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Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Guest - 07-31-2008

<b>IB identifies Pak-based masterminds</b>

Vicky Nanjappa in Bengaluru | July 30, 2008 | 17:40 IST

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Who carried out the blasts at Ahmedabad and Bengaluru? Investigating agencies say they were masterminded by <b>two Karachi-based men -- Rasool Khan Parti and Mohammad Sufiya Ahmed Patangiya</b>.

<b>The duo, who currently reside at Farahan Arcade Gulistan in Karachi, are originally residents of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh</b>. Prior to fleeing to Karachi, the duo were involved in recruitment of youth for jihadi activities in Hyderabad and other parts of the country. They were both allegedly members of the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al Islami, but recruited youth mainly from the Students Islamic Movement of India. <b>Both men are wanted by the Gujarat police in connection with the murder of former state minister Haren Pandya.</b>

An Intelligence Bureau officer investigating last week's blasts told the duo planned the attacks during a meeting in Kotli, Pakistan, in May.

The investigating agencies have also got information on the manner in which the blasts were executed. <b>They say the entire operation was carried out by Indians, unlike in past instances where Pakistanis or Bangladeshis were used</b>.

Both Parti and Patangiya handpicked Indian youth working in the United Arab Emirates for the operation. This indicates that the youth had been picked well in advance and sent off to the UAE on the pretext of jobs there. This could have been done to avoid coming under the scanner of the Indian police, the officials say. From the UAE they were flown into Dubai from where they were taken to Muzaffarabad in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

The youth were divided in two groups and then trained personally by Patri and Patangiya. They were taught how to prepare bombs and execute the attacks. They called it training in alternate explosions. They were specifically taught how to make bombs using ammonium nitrate and directed to pick up the material locally. The use of RDX was ruled out since it was a problem to smuggle it across the border.

After undergoing training for a month, the youth were flown back to Dubai and then taken to Bangladesh. They were directed to cross over into India through the porous border. Investigating agencies say they took this trouble to avoid the police and security agencies.

Once in India, the two groups split up and undertook the operations in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad separately, although they kept in regular touch. The date and time of the attacks was fixed by Parti.

The police are now trying to ascertain how many members were in each team and also from where they picked up the ammonium nitrate and other material required to make the bombs. The police suspect that the two teams assembled the bombs separately in the cities they attacked.

The Bengaluru police believe that the ammonium nitrate must have been brought into Karnataka from Kerala via Mysore. However, police says the terrorists dumped a part of the consignment about 50 kilometres from Bengaluru as they feared detection. However, they managed to smuggle in enough material to carry out the blasts.

<b>IB sources say they are concerned by the growing number of Indian youth being lured into terror outfits. They say that intercepts from Pakistan indicate that there are many Indian youth outside Parti's home in Karachi daily.</b>

Investigating agencies are also looking into the statements made by SIMI activist Riazuddin Nasir aka Mohammad Ghouse. After his arrest in Karnataka earlier this year had told the police that he had met Parti in Karachi.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Guest - 07-31-2008

<b>Faulty chips in bombs saved Surat</b>

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - acharya - 07-31-2008

Two more live bombs found in Surat, defused</b>

Manas Dasgupta

Modi visits diamond city, terms terror attacks “proxy war”

— Photo: PTI

Live threat: A live bomb being defused in Surat on Wednesday.

AHMEDABAD: For the fourth day on Wednesday, two more powerful live bombs were defused in Surat, even as Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi visited the diamond and the art silk city and reviewed the security arrangements.

The death toll in Saturday’s bomb blasts in Ahmedabad meanwhile has gone up to 51 with five more deaths in the hospitals. Health Minister and Cabinet spokesman Jaynarayan Vyas said as many as 212 people were injured in the bomb blasts.

In Surat one more live bomb was found near the Labheswar police chowky, about 200 metres away from where one live bomb was detected on Tuesday.

Soon after Mr. Modi left Surat to return to Gandhinagar, one more live bomb was found near the Surat municipal corporation-run swimming pool. It was found hanging from a mango tree. Both the bombs were found in the same labour-dominated Varachha Road area where 10 bombs were detected on Tuesday.

As a precautionary measure, schools and colleges, shopping malls, main markets and cinema theatres in Surat remained closed. Mr. Modi announced a reward of Rs. 51 lakh if anyone could give definite information that could lead to the busting of the terrorist network involved in the Ahmedabad blasts. To encourage “people’s policing,” Mr. Modi also announced a reward of Rs. 21,000 to each person who detected and informed the police about live bombs. The reward would also be given to those who had given the first information about the blasts on Saturday, he said.

Describing the Ahmedabad blasts and planting of bombs in Surat as a “proxy war,” Mr. Modi expressed the confidence that the government and the people of the State would be able to face the challenge from the terrorists. He said if the people of the state were with him, he would not need any other help to meet the situation.

Even as the police detained two more persons from Bapunagar locality in Ahmedabad in connection with Saturday’s bomb blasts, a local regional language television channel claimed to have received a letter sent in the name of “Harkat-ul-Jehad” explaining the “reasons” behind the bomb blasts in different parts of the country.

As aired by the television channel, the letter was written in Hindi and it carried the stamp of the Shah Alam post office in the city. It declared that its “mission” in Gujarat had been “successful and completed” but warned that it would come back to the state if “our threats are not taken seriously.”
<span style='color:red'>
It claimed that the Harkat was a “Hindu organisation” and was causing bomb blasts in different parts of the country only to “avenge” the killing of Muslims in the Gujarat riots and would continue to take the revenge by attacking other cities and towns in the country.

It said the “real terrorists” were Mr. Modi, BJP leader L.K. Advani, Vishwa Hindu Parishad international general secretary Pravin Togadia, spiritual leader Asaram Bapu, the RSS, the Bajrang Dal and the VHP.
It also claimed that after the Jaipur blasts, the Harkat had informed the Gomtipur police about the Ahmedabad blasts. “It is not our fault that the Gomtipur police did not take us seriously.”

Security has been strengthened in the Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara, and other important institutions following anonymous letters threatening to blow up the university and other educational institutions. In Ahmedabad, two more were detained from Bapunagar on suspicion of involvement in Saturday’s blasts.

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - acharya - 07-31-2008

Rediff readers feedback.

Only LEFT protects muslims AND MINORITIES- congress is BOGUS.
by Anup Nair on Jul 30, 2008 08:01 PM Permalink | Hide replies

For once, Sushma has spoken sense.
Sushma swaraj has spoken not her mind, but the mind of her super sharp-minded mentor, Advani.

Advani normally gets it right most times and he has got it this time too. Only ignorant masses keep carping about terrorists and their diabolical plans. Those people who are into the system do know how to pick up he threads and tie the loose ends.

If you remember, Sitaram Yechury (CPM) himself echoed the same line when he said when the first of the bombs went, that it was only a diversion from the present mess.

I doubt if these explosions are caused by real muslims, but by those Congress politicians who have a hidden agenda, in making the muslims think like their bonded slave. Those politicians want the explosions to make sure the muslims are cornered (for no fault of their own) and when they got nowhere to turn, then they offer a helping hand. These UPA politicians atleast expected a riot to begin with in MODI’s gujarat. But Modi being cleverest of all does not want any riot that HE DID NOT BEGIN.So he did not play ball. So there it is, Congess’s gameplans lying in tatters.

Whoever has even a modicum of brain, will reflect and arrive at the truth.

In the meanwhile, its the poor muslims who are resigned to their miserable fate, waiting and dreading the knock on their door by the heavyhanded police.Poor souls

Ten tough questions for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on where he stands in the War on Terror.

Qn1 . Who are the Indian Mujahideen ?

Qn2. Where are they based ?

Qn 3. How do they operate ?

Qn 4. Why are they doing what they are doing ?

Qn 5. Who is funding them ?

Qn 6. How come we know so little about them since Guru Al Hindi started claiming responsibility for this wave of attacks of mass terror ?

Qn 7. Manmohan Singh claimed credit for Mumbai 7-11 quoting the October 2006 news conference by the Mumbai Police. In that same news conference the Mumbai Police blamed elements in Pakistan for it. So if the Govt wants to take credit for the arrests in Mumbai is it prepared to accept responsibility and explain what specific steps it has taken since to nail these elements ?

Qn 8. Manmohan Singh went on record to say that it wont be business as usual after 7-11, can he pinpoint specifically how the business of his government has changed ever since, does he sleep on the other side of the bed or does he wake up with his eyes shut to ensure its not business as usual ?

Qn 9. In How many specific instances have the Intelligence Agencies imagined scenarios to connect dots and pre-empt plots ? If there were inded as many of arrests why are we no more closer to unmasking this elusive Guru Al-Hindi and his Indian Mujahideen ?

Qn 10. Where does the buck stop in Government Cabinet Mr. Prime Minister at Race Course or 10 Janpath or at the black hole called fate ?

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - acharya - 07-31-2008

<b>“Time to take charge is now”</b>

Some Excerpts:

“According to the Special Branch Rules that govern the intelligence machinery, the heads of special cells of states are to be appointed in consultation with the director of IB (DIB). This is to ensure a better coordination among the forces.

But with many states ruled by regional or opposition parties, IB is looked upon as a hostile agency and the special branch chief is rarely appointed in consultation with the Centre. Special branch chiefs are often state appointees, owing the post to their proximity to the regime of the day, rather than suitability for the job.”

“Top sources conceded that agencies, including customs, military intelligence, revenue intelligence, have often been found to be more interested in cornering the credit than coordinating with their counterparts for a common objective. ”

“Even the IB — designated to be the nodal domestic intelligence agency with the brief to collaborate with other intelligence bodies and state special branches and which reports directly to the PMO — is bogged down with problems. With a total manpower of around 20,000, IB is awfully short of officers. Against 250 sanctioned posts of IPS officers, it has not more than 100 at present. Most people prefer to don the khaki than be lost in stress-laden IB jobs.

The story of Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), the country’s external intelligence agency, is no different. A few years ago, a rank outsider was made to head the force although he had only three months to retire. Rules were bent to accommodate him and he had an extended two-year tenure. In short, games often stoked by politicians are rampant in these key intelligence bodies. “

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Shambhu - 07-31-2008

<span style='color:red'>
It said the “real terrorists” were Mr. Modi, BJP leader L.K. Advani, Vishwa Hindu Parishad international general secretary Pravin Togadia, spiritual leader Asaram Bapu, the RSS, the Bajrang Dal and the VHP.

<!--emo&:angry:--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/mad.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='mad.gif' /><!--endemo--> Hey! Why am I left out of the list, Harkat-ul Jehad?

Proud to be a "real terrorist" like Modi, RSS, VHP etc. <!--emo&:f*(k--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/f*(k.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='f*(k.gif' /><!--endemo-->

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Guest - 07-31-2008

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->• Indian Mujahideen threatens India TV 
<b>• IB dossier on masterminds behind blasts </b> <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
These low life terrorist are terrorisng everyone and IB came back with dossier after long slumber and they just blamed someone sitting in Bangladesh and Pakistan. This dossier is ditto copy of Pioneer journalist article on blast day.
It just shows IB is actulaly still sleeping and not ready to take any action. People sitting in Pakistan and Bangladesh are not placing bombs in street, lot of Indian Muslim are busy placing these bombs everywhere. Catch them first.

Funny thing, they are blaming Gujarat blast to Gujarat riots but why Bangalore, they don't like IT or Mumbai they don't like Indian Cinema, or Sarojani Nagar Delhi, they don't like Babus.

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - dhu - 07-31-2008

I can actually believe the allegations, considering that the contoller in the godhra train accident was a muslim congress Mp or such. Alternately, SIMI does have relationship with SP. All it takes is a phone call.

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Guest - 07-31-2008

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Surat: After the Indian Mujahideen, Harakat ul-Jihad-I-Islami (HuJI) has also claimed responsibility for the Ahmedabad blasts. Gujarati TV channel TV9 on Wednesday received a letter from HuJI in which they claimed responsibility for the blasts.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The possibility of the involvement of Dawood Ibrahim [Images], the fugitive gangster living in Karachi, in the serial blasts in Uttar Pradesh in November last year, in Jaipur in May last, in Bengaluru on July 25 and in Ahmedabad on July 26 needs to be looked into for the following reasons: <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Also regarding the date when conspiracy was hatched, an interesting link

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The car bomb that killed 29 people in the Civil Hospital blast on Saturday travelled back and forth between Ahmedabad and Vadodara at least six times between July 3 and 26, investigations have revealed.


This car was stolen from Navi Mumbai on July 3 but the complaint was filed later. Terrorists used this vehicle extensively for travel between Ahmedabad and Vadodara, as per expressway records.


Movement of the car bomb along Expressway
July 3 Vadodara to Ahmedabad
July 7 Ahmedabad-Vadodara-Ahmedabad
July 8 Ahmedabad-Vadodara-Ahmedabad
July 9 Ahmedabad-Vadodara-Ahmedabad
July 23 Ahmedabad-Vadodara-Ahmedabad
July 24 Ahmedabad-Vadodara-Ahmedabad <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Guest - 07-31-2008

It means from Car till blast 3 weeks times.
It means it take one month time to go into last stage of action. Add another one month for scouting
2-3 months time frame fits well.

Now where we should expect next. Place where there are sizeable Muslim population who give them full support and where Hindu, Muslim have seperate area and higher Hindu death count. Cities comes to my mind are Delhi, Meerut, Pune, Allahabad, Puri.

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Guest - 07-31-2008

India's Counterterrorism Failings
July 29, 2008

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Guest - 07-31-2008


October 28th is Diwali this year - which is approx 3 months from now. Also I didnt know Puri and Pune had huge local support.

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Guest - 07-31-2008

Watch Pune, don't forget Ex-Muslim Service man was caught in this city and Muslim Doctor who was involved in Zaveri Bazar Mumbai blast was also from Pune. It means they have good setup, support system.

Why Puri? One symbol of Hindusim not yet been target by Indian Muslims.
From Haridwar to Kanyakumari all are been target by Indian Muslim jihadist.

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Guest - 07-31-2008

<b>Gujarat bombs: Detonators have markings of Andhra firm</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->according to markings recovered from the sites, are learnt to have been manufactured by A P Explosives (P) Ltd, a company based at Bommalramaram Village & Mandal in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh. This company makes detonators and detonating fuses. Nalgonda is about 170 km from Hyderabad. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Guest - 07-31-2008

<b>Bajrang Dal activists perform fire ritual for recent blasts victims</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Agra/New Delhi/Manali, July 31 : Bajrang Dal activists performed a fire ritual here to pray for the victims of the Ahmedabad and Bangalore serial blasts
It is a common belief that these activities are carried out by militants in the garb of jihad (Holy War), which they justify in accordance to their holy book Quran.

The general perception of linking militancy with Islam has many Islamic scholars up in arms who beg to differ and put the blame on some Muslim organizations that have resorted to such crimes in the name of religion.

"All these so called jihads (Holy Warriors) are not jihad (Holy War). Because we know no state is involved in these jihad activities. Some Muslim organizations are involved. So, it is not jihad and Islam. This kind of activism was invented by Muslims. So blame goes to Muslims not Islam," said Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, an Islamic scholar.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Looks like article written by muslim, fool is calling fire ritual, not Havan and very good in concept of Jihad.

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Shambhu - 08-01-2008

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->This kind of activism was invented by Muslims. So blame goes to Muslims not Islam," said Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, an Islamic scholar.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

One cannot be a Muslim anything (much less a scholar) without internalizing fully the concept of Taqqiah (lying for Allah).

If "this kind of activism" -- killing -- is not Islam, then what is? The quran is full of injunctions to kill, loot, bind, strike, slay...

Then again, the Maulana is right too: "this kind of activism" *was* indeed invented by Muslims. One Muslim. The model Muslim. The messenger of Allah. The Quran and Hadith are ample testimony.

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - acharya - 08-01-2008

Unwanted politics

BJP leader Sushma Swaraj’s allegation that the Ahmedabad and Bangalore blasts were a conspiracy by the Centre to divert attention from the cash-for-votes scandal and to consolidate Muslim votes is very unfortunate. <b>At a time when the Gujarat police are risking their lives to defuse live bombs and the Prime Minister and other leaders are appealing to the people to maintain peace and communal harmony, such statements are uncalled for. They will serve to add fuel to the fire of insecurity. Although the BJP has distanced itself from Ms Swaraj’s remarks, it has failed to condemn them, which exposes the party’s thinking.
S. Nallasivan,


* * *
The concern expressed by Ms Swaraj is quite worrying — not because it is true but because it has exposed that political organisations do resort to such practices to divert the people’s attention. This reflects the sad state of democratic affairs to which our country ascribes, where the poor who elect their representatives themselves fall victim to their designs.</b>

C.K. Raju,


* * *

As a senior leader of the main Opposition party, Ms Swaraj should have stood by the government at the crucial hour to fight the common enemy. Or, she should have kept quiet. Reiterating that she stands by her statement is worse than the original instance of making it. She owes an apology to the nation.

A. Jainulabdeen,


* * *

Leaders never realise that politicising acts of terror will only help terrorists divide the country on communal lines. The party which was in power when terror struck Parliament and Gujarat burnt has no moral authority to criticise the UPA government saying it is soft on terror. Terrorist acts take place under all governments and innocent people are always the victims. The best our political leaders can do is to stand united and exercise the needed political will to tackle the menace.

Ashwani Sharma,


The discovery of a spate of live bombs in Surat is a matter of great anxiety and concern. Allegations and counter allegations by political parties will not pave the way for a solution. Terrorism is a menace and it can be eradicated only by a collective endeavour.

Waqar Usmani,


Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Guest - 08-01-2008

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->According to experts there seems to one mastermind behind all the bombs in Surat and Ahmedabad and this has worried the Indian counter terrorism experts.

Apparently there is a large group of terrorists who are operating and they have access to some fairly sophisticated technology.

Their skill is clear by the use of circuit boards that one finds in sophisticated electronic gadgets.

This also indicates foreign training because such circuits have rarely been used in India.

But what's more troubling than the bomb itself is the thought of what went into causing maximum casualties.

Many of the bombs were at a height and if these had exploded shrapnel would have hit people in the head.

The Gujarat Police is worried because involvement of local help is possible.

Investigators are now certain that the Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and the Surat bombs have several elements in common.

They drew this conclusions that there were three bomb-makers judging by the style of making the bombs.

Three to four people planted each bomb but the similarity in planning shows there was only one mastermind behind the bombs in all four cities.

The bomb experts have come up with a number of those who could possibly be responsible.

About 30 people in Bangalore, 60 in Ahmedabad and over 80 people in Surat and every one of them is believed to be an Indian.

So far, India has been pointing to a foreign hand but perhaps it must now accept that local hands and recruits is also a reality.

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Guest - 08-01-2008

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Investigators are now certain that the Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and the Surat bombs have several elements in common.

They drew this conclusions that there were three bomb-makers judging by the style of making the bombs.

Three to four people planted each bomb but the similarity in planning shows there was<b> only one mastermind behind the bombs in all four cities</b>.

The bomb experts have come up with a number of those who could possibly be responsible.

About <b>30 people in Bangalore, 60 in Ahmedabad and over 80 people in Surat and every one of them is believed to be an Indian</b>.
So I was on dot. They should not say Indian but Indian Muslim.

Bomb Blasts In India - 2 - Guest - 08-02-2008

It is from Tabloid times ---
<b>SIMI men let off by Kerala cops behind Bangalore blasts</b>?