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BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 07-27-2010

I note there is an upsurge in RNIs targetting NRIs. Whats the real reason? On BRF we have some senior members doing the same with their fanboys. Atleast they are known to be sicular. What the matter in this thread?

A well known English writer said " I don't have to eat the whole egg to know its bad!" Similary the arguement that unless you have worked at ground level and live and breathe the air you dont know its bad does not flow.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 07-27-2010


ramana garu: On a similar note, how many of us have even stepped into Pakistan to write books and treatises, huh? If one can read books and material offline and online and shape thoughts about Pakistan and the World, how difficult it is to shape thoughts about a country in which one was born lived in for decades and have relatives in multiple cities?

BJP Future - 7 - Capt M Kumar - 07-28-2010

But far more pointed was Nitish’s caveat to his own ally, the BJP, with which he has a viable government but often a volatile political relationship. Social peace and cohesion, he emphasised, was the bedrock of his scheme and he wouldn’t allow anything or anyone to upset that.

“We have very painfully built an atmosphere in which no section of society feels threatened or alienated,” he said. “There can be no compromise on consolidating that composite society.”

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 07-29-2010

Bharath, Could you elaborate a bit on the Bihar situation. Why do you say that BJP emerged stronger from the spat.

Also, any insights on the surveys? A victory in Bihar will go a long way in shoring up morale of the BJP supporters.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 07-30-2010

Gurulog, What will be the political reaction of the Congress inspired CBI probes in Gujarat? Seems like Congress goal is to implicate Modi and also reduce the BJP in stature.

As Swapan dasgupta wrote, Hand is plucking the lotus, one petal at a time.

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 08-06-2010

Gadhakari concerned about Wakf property

Why is Gadhakari concerned about Mohammmedan welfare,

encroachment of "Wakf lands",

facilitation of Islamic pilgrimage

and compensation for Mullahs?

Does anyone recall Gadhakari or any other worthy from the "Hindu nationalist" BJP making any effort for the preservation of Hindu temples, which are in a state of neglect and disrepair, their funds and land holdings usurped and diverted for Mohammedan & Christist benefit?

Did Gadhakari ever demand that Hindu temple money be used solely for the maintenance of temple related infrastructure,

Hindu societal welfare?

Did Gadhakari protest when the

Srikalahasti temple's Gopuram collapsed due to corruption, neglect and diversion of finances for "minority welfare"?

Did Gadhakari dissent when a Government committee comprising Dravidian stealth christists declare that the "temple in Andhra Pradesh had outlived its useful life"?

Then why does BJP chief Gadhakari find it appropriate

to wag his tail in a pathetic

display of toadyism, slave like

genuflection to insatiable Mohammedan supremacism?

Story from The Chindu follows:

NEW DELHI: Bharatiya Janata Party president Nitin Gadkari has asked Chief Ministers of all BJP-ruled States to take urgent steps to end encroachment or illegal occupation of wakf property.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, he said the Centre should help in ending illegal occupation of such property throughout the country.

If properly utilised, Rs. 12,000-crore revenue could be generated from these property that cover approximately 8 lakh acres in metros and other cities.

The very intention of wakf property was to use the revenue generated for the welfare of poor Muslims.

The money could be used to give coaching to young Muslim men and women to help them compete in medical, engineering or central administrative examinations, build rest homes at pilgrim centres, impart skills that could help them generate incomes and give salaries to muezzins, he said."

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 08-10-2010

Politicsparty guy has identified the future danger of BJP govt in Karnataka to INC and hence is on a roll:

He wants to ensure there is no BJP govt in Karnataka!

BJP Future - 7 - Capt M Kumar - 08-16-2010

It can be said of Narendra Damodardas Modi that he is the man everyone loves to hate except, of course, the people. Pundits in television studios may spew venom at him and leader writers will heap scorn on him but here is the irrefutable evidence. For the fourth consecutive time in the India Today Mood of the Nation Poll, voters have chosen him the best among all chief ministers in the country. The poll also indicates that if Modi were to set his eyes on the throne in Delhi, he stands a much better chance than all his rivals, except Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 08-17-2010

Now BJP losing ground in Bihar. If they lose heavily in Bihar it is the end of the party.

Contrary to what Bharath was saying, the Modi-Nitish spat has affected BJP badly in Bihar.

Bihar BJP chief offers to resign

The BJP’s Bihar unit chief C.P. Thakur on Monday offered to resign over the party’s internal survey, showing that the BJP was rapidly losing ground in the poll-bound state.

Sources disclosed Dr Thakur offered his resignation during a meeting of the party top brass and senior state unit leaders. However, party chief Nitin Gadkari refused to accept his resignation and asked him to continue.

This newspaper had carried a report on Monday that an internal survey conducted by the BJP has shown it winning not more than 30-33 seats. At present, the party has 54 members in the state assembly. Assembly polls in the state are scheduled in October-November this year.

After the findings of this survey, the BJP convened this meeting at Mr Gadkari’s residence to take stock of the situation.

Apart from Mr Gadkari and Dr Thakur, the party’s general secretary, organisation, Ramlal and state unit’s co-in-charge Dharmendra Pradhan were also present during the meeting.

The party’s top brass asked its state leaders to mobilise party cadre as well as all its leaders in the state. The BJP, which was hopeful of winning around at least 62-65 seats this time, was in for a shock when survey’s result came.

The survey had also shown that the BJP’s alliance partner JD(U) has overshadowed it in the state. Both the JD(U) and BJP are running the government in the state. The JD(U) has 81 members in the state Assembly.

One of the main reasons listed in the survey for party losing its ground in the state is the recent spat between Bihar chief minister and JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. Party cadre in the state feel demoralised after the incident and also are of the view that the BJP is less visible in the state than JD(U).

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 08-18-2010

Just got the news.

It is a plant from Mr Nitish Kum... . It is "Asian Age".

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 08-18-2010

Good to know that and it is a relief. It is imperative that the BJP do well in Bihar poll.

Why is Nitish planting these stories? To demoralise BJP cadre in Bihar? Also what is the deal with "asian age"?

BJP Future - 7 - BlessedAgni - 08-18-2010

[quote name='Bharath' date='18 August 2010 - 04:58 AM' timestamp='1282103416' post='107940']

Just got the news.

It is a plant from Mr Nitish Kum... . It is "Asian Age".


I dont follow. what is a plant? the author in the asian age article?

btw.. look at all the articles he has written. Hes clearly anti-BJP

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 08-19-2010

JDU would be applying pressure for more seats. They will say you will not win many seats so give us some seats.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 08-20-2010

Earlier it was discussed whether Nitish Kumar will dump BJP and join UPA. Politics is not that simplistic as Delhi based 'famous' TV anchors & English newspaper 'Editors' write about. For the last 2 years or so, every single English media outlet was praising Nitish Kumar and telling him that he has 'developed' Bihar and now he should show real statesmanship by dumping BJP and joining UPA. (Will discuss this Bihar ‘development’ later).

Regional Party honchos usually have no ideology (Navin Patnaik, Chandrababu Naidu, Lalu, Mulayam etc). Only two parties in India can claim to have some ideology are BJP & CPM. Congress because of single family rule actively discourages any ideology what so ever. Regional parties as they have no ideology will depend on just on single factor that is "Caste/group combination".

Nitish Kumar understands that he very badly needs the votes of some communities which only will vote for BJP and not for Nitish or Lalu. Also Nitish has failed to break the OBC barrier other than his own caste.

If he joins with Congress, Congress will just eat away his "Caste/group combination" in a matter of few years. He understands that. Mulayam is paying a heavy price in UP because of this mistake he did. Congress can take any role; will do any kind of caste politics to "eat" the alliance vote. Also in his own party, Nitish can be subdued by Congress. Congress will give Union ministry posts, big corporation chairmanships etc to JD(U) people and weaken his own hold in JD(U). Nitish will know all these. Also another greed factor of Nitish is that of a united front government in center one day. So he has some dreams of being the Prime Minister in this United Front. That will be wiped off, if he joins with Congress now.

Nitish came through the political process with Jayaprakash Narayan as student leader along with Lalu. Nitish is more smarter than the Delhi based anchors. He can teach politics to the Delhi Billis like Rajdeep Sar... , Dutt etc.

Nitish will like to have BJP with him in this election and wait for a United Front like Mayawati later.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 08-23-2010

The same story about the BJP survey is another newspaper. There has to be some truth to this.

Bihar polls: BJP internal survey sets off alarm bells

New Delhi: An internal survey conducted by the BJP to assess its prospects in poll-bound Bihar has set alarm bells ringing in the party. The survey has reportedly predicted that the BJP could fare poorly in the elections scheduled to be held in three months.

Sources in the party said the survey has painted a bleak picture for the party and points out that the Congress, an otherwise marginal player in the state, could dent its votebank in what is set to be a three-cornered contest between the ruling BJP-JD(U), Congress and the RJD-LJP alliance.

It is learnt that a worried leadership of the BJP reviewed the party’s prospects on the basis of the survey last week. Although there is not much time left, the party top brass felt that if the state unit could redouble its efforts and reach out to its core support base, mainly the upper caste electorate, the outcome could be different.

The survey has surprised the BJP as it goes against the perception that the ruling NDA could return to power riding on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s development agenda. Party insiders said state unit chief CP Thakur has expressed his willingness to make way for a new leadership but that proposal was turned down by the central leadership.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 08-27-2010

There was an editorial in central chronicle which talks about infighting in Bihar BJP and that could hurt BJP's electoral prospects. This sounds similiar to Rajasthan elections where the BJP was defeated by infighting rather than Congress.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 08-29-2010

I hope people have seen the performance of the party in Rajasthan local body elections. They have done pretty well.

Party President Nitin Gadkari has worked very hard and brought about peace between the Vasundhara Raje camp & the RSS local unit. As they fought without any infighting this time, they have done very well. I hope the lessions learnt are kept in the mind of all the camps in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a place where BJP will do pretty well if it fights unitedly.

The congress government in Rajasthan has earned a bad name in a short time. It has not done any developmental activity in any field (infrastructure, agriculture, electricity, water, roads etc). So in 2013 you can expect a new caste reservation scheme from Congress in Rajasthan or a huge subsidy etc.

BJP Future - 7 - Capt M Kumar - 08-29-2010

Two BJP-governed states — Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh — have raised eyebrows for robustly implementing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s key measures for minorities, which are overseen by the minority affairs ministry. In a Cabinet appraisal, chaired by Singh on Thursday to review the PM’s 15-point

national plan for minorities, Gujarat was found to have put in place “standard operating procedures” to prevent and take action during communal riots, along with nine other states.

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi has kicked in efficiency in governance and also roped in actor Amitabh Bachchan as state brand ambassador. Many view these steps as Modi’s efforts to correct his negative image in the aftermath of the 2002 riots.

BJP Future - 7 - Capt M Kumar - 08-29-2010

Unfortunately, even this limited gain is in danger of being wiped out if the BJP now falls into a trap laid for it by the Congress. The ‘saffron terror' issue is one where BJP must rebuff all attempts by extremists acting as custodians of Hindu interests to gain legitimacy. A resurrected Ayodhya dispute will be another test of its responsible nationalism. The Congress wants to paint the BJP as a party of narrow-minded fanatics out to destroy India's plural society. It wants to show that India's future isn't safe in the hands of such a force. More than a thousand speeches, it is worthwhile policy engagements, like those on the nuclear civil liability Bill, which will persuade India to have another look at the BJP.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 08-29-2010

Just few hours back, the post on Nuclear Liability bill was posted in BRF :

Now the great spin for the lawyer leader from resident advisior.

Mr Swapan Dasgupta doesn't know a difference between a nuclear fusion & a fission, but he was wax eloquent on why India must sign the nuclear deal in 2008 and now in 2010 why BJP must support this.

The tragedy of the party is that LKA wants his chelas to run the party. He thinks it is his personal property. So the lawyer leader who takes advice from half baked Anglophile Bengali (whose knowledge of elections in India is the Student union elections of St Stephens) works with the "government" in pushing the bill.