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BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 10-19-2010

[quote name='kharavela' date='19 October 2010 - 09:30 AM' timestamp='1287460350' post='108949']

According the Star News poll, NDA will win hands down in Bihar and Nitish on his own will be near majority.

Now will Nitish dump BJP after the polls. He would have to be a very nice guy not to do so. Yet another example of allies getting the better of BJP.


BJP in bihar is the upper caste party with 15% vote share

As such, it is necessary for Nitish to keep a safety margin

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 10-19-2010

GS, One question people will ask is what has BJP done for Hindus when they were in power? Or even when they are in power in states. While they do deliver good governance which is fine but they do not do anything overt to show that they help the Hindu cause.

The other point is that BJP has to come to power at the center and it needs support of allies. Only if it stays in power for a long period at the center, can it effect big changes.

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 10-19-2010

[quote name='kharavela' date='19 October 2010 - 10:25 AM' timestamp='1287463659' post='108951']

GS, One question people will ask is what has BJP done for Hindus when they were in power? Or even when they are in power in states. While they do deliver good governance which is fine but they do not do anything overt to show that they help the Hindu cause.

The other point is that BJP has to come to power at the center and it needs support of allies. Only if it stays in power for a long period at the center, can it effect big changes.


Legally, the BJP can do many things

First of all, it can use the state to crush the muslim mafia

Nitish has crushed Laloo's muslim goons like Mohd Shahabuddhin

Next, it can free temples from state control

Next it can pass anti-cow slaughter laws like in Guj and Karnataka

It can clean up text books

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 10-20-2010

The first CWG scam raids are netting BJP linked contractors. And media is highlighting this aspect only.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 10-20-2010

[quote name='ramana' date='20 October 2010 - 04:38 AM' timestamp='1287529247' post='108962']

The first CWG scam raids are netting BJP linked contractors. And media is highlighting this aspect only.


Are you surprised? They will find some unknown as scapegoat. Queen, Dik-shit and Babus will have free ride.

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 10-20-2010

The game seems to be to split the CWG projects into games related chota scam and the infrastructure bada scam. And nail the opposition small fry in the chota scam.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 10-27-2010


Quote:The voting dynamics of the country is slowly but surely set to change. The trend is evident from the recent civil election results in Gujarat where the BJP led by Narendra Modi emerged victorious. Historically, elections in India have been fought on vote bank and caste politics; developmental economics had a very limited role to play. This was primarily due to lack of awareness, relative backwardness as well as high decibel leaders harping upon issues that are closer to the heart but not necessarily to the wallet.

Development has been the hallmark of Narendra Modi’s victory. Besides, a massive shift in the mindset comes across from the fact that over 100 Muslim candidates contested on the BJP ticket at various levels. The BJP also managed to emerge victorious in places like Dang known for its sizeable tribal Christian population.

Outside Gujarat, Mr. Modi seems to be a rightist Hindu leader while within Gujarat even the Muslims seem to be siding with him and using his platform to win elections. He has positioned himself as an agent of change and betterment. Having travelled quite a bit in Gujarat, I can vouch for many of the claims made by the Narenda Modi government. The roads are good, infrastructure is good and industries are getting red carpet welcome instead of red tapism. Remember how the Nano moved from Singur in Bengal to Sanand in Gujarat.

The common person on the street acknowledges that development is happening and issues are being addressed thereby helping Modi gain further mileage. It will now be interesting to know what happens in Bihar elections under the leadership of Nitesh Kumar; keep in mind Bihar’s percentage growth of GDP is faster than even Gujarat.

Bihar has been logging in GDP of 10-14%; even civic life has changed dramatically. Elections this time will be fought on the development plank and results in the Bihar elections will be a precursor on people’s thought process in the time to come. It is very important for the government at the Centre to wake up; for a long time they have been basking in the glory of NREGA and I don’t think they can continue to do so for long.

Information Technology is also extremely important because thanks to the media, internet and well-connected cellphones, the common person has access to information which was earlier not easily accessible. Wherever you go in India, there is encouraging information flow; general awareness too has increased tremendously. Secondly as the economy develops, people’s aspirations also change. They are no longer happy with mere rice rationed at Rs2 kg. Apart from basic food, clothing and shelter, yeh dil maange more.

The current government has to wake up, stand up and take quick actions. Unless concrete action is taken, the government will lose credibility. In the case of the Common Wealth Games, a number of committees have been formed to investigate. Aam junta wants results of these investigations.

Back to Bihar, the elections there will also be fought on the developmental plank. To an extent, public opinion is that there is safety on the streets in Bihar now under Nitish Kumar as compared to the ‘jungle raj’ earlier. The little political brownie points will keep getting played in the media too like Nitish Kumar offering bicycles to girl students to go to school and Lalu Prasad promising motorbikes. The outcome of Bihar elections will have a bearing on the future Centre as this state accounts for 40 odd seats in Parliament and would be crucial if coalition politics comes into play.

Other CMs will also start waking up and using development as a theme. Mr. Modi is running one of the most clean elected governments in the country and two things which will matter most to the people are cleanliness as well as governance. It is pitiable that the Centre is lacking on both these accounts. Even now they talk about riots that took place in Gujarat around 10 years ago. The Congress at least should not forget that under their regime in 1984 the worst kind of genocide took place. It is a classic case of a ‘The pot calling the kettle black’. As if to justify the role of the Congress government in the riots, the honourable late Rajiv Gandhi then had said that when a giant tree falls then the earth shakes.

The other revolution that has taken place is the electronic voting machines (EVM) which has definitely improved the political process. It is common for a losing party to blame the electronic voting machines whether it was BJP which lost the Parliamentary elections or the Congress when it loses the state elections. With the Congress party crying foul in Gujarat, Modi manages to smile assuring them that the PM has said that the EVMs cannot be tampered with.

I will now wait for the election results in Bihar to see if my hypothesis is correct or remains confined to armchair thought process.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 10-27-2010

[url=""]Did Muslims vote for BJP in Gujarat?[/url] An article from

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 10-27-2010

I have mixed feelings about Sushma Swaraj's remarks on Modi. On one hand, in a 'free country' I would like to see leaders of a party debate and get elected as its chief/nominee; but on the other hand downplaying Modi especially when he is already harassed by all willy-nilly leaves a sour taste in mouth. I expect leaders to be ambitious and see great role and power within the party and country - but there should be a due process. It will be interesting to strike this difficult balance. For now, I think SS should keep her mouth shut.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 11-07-2010

Some updates from Bihar:

JD(U) & BJP seems to be doing good in these first 4 phases. The Yadav vote bank is still strong with Lalu. A big problem in predicting this time is due to the huge amount of anti-party activities (rebel work) in each party.

At least 5 JD(U) MPs have taken seats from RJD for their children & relatives as they didn't get seats from Nitish. Likewise many RJD MPs relatives are fighting in JD(U) ticket. Nitish is facing lot of internal sabotage. Lalu & Congress is also facing huge amount of internal sabotage. Congress is playing a big role in creating internal trouble for Lalu. INC thinks atleast it should be the opposition force in Bihar. So encouraging a lot of Yadav rebels in RJD. The seat sharing between Paswan & Lalu has not helped much as disgruntled people who didn't get seats in each party are working over time to finish them.

Luckily for NDA, this has not happened. Not because of any great honor or behaviour. But because of circumstances. Where ever BJP is strong, JD(U) presence is just minor or namesake. Same way, in places where JD(U) is strong, BJP is minor. So not much inter party fighting in NDA.

Congress belives that yadav rebels and Muslim vote will help it. So congress is going big time after Muslim vote. BJP might benefit by the two way splitting of muslim vote. Also Congress couldn't put any tough challenge to BJP in its traditional vote bank (which some researchers were expecting).

BJP is having internal sabotage in 12 to 15 seats of its entire 103 seats. So compared to other parties it is doing much better.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 11-07-2010

Quote: Also Congress couldn't put any tough challenge to BJP in its traditional vote bank


BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 11-08-2010

[quote name='Mudy' date='06 November 2010 - 08:36 PM' timestamp='1289104132' post='109137']



Didn't want to say that in a open forum. Mail me or ping me. Lot of Congressi guys might be seeing this forum.

As a hint, I can say: Look at the candidates announced by Congress for Bihar election where BJP fighting (103 seats).

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 11-08-2010

Bharath, any chance of JDU getting majority on its own? What are the chances of BJP increasing its seats from 55.

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 11-18-2010

Karnataka again in trouble?

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 11-19-2010

[url=""]BJP undecided on CM's fate[/url]
Quote:The BJP core group meeting in Delhi on the fate of Karnataka chief minister B S Yeddyurappa, following the uproar over alleged allotments of land to his family members at throwaway prices, ended inconclusively on Thursday night. The group, comprising top Bharatiya Janata Party leaders such as L K Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley and H N Ananth Kumar, instead decided to meet again in the next two days for further discussion.

"The core group discussed the news reports that have appeared on the Karnataka government," said Jaitley.

"The chief minister and other leaders may be called to Delhi for talks with the party's national leadership."

Earlier in the evening, the Karnataka cabinet endorsed Yeddyurappa's decision to form a commission, headed by a retired judge, to probe all the alleged land scams in the state during the last 10 years.

The trouble began about 10 days ago when Janata Dal (Secular) state president HD Kumaraswamy released some documents, alleging the CM had broken rules to allot government land to his sons and daughter and caused a loss of Rs 5,000-6,000 crore to the exchequer.

But Yeddyurappa said, "I have followed what my predecessors did".

Although the number of MLAs hostile to Yeddyurappa had grown from 40 to more than 61 by Thursday evening, the first BJP chief minister in south India asserted: "I will remain chief minister for the remaining two-and-a-half years."

The core group is divided over the fate of the CM. A section of the party brass - particularly Ananth Kumar and Sushma Swaraj, who have had problems with Yedyyurappa earlier too - are believed to have said the embarrassment threatened to dampen the BJP's corruption charges against the UPA.

The other view is that Yedyyurappa being a Lingayat, a numerically strong community that has recently been backing the BJP, is crucial to the party's electoral fortunes.

H N Ananth Kumar is trouble maker, he started this nonsense in first place.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 11-20-2010

[url=""]Family gives up land, CM in Delhi to face the music[/url]
Quote:“Whenever and wherever clinching evidence is there against our minister or chief minister, action will be certainly taken,” senior BJP leader SS Ahluwalia said in New Delhi.

The CM’s sons, BS Raghvendra and BS Vijeyendra, returned the plots allotted by the Bangalore Development Authority and Karnataka Industrial Area Development Corporation, while their sister Umadevi also gave up her two-acre industrial plot.

What’s more, Yeddyurappa's sister and her son and daughter-in-law surrendered two residential plots in the middle class area of Bangalore west.

On Thursday, Yeddyurappa, while claiming that all was well and he would remain in power for the rest of his tenure, ordered a probe by a committee headed by a retired Supreme Court judge into the land allotments made during the last 10 years.

The allegations against Yeddyurappa sparked another round of dissidence within the party, with 61 MLAs believed to have written to the party high command on their letterheads, seeking Yeddyurappa’s removal.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 11-20-2010

[url=""]Yeddyurappa likely to meet BJP high command tomorrow[/url]

Quote:The leaders have maintained that removal of the Chief Minister may not be a viable option given the delicate balance in the state politics.

But if it comes to the crunch, the possibility of an alternative leader from dominant Lingayat community, to which the Chief Minister belongs, cannot be ruled out, party sources said.

Karnataka MP Ananth Kumar, who is accused by Chief Minister's supporters of fanning dissidence against him, also attended the Core Group meeting.

"My party high command has asked me to come to Delhi and I am going," Yeddyurappa told reporters in Hubli.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 11-20-2010

[url=""]Yeddyurappa committed no wrong[/url]

November 18, 2010 by janamejayan

I was amused to watch HD Kumaraswamy the corrupt leader of opposition in Karnataka who was restless at being kept in the opposition so he bribed some BJP MLAs and independents with a view to topple Yeddyurappa’s Govt, showing more restlessness because he did not win either in the Assembly or in the Court. How is he showing his restlessness? By hurling accusation of corruption which according to him amounts to six crores, yes six crores of rupees in a land denotification. Does he or his partners in crime viz. the Congress know that the country is reeling under an unheard of corruption amounting to 176 lakh crore? Let me put it in figures, it is a mind boggling Rs.1760000000000000 – yes it is 176 followed by 13 zeros!! What is this many crores compared to six crores of ‘alleged’ corruption?

People of India should rise from their slumber and send these bleeders of the country like Sonia, Sikhandi Singh, HDK and the rest of the mafia to the guillotine.


Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa has said he committed no wrong on the land allocation issue and a conspiracy is being hatched to dislodge the first BJP government headed by him in the State and also the South as his opponents could not digest the party’s growth.

Mr. Yeddyurappa told The Hindu that he was not perturbed by such accusations and he would continue his official programmes on Friday by visiting Karwar and Bhagalkot to participate in the “Bhagyalakshmi” programme.

A voluntary act

He denied that the BJP high command had sought a report from him on the land allotment issue or that he had voluntarily sent such communication to the party leaders.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 11-21-2010

From a BJP campaign perspective, it has material on two mega corruption issues that it SHOULD pin on INC. The CWG and the 2g/3g IT scam. Bihar and Gujarat have shown that people are ready to vote based on development issues. Whether people believe it or not, INC is going to project Rahul as clean, modern, young and progressive leader ready to take India to the 21st century and beyond. This INC narrative has to be broken; and BJP has to get its narrative moving. If the media is not supporting, then BJP has to influence a few business people to join and create a fair and neutral media. And in the process BJP ought to continue to clean & reform its stable.

With INC making so many boo boos, BJP ought to win the next elections. Meanwhile in all areas where it has MLAs and MPs the focus should be on development and reducing corruption; and BJP should use these areas as show cases for the general elections. If it fails to improve to capture the imagination and votes of people, then something seriously is wrong with BJP.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 11-25-2010

Good show in Bihar, BJP won almost 90% of the seats it contested; better than JDU's percent.

[url=""]Sushil Modi's role[/url]