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BJP Future - 7 - Husky - 10-19-2013

<snipped my superfluous comment>

BJP Future - 7 - Guest - 10-28-2013

Dear All,

What are your reactions on NaMo's formal ditching Tridevalaya issue i.e. RJB, KJB and KV via his landmark Sb4D statement?

Amit Shah also said that "development will be their issue and not RJB Devalaya.

NaMo will never get Muslim votes or Hindu votes from this ditch.

IMO, he is doing to please MNC-owners who are paying mediamen to highlight NaMo.

MNC-owners RJB issue to come just 6 months before they have decide dto attack Iran and not before.


What do you think is the reason why NaMo is ditching this issue for now?

BJP Future - 7 - Husky - 10-28-2013

[quote name='MehtaRahulC' date='28 October 2013 - 07:15 AM' timestamp='1382924229' post='116876']

What are your reactions on NaMo's formal ditching Tridevalaya issue i.e. RJB, KJB and KV via his landmark Sb4D statement?

Amit Shah also said that "development will be their issue and not RJB Devalaya.

[/quote]Uh, what do the abbreviations mean and what is the specific overall issue being referred to? Try as I might, I'm unable to work out what the abbreviations stand for other than my guess that Sb4D stands for Modi's statement: "pehle shauchalaya, phir devalaya (toilet first, temple later)" [sb4d = shauchala before/b4 devalaya?]. Still can't work out the rest.

Quote:NaMo will never get Muslim votes or Hindu votes from this ditch.
And yet Hindus only have 2 choices: KKKangress (anti-Hindu) or BJP (nationalist at the expense of being Hindu).

There is no pro-Hindu option, no matter how much western news and Indian christomedia hisses at Modi.

Hindus ought to vote for BJP presumably because that will put off the evil day. But that's all it will do at best: put it off. Postpone and delay the extinction. Drag it out some more.

Because ironically, the one thing Hindus don't have is Time on their side: the longer Hindus stick around in the current climate (which is all the foreseeable climate there is), the more that the gangrene (de-Hinduisation and alienation) grows - producing more non-Hindu progeny in future generations - and the greater the christoislamic demographics stacked against Hindus becomes etc. So that, when it all finally starts to blow up at last, it will blow up pretty ugly.

But more gangrene at that point in time (and fewer heathens) means fewer people to care/worry about when things do go south.

But whatever.

Whatever happens, happens.

There's a massive momentum to India's future. I've never seen a nation so fixed into an unalterable course. Sadly, can't say it wasn't all the natives' fault: some of it was. There's a 1001 things they did wrong, but can leave that for the future J. McCabe types to enumerate in detail. (But will Indian history writing get one, the way Rome got one in McCabe?)

I don't think India will christianise successfully (drop-out rate from christianism is high in this age even in the medieval christian backwater of India, and rate of "secularism" and atheism among current and future generations is higher still) but India is likely to successfully islamise.

In any case, the nation will never be able to revert to Hindu religion properly. Even now - with the religion still living all around - you can see alienated people get only so far as new-ageism and neo-paganism (and dabbling in multiple Indian religions at the same time, which is also new-age actually). But no one is actually heathenising. I'm not talking about reverts from christoislamism here, I'm talking about the secularised angelsk-speaking (middle-aged) crowd of "Hindu ancestry" that regularly threatens that it is or will become "pagan" (else it will talk about "paganism").

When the reversion rate is at an all time low, and when enemies - of multiple massively frightening kinds all mustering at the same time - as well as alienation/subversion are at an all-time high, it all means Hindus are facing odds they've never faced before. Hindus actually never even fully recovered from ancient subversions or the repercussions from medieval (christoislamic) invasions: from every historical ideological victory, we've managed to slide back (some of this is courtesy new-agey vocalists in our own period).

Survival is not always a good thing. What will remain of 'Hindus' "afterwards" isn't really worth it.

But then: good doesn't always win (e.g. Native Americans, Hellenismos) and truth doesn't always triumph (e.g. jesus/christianism, islam etc are still around).*

It's not pretty to say - it's not what people were taught when they were kids - but it's the reality of our world. We don't live in the hypothesised parallel dimensions where things work out, but in this world.

* If people don't agree with the observed rule, they should by all means create the exception. Good luck with that.

BJP Future - 7 - Husky - 10-28-2013

Sorry, didn't mean to eclipse the important-looking post at the end of the last page:

[quote name='MehtaRahulC' date='28 October 2013 - 07:15 AM' timestamp='1382924229' post='116876']

Dear All,

What are your reactions on NaMo's formal ditching Tridevalaya issue i.e. RJB, KJB and KV via his landmark Sb4D statement?

Amit Shah also said that "development will be their issue and not RJB Devalaya.

NaMo will never get Muslim votes or Hindu votes from this ditch.

IMO, he is doing to please MNC-owners who are paying mediamen to highlight NaMo.

MNC-owners RJB issue to come just 6 months before they have decide dto attack Iran and not before.


What do you think is the reason why NaMo is ditching this issue for now?


BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 12-29-2013

The unexpected results of the Assembly election in New Delhi, resulting in the coming to power by the AAP has posed a major challenge to both BJP and Congress. This victory is a direct result of the frustration that the people of India had been feeling with the activities of both the Congress and BJP.

In the next general election in 2014 if this trend continues, then both the main political parties are in for serious trouble.

BJP Future - 7 - Husky - 12-30-2013

^ Nonsense. AAP is just a continuation of foreign puppeteering in India. The Rajeev2004 blog even just says outright that it's just an extension of the KKKongress. They exited from door A only to reappear through door B and get the stupid gullible populace - along with the masses of illegal islamic infiltrati that the christo KKKongress govt let in - to vote them into power in this new disguise.

AAP is just the foreign-appointed Congress take-over of the originally Hindu anti-corruption movement. The Hindus of the actual movement were violently ousted (Baba/Swami/Yogi Ramdev and his followers) - in other words, the real movement died (was carefully killed) - and the puppets predictably installed in their place instead.

It's the same old christoislamicommunist minority-votebank party working for foreign-interests.

Quote:Monday, December 23, 2013

#aap, brought to you by ... (drum roll!)

the producers:

the ford foundation, the new york times, and xinhua

the directors:

the congress dirty tricks department

the stars:

you know who

with cameo roles by naxals and jihadists

behind the scenes:

the church

Quote:Monday, December 23, 2013

Farziwal's solemn oath - one day before polling

"I swear on my children that I will not give or take support from the Congress"

Oh well, [color="#0000FF"]it was evident (to the discerning) even at the time of the so-called Lok Pal agitation that this band of anarchists was functioning as a proxy for the Congress(I) establishment.[/color] They have now moved beyond covert adultery - coming out of the closet to proclaim their promiscuous relationship to the world. [color="#0000FF"]Will the people of Delhi ever learn?[/color]

(Any Hindus who voted in the AAP - although there's a huge TSP/BD infiltrati islamic votebank in Delhi - are all like Ravish. Oh and that Capt Manoj "Anna Hazare Ra-Ra" Singh. Although the latter might instead just have been the usual canvassing agent sent to timely infiltrate and advertise on Indian/Hindu forums for parties that foreign interests want elected.

AmeriKKKa doesn't need to organise colour revolutions and Arab Springs in India. They just need to take over Hindu movements, install appointees in their place, and tell the stupid masses who to "democratically" vote for via the foreign-controlled christo-Indian media and by foreign advertising for Hazare by parading him around AmeriKKKan universities to give him some inter/national respectability.)

Posted by karyakarta92 at 12/23/2013 04:21:00 PM

And so karyakarta lampooned the direct connection btw AAP and KKKongress in his entry:

Monday, December 23, 2013

Adulterous marriage of KKKaangress and Allahu Akbar Party

Quote:Anti-aam aadmi water policy: Yogendra Yadav, ideologue czar of AAP, admitted to the fact that the philosophy of AAP was socialist.


And everyone knows that - outside Europe - "socialist" means plain old communist. Especially the case in India.

And where the Indian subcontinent is concerned, everyone knows that "communist" (be it maoist, marxist or any other flavour) is just code for cryptochristian.

Which would be why San draws a direct line between Nepal's communist (terrorist) leader Prachanda and the communist "socialist" AAP party and its head/mouthpiece/PR face:

Quote:•Till he became PM of Nepal, Prachanda was unstoppable. Then people began to see him in his underwear. Today, he heads a splinter group of Maoists, a mere shadow of his former self. Now Delhi gets its own Prachanda as its CM.

(links to

Prachanda, as all know, is of course a christian - as all communists in the Indian subcontinent are. Certainly the top ones. (Some of the communist cadres in Kerala etc aren't consciously aware of their conversion to christianism yet, but are finding out. **)

Quote:Arun Kumar S

25/12/2013 09:04:22 God Saved Nepal and Hinduism from Hands of Maoists alias Evangelists

Nepal, alone Hindu nation in world was under reign of Maoists (via election) for last few years till 2013. Social Justice, Economic Growth and Equality were the slogans of Maoists, once their rule started-corruption becomes their main agenda, also there aroused their hidden evangelist agenda. After taking oath as Prime minister, Prachande led luxurious life. He and his family moved to a new palace, spent USD 2.5 lac for his son’s Himalayan trip etc.,Prachanda, even though didn’t expressed his religion publicly, but his family and Wife belongs to Christian religion. [color="#800080"](I.e. prachanda is a cryptochristian) Also Prachande’s god father Chandraprakash Gajural is an evangelist. Due to conflict with Army, Prachande resigned as prime minister and he was succeeded by Baburam Bhattarai,second top most leader of Maoists.. Baburam is a Christian Preacher. Christian prayers were conducted in Maoists meeting during his rule. 30% of Maoists are Christians in Nepal...Baburam is close friend of India’s high command madam, a catholic.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Hey, how very in the SAME pattern as the LTTE. No? And speaking of the christian LTTE of Sri Lanka - also famous for finding great help in NorwaySmile[/color]

It was a universal agenda by US under the shadow of United Nations and Norway/Switzerland funded NGO’s in Nepal to convert Nepal into a Christian nation. They planned in such a way they created East Timor, a Christian nation by parting from Indonesia. Their main aim is to move away Nepal from India ’s samskrithi.So they used Maoists as way to accomplish their mission. Once Prachande becomes Prime minister, the first ever nation he visited was Norway- a Nation who is spreading Christian Agenda. Norway always extended their help to Maoists via NGO’s. India’s current rulers also extended their help to some extent.

There was silent revolution happened in Nepal against these antinational activities.Prakash M Rraj,a Nepali political analyst mentioned that ‘’World’s largest Hindu populated India played a good role in uprooting Hinduism from Nepal. Also it was hard to realize the role played by European countries like Norway and Switzerland against Jnanendra King and Kingdom in Nepal. These nation

"The Indian rulers who also extended their help" to the silent de-Hinduising christist "communist" revolution in Nepal is a reference to India's christogovt.

Norway etc doesn't just help Maoists (i.e. christians) in the subcontinent. It also helped the LTTE (i.e. christians).

Anyway, someone will write the history of the decline and fall of Hinduism some decades/centuries/millennia hence and the one question that will be repeatedly asked is: "How *stupid* were the Indians not to recognise, identify, expose and neutralise the obvious cryptochristianism in their midst? I mean, they had the Roman example to look back on and STILL learned nothing."

** Concerning the statement "Some of the communist cadres in Kerala etc aren't consciously aware of their conversion to christianism yet, but are finding out"

Quote:Party Edict on Religion Ruffles Feathers

04/12/2013 03:06:38


By N V Ravindranathan Nair | ENS - PALAKKAD

As CPM’s state plenum has managed to successfully exhibit the party’s organisational might and mass base, the cadres should have been a happy lot over the party’s growing prospects. But if a seeming reluctance to toe the party line among local-level cadres is to be taken as an indicator, it will be unrealistic to think that the party can thrust certain guidelines upon them. According to the organisational document adopted at the plenum, the party has barred members from taking memberships in caste and communal organisations and becoming office bearers of administrative committees of worship places.

[color="#0000FF"]It has been noted that the document clearly dissuades cadres from conducting rituals during housewarming ceremonies, marriages and funerals. In addition, with the aim of attracting more members from non-Hindu communities, the plenum has called for adopting special strategies. Apparently, as part of this, the party has allegedly undertaken efforts to construct a Church near Iritty to attract Christian settlers. A CPM cadre, who hails from Kozhikode, said that when the party organised a seminar in Kannur, engaging various Muslim organizations, it provided a separate place for Muslim members to offer prayers.[/color] A local committee member from Alappuzha, who is an advocate, told ‘Express’ that many suggestions and directives formulated at the plenum might prove counter-productive in the long run.

“The party cannot provide directives on how to conduct one’s personal faith. If it forbids members from worshipping and conducting rituals many would be forced to quit membership”. A cadre from Chengannur, who is a secretary of a major caste organisation, said that he had been member of the party for past 20 years.

“My faith and association with my community organisation have never been a hindrance for conducting party work. If they insist that I sever ties with the community organisation, I would be forced to quit either of the organisations,” he said.

How very "LTTE" (and DMK etc) in style again in terms of how the Hindu majority's religion is undermined and how The Monotheism/christoislamism is first subtly and then overtly promoted. Of course, LTTE is just one of the faces/names/covers of christian operations in the subcontinent. Maoism and communism is another one.

That's why the pattern is the same.

Christianism keeps launching an outfit to manufacture (e.g. DMK) and/or hijack (e.g. LTTE) discontent, then antagonise the unsaved population and take over, christianising the gullible footsoldiers along the way. And this pattern's there not just in the subcontinent:


[formerly at:]

Quote:He also mentioned about Asian theologians articulating their contextual theologies like Minjung theology in Korea, Homeland theology in Taiwan, Peoples theology in the Philippines, Water Buffalo theology in Thailand, Dalit theology in India, and Buraku liberation theology in Japan.

("Peoples theology in the Philippines" -> Philippines is catholic, but the AmeriKKKan christian cults pushing this movement are not catholic and want to convert catholics to their specific cult. A pattern also seen in catholic S and C America.)

BJP Future - 7 - Husky - 01-10-2014

Quote:Time to take on AAP

BJP has been caught napping on this combination of populist hipster-doofuses and sloganeers that seems to have caught the fancy of the middle class.

A recent C-Voter survey forecasts that a 5 - 10% vote share for AAP will damage the BJP in 50 to 100 seats. And still, there seems to be no sign of BJP taking this challenge head on, while at the same time they are wasting energy kicking the Congress' dead corpse.

I'm no strategist, but at the very least BJP should be doing the following in the next 3 months:

•Play up the unholy alliance of AAP with Congress, JD(U) and other assorted scum and make it clear to the middle class what awaits them if they elect this combination to power

•Openly speak about AAP possibly being aided by subversive and anti-national forces and play up the backgrounds of Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav etc

•Take the support of Anna Hazare et al [Which is already happening]

•Indulge in tokenism by gathering enough anecdotes of going out of the way to help "common folk". E.g.AAP supposedly came to the rescue of some university professor (

•Go all-out in a social media war with AAP using facebook, twitter and most importantly BBM and Whatsapp

Congress is dead meat. AAP is clearly the more dangerous foe and has to be fought. Enough kid-gloving.

Posted by non-carborundum at 1/09/2014 11:11:00 AM 5 comments Links to this post

Quote:5 Comments Close this window Jump to comment form 1 – 5 of 5

san said...

I don't think it's the BJP which has been caught napping. The reality is that Indian voters are too ignorant on where their long-term interests lie, and are therefore easily seduced by any bit of glitter that catches their eye. (yeah, like that "ravish" character - see 2 posts above - who didn't even work out that AAP = the Congress B-Team and predictably *also* gets foreign funding, which means only 1 thing. Fortunately, ravish I think is an NRI so he won't have any impact on the voting. Small blessings.)

India is already going to be hit by the US Fed tapering that's coming up. If India further delivers a hung parliament in the elections, then Indians will have sealed their fate and destroyed their opportunity for reform and rescue. Standard & Poors will quite sensibly give India a sovereign credit downgrade, and the same aam aadmi who voted for Kejriwal will be crushed by the weight of price inflation. Aam aadmi will get what they deserve.

1/09/2014 1:56 PM

Comment deleted

This comment has been removed by the author.

1/09/2014 2:23 PM

san said...

Furthermore, I don't think Modi should elevate Kejriwal to an equal by attacking him directly. Let Modi talk generally about good policies, and let him still continue criticizing the Congress royalty. Let the other BJP lieutenants, including Jaitley and others, attack Kejriwal and AAP.

It's increasingly clear that Kejriwal is an idiot, with inadequate experience and knowledge. If enough voters are stupid enough to help him hamstring the BJP's reform mandate, then let Standard&Poor's brahmastra vaporize them all. Sometimes the best solution is Noah and the Flood. Make Gujarat the Ark, let the rest swim or drown, as payment for their sins. The laws of physics and economics are the most powerful, and they spare no one - especially not the stupid.

(Only works on paper. Gujarat will become an island - constantly under threat - as the rest of the nation gets christoislamised over the decades. And then Gujarat will be like a mini-India and the natives will go through the same old crap again. Can't end well. I've seen this movie.)

1/09/2014 2:28 PM

Sujeev said...

Somewhere between the Anna Hazare Lok Pal Fast, and the AAP's surprise elevation to the governing party of Delhi, the BJP seems to have lost the plot wrt the AAP. Most galling was the revelation that senior BJP leaders were aware that the AAP could win a lot of seats in Delhi about a month before the elections, but did nothing about it, I guess hoping that projections of an AAP victory would not come to pass.

Anyway, a winner should be able to create an opportunity from every setback.

In the elections to the Delhi assembly elections the BJP+ & AAP between them won 60 seats. That is more than a 3/4 of the total seats in the Delhi Assembly.

Such a majority at the national level would enable the ruling dispensation to even dump this constitution, and come up another one more suitable for the Indian milieu. Imagine that!

I am no strategist either, but if I were the BJP top brass, I would let this AAP thing play out fully, outside the BJP's core constituencies, of course.

Then once the election results have been tallied, and if the BJP+ and AAP win more than 2/3 or even 3/4 of the seats in the Lok Sabha as seems likely now, then appropriate noises should be made, as to how this was a mandate for BJP + AAP, with the BJP, of course being the senior partner.

Once such thinking gains currency, strategies can then be put in place to establish a BJP + AAP government. Once the government is established, the BJP can them use the AAP's inexperience to its advantage to push its policies, while sidelining or even splitting the AAP into many small groups, all the while retaining the support of the splinter groups.

Risky strategy, but if it succeeds it could establish the BJP as the ruling party for many decades, with all the collateral benefits for Indians in general, and Hindus in particular.

Possible? Probable? Fantasy?

1/09/2014 8:26 PM

non-carborundum said...

Sujeev, San

This is probably the [color="#0000FF"]last chance[/color] to prevent the balkanisation of India. AAP has to be taken on.

[color="#800080"](I'm sure it's too late already. Even if you win now, if you *ever* lose hereafter it will be downhill from there and faster. Because they are forever seeking to take power. Christoislam may be impatient but they can always wait to "try, try again". And they won't make the same mistakes twice but learn from each setback. So if nationalists win now they will have to utterly dismantle christoislam/incapacitate it. That's something a BJP in power will never do - as everyone knows - and it will be back to square one tomorrow. Sort of like how Congress took over Hindu temples in Karnataka and funded christoislamania with the confiscated Hindu temple funds, then BJP came to power and returned some/many/all KN temples to Hindu management, and then Congress came back to power and confiscated the same Hindu temples again and more and has set about to de-Hinduise more virulently than before. Christianism learns. Indian "nationalism" doesn't. Christoislam will work to systematically destroy you when they're in power. You won't dream of destroying them. Guess who will win?

The plan of christoislamising the nation has been accelerating and it's reached superspeeds now. Things will never get better until Hindus get a backbone. And it won't ever get better unless Hindus find that backbone on time. Which won't happen because. And that's why "it's too late already". It's the dying days of the now-unremarkable empire.)[/color]

I agree with San that Modi should not be the one to make any comments on AAP, but others in the party should attack AAP all out.

I am happy though that AAP is getting a chance in Delhi to display its unique blend of idiocy and treachery.

1/10/2014 1:19 AM

Are people in trouble.

But oh well. Good luck and all.

To steal from Erich Maria Remarque (always a great book) "Im Westen nichts neues". Too quiet in fact. What are they up to? They're not good at watchin'-and-waitin' and leaving things to chance. Methinks something evil is a-brewing to explode timely before the elections (doesn't it always - miraculously - like some evil christo-western wind/breath that sets Indian islamania off, so christomedia can have a field day in "subliminally" instructing natives who Not to vote for)?

[color="#0000FF"]And another comment:[/color]

Quote:san said...

Sujeev, I don't agree at all with the idea of any joint BJP-AAP govt. Those people are Lefties, and would act to thwart any BJP reforms. Sorry, but clever-by-half stunts aren't the way forward. We don't need to build up this 5th Column, or invite them in like Dienbienfu.

Just like the Japanese socialists, these people are one Fukushima disaster away from collapse. Their inexperience in crisis management would result in a disaster for their constituents. Even now, some sections of Delhi are experiencing power blackouts. These guys don't have what it takes to provide governance. Their folksy gimmickry can't solve the daily needs of the common man.

BJP needs to emphasize its track record on DEVELOPMENT, which is something that Kejriwal can't match.

1/10/2014 2:41 PM

Yes, get elected on DEVELOPMENT, and then make the primary agenda the restoration of Hindudom and prevention of christoislamism from 1. ever regaining power and 2. ever being able to successfull threaten Hindudom again (first step: by dismantling all foreign-owned christomedia). Development will always naturally follow when heathens are restored and in charge, instead of forever being on the back foot fighting an uphill battle.

BJP Future - 7 - Husky - 01-13-2014


BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 01-25-2014

According to two opinion polls published in the Times of India on 25th January, the BJP will come out as the single largest party after the2014 general elections. They have predicted that the BJP alone may win about 230 seats ,whereas the Congress may get less than 100 seats. In such a situation the formation of the Government by the BJP will be inevitable. The next question that will arise is who will head the Government as Prime Minister. In the normal circumstances Shri Narendra Modi should be the next Prime Minister.

However, one should not forget that many top BJP leaders may not reconcile to this situation as they also have their own agenda. Many of the top leaders also aspire to be the PM. In such a situation it may not be a smooth sailing for Shri Modi. Let us wait and see how the situation develops.

BJP Future - 7 - ramana - 01-28-2014

Those surveys could be psy-ops to rally the wavering folks from not going to the polls. IOW they want to consolidate the votebanks by scaring them with Louis the XIV, "Apre moi, the deluge!"

Lot of people including Congress party workers didn't not expect them to support AAP to form the Robespierre type govt in Delhi. The atrocities on Nigerians could have back lash om many Indian origin people in Africa.

BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 02-23-2014


As he General Election is coming nearer, the political activities have increased. All the major and minor political parties are busy gearing up for facing the electorate.

According to the latest Opinion polls, the BJP led alliance will have the largest number of seats and the performance of the UPA at the polls will not be encouraging. However, from the past experience one cannot entirely rely on these opinion polls. One of the major factors that may alter the results will be the performance of the regional parties that are not aligned to either the NDA or the UPA. It is expected that they will be winning a sizable number of seats in West Bengal,Tamil Nadu and UP. With the bifurcation of Andhra, it is unlikely that either the BJP or the Congress will be gaining any seat in the two new States.

The AAP has been a local phenomenon in Delhi and it is expected to make a very marginal impact at the national level. It is expected to erode the voter base of the Congress Party and in the process the BJP will get the advantage. So it seems that Shri Narendra Modi is set to be the next Prime Minister of India.

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 02-24-2014

India Today


Senior Dalit leader Udit Raj will join BJP on Monday saying he wanted to help the party in taking on Aam Aadmi Party and BSP.

"I will be joining BJP tomorrow. I will help BJP in two-three important issues such as taking on AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, who was my junior in the Indian Revenue Service," Udit Raj told PTI.

He said he will also help the saffron party to tackle BSP leader Mayawati who, he alleged, "has betrayed the cause of Dalits in Uttar Pradesh and outside the state."

Udit Raj, who is the head of the National Confederation of SCs/STs, said he has talked to BJP on issues related to role of Dalits in governance and running the country, and only after that he decided to join the party.

He was an Indian Revenue Service officer and had resigned in 2003 and formed Indian Justice Party.

Read more at:


The same scumbag who has appeared on Xtian missionary platforms

and has a taste for fair upper caste women

I am very dark, almost black, but my wife is as fair as an English woman and I must say that although ours was a love marriage in which her intrinsic qualities mattered more than looks, I found her fair skin very attractive,” says Udit Raj.

BJP Future - 7 - Husky - 02-24-2014

^ [color="#0000FF"]Important news[/color] but the important point isn't properly highlighted as it got lost under the disproportionate emphasis on "Udit Raj's" racist fetishes.

a. I don't see why it should bother people that a virulent anti-Hindu and probable crypto-christo married some woman equally worthless. (She's obviously anti-Hindu too, else she wouldn't have married him.) What's worrying is rather that said virulent anti-Hindu and probable crypto-christo is being allowed into the BJP.

This seems to be a growing problem: [color="#0000FF"]every single anti-Hindu cretin sees that the BJP's victory may be inevitable* and has decided to seize a position of power in the BJP so that the old guard ultimately never changes in India. (Tomorrow the entire Congress back catalogue may join up too.) So even if BJP wins, then - thanks to whichever BJP brains allowed Udit Raj types and Goa's christos/church into BJP - Hindus will still end up having the same old christoislamicommunist politicians in power. Nothing changes.[/color] How many infiltratis are there in the BJP that are issuing all these invites to anti-Hindus?

Udit Raj specifically making a grand show of how he will antagonise AAP from within BJP is the same as AAP's erstwhile public campaign that it would antagonise the corrupt Congress, and it turned out (as everyone knew it would) that AAP=Congress. And likewise, Udit Raj=AAP=christoCongress, just like every other anti-Hindu [color="#0000FF"]pretending to join BJP to scupper Indian nationalism from within. Shortsighted BJP has positioned yet another enemy on the inside.[/color] Is BJP going to make a habit of letting every worthless anti-Hindu join up?

* Unless the US does some serious intervening - as they might, considering the US christomedia has been focused on creating the myths that

1. "India becoming more nationalist and this is proportional to it increasingly becoming 'rape central'" (yet specifically christo western news never mentions that the rape victims are all Hindu women and the rapist men are exclusively christoislamicommunists and occasionally psecular rapists working in tandem with christoislamic ringleaders in the gangrapes.)

2. "India is become more nationalist and this is proportional to the stifling of freedom of speech", specifically ignoring how the native Hindus were always the ones against those idiot anti-free-speech laws and it was the successive christocommunist-govts that enforced it on Hindus and that christoislamanicommunits have been using these laws to suppress Hindu freedom of speech.

Not to mention the christian Congress' crackdown on everything from social networking, policing everything anyone says against the congress. That was never mentioned.

Doniger got her publisher to self-censor her works and whines "persecution" (=a famous christian tactic, it's how one can tell someone's a christian) and now all of a sudden the world pretends great sorrow at the censorship laws that have existed for decades in India. And these draconian decades-old laws are being passed off as owing to the rising "nationalist Hindus". What a joke. It's so obvious that the christo US is up to every last card before they decide they may have to take "drastic" measures as one Gautam Sen noted.

In stating a few posts up that "All was quiet on the western front ('Im Westen nichts neues') - too quiet" obviously it was because I've never seen AmeriKKKa wait so long before playing their next card. Probably Wendy "The Paedophile" Doniger was the next to be given the green light to go through her drama script to project a nationalist India as dangerous.

b. [color="#0000FF"]Said the virulent anti-Hindu Udit Raj: "my wife is as fair as an English woman"

So is he married to an Indian albino then? Confusedniggers:[/color] (I've never seen a fully native Indian woman of Hindu ancestry as fair as a European. Only as fair as a fair Iranian. So either URag is married to an Indian albino or he's married to a European. Since his statement indicates she's not the latter, the former must be the case.)

[color="#0000FF"]"my wife is as fair as an English woman <-> I found her fair skin very attractive, says Udit Raj"

which just proves that the anti-Hindu and now-obvious cryptochristo URag secretly prefers English women but "settled" for his Indian albino wife.

What a racist.[/color]

Had he lived in the US/Europe, he'd have been trying to get with one of the poor European women, who'd probably have been creeped out by his rather sick fetishising about how her "fair skin is very attractive" to him.

Quote:I am very dark, almost black, but my wife is as fair as an English woman and I must say that although ours was a love marriage in which her intrinsic qualities mattered more than looks, I found her fair skin very attractive, says Udit Raj.
Total racist. He keeps thinking about his skin and his wife's skin. Yuck. Does his moronic wife know? Or maybe she "fell in luuuv" with him over his skin-colour fetish: after all, she did *choose* to be with such a racist character. So he must be her type as much as she's his type. They deserve each other.

[color="#0000FF"]Anyway, I've noticed how lots of anti-Hindu dalit activist men/neo-Buddhist men when in position of power - URag above, Ambedkar and several other famous persons whose names escape me now - tend to marry people outside their community, and particularly choose women of community backgrounds that the male activists have specifically maligned, and especially suffer some delirium that "fairer" Indian women are somehow better. <- IMO, says something deeply sinister about how they view (and de-value) their own community's women.[/color] They're spitting on their Mothers faces. Disgusting. But then, these men are not Hindus, so of course they would forget their women once they've achieved power for themselves.

Reminds me of the similar case in the US where a certain type of young African-origin men who achieve some popularity (such as in media or in late high school) stop dating African women and become the willing trophee prizes of young European-origin women. It's the usual story of an "innocent preference" covering Inter-Racial Disparity. The thing is, the minute they achieved a certain degree of 'success', these men dumped their own community's women. So who will take their speaking on identity matters seriously thereafter?

(The earlier example: [color="#0000FF"][/color])

In both cases, the men dumping their own community's women seem to imagine that there's some advantage in marrying out with the "fairer" women (a racist fetish in URag et al's case vs improved social standing/wider social acceptance in America in the case of African American men). Weird mentality. In the case of India's anti-Hindu dalit activists, their choice of spouse is of course consciously imagined by the activists as a retaliation against their trophee spouse's community background or else against Hindu religion, but subconsciously they are mentally so damaged that they don't really like their own women - because they have developed a deeply racist "preference" and that's their real reason for betraying their women. They never seem to consider their own women. These women have become invisible to their men, like Hindu men have become invisible to secularised Indian women busy chasing after psecular or - if really desperate - even christoislamic types.

[color="#0000FF"]I note the women stuck in the same community as anti-Hindu dalit activists have "never had a revolution"[/color] - as communists might put it. I'm surprised these women don't take significant action against their men and create a serious revolution: they don't have to stand for it. They're Indian women, and as such they can easily get anyone they want, so maybe [color="#0000FF"]they should dump "dalit activist" aka anti-Hindu circles/society (which is not their ancestral religion after all) - since such an ideology only breeds the kind of men that betray and de-value them the minute the men can afford to - and instead, they would do well to revert properly to Hindoo religion and marry themselves to one of the ocean of Hindoo men. After all, Hindoo men tend to be deeply loyal animals[/color], very loyal toward and caring of their wives and all their family, and so these women will get exactly what they can offer too: loyalty and people who value them for who they are. There's nothing quite like heathen (wo)men after all - nothing that feels so much like coming home.

Really, these women should dump the disloyal=anti-Hindoo dalit activist men who betrayed them, and Come Back Home to heathen society. Let the treacherous male dalit activists chase after other women for the latter's "imitation English skin" - let them marry out with like-minded racist twits. It's all they're good for.

[Disclaimer: no offence was meant to actual Indian albinos. The aim was to tastelessly lampoon URag's fetish, not anyone else.]

And the news was:

[quote name='Kowshika' date='24 February 2014 - 03:45 AM' timestamp='1393193275' post='117061']

India Today


Senior Dalit leader Udit Raj will join BJP on Monday saying he wanted to help the party in taking on Aam Aadmi Party and BSP.

Read more at:


The same scumbag who has appeared on Xtian missionary platforms[/quote]

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 02-25-2014


BJP ropes in Dalit allies to up secular score



New ties Dalit leader Udit Raj being inducted into the BJP by its President

Rajnath Singh in New Delhi on Monday. RAJEEV BHATT

New ties Dalit leader Udit Raj being inducted into the BJP by its President Rajnath Singh in New Delhi on Monday. RAJEEV BHATT

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Udit Raj joins party; talks on with LJP for poll pact


The BJP seems rather anxious to bag ‘secular’ trophies in the run-up to the general elections. The party on Monday rolled out the red carpet for two Dalit leaders who have so far been trailing the Congress.

The BJP has reportedly offered seven seats in Bihar to Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) leader Ram Vilas Paswan, whose alliance arithmetic with the Congress and Lalu Prasad Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) is not working to his advantage.

Simultaneously, Dalit leader Udit Raj, whose Indian Justice Party has about 1 per cent vote in Uttar Pradesh, formally joined the BJP on Monday afternoon.

BJP President Rajnath Singh seemed elated with the proceedings, especially as both Paswan and Udit Raj have been fierce critics of the Sangh Parivar’s Hindutva politics for over a decade now. Paswan deserted the National Democratic Alliance in the wake of the 2002 riots in Gujarat and Udit Raj has had several skirmishes with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) over his bid to convert Dalits to Buddhism.

Udit Raj himself has converted to Buddhism, changing his name from Ram Raj in the process.

Although alliance talks with Paswan had not been finalised, a top BJP source said the party is ready to offer him seven seats in Bihar, an improvement over the three or four that Lalu is willing to concede to the LJP.


While the party is facing resistance from its Bihar unit, especially with regard to the Nawada and Araria seats where the BJP’s Pradeep Kumar Singh and Bhola Singh had won in 2009, the top leadership believes the arrival of Paswan has a symbolic meaning.

The BJP’s projection of Narendra Modi had cost the party a valuable ally in the form of the Janata Dal (United). Paswan’s decision to back the BJP will be a big boost in proving Modi’s credentials in attracting allies that come with a secular tag.

That also explains the big fanfare with which Udit Raj was welcomed in the party headquarters on Monday afternoon by Rajnath Singh.

“Today we welcome a famous, learned man in our midst. In Dr Udit Raj, we have won not just someone who campaigns for Dalit rights but a scholar who has a vision for India,” said the BJP President.

Change of stance

On his part, Udit Raj extolled Modi’s virtues and promised to join forces in the fight against “Bangladeshi infiltrators and Islamic terrorists”. “Jo kaam Congress ne das saal mein nahin kiya, voh Mananiya Narendra Modi ki badhti hui raftaar karegi (Narendra Modi’s growing clout will do what Congress has not done in 10 years),” Udit Raj said.

This is a long way off from his earlier avatar as a staunch anti-Hindutva campaigner who had organised a massive rally in Delhi’s Ambedkar Stadium after the Gujarat carnage in 2002.

Since then, Udit Raj has been consistently campaigning against the BJP and its affiliates in the Sangh Parivar.

“What worries the Sangh Parivar is not the welfare of Dalits but a possible reduction in upper-caste Hindu numbers. Their prejudice is so entrenched that they are not in a position to sense the agony of those who suffer under the caste-based system.

“In general, Hindu believers treat the disadvantaged as sinners reaping the fruits of a past life. Thus, a leper is to be shunned; the exploitation of Dalits is justified. On the contrary, a Christian finds an opportunity for spiritual fulfilment in serving the leper and healing the sick,” Raj Udit had said in a signed article on October 25, 2008.

The BJP is clearly chuffed to have caused the dramatic turnaround. “We do not consider anyone an untouchable. We do not recognise untouchability. Hindu religion is the supreme way of life,” said Rajnath Singh while welcoming Udit Raj

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 02-25-2014

So Udit Raj babbling about islamic terrorists to gain favor in BJP

A lot of investment down the drain for John Dayal

It may be worth questioning Udit on EJ activities

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 02-25-2014


New Delhi : Dalit leader Udit Raj Monday joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) here.

Welcoming Udit Raj in the party, party president Rajnath Singh said the BJP believes that the last man on the ladder should be the first to be lifted out of poverty and claimed that economic and other disparities had increased under the Congress rule.

Udit Raj said there was "no achievement" of the United Progressive Alliance government when it came to improving the condition of Dalits and tribals.

He also said the Bahujan Samaj Party had done little to help expand opportunities for the Dalits in the government and the private sector.

In a statement issued today to explain his reasons for joining BJP, Udit Raj said that India has become a place for terrorist activities. "Hindus are being chased out of Pakistan and taking refuge in India and from Bangladesh Muslims are inflitrating across the border."

Rajnath Singh said Udit Raj had been made a member of the party's national executive.

BJP sources said Udit Raj may be fielded in the forthcoming Lok Sabha election. They said his joining the party ahead of elections would help the party expand its support among the weaker sections.

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 02-25-2014

If Udit Raj has started to make anti-muslim statements, BJP must be doing much better than the opinion polls

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 02-26-2014

More on Udit Raj

Muslims are nearer to Upper Caste Hindus than Dalits and OBC

By Udit Raj

The so called upper castes are closer to the Muslims in respect of Beti (marriage), Roti(dinning) and Business but they are very far from dalits( untouchables) rather they nurture hatred , if not consciously then sub consciously. Marriages between the elite upper castes and Muslims are very common provided there is security and economic independence but in the same circumstances that does not happen with dalits. Miss world Sushmita Sen found Pakistan cricketer- Imran Khan as boy friend, Karina Kapoor to Shaif Ali Khan , BJP leader-Murali Manohar Joshi's daughter is married with Muslim and so is the case with the niece of L K Adwani, Delhi CM's daughter is also married with Muslim . Top Muslim leaders of BJP Muqtar Abbas Naqvi and Shah Nawaj are married to upper caste hindu . There is race to get Muslim boys in film industry. Sharmila Tagore, Kiran(wife of Amir Khan) , Malaika Arora and her sister, Gauri( w/o Shahrukh Khan), Rankshnda, Rakhi, Saroj Khan , Subhashini etc.are such example. Similarly business relationship between them is very common. In eastern UP, Muktar Ansari is having business partnership in contracts with upper castes and there are many cases in the country but hardly such instances are there where dalits are partners or having business connection. Azim Premji has outsourced the businesses to the upper castes. In elite and educated Muslims, it is very common that the so called upper castes are invited on the occasion of marriages, functions, or personal occasions and the vice versa and very rarely dalits get such opportunities. Due to political reason, it looks that the Muslims are enemy of Hindus and vice versa. I have been doing social and political works for many years and so far not a single upper caste has offered to work with me specially in social field. Though the urban boys and girls are not very casteists and yet they are psychologically conditioned. They get such values through their parents, relatives and society. When the upper caste girls grow and have freedom to choose friends and life partners, the choice is limited either they have to go for their caste guys or Muslims but not for dalits and tribals and there is no preference for backward caste also. Why it is so ? The reason is that they are repeatedly told right from childhood that the dalits are incapable and untouchables. Dalits encroach the opportunities in admission in good institutions and services and if the govt system is not working efficiently then reservation is responsible. Slowly, the upper castes children develop feelings and start abhorring and hating dalits. Had there not been prejudices in upper caste girls, they would have gone for dalit and OBC boys also who are sturdy, handsome and hardworking.

If the upper castes and Muslims are closer then it is welcome. It is definitely promoting integrity and unity of the country. What I want to say that the lower castes are still subject to prejudices and discriminations and the so called upper castes cant adjust with them. Who discriminate to dalits, everyone knows. The question is why some upper castes seem to worry that the Muslims‘s population is increasing or Muslims are threat. The real threat to Hinduism is from within. Hundred times I have experienced that the upper castes prefer Muslims to us.


BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 02-26-2014

Daily Bhaskar

Ideological change or political compulsion?

Udit Raj, born in a Hindu family as Ram Raj changed to Buddhism on November 4, 2001 and with this changed his birth name. Being an active worker of the RSS for long he was supposed to toe in the line of the Sangh Parivar, but with his conversion to Buddhism he began hymning his own tunes allegedly.

The supposed drift in his ideology wasn’t propped up by the BJP and other hardcore Hindu nationalist organizations, which also earned a considerable level of disparagement for him.

On October 27, 2002 Udit Raj organized a contentious conversion ceremony in which large number of Dalits 'converted' to Buddhism. Following which, his relationship severed with the Sangh and BJP, resulting in his losing long reared association with them.

As per covert news reports of the time, he was working against the interests of the party and RSS, which found his ‘conversion-exercise’ politically motivated.

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 02-27-2014

Udit Raj is member of National Integration Council, Government of India.

Udit Raj is National Chairman of Buddha Education Foundation.

Udit Raj is National Chairman of All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations.

Udit Raj leads Dalit International Foundation

Udit Raj leads Lord Buddha Club.

Udit Raj was part of an international Steering Committee on Kashmir