) and funeral arrangements (burials for the cadre, no Hindu pyre) are secular. I suppose they are: about as "secular" as Prabhakaran et al's christianism.)

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 09-04-2011

Post 2/2

3. Indian army promotes secularism - and some even promote the christian sexual jihad via cryptochristianism. It isn't just the muslims that advocate a sexual jihad against Hindus. The christian churches have been mandating it for a *long* time in India. And crypto christians have implemented it since long, frequently pretending it's all innocent secularism just to prevent victims from waking up to what's really going on. And you can see Indians falling for christianism's under-your-skin sexual jihad whereas they only ever notice and panic about the overt/in-your-face islamic jihad.

(E.g. SL Hindu mother and cultural 'Hindu' husband had children who - invariably - ended up being secular. The son married a SL "Tamizh" christian. All that is old news. The update: the couple recently had a male child, who has a very biblical name and was baptised. The poor Hindu grandmother and all her ancestors. <- That ends her Hindu line for all time: her daughter is as secular as her son and similarly does not want a Hindu spouse* - yet note how the son married a *christian* spouse with no problems: that's because secularism is half-way to christianism already anyway, it's a conditioning variant of christianism. And secularism is the 2nd generation stage of cultural Hinduism. The 3rd generation being full-fledged christianism.

* The daughter has agreed to an arranged marriage: to an equally secular person of Indian origin. I know, because I was there when she said it: deliberately phrased my "innocuous" questions so I would have unambiguous answer to confirm - or dismiss - my suspicions. That makes her yet another person of Hindu ancestry stipulating that their spouse be anything Indian except Hindu <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' /> Indian christians can of course apply. To seculars - being deheathenised - christians always appear the paragon of secular religions.)

Anyway, from an earlier post in the IF threads on Christian Terrorism:

Quote:See for instance the post about an Indian army officer's matrimonial advert for one of his daughters, posted here


Quote:The following is a matrimonial ad, on one of those online websites:

Quote:I am Major B. XXXXX, father of YYYY, our 2nd daughter. She is working in Hyderabad.Salary 20K. I am a Hindu (Goud) and my wife is a Christian. I am a retired Army Officer and working as Faulty in an Engineering College at Hyderabad. Eldest is our son,PGDCA, Manager in an IT Firm at Bangalore. Our daughter in law is MBA, a Christian, working in an IT Firm at Hyderabad. First Daughter,M Sc(Bio Tech), married to a Hindu, Software Engineer in Bangalore. My wife is looking after my family.We are interested in a Working Hindu Boy (except SC/ST or Brahmin), preferably an

engineer or PG, settled or want to settle in Hyderabad. He must have a good family back ground, religious tolerance and should not expect any dowry. Interested persons may contact me

Even well-informed persons on this forum think the christian wife is innocent in all of this and only noticed the low sentiments of the 'Hindu (Goud)' husband in banning SC/ST/Brahmin applications. His restrictions are actually fortunate for the Hindus concerned.

Because, why is he seeking a Hindu at all? His daughter-in-law is a Christian, so what is his son? His other daughter is married to a Hindu (what is she??? if not a christian also), and what about the daughter for whom they are seeking a gullible Hindu suitor? What is she, it doesn't say.

But I can tell you with a high chance of being right that this family could well be similar to many other cases of Hindu men married to christian women in India. The children are all christian.

In all this, the Indian army is one step more advanced than Indian "Hindu" nationalism. The whole "Indian nationalism" devolution was a dead-end and waste of time: all it did was teach India's Hindus (and those of other Dharmic religions) to Just Get Used To the christoislamicommunistic presence=terrorism in India, under the mistaken notion that a national unity with un-unifiable elements was even possible. Nationalism further erred in that it thought that christoislamicommunism wouldn't grow - and that too at Hindus' expense (i.e. nationalism thought that it could maintain the status quo of demographics and identity. *Big* mistake). Christoislamics scoff at Hindu nationalism: it does half the work for them => it gets Dharmics - and only Dharmics - to tolerate christoislamism (to "learn to live with" the parasitism), a notion which subverts heathens, and all the while christoislamism plots to exterminate Hindu and the other Dharmic religions in India.

Indian nationalism hijacked Hindus' re-assertion to be their own nation, to have the say in their own land (even while they're still a majority), to not care to owe anything to christoislamism - which are but both parasites in India (and sources of Hindu genocide) and are a scourge on the world. Hindus do NOT need to guarantee christoislamism anything in the country. Christoislamism has consumed entire nations and continents: dar-ul-islam TSP and BD, SKorea and Philipines for christ, native American geography called "US" for christ, Roman Empire for christ etc. And everywhere they have killed off all the native heathens. The very notion of "co-existence" with intolerance (derived from the heathen notion of universal tolerance - but only Hindus stubbornly perpetuate it, despite seeing its repeated effects) is impossible and self-delusional. It is suicidal. Christoislamism knows it is, which is why christianism has convinced Hindus to retain it: christoislamism parasites off of tolerant hosts, for which they *need* tolerant hosts. And nationalism forces Hindus to co-exist with intolerant christoislamism long after any natural tolerance would have worn off. Hindus should say an absolute No to tolerating any christoislamism in the country, by declaring that we WILL revert everyone (=our aim) and start implementing it: mass de-programming of christoislamism.

Hindus' declaration - were they to make it* - is reversion, which is fair and allowed. And if any cryptochristist terrorist in the local or international media terrorises Hindus for such a declaration - as being "fundamentalist/intolerants/blablabla" - just point to the unprovoked christian threats of conversion from the Pope visiting India who told his sheep to "Start converting all of Asia already" down to the catholic priests who have repeatedly threatened to take all of Tirupati's hills and Arunachaleshwarar's home etc for christ. Not to mention the various protestant kinds (e.g. "Nagaland for christ") and the orthodox syrian christians. Where's the media outcry over that? But I forget, native sheep and their overseas handlers demand the "Right to Religious Conversion" for christians, and where this is disallowed, they bleat violation of "human rights" <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':blink:' /> "religious rights/rights of minorities".

Christianism's threat of conversion is an OFFENSIVE.

Hindus' declaration - and shouldn't leave it at just declaration but every Hindu should go to implementation - would merely be a reactive strategy. I.e. as land-mark as it would be for Hindus to make the statement, it would still be no more than defence. It is reversion - to the natural, original state of the natives. Because Hindus never encroached on christoislamania: Hindus existed in their lands, minding their own business. Then christoislamania came all the way to Hindu Bharatam etc and invaded it and violently (and more recently using dawaganda) converted its people to the alien delusions. The christoislamics now write histories pretending they predated Hindus in Hindus' own lands. But that's the usual christian dawaganda made after the fact, and no one but christians (and their conditioned, e.g. neo-buddhists) believe it.

* Naturally, one doubts Hindus will ever say it. After all, men zegt toch "wanneer de koe verdronken is dempt men de put" / It's when a cow has finally drowned, that people will drain the well.

At best Hindus will swear by "nationalism", India's new national religion (which replaced all Hindu origins to/tendencies in nationalism). Saluting the flag (represents an India that remains unified) is the new "idolatry" that the christoislamics have to contend with and yet *still* can't abide by (not until the whole of the nation is converted to the 'true' gawd or under full control of the 'true' faith. So that, until India-for-christ and Mughalistan are achieved, the parasitism will continue to shriek for 'independent islamic Kashmir', 'nagaland for christ' to spite the nationalists etc. It wants the whole country, but will settle to get it bit by bit). But nationalism doesn't remotely scare christoislamism.

If Hindus lose, it's because they traded in their Hindu identity for a purely nationalist "Indian" one, thereby trading their (crucial) Hindu interests for the interests of "all Indians" under which christoislamania - the sworn and mortal enemies - get a free pass as well as obtaining the foremost favours (often even from the very 'nationalist party' voted for by Hindus).

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - dhu - 09-09-2011

No need to worry. I'm sure the UPA is considering a pardon for this fellow, perhaps a Padmashri-- that should give this poor christian youth a much needed break. Perhaps Kejriwal can consider adding a pardon act to the Constitution after consultation with American civic academia. Besides they are only slumdogs. Jai ho, Congress is savior.

[url=""]US child sex abuse case: 'Kerala priest a threat to Indian children'[/url]

Quote:An Indian priest who molested several young girls in the United States remains a threat to children in India, a lawyer for one of his victims has said in announcing a $750,000 settlement.

Reverend Joseph Jeyapaul returned to India before the charges came to light and has not yet returned to face criminal charges in the United States.

Attorneys for his US victim said they believe he is still in active ministry in India working as the administrator of 40 schools.


Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 09-19-2011

The Vietnamese are no less worried.

Quote:Lessons from Conversion by Burning Temples and Cutting the Head of Buddha Statues in Korea

Posted February 22, 2011

Minh Thạnh

February 22, 2011

Crusade Watch

Source Link

Over the last decade, a large number of Buddhist temples in Korea had been destroyed or damaged by fanatically devout Christians. More recently, the Buddha statues, regarded as the devil, were attacked and beheaded in the name of Jesus.


One of the important tasks for researchers in social science is prediction, anticipation, with the usual methodology of presenting scenarios and situations and forecasting their probabilities of occurrence, as well as predicting by intensity and level.

Here we are also following the usual method of analyzing expected situations. However, we stick to the case of Korean Buddhism, Buddhism in a country that is heavily affected by conversion, and from which possible situations that can occur to Buddhism in Vietnam are presented.

From many complex changes in history, for which Korean Buddhism is also partly responsible, Buddhism, at the present time, is a minority religion in Korea, ranking second to Christianity.

Buddhists account for 22.8% of the Korean population (according to the Wikipedia’s article "Religion in Korea"), while Christians account for 29.2% (both Protestants and Roman Catholics combined, with Protestants dominating).

Thus, although the religion has become a minority with a second rank, but when compared to each branch of Christianity, which can be considered as separated religions, Buddhism is still the leading religion with the most followers in South Korea.

The above ratio is still high if compared to the percentage of adherents across the population, which is only 18% according to official statistics. However, if compared to the ratios in East Asian bloc countries, the percentage of Christians in South Korea is the 3rd highest (after the Philippines and East Timor).

But compared to other countries influenced by the Chinese civilization, then Korea would stand as the most converted country and also with the fastest speed.

One-third of the Korean population has become Christian sheep, while nearly half are recognized as atheists. A good percentage of these are shifting towards Christianity, mainly Protestants.

[color="#800080"](Deheathenisation and secularisation of a heathen population is the first step to their christianisation.

But deheathenised/secularised don't feel the pinch - it can't hurt them.)[/color]

Korea and Vietnam are similar, with both countries influenced by Chinese civilization and a 2000-year history of a Mahayana Buddhist tradition. Buddhism is deeply entrenched in people's spiritual life, but it also is a key focal point of Christianity. Christian adherents are growing fast, and, especially, leading in the conversion of Buddhists are several Protestant denominations that are extreme and sometimes fanatical.

The phenomenon of Buddhist conversion by Protestant churches in Vietnam took place long ago. Before 1975, it seemed to occur at the same level as Korea’s. After 1975, the conversion seemed more discreet, though silently but still strong.

Thus, the Protestants have trained a number of pastors and teachers, and missionary activities have taken off in the 1990s and 2000s.

Conversion activities carried out by Protestants in the last 10 years have moved from discreet and quiet to frantic on the exterior side. The situation is becoming more similar to that occurred in Korea, and some activities in Vietnam have been advised, organized and even directly managed by Korean Protestants from behind the scene.

The event “fire burning at My Dinh” in late 2010 marked a significant step in the process of conversion activities in Vietnam. It has switched from silent to public and frantic, and from public and frantic to challenging and extreme, with "fiery" events, provocations and challenges.

With such reality, what predictions can we make about the conversion of Buddhists in Vietnam, compared with the process that took place in Korea, and in the context of a number of Koreans who are responsible for conversion activities, are actually present and direct these activities in Vietnam?

Conversion through church preaching is normal, but it is objectionable to organize activities that cause conflicts and provocations in an extremist and fanatical manner. Following are the situations that happened in Korea:

- The scenario based on government powers and support. This situation certainly cannot happen in Vietnam on a large scale, in official policy, but it also does not exclude acts in the back door with some officials that are corrupted and ignorant.

However, we should also learn about this situation, such as using the common excuse of public work to remove the signposts to the pagodas, their names and visitor guidelines in the official documents published by the government, using the police to harass and search the pagodas, and, particularly, the South Korean police had humiliated the leaders of the Buddhist sect Jogye who were treated as common criminals.

- The situation of using provocative, hostile and violent acts against Buddhism indirectly to satisfy the manic episodes of religious excitement.

Wikipedia, in its article "Religion in Korea", has briefly described this in the section on "Religious Conflict". Christian activities against Korean Buddhism represent a unique case (compared to other religions).

"Some South Korean evangelical Christians have expressed hostility to Buddhism. There have been dozens incidents of arson and vandalism against Buddhist shrines and facilities over the last two decades, including the destruction of several large temples.

In some of these incidents, the perpetrators were identified as Christians, or left messages denouncing "idol worship."

The exhortation of acts against Buddhism has become public, similar to the Declaration of Belonging to God during the fire night at My Dinh.

In a crowded preaching in Busan, Korean Christians had prayed, according to the article "Persecution of Buddhists" of Wikipedia, "Lord, let the Buddhist temples in this country crumble down!", and they did not wait for the hand of God but they had carried out: "Over the course of the last decade a fairly large number of Buddhist temples in South Korea have been destroyed or damaged by fire by misguided Christian fundamentalists. More recently Buddhist statues have been identified as idols, and attacked and decapitated in the name of Jesus ".

It also need to be told clearly that the sneaky burning of temples and Buddha statues by Christians in South Korea happened for a long time ago before President Lee Myung-bak took office. He is the president who publicly supports the actions to eradicate Buddhism.

According to the descriptions in online documents, these acts of religious fanatics "in the name of Jesus" are usually conducted at night, and it is very difficult to find the culprits for heavy damages caused to the Korean Buddhism.

This is a situation that will likely occur in Vietnam, when the conversion process has reached the level of "fire" as in the My Dinh event in December 2010.

Speaking insults against ancestors during that fire-excited night, they no longer have to fear anyone, even Buddhism which is a very peaceful religion, but a thorn in their eyes.

There are many reasons for Vietnamese Buddhists to stay alert against the sneaky burning of temples as in South Korea.

Besides the reason that there are several Korean missionaries who are present in Vietnam and direct the activities of conversion, fanaticism can reach an extremely high level and Christians could attack Buddhism in a sneaky way to release their pent-up resentment of the superficial development (it is emphasized, just superficial development) of Vietnamese Buddhism in recent years.

And, in the same way, when they hate someone, but if that person is too strong and they cannot not do anything about it, then to revenge and release the pent-up resentment, they will attack the beloved relatives of the hated person.

When a religion considers Buddhism as enemy and announces excited episodes, whose history is related to the burning of temples and destruction of statues "in the name of Jesus", then warnings such as those in this article are very necessary for Vietnamese Buddhists to take protective measures.

When they talk about "excited episode" we may be concerned similarly to "Religious ecstasy" (roughly translated as "religious ecstasy pills, "religious stimulation"). Please see the above terms in Wikipedia.

A reader had a very reasonable opinion that gathering a large number of people, starting fires, taking ecstasy pills, dancing, screaming ...are too dangerous for themselves and others.

As such, this article has passed the alarm level of conversion, and has reached the more alarming level about the dangers of violent means of conversion, when the conversion process has reached the threshold "fire."

Vietnamese Link

Written in Vietnamese by Minh Thạnh

Translated by Nguyęn Tánh

2011 Lunar New Year

A baptism by fire?

History does repeat.

It isn't just protestants. Catholics very much also. (Protestantism is just the heretic variant of catholicism anyway. When it's time, they work in tandem. All christianisms work in tandem. Even with islam.) And catholicism did announce the 3rd millennium was the christianisation of Asia. People can't pretend they didn't have 'fair' warning... Indians certainly can't pretend: IIRC the Pope announced it while spooking about in India.

The fires are all over Asia now - everything is catching on fire.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Guest - 09-22-2011

[url=""]Indian archbishop says his country must help re-evangelize Europe[/url]
Quote:He said the issue of the re-Christianizing Europe emerged during discussions with the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace about the amount of private Indian wealth deposited in Swiss bank accounts to avoid paying taxes in India. It is a practice Archbishop Concessao described as “immoral,” “unjust” and “depriving the country of what it could do for the poor in India.”

“We asked if the Church could talk to a Catholic country like Switzerland and see how they can help justice be done so that the money can go back and be utilized for the development of our country,” explained Archbishop Concessao.

“We were told they would try. But the big question is: How Catholic are these countries in their practice?”

The conclusion reached by the Indian bishops, said Archbishop Concessao, was that Europe is bankrupt “as regards to moral values which are so important to the Catholic Church.”

This means that “while the Holy Father keeps on harping on about the value of life, on morality, on dignity, and human rights,” this is not necessarily reflected “in terms of the behavior of the people in Europe,” he said.

Hence the increasing need, he said, for Indian Catholics to help re-evangelize the continent which helped to bring Christianity to India. Indeed, Archbishop Concessao’s predecessors as archbishop this century have included men from Wales and Ireland.

“There are already missionaries from India - priests and religious - working and offering pastoral services” in Europe, he explained.

“And it looks like now even the basic Catholic philosophy of life has to be re-communicated to the West in the present context.”

Ok , got it , Europe is not sending enough money.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - HareKrishna - 09-22-2011

[quote name='Husky' date='19 September 2011 - 10:53 PM' timestamp='1316452538' post='112925']

(Deheathenisation and secularisation of a heathen population is the first step to their christianisation.

But deheathenised/secularised don't feel the pinch - it can't hurt them.)


In Koreea is not secularization ,its Americanization .

Secularization(separation of public sphere from religious sphere) is a good thing.Secularization is not the same thing as atheism.Secularization can happen even in states whit 0 atheists.Secularization protect people of different believes from the dictatorship of majority.

Coming back to Koreea:there is sold the story that Koreea backwardness was caused by confucianism,while christianism , especially protestant work ethics,was the cause for America success.Koreeans ,being pragmatics like chinese,convert to protestantism(in american variety) thus mimicking american values.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 09-28-2011

In heathen countries, Korea included, to be secular means that the heathen (and only the heathen) is made to think "all religions" (with which only enemy religions are meant) are equal to their own. In fact, it particularly means that one is brainwashed into thinking christianism is more progressive than one's heathen religion. It's the result of christianism moulding people's minds in its own direction. It comes after de-heatenisation in the sequence:

1. de-heathenisation (no longer heathen) -> 2. secularisation (subconscious conversion) -> 3. christianisation (conscious conversion)

In Korea it is not Americanisation, it is the secularisation of an already largely de-heathenised population, which makes even those who have abandoned religion congenial to conversion to christianism. The objective for secularism is to position christianism as the culmination. I.e. it is set as the outcome of the de-heathenising heathens.

The previous post's definition of secularism is the modern western definition of it, which applies only in the converted west, not in heathen nations. Of course the original western definition of the term can be seen in how christian governments and their kings were considered the "secular arm of the church": i.e. acting for the church but pretending they were not acting for their religion's interest. Can see even McCabe still use it in that sense: the "secular arm of the church" was used since the various inquisitions to officially condemn Jews, heretics and "witches", so that the church would not be accused of having blood on its hands.

Quote:Secularization protect people of different believes from the dictatorship of majority.
This statement is actually proof that secularisation means different things in the converted countries (esp. west) and in the still-heathen countries: in India, the dictatorship is by the "minority" alien religions which terrorise Hindus who are expected to accept the tyranny of the minority in the name of "secularism". The "minorities" are then further "defended" by the "seculars" who join in to attack the Hindus for the unforgivable crime of being a heathen majority.

In India secularism is pseudo-secularism. Pseudo-secularism is all the secularism that exists or can exist in a country when the majority is still heathen. Thereafter all pretence to secularism will disappear and the christoislamics will genocide heathenism.

In India, secularism is the freedom to attack the majority heathens with impunity. (But this specifically will not be allowed to happen if the majority became followers of jeebusjehovallah.) Secularism is the "right" of the heathen majority to remain silent, their temples to be looted to feed christoislamism etc.

In fact, secularism in India is the right of christoislamism to riot against Hindus and for Hindus to get blamed and punished if they dare to ever react to christomaniac/islamaniac violence:

Quote:Friday, May 27, 2011

Communal Violence Bill punishes only the Majority Community says Arun Jaitley

may 27th, 2011 CE

---------- Forwarded message ----------


Date: Fri, May 27, 2011 at 3:38 PM

Subject: Communal Violence Bill punishes only the Majority Community says Arun Jaitley

To: esams Nayyar <>

[color="#0000FF"]Key points

1. Law and Order is a state subject. If it becomes Law then the Centre would usurp the authority of States.

2. The Bill assumes that communal riots are caused by the Majority community only. Note the Indian Constitution does not define the word 'Minority'.

3. Rape is punishable under this bill if the lady belongs to a minority group. If lady is Hindu she is not covered by this bill.

4. So also A 'hate propaganda' is an offence against minority community and not otherwise.

5. No member of the minority community can be punished under this act for having committed an offence against the majority community.

6. Terrorists from the minority community shall create communal riots instead of terror strikes because they cannot be tried under this Law since assumption is only Hindus riot.[/color]

The above works on the christian dawaganda principle that the native Hindus are communal by definition, and that christoislamics are secular by definition.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 09-28-2011

The following two items via


Quote:Abuse victims urge ICC to prosecute the pope

Published on : [color="#0000FF"]13 September 2011[/color] - 3:10pm | By Robert Chesal (Photo: ANP)

Victims of sexual abuse by the clergy have [color="#0000FF"]asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague to prosecute Pope Benedict XVI and other leading Vatican officials for crimes against humanity. A worldwide network of victims accuses the pontiff and three cardinals of aiding and abetting wide-scale rape and sexual violence against children by priests.[/color]

Human rights lawyer Pam Spees delivered boxes containing over 20,000 pages of evidence to the ICC today [Tuesday] and asked the prosecutor to begin an investigation. The complaint alleges that the pope and three cardinals - Angelo Sodano, Tarcisio Bertone and William Levada - deliberately covered up abuse by priests.

Victims speak out

At a press conference near The Hague, eight adults who were abused as children held up their childhood portraits and told the press the names of the Roman Catholic priests who had targeted them. All were members of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. They included victims from the USA, Germany, Belgium and the Democratic Republic of Congo. SNAP's lawyers say all the cases were kept secret by the Vatican in a cover-up that amounts to a crime against humanity.

Pope Benedict XVIPhoto: brocThe victims present included Wilfried Fesselmann (43), who was abused at the age of 11 in Essen, Germany, by a priest who was subsequently transferred to Munich by then-Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI). The case was known at the highest levels of the Vatican but the priest went unpunished until the church sexual abuse scandal erupted in Germany in 2010.

Vatican implicated

According to SNAP, the Vatican has tolerated and enabled a systematic and widespread practice of concealing sex crimes throughout the world for decades. Seldom has the Vatican meted out significant punishment to priests found guilty of abuse. The accused are routinely transferred to parishes where paedophile behavior continues. Sexual abuse is almost never reported to the police.

But the ICC is unlikely to pursue the case, according to Goran Sluiter, professor of international criminal law at the University of Amsterdam: 'The case doesn't stand a chance in my opinion.'

'Jurisdiction doubtful'

Professor Sluiter points out that the ICC can only try crimes committed after 1 July 2002, the date when it officially began operating as a court of law. "And even if the ICC could handle this case, I wonder whether these qualify as crimes against humanity," says Sluiter.

But SNAP's lawyer Pam Spees says she will provide ample evidence that the Vatican's concealment of rape and shielding of sexual abusers is widespread and systematic, and therefore bears the hallmarks of crimes against humanity.

Spees also asserts that the complaint falls well within the territorial jurisdiction of the ICC, even though the Vatican City State is not a party to the Rome statute that created the Hague court.

"By nature of the church's worldwide presence these acts are occurring every day in countries that are party to the Rome statute. But the court also has jurisdiction over people who are nationals of countries that are party to the statute. So to the extent that higher-level Vatican officials retain their citizenship in countries like Italy and Germany, the court has jurisdiction over these individuals."

Abuse in Africa

Highlighting the long reach of the Vatican, another victim addressed the press conference via a Skype connection from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Benjamin Kitobo (44) told journalists he was abused at the age of 13 by a Belgian priest at the Minor Seminary in Kanzenze, Komwezi in the DRC. The priest, Kitobo says, was never punished and is still working with children at a school near Kigali in neighboring Rwanda.

Recent cases

SNAP lawyer Pam Spees says the statute of the ICC is no obstacle to a case against the Vatican, because she has evidence of at least three abuse cases dating after 1 July 2002. These include the case of Megan Peterson (21), who was allegedly abused by a priest in Minnesota, USA in 2004-2005. The priest has been transferred to his native India and is overseeing schools in the diocese of Ootacamund (Tamil Nadu).

Megan told RNW her complaint was known in the highest echelons of the Vatican. "I know there were letters back and forth through the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. There were also prior allegations against him before he left. I called the diocese two weeks before he left and I was hung up on. He should have been arrested then."

Surprise visitor

Observers are doubtful that the complaint will lead to an indictment but it is not being ignored by the ICC. Following today's press conference, a victim support worker from the ICC introduced herself to the SNAP president and congratulated her on the work done so far by the victims' group and its lawyers. She declined to identify herself to the media, but SNAP members said her presence was an acknowledgment that their complaint is being taken seriously.


2. From last year:

Quote:Put the pope in the dock

Legal immunity cannot hold. The Vatican should feel the full weight of international law

Geoffrey Robertson, Friday [color="#0000FF"]2 April 2010[/color] 15.30 EDT

[color="#0000FF"]Well may the pope defy "the petty gossip of dominant opinion". But the Holy See can no longer ignore international law, which now counts the widespread or systematic sexual abuse of children as a crime against humanity. The anomalous claim of the Vatican to be a state – and of the pope to be a head of state and hence immune from legal action – cannot stand up to scrutiny.

The truly shocking finding of Judge Murphy's commission in Ireland was not merely that sexual abuse was "endemic" in boys' institutions but that the church hierarchy protected the perpetrators and, despite knowledge of their propensity to reoffend, allowed them to take up new positions teaching other children after their victims had been sworn to secrecy.

This conduct, of course, amounted to the criminal offence of aiding and abetting sex with minors. In legal actions against Catholic archdioceses in the US it has been alleged that the same conduct reflected Vatican policy as approved by Cardinal Ratzinger (as the pope then was) as late as November 2002. Sexual assaults were regarded as sins that were subject to church tribunals, and guilty priests were sent on a "pious pilgrimage" while oaths of confidentiality were extracted from their victims.

In the US, 11,750 allegations of child sex abuse have so far featured in actions settled by archdioceses – in Los Angeles for $660m and in Boston for $100m. But some dioceses have gone into bankruptcy and some claimants want higher level accountability – two reasons to sue the pope in person. In 2005 a test case in Texas failed because the Vatican sought and obtained the intercession of President Bush, who agreed to claim sovereign (ie head of state) immunity on the pope's behalf. Bush lawyer John B Bellinger III certified that Pope Benedict the XVI was immune from suit "as the head of a foreign state".

Bellinger is now notorious for his defence of Bush administration torture policies. His opinion on papal immunity is even more questionable. It hinges on the assumption that the Vatican, or its metaphysical emanation, the Holy See, is a state. But the papal states were extinguished by invasion in 1870 and the Vatican was created by fascist Italy in 1929 when Mussolini endowed this tiny enclave – 0.17 of a square mile containing 900 Catholic bureaucrats – with "sovereignty in the international field ... in conformity with its traditions and the exigencies of its mission in the world".[/color]

The notion that statehood can be created by another country's unilateral declaration is risible: Iran could make Qom a state overnight, or the UK could launch Canterbury on to the international stage. But it did not take long for Catholic countries to support the pretentions of the Holy See, sending ambassadors and receiving papal nuncios in return. Even the UK maintains an apostolic mission.

The UN at its inception refused membership to the Vatican but has allowed it a unique "observer status", permitting it to become signatory to treaties such as the Law of the Sea and (ironically) the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and to speak and vote at UN conferences where it promotes its controversial dogmas on abortion, contraception and homosexuality. This has involved the UN in blatant discrimination on grounds of religion: other faiths are unofficially represented, if at all, by NGOs. But it has encouraged the Vatican to claim statehood – and immunity from liability.

This claim could be challenged successfully in the UK and in the European Court of Human Rights. But in any event, head of state immunity provides no protection for the pope in the international criminal court (see its current indictment of President Bashir). The ICC Statute definition of a crime against humanity includes rape and sexual slavery and other similarly inhumane acts causing harm to mental or physical health, committed against civilians on a widespread or systematic scale, if condoned by a government or a de facto authority. It has been held to cover the recruitment of children as soldiers or sex slaves. If acts of sexual abuse by priests are not isolated or sporadic, but part of a wide practice both known to and unpunished by their de facto authority then they fall within the temporal jurisdiction of the ICC – if that practice continued after July 2002, when the court was established.

Pope Benedict has recently been credited with reforming the system to require the reporting of priests to civil authorities, although initially he blamed the scandal on "gay culture". His admonition last week to the Irish church repeatedly emphasised that heaven still awaits the penitent paedophile priest. The Holy See may deserve respect for offering the prospect of redemption to sinners, but it must be clear that in law the pope does so as a spiritual adviser, and not as an immune sovereign.

On this in the above:

Quote:In the US, 11,750 allegations of child sex abuse have so far featured in actions settled by archdioceses – in Los Angeles for $660m and in Boston for $100m. But some dioceses have gone into bankruptcy
All the Hindu money stolen by christianism from Hindu Temples is going toward re-filling the emptying coffers of the Vatican. In public, the Vatican pretends to pay for its crimes by settling lawsuits. In private, it gets "reimbursed" for the pay-offs by stealing billions from Hindus and Hindu religion.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 10-01-2011

Several items


Quote:Evangelism via Girl Trafficking

23/09/2011 01:12:17

23 [color="#FF0000"]Nepalese[/color] kids rescued from home in [color="#FF0000"]Coimbatore[/color]

[color="#800080"](Kidnapped all the way from Nepal into the very south of Bharatam)[/color]


Coimbatore: Forty-two girls, including 23 from Nepal, were rescued from an orphanage in Coimbatore by district child welfare committee volunteers on Thursday. The raid took place after the Nepal embassy sought help from the Indian government to trace and rescue 50 Nepal girls who had gone missing from the country in recent years. Twenty-three of the missing girls were being kept at an orphanage in Coimbatore.

[color="#0000FF"]According to child welfare officials, a large number of children, especially girls, were reported missing from Nepal during the last 10 years. It was brought to the committees notice that 23 girls from Nepal were being lodged at Michael Job Orphanage at Sulur in Coimbatore.[/color]

The Nepal embassy had given the task of tracing the missing children to the Esther Benjamins Trust, a UK-based NGO working in Nepal, which rescues Nepalese children who have been trafficked or displaced to India. The trust recently found that over 23 of these girls were in an orphanage in Sulur. It approached the Indian embassy seeking help to rescue the children.

The Coimbatore district child welfare committee conducted a raid at the Michael Job Orphanage on Thursday. They rescued 42 children from the home and took them to Don Bosco Anbu Illam in Coimbatore city.

[Image: trafficking239201111217481.jpg]

There was an AmeriKKKan christo woman who brought up the "missing women and girl children of Nepal" some years back and whose attempts to insinuate "Hinduism" was brought up in IF. In reality, the kidnapping trafficking of kids and women has always been the arena of the christowest and the islamaniac nations.

Above is just another example.

Hindus in Nepal should not let their children out of their sight.

Quote: M Balachandran

24/09/2011 03:25:30 Dirty Game

This is yet another dirty game by the desert dogma religion. Since they do not get people to believe their dogmas, kidnapping children & evangelising them is the cruelest method chosen by the EVILs of the world. [color="#0000FF"]We must be vigilant to search christian orphanages first in case of missing children now afterwards.[/color] Thanks to HK for bringing this to our notice

[color="#800080"](Astute observation.)[/color]

GSK Menon

23/09/2011 02:33:50 Evangelism via girl

This is a clear case of human trafficking. The day the Nepal Government took the foolish decision to become "secular" that country has fallen prey to missionary gangs who are abducting children and illegally transporting them to remote areas to avoid detection. There must be a long chain of traffickers, I suspect churches en route were being used as transit houses to abduct these girls. The checkposts in various states would have been handsomely bribed to keep quiet. The case should be handed over to CBI as it has inter state and international angles to be probed. Meanwhile this Job needs to be detained under the Goondas Act of Tamilnadu

2. And this is what happens to the children:

Quote:Christian Orphanages or Paedophilic Brothels?

23/09/2011 03:44:45

It has been revealed that many of the Christian Orphanages in Tamilnadu are under the grip of Foreign Paedophilic Mafia. Notorious British Paedophile Duncan Grant and Jonathan Robinson's names were revealed following recent investigations in these Missionary ran orphanages.

[color="#0000FF"]According to Suganthi Shaiju of ‘Justice and Care’,who interviewed the boy at Saranalayam a Christian Missionary Orphanage, the IXth standard student said that Jonathan had taken him to Shimla on April 13, 2011. Before reaching Shimla, they stayed for three days at Delhi, where Jonathan started his sexual abuse. The boy also revealed that he went once with Jonathan to Kodaikanal, where Jonathan’s friend Duncan and two others joined them. The sources said that the Duncan the boy mentioned was Duncan Grant, convicted by the SC in a paedophile case on March 18 along with two others for abusing 5 minor boys in Anchorage orphanage in Mumbai.[/color]

Earlier Mumbai Sessions Court in 2006 had convicted Grant, Waters and William D'Souza, the duo's Indian aide who was a manager in the shelters-for-homeless run by them at three places in Mumbai, for sexually abusing minor boys at the Anchorage Shelter Home in Colaba.

These orphanages which are projected as examples of divine love propagated by Jesus , is just another means to dupe the Foreign donors and to indulge in all anti social activities. Supplying young kids for the sexual gratification of Foreign and local paedophilesis said to be one of the thriving bussiness happening within these pervert centres.

How I wish I knew the address of the paedophiles and their Indian contact, William D'Souza. <= Indian missionaries and other sheep often act as the acquisition centres: they kidnap Hindu children to orphanages and then ship them off to paedophiles and for illegal "adoption" to christian alien "parents" overseas.

Again: Hindu parents in India, NEVER let your kids out of sight, don't take them near a christian.

3. One of the comments on pt.2 above is on another topic, but it says something very telling about why the "Hindu Terror" nonsense was concocted by christianism: so that no one will notice the christian terrorism against Hindus that gets NO coverage in the christomedia of India -

Quote:Kashmir Hindu

23/09/2011 04:41:27 Christian Terrorism in INDIA

A couple of years ago, media was shouting about 'Hindu Terror'. Somehow, they do not speak about ‘Christian terror’ which has been present in India’s North-eastern states for a long period. Tribals who converted to Christianity are equipped with weapons and made to fight a ‘war of independence’ against India. Manipur is a unique state where about 60% of the people (mostly in Inner Manipur district – around Imphal) are ethnic Manipuris who are Meitei Vaishnavas. The Nagas (who form the rest of the population) live in Outer Manipur district and they have been converted to Christianity en-masse. Meitei Vaishnavas are proving to be a tough nut to crack for the Christian missionaries and have been targeted by Christian terrorists through the decades.

For the past five weeks, Manipur has been held at ransom by Christian Naga terrorists under Muivah. A blockade has been imposed on the highways. Supplies of life-saving drugs, fuel etc. have been affected. Food prices have rocketed sky-high.

Interestingly, Naga terrorists have direct links with the Baptist Church. That the Church has direct influence on these terrorists is proved by the fact that Manipur Government has sent a delegation of Church leaders to Nagaland in order to convince the terrorists to life the economic blockade. See below:

How many people know about this blockade? How many TV channels have covered this incident and how many have stated the truth that this is a case of ‘Christian Terrorism’ or to be more specific ‘Baptist Terrorism’? These terrorists are trying to partition the country on religious line once again.

History has shown that every part of the country which became non-Hindu majority was lost to India forever – e.g. Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Now, it seems to be the turn of NE states and Kashmir.
I don't know why the above person doesn't just uniformly describe all christianism as terrorism...

Let's be honest: Christianism IS terrorism. And it spells genocide. For heathen children, it moreover spells kidnapping and sexual abuse.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - HareKrishna - 10-01-2011

Texas governor: Non-Christians condemned to hell

Opponent declares Perry 'doesn't think very differently from the Taliban'

And when you think about it,this guy have big chances to become the next USA president in 2012.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 10-01-2011


4. Two related items:

Quote:[color="#0000FF"]State Sponsored Conversion to Christianity in Kerala[/color]

17/09/2011 01:04:42 HK

[color="#0000FF"]Thiruvananthapuram: HK has reported about the loan waiver scheme initiated by last LDF Ministry for Converted Christians.[/color]

In the loan waiver scheme introduced other by then Minister of Welfare of Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes A.K. Balan declared that his Government will write off 159 crore Rupees worth loan taken by Converted Christians.Under the debt waiver scheme for the Christian Converts, loans up to Rs.25,000 maturing on 31 March 2006 would be written off fully. In cases where the loan amount exceeds the stipulated amount, penal interest part would be written off, providing the persons with an opportunity to avail a one time benefit.

If LDF move was to woo the Converts, Current UDF Ministry itself is controlled by the Conversion Mafia in Kerala. Now they extended this Loan waiver Scheme to December 31 2011 to make sure they too can claim the credit from those who got converted to Christianity by ditching their family and ancestoral religion.

To any sensible persons eyes - It is State Sponsored Conversion - Unfortunately there is no enough Subrahmanya Swami’s in Kerala to challenge these practices legally.

It's like Rome.

It's how it began there as well: money used (no doubt from Hindu temples) to buy convert sheep. Then christianism will proceed to the next phase: making concentration camps for the inconvertibles. It's what christians DO. (<- Answer to the question: "What would the non-existent Jeebusjehovallah do?")

The above links to the following item from last year:


Quote:Kerala the Epicentre of Hindu Hatred; Get converted and claim the Government perks

11/06/2010 09:33:28 HK

Thiruvananthapuram: If asked about the epicentre of Hindu Hatred in India, without second thoughts you can say it as Kerala.

If there is any blasts any where in the country – A Kerala jihadi link will be behind that. If there is any conversion to Christianity happening any where in the country-A Kerala Missionary link will be behind that.

Many other states had taken inspiration from Kerala Model Minority appeasement

too woo them in their respective states. Extending OBC reservation to Muslims is in practice in Kerala since long time. Many other political parties across the country now wants to implement the same model. Temple administration is taken up by Government in Kerala and following it's path many other states followed the same.

Now Kerala Government has came up with yet another novel idea to encourage conversion in the State.The idea is to waive the loans taken by converted Christians.

In the loan waiver scheme introduced other day by Minister of Welfare of Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes A.K. Balan declared that his Government will write off 159 crore Rupees worth loan taken by Converted Christians.Under the debt waiver scheme for the Christian Converts, loans up to Rs.25,000 maturing on 31 March 2006 would be written off fully. In cases where the loan amount exceeds the stipulated amount, penal interest part would be written off, providing the persons with an opportunity to avail a one time benefit.

Way to go Hindus in Kerala! Vote again and again to these saviors of the land , Get converted and claim the perks handed out by your masters for ditching your Dharma.

There are comments at both links.

From the first:


17/09/2011 11:08:20 State Sopnsored Conversion


Your argument is very good, but here again it is an old strategy practised/still practising by Christians all over india, they are becoming 'certificate Hindus' and enjoying SC/ST benefits while practising Christianity. Let Hindus follow it, let them become certificate Christians (and ejoy all the benefits associated with it)and practise Hinduism.Good Luck & Best Wishes to all future Certificate Christians!!!


17/09/2011 07:31:41 proudestkafir

This strategy is outstanding. But how this message has to be delivered to the recipient? If Hinduism has to survive only way is deception. We have to change according to change in the weather.

padmanabha Holla S

17/09/2011 02:43:06 file writ before the High Court of Kerala

this is to be countered by filing writ before the High COURT. any organisation is able to file the case.


17/09/2011 01:38:07 Subhanallah idiotic hindus are asleep

Is there a way to counter the despicable act of the christians? I guess not.Best way is for the hindus to accept the offer and enjoy the money and do n ot attend the sunday morning crap.Use the bible to wipe the back side every day and keep asking for more copies of bible.Keep getting converted again and again and get more benefits. The other way is for all the hindus to contribute to the financial uplifting of these people who squander their money on alcohol a not unusual happening. Or elect a government that cares for Hindus.Is there one though?

Concerning the suggestion. GrecoRomans did that too: faking conversion for the perks. This was at the beginning, when christianism was in power but was in a minority (had not stolen much of the Hellenistic laity).

But like I said, christianism eventually moved onto outright persecution/terror of the indigenous Hellenes.

And in a still later century, when the majority had been converted by terror, it went to flushing out all cryptoheathens: those who pretended to be christian on the outside - so as not to be executed by christianism, since christian laws banned "paganism" on pain of death - but who remained heathens loyal to their ancestral Gods in their private lives. There were court cases to convict them of the crime of being heathens, followed by massacres of all these Hellenes in ancient Hellenismos' final centuries in the GR empire.

India has followed Rome's plot so far. In what other respect is history to repeat?

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 10-01-2011

Continued again.

6. [color="#0000FF"]Can anyone who knows Malayalam provide (at least a summary) translation of the following[/color] - perhaps post it at HK itself, where several have requested it? It sounds quite important going by the title and by the comments of those who were able to read it...

An Eyeopener from Malayalam weekly - Ill effects of Minority domination in Kerala

17/06/2011 13:57:28 Courtesy: Malayalam weekly and Author Shri Murali



03/07/2011 23:04:19 TRANSLATE

please for padmanabhas sake ,translate it to english..ATLEAST THE MAIN POINTS...PLEASE that we,ur neighbours can explain these to our friends,relatives....HINDUS LEARN THINGS BETTER AND TAKE INTEREST WHEN INFO OF MINORITY DOMINATION IN TO ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL SPHERES IS GIVEN.. 5

amit kumar

02/07/2011 05:57:35 This trick has been used numerous times

If you read the history of Afghanistan, Pakistan or Central Asia today; you will reliaze that this is not new.. Official Pakistani version of its past concentrates on its Mediterranean trade routes and trade with Gulf. Believe me this suckers will go to all length to assure complete historical and religious conversion to Abrahamic religions and perspectives.. But you know what the sad part is? The sad part is that this wouldnt remain an academic exercise for long. This is a deep preparation for what is to come!! If you read the day to day situations of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh; you would be amazed at the hatred human minds can create! the terror the discriminations.. the rapes. the murders... Kerala Hindus:: prepare for more to come.. sad to say this.. why were you sleeping when they captured our believers and why are you sleeping now.. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' /> 5

Ravi Raina

01/07/2011 03:10:33 Translaion

Can anyone please put a short translation of the above? Man people can't read languages of South-India. Kindly help????????????? 5

[color="#800080"](All the scripts of the "official" languages of India work by the same logic for combining characters. So just need to memorise forms of the chars that represent the sounds. Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu scripts have 1-to-1 mappings with the chars of the various scripts for Samskritam, and have a handful of additional characters/sounds as is also the case with Tamizh. Tamizh script works the same way again, but charset is smaller than that for Samskritam: it's mostly a proper subset, but still has some few additional, though still straightforward characters. Meaning: Hindus from all over can learn to read each others' scripts easily enough. But to understand what you've just read - if this isn't your language - is another thing... For that you need to know the languages. <- Good luck with that.)[/color]


26/06/2011 20:31:39 Actions required

Dear participants,

what have you done to spread this word? Did you at least talk to your family members about this if not your neighbors and friends?

Do act on this. 5


20/06/2011 05:55:43 Very good article/alert

[color="#0000FF"]All hindus need to read this.. and realize how minorities are growing themselves. Hindus....Please unite now, even it is too late this will make our existence. We are not bothering by anything. We are doing cruelty to our children and next generation. How they will live in this country? 5 [/color]

7. From one of the comments at:

Quote:Yahoo Indian

19/09/2011 05:02:34 They are abandoning christianity abroad, here?

check out this article - Germany lost more than 4 million rc christians last year.

From the link posted:

Quote:Germans quit church during 2010 sex scandal

By JUERGEN BAETZ - Associated Press | AP – Fri, Jul 29, 2011

[color="#800080"][photo caption:][/color] In this picture taken April 2, 2005, hands of faithfuls hold a rosary and are folded …

BERLIN (AP) — The number of people leaving the Roman Catholic Church in Germany jumped by nearly 50 percent in 2010 as an abuse scandal widened, new data showed Friday.

Some 181,000 people quit their memberships last year, up from 124,000 in 2009, official numbers released by Germany's Roman Catholic Church showed.

Deaths and people turning away from the church heavily outnumbered baptisms, which reached a record low, putting one of the world's wealthiest and most influential Catholic Churches further in decline.

Over the past twenty years, the number of members of Germany's Roman Catholic Church has fallen from 28.3 million to 24.6 million or 30.2 percent of the country's population in 2010, the data showed.

The numbers are easily tracked because members pay a church tax unless they formally leave the congregation — the same reason the declining membership has led to increasing budget shortfalls for the church.

[color="#800080"](No wonder they need India: for the money they're losing, and for the christian paedophiles to still have a steady stream of child victims, I mean lambs.)[/color]

The new figures come ahead of a planned visit by Bavarian-born Pope Benedict XVI on Sept 22-25, when he is scheduled to visit the cities of Freiburg, Erfurt and Berlin where he will deliver a speech to German parliament.

Germans are not required to say why they want to strike their church membership, but many have blamed the reports of sexual and physical abuse of hundreds of children by clergy that surfaced last year.

[color="#FF0000"]The diocese that recorded the highest member loss last year was Munich and Freising — the pope's former diocese, which had been hard-hit by the abuse scandal — where 21,600 people alone left the church.[/color]

The Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, late last year begged forgiveness for "everything those working for the church have done" as he presented a report that showed more-than 250 priests and religion teachers sexually or physically abused children in the diocese over the past decades.

"We want to learn from our bad mistakes and misconduct of the past," Marx then vowed.

In its response to the abuse scandal, Germany's Bishops Conference has publicly and repeatedly showed remorse, changed the relevant guidelines for the clergy and offered up to euro5,000 ($6,900) compensation to victims of abuse by clergy or church officials while they were minors, but it gave no total number of victims.

The overall number of German faithful in 2010 fell by a total of 258,000 as deaths and people turning away from the church heavily outnumbered baptisms, which reached a record low of 170,000.

Austria, which taxes church members in a way similar to those in Germany also saw a significant drop in the number of departures. Figures published by the Austrian Bishop's Conference earlier this year said 87,000 Austrian Catholics left in 2010, a 64 percent increase over the 53,000 who formally had their names struck from church registries in 2009.


Melissa Eddy in Berlin contributed to this report.

Good for the Germans and Austrians. Should be free: should become agnostics or atheists - unless they can properly return to their ancestral Gods.

(One sympathises, but whatever else they do, they're of course NOT welcome to "dabble/join/convert to" Hindus' Dharmic religion - by whichever name this last is designated, be it Hinduism, Vedic religion or Sanatana Dharma.)

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 10-01-2011

Serial spam continues.

8. Indian Catholics steal the melody of the Jana-Gana-Mana to praise their (dead?) Pope. Now now, don't get angry. This is christian nationalism. And catholic nationalism means loyalty to the "vicar of christ"/"gawd's representative on earth"/aka His Papal Infallibleness the Pope itself:

Video of the catholics at it, and the comments on the video are at the link.

Indian christians are not musical are they? They have to steal Hindus' Carnatic music, and even steal natioanl melodies


Quote:Temples under non-Hindu control-What can a single Hindu do?

02/09/2011 23:40:56 Ghatotkacha Nair

[color="#800080"](Nice last name too, but GREAT first name. Will leave it at that, as IF is hardly the scene for displaying unbridled envy...)[/color]

1. While going to a temple, enquire whether the temple is under the control of the HR&CE Department / Devaswom Board / Devasthanam Board. These Departments and Boards are controlled by anti-Hindu “secular” politicians. The money put in the Hundis of such ALIENATED HINDU TEMPLES go straight to the treasury of the anti-Hindu “secular” governments. Such HINDU WEALTH will be squandered on Hajj committees, Jerusalem visits, Christian-run government-aided schools and Muslim Madrassas.

Even the Maulavis are given pension out of the HINDU WEALTH in such ALIENATED HINDU TEMPLES. The HINDU WEALTH IN TEMPLES is stolen and given to Christians and Muslims so they can breed more and convert more.

If you go to an ALIENATED HINDU TEMPLE, please do give money to the employees of the temples like poojaris, watch and ward staff and sweepers but DO NOT PUT MONEY IN THE TEMPLE HUNDI, no matter how famous they are .

2. Do not give any money to Christian Missionary charities like Child’s Relief and You, World Vision etc. They will take your money and convert orphaned Hindu children into rabid Hindu-haters.

3. There are Hindu-run orphanages, old-age homes and schools for deprived children. Please help them financially.

4. Please give money only to temples run by Hindus and encourage the administration to start Sanskrit classes, veda pathashala, schools, orphanages, old-age homes and to take over and re-establish dilapidated temples.

5. Convince your relatives and friends not to give money to ALIENATED HINDU TEMPLES.

6. When the Hindu Temple-goers stop giving money to the ALIENATED HINDU TEMPLES then those Temples will become poorer and the anti-Hindu “secular” politicians, - be they of the Congress variety or the Communist ilk – will no longer want to control the those cash-starved Temples. Then it will be easier for the Hindus to retrieve control of ALIENATED HINDU TEMPLES and administer them for the benefit of the Hindu society.
Good suggestions by Ghatotkacha.

10. I've saved the two best bits for last though: there's some really funny/entertaining stuff at HK too -

[color="#0000FF"]Love your Neighbours, But not other factions - Church Factional Fights exposed[/color]

28/09/[color="#0000FF"]2011[/color] 02:15:05

^ Video of [color="#0000FF"]christians in India[/color] apparently rioting or something against each other <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

As is seen from the still, several [color="#0000FF"]Indian policemen[/color] obviously needed to be called in.

Every time this sort of thing happens (and it happens every time), I'm reminded of the following again - Parrot:

Quote:Christian "morality" lost on the pagan Romans

Quote:Naturally the corruption deepened when, after the conversion of the Emperor Constantine, the Church became rich. The legend is that the Christians were now able to build churches in Rome and attract the pagans by their virtuous lives. Let me state, very briefly, three notorious facts.

+ In [color="#0000FF"]the year 366[/color] there was an election for the Papacy, which was now very rich. The successful candidate was "St." Damasus, and his methods were such that in one day his men left the corpses of 160 of his rival's supporters on the floor of a small church. The war lasted a week and was so furious that the [color="#0000FF"]Roman "police"[/color] were swept aside and the prefect driven out of the city.

+ [...]
-- How Christianity Grew Out of Paganism, by Joseph McCabe


The evangelical Churches that have sprung up in Latin America, for instance, don't get along:

Quote:"This guy has been sent by Satan," screamed one of the preachers [of an Evangelical Church], Renildo Rodriguez da Silva. He pointed accusingly at a tall, well-dressed man in the crowd, an evangelical of a different stripe, and proclaimed, "He's evil."

The two soon were locked in a shoving match. [color="#0000FF"]Police[/color] had to rush in to break it up.

From: Catholic Crossroads: [color="#0000FF"]Latin America[/color] - Fight of its life - Philadelphia Inquirer, June 06, [color="#0000FF"]2006[/color]

11. Two of the comments for "Church Factional Fights exposed" at

Note that, on at least one other HK page, the comment by "Ex-Muslim (Murtid)" dared visiting muslims to take the challenge of's Ali Sina regarding islam. He looks eager to help other muslims to deconvert too, because in his comment to follow, you can see his novel approach to getting a muslim commenting at HK to read through the testimonies of apostates at faithfreedom:

Quote: Sahih Muslim

29/09/2011 03:29:28 Priest Hooliganism

Majority of Keralites view this with high anxiety. The holy priests behave as hooligans and incite their followers to attack others. It is high time to sent them to prison rather than throw back to their own seminaries. To have peace let them go back to their parent religion from they have originally converted.

Aabid billahi shaitanu rajeeeeeeem..............

Ex-Muslim (Murtid)

29/09/2011 14:53:24 Hi Salih Muslim

[color="#0000FF"]Can you correctly spot/guess which one of the following testimonials is my own testimonial ?[/color]

:roll: Clearly, he dumped islam and instantly gained a sense of humour. Very cool - and incredibly funny - way of attempting deconversion of muslims.

Can't stop laughing... More more.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - G.Subramaniam - 10-19-2011

For years there had been rumors in Spain: babies stolen from their mothers at birth by the government in collusion with the Catholic Church.

But now the country is exploding in anger and outrage as the scale of the baby thefts is revealed: An estimated 300,000 newborns taken from their bewildered mothers. It is only in the last few months that the Spanish government has been willing to confront the country’s horrifying past.

It began in the 1930's after dictator Francisco Franco won the Spanish civil war. With his government’s approval the children of dissidents were taken from them and given to “better” families.

But as the politically motivated baby thefts receded in the 1940's they were replaced by an equally offensive form of stealing. Babies were regularly taken from their mothers and sold to other families – for thousands of dollars – by the same doctors and nuns who had delivered them.

The practice continued long after Franco died in 1975. The baby trafficking was unproven until earlier this year when two men — childhood friends — learned that their parents had bought them from a nun.

The BBC interviewed Manoli Pagador in a working-class suburb of Madrid. She has three daughters, but she’s never recovered from the loss of her son almost 40 years ago. Doctors told her he had died. She never believed that.

“Doctors, nuns?” she told the BBC. “I couldn’t accuse them of lying. This was Franco’s Spain. A dictatorship. Even now we Spaniards tend not to question authority.”

But finally Spaniards are demanding answers as years of anger and anguish boil to the surface.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - simplyrohit21 - 10-22-2011

[url=""]Vatican sends Deepavali greetings to 'Hindu Friends'[/url]

Quote:This Deepavali message was signed by President Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran and Secretary Archbishop Pier Luigi Celata of Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. Zed suggested that it would be even better if such messages were signed by Pope himself.

Something is not right.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 10-26-2011

^ The pope and Rajan Zed do this yearly, don't they - exchanging love notes.

But then, Rajan Zed is always interacting on most friendly terms with christianism (doing all kinds of interfaith dialogues/worship and other such pukefests), and speaking on behalf of Hindus even though no one gives a hoot who he is (but for some reason he wants to make himself *seen* by *Hindus* to be speaking on their behalf: he seems to keep buying up adverts in regular papers like sify or something to be seen parading around officiating at Interfaith Nonsense as "The Indian statesman Rajan Zed". Is he merely an egomaniac in general or is he a cryptochristian? Else why so desperate to be seen speaking for Hindus while eagerly associating with anti-Hindus?)

In contrast to Zed, *Hindus* would not choose to interact with heads of mass-murdering ideologies, more so when these are out to destroy Hindus/Hindus' religion. Not to mention that the pope encourages paedophilia. <- Rajan Zed is exchanging seasons greetings with That. Really, which Hindu in their right mind wants to be associated with Rajan "Zed"?

Can't he just convert to christianism already and just leave Hindus alone?

Post 1/3


Quote:Towards Tamil Eelam: Via Wall Street

Sandhya Jain

25 Oct 2011

Two events over the last fortnight have uncovered the role of the Catholic Church in fostering Tamil separatism in Sri Lanka, with the aim of carving a separate Christian country out of India’s Tamil Nadu and the Tamil areas of the island-nation. The first was India’s deporting the Sri Lankan Tamil Catholic priest, Fr. S.J. Emmanuel, back to Dubai, when he arrived at Chennai hoping to meet chief minister Jayalalithaa, and to attend some events at Chennai University and later, at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

Fr. Emmanuel is president of the UK-based Global Tamil Forum (GTF), a leading LTTE front and umbrella organisation for Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora groups. The Sunday Observer from Canada reported that Emmanuel had recently visited Canada and Europe to raise funds and mobilise pro-LTTE groups to stoke anti-Colombo propaganda in the West. But now, moderate sections of the diaspora are questioning Emmanuel’s role in radicalising Tamil youth while not utilising the millions of dollars collected through donations to help resettle and rehabilitate former LTTE cadres.

The second incident relates to the Oct 13, 2011 sentencing of Sri Lankan hedge fund billionaire Raj Rajarathnam to eleven years imprisonment for insider trading on Wall Street, by the US Federal district court, Manhattan.

Rajarathnam was actually investigated for his links with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. According to an ex-Tamil Tiger turned FBI informant, codenamed Rudra, Raj’s father, Jesuthasan Rajarathnam, himself a wealthy financial manager, was a lavish donor. The father-son duo set up the Rajarathnam Family Foundation to support charitable causes in Sri Lanka and elsewhere; it was also a front to channel funds to the Tamil Tigers.

Vanity Fair reports that in November 2002 (the US State Department listed LTTE as a terrorist organisation in 1997), a Tamil cultural organisation, Ilankai Tamil Sangam, hosted a 25th anniversary celebration at Doubletree Hotel in Somerset, New Jersey. LTTE flags and videos were displayed throughout the hall. It may be recalled that LTTE had assassinated former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991 and Sri Lanka President Ranasinghe Premadasa in 1993, besides wreaking mayhem in the island nation with suicide attacks on buses, temples, shopping malls, and village massacres.

At Doubletree Hotel, Raj Rajaratnam (secretly taped by the FBI) said, ‘Everyone must support the Tigers’ cause.’ He had, in 2000, given $1 million after the victory over the Sri Lankan army at Elephant Pass, gateway to the northern peninsula.

Rudra infiltrated the LTTE network abroad by meeting Tiger operatives at such events. Rumours were spread that Rudra had contacts with top Mafia figures in prison and could access corrupt American officials and ‘get things done’ for the Tigers – such as smuggling Tamils without proper visas into the United States. FBI built his credibility by helping smuggle nine persons at Newark airport in 2001. In April 2004, Rudra saved Fr. Gaspar Raj, a Catholic priest and key Tamil Tiger member, from being deported by federal agents at Newark.

Prabhakaran ran the Tamil Tigers abroad on classic, cellular lines, with each group unaware of the others. But Rudra soon emerged as a trusted go-between for many cells trying to raise money and procure weapons, including surface-to-air missiles. In August 2003, Rudra travelled with LTTE’s top international financier, Vijayshanthar Patpanathan (Chandru), to the Tigers’ Vanni fortress. It had underground bunkers for advanced computers and communications equipment and two fully equipped subterranean hospitals. He met most of the senior LTTE leadership here, and recorded their conversations.

By 2005, Rudra had helped the FBI get a comprehensive picture of LTTE’s fund-raising capability. Raj Rajaratnam’s name cropped up often; LTTE gave Raj huge money to invest in his Galleon Group fund. The Tigers raised $1 million every time they held a function, and extorted thousands of dollars from diaspora professionals for ‘the next wave of operations’.

In 2001, when FBI wiretaps detected an executive from Intel Corporation giving Raj insider tips, the link between terrorism and insider trading was exposed. And just as the legendary gangster Al Capone was actually convicted for tax evasion, so Rajarathnam was investigated for terrorist funding, and convicted for insider trading!

FBI uncovered LTTE’s main “front” charities in America and Britain, which were shut down. This impacted LTTE’s capacity to fight. The Tigers’ last stand came in April 2009, when the Sri Lankan army overran Vanni, killing Prabhakaran.

One important front group, the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), was active in 17 countries before the US Treasury froze its assets in November 2007. Rajaratnam played a key role in transferring money from TRO to the LTTE. An April 2007 affidavit by an FBI special agent regarding Rajarathnam’s banking records showed that he wrote three checks totalling $1,000,000 between July and September 2000, which made its way to a TRO account in London (paradise of the arms merchants). Most of the money was later withdrawn in cash.

TRO received maximum donations from America, where the Rajarathnam family was the largest private donor. The US Treasury said the TRO had “facilitated LTTE procurement operations, including purchase of munitions, equipment, communication devices, and other technology.” Through 2003, Raj gave $5.05 million to his family foundation, which passed on $5 million to the TRO. In June 2004, he gave $1 million directly to the TRO. After the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, Rajaratnam set up Tsunami Relief, Inc., which was administered by staff at the Galleon Group headquarters in New York. It collected over $7 million and gave nearly half the money to the TRO in America and in Sri Lanka.

These huge monies have prompted victims of LTTE violence to file for damages in New Jersey, for crimes financed by Rajaratnam. His lawyers assert that there is “no connection” between Rajaratnam’s donations to the TRO and the harm suffered by the claimants, as there is no evidence that he ever sponsored acts of violence.

Yet, in US law, one need not prove that money a person gave to an entity that funded terrorism was actually spent on armaments; it’s enough to show that the recipient body used some of its funds for terrorist purposes. The New Jersey federal court has already accepted jurisdiction and upheld the suit as a claim for crimes against humanity.

As India debates clemency for the murderers of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, the New Jersey verdict will be interesting.


The author is Editor,

Oh what a surprise that every major aspect about the LTTE turns out to be christian (obviously not the minor/powerless elements like the hapless brainwashed Hindoo footsoldiers fighting unwittingly for the very *christianisation* of the region. Though not all of these were brainwashed: many were unwilling Hindoos - including especially children - *coerced* into fighting for the christo-LTTE.)

Christian too is the hijack of Hindus for the christian cause: brainwashed into being lumped with christians under the "Tamizh onlee" umbrella, an intermediary identity that's been concocted entirely for the purpose of christianism. The whole invention of "Tamizh identity" as a replacement for Hindu identity was always a christian tactic for christianisation (and for acquiring footsoldiers for christianisation). The same thing is true with dravoodianism in TN: the new "Tamizh onlee" identity - stripped of its intrinsic Hindu-ness - has been a way to gradually lead heathen Hindoos from their Hindooism into christianism via "Tamizh onlee" and "dravoodianism", during which process they have been brainwashed into anti-Hindoo-ism. LTTE was aiming to make Sri Lankan Hindus forget their Hindu identity in adopting the new one, whereas dravoodianism aimed at making Tamizh Nadu's Hindoos anti-Hindus in adopting the concocted "Tamizh onlee and as the end in itself" identity.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 10-26-2011

Post 2/3


Quote:Saving Tamil Nadu from Saint Jaya and Santa Karuna-1


01 Jan 2011

Saint Jayalalithaa

Kanyakumari is a significant place for Hindus; it is the abode of Devi Kanyakumari; the famous Vivekananda Rock Memorial is also situated there. This place witnessed one of the worst communal riots, Mandaikadu Riots (between Christians and Hindus) during the early 1980s as Christians have been consistently trying to conquer this sacred Hindu town through non-stop conversions and use of muscle, money and political power. They want to change the name to “Kanni Mary” (Virgin Mary) District. This is the only place in Tamil Nadu with a solid “Hindu” vote-bank which even Dravidian leaders cannot afford to ignore.

Offending the Hindu majority in this particular place is a politically perilous affair, and if at all a political leader does it, it must be out of sheer arrogance and deliberate intent. AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa, known for her arrogance, has done it.

Participating in Christmas Celebrations organized by Arumanai Block Christians Movement, Jayalalithaa has vowed to fulfill the community’s three major demands: “The AIADMK government will be formed with the Blessings of Jesus. My government will ensure assistance for Christians’ pilgrimage to Jerusalem like Muslims’ Haj pilgrimage. Christians can construct whatever they want to in their lands. Nobody has the authority to ban building of Churches in Patta lands. When we come back to power with the blessings of Jesus, we will remove the ban and allow Christians to construct Churches. Another demand of reservation benefits to Dalit Christians has also been placed before me. There is a commission for this. Once we form the government, we will take up the issue with the commission and get the required permission for extending the welfare measures enjoyed by the Hindu Scheduled Castes to Dalit Christians also.”

She also said, “I am not new to Christian principles, prayer, worship and functions. I have studied in Christian Institutions. I have great respect and reverence for the Christian Missionaries, who have done great services in the fields of Health and Education worldwide. I have read the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments. They are well entrenched in my heart. Following the teachings of Jesus, I will remove the darkness engulfing Tamil Nadu.”

Ever since she lost the 2004 Parliament elections, Jayalalithaa has been trying to woo the Christians; in the bargain she has disregarded political propriety and ethical and moral responsibility. Yielding to the Machiavellian agenda of the Church, she repealed the ‘Anti-Conversion Law’ enacted by her own government and abused all official machinery to subject the 2500 years old institution established by Adi Sankara to a massive assault.

No wonder she received the “Golden Star for Dignity and Honour” (Thanga Tharakai) Award from a Ukraine-based Christian organization, International Human Rights Defence Committee (IHRDC), controlled by America and funded by US Agency for International Development (USAID). The Indian Representative of IHRDC was Mallavarappu Prakash, Bishop of Vijayawada, who later became Chairman of Tamil Nadu Minorities Welfare Commission. Again in February 2005, Jayalalithaa was honoured by the “India International Society”, USA, with ‘Bharat Jyothi’ Award, after which evangelist K.A. Paul came to Tamil Nadu in a private jet to give thousands of crores of rupees for Tsunami relief.

Later while commenting on the Kandhamal riots, she termed the ‘retaliatory’ attacks on Christians as a “disgrace” to the nation, conveniently ignoring the cruel murder of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and his disciples by missionary-backed Maoists, and the issue of blasphemous literature and pamphlets denigrating Hindu Gods and Goddesses by his opponents.

Her party manifesto for 2006 Assembly Elections gave exclusive commitments for Christians such as reservation for Dalit Christians, subsidy for Jerusalem Pilgrimage, ‘All Souls Day’ to be made a holiday, hostels with all facilities at nominal charges in towns of minority religious significance, etc. But she gave no commitments regarding repeal of the DMK government’s ordinance on Tamil New Year or returning the Chidambaram Temple administration to the Dikshidars, or any issue of importance to Hindus.

Her speech in Kanyakumari emphasizes the fact that the above-said commitments will be reproduced in her party’s manifesto for the forthcoming 2011 Assembly Election too.

Santa Karuna

While Jayalalithaa preferred the southern end of Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister and DMK supremo Karunanidhi stayed put in the capital, the northern end of the state. Participating in a Christmas carnival organized by Christuva Nallenna Iyakkam (CNI) Karunanidhi said: “I have a longstanding association with Christian community. Ours is not only a political party but also a social organization. Many of our former leaders belonged to Christianity. You have placed three demands before me. I concur with the demand that Dalit Christians must get the same benefits awarded to Hindu Dalits. Nobody can deny the benefits to you. It is just and fair and I assure you that the DMK will strive for it. I will also fulfill the other two demands that Most Backward status for the converts from certain specific communities and Financial Grants for Tamil Medium Schools run by Christians. Some of you who spoke here said that I have full control of the center and that the central government is dancing to my tunes. I neither dance nor make others dance. But, right here I commit that I am always ready to dance according to your tunes. I give this assurance with an inventive feeling.”

In course of his speech, Congress MLA Peter Alphonse referred to two DMK ministers’ comments that the improvement in the field of education and social empowerment shown by Kanyakumari, Thirunelveli, Tuticorin and Trichy districts was because of the contribution of Christian Missionaries and that districts like Thiruvannamalai had not improved as Christian missionaries didn’t visit them.

In reply to Peter Alphonse, the Chief Minister lauded European missionary Robert Caldwell’s “service” to Tamil and Tamil Nadu and ridiculed Sri Ramana Maharishi: “Ramanar came to Thiruvannamalai; many soothsayers came to Thiruvannamalai” – a typical Dravidian style of belittling and insulting Hindus at minority religious functions. Karunanidhi promised to convert the Thirunelveli house where Caldwell stayed into a Memorial.

Karunanidhi’s show seems superior as leaders from almost all Christian denominations attended the event and various Bishops were seated on the dais. This not only shows his grip on the community and preparedness to pander to them, but the fact that Christians will be with the DMK as long as the Sonia Congress. No wonder Karunanidhi openly declares that he would readily dance to Christian tunes.

Christian-Dravidian Nexus

Robert Caldwell coined the word “Dravidian” with a single purpose of evangelisation. Nowhere in ancient Tamil literature does the word ‘Dravidian’ exist; there was a Christian agenda of dividing the native people behind Caldwell’s coining the term ‘Dravidian’. While the British Government used the Aryan-Dravidian theory to divide and rule the nation, the Church used it to destroy the culture in order to Christianise the nation. One cannot rule out the influence of the Church in the “Pure Tamil Movement”, based on which the DMK government changed the Tamil New Year and took it close to the Gregorian calendar.

For Dravidian racist leaders like E.V. Ramasamy, Annadurai and Karunanidhi, Robert Caldwell was (and is) a “God” on whose theories they called for a separate Tamil Nation. It is an open secret that the Church wants to establish a “Tamil Christian Nation” with Tamil Nadu and North and East Sri Lanka. EVR was a supporter of the British and never welcomed Indian independence. In fact he pleaded with the British to continue their regime in Tamil Nadu alone. So, the Dravidian-Christian nexus started with the advent of the “Self Respect Movement”, which developed into Dravida Kazhagam (DK) and split into DMK, AIADMK, MDMK and so on.

The Church is clever in the sense that it doesn’t stop with DMK and AIADMK, but spreads its influence to other Dravidian parties as well. MDMK (Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) founder president Vaiko, an open votary of Tamil Eelam and supporter of LTTE, is a Christian and a natural choice for the Church to work with.

PMK (Pattali Makkal Katchi) is another Dravidian party which maintains a cozy relationship with the Church. PMK President Dr. Ramadoss also does his business of politics based on “Tamil Cause” and is another open supporter of LTTE and votary of Tamil Eelam. He openly said America would have solved the Sri Lankan ethnic crisis long back had the Sri Lankan Tamils been Christians. His party is predominantly “Vanniyar” dominated; a community staunchly Vaishnavite; but Dr. Ramadoss has injected “secularism” in it in the name of Tamil and Tamil culture and the community now stands without Hindu identity. Next only to the Scheduled Castes, Vanniyars are being converted to Christianity in bulk; Dr. Ramadoss turns a blind eye towards it.

DMDK (Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam) president, actor Vijayakanth, is a dubious person. Despite flaunting his ‘Hindu’ identity, he never fails to appease the minorities at any given opportunity. On 3 December 2010, at a gala function, he was honoured with a “Doctorate” by Florida based “International Institute of Church Management”.

VCK (Viduthalai Chiruthaikal Katchi) president Thol Thirumavalavan, a self-styled Dalit leader, has a penchant for fighting for the cause of Christianity and Islam even at the cost of Dalit causes! He has a tacit understanding with the Church and openly encourages conversion. Being a vociferous supporter of LTTE, he is yet another peddler of “Tamil causes”. He openly talks of forming a separate “Tamil Nation” combining Tamil Nadu and Tamil Eelam (North and East of Lanka), which is a Christian agenda. On Dec. 26, his party organized “Tamil Sovereignty Conference”, wherein he said, “A separate nation for Tamils is a must and it should comprise Tamil Nadu and Tamil Eelam. The LTTE might have lost the war, but it has not lost the capacity to battle. It is the duty of each and every Tamil to take up the cause of Tamil Eelam and spread the message in the international arena”.

All this proves the Church’s domination over politics in Tamil Nadu and its hold over Tamil politicians. Even if these Dravidian parties form alliances at the drop of a hat and are at each others’ throats, they perpetually remain close to the Church. So, whichever party is in power, the Church is able to have its say and continue with its agenda.

When Father Jagat Gasper Raj-Kanimozhi under the aegis of their NGO ‘Tamil Maiyam’ floated the “Chennai Sangamam” cultural extravaganza in 2007, Jaya TV went to town with investigative reports on the LTTE connections of Gasper Raj, and condemned the government’s association with the project. But in subsequent years, both Jayalalithaa and her TV channel kept a conspicuous silence during the Chennai Sangamam festival. Now in the aftermath of CBI raids in his office, due to his close acquaintance with Spectrum King A. Raja, Gasper openly says he would continue his “services” to Tamil and Tamil Nadu even if AIADMK forms the government.

(To be continued…)

(Probably part 2 of the article is out there somewhere.)

The author is a senior journalist

They're not just in it for the money. Besides, there is no difference between taking money from christianism to destroy the Religion of the Hindu Gods and being a christian out to destroy the same. But it's gone past that too now:

Because if they were nominal Hindus merely taking christomoney, they would know that the christomoney directly goes to undermine their private religion - they know what will happen to Chidambaranatha Kovil - which not even the most greedy would do. No, they're NOT Hindu. They're NOT secular. They're NOT "rational atheists". If they had been merely "atheist" looking for a vote, they would have sought the Hindu vote and appealed to the Hindu masses back since when these were a majority to be reckoned with. No, they've been undermining the Hindus since long. And if they merely wanted to antagonise any religion, they would have done so equally to christianism. They were not just antagonising any majority religion either: they will not endanger christianism if it becomes the majority, they will woo it even more self-assuredly then.

Meaning: people know what the above characters are.

So Hindus can stop asking themselves the question. Because these are all cryptochristians.

Dravoodianism was always a screen for christianism, like the LTTE. They just show their hand later, after planning long.

- Jayalalitha is of course a convert to christianiasm (like many a pseudo-Bharatanatyam dancer) - it's gone past excuses of merely "taking money" for framing Shankaracharya. She may be a recent convert though, in the last 10 years perhaps.

- And the entire family of Karunanidhi is converted by now, not just Kanimozhi (IIRC married to some evangelical - I doubt her "rational atheist" dad ever put his son-in-law's religion/religiosity down).

All "Hindu" things these cryptochristo politicians may occasionally do is pretence: to keep up the facade necessitated for cryptochristianism.

How to explain.... Joylolita and Nidhi etc are all like Constantine *before* he was ready to declare himself a christian in public. So for now, they merely pretend to peculiarly favour christanism and particularly persecute Hindu religion (i.e. to practise christianism actively without openly declaring their ideological affiliation that drives this easily-recognisable christian pattern of behaviour). In time however, they may *perhaps* become so bold as to choose to announce to the public their converted status to christianism. But that will be on a day when they are certain that there is no hope for Hindus to fight it.

Which - again - is why cryptochristianism ought to have been outed. Protecting christianism by not outing cryptochristianism (i.e. withholding crucial strategic information from the heathens about the enemy) aids christianism, the great enemy: because the whole goal of crypto-christianism is to not be recognised and not have its workings/preparations for laying the groundwork identified until they're ready to declare themselves.)

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 10-26-2011

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Quote:In Dravidian land it is always a ‘Minority’ government


09 Jun 2011

“The AIADMK government will be formed with the Blessings of Jesus. My government will ensure assistance for Christians’ pilgrimage to Jerusalem like Muslims’ Haj pilgrimage. Christians can construct whatever they want to in their lands. Nobody has the authority to ban building of Churches in Patta lands. When we come back to power with the blessings of Jesus, we will remove the ban and allow Christians to construct Churches. Another demand of reservation benefits to Dalit Christians has also been placed before me. There is a commission for this. Once we form the government, we will take up the issue with the commission and get the required permission for extending the welfare measures enjoyed by the Hindu Scheduled Castes to Dalit Christians also. I am not new to Christian principles, prayer, worship and functions. I have studied in Christian Institutions. I have great respect and reverence for the Christian Missionaries, who have done great services in the fields of Health and Education worldwide. I have read the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments. They are well entrenched in my heart. Following the teachings of Jesus, I will remove the darkness engulfing Tamil Nadu.”

Thus spoke Jayalalithaa during Christmas celebrations by Arumanai Block Christians Movement, in Kanyakumari, during the course of her election campaign. Ever since she drew a blank in 2004 parliamentary polls, she started wooing the minorities, many times yielding to their Machiavellian agenda.

On 25 May 2011, two delegations of Christian clergy met Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, blessed her and committed their full cooperation to her government. They gently reminded her that their community had fully supported and favoured her party in the just concluded Assembly elections and urged her to fulfill her election promises. Representatives of the Tamil Nadu Catholic Bishops’ Council and the Church of South India dioceses called on her to wish and bless her and remind her of her election promises.

The representatives of Tamil Nadu Catholic Bishops’ Council were headed by Archbishop of Madras Mylapore Diocese, Rev. A.M. Chinnappa, and the representatives of Church of South India by Rev. Vasanth Kumar. Bishops Lawrence Pius, Prakash, Gnanaprakash, Lesley, Milton, Franklin, Vasikaran and Winner also called on Ms Jayalalithaa.

Congratulating her on her party’s spectacular victory, they assured her of the support and cooperation of over 21 lakh members of the Church dioceses in different states. After offering prayers for God’s blessings to help Jayalalithaa implement welfare schemes for the poor and downtrodden without any hindrance, they conveyed their hope that Jayalalithaa would redress their grievances.

Their “grievances” were reportedly submitted as a charter of demands to the Chief Minister, and included the following:

1. Subsidy for Jerusalem Pilgrimage

2. Vanniyar Christians must be included in MBC category, on par with Hindu Vanniyars, for reservation benefits

3. Reservation Benefits for Dalit Christians, on par with Hindu Scheduled Castes

4. Government aid for schools run by Christian Dioceses

5. “Difficulties” in constructing Churches must be resolved and smooth construction facilitated.

In the party manifesto for 2009 Parliament elections, AIADMK gave exclusive commitments for Christians, such as reservations for Dalit Christians, subsidy for Jerusalem Pilgrimage, holiday on ‘All Souls Day’, hostels with all facilities at nominal charges in towns of minority religious significance, etc. The same were repeated in the manifesto for the recent assembly elections and Ms Jayalalithaa emphasized them during her election campaign.

Immediately after her victory, another Christian body, the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) sent her a congratulatory letter, wherein its President Sajjan George stated, “We wish to remind you about the assurances given by your good self in the Kanyakumari Conclave that you would stand by the welfare of the Christian community in Tamil Nadu, as a large number of Christians are your admirers and have worked for the success of your party throughout the state.”

Meanwhile, the Christian lobby which dominates the Matriculation Education in the state, is said to have approached the Chief Minister with regards to their ‘grievances’ about the “Samacheer Kalvi” (Uniform School Education System – brought in by the DMK regime) particularly in the regulation of ‘Private School Fees’. It must be noted that the chief minister had already stated that her government would not interfere in the fee determination unless the schools asked for it. Apart from regulation of fees, the ‘uniform syllabus’ is also a cause for concern for the Matriculation Schools, as many Christian Publishers are in the trade of publishing matriculation syllabus.

It is reliably learnt that this matriculation lobby is moving through the chief minister’s old teachers at Church Park Convent. Though she has deferred the Uniform Education System for the time being, Jayalalithaa may eventually drop the policy altogether, yielding to the Matriculation lobby, as the policy was conceived and designed by the DMK. It is neither surprising nor unusual for Jayalalithaa to end a DMK project or scheme, even if good and beneficial; closing the “Uzhavar Sandhai” (Farmers’ Market – conceived and implemented by DMK in 1996-2001) in 2001-2006 is a classic example.

Ironically, a few Hindu organizations have also officially sent their congratulations to Jayalalithaa. Forgetting all anti-Hindu acts she committed during her previous regime, these organizations have lauded her victory as a victory of “Dharma” over “Adharma”! They hope her dispensation would ensure that Hindu interests in Tamil Nadu are not neglected! It must be remembered that she refused audience to a group of Hindu religious leaders comprising a few adheenams and a corporate guru just before the elections. One Hindu organization connected with Temples tried to gain her support before the elections by sending feelers through letters and messengers, but was ignored with contempt. After the elections, the same organization congratulated her and requested an audience; so far there has been no response!

Unfortunately, these organizations fail to realize that Jayalalithaa has not done a single good thing in favour of Hindus, particularly after her rout in the 2004 Parliament elections. Since then, she has not only refused to support Hindus but acted against them. Also, she has not included even one agenda in favour of Hindus in her election manifesto or during her campaigns. Yet there is a considerable section of Hindu opinion makers who peddle that Jayalalithaa is a “staunch Hindu”!

(Poor Hindoos, they never had any hope did they? They have no clue as to what goes on and about the bargains made about their future in languages they don't understand, and no knowledge of the histories of cryptochristian takeovers of empires, kingdoms and nations - so can't see patterns in this.

They *could* have been informed about at least some of this by the angelsk-speaking supposedly of their kind and on their side, but the latter never want to out cryptochristianism, never want to implicate christianism itself as the enemy.)

Immediately after the formation of the AIADMK government, the Minority Welfare Department issued a circular announcing that students (from I Std to XII Std) of minority communities could apply for financial aid. Jayalalithaa is very aware of this religiously discriminative policy of the Central government, but has not bothered to commit the same benefits to poor Hindu students. When she could commit reservation benefits for Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims, why not financial aid for poor Hindu students?

There are two important cases of Hindu interest in the Courts of Law, the ‘Tamil New Year case’ in Madras High Court and the ‘Chidambaram Temple case’ in the Supreme Court. It would be very interesting to see how Jayalalithaa’s government deals with them when they come up for hearing soon.

(And what do people expect the cryptochristian Joylolita to do? She will deal with these in a predictable manner. Any decision in favour of maintaining the status quo on these Hindu matters will be considered a grievance to christianism and so Joylolita will vote to destroy the Chidambaranatha Kovil - I mean, to appoint the christogovt to "look after" the Hindu Kovil (destruction of the Kovil will happen Tomorrow, when christoterrorism openly takes over the nation) - and will declare that Tamil New Year is now aligned closer to the Gregorian Calendar.)

In the last five years, Jayalalithaa continuously ridiculed the DMK Government headed by Karunanidhi as a “Minority” government; Karuna used to respond that he was indeed heading a minority government as his government was working for the welfare of the Minority communities. Now, although Jayalalithaa is heading a majority government, she is also heading a Minority government as per Karuna’s logic!

It doesn’t make any difference to the Hindu majority, which has been groping in the dark since 1967, without efficient and effective leadership.

References: -

Deccan Chronicle dated 26 May 2011

Tamil Daily ‘Dinamani’ dated 26 May 2011

The writer is a political analyst

4. Excerpt from:

Paramakudi: Caste conflicts in the land of ‘Social Justice’ by Thamizhchelvan, 01 Oct 2011


Tail Piece: On the issue of death sentence for Rajiv Gandhi’s killers, Jayalalithaa changed her mind overnight and brought a resolution in the Assembly recommending clemency for them. On the issue of Kudankulam Nuclear Power plant, she changed her mind within a week and appealed to the Prime Minister for suspension of the plant. Both issues were pushed by padris and Christian NGOs. Jayalalithaa has met Christian clerics three times after forming the government.

Good to read in full for other important matters.


Denigrating Hindus by an Islamic drama – Xian style!, Thamizhchelvan, 22 Mar 2010

Quote:Tailpiece: The Christian channel’s strategy of denigrating Hindu culture through an Islamic drama is similar to the Sonia Congress’ strategy of destroying Hindus through Muslim appeasement!
It's what the christoBritish did too.

(Some of the comments at this last link have a point.)