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BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 02-28-2014

Hindu -

Impotent mullah cries

Abdul Khaliq, a long-time confidant of Ram Vilas Paswan and the Lok Jan Shakti Party’s general secretary, broke down and cried when, at a meeting on Wednesday, the party took the final call on aligning with the Bharatiya Janata Party in Bihar.

Zakir Hussain Khan, the LJP’s only MLA, has already quit the party citing Muslim protests in his constituency.

Mr. Khaliq, who unsuccessfully negotiated a seat-sharing arrangement with the Congress and the Rashtriya Janata Dal, told The Hindu he was shattered by the turn of events but had been rendered helpless by his own failure to clinch an alternative deal.

He quoted a Urdu couplet to describe his distress: ‘Jab ke tujh bin nahi koi maujood, phir ye hungama ay khuda kya hai’ (When you are all there is, when everything is under your direction, then oh, God, what use is my shouting?)

“Won’t quit”

The LJP general secretary said though he was deeply depressed, he would not quit the party for the sake of his friendship with Mr. Paswan. “Despite my best effort, I could not prevent this [tie-up with the BJP]. The situation would not have come to this, had the Congress and the RJD been more accommodating towards the LJP.”

Mr. Khaliq said RJD chief Lalu Prasad played hard to get and dragged the negotiations for over three months. The Congress was more conciliatory, though a promised meeting between Mr. Paswan and Rahul Gandhi never materialised. The Hindu has confirmed from well-placed Congress sources that Mr. Gandhi left it too late to salvage the situation. By the time he made a last-ditch effort, the LJP-BJP alliance was done.

The LJP general secretary accused Mr. Prasad of humiliating a party that was already in an alliance with the RJD. “I went to meet Laluji in jail and he promised to give us a fair deal. And yet when he came out, he repeatedly put off seat-sharing talks and encouraged his own people to start campaigning on seats we were expecting to get. It became clear that the LJP was being given only two seats.” According to RJD sources, the LJP was being too demanding.

Mr. Khaliq said he expected the Congress to take the initiative and arrange a meeting between the three parties which did not happen. “I begged them to take action because I knew that the BJP was watching the developments with interest.”

With the talks in limbo, the inevitable happened. The BJP moved in with a better offer. Mr. Khaliq said though he was aware of the huge symbolism of the LJP-BJP deal, he could do nothing. “My party asked me if we should be content with two seats. It was put to me that it was a matter of the LJP’s survival. What could I say or do?”

It was on Mr. Khaliq’s insistence that Mr. Paswan had pulled out of NDA in the aftermath of the 2002 violence in Gujarat. Today the same party has opted to be a part of the Narendra Modi-led NDA. “I’m flooded with calls from distressed Muslims. But since I cannot quit, I will keep a low profile,” Mr. Khaliq told The Hindu.

Keywords: LJP, LJP-BJP tie-up, Lok Sabha polls 2014, Ram Vilas Paswan, BJP, Abdul Khaliq, Zakir Hussain Khan

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 03-01-2014

BJP and Kerala

Kerala is a lost case for the BJP

Consider, BJP is doing well and getting seats in

JK = 65% muslim

Goa = 35% muslim /xtian

Assam = 35% muslim / xtian

Agreed it will not win enough seats to rule, but it will win enough seats to be relevant

In Kerala, the fact is the hindus are half-xtian, all the non-veg Hindu castes eat beef

The way out is to use the Danda , enforce the environmental laws against church land-grabbers

put the screws on the xtian-mullah business class

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 03-03-2014

Here is the latest opinion poll of Kerala, from Haindavakeralam

% voting for BJP

SC / ST = 4%

Ezhava = 7%

Nair = 19%

Xtian = 5%

Muslim = 0%

With this demographic, impossible to win in Kerala

despite all the butt kissing of Ezhavas and Xtians by the BJP

Ezhavas in Kerala are hard-core CPM, like UP-Dalits are hard-core BSP

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 03-03-2014

Using the Danda

Hindus who dont vote BJP / NDA, should get worse treatment than Hindus who vote BJP / NDA

Any state that votes less than 15% towards NDA should not get cabinet posts, and should be disadvantaged in inter-state disputes

Those who vote secular ( casteist, regional ) should feel the consequences

examples - in the previous NDA regime, O.Rajagopal of Kerala was entered into Rajya Sabha through BJP quota

in MP. This time, he should not get ministership if he fails to win a seat in Kerala

Similarly contracts should be diverted away from Nasrani businessmen and life made miserable for them using the tax-man

Even further downstream, I see a way to prevent mini-Pakistan in Kerala, ( following Telengana example )

by ripping away Manjeshwaram and Kasargod to Karnataka ( has sizeable number of Kannadiga and Tulu speakers )

This would splinter the kerala muslim vote

BJP Future - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 03-03-2014

TRS breaks off talks with Cong

I bet they will align with NDA

BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 03-20-2014

In the last 72 hours continous reports are coming in of either the candidate is not happy with the seat alloted to him or the workers are not happy with the nomination of the candidate by the party high command. It is not a positive trend and the BJP leadership should take urgent corrective measures, otherwise it will cause major problems at the polls.

BJP Future - 7 - Capt Manoj Singh - 03-20-2014

BJP, in my opinion, is an association of power hungry persons each out in the field for his ulterior selfish motive. I might be wrong and I hope I am proved so with time but can't think of BJP any differently.

BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 03-25-2014

Captain Sahab,

I do appreciate your sense of frustration and anguish in the way things are happening in the BJP.

After giving some thoughts to the happenings of the last few weeks, I feel that it is a result of the clash between the younger generation and the old guards. How far the old guards will be relevant post election is yet to be seen . It is perhaps the expectation of the younger generation of voters to see new , young and dynamic leaders post the next general elections . Another aspect worth noting is that the religious agenda is not being given any prominence in the electoral speeches of the major political parties including the BJP. As the election date is coming nearer the various political parties are busy projecting their election agenda and at the same time trying to form alliances. However, as the things stand at present the chances of the BJP emerging as the largest party is almost certain. The only uncertain aspect is whether it will be able to cross the 273 mark on its own or will fall short of that number.

If the unexpected does happen, the Government will be a strong one free from coalition compulsions. In that case, some drastic measures for better governance of the nation cannot be ruled out.

BJP Future - 7 - Capt Manoj Singh - 03-26-2014

[quote name='ravish' date='25 March 2014 - 03:45 PM' timestamp='1395761869' post='117155']

Captain Sahab,

I do appreciate your sense of frustration and anguish in the way things are happening in the BJP.

After giving some thoughts to the happenings of the last few weeks, I feel that it is a result of the clash between the younger generation and the old guards. How far the old guards will be relevant post election is yet to be seen . It is perhaps the expectation of the younger generation of voters to see new , young and dynamic leaders post the next general elections . Another aspect worth noting is that the religious agenda is not being given any prominence in the electoral speeches of the major political parties including the BJP. As the election date is coming nearer the various political parties are busy projecting their election agenda and at the same time trying to form alliances. However, as the things stand at present the chances of the BJP emerging as the largest party is almost certain. The only uncertain aspect is whether it will be able to cross the 273 mark on its own or will fall short of that number.

If the unexpected does happen, the Government will be a strong one free from coalition compulsions. In that case, some drastic measures for better governance of the nation cannot be ruled out.

[/quote]Hi Ravish, I should make it clear that I do not hero worship any politician or political party. My interests lie in stronger vibrant economy in India, to some extent lesser disparity between the crorepathi's and the people who cannot afford two square meals in a day, stability, honesty and corrupt free India. Do I seek too much? No, not at all. These are fundamental to progress of any country. You cannnot forge ahead with 40% of your population below the poverty line and uneducated. BJP is just another political party that has existed for quite some time without making any impression in the Indian fabric. I happened to read a few analysis of the political scenario in India. Two of them caught my imagination - There are three politicians in the fray for Prim minister-ship - One a Bluffer, the other a duffer and the third a muffler. Do I need to put the names to these adjectives or you are wise enough to have understood? And the second analysis was the voters are of three kinds - one those who will vote Congress because their fathers and forefathers did the same (brand loyalty), two those believe Modi and party will bring political stability to the country and the third kind who believe that before a political stability there will be a period of far reaching political upheaval of the sort seen in AAP. I do not have a political allegiance but don't be surprised if the pundits are proven wrong. AAP wave is deeper than the Modi wave as I view it.

BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 03-27-2014

Captain Sahab,

Your points are well taken and I do broadly agree with your analysis of the political parties and the electorate. However, on one point I beg to differ with you on one point , i.e. on AAP’s impact in the national scale.

I endorse your view that the people of India by and large wants to have a corruption free socity and so the aims and objectives of the AAP do appeal to the majority of the common people. However, you will agree that in a vast country like hours , one needs a massive party organization at a national scale to really make a serious attempt to fight the elections. This involves, availability of funds, a brigade of honest and dedicated workers and a strong network right up to the village level.

Despite ithe support the AAP has received in the Delhi area and in certain pockets of urban areas across the country, as of today ,it does not have an organizational set up across the nation. With the short span of time available before the general elections, it is not possible for the AAP to set up a nationwide organizational outfit with de4dicated and honest workers. They have also to face hostile opposition in some parts of the country , where local political leaders and hanger ons are to ensure that no new political formation can enters the political scene in a serious manner. The net result of the is that the AAP may have to face very steep opposition in certain constituencies to win this election.AAA

BJP Future - 7 - Capt Manoj Singh - 03-27-2014

Agreed Ravish. AAP lacks the organizational skills that BJP and Congress have but don't forget the fact AAP has just emerged on the national scale whereas both BJP and Congress have been there for decades. While I do agree that a very organized structure like the one you described is necessary to maintain a position of strength in the country. I also feel spending on such a colossal scale to organize elections in India is such a big drain on the economy. I remember reading somewhere about 30,000 Crores are spent on national elections!! What a waste, can you imagine if this sort of money was channelised into government schools and hospitals we would have institutions that we could be proud of. If one wants to canvas for political parties it could be TV debates, radio interbiews and social media circles. Don't you agree?

BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 03-27-2014

You have made a very valid point. Today, despite the all out development of the nation India remains the home for the largest number of poor people in the world. There is no point in repeating the statistics to indicate the poverty level and the allied perimeters.

You will agree that today we hear of corruption in every sphere of public activity, be it rural development or purchase of 155mm artillery .It has affected every institution of the nation including some of the NGOs I am told. Having served the nation as a civil servant for more than three decades, I have seen the gradual fall in the level of honesty at least in the Government sector. I do not have any direct experience of what is happening in the Public Sector Undertakings.

Why this has happened? The escalating cost of fighting the elections is the main reason. The decision makers today i.e. our elected representatives do spend huge amount either directly or through their political outfit to win the election. Once they get elected, it becomes necessary to generate the funds to pay back the sources from which funds were obtained. This opens the gate to corruption and it results in a cascading effect. Every public figure is not corrupt in the sense that they are accepting bribe in cash but there are many who facilitate corruption in kind or by extending favors and facilities to certain interests.

Today the entire decision making process is sometimes influenced by certain special considerations, in order to safeguard the interest of certain industries or individuals. It is very easy to accuse a small time babu in the Government of corruption, if he accepts a bribe to do his job. Unfortunately, the critic seldom thinks beyond to find out why the babu is indulging in corruption. It is quite possible that he has to pay a cut to the higher up and the shares ultimately end up at the top decision making level. Those individuals who do not fall in line and cause hindrance to the network are liable to be eased out from any important position at the earliest.

This being the present state of affairs, it requires massive reforms in the whole election process , so that we can have a corruption free society in India.

BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 03-30-2014

According to the latest opinion polls the BJP is expected to get about 230 seats while the Congress may not reach the three digit figure. Opinion polls are not always right on the mark but most of the time they reflect the general opinion trend. So a situation may arise when the BJP may not require the support many of the regional parties to form the next Government.

The voting is still a few weeks away .Meanwhile, before the electorate a new situation has been presented. The BJP has displaced and replaced many of the old guards and as such a larger number of younger candidates have been fielded. This may catch the imagination of the voters to vote for the younger generation cutting across communal and regional lines. The relentless political debates in the electronic media will also expected to have its impact on the voter. The mood of the electorate in certain areas of the country is already showing the impact . The average voter is today more concerned about speedy economic development , generation of more employment etc. So it is possible that these considerations may disturb the traditional vote banks of the various political parties.

In view of the above developments, it appears that the political alignment may undergo major changes post elections. However, it is to be seen whether the new Government will be able to bring in dynamic youngsters as Ministers to carry forward the development agenda of the world’s largest democracy, or it will be the same old wine in a new bottle.

BJP Future - 7 - Husky - 05-24-2014

Three posts of pure spam. But am sure to feel better once it's posted.

Post 1/3

Having avoided much news and articles concerning India during the final days of the election, the relief on hearing that the nationalists had won instead of the anti-nationalists/anti-Hindus, was followed by concern on seeing a certain pattern when catching up on reading many of the articles of the election period written by nationalist supporters.

Some of the articles follow. They don't reflect the BJP's intentions - which I am not acquainted with, but I'm hoping it's more promising than this - but they do reflect what was at this point in time foremost in the minds of the many familiar vocalists who authored these. And that's the worrisome part. Except for Radha Rajan, I don't think anyone else remembered to envisage any kind of actual heathen Hindoo agenda under BJP's rule.

Note: it's not unreasonable for Hindoos to want Hindoo-dom to be a priority at last - moreover, every enemy has viciously pushed their ideology when in power - especially at this time when things have thus far been possibly the bleakest time Hindoo-dom has ever experienced, as Hinduism has not just been oppressed by the enemies but as irreversible de-heathenisation has set in like never before thanks to long-standing social-engineering and gangrene, and the heathenism and its heathens teeter on the brink. Hindus may never get a second chance, after all.


Quote:Verdict 2014: Awakening of Bharat’s Kundalini

by Virendra Parekh on 17 May 2014 6 Comments


We can expect not just transfer of power, but transformation of the State. The election verdict marks the first decisive step towards dismantling of the Nehruvian political order that has dominated our public life since Independence. Its consequences will keep unfolding for months, years and decades. While its immediate effects will be felt in the economy and politics, the more lasting changes will be felt in the social realm. The perceptions, relations and power equations among castes - forward, backward and SCs - and between Hindus and non-Hindus will change materially and we shall see a more cohesive and integrated society.

(Even as christians and muslims will return to what they do during such periods: biding their time until their next coup of Indian polity. They work by "Try, try again" after all. Nothing has changed, certainly not their mandate for converting the country to monotheism. As long as missionary religions are around - and especially the christo-class virus - the threat remains to the ancestral heathen religion of any space and its adherents.)


Modi succeeded because Hindus who are (genuinely) secular by nature trusted him and decided to give him a chance. Modi’s strategy offers a refreshing contrast to Vajpayee and Advani. Both went out of their way to woo Muslims to win acceptability in the secular establishment. Modi made secularists’ certificates irrelevant.

As an aside, this was a sane comment which caught my eye:

Quote:The most important derivative from this election is the slowing down of Vatican's plan to Christianise India.Already,rogues like John Dayal and his team were in the US to spread canard against Modi.In my own humble submission,one of the most important decision to be taken by Modi government should be to drastically cut down on the number of schools run by the Catholic church,which is producing torrent of anti-Hindu,Hindus.All those who speak against BJP and Modi are products of Catholic institutions.Infact,Christianisation of Hindus is far more dangerous than Jihadi voilence.


May 20, 2014


Quote:What we can expect after May 16

by George Augustine on 16 May 2014 0 Comment

Augustine is exempted from my criticism since he's not a heathen. Only a deconvert from christianism. Still, I had anticipated - entirely unreasonably - that he would be more insistent on a restoration of heathenism. Since heathenism has been a fatal victim of the past years of anti-Hindu rule and subversion.


another one by George Augustine, from before the election outcome, appealing to christians and muslims to vote for Modi-led BJP and why this will mean secularism as king.


Gautam Sen

Sen is not actually a heathen - this is obvious from all his articles - but he is a nationalist NRI, and concerned about christo-islamic and western decimation of Indians.

Still, his frequent mention of the plight of "Hindus" led one to believe that he would remember the pitiful state of Hindudom *after* nationalism's victory. But all the discourse seems to be about a secular future.


Quote:Fwd: How Modi should ensure India sees 'acche din' by sanjeev nayyar in

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: sanjeev nayyar

How Modi should ensure India sees 'acche din' by sanjeev nayyar in Rediff. [color="#0000FF"]6 points Economy, Defence, Foreign Affairs, Reintegrate North-East with rest of India, Out of box ideas, Talk less work more.[/color] 21/5/14

Sanjeev Nayyar chalks out a detailed six-point agenda for the new National Democratic Alliance government led by Narendra Modi.

A brief glance over the contents showed about nothing in the 6 point agenda about restoring Hindu heathenism after the brutal battering it has received at the hands of the previous, christian govt (Congress). And this despite Sanjeev Nayyar usually advertising for Indic religions under some umbrella.


Quote:Narendra Modi: Subramania Bharati’s vision of rising India

by Radha Rajan on 15 May 2014 14 Comments


Sonia Gandhi embroiled even sensitive agencies like Military Intelligence to invent saffron terror and incarcerated Pujya Swami Aseemanand and Sadhvi Pragya. It may be noted that they have not been charge-sheeted yet. This Sonia Gandhi managed to do because she successfully sold the Hindu terror lemon to leaders of Hindu organisations who believed they were the intended targets of Swami Aseemanand and Sadhvi Pragya, and therefore failed to speak up for them and work for their release.


Radha Rajan is the only one that actually remembered Hindudom, and nice to see she remembers some of the Hindus still being crushed by the christian inquisition too.

Again, the above views by their various authors don't necessarily reflect that of BJP's intended goals during their governance. The point is that the above shows how quickly almost all of them have switched gear from 1. feeling the urgency of the threat faced by Hindoo heathenism (the threat was and remains extinction, by the way), to 2. forgetting the crimes of the enemies who conspired against Hindu-dom and consequently the nation - and which enemies have *not* forsaken their stated and intended goal, it has merely been delayed - and to 3. the unreasonable and wholly undeserved magnanimity of the victors to the treacherous 5th columns infesting India. Almost all their talk has turned to development and other secular goals.

Let's say 10 is the number that represents Hindoo heathenism** at full strength (by which I mean **traditional i.e. HindOO heathenism alone, i.e. the native religion of "polytheistic idolatry" - with no apologies, as nothing else is under pointed attack).

At the birth of the modern post-colonial era of Indian history, the strength of Hindoo heathenism was at an index value of 6 and slid down towards 5.

After the recent decades of the crypto-christian rule by the congress govt, culminating in the period of accelerated conversion and oppression of the Hindoos post Papal mandate to convert Asia, the strength index has fallen to between 3 and 4.

Now, if the "Hindu nationalist" party of the BJP ends up being as neutral towards Hindoo objectives as many of the above writers impute, and end up not doing anything relevant for Hindoo-dom but bring in just plain, fair (secular) governance - no matter *how* honest and how excellent the policies - the strength index may not fall lower during BJP rule, but it will not be restored to 6 again let alone to 10. And *when* the enemies take over once more (as they undoubtedly will one day, if all that the BJP end up providing is a balanced, effective, secular rule), then the Hindoo strength index will continue to plummet from the pathetic value of 3 to below restorative numbers. When it hits 0 it is extinct, although when it hits 2 it already implies extinction.

What I am trying to say is that the BJP - if indeed it is Hindu nationalist - must do whatever it can to restore Hindu heathenism's strength to > 5, preferrably 6. And that's assuming that all other things are equal: i.e. assuming that the rate of subversion and de-heathenisation remains constant (yet it is not constant and was actually accelerating by generation and even decade by now), and assuming that any anti-Hindu governments that may loom on India's horizon in future don't try yet more desperate methods than the Congress/communist parties have so far, and increase the rate of de-Hinduisation and conversion of the nation. Otherwise another period of anti-Hindu rule won't leave Hindoo-dom at 3 when/if a nationalist party takes over thereafter, but they may find a native religion past the point of recovery. (Personally I think it past the point of recovery already, based on what passes for "Hinduism" these days among vocalists/self-professed 'defenders' - itself a subversion - and also the rate of the spread of gangrene/self de-heathenisation.)

BJP cannot merely focuss on good governance and developing India. Hindoos don't have the luxury anymore. Mere good governance was what was required immediately after independence, though that would merely have delayed the severe blow christo-islamism has dealt Hindoo heathenism in its subcontinental homeland. It is too late for Hindoo heathenism if good governance is all that Hindoos may expect from the nationalist government. BJP owes Hindoos - it is the *Hindoo* majority that put them in charge, not any minorities. And any Hindu nationalists in the BJP owe it to their religion to restore it to strength, else their attempts at governance can only be regarded a failure from the POV of Hindoo religio-civilisation.

There is no other chance in future, at some later date. There is only now. As with all things in life, people live and die by their choices. There is no chance at redoing missed chances hereafter: once it's dead, it's gone, never to be resurrected (look at most of the west).

If they ever want Hindoo religion to survive, BJP needs to make restoration and restitution of Hindoo-heathenism a priority. I'm not looking at Buddhism-peddler Arun Shourie here, but any old HindOOs in the party. (I know some older BJP members in Tamizh Nadu are Hindoo heathens.) I think Modi is also a heathen: he seems to be one in his personal life - not merely his private life - but appears to make no larger public aims with this, or else his aims are not transparent, which is not a bad thing but cannot provide immediate reassurance either.

Even if BJP has no aims of reverting the nation - i.e. aiming at reversing the christo-islamisation of India - they have to reverse the christo-conditioning of the nation and restore Hindoo temples and institutions like Mathas and Veda paathashaalas. Hindoo temple lands and wealth must be fully restored, and as this has been stolen from Hindoo temples and donated by christian governments to christoislam, it must be from *their* purses that these things are returned, and *not* from public taxes/the exchequer.

BJP Future - 7 - Husky - 05-24-2014

Post 2/3

(still spam)

If nothing else, at a *minimum*, Hindus should expect and *demand* the following:

1. Dara Singh - if alive - freed instantly. If this can only be done in secret, then so be it. Repatriated to his family and a functioning life - whatever of such can exist after years of torment by the christian inquisition.

It is well-known - and admitted by the very courts that sentenced him - that Dara was (as he remains) innocent.

If Dara is dead already, he must be publicly exhonerated and christianism must be incriminated for conspiracy against his life and religion and conspiracy against the persons of other Hindus with him. Christian conspiracists against Dara Singh in the CBI etc must be punished in his place: sentenced for life. Their lives for his. Nothing less. And Dara Singh's family must receive compensation and national Padma whatever awards. And these awards must be publicly removed from the christist wife of Australian illegally-overstaying (and otherwise criminal) missionary Graham Staines.

Must free and rehabilitate Dara Singh (Rabindra Kumar Pal). There can be no budging on this point.

Or if BJP can't be bothered, show a little consideration and mercy and kill Dara, if he prefers that to languishing to death in prison. (He was even christoterrorised by the guards there and denied water.)

2. Freedom for Sadhvi, Purohit, Aseemanand, IIRC Swami Amritananda of the Sharada Peetham of POK. Etc. Public exhoneration.

3. Freedom also for all the Kannadiga Hindoos disappeared into prison when they were protesting takeover of their temples by that terrorist christian cop Sangliana. Immediate restoration of the Karnataka Hindo temple lands that the christians that Sangliana was protecting took over and constructed churches on. Those 2 temples must be immediately rebuilt with money from the christian communities who demolished those temples and built churches over it. The illegal church constructions on those sites must be demolished.

(Original article, now truncated, at [color="#0000FF"][/color], full version still at

3. Public (mass-media) exhoneration of Kanchi Swami and incrimination of all those who conspired against him and exposure of their christianism

4. Ban on construction of illegal islamic building on the Hindu temple grounds near Tirupati. The illegal islamic school must be demolished, and Annamcharya grandson's Hindu Temple must be rebuilt there. The money must come from the islamics involved, unless they want to go to prison/be sent to TSP for illegally acquiring and building on Hindu temple land.

5. Immediate restoration of all Hindu temples to ethnic (native) Hindoos of the localities, especially any ancestral Hindu village communities in charge. Constitutional BAN henceforth on "secular" and other non-Hindu government takeovers of Hindoo temples.

Any Hindoo temple lands or temples taken over for the construction of christian churches or by christian persons must be taken back and the temples rebuilt. E.g. Radha Rajan documented that a temple related to IIRC Muttuswami DikShitar was demolished by the christian govt and in its space sprung up christian and islamic stalls.

Bans on christians and muslims (and aliens) from coming near Hindu temples, let alone entering them. Bans against christians/muslims/"seculars" (or aliens) being employed on Hindu temple premises.

Immediate return of Indian and Balinese Hindu vigrahas and other items that recently ended up illegally in American museums or with other aliens. Make the smugglers pay the museums.

Anyone caught smuggling Hindu or other Indic sacred artefact hereafter will face a jail term for life. Ought to make that law constitutional.

What ought to happen (but BJP won't do it): All monies stolen and drained from Hindoo temples must be returned to Hindoo temples. All temples that were impoverished and closed by the crypto christian drain must be rebuilt from christian pockets. For this purpose, and for the period required, government may takeover christian churches and drain them of the funds they stole. (And if they so much as make a sound in protest, make that With Interest.)

6. Instant fines for any in Nagaland, Mizoram etc who ever call their states "christian". And if any protest, then they may move to Philipines or US or any other christian nation of their choosing.

Repatriation of Hindu Brus and Rheangs to Assam, Tripura etc from where christians ethnically cleansed them, with special rights and threats of calling in the army if any christian terrorises them.

And full repatriation of any remaining Hindu Nagas to Nagaland with the same rights.

Resettlement of Hindu BD immigrants in Nagaland and Mizoram to make sure that Hindu lands can't be taken away by the converts.

7. All moneys stolen from Hindoo organisations, all public taxes redirected to propping up minorities - e.g. see [color="#0000FF"][/color] - must be returned to the public exchequer. The government may try to undo the christo-conspiracy of discrimination against the thus-far deliberately-neglected Hindus from this money.

8. As important as point 1: an immediate promise by the government to Hindoos of Bangladesh and Pakistan that they are free to come and settle in India and will receive government rations and help. And all Indian government aid to make it happen for those Hindus in TSP/BD who make the choice.

Make a deal with Pakistan/Bangladesh to ship all Rohingyas in return (they are NOT India's responsibility, but the responsibility of islamic republics alone). All rights granted Rohingyas to be retracted. All promises of Indian resettlement made to the 14,000 Goan christians in Pakistan to be retracted permanently.

Bangladesh Buddhists should ask to be resettled in Burma (not India) for all the Rohingyas and Hindus that were kicked out.

Resettle all willing SL Hindus who were ethnically cleansed out of SL in exchange for India's neo-Buddhists (fair is fair).

Resettle TSP Sikhs in India with the warning that they/their descendants WILL be returned if these turn Khalistani or speak of monotheistic superiority or claim anything Hindoo. Resettle TSP Jains in India with the warning that if they/their descendants ever try to missionise on Hindus, such as by peddling the ur-Shramanism nonsense, they will be returned to islamic TSP or BD.

All resettlement grants - including of TSP/BD Hindoos - immediately retracted and settlers to be returned if any of them OR their descendants ever convert to christianism/islam or otherwise antagonise Hindoo religion.

9. Bans on [christoislamic] missionising of Hindoos and other non-christoislamic religionists in India. Reversions to Hindu religion and reversion organisations sanctioned by law. (Should make it constitutional.)

Revoke the missionary visa that the cryptochristian congress had brought in, which was recently revealed by Sandhya Jain.

Ban on missionising of ancestral heathenisms (e.g. ban on missionising Bon persons or Hindoos by ANY missionary religions, no matter how native).

10. Ban on cryptochristianism:

- No bindi or other Hindoo markings, saree, golosu/thaali etc to be worn by non-Hindus.

- No use of Hindoo names by non-Hindus

- No bharatanatyam, carnatic music and other such Hindu religious practices to be employed by non-Hindus

- No yoga to be employed by non-Indics in India

- No phrases from the Vedas incl Upanishads to be employed by non-Hindus esp for the purpose of non-Hindu ideologies (e.g. the christians on youtube who turned Gayatri Mantra into a christianism)

Major fines and jail terms for any - esp. christoislamics - who breach the above. Including media persons.

11. No quotas or subsidies for christians and muslims

No special treatment or provisions for "dalit" christians/muslims.

Any christian/muslim who lies about their conversion to christianism must return all the special provisions received - for the term of their entire life, not just from the period of their conversion - from the government, and moreover to be fined or jailed for lying.

"Poor" christians and muslims have no claim on public exchequer: there are enough billion-dollar NGOs - both christian and islamic - that can cater to them

Constitutional law against introducing special privileges for christoislamic minorities.

12. Foreign corporations may not own news channels and outlets in India.

Non-native ideologies may not own news channels in India. This qualifies as cryptochristianism.

Collusion with the Vatican against India or Hindoo Indians is an act of treachery (as it is in China).

No government subsidies for christoislamic schools in India, all past subsidies to be returned forthwith. Quota on christoislamic schools in India: christoislamic schools only allowed to exist in proportion to these ideologies' populations in India. All others should become government schools with no preference for christoislamic teachers anymore, as compensation for past subsidies for these "minorities".

Christoislamic media houses etc AND their circulation only allowed to exist in proportion to these ideologies' populations in India. They are not native and cannot be granted indefinite and disproportionate privileges.

Any complaint of coercive or otherwise christo conversions at christian medical centres (hospitals, clinics, GPs) will immediately result in the treatment of the victim becoming free. :grin:

13. Binayak Sen: death penalty for his crimes against Indians.

Mohammed Afzal: death penalty for his crimes against India.

Christomaoists who murdered Swami Lakshmanananda etc: death penalty for their crimes against Hindu swamis' lives.

Naxalism banned on pain of death.

Christian collusion with communism banned - falls under cryptochristianism. But christian naxalism banned on pain of death, as this falls under missionary conspiracy against heathen India.

14. Eventually, the government will have to ensure that a Sri Rama temple is properly rebuilt in Ayodhya and Hindu pilgrims to it are protected. The law guaranteed the temple there.

Protection and restoration of Ramarsethu.

Protection of Hindu pilgrims to Amarnatha. Special privileges to Kashmir transferred to Hindu Kashmiris only and to Hindus (and any other Indics) of Jammu.

No more taxing Hindus for collecting Gangaa jalam and for yatras etc. Hindus already pay to make their own yatras and melas possible (how dare Hindoos ask for subsidies, after all), just like the Shabari Malai pilgrimage is practically entirely from Hindoos own pocket and they get charged by the christoislamicommunist govt for it. [And Kerala Hindus have to ask for charity to continue to support Hindu pilgrims to Ayyappa at Sabari.]

But no charging Hindoos for any of this anymore as the congress govt did: e.g. Hindus protested against how the christian govt charged them for taking Ganga jalam back home.

BJP Future - 7 - Husky - 05-24-2014

Post 3/3

Note, none of the above is positive discrimination in favour of Hindus:

- no special grants to Hindu temples requested. Only temples to be freed from takeover and their lands returned, and their land wealth never again to be put to use for other ideologies. (Though stolen temple wealth ought returned, and ought to be returned from the christoislamic pockets they disappeared into)

- no special rights for Indian Hindus requested: only that tax-money previously diverted to propping up christoislamics and used for christianising/islamising India now be returned to the government. (This money should actually be used to balance the ledger by being redirected at the Hindus thus-far deliberately disfavoured at the direct expense of christianism/islam)

Yet I predict christoislam will whine "persecution" when they lose their special privileges - such as their demand to vampirically drain Hindu temple for hajj and jerusalem subsidies, for building churches and mosques and for subsidies for christoislamic families.

However, and nevertheless, Hindoo (i.e. Vedic) religion in India deserves special status and recognition as the native ancestral heathen religion of the subcontinent, and for being the identity of the original natives.

And there should be a constitutional law enacted to ban any attempt to dislodge Hindu (Vedic) religion from India and Indians, and a ban of any conspiracy against the Hinduness of the nation. [Regardless of whether it remains a majority.] The judiciary (e.g. justice bannerjee, sachar etc) and government and armed forces may not conspire against the Hindu identity of the country.

Nativeness must be defined by adherence to ancestral Indic religion, not just ethnicity, otherwise converts get to run away with everything (land and identity) both now and in the future, as they have done in Kashmir, Nagaland and Mizoram by claming "nativeness" while adhering to alien terrorist ideologies that directly destroy native religions.

Christians and muslims will not lose by this, but - being ingrates with their own objectives to christoislamise the nation - they will ever conspire. So development must be done with or without them. Just as the BJP came to power despite christoislamic treachery, such as that of John Dayal and gang colluding with AmriKKKa against Modi, and other christoislamics and communists similarly colluding with AmeriKKKa against BJP's installation.

In contrast, the Bonpos who have found refuge in India are not ingrates and are consequently not antagonising native Hindus. And Tibetan Buddhists and Iranian Parsees are also not discriminated against. So either christoislamics live and let live too, or the rest of Indian society is allowed to ignore them and leave them to their own devices/leave them behind during development.

NOTE: Hindus owe christians and muslims absolutely nothing, and less than nothing. Yet in the run-up to and after the BJP victory, several articles (e.g. one by George Augustine at indiafacts) have numerous comments by amnesiac Hindus ready to welcome christoislamic traitors back into their bosom. There's a time to be a gracious winner, and being magnanimous in victory is only sane if the recipient is grateful and not a treacherous backstabber (and repeat offender at it) and a terrorism like christoislam is. The heathen Arabians, when they won the battle against the early muslims in the "War of Apostasy", were repaid for their ill-advised and ill-fated benignity to the undeserving losers, with a repeat attack and a final forced conversion/convert-or-kill spree. The Romans too were repaid in similar manner for giving christianism one too many second chances. But Hindus will supply an infinitude of second chances to the christoclass virus and are determined never to learn from their own past - even from christianism and islam under congress rule - or the past of others, and with such an infinity of opportunities to destroy the Hindus and install monotheism in India, christoislam will surely succeed on day.

As I said, except for the special recognition of Hindu religion as the identity of the Hindu subcontinent, none of the above constitutes special privileges for Indian Hindus.

But anyone wanting to *revert* India to heathenism would and should do far more politically: directly disfavour christoislam and any other ideologies that threaten Hindu religion (e.g. communism), as well as directly act in favour of promoting Hindu religion. (C.f. how the obviously crypto-*christian* party directly acted to disfavour Hindus and to promote christianisation and islamisation of Hindu India.) But expecting a nationalist government to aim to revert India to heathenism is of course too much to ask for. Can't even expect it of most Hindu nationalist vocalists, and political parties tend to be more prudent still.

Indeed, I think it's too much to ask for even the above requests for justice and restitution.

Wish Modi would personally see to it that Dara Singh though. I like to imagine Modi might. Dara was innocent, as even the courts admitted on record, even as they sentenced him for life to please the CBI demands for Dara's blood.

* And Swamis Amritananda and Aseemanand to the Sadhvi should be freed etc.

People can speak of no political victory of "Hindu nationalism" unless Hindu innocents - whose only "crimes" were to tirelessly prevent conversions - are freed and restored to their families and life. Broken though they must be by now. And part of the blame lies at Hindu nationalists' feet: for having stood their misery for so long. But when in power now at last, at least the earlier wrongs - of inaction to protect and rescue Hindoo innocents from the christian inquisition - must be righted.

Actually, it's a not a political victory of Hindu nationalism - or the Hindu majority - unless reversion is achieved or the process of reversion at least begun.

If all that results is mere "development" (and for *all* Indians, traitors included) - and if that really is what most of the nationalist authors who vocalised in recent articles were aiming for - then this election too was a loss, not a win. And it represents another landmark moment in Indian history: the first time Hindu nationalist parties come to power and do absolutely nothing for Hindu-dom. I really hope the earlier mentioned (and other) authors' bland predictions of what the BJP's aims are are incomplete and missed out on the important objectives.

Heathens can and do achieve anything, when freed from the oppression and threat of missionary religions. They will always achieve "development" - they are the repositories of industry, wealth and creativity - but they can achieve security for their heathenism (which is the life's blood of the heathen) only for a small window of time, which window still exists now.

But it's too much to ask anything of modern Indians with Hindu ancestry though. Too much to ask that modern Indians of Hindu parentage remain heathen and retain heathen views. Too much to ask that they be active in favour of heathenism. The one thing one can reliably expect of them - with the west as the pre-eminent example of the footsteps Indians will be retreading - is that when Hindoo-dom is dead, they will try to "reconstruct" it after lamenting it. (Sort of like that anti-Hindu terrorist turned hormonal wreck Yoginder Sikhand tried - with eternal failure - to recapture the heathenism he spent his life kicking to death.)

It would be nice if Modi was different. I would that for him his heathenism wasn't a personal religion - at this juncture, Hindoos can't afford Hindu leaders who are secular in governance - and that he plans actively in favour of his heathenism and his heathens.

BJP Future - 7 - Husky - 05-24-2014

One more.

Post 4/4

Elst seems to have an article out whose title at least seems relevant to my complaints, though I didn't see the article when I visited the Rajeev2004 blog earlier today. I have so far only read the conclusion, so am not sure that the actual text is entirely relevant to my spam in the previous posts. Am consequently pasting the link without endorsement, as well as an excerpt from the conclusion which I have read and which does cohere.

Quote:Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fwd: NEW POST: Things to do for a Hindu Government – Koenraad Elst


[color="#0000FF"]Thus, reforms really affecting the Hindu masses are the abolitions of the existing anti-Hindu discriminations in education and in temple management. These issues do not concern the minorities. Let Hindus, as much as Christians and Muslims, henceforth control their own establishments of education and of religious practice. That would be a minimum requirement of a Government deriving its legitimacy from the pro-Hindu vote.[/color]

- And there was a section titled something about a "Hindu Agenda" for the BJP govt.

- And there was a para warning about the dangers of putting all Hindus' hopes in one person ("What if something happens to Modi?"), which was also my opinion.

[quote name='Husky' date='11 March 2014 - 07:31 PM' timestamp='1394546031' post='117112']

Having but one hope or trump card exposes a fatal weakness. If anything happens to Modi (and the US will most certainly try, even via local christoislamaniacs), all the kufrs of Hindustan will have nothing to look forward to any more. Modi needs to appoint clones of himself as successors - like-minded people he trusts as well as he trusts himself, and charge them with being as politically-active as he is on behalf of the nation.

Other heathen nations have died and been eaten inside-out by christianism owing to the lack of successors to heathen rulers. But I'm sure no one needs reminding.

India's heathens need only make 1 fatal error for christianism to ensure that it will be the last mistake Hindoos ever make. [color="#800080"][**][/color]

Hopefully if Modi/BJP successfully makes it to power, Hindus will use the respite to work behind the scenes to cement a permanent power, one more immune to any christoislamic headway let alone political success. Sorely needed too as it's not just media in India that has been christoislamised. E.g. here's the ASI - making stuff up/christoislamising history quite like the teams of christos and neo-Buddhists doing christian "archaeology" in Tamizh Nadu where they're re-writing local history:


** IIRC, upon Julian's death-by-(christist-)murder during a failed Roman campaign against Persia, the Roman army and polity - in disarray and desperate to have a leader appointed quickly - appointed the christist Jovian, owing to a combination of heathen bungling and christian opportunism. <- And that was the death warrant for Hellenismos right there. So The Most Stupid Political Move Ever in all of history so far was by - not the Indians [not yet] - but by the Romans. Who'd have thought the Romans capable of making such suicidal mistakes? But they do say history has a tendency to repeat. Confusedhivers:


But you know Hindus are doomed when Indian vocalists/defenders of "Hindu nationalism" can't come up with a single article during or post-election that lists what ought to be on the menu in the form of a Hindu agenda of BJP, i.e. what is expected of them; and when a non-Hindu, non-heathen foreign person has to write such an article in their place.

It's becoming laughable.

Hmmm. Usually, and increasingly in recent years, Elst has left me with a bad taste in my mouth after reading his articles, so instead of reading and getting annoyed, as I invariably seem to, I may leave it. Besides, I'm not the one who lacks expectations - concerning the restoration of Hindoos' heathenism - of the BJP or of Hindu nationalists as a whole: of what they ought to do and work for, even if they might not. I know what I want, which is much more (though the age of heathen rulers who fought for heathenism and reversion is long gone; and the age of heathenism is almost gone too). But I'm also long past having hopes of Hindu nationalists.

Modi may be different perhaps. Time will tell.

BJP Future - 7 - ravish - 06-15-2014

The landslide victory of the BJP accross the country indicates that votors from all communities have voted for the party. I feel sorry for the Hindu hardliners, who made every effort to ensure division of votes on communal lines. This time voting on caste and communal lines have not taken place and this is a welcome development.The BJP Government which is in power today is already taking mature decisions for the betterment of the nation. Let us hope it succeeds in its noble effort.

BJP Future - 7 - Husky - 08-16-2014

Quote:(Ravish saidSmile I feel sorry for the Hindu hardliners, who made every effort to ensure division of votes on communal lines.
If Ravish (=an NRI) has any relatives in India, here's hoping christoislamania gets them rather than native Hindoos. Hey, I don't mind christoislamania's communal terrorism as long as it's against the likes of Ravish and his kindred. And he certainly wouldn't mind it (and can't complain about it). As seen in his idiotic comment.


Quote:India’s new PM Modi slams rape shame, communal violence

August 15, 2014 | Filed under: World, | Posted by: Allan Williams

Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned a spate of rapes as a source of shame for India and urged an end to communal violence on Friday (15/08/2014) as he vowed to improve the lives of the nation’s poor in his first Independence Day speech.

(Why does it sound like he's using the "communal violence" accusation as a lecture against not just the actual culprits but their victims - the usual suspects - as well?)

Modi, the son of a tea vendor who come to power in May, also delivered a withering assessment of the ruling establishment from the ramparts of New Delhi’s 17th century Red Fort as he addressed often taboo subjects such as sexual violence, foeticide, religious unrest and a lack of toilets.

And the right-wing Hindu nationalist restated his solidarity with the wider South Asian region but held back from mentioning India’s great rival Pakistan which is also celebrating its independence 68 years ago.

In one of the most eye-catching passages of a 45-minute speech, Modi said levels of rape had shamed India, and he urged parents to take responsibility for the behaviour of their sons rather than put the onus on their daughters.

“When we hear about these rapes our heads hang in shame,” Modi said.

(Modi conveniently forgot to mention that most of the gang-rapes - certainly the most brutal ones - are committed by christoislamaniac men against Hindoo women. But Modi must avoid the "communal" angle and can't afford to speak of this dimension to the most sadistic rape crimes in India. Perhaps he prefers that the Hindoos should continue to suffer in silence rather than that Modi and gang should get blamed for being "communal" in finger-pointing the most villainous of perpetrators.

I just saw some headline in the Rajeev2004 blog** that India/Modi and BJP gang are going to be dragged into some pre-planned international condemnation scheme - perhaps at some UN summit - on the grounds of not curtailing violence against women and "minorities". Seems to me that Modi is just pre-emptively blaming everyone else so that he and/or his government at least won't get blamed for such 'civil unrest' issues. Which would explain why he readily blames general Indian "parents" for not teaching their sons to "behave" - never mind that it's not the majority Hindu sons that are to blame, but exclusively the unHindus and anti-Hindus who are attacking Hindoo women.

** ADDED: the relevant links



A better method of pre-emption would be to do a statistical study of the religion of the victims and the religions of the perpetrators - the victims being always Hindoo women and the perpetrators either christoislamicommunists and otherwise other unHindus/seculars - and then declare capital punishment for any future rapists of Hindoo women, especially if these are of the "minority" religions. That should pro-actively shut the UN "women's rights" plans up before these are launched, by making it a movement for Hindoo women's rights including their right to freedom from christoislamicommunist aka anti-Hindu violence against them.

Likewise Modi appears to be bewailing "religious unrest" and condemning "communal violence", carefully overlooking the fact that Hindus have *always* been on the receiving end of christoislamaniac violence - from the christianised Northeast and islamised Kashmir to christoislamising Bengal down to Kerala and TN.)

“The law will take its own course but as a society every parent has a responsibility to teach their sons the difference between right and wrong.”

Anger over sexual violence has been rising in the last two years, fuelled by a series of high-profile assaults including the fatal gang-rape of a student on a bus in Delhi in December 2012.

The victim’s father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, welcomed Modi’s comments.

“No one says a thing to boys who commit atrocities against women but they are quick to say the mistake must be the girl’s. Modi has sent out a very good message,” he told the NDTV network.

There was also widespread outrage in May when two teenagers were found hanging from a mango tree after being gang-raped in Uttar Pradesh.

The girls, who were aged 14 and 15, were attacked while going to the toilet in fields after dark as – like hundreds of millions of Indians – they did not have a toilet in their own home.

“We are in the 21st century and yet there is still no dignity for women as they have to go out in the open to defecate and they have to wait for darkness to fall. Can you imagine the number of problems they have to face because of this?” Modi told the assembled VIPs.

Modi said India should strive to ensure that every household should have a toilet within the next four years and pledged to ensure that all schools had separate toilet facilities for girls and boys.

The prime minister also called for a change in mindset in a country where a baby boy is still sometimes seen as more of a blessing than a girl – particularly in rural areas.

Despite laws banning parents from finding out the sex of their unborn child, Modi said only 940 girls were being born for every 1,000 boys.

“Who is responsible for this imbalance in our society? I urge the doctors and mothers not to sacrifice their daughters for sons,” he said.

(A post by Dhu on IF from some article very clearly indicated who is responsible: western nations 'graciously' introduced sex-determination into China and India for the express and stated purpose of reducing population growth in both countries since, they knew that both Indians and Chinese would more readily stop reproducing if they produced a male child. But that's another inconvenient fact.

Urging people against infanticide and foeticide is just so much words. But it does push off the blame from the government, since they've clearly made their position on this distasteful topic known.)

Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state, has also been the scene of several recent flare-ups in communal violence between Hindus and minority Muslims.

Before becoming premier, Modi was chief minister of the western state of Gujarat where he was in charge in 2002 during one of the India’s deadliest chapters of communal violence since independence.

But in his speech, Modi said communal violence was “stalling the growth of the nation” and had gone on for “too long”.

(What was that line? Paraphrased: Even those who do not wield swords can still die by them. And that is the exact plight of Hindus vs christoislamaniacs: it doesn't take two sides aiming for mutual destruction to result in bloodshed. It just takes one missionary terrorist religion bent on convert-or-kill to create genocide. But Hindus will be equally censured - even by the nationalist government they elected - for daring to EVER retaliate even just a little when it becomes too much.

I wonder: if it was Modi's relatives who were massacred by the christian terrorist outfits like NLFT or by islamaniacs, would Modi be lecturing his remaning living relatives against "communal violence" too?)

While Modi has been accused of being too pro-business, he vowed to enable the poorest members of society to open bank accounts as he blamed a surge in suicides among farmers on their inability to pay back money-lenders.

“We will have a prime minister’s people wealth scheme so that even the poorest of the poor can have a bank account of their own,” he said.

The new premier also announced that the central planning commission, which under previous governments drew up Soviet-style five-year economic plans, would be replaced by a new undefined federal institution.

Modi, who has long stressed his “outsider” status, said that since becoming premier he had been taken aback by the departmental infighting and discord between ministries.

“Government should be an organic entity, moving in one direction with a common aim goal. I am trying to break down these walls,” he said.

Initial reaction to his speech was largely positive.

Abhishek Manu Singhvi, a senior figure in the former ruling Congress party, praised “an inclusive, harmonious” speech while Yogendra Yadav of the anti-corruption Aam Aadmi party lauded Modi for speaking “spontaneously and with some conviction”. – AFP

Modi's the one that some Bengali Hindus braved brutalisation by islamania to vote for. I wonder if they'll think he was worth it?

Anyway, good that Israelis do not roll over to Palestinian christoislamaniac terrorism, but when pushed to their limits are willing to answer christoislamania in the only language it understands.

Oh but I forgot, HaindavaKeralam had an interview with Tarun Vijay*** where he explained that India's idiotic condemnation of Israel's recent retaliation against islamaniac aggression should not dent Indian-Israeli relations. Then, IMO, Israel has Every Right to unfairly condemn Modi and BJP concerning Godhra too - and over whatever new manufactured crises concerning christoislamania will follow - and Israel should still expect good relations with India thereafter. Same difference, no?

** Isn't Tarun Vijay that 'nationalist journalist' guy who quickly distanced nationalism from Dara Singh by declaring Dara was "just a tribal"? [Never mind. Vanavasis being HindOO are an inseparable part of the larger collective comprised of all HindOOs. And they would never disown a loyal protector of cows and of Hindus like Dara, one whom the courts admitted was innocent in the Staines murder, even as they then sentenced Dara stating they they felt *someone* had to answer for the illegal missionary's death, even if innocent. <- Only happens in christo-terrorised 3rd world India: that innocent natives have to serve a life sentence for the death of some illegal missionary, in order to appease the international/christian community.]

And IIRC Tarun Vijay was the same guy who was further drooling all over that Syrian christian actress of missionary zeal - "Asin". Since Asin may not be prominent enough in Hindi language movies - some Khan flick introduced Tarun and other Hindi-speakers to Asin - this, I suspect, may finally explain why Tarun had suddenly avidly started learning Tamil: despite the missionary Asin inhabiting Kerala(?), Tarun may have learnt that she had pranced around in several Tamil movies and no doubt he wanted to catch all her film output. Hence his studying Tamil. <- I actually don't think this is an exagerration. Because he waxed insane about the actress in some article. (As in, he made a Total Infatuated Fool of himself.) Syria has many prettier specimens of Syrian females, so Tarun would surely do better to learn Arabic for his purposes.

Another interesting news headline seems to be the following. It's not related to this thread. But, can't be bothered finding the right one for this.

"EU ‘shot itself in foot’ with Russia sanctions – Hungary"

BJP Future - 7 - Husky - 08-23-2014

The article alluded to in the above post:


on 'ISI plans to use US and UN to tar Modi'

Hadn't actually read it, but going by the title, can't work out why they want to present this as being exclusively an ISI gig. The US and UN are past masters at these very tactics. Seen in their previous attempts to bring up "casteism is slavery" at the UN. And US always hosting Human Rights 'Religious Freedom' shows only to insinuate "violence by Hindus against minorities" - no mention of christian terrorism against Hindu and Buddhist natives in India's northeast. And of course, US had already since long ago been active about "women's (lack of) rights" in "patriarchal" "Hindu" India. Etc.

When has the US and its universities and think tanks NOT been into this? And when have they not had their native ("secular") arm acting on their behalf? (<- Another obvious give-away: they always use native voices to sentence heathen nations.) E.g. IIRC South African "Indian" Navi Pillay of the UN - about to step down, I think - was their previous means to attack India on the "casteism" issue.

As if ISI doesn't already work intimately with the US and do their bidding wherever India is concerned. Rather like the Taliban used to do America's bidding back when Russia was trying to keep a toehold in Afghanistan.

So why this elaborate attempt by Indians(?) to exclusively blame the ISI and keep US/UN (NATO) innocent?

It seems the Sunday Guardian - the paper whose article readily blames the ISI but overlooks Indian islamania and Indian christomania and especially the US and UN - is more curioso than I guessed:

Quote:The Sunday Guardian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Sunday Guardian is an independent Sunday newspaper, edited by journalist M.J. Akbar. It was launched on 31 January 2010 from New Delhi and is printed in New Delhi ...

Content · Columnists


MJ Akbar merely gone senile or schizo or what's his deal now?

Creepier still: MJ Akbar - last seen peddling St Thomas myths - has suddenly morphed into a spokesperson for the BJP, as per wackypedia:

Quote:Mobashar Jawed "M.J." Akbar (Bengali: মবাসের জাবেদ একবার) (born 11 January 1951) is a leading Indian journalist and author and national spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janta Party.

Seems every anti-Hindu peddler of christoislamania from Yesterday has Today converted to a nationalist and joined the BJP. <- Could explain why there's no Rama temple in Ayodhya yet (nor likely to be under BJP rule - am I wrong?) Then again, that last could just be because of modern loser Indians not being vertebrates anymore. :Zama miro:

Speaking of Yesterday though, the following is from the Ishwar Sharan "Myth of Saint Thomas" pages (the article "A rejoinder to Paulo Coelho’s paean to Francis Xavier"):

Quote:For sucking up to the Catholic clergy, the Deccan Chronicle is the leader among Indian newspapers. Its editors (this article was written in 2006), M.J. Akbar and Naazreen Bhura, both self-righteous secularists of the Nehruvian school, assiduously follow the Christian practice of treating Christian legend as history and Hindu history as mythology (or put another way, treating Christian superstition as tradition and Hindu tradition as superstition). In true Indian secularist fashion, they do not tolerate dissent, and letters to the editor concerning Paulo Coelho’s eulogy of the criminal Xavier or Sivarajan’s treatment of the St. Thomas legend as Indian history, are not published. For Akbar and Bhura, criticism of themselves or their “eminent” contributors is a manifestation of Hindu communalism.

Tomorrow I have every expectation (hope?) that christo-communist murderers Binayak Sen and Sabyasachi Panda will join the BJP, and so too AAP's Aravind Kejriwal. And the day after tomorrow I look forward to seeing all the congress goons including their queen Antonia Maino sign on to the BJP as well. I hear the lashkar-e-toiba and taliban have already submitted their requests, and their application to enter the BJP is being considered in earnest, though ISI's application is still in quarantine (:discrimination: - "It's 'cause they're Pakis, init?")**

Good grief.

** Though admittedly, if I was the ISI or Indian christoislamania or communism, I would totally be trying to infiltrate-and-hijack the BJP for christoislamania/communism [dubbed "secularism"]. I mean, why only bet on one horse (the UPA) when you can bet on all those in the race? Surely?