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The Real Indian IQ - Bodhi - 06-06-2011

[quote name='G.Subramaniam' date='30 May 2011 - 07:34 AM' timestamp='1306720583' post='111734']

2011 Intel Science Talent of 40 finalists, 9 are Hindus

1 Arora ( Khatri )

1 Atolia ( what caste ? )

1 Mahajan ( Maharashtrian Brahmin )

1 Saha ( bengali kayastha )


Atolia - an ancient Marwari gotra - are found both among Marwari brahmins as well as marwari vaishya

Arora - mostly punjabi khattris, but some are also Jats (to distinguish they now write Aroria)

Mahajan - while in Maharashtra it is a brahmin surname (as in Pramod Mahajan's family), but in Punjab "Mahajan" is a rather common vaishya surname. One should check if the candidate is Maharashtiya or Punjabi.

Saha - not kayastha but bengali vaishya.

[quote name='G.Subramaniam' date='02 June 2011 - 06:07 PM' timestamp='1307017786' post='111769']

Anahita Iyer - Iyer

Mashad Arora - Khatri ( His fathers name is Raj, despite the semi-islamic name of Mashad )


Depends whether "Mashad" is pronounced "Mazad" or "Mash'had". The latter is quite Islamic (shiite), but the former is the avestan grand deity not altogether foreigner to the Hindus. Not unlike the name of the above Iyer student, after Anahita or Anaida, the avestan Goddess (once) popular in Iran, corresponding somehwat to Sarasvati among Hindus. note that the khattri-s have very old connection with Iran (mihr-s / meharas).

The Real Indian IQ - G.Subramaniam - 08-06-2011

Malaysian Indians richer than ethnic Malays: study

Malaysia News.Net

Wednesday 12th December, 2007 (IANS)

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Malaysian Indians stand in the middle of the income and poverty levels charts, below the Chinese but well above the majority Malays, official data shows.

Indices of Poverty for 1995-2004 show that the average household income for ethnic Indians in 2004 stood at Malaysian 3,456 ringitt (Rs.41,026) a month, while the Malays, called Bumiputeras or sons of the soil, only had a monthly average household income of 2,711 ringitt (Rs.32,186) a month.

For the Chinese, monthly average household income was at 4,437 ringitt, Economic Planning Unit (EPU) director-general Sulaiman Mahbob has said.

There was 'no truth that Indians are poorest community,' said the New Straits Times, quoting the figures released by Mahbob.

'The Hindu Rights Action Front's (Hindraf) claims that the Indians are the poorest community in Malaysia are false,' it said Wednesday, referring to the group's charge of economic discrimination by the government.

'Instead, statistics show that Bumiputeras have the lowest monthly average household income compared to the other two main races in the country, the Indians and the Chinese.'

According to Mahbob, the poorest people were the indigenous communities living in Sabah, Sarawak and the rural populations in Terengganu, Kelantan and Kedah.

The poverty indices show that the level for the Indian immigrants has fallen from 4.06 to 3.21 percent between 1995 and 2004.

However, it is a fluctuating graph in that the poverty level fell to 2.35 percent in 1997, only to rise marginally to 3.12 percent in 1999 and again fall to 2.87 percent in 2002.

The graph for the Chinese, too, has fluctuated, but from 1.54 percent, it has come down to 0.76 percent during the same period.

The Real Indian IQ - HareKrishna - 08-07-2011


The Real Indian IQ - Guest - 09-02-2011

First-Place Sweep by American Girls at First Google Science Fair

[url=""]My link[/url]

Two Indian kids out of the top three.

The Real Indian IQ - G.Subramaniam - 09-20-2011

Saratoga High School, sporting a 41.0 percent Caucasian, 40.9 percent Asian, and 11.9 percent Indian student

Drama 4 Honors: 2 Asians, 11 Caucasians. AP Chemistry: 78 Asians, 13 Caucasians. Newspaper staff: 57 Asians, 12 Caucasians, as determined by a Falcon headcount.population,

For a school that is 12% Indian, with the rest evenly split between Asians and Whites we have:

21 Asians

5 Whites

12 Indians

The Real Indian IQ - Guest - 10-23-2011


The Ashkenazim of India

By Sadanand Dhume

October 20, 2011, 2:59 pm

Over at The American, Lazar Berman has a fascinating story about the high proportion of Jewish Nobel Prize winners in the sciences, a subject that has also been written about by AEI’s Charles Murray. In passing, Berman mentions how, relative to its population of 1.1 billion people, India has produced few Nobelists—between six and eight depending on how you count.

In itself, this is hardly surprising for a poor country yet to achieve universal literacy. Drill down further, however, and you come upon an obscure factoid mentioned by the historian Patrick French in his book India: A Portrait. Three of the four Indians or persons of Indian origin who have won a science Nobel come from a community said to number under 2 million people—Brahmins from Tamil Nadu. They include C. V. Raman (physics, 1930), Subrahmanyan Chandrasekar (physics, 1983), and Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (chemistry, 2009). The odd man out: Punjab-born Hargobind Khorana, who won a Nobel for medicine in 1968. The tiny Tamil Brahmin community also accounts for Viswanathan Anand, India’s only world chess champion, and the mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan.

Needless to say, there are perfectly reasonable non-genetic explanations that can explain this peculiar preponderance. For one, Brahmin priests have a tradition of literacy that goes back to antiquity. For much of recorded history, they more or less monopolized traditional education, which gave them, and their descendants, a big leg up when Indians took to modern education under the British. But this still doesn’t explain why only Tamil Brahmins, and not their Bengali, Maharashtrian, or Uttar Pradesh counterparts, stand out in this manner.

In India, public discussion of this subject is more or less verboten. Caste is a touchy subject, and any such debate would likely devolve quickly into an exercise in caste chauvinism and name calling. Nonetheless, maybe it’s time for scientists to study the over-achieving Tamil Brahmin community with a view towards determining how much of its success in math, music, and science can be credited to nurture and how much to nature. Until then, it’s intriguing to think of Tamil Brahmins as the Ashkenazim of India.


The Real Indian IQ - shamu - 10-24-2011

Looks like another attempt to portray Tamil Brahmins as a separate race.

The Real Indian IQ - dhu - 10-24-2011

Dhume is more of a weasel and an informant than a strategist. Perhaps he is ingratiating himself to Patrick French who is mentioned in the piece. The easiest way to increase the word count is to map everything in India upon something in the West: Kalidas as India's Shakespeare, etc

Dhume's pedigree reads like classic native informant. He seems to have followed the Tunku route rather than the Siddhartha Varadarajan route. It may just depend on who gives these jokers their "first break".

Quote:Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

Columnist at The Wall Street Journal

Bernard Schwartz Fellow at Asia Society

Indonesia Correspondent at Far Eastern Economic Review

India Bureau Chief at Far Eastern Economic Review

Princeton University

Columbia University - Graduate School of Journalism

Delhi University, B.A., Sociology

Modern School

I am the author of My Friend the Fanatic: Travels with a Radical Islamist, which has been published in the U.S., India, Australia and Indonesia. My next book will examine the rise of India's new middle class.

The Real Indian IQ - Husky - 10-24-2011

Good grief, these people are so lame.

Another Wannabe bad-mouthing the third world while living in the first-world.

Can't Doom-is-me do what all wannabe losers do and just write about the tiresome topic of how, with a population of a billion or so, India doesn't do so great at the Olympics? (Even though Indians are actually very good at sport.) He can then blame "caste" or curry or something for how India is uniformly Bad Show there.

Hey, why is Dhume's name vaguely familiar? And Wall Street Journal... Could he be the dude who made the news recently for coining that utterly uninspired phrase "twagiarism" (tweet+plagiarism - not very inventive is he, give him a Nobel for Lit). You know, when some Miss India tweeted his words on Twitter without doing it the proper way to acknowledge the Original Twit* (i.e. Dhume) behind her tweet? * Oops. Typo.

Yeah, I was right, it's him:

Quote:Vasuki Sunkavalli: Miss India Universe 2011 accused of 'twagiarism'

By Brill Bundy

September 3, 2011 2:03 AM ET


Miss India Universe 2011 Vasuki Sunkavalli whose first 29 tweets included seven that were directly lifted from Wall Street Journal columnist Sadanand Dhume without credit or that most basic of Twitter functions: a Retweet. Once he noticed, Dhume good-naturedly pointed out his words being passed off as her own.

"Twagiarism! @vasukisunkavali: Memo to Indian MPs - only banana republics go after private citizens for saying rude things about politicians," he tweeted to his nearly 4,000 followers after a random search of "India" and "banana republic" caused him to stumble across his familiar words in her Twitter feed.

Once her error was pointed out, Sunkavalli did not try to hide her mistake, "It wasn't accidental. Can't possibly cut copy AND paste accidentally now can I? Just didn't know the technical know how of 'retweeting,'" she explained.

Graciously Dhume let the incident go, while getting in the last word, "Miss India @vasukisunkavali shares my exact views on Manmohan, democracy, Gandhi family & HRK's Birkin. But looks better in a swimsuit."
Check out Doom's condescencion, down to even threatening that she looks better in a swimsuit (yeah duh, doesn't everyone) in order to shut her up.

And *This* is the dude who people here want to take seriously?

Typical. IF members - Indian goody-two-shoes - always give an intellectual response to everything. Stop It.

This is all the answer required:

Dude's probably some scrawny "I wish I was at least a brainiac, but all I am is an all-round loser" who got beat up by girls in school. In fact, Miss India already sounds sufficiently annoyed with him to beat him up for us. I suspect one hardly needs to egg her on to do it. Go Miss India Go :cheer:

Quote:I am the author of My Friend the Fanatic: Travels with a Radical Islamist
He can forget the Nobel prize for literature. That title sounds like plagiarism of form: there was a brit film from the 90s or so about brit pakis called "My son the fundamentalist" (or even: "My son, the fanatic").

The Real Indian IQ - HareKrishna - 10-25-2011

Olympics are a useless activity that spread violence and hate among nations.

The Real Indian IQ - shamu - 11-21-2011

[url=""]Five Stanford students -- an all-time record for the university -- named among 32 Rhodes Scholars[/url]

Quote:Ishan Nath and Tenzin Seldon, both seniors at Stanford, along with recent graduates Aysha Bagchi, Anand Habib and Katherine Niehaus were awarded the coveted scholarships, which provide all expenses for up to three years of study at the University of Oxford in England. Five winners are the most Stanford ever had in a single year and no other school had more this year.

3 Indian orgin poeple out of 5. 60% representation.

The Real Indian IQ - G.Subramaniam - 12-02-2011

Has a study on muslim IQ of the Ansari caste in bihar.

It looks at the effects of IQ on cousin-marraiges

Rural - Outbred = 79 IQ

Rural - Inbred = 69 IQ

Urban - Outbred = 93

Urban Inbred = 79

The Real Indian IQ - G.Subramaniam - 12-02-2011

[quote name='shamu' date='21 November 2011 - 10:29 AM' timestamp='1321851106' post='113816']

[url=""]Five Stanford students -- an all-time record for the university -- named among 32 Rhodes Scholars[/url]

3 Indian orgin poeple out of 5. 60% representation.


Tenzin is a buddhist from Ladakh

and Anand Habib has a hindu mother and muslim father

The Real Indian IQ - G.Subramaniam - 12-18-2011,3417,en_32252351_32235731_1_1_1_1_1,00.html

Has the new PISA scores for 15 year olds

This has data from Indian public schools in TN and Himachal Pradesh

The scores are at African levels

Even assuming, that these are the bottom 50% of TN and Himachal soceity in terms of class, income and caste,

they work out to an IQ of 77

Amazingly bad

I did go thru the PISA test, it is very basic, and shockingly low Indian performance

Mauritius and Trinidad Indians show IQ around 88, and thats without malnutrition , And Mauritius and Trinidad Indians are

from the same strata as the TN and Himachal Indians in PISA test

I think, except for the dwija segment, that is well above 100, the rest are at 85, even with nutrition

From 77IQ + 10IQ for nutrition takes you to 87 IQ

Yes the US-Indian segment is performing remarkably high, but almost all the award winners are dwija, and about 60% of the US-Indian segment never wins any of these awards

The Real Indian IQ - G.Subramaniam - 12-18-2011

In above URL, not all Indians are poverty stricken, some are wealty, and still they perform badly

In TN, the 95th percentile has an IQ of 95

and in Himachal, the 95th percentile has an IQ of 93

( IQ extrapolated from PISA score )

Keep in mind, most other states are far worse than TN and Himachal

The Real Indian IQ - G.Subramaniam - 12-18-2011

Apparently the data included both private and public schools

The Real Indian IQ - G.Subramaniam - 12-19-2011

Next year, PISA will be done on all states in India

UP and Bihar may show 65 IQ

This is not a laughing matter and deeply affects outsourcing and career prospects of NRI

Middle class schools are likely not tested for PISA, but which employer would care

The Real Indian IQ - G.Subramaniam - 12-20-2011

I had posted a TIMMS ( India Shining Bharat drowning ) result here in Orissa and Rajasthan and here the top Indian 5% had scored at the top 5% of Norway level

The TIMMS is a math test for 10 year olds

Here even the top 5% scores less than the white mean

The Real Indian IQ - G.Subramaniam - 12-21-2011

For reference, the US-White PISA score is 530, the US-Hispanic-PISA score is 466 and US-black-PISA score is 440

The Mauritius Indians score at the US-black to hispanic level

So TN and Himachal are 1 SD below African Americans

The Real Indian IQ - G.Subramaniam - 12-28-2011

The TN Pisa score had 60% public schools and 40% private schools

Of this,

the Public school math = 334

Private School MATH = 378

Students with computer at home = 396

OECD Mean = 500, SD = 100