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Indian Internal Security - 4 - Guest - 12-03-2007

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Only 67 per cent India-Bangla border fenced </b>
Pioneer News Service | New Delhi
Porous areas helping LeT-HuJI nexus
Intelligence reports with the Centre indicate that militant outfits are using Bangladesh territory for sneaking into India through the porous borders for carrying out subversive activities.   

<b>"The emerging nexus between the Pakistan-based fundamentalist outfits like Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT) with HuJI of Bangladesh and use of Bangladeshi nationals trained in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan for fomenting terrorist strikes in India is a matter of concern," said Director General of Border Security Force AK Mitra.</b>

The inputs also indicate that women are being involved in extremist movement of Bangladesh, Mitra said at the annual conference of the paramilitary force on Thursday.

The HuJI remains one of the key Bangladeshi outfits with linkages to militancy in North Eastern States and those with other fundamentalist organisations in other States, he said.

The BSF, that guards the India-Bangladesh border, has apprehended 11 militants while crossing from Bangladesh border in West Bengal till October this year, including Pakistani and Kashmiri militants from LeT, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Bangladeshi militants of JMB group, he said.

Even as the emerging nexus between Pakistan-based outfits, LeT and JeM, with Bangladesh is a worrying trend, only 67 per cent of the 3,406 km of the India-Bangla border approved for fencing along India's eastern sector has been completed.

Work on another nine per cent of the India-Bangla border approved for fencing is in progress. The total length of the border with Bangladesh is 4,096 km, including 1,116 km of riverine border.

Floodlighting has, however, been sanctioned for 277 km and the same has been completed. Floodlighting is important for border management on the eastern borders as the vegetation is thick and night patrolling is difficult in its absence, he further said.

A proposal for enhanced floodlighting on the fenced India-Bangla border is pending with the Union Home Ministry.

Recently, the terrorists have been using Bangladesh for infiltrating into the country and the problem on the eastern border can be gauged from the fact that as many as 6,617 Bangladeshi nationals were apprehended by the BSF till October this year. The figure for illegal Bangladeshi migrants in 2006 stood at 9,679.

"The decrease in interception of illegal Bangladeshi migrants is due to the ongoing construction of border fencing, border road and erection of floodlighting along India-Bangladesh border," the DG said.

<b>Mitra, however, added, "the wide gaps between the fencing and large stretches of unfenced border further aggravate the task of border management.''</b>

During the India-Bangladesh border coordination meeting in Dhaka this year, a list of 141 camps of Indian insurgent groups was handed over to the authorities there. The total number of camps in 2006 was 176.

Some of the camps have been destroyed or have been shifted due to selective action by Bangladeshi security forces,'' he added.

Indian Internal Security - 4 - Guest - 12-08-2007

<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Dec 3 2007, 09:11 AM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Dec 3 2007, 09:11 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Only 67 per cent India-Bangla border fenced </b>
Porous areas helping LeT-HuJI nexus

<b>"The emerging nexus between the Pakistan-based fundamentalist outfits like Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT) with HuJI of Bangladesh and use of Bangladeshi nationals trained in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan for fomenting terrorist strikes in India is a matter of concern," said Director General of Border Security Force AK Mitra.</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>HUJI in Mumbai? </b>
For the first time there are now signs of the banned militant outfit Harkat-ul-Jehad-e-Islam (HUJI) spreading its wings to Mumbai.

On December 4 the <b>Mumbai Anti Terrorist Squad arrested 6 Bangladeshi nationals with counterfeit currency worth Rs 11 lakh from the Plaza Cinema area of Mumbai. Their names are Usman Shaikh (21), Aminul alias Bablu (33), Abdullah alias Sayyad Mumtaz (22), Aminul Rehman (24), Abdul Sattar alias Abdul Hakeem (45) and Mohammed Mulla (33)</b>

What was initially thought of as a routine case of counterfeit money, has now taken a more serious turn.

Sources within the ATS have told TIMES NOW that the arrested men might have strong links with HUJI.

<b>Sources have also told your channel the men were staying in Mumbai with expired passports and had infiltrated India through the porous Indo-Bangladeshi Border.</b>

HUJI is suspected of having a hand in several of the recent terror attacks across the country.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Indian Internal Security - 4 - Guest - 12-21-2007

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>India should have diplomatic channel with Pakistan to combat terrorism: Modi</b>Gujarat Global News Network, New Delhi

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has said that there should be diplomatic channel with neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal to check growing problem of terrorism. He said that terrorism was not nourishing because of poverty but it was a problem of an ideology and attitude towards life of intolerance.

<b>Speaking at the Chief Ministers' meet on Internal Security here today he said that while anti terror mechanism are being strengthened and terror laws are being made stringent all over the world, our country has even abolished the existing law of POTA. The government should bring some another law instead of POTA. He also expressed his dissatisfaction regarding non-approval of GUJCOC, which is pending since long with the centre.

He said that Police Academy/Colleges should be established at the National and State levels for induction of youth who in turn can be recruited later on in the Police Force or in Private Security Agencies. He also suggested for a specialized national level service on the intelligence cadre on the pattern of All India Service like IAS and IPS</b>. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Indian Internal Security - 4 - ramana - 12-21-2007


from Deccan Chronicle, 21 Dec., 2007

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Don Salem gets biryani

Hyderabad, Dec. 20: <b>The city police served Hyderabadi biryani to Mumbai serial blasts accused Abu Salem on Thursday</b>. Salem, who was taken to the Nampally police station after being produced in a special court for CBI cases, got a generous helping of Andhra meals and a variety of fruits including apples and bananas. <b>The Mumbai police, too, joined Salem in savouring the tasty local cuisine.  Salem was so touched by the reception that he vowed to come back to the city. “I like it more than Mumbai,” he told this correspondent at the police station. “I particularly enjoyed the Hyderabadi biryani. After I am acquitted, I will come visiting again.” </b>A relaxed Salem also conveyed Id wishes to his girlfriend and former Bollywood starlet, Monica Bedi.

He spent about two hours at the police station before boarding the Hussainsagar Express back to Mumbai in a sleeper class coach with his police escort. <b>The don, who was extradited from Lisbon, Portugal, is reportedly given VIP treatment at Mumbai as well. He has thrown parties to inmates at the Mumbai jail in the past. His arrival in the city on Wednesday had been kept a secret even from the local police by the CBI.</b>  Accordingly, a sole van was provided to the Mumbai police as their city counterparts did not know who was being brought to the city.


Indian Internal Security - 4 - Guest - 12-21-2007

Very soon Indian Government led by current fascist ruler will release Rs 5 postal stamp honoring Abu Salem, Dawood, Sohrabuddin Sheikh, Mohammad Afzal. SIMI will be given National honor and Madani will be given home ministry.
They are heroes.

Indian Internal Security - 4 - Guest - 12-25-2007

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Flashing V, iron hand</b>
This is not to say that all is hunky-dory with Gujarat under Modi, but only to point that the Congress-led UPA government can ill-afford to ignore the political dimension of the internal security issue. The internal security meeting in the Capital last week clearly showed that nearly all state chief ministers wanted anti-terror law sans the draconian provisions of the now repealed Pota, as they made it very clear that their states were ill-equipped to handle terror. However, the UPA government’s record in matters of national security leaves much to be desired. Given its sensitivity to vote banks, the present government not only refused to develop new tools to fight terror but also has made enforcement agencies toothless by repealing Pota and putting the recommendations of the Justice V.S. Malimath Committee on Reforms of Criminal Justice System on the back burner.

The fact is that the current internal security scenario in the country is rather grave, with Naxalites on the rampage and terrorists striking at will every two to three months. Even eight years after the Kandahar episode, the chief hijacker, Athar Ibrahim, brother of Jaish-e-Mohammed founder Masood Azhar, is actively involved in targeting India. The internal security agencies have intercepted web chats between the Pakistan-trained Munawar, alias Okasa, who was the leader of three JeM militants arrested by the UP police on November 16, and Rawalpindi-based Ibrahim, on the selection of VVIP targets in India. But then the UPA internal security managers love playing politics with terror. Otherwise, how can one explain the premature exposure of the three JeM militants to the public and media without Munawar, the Muzaffarnagar-born leader of the Jaish terror module, having been nabbed? This question obviously was not on top of the mind for the UPA establishment but their grouse was that Rahul Gandhi’s name was unnecessarily dragged into the entire issue by the UP government. And Mayawati apparently was unhappy that Rahul Gandhi, who was allegedly the target of these JeM militants, got some undeserved publicity.

Although the internal security establishment is rather clueless on which group conducted the last serial blasts in UP courts, little effort has been made to go beyond the usual suspects of HUJI, Jaish or Lashkar-e-Toiba groups.<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'> Not one major terror strike since June 2005 has been completely solved by the internal security agencies, yet the operational head, inexplicably, has been given a prized posting abroad. While there is mounting evidence that critical answers to all these terror strikes lie between Ghaziabad and Bijnore, the government is still to summon the courage to take action, given the political sensitivities involved. </span>

Modi’s victory shows that people want a strong ruler who is proactive and has the courage to take the fight to the terrorist camp. Today, Indian entrepreneurs and people at large do not need government support in the form of licences or quotas. They just want the government to provide a terror-free or violence-free environment, so that they can get on with their job. Like it or lump it, Modi was perceived by the majority of Gujaratis to have provided just such an environment.

With 2009 general election only 14 months away, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Congress Party must realise that national security is very prominent on the radar of the electorate and that its own managers have increasingly become a liability. Shivraj Patil may be the best home minister that India ever had as far as 10 Janpath is concerned, but the ‘consensus man’ just does not inspire confidence among his own bureaucracy and paramilitary chiefs. <b>National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan had the gumption to warn Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states about an impending Al-Qaida strike on their oil installations, but still does not know who bombed the Makkah and Malegaon masjids. He gives chits of credibility to a beleaguered Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan even before the Americans, but negates any initiative that his prime minister wants to take on either Kashmir or Siachen. To add to that, interventions by the Centre’s interlocutors on Kashmir are kept hanging. It is said that this window of opportunity could be used by the prime minister when the time comes. A similar indecision marks dealings with insurgents in the Northeast.</b>

Indian Internal Security - 4 - acharya - 12-25-2007


Ten terrible conspiracies against Bharat and Hindus
By Anand Shankar Pandya

The very first imperative for the security of any nation is the security and strength of that nation’s majority community. In the case of Bharat that means the Hindus. The business acumen and scientific talent of the Hindu society have so stunned the word that forces are now at work to halt this country’s march to the pinnacle of progress. An unholy alliance between foreign powers and our own anti-national secularists is hatching conspiracy after terrible conspiracy to pull India down.

In every field of life the Hindu Samaj is being threatened and discriminated against, so that it can be mentally weakened and spiritually broken to such an extent that it could be brought to its knees. These conspiracies are far more challenging than even Islamic terrorism. So they need to be exposed and defeated before it is too late.

Demolition of Democracy
Democracy means the greatest good of the greatest number. But the distorted version of democracy that we Indians practise today is actually perversion of democracy, for it is working towards the greatest good of the minority at the expense of the vast majority.

The country’s majority and democratic institutions are being subverted, while the minority is being appeased in every way. This is the first conspiracy—the conspiracy to subvert democracy.

Secular Dharmashala
The second one is the dastardly design to de-Hinduise this Hindu country. When Muslim Pakistan was carved out of undivided India it was a matter of natural justice for the rest of India to become a Hindu nation. But this did not happen. Our power-hungry political leaders betrayed 85 crore Hindus and made the country a secular dharmashala. The Hindu has become a second-class citizen in his own country, and his religious, democratic as well as human rights are being trampled upon.

The UN has given aid to refugees all over the world, but when abominable atrocities were committed on the Hindus—atrocities that surpassed what Hitler did to Jews—what happened? Thousands of Kashmiri Hindus were massacred, and lakhs of them had to leave their hearths and homes, but the UN neither gave help to the victims nor even censored the perpetrators. Why? Because India is nor a Hindu nation but an anti-Hindu secular state.

Dirty Politics
The third conspiracy is political. As many as five states have Christian chief ministers, and important positions in the administration are held by Christians. This is being done to make India a Christian country, so that the Pope can rule it by proxy. Similarly, Muslims are also engaged in arm-twisting political leaders at election times so that India can be transformed from Darul Harab into Darul Islam.

Towards this end, they are increasing their numbers by 29 per cent every year. In addition, two crore Bangladeshi infiltrators have been welcomed into the county for the sake of their votes. Their over-whelming presence is promoting both terrorism and poverty. Such a tremendous betrayal of one’s own country has no parallel in the world history.

A vote-hungry Central Minister says Muslims should be recruited more and more into the armed and police forces. At the time of Independence there were 5000 madrases in India. Now they are in lakhs. This is where terrorists are being trained for the destruction of Bharat.

Subversion of Culture
The fourth conspiracy is in the field of culture. Its sickening symbol is M.F.Hussain, who painted obscene, nude picture of Hindu gods and goddesses and Bharat Mata. This denigration is meant for breaking the spirit of Hindus. There is also no check on TV serials that promote immorality. As a result, the noble values of Hindu culture are being forsaken and Hindus are becoming anti-Hindus.

Irreligious Education
The fifth conspiracy is against Religion. Laws are passed that aim at destroying Hindu Dharma. In fact they preach poisonous irreligion. Limitless funds are pouring into Bharat so that Hindus can be converted to Islam and Christianity. The Pope came to India and openly declared that the whole of India is to be Christianized.

In the south lands belonging to Hindus’ temples have been appropriated by the Government and distributed among Christians, who have opened schools and shops there. This has resulted in hundreds of Hindu temples closing down. These temples’ income to the tune of Rs. 72 crore has also been confiscated by the government. Out of this amount only Rs 10 crore are given to the temples and the remaining 62 crore distributed among churches, mosques and madrasas. There is clearly a plan to take over lakhs of temples in Maharashtra and all over the country in order to loot their properties and line the pockets of non-Hindus and anti-Hindus. Hinduism is kept out of education so that Hindus may turn away from their religion and become anti-Hindus secularists. In no other country is its majority community subjected to so much injustice and insult.

Muslim’s Economic Appeasement
The sixth conspiracy is economic. Our secular Prime Minister says Muslims are poor and so have the first right to the country’s income. This economic appeasement of Muslims is nothing new. 1.25 lakh crore rupees collected from Hindus by way of taxes have been given to Kashmir, half of which fell into the hands of terrorists. In addition, thousands of crores of rupees are distributed among Haj Pilgrims, masjids/madrasas.

Thus the loot obtained from Hindus is being stashed in the Muslim/Christian vote bank. A relevant footnote to this dismal scenario is the fact the Pakistan is sending into India fake currency worth thousands of crores in order to destabilise the Indian economy.

Appeasement of Islamic Fundamentalists
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has now gone to the extent of advising the British and Australian Prime Ministers to extend lenient treatment to terrorist. (Times DNA). This myopic mindset is indicative to the dangerous extent to which our pseudo-secular powers that be can go for the sake of their Muslim vote bank.

There are also many other similar indicators. Shri V.K.Malhotra, M.P. wrote in a recent article that minority community children are admitted to schools even on getting 40 per cent marks, but poor Hindus children are denied admission even with 70 per cent marks. Banks have been directed to sanction loans to minority applicants without their furnishing any collateral whatsoever, but in the case of poor Hindus seeking loans, they must first mortgage their housed or ornaments. There are also directives to give priority to minorities in government jobs. Any number of such examples can be given.

Criminalization of Politics
The large-scale presence of criminals of all types in Indian politics is alarming enough to be considered a conspiracy. In this conspiracy law-breakers of various types, including those guilty of serious crimes, and assorted shady characters are put into position of power to loot the country and keep it in thrall.

Demographic Danger
The ninth conspiracy is demographic—to push the Hindus into becoming a minority community in its own country. Towards this end the Hindus Samaj is being fragmented into castes and classes with the instrument of reservations and quotas. This is a continuation of the British policy of ‘divide and rule’ with which they pitted Hindus and Muslims against each other.

Manipulated Media
Media manipulation is the tenth conspiracy that gives strength to all those mentioned above. Quite a few prominent pillars of the fourth estate of the realm are on sale. They are busy day and night denigrating Hinduism and Hindus, abusing them as communal, militant and what not, while promoting anti-national activities of Muslims and Christians.

‘Hindu’-sthan How Long?
In this dire situation Hindustan has only two alternatives before it—it has to become a Hindu nation, otherwise it is fated to become an Islamic nation. In the latter eventuality the 85 crore Hindus of Bharat would be reduced to the same plight as the Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Loot, forced conversion dishonour for Hindu women—whatever happened in Kashmir is gradually repeating itself all over, but anti-Hindus secularist leaders are mute spectators of all this.

If a Hindu nation does not come into being, the Kashmir valley would become the world’s biggest terrorist base. Again there would be a Hindus holocaust, and the world would watch without a tear.

Democracy and Religion
It is claimed that India is a secular democracy. On the other hand, all countries of Europe and America also claim to be democracies, yet they are Christian nations, where Christianity is given official support. All religions of the world are national religions somewhere or the other. It is only in India that Hinduism is not the national religion despite 85 per cent of the population being Hindus. All major communities of the world have their own country—except Hindus, who can no longer call any country their own, for now India is a secular Dharmashala.

Pseudo-secular Electoral Democracy
Further, the present blatant misuse of electoral politics has become possible because Hindus have not built up their own vote bank. Building such a vote bank is a democratic right of the Hindus and calling it a communal activity is political dishonesty. (In fact in the recent past even a Congress columnist had candidly conceded that the BJP could quite democratically establish its ideology in power on the strength of Hindu votes alone.)

No Hindu Brotherhood
Thirdly the Hindus have always chanted the Global Brotherhood mantra but never had a bond of a religious brotherhood, as it was considered narrow-minded. So when a few Muslims or Christians get killed the whole Muslim or Christian community is enraged, but when lakhs of Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir were massacred the Hindus of India watched in silence. It was this disastrous disunity among Hindus that enabled just 20,000 Mughals to rule them for 700 years. Today India is free, but the Hindus is still a slave.

Dangerous Delusion
Fourthly, Hindus have always looked upon the whole world as a friend they lack the capacity to perceive a danger. A society capable of threat perception remains alert and united. On the other hand, the Hindu society does not realise that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Our Vedas teach us fellowship with the whole world, but in the present context this noble principle is only for saints.

Time Running Out
Now time is running out the Hindu Samaj. If we do not wake up now, it would be too late, and the Hindu would be lost forever.

On a practical extend level, in a democracy information is power, so we need to make the maximum possible use of the print and electronic media to rouse the society as a whole. Seventy per cent Hindus live in the villages, and if they are made aware of the multiple threat to their very existence as Hindus, a Hindu vote bank could certainly be built up. The country is on fire, and it is our bounded duty to wake up those who are asleep.

Our Only Salvation
In fine, we must stop this Holy Hindustan of ours from going into the hands of traitors. This is a land of superhuman saints, not inhuman terrorists. Only Hinduism says “sarve bhavantu Sukhinahi-Let every body in this world be happy. Those martyred in the War of Independence were 98 per cent Hindus. Even Gandhiji said all shrines and temples holy for Hindus are within India, while the holy places of Muslims and Christians are in Mecca and Jerusalem thus he accepted that India is a Hindu country. For us Hindus Bharat is every thing—Matrubhumi, Pitrubhumi, Jamma bhumi, Karmabhumi, Dharmabhumi, Punyabhumi and Mokshabhumi.

The 21st century will be a Hindu century, but that can happen only after Bharat becomes Hindu Rashtra. Because according to Shri Hedgewarji Hindu Rashtra is a devine nation which gives happiness to everybody and does not harm anyone. So let us protect the Hinduness of Bharat. Therein alone lies our salvation.

(The author can contacted at Jivan Villa, floor-1, 18 N.D. Road, Mumbai-6.)

Indian Internal Security - 4 - ramana - 12-25-2007

Welcome back Acharya!!!

Indian Internal Security - 4 - G.Subramaniam - 12-26-2007

Interview with Maloy Krishna Dhar ex-IB head

<b>Moreover, more than fifty per cent Muslims living in India want one more Muslim state (carved) out of India.</b> If (in regard to counter-terrorism) we take serious action against Indian Muslims, Pakistan will exploit them in a more planned manner and encourage them for a separate homeland

So does it really matter if a pakistani islamist or an Indian islamist kills us ?

Indian Internal Security - 4 - G.Subramaniam - 12-26-2007

Cow slaughtered in Holy Premises of famous Achankovil Temple by Jihadis
25/12/2007 15:01:44 HK

Kottarakkara: Jihadi’s here challenged the Hindu Society by Slaughtering Cow in premises of famous Achan Kovil Sree Dharma Sastha Temple.

This out rageous incident happened in the holy period of Mandalam festivals in the Temple for Lord Ayyapa.

The Devaswom official who controls the Temples acts as if nothing has been happened and has not taken any action to file any complaint with the Police.

Hindu Organisations and Devotees in the area decided to launch strong protests until the culprits are arrested.

Indian Internal Security - 4 - Guest - 12-29-2007

<b>Advani meets Narayanan to discuss security issues</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Advani, who spoke to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh [Images] late on Thursday night after the assassination of former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto [Images], was pleased that Dr Singh had accepted his suggestion to hold an all party meet on Friday evening to discuss the security issues facing India.

<b>"I met the NSA today and we discussed some issues,"</b> Advani told newspersons but refused to divulge any more details.

Admitting that the assassination of Bhutto is likely to have repercussions on neighbouring countries, Advani said<b>, "We have been stressing on strengthening our internal security all along."</b>  He added that hopefully, the government will now wake up to the reality of the situation

Indian Internal Security - 4 - Guest - 12-29-2007

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Security beefed up after `threat` to Karunanidhi </b>
Coimbatore, Dec 29: Security has been beefed up ahead of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi's visit to Tirupur near here afte<b>r local officials received a letter purportedly from a Muslim group warning that he would be "eliminated" by a suicide bomber</b>.

Tahsildar of Tirupur town, Sulochana, received a letter on Thursday, threatening that the Chief Minister would be "finished off" by a suicide bomber when he visits the town on December 29.

The letter, reportedly written in the name of 'Al-Umma Iyakkam', stated that Karunanidhi would be targeted because the Tamil Nadu government had not taken any step to increase the age limit to join police force, from 24 years to 29, despite an announcement, police said.

Hence, Karunanidhi would be eliminated by a human bomb when he visits Tirupur, the letter written in Tamil said.

This information should be passed on to the Tirupur Municipality chairman, the district collector and police superintendent, the letter said.

Karunanidhi is visiting Tirupur on Saturday to formally upgrade the town from a municipality to a Corporation.
He is scheduled to attend the meeting of the local body.
Over <b>1700 police personnel have been deployed and additional forces may be requisitioned</b>, a senior police official said.

More than<b> 500 armed guards would be placed in and around the dais </b>from where Karunanidhi is scheduled to address a meeting, the official said
He must have send letter to himself, just to get more attention. Waste of money.

Indian Internal Security - 4 - shamu - 12-29-2007

There is no reason for muslims to kill MuKa. He will do whatever they need, including the release of Madani from Kerala.

Indian Internal Security - 4 - Guest - 12-31-2007

<b>ISI-sponsored Sikh militancy back, warns IB</b>

Indian Internal Security - 4 - Guest - 01-01-2008

Wake up wake up !!!!!!Happy New year Moron Singh and Queen <!--emo&:angry:--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/mad.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='mad.gif' /><!--endemo-->

8 killed in terror attack on CRPF camp in Rampur <!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Lucknow, Jan 01: Eight people, including seven jawans and one civilian, were killed in a terror attack on a CRPF recruitment camp in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh early Tuesday morning. Two terrorists are also reported to be killed in the encounter which took place between the militants and security personnel after the attack.

<b>The fidayeen attack, believed to be carried out by four Lashkar-e-Toiba </b>militants, took place at around 3:00 am this morning. Reports said one fidayeen was still holed up in the camp.

Several security personnel were also injured in the attack.

According to sources, the attack occurred when the armed fidayeen tried to enter the camp from the gate. The terrorists fired at CRPF personnel with AK-47s.

Without any investigation they are naming terrorist group. They had already identified they are jihadist and from Pakistan. it means ruling govt. is not interested in punishing actual group, they are behaving like their identical twin Mushy Govt.

Indian Internal Security - 4 - Guest - 01-02-2008

<b>Maya bars Rajnath, Naqvi from touring terror attack site</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Talking to, Naqvi said they were not allowed to land near the spot and were forced to take off again.

"We took the risk and landed in a village near by and from there we managed to reach the spot. It is wrong to call it a fidayeen attack. It is a pure and simple case of terrorists attacking a camp because not even a single attacker was killed," he said.

Party spokesman Rajiv Pratap Rudy said, "This vindicates BJP's repeated assertion that many sleeper calls have stealthily positioned themselves in last three years taking advantage of soft polices of the UPA government. <b>This action shows a complete lackadaisical and indifferent approach of the UPA government to fight terrorism and is nothing but an absolute failure." </b>

Rudy charged that the UPA government remained unfazed with the spate of terrorist attacks, which where carried out in Uttar Pradesh in last two years alone.

The fact that not a single accused has been apprehended even after the attacks in Ayodhya, Varanasi and Jaunpur and recent simultaneous serial blasts in Court complexes is an obvious outcome of government's soft pedaling on terrorism, he added. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Indian Internal Security - 4 - Guest - 01-02-2008

Indian media and government are more interested in Bhutto then 8 CRPF jawan killed while performing duty on Indian soil.

Indian Internal Security - 4 - Bodhi - 01-03-2008

UP attack: CRPF jawan's involvement suspected

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Even as the investigating agencies were yet to receive any formidable lead on the Central Reserve Police Force Group Centre attack in Rampur, the security forces are interrogating <b>a CRPF jawan, a former Kashmir militant, for his alleged role</b> in the attack.

Though officials are yet to confirm the questioning of the said jawan, who hails from Baramula in the Kashmir valley, sources maintained that the suspect jawan has been taken to Lucknow for intensive interrogation.

According to highly placed sources, the CRPF jawan, who was once a militant but surrendered in Kashmir and joined the Central Force, was on duty at the Control Room-2, which the terrorists attacked first and shot dead a security man.

As per the CRPF jawan's account of the incident, he was sleeping but could not justify his statement when he was shown marks of at least 16 bullets on the wall of the control room. He also could not provide a satisfactory explanation as to why he did not react after hearing the gunshots, in which one of his colleagues died.

Sources maintained that at present, there are 68 jawans and officers in the Rampur Group Centre hailing from the Kashmir valley, <b>including eight jawans who have joined the force after leaving the various terrorist outfits.</b>
<!--emo&:furious--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/furious.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='furious.gif' /><!--endemo--> <!--emo&:furious--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/furious.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='furious.gif' /><!--endemo-->

"Healing touch" of MadMoron govt at work.

Why do they not raised a batallion of <b>VICTIMS </b>of terrorism rather than ex-terrorists ?

In fact in recent months the JK Police recruitement drive by Congress govt of J&K had only taken musalmans from valley and ignoring Leh and Jammu to avoid recruting Hindu-s, Sikhs and Bauddha-s into armed forces.

Indian Internal Security - 4 - Bodhi - 01-03-2008


<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Outrage in Rampur: India pays the price for UPA's folly

Repeated terrorist strikes in quick succession suggest that Uttar Pradesh is fast emerging as a theatre of jihadi violence in India. What is equally ominous is the gradual spread of jihad's deadly tentacles with the police failing to take pre-emptive action as well as bring the guilty and their associates to book. Following the jihadi strike on the Group Centre of the Central Reserve Police Force at Rampur in the early hours of Tuesday, there is further confirmation that precious little is being done by both Central intelligence agencies and the State police to prevent the heartland from becoming a happy hunting ground for Islamists armed with guns, bombs and their vicious ideology of hate which justifies the cold-blooded murder of innocent people in the name of religion.

It is now clear that there is little co-ordination between the Centre and the States on sharing intelligence - New Delhi believes its job is over with passing on intelligence inputs to State Governments; State agencies claim that either the inputs are too vague or reach them too late. Whatever the truth, jihadis are enormously benefited by the mess that prevails; the price for authority's abysmal failure is paid by those who are slaughtered and maimed as well as their families.

Of course, all this and more is of little interest to Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil, who is rarely seen and even less heard. He owes an explanation as to why the CRPF centre was so poorly protected although it was on the hit list of terrorists. However, it would be unfair to blame the Home Minister alone. For, it is also evident that cynical politics of pandering to crass minorityism is increasingly becoming an obstacle to fight terror; by confusing Muslim sentiments with the diabolical fervour of Islamists, enormous damage is being caused to national security by the UPA Government and the me-too-secular State Governments, especially the regime in Uttar Pradesh.

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Though officials are yet to confirm the questioning of the said jawan, who hails from Baramula in the Kashmir valley, sources maintained that the suspect jawan has been taken to Lucknow for intensive interrogation.
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"Healing touch" of MadMoron govt at work.

Why do they not raised a batallion of <b>VICTIMS </b>of terrorism rather than ex-terrorists ?

In fact in recent months the JK Police recruitement drive by Congress govt of J&K had only taken musalmans from valley and ignoring Leh and Jammu to avoid recruting Hindu-s, Sikhs and Bauddha-s into armed forces.
The cong(i)'s have reserved 10% of posts in Central Security Forces like BSF,CRPF,CISF,SSB for muslims. In the future these muslims will act as eyes and ears for the terrorists.

Now the only thing to do is daily pray that nation's security is not compromised by these muslims and the congi scums.