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BJP Future - 7 - Capt M Kumar - 06-07-2011

She will look after the party's affairs in Uttar Pradesh, which goes to polls next year.

"I discussed the issue with all leaders and parliamentary party members and so I am announcing it now. With Uma Bharti, we will get power in Uttar Pradesh politics," Gadkari told reporters. She may also make dent into UP kitty to BJP's advantage.

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 06-08-2011

LKA's speech was a missed chance. He was groping for words and demanding President Patil convene the Lok Sabha. When the Lok Sabha was in session most of time it was boycotted.

One doesn't deal with thugs in a parlimentary way. Until they move no-confidence motion there is no point of debating stuff. It makes for good press but is ineffective in solving people's problems and meeting expectations.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 06-08-2011

[url=""]History will not forgive PM for "political sin": Ramdev[/url]

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 06-08-2011

LKA is a politician and still interested in PM chair.

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 06-09-2011

Yeah he should move on for he is ensuring no one else can make it. He had his innings and didnt strike oil.

Meanwhile book review in Pioneer

Quote:AGENDA | Sunday, June 5, 2011 | Email | Print | | Back

He lived for Hindu cause

June 09, 2011 12:37:59 AM


Author: Prashanto K Chatterji

Publisher: Cambridge

Price: Rs 795

Syama Prasad Mookerjee perceived the threat of Islamic separatism more clearly than anybody in Congress, say Prafull Goradia and KR Phanda

Prashanto Kumar Chatterji’s book covers Syama Prasad Mookerjee’s political career as Bengal’s Finance Minister (1941-42), Hindu Mahasabha’s ascendancy in Indian politics and its reverses (1945-47), Mookerjee’s stint as a Union Minister (1947-50) and the establishment of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh (1950-53). In such a short period, he had pursued with an exceptional zeal the cause of the Hindu community. Had he not died under mysterious circumstances in 1953, the history of post-Independent India would have been different.

Mookerjee was one of the few Hindu leaders who had the experience of working under a Muslim Premier of a Muslim-majority province of Bengal. He had seen how the Fazlul Haq Ministry, in its earlier avatar, had taken a number of measures to reduce Hindus to the status of second-class citizens in their own country. The communalisation of secondary education, discrimination in the matter of employment, abduction of Hindu women and destruction of Hindu places of workshop were a common feature during the regime. All this had happened because the Congress had refused to form a coalition with Haq, forcing him to take the League’s support.

By a strange turn of events, Mookerjee and Haq found themselves working together as colleagues from December 1941, on the basis of a general understanding that the second Haq Ministry would maintain communal harmony. In connivance with the British bureaucracy, however, the provincial Government continued to make planned efforts to engineer riots, particularly in East Bengal, to demoralise Hindus so that they flee from their hearths and homes, or get converted to Islam. Mookerjee joined the Ministry to alleviate the condition of Hindus. However, he resigned on March 31, 1943, as he couldn’t protect Hindus in the State. Also, he was fed up with the policy of the Union Government, which ignored the legitimate claims of Indians and used every means to repress every form of nationalist activity.

In this context, the author quotes Prof Balraj Madhok: “The way he (Mookerjee) let go of the ministership, when he found that he could do no good to his people by continuing in the ministry, made it clear to all that here was a man whom no temptation could deflect from the path of duty. He had joined the coalition cabinet as a representative of the Hindu Mahasabha, but he came out of it as the undisputed leader of entire nationalist Bengal.”

Thereafter, Mookerjee devoted himself entirely to the strengthening of the Hindu Mahasabha. He was convinced that the Congress was no longer committed to the welfare of the nation, particularly Hindus, thanks to its policy of appeasement towards the Muslim League.

The 1945-46 election results had proved beyond doubt that the League was the sole representative of Muslims in India and Jinnah their unquestioned leader. To reinforce their claim for a separate homeland for Muslims on a religious basis, Jinnah gave a call for Direct Action in 1946. This resulted in the Great Calcutta Killings of August 16, 1946. The League, after the 1945-46 election, had laid claims to the inclusion of the whole of Bengal and Punjab provinces in Pakistan. The author points out that but for the strong case made by Mookerjee for the division of these provinces, the Congress might have yielded to the League’s demand.

After Independence, Mookerjee was appointed a Minister in the first Cabinet formed under Jawaharlal Nehru. The other non-Congress Ministers who were included on the basis of their merit were Sir John Mathai and Sir Shanmukham Chetty. Soon thereafter, Pakistan resorted to the policy of ethnic cleansing of Hindus in East Pakistan — now Bangladesh. There was a mass migration of Hindus. Mookerjee felt distressed and told the Prime Minister that it was India’s duty to ensure protection of Hindus in Pakistan. Since Nehru was reluctant to take any effective action against Pakistan, Mookerjee resigned from the Cabinet.

On November 15, 1952, Mookerjee observed in Parliament: “The question of the minorities in Pakistan has been settled during the last five years in different ways. So far as West Pakistan is concerned, today it stands virtually denuded of its minority population. The creation of a homogenous Islamic state was the principal aim of the founder of Pakistan and those who have come into his shoes have carried that deal into execution in every possible way. Hindus have been deprived of their rights in every sphere — social, cultural, economic, religious and political. They are treated as zimmis or protected citizens on regular payment of jizya.”

How prophetic the above observations were! Only recently, jizya was imposed on Sikhs living in Pakistan’s tribal west. Those who were unable to pay were murdered. Mookerjee had suggested an exchange of population, but the proposal was turned down both by Gandhi and Nehru.

BJP Future - 7 - dhu - 06-19-2011

[url=""]Chopper crashes hrs after dropping Gadkari[/url]

BJP Future - 7 - ravicv - 06-19-2011

[quote name='dhu' date='19 June 2011 - 06:40 AM' timestamp='1308493952' post='111991']

[url=""]Chopper crashes hrs after dropping Gadkari[/url]


Is this a botched assasination attempt, or a warning?

BJP Future - 7 - ravicv - 06-19-2011



Advani is nothing but bs. If the useless BJP even want to remotely start thinking of changing, Advani should be the first to be expelled followed by Rajnath Singh. The NDA had two golden opportunities to solve this Italian problem permanently. When she led demonstrations causing law and order problems and severely disrupting the city of New Delhi during two seperate national emergencies in India - Kargil war and after the tests when India was under sanctions (and even external threat), she should have been locked up under the National Security Act (or whatever), and the key thrown away (or some equivalent measure).

Both Vajpayee and Advani were scared of the Italian for whatever reasons. Is it the white coolie complex inherent in Indians, or does she have some blackmailing cards against them, I really cannot say! Against everybody's advise, Vajpayee appointed Brajesh Mishra (a closet Italian worshipper) as NSA. One can say with more than a measure of credibility that the Italian is the creation of Vajpayee and the BJP/NDA. She could have been done away with on other numerous times and for numerous offenses (her "activities regarding priceless Indian antiques, etc....). It was this same Brajesh Mishra who got Rahul Gandhi off the hook in Boston's Logan International airport.

Also, when Maneka Gandhi as a cabinet minister wanted to have the Italian thrown out of 10 Janpath (which is Govt. property) because she had no legitimate reasons to stay in the PM's officla residence (as designated by Rajeev Gandhi, since the previous residence was converted into a "shrine" for Indira Gandhi), Maneka Gandhi was removed from the cabinet. These instances alone should tell one what the BJP/NDA are all about!

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 06-19-2011

[quote name='qubit' date='19 June 2011 - 08:35 PM' timestamp='1308495452' post='111993']

Is this a botched assasination attempt, or a warning?



BJP Future - 7 - Pandyan - 06-20-2011

[quote name='Mudy' date='19 June 2011 - 11:32 AM' timestamp='1308497046' post='111996']



it was probably jason bourne.

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 06-20-2011

Qubit, if the analysis of BJP leaders support to Mrs SG is right, then it has prevented effective leadership from emerging in INC. There are no INC leaders worthy of that role. So in the long run that support has decimated INC as a credible political power.

BJP Future - 7 - ravicv - 06-20-2011

[quote name='ramana' date='20 June 2011 - 07:42 AM' timestamp='1308584076' post='112004']

Qubit, if the analysis of BJP leaders support to Mrs SG is right, then it has prevented effective leadership from emerging in INC. There are no INC leaders worthy of that role. So in the long run that support has decimated INC as a credible political power.


That's true Ramana. However, that's what suits her. There's nobody in the INC to call her mentally challenged son on the mat. The Italian doesn't give a damned either for India, or even for the INC. It's first her family, then her religion, and maybe as an occasional and fleeting afterthought, the domestic servants that surround her. I've talked with her once for a pretty lengthy period of time, and believe me she's not too terribly bright or perceptive. Just reptillian cunningness and avarice. About her son, well, I can tell you from personal experience that his mind is the most underdeveloped part of India!

BJP Future - 7 - ravicv - 06-20-2011

It's like this Ramana, akin to Barua's infamous statement, "Indira is India and India is Indira", now, "the Italian is the INC and the INC is the Italian". She can count on two disgraceful qualities hardwired into many (if not most Indians) - the coolie complex and the lack of will to fight! Personally, I have been told that she would like both her abominable offsprings to jointly take over after her. The problem is that her dear daughter has very serious vices that I cannot state here, and of which there are many giga-bytes of video footage.

The Italian is desperately trying to downplay that her dear daughter has seperated from her rent-boy! Unfortunately for her, everybody knows that starting from Delhi "paan wallahs"! Only God can save India, or some very serious sequence of events which are slated to occur, instigated from across the borders which are (given available details) serious enough to even inject testesterone into Indians! Then the Italian has a LOT to answer for!

BJP Future - 7 - dhu - 06-21-2011 16-JUN-2011 predicted that the turn of events with Gadkari directly targetting Sonia would result in Gadkari becoming either the PM in a BJP-led- or deputy PM in a non-BJP-led- coalition.

Now if the politicsparty writer has direct access to UPA perception and Gadkari gets targeted one or two days right after the article comes out, it indeed means that UPA has directly targeted a Hindu leader and that there is no limit to what they are willing to do to retain power and implement the NAC-Jesuit agenda.

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 06-21-2011

Dhu, After YSR and Khandu, its very clear that helicopters in India are dangerous travel medium. If one gets accidented there is plausible deniability. So one has to exercise caution. In 70s a slew of leaders got removed like that yet folks think it wont be them.

BJP Future - 7 - Capt M Kumar - 06-27-2011

The Congress Working Committee has been remarkably immature in rubbishing the civil society’s movement against corruption as a drive incited by the RSS and the BJP. Rather than confront the issue of corruption head on, the party is taking refuge in diversionary measures. The Congress is clearly rattled by the “encouraging” meeting that Anna Hazare and his team had with veteran BJP leader LK Advani, and by the possibility of another meeting with that party’s senior leaders.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 06-27-2011

Now Anna will be labeled are BJP/RSS man. There own creation ditched him or this is another drama by Anna.

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 06-29-2011

The PAC Chairman cant release the report for publication? Loosk like the way the PAC is packed with 11 out of 21 member ie a majority belong to INC groups.

BJP Future - 7 - Capt M Kumar - 06-29-2011

In what portends ominous signals for the government's ability to push legislations that need support of non-NDA parties, the BSP changed lanes to back Joshi. What must be equally discomforting for the government was the reluctance of the DMK to support the UPA's demand for dumping the report. Both the BSP and the DMK had aggressively backed the Congress when it prevented the previous panel from adopting the report.

[color="#FF0000"][size="4"]Given the changing affiliations, the support for the Congress for closing the 2G chapter appears to be waning in the panel.[/size][/color] BSP's Satish Chandra left it to the chairman to take a call on the report's fate. DMK's Adhi Sankar said the PAC should call more witnesses in connection with the 2G scam. Samajwadi Party member Reoti Raman Singh, who reached late for the meeting, did not speak on the subject.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 06-29-2011

[quote name='ramana' date='29 June 2011 - 04:32 AM' timestamp='1309301676' post='112062']

The PAC Chairman cant release the report for publication? Loosk like the way the PAC is packed with 11 out of 21 member ie a majority belong to INC groups.


Sibal and Congress crooks had hijacked even PAC. They will kill any report, as they are doing same with Lokpal.

India need another revolution\Azadi from Congress. India Independence was incomplete. Time had come to complete process, New Quit India movement is required and like Gadar Movement , we may have to start movement from LEFT Coast of USA.