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The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 10-21-2012

Raju Pal

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Raju Pal was an Indian politician from the Bahujan Samaj Party. In 2005, while he represented the Allahabad West constituency in the Uttar Pradesh state legislature, he was gunned down in broad daylight.

In 2002, Raju lost elections for the seat to mafia don Atique Ahmad. However, in 2004, Ahmad resigned the seat after being elected to the Lok Sabha.[1] Raju Pal won the subsequent election in November 2004, defeating Atique's brother Mohammad Ashraf.

However, in January 2005, Raju Pal was shot dead while going to his village for the Republic day parade. Ashraf, who subsequently won the seat by defeating Pal's wife Puja Pal,[2] is the prime accused in the murder. Mohammad Ashraf's brother Atique has also been charged with complicity in the murder.[3] While Atique is currently in jail with 21 criminal cases pending against him, the Mayawati government has come in for criticism for its failure to arrest Ashraf.[4]

Meanwhile, Raju Pal's widow, Puja Pal, defeated Mohammad Ashraf in the Uttar Pradesh state assembly elections, 2007. He was known by the title of "Tiger of Allahabad" and "Garibo ka Masiha"


The Pal are dalits who fight the muslims

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 10-22-2012

On September 8 Azamgarh in U.P. witnessed communal violence in which 2 persons were killed. This happened when BJP M.P. and Hindu extremist leader Aditya Nath Yogi's rally was passing through Muslim dominated area and provocative slogans regarding Ram temple were being raised. 5 Vehicles were set afire and several people were injured. The Yogi who heads Hindu Yuva Vahini (The Hindu Youth Organization) threatened to burn entire Azamgarh. The rally being taken out by Adityanath was called 'anti-terrorist Hindu Awareness Rally'. The riot started after some people threw stones at the rally when highly provocative slogans were raised.

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 10-25-2012

Faizabad: According to latest reports, the holy ceremony of immersion of Goddess Durga idols in Uttar Pradesh's Faizabad district turned violent as more than 40 shops were set on fire by agitated mob.

Also, 4 UP Police vans were set ablaze after mob went out of control.

According to Badri Prasad Singh, IG (Law & Order), they are taking every possible step to put a check to the current situation and many police companies have been deployed to tackle the agitated mob.

Reportedly, when devotees were going for the ceremony of immersion of Goddess Durga idols, some ill-elements molested a woman following which mob turned violent and started pelting stones.


Muslims riot in Ayodhya

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 10-26-2012

30,000 views and no feedback ?

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 10-27-2012

Another dangerous milestone passed

The last time muslims rioted in Ayodhya was in 1930

Whats the use of building Ayodhya temple as long as muslims are still able to destroy it

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 10-31-2012

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 10-31-2012

Muslims in India are adopting Hindu identities to avoid discrimination.

An Indian woman carries a pot of drinking water over dry land. (Credit: AFP)

Audio: Shaikh Azizur Rahman reports on the Indian muslims disguising themselves as Hindus.

She ducks into a toilet stall on the platform and remerges a few moments later, transformed in a sari with vermillion powder on her forehead, and red and white conch bangles on her wrists - the symbols of a traditional, married Hindu woman.

Ms Begum is one of a number of India's 150 million Muslims who adopt Hindu identities to avoid discrimination in the workplace.

"For the the whole day I shall maintain this Hindu appearance. My name is Laxmi, you know it's also the name of the Hindu goddess," she says.

"Before leaving home I took off my armband on which 'Allah' is embossed and put on whatever a Hindu woman usually wears. I live in a Muslim village. Villagers will feel bad to see me with the symbols of a Hindu woman."

Ms Begum says she tried unsuccessfully to find a job for many years before deciding to hide her Muslim identity. Posing as a Hindu woman, she got her current job as an ayah (nursemaid) in a private hospital.

"Recently my hospital asked me to look for some girls to work there, but they asked me not to bring any Muslim candidate for the interview. If by chance they get to know that I am Muslim, I am sure I will be fired."

Secret recruitment policies

Muslims who adopt fake Hindu identities mostly work in menial jobs in sectors where identity documents are not usually sought.

Barin Ghosh managed a domestic help and ayah supply agency in Kolkata until recently and says many recruitment agencies help Muslims find jobs by introducing them as Hindu.

"Almost 95 percent of the clients in my agency were Hindu and while seeking domestic helps, as much as 80 per centof the Hindu clients informed us that they would not employ any Muslims," Mr Ghosh says.

"Muslims being poorer, more than half of the jobseekers coming to our agency were from this minority community. Sometimes we introduced Muslim jobseekers as Hindus to our Hindu clients and they got the jobs. I am sure many placement agencies on mutual interest maintain such secret policies to help Muslims get jobs."

Anti-Muslim bias

Muslims make up 13 percent of India's population and are the country's largest minority.

However, community leaders have long alleged that an anti-Muslim bias exists in different levels of society.

In 2005, the government appointed the Sachar Commission to investigate suggestions that Muslims were disadvantaged in social, economic and educational terms.

It concluded that the socioeconomic condition of most Muslims was worse than that of the dalits, or 'untouchables', the lowest of the Hindu castes.

Ayesha Pervez, a minority rights activist, says widespread workplace discrimination means Muslims are unable to upgrade their standard of living.

"It's not just in the unorganised sector where Muslim jobseekers face the hurdle of discrimination. Even in the government sector anti-Muslim discriminatory processes are thriving," she says.

"In West Bengal where Muslims constitute 27 percent of the population, their representation in government jobs is as low as four percent. Muslim participation is also extremely low in the private sector."

Muslims as untouchables

According to Prasenjit Biswas, a professor of philosophy at the North Eastern Hill University in Meghalaya, many Hindus count Muslims as untouchables.

He says that is at the root of the anti-Muslim discrimination in India.

"The anti-Muslim bias arises out of caste Hindu mindset of untouchability that considers Muslims as lesser than even the untouchables," he says.

"The specific reason in eastern India is the deep-seated fear that the proximity of Muslims in the interior household will not only pollute the household but would bring in bad omen."

Prof Biswas says although discriminating against Muslims is illegal, it is almost impossible for those affected to provide proof.

"So, they are forced to bear with this repressive system- in many cases by disguising themselves as Hindus, in attempt to seek work and live as equals in the society."

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 10-31-2012

2. Psychological impact on society:


Cow slaughter is NOT a original Muslim religious practice. In fact, the Arabian Peninsula hardly has any cows. So, slaughtering cows is NOT a religious obligation in Islam. The only reason Muslims slaughter cows in the Indian subcontinent, is because it creates psychological domination over the Hindus. Islam is a hunter-grabber ideology and cow-slaughter has a important social message. It essentially tells a Hindu villager that he is powerless to protect anyone, whether the cow or his mother or sister.


Thats why grass roots cow liberation is useful, it mobilizes the Hindu masses

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 11-04-2012

Popular Front holds public meet in Mangalore

Submitted by admin4 on 3 November 2012 - 7:20pm

Indian Muslim

By TCN News,

Mangalore: Popular Front of India organised a public conference at Nehru Maidan here in the city organized a Grand Public Conference at Nehru Maidan, Mangalore as part of the organization's national level campaign "Why Popular Front?" on November 2.

Supporters who had gathered shouted the slogan, “We are with Popular Front.”

Chief Guest Sayyed Sarwar Chisthi, president of Ajmer Dargah Shariff called upon Muslims to come together pushing aside their religious differences.


Note, the Ajmer Sufi is guest of honor at function organised by PFI, the islamist extremist group

Second Note, the BJP regime is allowing PFI to hold meeting in Mangalore

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 02-01-2013

Hindu Punjabis block restarting of mughalstan

Muslim villagers attacked, forced out in Punjab as they wanted to build mosque

Submitted by admin7 on 2 September 2009 - 7:59pm

Indian Muslim

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

New Delhi: There has been no mosque in the Hindu-dominated remote village of Kalalati Thakurpura in the Ambala district in India’s Punjab province. Muslims – 10-12 homes out of the 150 homes in the village – wanted to build one just before this Ramazan. Haji Sabir Ali of the village had bought a piece of land for the purpose. On July 22 the Muslim villagers invited a local Tablighee Jamaat ameer to outline the mosque and set its direction. And then began their ordeal – fierce protest by the Hindus in the village against the mosque, mobilization of other Hindus from neighbouring villages and ultimately a bloody attack on Muslims on August 22.

To collect facts about the incident All India Muslim Majlise Mushawarat president Dr Zafrul Islam Khan sent a team to the village on August 28. As the area is still tense the team could not reach the village. They, however, visited hospitals in Ambala city where the injured Muslim villagers are being treated, and talked to the victims.

Kalalati village-28-8-09-team leader AR Agwan meeting some villagers

Giving details to this correspondent, Mahtab Alam, national coordinator of the Association for Protection of Civil Rights who was member of the team, said the attack on Muslims on August 22 was fierce. About half a dozen people were injured, one severely who is now in coma in the PGI Hospital. Others are being treated at MM Mulana Hospital in Mulana area of the district. The fanatics ransacked Muslim homes and destroyed properties worth several lakhs of rupees. Muslims were forced to flee their homes to save their lives. Even a week after the attack they are frightened to return as the police have failed to ensure their safety. Many are staying with their relatives in other villages.

The problem started a day after the Muslims meeting to set direction of the mosque on July 22. The news about the proposed mosque – first in the village – spread like a wildfire. The Hindus of the village gathered on July 23 and decided to protest building of the mosque. Peace prevailed only after Muslims agreed to start building only after Hindu co-villagers’ permission. As the Ramazan neared they sought permission but they were denied, leading to tension again engulfing the area. Meanwhile a rumor was spread that Muslims will use cow head and blood in the foudation of the mosque. This further heightened the tension.

Kalalati village-28-8-09-a wounded person showing his injuries

On August 12, three Muslims were beaten up. On August 13 Hindus again gathered not only to reiterate their opposition of the mosque but also to give an ultimatum to the Muslims. Either leave the plan to build the mosque and remove all your Muslim identity like beard or leave the village by August 18.

Muslims met the police officials. They assured them to look into the case and provide protection. A team of seven policemen was deployed in the village to maintain peace but to no avail. Tension continued mounting.

Kalalati village-28-8-09-a wounded person showing his injuries

On August 18 the Hindus organized a big meeting wherein people from 45 villages were invited and they all opposed the mosque.

On August 22 an incident ocurred in a neighbouring village which was used as an excuse by the Hindus of Kalalati Thakurpura to attack on Muslims. A Hindu youth of a neighbouring village was beaten up by someone but he alleged that Haji Sabir Ali was behind the attack on him. As soon as this news reached the village the Hindus gathered and attacked Muslim homes with swords and lathis. This all happened, the vicitms alleged, in the presence of the police team deployed days back.

Kalalati village-28-8-09-a wounded person showing his injuries

FIR was lodged by the Muslims in the Mulana Police Station but little action was taken against the culprits. Only when the news of the attack on Muslims was covered widely in the media that the adiminstration took action and arrested 11 Hindus of the village. Fear still looms large and Muslims are not returning to their homes.

The Mushawarat team was headed by Abdur Rasheed Agwan, secretary of the Mushawarat.

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 02-07-2013

A panchayat in Bihar’s Kishanganj district has imposed social and economic boycott of Dalits as a deterrent to their filing of cases under the Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

The Dosia panchayat of Charakhpura village called upon the village not to sell provisions to Dalits and exclude them from other facilities.

The problem began after a Muslim woman had a fight with a Dalit girl over picking up dung from a field.

“The woman assaulted the girl. After this, there were rumours that Dalits were planning to file a case under the Atrocities Act. In anticipation, the mukhiya, sarpanch and zilla parishad (ZP) members had a meeting in which they told the Muslim community to socially and economically boycott Dalits. They said Dalits were filing cases under the Act,” Superintendent of Police Manoj Kumar told The Hindu.

An FIR under the Act was filed against 15 persons, including village head Anwar Alam and ZP members. No one has been arrested yet. Tension prevailed in the village for some time on Tuesday.


The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 03-06-2013

Kolkata Police recruits 18.9 percent Muslim constables

Submitted by admin4 on 6 March 2013 - 5:50pm

Indian Muslim

By Zaidul Haque,,

Kolkata: On the eve of General Panchayat Elections, 2013 in West Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has tried to send the ‘right’ signals to the Muslim community. Kolkata Police has recruited 18.9 percent Muslim constables out of total 2354 this year.

On March 1, days before the announcement of holding Panchayat elections, WB CM released the final list of new recruitments in the Kolkata Police.

In all a total of 445 Muslims will now wear the uniform out of 2354. This is one of the highest figures of Muslims appointed on the post in a single year in a long long time. In the 1970s, Chief Minister Shiddhartha Shankar Ray had issued a circular to recruit at least one Muslim constable in every Police Station in the state to increase the proportion of Muslims in state police service.

Sachar Committee Report, however, acknowledged that there percentage remained hovering to meager 3 %, although according to the 2011 Census Muslim comprises of 27% of the state total population.

After coming to power in West Bengal, Banerjee passed a bill providing 17 percent reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in government jobs in two different categories. Category OBC-A for 'more backward classes' provides 10 percent seat reservation while other category OBC-B for 'backward classes' provides seven percent seat reservation in government jobs.

Now 144 communities comprise of the OBC list. OBC-A category comprises of 66 communities that include 59 Muslims. Of total 78 communities in OBC-B category, 28 are Muslims.

Kolkata Police has a separate recruitment board `Kolkata Police Recruitment Board’. This board finally released a list of 2354 constables and lady constables list on March 1. In unreserved category successful candidates were 1153, SC category 576, ST category 176, Ex-Serviceman category 2, OBC-A category 262 and OBC-B category 185.

Of the 445 successful Muslim candidates, 222 Muslims are in General Category out of 1153 total successful candidates in this category, which is 19.2 percent.

In OBC-A category, 222 are Muslims out of total 262, which is 84.7 percent. In OBC-B category, however, there is only one Muslim out of total 185 successful candidates.

Driving on the shift of Muslim votes in the states, Mamata Banerjee reached the Writers Buliding and had announced several big tickets special packages for the minority. After one and an half year, she has claimed on several platforms that almost 99% of promises have been fulfilled, drawing sharp reactions from several Muslim leaders. In a public meeting in Bhangar of South 24 Parganas, WB CM had said, “already I have been implemented 99 per cent of the recommendations of the Sachar Committee Report. The little remains to be done as soon as possible. We will publish a book where mentioned the work we have done for our Muslim community in the state.”

However, several religious leaders did not quite agree with her. Pir of Furfura Sharif had criticized her in a huge gathering. “CM, please don’t claim 99% has been completed for Muslims. You take time, but don’t tell a lie to the Muslims.”

On her part, WB CM has included large number of Muslims in the OBC list, by passing the bill in the assembly. 10 percent for OBC-A and 7 percent for OBC-B, a total 17 percent of OBC communities comprise of Muslims in the state. That has clearly begun to yield result and the recruitment of police constables is an example, where 18.9 per cent of total successful candidates are Muslims, overall.

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 06-06-2013

"Madhavikutty longed to reconvert to Hinduism, fear prevented her," reveals Leela Menon

03/06/2013 13:41:33

Eminent writer Leela Menon has come out with a startling revelation of how the acclaimed writer Madhavikutty, who converted to Islam, was desperate on reverting back to her own faith almost immediately.

Leela Menon, a close friend and confidante of Madhavikutty said that it was fear that restricted her from doing so. She said that Kamala's son Madhav Das Nalapat forbade her from doing so, citing "fear of backlash from the Muslim community."

In an article published in a Malayalam daily, Leela Menon says how Madhavikutty's conversion to Islam took place following Samadaani's promise of marrying her. He later retracted his word along with a public statement bordering on mockery that "it was nothing but the poetess' fancy". This is said to have shattered Madhavikutty.

"When Samadaani broke his word, Kamala ardently desired to return to Hinduism. But her elder son Monu Nalapat (Madhav Das) firmly dissuaded her from doing so. He is said to have warned her that if she reconverted, members of the Muslim community will not only kill her, but also her children and grandchildren. She was terrified. That stopped her from recoverting," said Leela Menon.

Leela Menon further spoke of Madhavikutty's desire to get back into familiar attire. "When Kamala went to Pune, she called me and spoke, with a lot of glee in her voice. "I have abandoned the purdah. Back to Mundu-Veshtti. I have left my hair lose," she said. But that was short lived. In two days time, she called me again, this time, her voice heavy with despair. "Monu and others have cloaked me back into purdah . He went to Pune Bazar and bought the purdah and directed me to get back into it," she said."

The article goes on to say, how Samadaani invited her to his residence, seduced her and later casually withdrew his marriage proposal he had put forth to Madhavikutty, after her conversion to Islam.

"Kunhalikutty asked Samadaani if he was going marry Kamala. Samadaani is said to have stated casually, in a mocking manner, "She is a writer. It is nothing but her fancy." Anyway Kamala was not Samadaani's first Surayya. He is said to have made the same proposal to Ashitha, when she politely refused and showed him the door. Ashitha herself told me this," said Leela Menon.

"Kamala missed her Lord Krishna, she yearned for him," said Leela Menon in the article. "She was Radha, who yearned and pined for her Krishna. Kamala was so devoted to Lord Krishna. When I visited her in Pune, along with my friend Sarada, she requested Sarada to sing "Kaarmukil Varnante Chundil". She also wanted to hear the Lalitha Sahasranamam being recited. She used to ask her nurse Ammu to chant 'Narayana Narayana' as she lay down to sleep. That happened during her last moments too."

Leela Menon reveals how Monu Nalapat insisted on the Islamic way of burial for Madhavikutty, even as her youngest son Jayasurya had made all arrangements for cremation ceremonies to be conducted the Hindu way.

"Kamala lived as Radha. Why was she interred at Palayam mosque? She was denied freedom of religious choice even at her deathbed. To think that she was denied this, due to fear of life... it is sad," concluded Leela Menon.


Looks like Kerala is already Pakistan

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 08-14-2013

There is some interesting facts that we can gleam from the Bodo-Bangladeshi war and the Syrian civil war

That is, the Sunni fanatics lack staying power

In the Bodo war, the Sunnis lost stamina after 1 week and faced with organised Bodo resistance

In the Syrian war, the outnumbered Shia were better organised and had more stamina

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 08-17-2013

Meanwhile in Saharanpur, UP

from Niti central

The singing of Vande Mataram by school children has made hate mongers in Uttar Pradesh very unhappy. So unhappy in fact that they have now taken to attacking unarmed and helpless children with sharp weapons.

According to a report in Dainik Jagran, children in Sarsawa’s Qutubpur village, singing Vande Mataram on their Prabhat Pheri on August 15, were attacked with sticks and sharp weapons. As a result, several of them were injured and were forced to flee the place screaming.

Angry protesters took out a procession on Friday demanding that the attackers be brought to justice.

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 09-01-2013

From Jihadwatch

The Europeans are waking up: Surveys show rapidly increasing support for Islam-critical parties

If you think Europe will sleep through its Islamisation, you are wrong. Surveys predict a sharp increase of power to Islam-critical parties in coming elections in several European countries. This reflects the Europeans' increasingly negative attitude towards Islam and Muslim immigration. This does not mean that the explosion of Muslim violence against non-Muslims all over Western Europe will stop, or that the heavily armed Muslim bastions that are eating up thousands of cities on our continent will start obeying secular law and authorities instead of imams and homemade sharia courts. Nor does it mean that Islamic terrorists will quit their plans to destabilize our societies with the use of bombs, poison, kidnappings, highjacking, train derailments, cyber attacks, political lobbying, etc.

What it means is that the final blow between Islam and Europe will happen earlier than many expected. The point where the conflict could have been solved through a full stop for Muslim immigration and refugees, crackdowns on mosques preaching the unrevised and thus unconstitutional version of the Quran, complete rollback of any kind of islamization, effective policing in troubled ghettos, repatriation of criminal and unemployed immigrants without full citizenship, decreased welfare for people unable to speak the country's language, child support limited to two children, paid repatriation, and much heavier sentences for engaging in gang-related crimes, violence and rape (with the possibility to get a cut in the sentence if they emigrate to a non-EU country) without losing blood, sweat and tears fighting civil war-like riots and organised Islamic guerrilla groups was passed more than a decade ago.

In India, this was passed in 1971, when the bangladesh victory could have been used to fix the Indian muslims

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 09-09-2013

The recent riots in Muzaffarnagar are a warning

So far the muslims have been molesting women of weak castes

Now they have started targeting Jat women

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 09-10-2013

Charan Singh started Muslim + Jat vote bank in Western UP

Bad karma, the Jats are paying for it

The only way to salvage this is to get an influx of Haryanvi Jats to regain dominance over the jihadis

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 09-12-2013

Apparently on Aug-30, Kadir Rana of BSP made a public speech , on India-today website, wherein he threatened to kill all Hindu children in Muzaffarnagar

VHP must make copies of this speech and circulate all over India

The Jats seem to be winning this round. based on refugee count

The dumb Jat need to stop socialising with mulla jats ( converted jats ) and at least treat Dalits equally

The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged - G.Subramaniam - 09-12-2013

Did author not watch the video of the rabble rousing speeches delivered by the high profile Muslim leaders from all sicklure parties (SP, BSP AND kHANGRESS) in August 30, 2013 meeting (defying 144 CRPC) right in the heart of the city, addressing 5000 to 6000 of skull cap crowd that lit the fire of communal riots on August 30, 2013?

Kadir Rana the sitting MP of BSP openly exhorted Muslims to kill Hindu boys in his speech by saying,


(If Hindu gathering of villager-heads is allowed than not even a single Hindu child will be left alive in Muzzaffarnagar) GOOGLE IT

Jamil Ahmad and Noor Salim Rana of BSP, Said uj Zama X-MP (while Harendra Malik X-MP of KHANgress attended Mahapanchayat to keep foot in both boats) of Khangress and Rashid Siddiqui of SP, all were present on the same podium at the gathering and supported Kadir Rana while spouting venom to inflame passions and applauding Muslims