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BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 03-18-2012

[quote name='Muppalla' date='18 March 2012 - 06:11 AM' timestamp='1332030782' post='114612']

There is no need to introspect. your example of marrying off to Muslim is extreme as vast numbers are not ready to marry off to a different sub caste.

There is a vast population of India such as Gujarat and Bihar where there is no fear due to Muslims. Maharashtra also belongs to the same class. They know how to deal with them when things go out of hand. Gujarat never ever reconciled to the fact that Muslims live among them. This is nothing to do with Modi or BJP. It is always like that irrespective of who ruled them. For example in Maha neither congress nor NCP has given even a single ticket to Muslims (Antulay is only one who lost anyway).

The Muslim phobia is really in few pockets and trying to expand using the problems in those pockets across India will not work. BJP needs to work only on how to get to power by India's natural methods. Build a base not on ideology but on things that work. When you get to power implement the ideology. They should stop fear mongering. They should create caste leaders inside BJP where caste is important.

There is no difference between AP and Karnataka. Why there is BJP in Karnataka and why not in AP? Very simply contrast. They did the right things of Lingayat Vs vokaligga competition and took on one side to be relevant. Even if they lose they are second there. In AP, their whole start is Hyderabad and it is again fear mongering or Takleef based votes in pockets of Hyderabad. Their entire leadership is Hyderabad (other than few like Venkiah Naidu). Had they played the game of the competetion of Kammas Vs Reddys they would have got the room to become relevant.

However, the arm chair analysts over internet analyse stuff like Muslims, EJs etc instead of the blunt facts. The apeasement and conversion are issue and no doubt they needs to be solved in the national interest. But they should not be a day-to-day electoral issues.

What BJP needs is "some non-brahmin castes' leadership WITH NO INVOLVEMENT or DIRECTION of brahmins". That is only way to increase its base.


I agree, the presence of brahmins is very harmful esp in South India, such as TN ,

and brahmins must be shunted off to VHP or other sangh activities

I also suggest that MBC castes who dont get the benefits of reservation, even though they are on the quota list is a very good place to start

Forget Reddy and Kamma, go 1 step below

Reddy = cong, Kamma = TDP and they are each only 5% of AP.

I am sure there are plenty of OBC - MBC castes, such as yadav, chetty, raju , who are 2nd class citizens and would like to become 1st class citizens of AP

BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 03-22-2012

The latest development within the BJP with reference to Rajya Sabha elections from Jharkhand is a clear indication of the infighting within the party. The party President is fast loosing support form the other top leaders of the party. In this particular case, he had decided that the BJP MLAs in Jharkhand should vote for Shri Mishra an NRI and get him elected to the Rajya Sabha. Subsequent developments proved that he had taken the decision without consulting even the top state level leaders of the BJP. On top of it, Shri Mishra who is fighting the election as an Independent candidate ahs further complicated the issue by criticizing the top party leadership.

It is sad to see the gradual deterioration of the BJP,due to this type of infighting. If this state of affairs continue till the next general elections, it is most unikely that the BJP will do well .

BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 04-30-2012

The conviction of the former BJP President in the Tahalka Bribery case is an important development in the otherwise stale political atmosphere of India. Since corruption is so wide spread in Indian public life today that the verdict of the case is not going to make any impact on the political fortunes of BJP.

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 05-01-2012

Bofors and BJP

Quote:Bofors & the BJP

Fighting corruption is passe for the opposition party
, says N.V.Subramanian.

30 April 2012: If the BJP is in a position to form a government in 2014, its prime minister will be one who is judged as a robust anti-corruption crusader. By that yardstick, almost no one in the present BJP central leadership stands a chance.

The RSS which takes all the key decisions in the BJP is disgusted with the party's unwillingness or inability to confront UPA-2 head-on on the corruption issue which has been one of the chief reasons for the Congress's rout in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. The RSS is particularly galled by the BJP's defensiveness on the reopened Bofors scandal, with the former Swedish police chief, Sten Lindstrom, accusing Ottavio Quattrocchi of being the principal recipient of kickbacks in the Rs 64-crore howitzer deal.

Arun Jaitley, who has been in the forefront of opposition attempts to nail the Bofors scamsters since the late 1980s, has been smarting this past week on charges of a BJP-Congress deal on the gun scandal. He told a news TV interviewer to his face that this was a "figment of his imagination" and a load of "rubbish". But the allegations aren't dying down.

Ever since Rajiv Gandhi's political rise, Ottavio Quattrocchi has been socially linked to him and to his wife and now widow, Sonia Gandhi. There is enough evidence that past Congress governments gave Quattrocchi safe passage out of the country, prevented CBI from pursuing his case, withdrew red-corner Interpol notices, and permitted the Italian middleman to withdraw big monies from previously sealed UK bank accounts linked to the Bofors pay off.

But when Arun Jaitley debated the matter in Parliament, he made it a point not to take names, provoking allegations that he was soft-pedalling the issue. Arun Jaitley is one of the few politicians in public life who can claim to be clean. But his performance on the Bofors front has surprised and anguished his staunchest admirers. "A tree is judged by the fruits it bears," said a senior RSS functionary in reference to the BJP central leadership of L.K.Advani, Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj. And that cannot mean good news for them, and especially for Jaitley and Swaraj, who are in the 2014 running for PM.

When A.B.Vajpayee was prime minister, he was not keen to pursue the Bofors investigations to show political magnanimity towards the widow of an assassinated prime minister. Part of the squeamishness of the present-day BJP leadership in respect of the Bofors scandal arises from the confused signals given by Vajpayee. To go hammer and tongs against UPA-2 on Bofors would mean to repudiate Vajpayee. There is also the fact that eight years in the opposition has made the BJP soft. Jaitley is fond of quoting Napoleon who's supposed to have said, "Don't murder the man who is committing suicide." The only trouble with that is that the great conqueror ended up on the wrong side of history, which is the danger facing the BJP.

No opposition party has been granted so many opportunities as the BJP to push the corrupt and venal ruling dispensation to defeat, and everytime it has squandered its chance. In regard to corruption scandals, a pattern has emerged. Right after a scandal erupts, the BJP will raise the issue for a day or two and let it die subsequently, unless the RSS weighs in with a rebuke, whence a flurry of statements will ensue, all calculated to mollify the Nagpur minders.

Subramaniam Swamy is a doughty ally to have. But the BJP seems almost embarrassed to capitalize on his nearly weekly explosive revelations on 2G, mostly targeting home minister P.Chidambaram. Apropos Anna Hazare, the BJP was quite willing to pursue the "Parliament is supreme" line, calculated to bail out UPA-2, until the RSS blazed out. And on army chief General V.K.Singh's revelations of corruption, the BJP reflex was to play safe, until it was externally prodded.

The point is, the RSS cannot constantly remind the BJP of its public duties. Whatever Vajpayee's soft corner for the Nehru-Gandhis, the Bofors scandal is about misappropriated public monies, yours and mine, and they ought to be gotten back, however long it takes. When it involves government corruption, there can be no place or room for political niceties. And if BJP leaders today are found to be soft pedalling on corruption issues, they don't deserve power in 2014.

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 05-02-2012

Its possible that BJP wants Pranab Mukherjee as the President. Look at how his candidacy has solidified aftr their rejection.

BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 05-07-2012

The latest infighting that has been reported from BJP unit in Rajasthan is a clear indication of the serious problems that the party is facing at present. If this situation continues, it is unlikely that BJP will have good results in the next general election. It is one of the two national parties in India. As such it has an important role to play in national politics. Its presence is essential in the national political scene for the proper functioning of our democratic machinery.

It appears that the main problem with the BJP at the moment is that the old and elderly leaders are not willing to fade away from the scene. They all want to hang on to important party positions and this is causing resentment amongst the younger leaders in the party. Fresh young talents need to be entrusted with important jobs , so that the BJP can face the electorate with a new vigour.

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 06-14-2012

What is behind Sanjay Joshi and Modi fight?

Why RSS is involved?

BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 07-03-2012


BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 07-03-2012

The present state of affairs within the BJP does not appear to be healthy and fit to give a serious fight in the 2014 general elections. The infighting amongst the leaders is on the increase and the personality clash between the senior leaders continue unabated.

It appears that the infighting in the Karnataka unit of the party continues unabated. Added to this is the polarisation of the forces which are pro and which are anti-Modi. Adding fuel to this aspect is the personal ambition of the BJP leaders, who have been active over the years in the national scene. They cannot simply pass on the Prime Minister’s chair to a State level leader.It also appears that the RSS is fast loosing its grip over the party. That is quite understandable in the sense that the leaders of the BJP has now put the Hindutva and Ram Mandir in the back burner.

Adding further complications is the attitude of the other constituents of the UPA. They have shown their true colours in the run up to the Presidential elections. In these circumstances it is unlikely that the BJP will be in a position to put up a serious challange in the next elections.

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 07-08-2012

BJP sweeps UP local polls

The reason is that in UP-urban, the muslim % is 30% and this creates polarisation and BJP wins

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 07-18-2012

Jaitley approved Pakistan cricket tour

BJP Future - 7 - Capt Manoj Singh - 07-18-2012

[quote name='G.Subramaniam' date='18 July 2012 - 02:17 AM' timestamp='1342573760' post='115211']

Jaitley approved Pakistan cricket tour


A part of me says India should have very little to do with Pakistan for having masterminded the terror attacks in Mumbai. However, there is a sports person in me that says political differences should not have a bearing on sports,leisure and cultural exchange between the two countries. I am not sure which one of them is right?

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 07-19-2012

Manoj, War has been ruled out due to political puslimanity. Hence it spills over to other areas.

I would not give the TSP a sporting chance till they repent and stop terror attacks which are undeclared war by other means.

TSP govt agencies plan, train and coordinate the terrorist attacks. The fiction of non-state actors is to proved palusible deniablity which causes confusiion in the victims minds.

TSP has no doubts about what is the plan and the achievements.

BTW, Newsinsight asks: What is Jaitley thinking?

Quote:....To suggest that India should move on in the face of such Pakistani obduracy -- as the BCCI decision implies -- is to insult the memories of victims of Pakistan's terrorism in Bombay and elsewhere in the country. If ordinary Pakistanis feel bad about the absence of India-Pakistan cricket matches, they should be reminded of this. The United States still grieves over the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. There is nothing wrong if India wishes to live with the pain of the 2008 carnage. The people of India are not willing to forgive the attack, and the BCCI and ambitious politicians like Arun Jaitley should respect that.

It is suggested that a way to bolster the civilian government in Pakistan is to have Indo-Pak Test matches. Rubbish. Keeping communication lines open with Pakistan's political class and exerting unrelenting counter-terrorism pressure on them is the way to do that, but playing cricket expiates Pakistani sins. In any case, India cannot influence events in Pakistan which is in considerable mess. There are massive issues of geo-politics that have sunk Pakistan, and it is nonsense to introduce cricket in the narrative. The BCCI wants to make money, and it sees the Pakistan team as a milch cow. And in defending BCCI's decision, India's Test captain, M.S.Dhoni, comes across as a mercenary.

But what is Arun Jaitley doing there?

Why is he associating with such people?

Does he accept as okay for BCCI to infuse Indian cricket with blood money?

What next?

Hire Pakistani terrorists to play cricket here?

If Arun Jaitley is serious about politics, he will quit BCCI. And if the BJP is resolute about national-security issues, it will ensure that its doughtiest lawyerly face falls in line. The party must also have to employ its political muscle to stop the Pakistan tour of India. A party that claims to be different has to be seen to be doing things differently, and that is not very apparent currently.

BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 07-20-2012

It is a known fact that certain elements within the Pakistan establishment was, has and will continue to be inimical to India. This will remain true whether there is a military government or a civilian government in Pakistan.

In the past India has taken a path of confrontation with Pakistan to force it to change its ways, but that did not bring any change in the situation. Time and again, India has tried to put in place confidence building measures but the end result has always been the same.

Cross border terrorism has not been eliminated and neither can it be eliminated in totality in the present day situation. Even if the entire establishment in Pakistan tries its best, it cannot bring all the Jihad elements fully under its control. The world knows that in the past there had been periods when the Pakistan establishment was actively engaged in planning subversive and other terrorist activities against India. The situation may have changed to a great extent today, when the Pakistan establishment itself has fallen victim to violence by these elements.

In the present situation, no useful purpose will be served by taking a tough attitude towards Pakistan and stop all exchanges. Person to person contact should be intensified and India should encourage Pakistan to increase its interaction with India. This would bring more goodwill and strengthen the hands of the pro India elements within the Pakistan establishment.

Even if the BJP comes to power in India after the next general election; it is most unlikely that it will shut down all exchanges between India and Pakistan. It fully realises that the channels of communication between the two countries should remain open and none of the bilateral problems can get resolved through confrontation in the present day world. Therefore, we need not criticise the BCCI or its functionaries for taking a decision which will allow India and Pakistan to play cricket.

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 07-20-2012

@Ravish, 100% of Pakistani establishment want to crush 'Hindu India'

Terrorism cant be eliminated, but it can be contained, by fencing, and mining the border

There is no such thing as pro-India element in Pakistani establishment

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 07-27-2012

[quote name='dhu' date='19 May 2012 - 02:43 AM' timestamp='1337394918' post='114896']

Bose was the same type as Saddam and Hitler, a creative.

Under extreme pressures, he would have been humiliated and in association the entirety of heathen nationalism.

Cut off from cultural level creativity, the personality, or shall we say the non-relational Self, emerges. But this emergence is only apparent, a mirage as much as the monotheist systemizing.

The introverted creative is the locus of shame, the shudra, undifferentiated with potential.

The extroverted creative is the locus of pride, the epic hero.

The two together form the basis of attraction.

With MBTI or in other words with monotheism, the introverted creative (which is relational at level of society) is deemed as regressive against an internalized ethical system that is Jesus, the principled. Simultaneously or as a result, the introverted creative (shame) becomes downgraded from a cultural-societal relational to personality with internalized "guilt" and pathology.

Anthropology is the endeavor to turn the introverted and extroverted creative classes into uncertain provenance (the brahmin-sudra two caste "periphery" "away from" the "center") or at least "dual castes" of mixed rather than additive power: the khatris, the Senas in Bengal.

I also believe that many of these creative castes were actually mediator castes, acceptable to all jatis: again, the sikhs and senas, possibly even marathas. In former times, saka (saket, sakaya )was the name of these mediator creative castes, accepted as so because of their Ikshvaku ancestry. The Haka(Saka)-Manishya of Persia are an overlay from interior India of precisely these creative elements, undifferentiated and represented of the whole body and recognized as so (the Khshayathiya, the Lord King). These were not mentioned in the dasarajana list of proper iranian tribes

Teh entire US system the Supervisor is designed, has emerged, to suppress this internal creative the writer, the heathen potential.


Dhu, Where would one put N Modi on the Meyer-Briggs scales?

BJP Future - 7 - dhu - 08-02-2012

the same question occurred to me a while ago...

for a true creative to extrovert at that level is very difficult but not impossible... a true creative sepoy is almost impossible to manufacture, except in cases where the true creative and the external power have no overlap in domain.. saddam was such.. his domain was only personal..

the shells and masks which are assumed by the true creative in stressful circumstances are actually the roles of Shakespeare and the relational of SNB.

Buddhism is extroversion of the true creative and introversion of the sensory..

by positing a vulnerable/active "true self" "protected"/"expressed" by the shell/mask, monotheism denies the universality of the relational and buddhist transformation.

the kshayatha and society are actually in a relational...they each protect each other from themselves and maintain ahimsa and untouchabilty, which in mbti is known as "holding back" but is almost always denied by "practitioners" as inferiority complex/confidence complex... that one is oppressing the other is the monotheist stance, and in mbti the same is expressed as type conflict.. in heathen reality, the presence of ahimsa or holding back means that type conflict is basically nonsensical: the domains will not overlap and there is no overarching for the systematization of experience.

modeling is creative Ne. System work is not creative.... So Modi's assumption of system would be his shell in the face of stress, if indeed he is so, and going by standard mbti... also, in which case, he would be "manageable"

but there are problems with mbti....

Even still they usually do not deny, nor it does not occur to them to deny, that Chameleonization is one way for the empath but not for any others. they do not realize that empath chameleonization is in fact role transformation and retransformation and not just stressed role assumption. the narcissistic can assume roles but never become: the absence of values is posited for the narc and the *presence* of the same for the empath. thus the rubric of 'values' serves to deny that chameleonization is not in fact the operation of the relational but is, rather, the state of not being true to one's inmost self..

the narc that is the monotheist is impelled to shell out any cultural-level creativity which threatens to expose that the empath is not his mirror but is in fact a superset. the narc replaces modeling with system; context and experience with ideovalues; anything that can expose the nontransforming nature and hollowness of the narc must be hollowed out...

So it depends on whether modi has assumed the shadow of system in the face of stress, or if he is treating even system as a relational....

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 08-23-2012

Thanks dhu. Didn't see it till now.

Meantime, Is BJP willing to go all the way in Coalgate?

BJP Future - 7 - dhu - 08-23-2012


I have stopped following current events for the past few months.

Even so, it would have impossible for me to tell...

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 08-23-2012

The North east exodus and Bodo riots are a very open indication to the people of the North East, whether Hindu or Xtian, that the secularists plan to sacrifice them to the jihadists for a vote bank and the only party that will stand by them is the BJP

This has to be propogandised properly, perhaps using Sangma, and maybe 15 Lok Sabha seats can be locked up

In addition, maybe this will give shock treatment and stop the north east secessionism