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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Printable Version
Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Printable Version

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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - dhu - 10-30-2009*/

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 10-30-2009

1. The TRUE religion.
Jesus massacres >= 11 Hindus (Hindus are mentioned in the report as anonymous "villagers". The anonymity is for the ChristoArchive, you heathens understand. Although Assam in 2009 is still majority Hindu and the likelihood of the victims being Hindu is quite high since the christist NDFB of Bodoland has a record of massacring Hindus, the christoarchive have got the story written up now so that the anonymous villagers can become *anyone* in future.
Rather like the ideologically-anonymous "tribals" forced into Porn movies at gunpoint by the christians of the christoterrorist outfit NLFT.)
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>christian terrorists kill at least 11 villagers</b>

Posted October 5, 2009

October 5, 2009
AdnKronos International
Source Link

Assam, 5 October (AKI/Asian Age) - Seaparatist rebels in northeastern India shot and killed at least 11 villagers, police said on Monday. Separatist and tribal rebels are often blamed for attacks in India's northeastern Assam state, a remote region hit by insurgencies in recent years.

After lying low for a month, predominantly Christian rebels from the National Democratic Front of Bodoland rebels on Sunday gunned down 11 people and wounded nine others at Dhimajuli village in central Assam’s Sonitpur district.

Sonitpur's police superintendent Surendra Kumar said people were forced out of their houses and shot randomly.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

2. <b>ADDED 2:</b>
This next must be the most stunning news in a long time.
What am I saying? Opportunism in the holy monopoly church isn't anything new.
The papally-infallible one barked: "Ve'll burn zese heretics later. Ve need to rebuild our strengz now."
"Jawohl, herr Ratzinger!"
<!--QuoteBegin-dhu+Oct 28 2009, 12:05 PM-->QUOTE(dhu @ Oct 28 2009, 12:05 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Anglican priests accepted into RCC; celibacy requirement waived for the married Anglican priests.

Roman Catholic church to receive Anglicans 
<i>More than half a million Anglicans are set to join the Roman Catholic church following an announcement from the Vatican today that Pope Benedict XVI had approved a decree setting up a new worldwide institution to receive them.</i>
Must be <i>crypto-catholics</i>. They're there in Ukraine, in Romania, in Greece among the orthodox; and in W Europe too: among the protestants.
(And no points for guessing why the "2/3s protestant Germany" - yeah right, is protestant Germany in for a rude surprise when it does a recount and has to exclude the mandated-to-multiply multiplying catholics and the cryptocatholics - no cookies for guessing why the "2/3s protestant Germany" is the one to have miraculously produced the latest elected pope.)

Fizzled-out protestant Europe is ripe for the re-taking.
The holy church never gives up, after all. It just waits until the time is right. Dratted inept protestants let the whole thing fall apart: after the rebellion against the "only true church" (catholic, that is; versus the only truer church - orthodox), the protestants slowly secularised in time to the point that now christianism kind of lost its grip on Europe.
At least - so the true church reasons - this means the competitor in W Europe is for all intents and purposes largely dead.
There's mostly only irreligion that remains - and everyone knows what happens to them atheists when the holy church is in charge. "What atheists?" That's right. And Then There Were None.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - HareKrishna - 10-31-2009

Evil orthodox talk non-sense about catholicism and other religions.have fun.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - acharya - 11-04-2009

<b>Italians outraged as European court rules against crucifixes

Buzz up!310 votes

Reuters – A crucifix is seen on a wall as a student writes on a blackboard in a school classroom in Rome November …
By Nick Squires – Tue Nov 3, 4:00 am ET
Rome – Italians reacted with outrage on Tuesday after a European court ruled that displaying crucifixes in the country's schools violated the principle of secular education.
Italy's education minister condemned the judgment by the European Court of Human Rights, saying that the Christian cross was a symbol of the country's Roman Catholic religion and cultural identity.
Mariastella Gelmini, a member of the conservative government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, argued that "no one, and certainly not an ideological European court, will succeed in erasing our identity," said
Other ministers said they were appalled by the ruling, calling it "absurd," "shameful" and "offensive."
Generations of Italian children have grown up studying in classrooms in which a wooden or metal crucifix looms above the blackboard. But Italy has been transformed in the past two decades from a country that exported migrants to one that has accepted around 4.5 million economic refugees and asylum seekers from Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia.
The influx of foreigners has led to deep-seated tensions, particularly with Roma gypsies from former Eastern bloc countries and Muslim immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East.
Schools in Spain, France, and Britain have also debated whether crucifixes should be allowed in public schools. The landmark ruling could prompt a Europewide review of the use of religious symbols in state-run schools.
Europe losing its identity?
The decision was handed down by a panel of seven judges at the court in Strasbourg. They said that the display of crucifixes, which is common but not mandatory in Italian schools, violated the principle of secular education and might be intimidating for children from other faiths.
"The presence of the crucifix could be ... disturbing for pupils who practiced other religions or were atheists, particularly if they belonged to religious minorities," the court said. "The compulsory display of a symbol of a given confession in premises used by the public authorities... restricted the right of parents to educate their children in conformity with their convictions," it added.
Crucifixes were an undeniable symbol of Catholicism, the court ruled, and as such were at odds with the principle of "educational pluralism."
'Moral damages'
The court upheld a complaint filed by Soile Lautsi, a Finnish woman who lives in Italy and has Italian citizenship, who complained that her children had to attend a state school in a town near Venice which had crucifixes in every classroom.
The court awarded her €5,000 ($7,400 dollars) in "moral damages," which will have to be paid by the Italian government unless it is successful in an appeal. The judges stopped short of ordering authorities to remove crucifixes from all state-run schools, and the long-term implications of the ruling were unclear.
The judgment sparked anger in predominantly Catholic Italy, with ministers and the Catholic Church saying the crucifix was an integral part of Italy's national identity.
Foreign minister Franco Frattini, speaking during a visit to Morocco, said it was an attack on Italy's Christian identity and that the government would appeal the decision.
"At a time when we're trying to bring religions closer together, this is a blow to Christianity," he said.
The agriculture minister Luca Zaia, a member of the anti-immigrant Northern League, a key ally in Mr Berlusconi's bloc, called the judgment "shameful." Mario Baccini, a senator in Mr. Berlusconi's People of Freedom party, said the court had "gone adrift in paganism."
The newly-elected head of the main opposition Democratic Party, Pierluigi Bersani, commented that the ruling lacked common sense. "I think a longstanding tradition like the crucifix can't be offensive to anyone," he said.
Italian bishops protest
The powerful Italian Bishops Conference said in a statement that the ruling was based on a "biased and ideological view." The Vatican said it wanted to study the exact wording of the ruling before issuing a response.
Mrs. Lautsi first brought the case eight years ago when her two children went to a state school in the spa town of Abano Terme near Venice. She asked for them to be taken down but education authorities refused. She then spent several years fighting the decision through the Italian courts.
A court in the Veneto region where she lives rejected her arguments, prompting her to take the case to Strasbourg.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 11-09-2009

^ Teeheehee.
Yes, let the Vatican feel the heat: secularism encroaching on its 'own' (i.e. stolen) territory.

Anyway, heathens since the Rome-that-was-stolen down know that sleaze is second nature to christianism. But that still doesn't justify me putting the following hysterical news article up without a warning. So,
- For christian lurkers, both Amrikkkan and converted indian sepoy classes: read on, this is christianism in all its commonplace glory.
- For anyone else: some mild allusions to adult content in the news below - if you don't read it, you're not missing anything really. If in teens or under: consult your parents, I'm not responsible (the oldies at IF are, though).
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Family values campaigner caught out on raunchy sex tape</b>
4:00 AM Monday Nov 9, 2009

Carrie Prejean. Photo / AP

Note to the religious Right: if you're going to ask a surgically enhanced beauty queen to promote family values, it's best to check that her previous career hasn't involved soft core pornography.

Carrie Prejean, the former Miss California whose opposition to gay marriage made her American conservatism's top pin-up
The film, obtained by tabloid website, is described as "an X-rated version of Home Alone," but has yet to be posted on the internet by the site's editors. Apparently, even heavy pixilation fails to prevent it being unsuitable for family viewing.

Quite how starring in the video ever sat with Miss Prejean's religious convictions is anyone's guess.
(Uh... reporter didn't look into the history of christianism, that much is clear. Lots of piously=hypocritically promiscuous christian men and women since the parasite of christianism started in Rome - christianism was famous for that. Okay, all that earlier repeat-history *wasn't* filmed - but that's the only difference between christianism then and Prejean et al now.)
At the Miss USA contest earlier this year, she became an overnight celebrity after telling viewers <b>her lifelong faith in God</b> convinces her "marriage should be between a man and a woman". That comment apparently scotched her chances of winning the coveted title.

In the ensuing controversy over several weeks, she was eventually also fired as Miss California, after falling out with pageant organisers.

The sex tape was filmed long before that row. But news of its existence has seriously harmed Prejean's political stock at a time when gay marriage is firmly back on the public agenda. A small majority in Maine voted last week to outlaw the practice. But on Saturday, a right-wing group called "Defenders of the Family" announced it had decided to ditch the pneumatic blonde as its celebrity guest at a black tie fundraiser being held in New Jersey.

The emergence of the tape also appears to have damaged Prejean's financial prospects. Two days earlier, she dropped a lawsuit against the organisers of Miss California, whom she'd been trying to sue for a total of US$1 million ($1.37 million) for "libel, slander and religious discrimination" in connection with her sacking. At a legal meeting last week, a lawyer for the Miss California franchise apparently began playing a copy of the sex tape to Prejean and her lawyers, in order to illustrate his client's point that she deserved to be fired for bringing the beauty pageant into disrepute.

"When the video started playing, Carrie's first reaction was 'that's disgusting'," reported TMZ, which claims to have spoken to lawyers who attended the meeting. "Carrie denied it was her. Then, the camera angle changed ... and panned up to her face. She was caught red-handed, so to speak. Carrie was rendered speechless and immediately began talking with her lawyer. We're told it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to drop her US$1 million demand."
(Begs the question: What was her Talent in the Talent Round? Demonstrating more of her Amazing Skills In Summoning Bouts Of Amnesia At Will?)

A "confidential settlement" was swiftly announced, under which Prejean is reported to have walked away with only her legal costs of roughly US$100,000. In a joint statement, both sides "wish each other well in future endeavours".

- INDEPENDENT<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Sorry for posting tackiness. But that's christianism for ya. If I had to censor all the unpleasantness in christianism, it (christianism) would all be censored - in entirety.
<Now there's a pleasant thought.>

Christian sheep and their cheap hypocritical sleaze. Can't they at least try to be tastefully tacky? <- Oh dear, did I inadvertently and innocently introduce an oxymoron? As likely as "christian science" I meant to say it would be.

Well, christians should look on the bright side: the pious Prejean was only a porn star, a far more respectable (and non-criminal) career than the catholic priesthood/nunhood (aka paedophilia) where the nuns and priests regularly attack children, other nuns and any heathen.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 11-15-2009

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Puri Temple land sold to Church funded Vedanta Foundation</b>
03/11/2009 05:55:13
Orissa land scam
Puri Temple land sold to Vedanta Foundation

[...]The sheer obduracy of Naveen Patnaik Government of Orissa to hurt the sentiments of crores of Hindus has left even the most resigned and shock-proof observers gasping in stunned disbelief, as <b>Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has sold 6,000 acres of prime land of world-renowned Jagannath Temple in Puri, and of local farmers of different nearby villages at a throwaway price to Anil Agarwal of Vedanta Foundation, who also owns Vedanta Aluminum and Sterlite Industries</b>. The land has been sold for the purpose of construction of Vedanta University on the Puri-Konark marine drive. This shady deal between the Government of Orissa and Vedanta Foundation has caused a huge resentment among the local public, farmers and landowners.

<b>Vedanta funded by Church</b>

A report in the UK-based newspaper, The Independent (26-6-2009) accused the church of unethical investment in aluminum mines. The Church of England has loaned Anil Agarwal a huge amount of money. According to the report, the investigation by Ecologist magazine has found that investors in the Vedanta Foundation include the Church of England and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust-which uses its 120 million pounds endowment fund to make five million pounds of grants each year-as well as local authorities and major British finance houses. The Trust, which is separate from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, bought shares in the Vedanta Foundation late last year worth 1.5 million to 2 million pounds through its independent fund manager. Both the charity and the Church of England said they are awaiting responses from Vedanta Foundation before deciding whether to disinvest, the report revealed. It is to be noted that the shareholders of the company also raised questions over the shady deal in its Annual General Body Meeting recently, as they were kept in the dark about it.
[...]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->It's all a christian, I mean a 'secular', miracle: christianism today following the christobritish way of deniability and preserving christian history-writing for the christo-archive ("it is 'secular' rule that destroyed the temples"/"they all went into disrepair because Hindus became disinterested over time") -
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Ruined Temples</b>
27/10/2009 10:55:31 

Thanks to the correspondent T.Muruganandam and "The New Indian Express" for this important report.

Seventy-Eight percent of the temples under the control of the HR & CE Department are in shambles. According to activists, its time the government hands over the control of the temples to an independent, politically neutral body. – T.Muruganandam reports: -


Some years ago, a devotee tried to reno vate the ancient temple of Lord Ran ganatha at Thirumalpadi near Van davasi. The temple that sits on a hill ock was totally dilapidated. The devo tee went from door to door and begged for money and toiled day and night to get the temple renovated. The kumbhabhishekham was slated to take place in 2007.

But a local politician interfered and stopped the kumbhabhishekham for his own reasons. Though the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR & CE) department took action against the politician, he was later let off because of his closeness to top lead ers in Chennai. Rers in Chennai.

RECALLING this incident, <b>A M Rajagopalan (86), editor of Kumudham Jothidam weekly, who was instrumental in the renovation of many ancient temples for the past few decades, says the government and local politicians instead of acting as force multipliers try to put a spoke in people's initiative.</b> Individual initiative to renovate temples runs into a virtual wall of government procedural formalities and clearances, testing their will and patience and wasting lots of time, he says.

[...]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--><b>That IS christianism by the way.</b> It's what happened in Rome too under christian rule. The difference is that in the repeat scenario for India, the events are being cloaked under secularism and A Series Of Random-Looking Events (even if they are all toward one goal) for the purposes of the christo-archive. After all, don't want the sheep of the future to realise that India's conversion was a complete repeat of Constantine's Sword (proving that christianism hasn't changed even in the method it employs to achieve the same objectives).

"But these are all *secular* and secularly distinct, even if still miraculous, events". (<b>See also point 4 below.</b>) But of course they are. The idea being that Hindus would therefore remain dormant and do nothing if they think all anti-Hindu measures are merely secular coincidence and there's no relation between the ground Hindus are losing at rapid pace in every arena.

2. Note the resemblance between the following two items. Congress and CPM: same ideology, same christocommunist behaviour.

Kerala: <b>CPM allots Hindu Ashram to Muslim Comrades</b>

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Congress Government allots Ashram land to Muslims in Assam</b>
29/10/2009 15:20:02  HK

Assam:Congress government in Assam had granted tenancy agreement to Muslims on the land belonging to Hindu Monks.Land belonging to Pidala  Sattra at Bahari in Barpeta district is handed over to muslims.

Hindu Monks in Assam live in satras under a satradhikar. These Monks are celibate.The satras are not merely Hindu institutions but  play cultural and historical roles in society. A dance form that was initiated by Srimanta Sankardeva and later developed within the sattras, and  thus called Satriya dance, is one of the eight classical dance forms in India.

Sattra land is meant exclusively for religious purposes and there cannot be any consideration other than maintenance of the sattras with the income of such land. Such land should be entirely left to the sattras, told Chairman of the Indian Art History Congress Prof R D Choudhury to Assam Tribune<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The "secular" christian, anti-Hindu government gives away Hindu land to the islamics. Just like the secular christobritish indulged islamania, all in order to destroy Hindu Dharma.

3. No no, they are secular onlee. Yes, very secular:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Justice Paul Dinakaran: Christian lawyer, Christian judge, Christian judgments</b>
03/11/2009 13:55:51 

The stench from the rot in the judiciary can no longer be ignored or wished away. <b>Justice Paul Dinakaran, formerly judge in the Madras High Court, elevated as Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court and now elevated to the Apex Court</b> (yet to be confirmed as the Collegium has begun investigating charges of corruption levelled against him) is enveloped in the stench of his own alleged corruption and misuse of judicial powers and authority.
The writer has maintained that <b>Christians and Muslims (with rare exceptions), no matter what positions they hold, use their positions and powers to serve their religion, while Hindus serve secularism.</b> Justice Paul Dinakaran, Sonia Gandhi, Union Minister of State for Railways E. Ahamed, the late unlamented Samuel Rajasekhar Reddy, Farooq and other Abdullahs, Prannoy Roy, TJS George and Syed Naqvi typify the first, while Justices Venugopal, Venkatachellaiah and Markandeya Katju, Shashi Tharoor, LK Advani, Barkha Dutt and Radha Venkatesan exemplify the second. When the judiciary, democracy’s protector-of-last-resort, stoically maintains an anti-Hindu stance in the service of secularism, it is actually encouraging Christian and Muslim communalism of the worst kind.

In the wake of the Mandaikadu Hindu-Christian riots in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, in March 1982, Justice Venugopal, who had...<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

4. And so it is that we have (<i>so</i> like Rome again):
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Congress-Christian Conspiracy to extend SC status to converted Christians</b>
03/11/2009 12:25:59  HK

New Delhi: Inorder to speed up the conversion in India and to check the reconversion back to Hinduism by converted Christians, Conversion Missionaries are planning to organise a Rally on November 19th in New Delhi demanding SC status to converted Christians. Converted Christian tribals to Christianity are <b>already enjoying ST status</b> and they now want it to extend to others as well.

The Rally is organised by National Council of Dalit Christians, NCCI and Catholic Bishops Conference of India, CBCI is to be held at Jantar Mantar on November 19th.

This move is said to be the part of bigger conspiracy hatched by Congress and Christian bodies. Congress had pledged to give SC status and the late Christian CM of AP, Samuel Reddy was the main mediator. Congress Government wants the Christian bodies to showcase some protests to hoodwink the public, so that they can argue that the status have been granted after continous protests.

Congress Government in Centre is also not sure on how Supreme court will respond to such move which is against the Indian Constitution. UPA Government is trying to amend the Constitution in order to extend the SC reservation to converted Christians as well. Supreme court and Andhra High court had warned several the rrespective Governments various time against this move.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>After YSR, It's P J Kurien to mediate 'SC status for converted Christians'</b>
08/11/2009 14:03:16  HK

New Delhi: Apart from Congress ,CPI (M), CPI, BSP, SP, LJP, RJD, JD (U), JD (S), DMK, AIADMK, Telugu Desam Party, MDMK, PMK, Trinamool Congress, NCP and Shiromani Akalidal had promised Christian bodies to support their fight for SC status to converted Christians.

In a press conference along with Christian bodies , Congress MP, PJ Kurien promised that he would ensure the demands are taken to the higher authorities and said he would voice for the cause at any political platform. Ram Vilas Paswan of Lok Jana Shakthi party is yet another political leader who shared the views of Christian bodies in the press conference.

All Nationalist parties who cares for Hindus in India, should come forward to launch a strong Nation wide protest against this attempt to evangelize the Nation. Anti Hindu brigade is formulating their plan of action in a co-ordinated manner .If they sense a soft attitude from Hindu Nationalist organisations their attempt to topple the constitutional rights of SC’s it will be a cake walk  for them.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
And, related to that:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Kerala Government write off loans taken by Converted Christians</b>
HK - 11/11/2009

Thiruvananthapuram: As news about Christian Missionaries setting their stage in Delhi to get SC Status for converted Christians are coming , In Kerala our CPM leaders goes a step further inorder to win back the heart of Christians who are now keeping a distance from CPM.

Kerala Ministry directed to write off loans upto 25,000 rupees taken by Converted Christians . The decision is meant to encourage more conversions to Christianity and there by CPM can achieve their two cherished dreams. One to destroy Hinduism and second to win back the Christian votes.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->See South Korea, Rome.

Must not forget to add the highlight of this <b>christian-instituted</b> <i>secularism</i>:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Monday, November 09, 2009
<b>Aparthied in kerala continues unabated....even for dead!</b>
nov 9th, 2009

a hindu life is not worth anything. but mohammedan and christist lives are.

let us remember maniappan ramankutty, beheaded by taliban in UPA I with absolutely no efforts by e ahamed, foreign minister (apparently for semitic affairs). but a mohammedan whose eye was to be removed (eye for an eye) was saved -- against sharia. a christist who was held as hostage was rescued.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Rama

<b>Why this Religous Discrimination in Compensations as well?</b>

<i>October 17 2009 : Four children have drowned in the Eruthumkadavu river in Kasargode. The dead have been identified as Ajith -12, Ajeesh -15, Rathan Kumar -15 and Abhilash-17, students of Mahjans school, Neerchal.

November 3 2009 : Ten year old Sajo Thomas drowned in Neyyar river in Amboori Thiruvananthapuram

November 4 2009 :Eight children have drowned in the Chaliyar river in Areekode , Malappuram. The dead have been identified as V Sirajudheen, Thoufeeq, Shameem, Suhail, Shihabudheen Muhammad Mushtiq ,Thoiba and Shahid.</i>

Within a Month we lost 13 Children in a similar fashion- Now HK would like to invite your attention to the amount given as compensation by state government.

<b>Five</b> Lakhs Rupees each for those who died in Mallapuram and Thiruvananthapuram and <b>One</b> Lakh rupees for those who died in Kasargode.

The loss of their Children is equally painful for their parents and family whether they are from a Hindu, Christian or Muslim family. No amount of money from any one could replace the loss of young kids.

But why this double standards even to the dead bodies of Hindu Children? If this is not blind hatred towards Hindus- Then what is this? Is this the equality you Communists are preaching

[...]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Such secularism is devised by christianism. So while it is called by a different name here - communism - it acts most christian: protecting and promoting the anti-pagan ideologies.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 11-15-2009

And some more christist news:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Looking back at Kandhamal</b>
08/11/2009 23:52:35 

Saswat Panigrahi-Daily Pioneer


The report, titled Kandhamal: A Fact File by Michael Parker, published by India Foundation,
Further, the report has brought out the Kandhamal nun rape accusation and media’s ‘carte blanche’ acceptance while promoting the allegations as proven facts. Parker has raised some moot questions in his report that suggest that the claims of the nun were in a constant state of flux. <b>In her initial complaint the nun did not mention the rape, but it was added to her testimony a full 24 hours later. Forensic evidence revealed that the nun was sexually active, no vaginal injuries signifying rape was found yet semen was recovered and no evidence of rape was found upon the clothes of the nun in the tests conducted by Odisha State Forensic Science Lab.</b>
[...]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Wouldn't be the first sexually-active lying nun. E.g. one of the murderers of Abhaya and the nuns sister Jesme encountered, etcetera, are all of the same sort.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Christian virus in Arunachal Pradesh</b>
14/11/2009 01:40:24  GSK Menon

Dalai Lama's visit to Arunachal Pradesh has exposed the Christian Missionary gangs operating there. 40% of Arunachal Buddhists have converted to this Desert religion abandoning their centuries old faith. The Dalai Lama could not condemn this conversion business as he is dependent on the West for money, refuge and support. At this rate Arunachal will become like South Korea  - fully converted to Christianity. During my visit to Sikkim I could see Missionary gangs active in the area, Bhutan is also under threat as also Nepal. If the Buddhists take it lying down then Buddhism will vanish forever.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

With troubling pictures of some of the wounds:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Murder by Christian Priest - Police threaten's victims family</b>
12/11/2009 05:17:02  HK

Mallapuram: BJP conducted Hartal in Pothukal Panchayath against the Police move to protect Church priests and Nuns who killed a 16 year old girl after abusing her sexually.

Police is threatening the family members of Anu and pressurising the key witness Mini Thomas to withdraw her statements. Mini Thomas had revealed here about the multiple wounds which she saw in Anu’s body and when she enquired about it to the Nun Sindhu- She told that it was because the nun whipped her for using Nun’s mobile. But that doesn’t account for the marks and wounds in her private parts and lips.

The Police so far haven’t taken in interest in questioning the main culprit- The Church Priest who sexually abused the girls in their Hostel in Pothukallu. Apart from BJP, rest all political parties are silent in this issue- Just like as happened in case of sister Abhaya’s murder. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The above is a follow up to:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Student alleges sexual abuse by priest in Kerala school</b>
13/11/2009 13:14:26,prtpage-1.cms

By Ananthakrishnan G @

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Church in Kerala has been hit by yet another controversy, this time by allegations from a Class IX student about sexual abuse by priests in their hostel, two weeks after her sister died of suspected poisoning at their school run by the Orthodox church.

The death of Anu, a 16-year-old girl student of the Catholicate Higher Secondary School in Malappuram district happened on October 24. Anu's sister Anju raised the charges at a news conference with her father.

The 14-year-old alleged they were made to wash the priests' vehicles and massage them and it often ended with them being sexually harassed.

They took up the matter with a nun who instead of helping her, threatened them with dire consequences, Anju said, adding they were forced to keep quiet for fear of being dismissed from school.

On the morning of October 24, the family received information from the school that Anu was unwell. Her father rushed to the school and along with Anju, took Anu to the district hospital and then to a hospital in Kochi. But she died on the way. Doctors found traces of poison in the viscera.

The school has ruled out any foul play. Anju said her sister was beaten cruelly by a nun. The family said there were several injury marks all over Anu's body. Police registered a case of sexual assault against the priests, but are yet to question them. Charges of the cops dragging their feet are already doing the rounds.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Christians object to yoga, judiciary supports them!</b>
25/10/2009 13:25:00  Shreevalsan (

The perverted Nehruvian concept of ‘secularism’, which today is India’s state religion, has made it impossible for anyone to do anything good for society if it has even the faintest smell of Hinduism, the religion of the vast majority of Indian people.

The latest example of ‘secularism’ becoming an obstacle to doinganything good in India is this: The BJP-ruled government of Madhya Pradesh had introduced the yoga exercises of ‘Surya Namaskar’ and ‘Pranayamam’ in schools in thatstate.

Both these exercises are well-known to benefit our body and mind. But the Christians could not accept this since both these exercises are rooted in yoga which was developed by Hindu yogis and sages inancient times. They condemned these beneficial exercises as ‘Hindu religious rituals'. Father Anand Muttungal, a Keralite of the MP Catholic Church, approached the MP High Court.

<b>Unsurprisingly, even the judiciary turned against Hindu society and religion. A couple of days ago, an MP High Court bench consisting of Chief Justice A. K. Patnaik and Justice Ajit Singh ordered the BJP state government not to implement ‘Surya Namaskar’ and ‘Prayanamam’ in schools in the state.</b>

Rajesh Chand, lawyer for the Christian body,claimed that the state government had ‘violated’ the rights of minorities mentioned in Articles 25 to 30 of the Constitution.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->But at least the christian terrorists in India finally admit that Yoga is ENTIRELY Hindu - despite one response by some self-deluded ignoramus (or cryptochristist?) in the comments section that the non-existent jeebus was a Yogi and came to India, blablabla/hahaha.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 11-15-2009

Plus this.
BRILLIANT. Well done to the writer.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Where Islam meets Christianity</b>
30/10/2009 15:33:42  Wagamama

Muslims and Christians in the past were involved in desecrating the worship places of other religions. One of the primary reasons for this lies in their hatred towards idol worship primarily incited by their scriptures. I have observed that Muhammad borrowed many of his satanic verses from the Old Testament. Currently, Islam continues to be the religion that is hell-bent on forcing its imperialism on the rest of the world. Flogging, beheading, stoning, and other draconian laws are still practiced in Muslim countries. However, after accepting the man-made democratic laws, Christians living in the West and many in the East do not believe in the flawed Biblical laws anymore. However, from an academic perspective, it is extremely important to study the common features described in the Islamic and Biblical scriptures.
(Blue bit is wrong.)

<b>Women and prayers</b>


*    Narrated 'Aisha: The things which annual prayers were mentioned before me (and those were): a dog, a donkey and a woman. I said, "You have compared us (women) to donkeys and dogs. By Allah! I saw the Prophet praying while I used to lie in (my) bed between him and the Qibla. Whenever I was in need of something, I disliked sitting and troubling the Prophet. So, I would slip away by the side of his feet."

(Bukhari 9:493)


*    Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also says the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in
the church (New Testament: 1 Corinthians 14:34-35)

<b>Punishment for adultery</b>


*    The woman and the man guilty of adultery or fornication,- flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day: and let a party of the Believers witness their punishment.
(Quran: 24:2)

*    Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Umar : The Jew brought to the Prophet a man and a woman from amongst them who have committed (adultery) illegal sexual intercourse. He ordered both of them to be stoned (to death),near the place of offering the funeral prayers beside the mosque."
(Sahih Bukhari 2.23.413)

*    Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah Al-Ansari: A man from the tribe of Bani Aslam came to Allah's Apostle and informed him that he had committed illegal sexual intercourse and bore witness four times against himself. Allah's Apostle ordered him to be stoned to death as he was a married Person. (Sahih Bukhari  8.82.805)


*    If there is a young woman, a virgin already engaged to be married, and a man meets her in the town and lies with her, you shall bring both of them to the gate of that town and stone them to death, the young woman because she did not cry for help in the town and the man
because he violated his neighbors' wife. So you shall purge the evil from your midst.  (Deuteronomy 22:23-24)



*    Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them (when they go abroad).That will be better, so that they may be recognized and not annoyed.Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful. (Quran 33.59)

*    Narrated Aisha: The believing women covered with their veiling sheets used to attend the Fajr prayer with Allah's Apostle, and after finishing the prayer they would return to their home and nobody could recognize them because of darkness. (Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 10, Number 552)

*    Narrated Anas: Umar said, "I agreed with Allah in three things,"or said, "My Lord agreed with me in three things. I said, 'O Allah's Apostle! Would that you took the station of Abraham as a place of prayer.' I also said, 'O Allah's Apostle! Good and bad persons visit
you! Would that you ordered the Mothers of the believers to cover themselves with veils.' So the Divine Verses of Al-Hijab (i.e. veiling of the women) were revealed (33.59). I came to know that the Prophet had blamed some of his wives so I entered upon them and said, 'You should either stop (troubling the Prophet ) or else Allah will give His Apostle better wives than you.' When I came to one of his wives, she said to me, 'O 'Umar! Does Allah's Apostle haven't what he could advise his wives with, that you try to advise them?' Thereupon Allah revealed Surah 66.5


*    But every woman that prays or prophesizes with her head uncovered dishonors her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven. (1 Corinthians 11.5)



*    They swear by Allah that they said nothing (wrong), yet they did say the word of disbelief, and did disbelieve after their Surrender (to Allah). And they purposed that which they could not attain, and they sought revenge only that Allah by His messenger should enrich them of His bounty. If they repent it will be better for them; and if they turn away, Allah will afflict them with a painful doom in the world and the Hereafter, and they have neither protecting friend nor helper in the earth. (Quran 9.74)

*    They but wish that you should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and
(in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks. (Quran 4.89)

*    Narrated Ikrima, "Some atheists were brought to Ali and he burnt them. The news of this event, reached Ibn Abbas who said, "If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah's messenger forbade it, saying, "Do not punish anybody with Allah's punishment (fire)." I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah's Messenger,
"Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him." (Sahih Bukhari 9.57)


*    If anyone secretly entices you-even if it is your brother, your father's son or- your mother's son, or your own son or daughter, or the wife you embrace, or your most intimate friend-saying, 'Let us go and worship other gods', whom neither you nor your ancestors have known, any of the gods of the peoples that are around you, whether near you or far away from you, from one end of the earth to the other, you must not yield to or heed any such persons. Show them no pity or compassion and do not shield them. But you shall surely kill them; your own hand shall be first against them to execute them, and afterwards the hand of all the people. Stone them to death for trying to turn you away from the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. Then all Israel shall hear and be afraid, and never again do any such wickedness. (Deuteronomy 13:6-11)

<b>Spoils of war</b>


*    They ask thee (O Muhammad) of the spoils of war. Say: The spoils of war belong to Allah and the messenger, so keep your duty to Allah, and adjust the matter of your difference, and obey Allah and His messenger, if ye are (true) believers.(Quran 8.1)

*    And know that out of all the booty that ye may acquire (in war),a fifth share is assigned to Allah,- and to the Messenger, and to near relatives, orphans, the needy, and the wayfarer (Quran 8.41)

*    Also (prohibited are) women already married, except those whom your right hands possess: Thus hath Allah ordained (Prohibitions) against you. (Quran 4.24)


*    When the Lord your God gives it into your hand, you shall put all its males to the sword. You may, however, take as your booty the women, the children, livestock, and everything else in the town, all its spoil. You may enjoy the spoil of your enemies, which the Lord your God has given you. (Deuteronomy 20: 13-14)

*    So the congregation sent twelve thousand soldiers there and commanded them, 'Go, put the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead to the sword, including the women and the little ones. This is what you shall do; every male and every woman that has lain with a male you shall devote to
destruction.' And they found among the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead four hundred young virgins who had never slept with a man and brought them to the camp at Shiloh, which is in the land of Canaan. Then the whole congregation sent word to the Benjaminites who were at the rock of Rimmon, and proclaimed peace to them. Benjamin returned at that time;and they gave them the women whom they had saved alive of the women of Jabesh-gilead; but they did not suffice for them. (Judges 21:10-14)

*    When you go out to war against your enemies, and the Lord your God hands them over to you and you take them captive, suppose you see among the captives a beautiful woman whom you desire and want to marry, and so you bring her home to your house: she shall shave her head, pare her nails, discard her captive's garb, and shall remain in your house
for a full month, mourning for her father and mother; after that you may go in to her and be her husband, and she shall be your wife. But if you are not satisfied with her, you shall let her go free and not sell her for money. You must not treat her as a slave, since you have dishonored her. (Deuteronomy 21:10-14)

*    They must be dividing the spoils they took: there must be a damsel or two for each man, Spoils of dyed cloth as Sisera's spoil, an ornate shawl or two for me in the spoil. (Judges 5:30)

<b>Destruction of pagan worship places</b>


*    Then did he cast a glance at the Stars. And he said, "I am indeed sick (at heart)!" So they turned away from him, and departed.Then did he turn to their gods and said, "will ye not eat (of the offerings before you)? What is the matter with you that ye speak not (intelligently)?" Then did he turn upon them, striking (them) with the right hand. Then came (the worshippers) with hurried steps, and faced (him). (Quran 37:88-94)

*    And by Allah, I have a plan for your idols - after ye go away and turn your backs. So he broke them to pieces, (all) but the biggest of them, that they might turn (and address themselves) to it. They said, "Who has done this to our gods? He must indeed be some man of impiety!"They said, "We heard a youth talk of them: He is called Abraham." (Quran

*    Narrated Abdullah bin Masud: "Allah's Apostle entered Makkah (in the year of the Conquest) and there were three-hundred and sixty idols around the Ka'ba. He then started hitting them with a stick in his hand and say: 'Truth (i.e. Islam) has come and falsehood (disbelief) vanished. Truly falsehood (disbelief) is ever bound to vanish.' [Quran 17: 81] 'Truth has come and falsehood (Iblis) cannot create anything.' [Quran 34: 49]" [Sahih Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 244]


*    You must demolish completely all the places where the nations whom you are about to dispossess served their gods, on the mountain heights, on the hills, and under every leafy tree. Break down their altars, smash their pillars, burn their sacred poles with fire, and hew
down the idols of their gods, and thus blot out their name from their places. You shall not worship the Lord your God in such ways.(Deuteronomy 12:2-4)



*    It is not for a believer to kill a believer unless (it be) by mistake. He who hath killed a believer by mistake must set free a believing slave, and pay the blood-money to the family of the slain, unless they remit it as a charity. If he (the victim) be of a people hostile unto you, and he is a believer, then (the penance is) to set free a believing slave. And if he cometh of a folk between whom and you there is a covenant, then the blood-money must be paid unto his folk and (also) a believing slave must be set free. And whoso hath not the wherewithal must fast two consecutive months. A penance from Allah.Allah is Knower, Wise. (Quran 4.92)

*    Allah sets forth the Parable (of two men: one) a slave under the dominion of another; He has no power of any sort; and (the other) a man on whom We have bestowed goodly favors from Ourselves, and he spends thereof (freely), privately and publicly: are the two equal? (By no means) praise be to Allah. But most of them understand not. (Quran 16.75)


*    When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are.  If she does not please the man who bought her, he may allow her to be bought back again.  But he is not allowed to sell her to foreigners, since he is the one who broke the
contract with her.  And if the slave girl's owner arranges for her to marry his son, he may no longer treat her as a slave girl, but he must treat her as his daughter.  If he himself marries her and then takes another wife, he may not reduce her food or clothing or fail to sleep
with her as his wife.  If he fails in any of these three ways, she may leave as a free woman without making any payment. (Exodus 21:7-11)

<b>Crimes against babies, children, and women</b>


*    Narrated Hisham's father: Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so and then he married 'Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consumed that marriage when she was nine years old. (Sahih Bukhari 5.236)

*    Killing of poetess Asma Bint Marwan: Asma' was the wife of Yazid Ibn Zayd Ibn Hisn al-Khatmi. She used to revile Islam, offend the prophet and instigate the (people) against him. She composed verses. Umayr Ibn Adi came to her in the night and entered her house. Her
children were sleeping around her. There was one whom she was suckling.He searched her with his hand because he was blind, and separated the child from her. He thrust his sword in her chest till it pierced up to her back. Then he offered the morning prayers with the prophet at al-Medina. The apostle of Allah said to him: "Have you slain the daughter of Marwan?" He said: "Yes. Is there something more for me to do?" He [Muhammad] said: "No. Two goats will butt together about her.This was the word that was first heard from the apostle of Allah. The apostle of Allah called him `Umayr, "basir" (the seeing). [Ibn Sa`d's Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir, translated by S. Moinul Haq, Volume 2, pages 30-31]


*    Samaria shall bear her guilt, because she has rebelled against her God; they shall fall by the sword, their little ones shall be dashed in pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open. (Hosea 13:16)

*    Happy shall they be who take your little ones and dash them against the rock (Psalms 137.9)

*    Anyone who is captured will be run through with a sword.  Their little children will be dashed to death right before their eyes.  Their homes will be sacked and their wives raped by the attacking hordes.  For I will stir up the Medes against Babylon, and no amount of silver or gold will buy them off.  The attacking armies will shoot down the young people with arrows.  They will have no mercy on helpless babies and will show no compassion for the children. (Isaiah 13:15-18)

*    You shall not permit a female sorcerer to live. (Exodus 22:18)

*    But if this charge is true (that she wasn't a virgin on her wedding night), and evidence of the girls virginity is not found, they shall bring the girl to the entrance of her fathers house and there her townsman shall stone her to death, because she committed a crime against
Israel by her unchasteness in her father's house.  Thus shall you purge the evil from your midst.( Deuteronomy  22:20-21)

<b>Raids, destruction, and pillage</b>


*    How many a township have we destroyed! As a raid by night, or while they slept at noon, our terror came unto them. (Quran 7.4)

*    It is not for any prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land. Ye desire the lure of this world and Allah desires (for you) the Hereafter, and Allah is Mighty, Wise. (Quran 8.67)

*    And when We would destroy a township We send commandment to its folk who live at ease, and afterward they commit abomination therein, and so the Word (of doom) hath effect for it, and we annihilate it with complete annihilation. (Quran 17.16)

*    Allah's Apostle had the date-palm trees of Bani Al-Nadir burnt and cut down at a place called Al-Buwaira. Allah then revealed: "What you cut down of the date-palm trees (of the enemy) Or you left them standing on their stems. It was by Allah's Permission." (Quran 59.5)
[Sahih Bukhari 9.59.365]

*    Narrated Atiyyah al-Qurazi: I was among the captives of Banu Qurayzah. They (the Companions) examined us, and those who had begun to grow hair (pubes) were killed, and those who had not were not killed. I was among those who had not grown hair. (Sunan Abu-Dawud 38:4390)


*    "I tell you that to everyone who has, more shall be given, but from the one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away. But these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them in my presence." (Luke 19:26-27)

*    When you draw near to a town to fight against it, offer it terms of peace. If it accepts your terms of peace and surrenders to you, then all the people in it shall serve you in forced labor. If it does not submit to you peacefully, but makes war against you, then you shall
besiege it; and when the Lord your God gives it into your hand, you shall put all its males to the sword. You may, however, take as your booty the women, the children, livestock, and everything else in the town, all its spoil. You may enjoy the spoil of your enemies, which the
Lord your God has given you. Thus you shall treat all the towns that are very far from you, which are not towns of the nations here. (Deuteronomy 20:10-15)

*    Then I heard the LORD say to the other men, "Follow him through the city and kill everyone whose forehead is not marked.  Show no mercy; have no pity!  Kill them all - old and young, girls and women and little children.  But do not touch anyone with the mark.  Begin your task right here at the Temple."  So they began by killing the seventy leaders.
"Defile the Temple!" the LORD commanded.  "Fill its courtyards with the bodies of those you kill!  Go!"  So they went throughout the city and did as they were told." (Ezekiel 9:5-7)



*    The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this
world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the hereafter. (Quran 5.33)

*    They swear by Allah that they said nothing (evil), but indeed they uttered blasphemy, and they did it after accepting Islam; and they meditated a plot which they were unable to carry out: this revenge of theirs was (their) only return for the bounty with which Allah and His
Messenger had enriched them! If they repent, it will be best for them; but if they turn back (to their evil ways), Allah will punish them with a grievous penalty in this life and in the Hereafter: They shall have none on earth to protect or help them. (Quran 9.74)


Take the blasphemer outside the camp; and let all who were within hearing lay their hands on his head, and let the whole congregation stone him. And speak to the people of Israel, saying: Anyone who curses God shall bear the sin. One who blasphemes the name of the Lord shall be put to death; the whole congregation shall stone the blasphemer. Aliens as well as citizens, when they blaspheme the Name, shall be put to death. (Leviticus 24: 14-16)



*    Prophet Muhammad adopted Zaid as his son, who then married Zainab. So Zainab became Muhammad's daughter-in-law. When Zaid divorced Zainab, Muhammad took the latter as his wife. Allah helped Muhammad by revealing the following verse (33.37): "After a term of married life with her husband, We permitted you to marry her so that it may hence be
legitimate and morally blameless for a believer to marry the wife of his adopted son provided that wife has already been divorced. That is God's commandment which must be fulfilled."


*    Abraham replied, "I said to myself, 'There is surely no fear of God in this place, and they will kill me because of my wife.' Besides, she really is my sister, the daughter of my father though not of my mother; and she became my wife. (Genesis 20:11-12). However, Leviticus
18.11 prohibits such relationships.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
The comments are good too. Some deluded entity/cryptochristo apologist comes along to try and save christianism from exposure and declares feebly that christianism is 'only the NT'. It doesn't seem to know or is slyly trying to avoid acknowledging that jeebus in the NT mouths that he has come to uphold the Law (OT).

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>“Thou Shall Not Ignore the Old Testament!” 

New Testament Verses Which Demand Following the Old Testament and Law Contradictions:</b>

    I hear so many Christians now a days claim that the Old Testament is defunct for Jesus was the “lamb” to clear away its rules and regulations.  This is just another bullshit scapegoat that Christians use to ignore the atrocities and bizarre laws commanded by their god.  Their preachers spoon feed them that the Old Testament is no longer binding so that they can excuse the majority of evil that the bible promotes.  I am so tired of Christians manipulating the scriptures so that they can assign a kinder nature to their God, that I have assembled a BRIEF list of verses which clearly show that the Old Testament is not to be ignored.  Its laws should indeed be adhered to, for the New Testament demands it!  After this section I shall list where the Bible contradicts itself concerning other laws.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Rest at link. E.g.:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->3) Jesus strongly approves of the law and the prophets.  He hasn’t the slightest objection to the cruelties of the Old Testament.  "<i><b>Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets.  I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.</b>  Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place.</i>"  (Matthew 5:17 NAB)<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

The writer of the first article ("Wagamama") is correct: Hindus absolutely MUST know the ideological texts of the terrorists (babble, koran, hadiths). Only then will they realise where all this endless terrorism is emanating from.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - G.Subramaniam - 11-17-2009

Reangs flee Mizoram

Agartala/Silchar, Nov. 16: The trickle of Reang families fleeing Mizoram has turned into an exodus overnight, with thousands of tribals pouring into Tripura and Assam seeking sanctuary.

Official sources in Agartala and Silchar said the number of Reang refugees who had entered Tripura and Assam over the past two days had now crossed the 5,000 mark. There were also signs of communal tension in the Mizo-dominated Jampui and Sakhantang hills of North Tripura, forcing the authorities to tighten security around all 10 Mizo-dominated villages.

The 35,000 Reang refugees stranded in the six camps close to Jampui hills in Kanchanpur subdivision organised rallies near their camps in Dashda, Naisingpara, Khakchang, Ananda Bazar, Monpui and Shashadhar Roajapara, condemning the “organised attacks” on their tribesmen in Lokicherra, Kwartha, Kawnpui and other areas of Mamit district.

In a rally this morning at Ananda Bazar, Elvis Chorkhy, president of the Mizoram Displaced Bru People’s Forum, charged the Lalthanhawla government with “aiding and abetting” the anti-Reang rioters to prevent the repatriation of refugees stranded in the six camps of North Tripura since October 15, 1997. They burnt an effigy of state home minister R. Lalzirliana to condemn his alleged role in the attacks.

The superintendent of police (North), Dipak Kumar, who is camping in Jampui hills, said security had been tightened in all Mizo-dominated villages. He said shortly after the killing of Zarjo Kima, an 18-year-old Mizo, in Bungthuam village on Friday, leaders of the Young Mizo Association (YMA) and Young Bru Association had held a meeting and decided to work together to maintain peace.

The YMA also distributed relief materials among the Reangs who have entered villages bordering Kanchanpur subdivision over the past couple of days.

“No untoward incident has occurred as the Reangs and Mizos have been living side by side in Jampui for more than a century. The trouble is likely to be caused by new entrants,” Kumar said.

The district magistrate (North), Samarjit Bhowmik, who visited the villages affected by influx this morning, said more than 5,000 Reangs had trickled into Vellian Chip, Monpui, Damcherra, Saboal, Ananda Bazar and Khakchang village. In Assam, 132 Reangs crossed the inter-state border and took shelter in Cheragi village under Karimganj district.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 11-18-2009


Time to pretend being stunned, surprised or shocked (okay, the shock is natural, unavoidable):

YET AGAIN an apology (pre-empting impending and involuntary exposure, why else) is supposed to Make It All Better.
The holy parasite, I mean the holy catholic church in Australia apologises for raping little British children (it intends to continue as before - it's doing so as we speak - but it promises <i>not to get caught</i> next time):
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Thursday, 22 March, 2001, 20:08 GMT
<b>Australian church apologies to child migrants</b>

Migrant children leaving Britain
Migrant children were on average just nine years old

Australia's Roman Catholic Church publicly apologised on Thursday to <b>British and Maltese child migrants who suffered abuse including rape, whippings and slave labour in religious institutions.</b>

"This is a source of deep shame and regret for us" Church spokesman Tony Shanahan
(He is saying "It is a source of deep shame and regret for us that we got caught". That's why the church continues to cover up paedophilia. It regrets ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except getting caught. Jeebus is a lie which explains why the church is such a compulsive liar.)

The apology was delivered at a parliamentary inquiry into child migration.
(Look how it took them all the way until this investigation to own up to it. Until then the church didn't come forward, had no intention of bringing the matter up. But now, moments before it stood to be exposed, it finally blurted out the facts, issued a hurry apology full of wishy-washy words of sentiment. All to save its own skin: the apology makes it look voluntary now, whereas their hand was merely forced.)

Two church bodies said the programme, in which more than 1,000 British and 310 Maltese children were sent to Australian Catholic schools between the late 1930s and 1960s, resulted in "suffering and dislocation".

<b>Migrant ship</b>
Some children were told that were going on a holiday

Many children were raped, whipped, stripped of their names and forced to scramble for food thrown on the floor. Some children were also made to do hard labour, including construction work, at some schools.

The Church said it has allocated about $1m to help former child immigrants go back to their countries of origin, especially to meet relatives, as well as for counselling.

<b>The child migration scheme, partly organised by the Church, was aimed at bringing "pure white stock" from Britain to former colonies. It ran from about 1850 right up to 1967.</b>


Spokesman Tony Shanahan said the Church was "painfully aware" that some <b>children suffered physical, sexual and emotional abuse.</b>

"We are sorry that some of those vulnerable children who should have found care and protection <b>in our Catholic institutions suffered abuse</b>."

Child doing construction work
Some children were forced to do the work of grown men

Mr Shanahan added that the UK and Australian government should also take responsibility for the issue.

<b>The International Association of Former Child Migrants Vice-President</b>, Don Coleshill, who was shipped to Australia from Britain as a five-year-old in 1937, <b>accepted the apology with "a very large grain of salt".</b>

<b>"They are only hollow words unless you say you want to do something to substantiate or support the apology," he said.</b>
(Nothing less than disbanding all the churches, and admitting to foisting the EVIL LIE of jeebus on humanity and promising to never peddle any form of jeebusism ever again.)

<b>Joint policy</b>

Although numbers are unclear, it is believed that <b>a total of 130,000 were "exported" from Britain over a period of 100 years.</b>

children working
Children were forced to work for long hours and little pay

<b>Children left in homes, due to broken marriages or family pressures</b>, were sent from Britain, which in turn was relieved of caring from them.

<b>Although classified as orphans, most children did in fact have parents, who were often unaware their children were sent away.</b>
(That's what the christoterrorists of the west are doing with christian orphanages today that kidnap Hindu and other heathen children from Asia and South America and Africa and put them into christoterrorist homes. Paedophilia is a given, given the nature of the christian terror headed by its christ.)

The full details of the scheme emerged as late as 1998 during a parliamentary inquiry in Britain.

The inquiry found that <span style='color:red'>migrant children were subjected to systematic abuse in religious schools in Australia, New Zealand and other countries.</span><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Hindu kids stuck in christian schools in India also regularly get attacked by the christian "teachers" (aka terrorists) there. Why Hindu parents send their kids to christian schools is beyond me.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 11-18-2009

(#169 more relevant to Hindu India)

And more on #170.
Surprise over. The shock and sickness continue:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Sunday, 15 November 2009

<b>Ordeal of Australia's child migrants</b>
Children waiting outside the SS Asturias
In 1947 the SS Asturias took the first post-war child immigrants to Australia

By Nick Bryant
BBC News, Australia

The story of the British child migrants sent to Australia has been described as a history of lies, deceit, cruelty and official disinterest and neglect.

Before being shipped out to Britain's distant dominion, many of the children were told their parents were dead, and that a more abundant life awaited them in Australia.

Most were deported without the consent of their parents, and commonly, mothers and fathers were led to believe that their children had been adopted somewhere in Britain.

<b>On arrival in Australia, the policy was to separate brothers and sisters.</b>

<b>And many of the young children ended up in what felt like labour camps, where they were physically, psychologically and often sexually abused.</b>

<b>'Awful experience'</b>

In testimony before a British parliamentary committee in the late 1990s, <span style='color:red'>one boy spoke of the criminal abuse he was subjected at the hands of Catholic priests at Tardun in Western Australia.

A number of Christian brothers competed between themselves to see who could rape him 100 times first, the boy said.

They liked his blue eyes, so he repeatedly beat himself in the hope they would change colour.

As parliamentarians reflected at the time, the term "sexual abuse" seemed wholly inadequate given the awfulness of his experience.</span>
(Catholicism. It's doing what comes natural to christianism.)

On Monday the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will deliver a national apology to a group known as the "Forgotten Australians".

In so doing, he will recognise, on behalf of the Australian government, the ongoing <b>suffering of some 500,000 people held in orphanages or children's homes between 1930 and 1970.</b>

At the same time, Mr Rudd will also say sorry to some 7,000 child migrants from Britain who live still in Australia - castaways of the empire.

<b>The Australian government viewed them as ideal young immigrants - a popular slogan at the time was "the child, the best immigrant".

The British government saw them as a burden on the state, and was happy to see them go.</b>
[...]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Hindus who keep whining and whinging about christianism and about jeebus existing and being some great rabbi or yogi or teacher or 'god' and who then peddle the subversionist lyric "let's just all get along, in spite of the constant christoislamiterrorism" should be made to read such things, as it is the real and only CHRISTIANISM - which is the one in practice (and the practical christianism is very much based on the theoretical christianism. The theoretical christianism is the jeebus-<i>fiction</i> and the 1st commandment and the rest of the babble where gawd at times commands children's brains to be dashed against rocks and where gawd's faithful sheep follow him to the letter. Which the sheep have regularly done throughout history.)

And related news.
While the christowest weeps crocodile tears over the fictions on India they concocted out of the meaningless Q&A in the trash appropriately called Slumdog Millionaire,
the <i>facts</i> are:

20 May 99 | UK Politics
<b>Uncovering 'Britain's most shameful secret' </b>
Children in care were forcibly deported until 1967

20 May 98 | UK
<b>The children Britain did not want</b>

19 Jun 98 | Asia-Pacific
<b>Deported children seek justice</b>

09 Jun 99 | Asia-Pacific
<b>Australian orphanages 'abused children'</b>

And they kept it all a secret right until 1998. These christian kidnappers who steal and then attack others' kids should be kept away from Hindu and other unconverted children of the world.
Christos' pretense at caring for heathens and 'causes' in heathen nations is just that: pretense. However, the actual case is that

1. They have repeatedly kicked their own children. They have repeatedly mistreated and genocided their own women. Their christianism has been the cause of racism, slavery and lingering effects. Their feudal system is the real casta system, systematically instituting the oppression of many by the select few (please do read up on the gawd-ordained medieval christo-European feudal system - the aristocrats, geistlichen, merchants and farmers/peasantry and serfs - due to which communism, that other christian subcult, got invented in revolt. In fact, the christian casta system is the sole raison d'etre for communism, so that, where there is no christianism, communism - needing a reason to continue existing - continues to imagine christian shadows where there are none.)

2. Christianism keeps inventing accusations against the heathens of the very crimes christianism is factually guilty of, by superimposing its own crimes onto heathen societies. This helps christianism to distract the eye of those in its own society seeking retribution and redress, diverting them onto heathens.

- So you get western feminists fresh from reacting against oppressive christosociety in the west, assuming their unfortunate experiences "must be" the same everywhere and so lecturing Indian women. And you get the christo-conditioned, geographically-Indian, mentally-western fembots who can't be bothered to think of the hard questions and the harder answers to questions.

- So you get the delusional self-deluded Arvind Adigas types who brainwash themselves and each other into reading the christowestern expectation of a feudal christocasta system onto Hindu society in India, just so that they can be awarded the Good Native Sepoy Nobel Sleaze I mean Peace I mean Hooker litterature prize.

- So you get christowestern-and-converts threatening in duet in the UN on castaism in India

- So you get Slummovies made by christobrits using native sepoys and treacherous christoislamics to play Hindu aggressors of islamic victims who end up with Hindu girlfriends (ode to the love jihad).

The list is endless.
But the <i>documented</i>, verifiable and verified examples keep showing an entirely different picture: one where the lecturing hypocrite (christianism) is the repeat-offender of an institutionalised offence carried out on a massive scale - of crimes quite unknown to heathen society.

Poor European children. What a misery. What an absolute hel-hole. One does not wonder at all at the natural reaction of many European youngsters (and adults) who happily escaped into native American society upon encountering it. Their rush for freedom into happy heathenness the first chance they got is obviously a cry for help that is still being echoed in modern generations. The safe haven was all too brief: christianism largely genocided the native Americans. Everything christianism touches dies. Murderous religion. Greece, Rome, Europe, Native Americas, entire African villages, the nations of the Pacific, Tasmania. Hindu India terrorised by christian inquisition, stricken by christian famines, and now slowly drowning in christian secularism which withers Hindu minds to various degrees based on propensity.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 11-22-2009
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>tamil christist in malaysia as ISI's spokesperson</b>
nov 15th, 2009

interesting, how all these people feel free to dump on india.

maybe he's singing for his supper, as malaysia is now becoming the taliban state of asean.
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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - G.Subramaniam - 11-24-2009

Pope John Paul II 'whipped himself in remorse for sins'
Pope John Paul II regularly whipped himself in a sign of "remorse for his sins", a nun has claimed.

By Nick Pisa in Perugia
Published: 6:00AM GMT 23 Nov 2009
Pope John Paul II: Pope John Paul II 'whipped himself in remorse for sins'
Pope John Paul II Photo: AFP/GETTY

The Pope, who died five years ago, is being considered for sainthood by the Catholic Church.

As part of the Vatican's investigation thousands of documents have been collected and examined by officials from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

Among them is the testimony of Tobiana Sobodka, a Polish nun of the Sacred Heart of Jesus order, who worked for Pope John Paul in his private Vatican apartments and at his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo near Rome.

Sister Sobodka said: "Several times he (Pope John Paul) would put himself through bodily penance.

"We would hear it – we were in the next room at Castel Gandolfo. You could hear the sound of the blows when he flagellate himself. He did it when he was still capable of moving on his own."

The flagellation is also confirmed by another bishop who has given testimony. Emery Kabongo was a secretary for Pope John Paul.

"He would punish himself and in particular just before he ordained bishops and priests," he said.

"I never actually saw it myself but several people told me about it."

Self flagellation is sometimes used by devoted Catholics as it reminds them of the whipping endured by Christ at the hands of the Romans before he was crucified.

It is still common in the Philippines and Latin America, some members of strict monastic orders and some members of the lay organisation Opus Dei – who feature in the Dan Brown blockbuster The Da Vinci Code.

In the film – which was condemned by the Vatican – murderous Albino monk Silas, who is a member of Opus Dei is seen in a brutal scene whipping his back and drawing blood as he prays on his knees.

A Vatican spokesman said: "The investigation and documentation is still secret and as such we can make no comment on it until the final report is published.

"I know that the nun in question has returned to Poland and she would have spoken with the Congregation as she was with an order that worked in the apartments of Pope John Pau

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - dhu - 11-27-2009

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Southern Baptist Agency to Cut Missionary Force by 600</b>

There are currently a little above 5,500 IMB missionaries overseas and the plan is to decrease that number to about 5,000 by the end of 2010.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - dhu - 12-08-2009

Western Church-NGOs involved in child "education":

[url=""]Our kids have new names, go to church. We don't even know'[/url]

By: Amit Singh

Say angry parents. The trust says the parents have signed a 20-year contract promising non-interference in the children's lives. Poor parents are unaware of the contract

Eight-year-old Anila Paswan has a new name, Mary. So does 10-year-old Shivani, who is now known as Damaris.

So, where's the problem? Well, their parents don't know.

The parents say the girls, along with 13 others, have been converted to Christianity by a charitable trust in Faridabad where they were residing.

The parents allege they haven't seen their children for five months and the organisation, Comademat Charitable Trust, managed by a couple from Brazil Aldemir De Souza and his wife Darlene has been avoiding their attempts to contact the girls.

The trust's official documents say Aldemir, age 37, is a nurse by profession and his wife Darlene, 28, is a specialist in child education, childcare and welfare.

What's in name?

The two girls were handed over to the trust by their poor families about two years ago. In return, the parents were assured the girls would be provided good education, free food and accommodation. The change of name came as a shock.

Trying to trace the children, when MiD DAY reached Northland International School, Faridabad, where the girls had been studying till October last year, the change of names was revealed.

The principal of Northland International School, Vikash Sharma, said the trust had enrolled 12 girls in the school but they were pulled out in October last year. "The trust submitted an affidavit saying all expenses towards fees, books and stationery of the girls will be borne by the trust," said Sharma. A copy of the affidavit, which MiD DAY has, lists 12 girls with 'Christian' names.

"I didn't know my daughter's name had been changed or that she has been converted to Christianity. I don't even know when the conversion process took place. I called up the trust to speak to her and was asked by them to address her as Mary," said Suresh Paswan, working as a labourer in a farmhouse near Gurgaon. Paswan had contacted MiD DAY on Friday evening reporting that his daughter had gone missing.

Pitambar, a taxi driver who had handed over his 10-year-old daughter Shivani to the trust, said, "Without asking me they changed my daughter's name. When I asked the reason, they said, it was difficult to pronounce. I didn't object because she was happy."

'Kids untraceable'

The parents say they haven't met the girls for a long time.

"We last met our daughter five months ago. In fact, we were rebuked by the caretaker there for visiting her so often. We were asked to come after six months. But for the past one month, there has been no word. We called up the trust's number but no one answered," said Paswan.

When this reporter visited the rented residence of the trust at B-1083, Greenfield Apartments, Faridabad, he found the girls had been shifted out a month ago. There was no forwarding address with the neighbours.

"The trust never informed us the girls were being taken to another residence. As parents, don't we have the right?" asked a harried Paswan, when MiD DAY informed him about the change of address.

'Parents signed contract'

Meanwhile, when finally, MiD DAY traced the trust to its new address at 134, Sector-21/D, Faridabad, the flat was locked from inside. A girl, who introduced herself as the caretaker of the trust's flat, informed the children had been taken to a church and would return shortly.

She informed Darlene and her husband had gone abroad and would only return on January 10. Another caretaker, who identified himself as Mishra, said, "The parents were informed about the new address. Maybe we missed informing some of them."

However, Mishra avoided queries about the girls' change of names. "The parents have signed a 20-year-contract with the trust, which says none of them will interfere with the way the children are being brought up. The trust will take care of the children in return," said Mishra.

However, the parents claim they are unaware of any contract. "To my knowledge I have not signed any paper. The only thing which they (the trust) asked me to get is a certificate from the school where she was studying earlier. It's still with me," said Paswan.

Meanwhile, neighbours at the trust's earlier address said many parents had come looking for their daughters.

Kusum Dhoundiyal, a neighbour, said, "Everyday someone or the other comes asking about the children. The children had been staying here for three years. But a month ago we saw them shifting out around 7 or 8 in the evening."

Another neighbour, Dr GK Wadhwa, said, "Many foreigners used to visit this house regularly. We were under the impression that it was an NGO working for poor and orphaned children. A foreigner who used to take care of the kids used to visit this place often."

[Image: convert1.jpg]

[Image: convert2.jpg]

Where have they gone? Radha Paswan, the mother of Anila, one of the girls at the trust, waits outside Greenfield Apartments, Faridabad, on Sunday. This is where the children stayed earlier. (Left) Another girl Damiris with the trust's founder Aldemir De Souza.

[color="#FF00FF"]The Hindu side: The unfair and paranoid anticonversion laws:[/color]

What the law says

The anti-conversion law is in force in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. Officially termed the Freedom of Religion Act, the law restricts conversions by use of force, deceit or allurement. The punishment for anyone convicted of the offence differs from state to sate.

[color="#FF00FF"]The true victims whose voice is being silenced:[/color]

The Other Side

Darlene and Aldemir said they were out of India. In an email, Darlene De Souza said, "I want to inform you that we are out of India for a surgery. We have all the documents and the parents know everything. We are only in India to help those needy children."

[color="#FF00FF"]The following sounds like a typical christist "educational" tract, purporting to give larger "context"; but cites the usual Staines, Dalits, Kandhamal, and implies disingenuity and casts aspersions on the hindu side


Controversial conversions

>>On the night of January 22 1999, Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two minor sons were burnt alive while they were sleeping in Manoharpur village of Orissa's Keonjhar district[color="#FF00FF"][[[[fact]]]][/color]. There was a perception that he converted many tribals to Christianity [color="#FF00FF"][[[[unverified insinuation]]]][/color].

>>In July 2002, a mass religious conversion took place in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. 70 Dalits were converted to Christianity, leading to an uproar. [color="#FF00FF"][[[[the hindus overreacted to a simple event]]][/color]

>>On August 25 2008, more than 25,000 Christians were forced to flee [color="#FF00FF"][[[[fact]]]][/color]their homes by rampaging mobs, who held them responsible[[[[senseless hindu grievance; unverified]]]] for the murder of VHP leader Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati in Kandhamal, Orissa . It triggered large-scale violence in the area[color="#FF00FF"][[[[fact]]]][/color]. Saraswati was reportedly reconverting tribals from Christianity to Hinduism [color="#FF00FF"][[[[emphasis is on the Swami converting, not the Missionaries; Swami provoked deliberately and the Hindus responded senselessly]]]][/color].

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - dhu - 12-09-2009

[url=""]Our kids were Hindus, they converted them to Christianity'[/url]

Quote:Many children were 'rescued' from a charitable trust in Faridabad run by a Brazil national couple, accused of forcing minors to convert to Christianity.

The couple had allegedly converted 15 children and given them new names, reported Mid-day. The couple also took the children to Churches to give them Christian grooming.

The parents of the kids said, the daily adds, that they had sent their children to the Comademat Charitable Trust for better accommodation and good education. However, the caretakers converted their children.

Parents also informed that he trust turned them saying that they had signed a 20-year contract of non-interference in their children lives. All the parents however denied saying that they are not aware of any such contract.

Parents said that all their efforts of meeting kids were turned down by the trust authorities. However as a result of complaints filed with Faridabad police they met their children again.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 12-09-2009

^^ Important.

[quote name='dhu' date='27 November 2009 - 01:57 AM' timestamp='1259266772' post='102782']

Southern Baptist Agency to Cut Missionary Force by 600

There are currently a little above 5,500 IMB missionaries overseas and the plan is to decrease that number to about 5,000 by the end of 2010.[/quote]That means they've analysed the results and found they've created enough native missionaries to continue on from here. It's common christian practice. Besides christowestern racists hate being with the "stinky brown Indoos" (heathen or convert). Missionaries hate doing it, but they do it all for the jeebus fiction since it must be peddled.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Husky - 12-09-2009

Christoarchive in action (i.e. Christian History-Rewriting, As We Speak):

Quote:Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christian dealth cult stalks Reang tribals of Mizoram

dec 2nd, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: sri

http://www.sentinel cachar/story. php?sec=2& subsec=12& id=27165& dtP=2009- 11-18&ppr= 1

A new tension is brewing in the Bhuban Hills where Kuki and Hmar militants of the Christian community are planning to flush out Hindu Reang tribals living there. The militants have been continuously forcing the Hindu tribals to convert to Christianity, sources said. The Viswa Hindu Parishad had also alerted the district administration about it.

plight of Reangs of Mizoram who consider themselves Hindus

The Reang tribal refugees, locally called Bru, have also sought Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's intervention to solve the 12-year-old ethnic crisis in Mizoram, bordering Myanmar and Bangladesh.

The Central and Tripura governments have asked Mizoram to resolve the long-standing deadlock on the repatriation of 35,000 Reang refugees to the state, said Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar.

Riangs, like Kashmiri Hindus, have been hounded out of Mizoram, a Christian majority state, for refusing to convert to christianism superstitious belief and escape mainly Christian missionary-backed atrocities. In 1997, ethnic cleansing of Reangs, 45,000 were forced (Organizer) into Tripura by Christian terrorists. In this year 2009, the Christian fanatics have again forced 5,000 Reangs to flee to neighbouring Tripura.

Media is terming this an ethnic problem but a similar ethnic problem in Kandhamal was never written as one even though it was an ethnic problem too. This is a lie, it is Christian terrorism against minority Hindus in their state which is being white washed as an ethnic problem to hide the vile agenda of Christian terrorists.
Hindus have no idea how this erasure of identity is a serious danger.

Christohistory will have it that some random "tribe" was ethnically cleansed by another "tribe" in 2009.

The facts of history are that christoterrorism butchered the pagani yet again. But the facts aren't what christianism wants to go into the archive.

Christianism is not intending on making the same mistake it did with Greece and Rome by leaving bloody "Gory Jeebus was here, Sadistic Terrorist Jeebus ethnically cleansed and otherwise genocided the heathens" messages all over the place. Too much effort to history-rewrite to cover up the massacre of GrecoRomans after the event. (Not to mention the christian genocides of heathens in the rest of Europe.)

So it's mopping up even as it murders now: and that's why the christian media is maintaining an orchestrated dead silence on the identity of the victims and perpetrators. (Compared to Kandhamal where they'll make it into the Martyrdom Stories again: "poor innocent" christians were randomly and for no reason at all targeted by eeevil pagans in the year 2008/2009").

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - Guest - 12-18-2009

[url=",2933,580568,00.html?test=latestnews"]Christmas Display Showing Jesus Murdering Santa Under Fire in California[/url]
Quote:A California neighborhood reportedly is up in arms after a resident decorated his lawn with a depiction of Jesus shooting Santa Claus.

The controversial Christmas display shows Jesus pointing a double-barrel shotgun at Santa's dead body as Rudolph lays sprawled across the hood of a pickup truck nearby, WNCT reported.

Neighbors in Nipomo, Calif., called for the display to be removed, but its maker Ron Lake called [color="#FF0000"]it a work of art[/color] — in which Santa represents the commercialization of Christmas, the station reported.

"It's an expression of my repressed creativity,"
<img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' /> Lake told WNCT.

Police said that because Lake built the display on private property they cannot force him to take it down. Some residents plan to start a petition, the station reported.

Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6 - dhu - 12-19-2009

Jeebuswalas staging another attack upon their "church" in Karnataka:

[url=""]Humnabad church attack: police arrest pastor[/url]

Police say the accused hired three goons to vandalise the church

Quote:The Bidar district police Thursday claimed to have solved the case of an attack on a church in Humnabad town in Bidar district on November 17 with the arrest of a former pastor of the church and three hired goons who allegedly attacked the church.

Superintendent of Police Satish Kumar in a press statement said here that the main accused, Vasant, who was the pastor of the Humnabad church till June this year before his transfer to a church at Basantpur in Chincholi taluk in Gulbarga district had conspired to damage the church with the hope that the church authorities would cancel his transfer and keep him in Humnabad.

Mr. Kumar said the investigation revealed that the accused had taken the help of B. Sunil, S. Mallikarjun Swamy and S. Manjunath, all belonging to Humnabad town, to damage the church with a promise of paying them Rs. 10,000. According to Mr. Kumar, the main accused had already paid Rs. 1,000 as advance to the trio for carrying out the attack.

The attack, which had embarrassed the district administration and the police, had caused quite a stir among the Christians who wanted the Government to take immediate action against those responsible for the attack. Furniture, electrical fittings in the main prayer hall and the cross on the dome of the church were damaged. The Opposition parties such as the Congress and the Janata Dal (Secular) had also joined the Christians in demanding action against those responsible for the attack.

Mr. Kumar said that a special team of police officers, headed by Additional Superintendent of Police Thyagarajan and Circle Inspectors M.H. Satish, working in Humnabad police station and James Menenzis working in Raichur, was formed to solve the case. The team questioned several persons and finally the pastor. The accused revealed the names of the three people he had hired to attack the church.